Young Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), principal author, from the Declaration of Independence (1776)

The above words were written by a superbly educated, extraordinarily thoughtful, and extremely punctilious young man who was only thirty-three when he became the principal author of the American Declaration of Independence. Please read those words again! They seem to be only common sense to us now, but two hundred and fifty years ago, the notion that ordinary people had the right to claim their personal freedom and to pursue their own idea of happiness was radical. And now read the rest of that paragraph, which is a frank blueprint for widespread rebellion. It claims that:

  • A government’s purpose is to secure each individual’s rights.
  • Every government derives its power from the individual consent of the governed.
  • When a government becomes destructive of the people’s rights, then the people as a body have the right to alter or abolish it.
  • The people then have the right to organize a new government based entirely on what is most likely to effect their own safety and happiness.

There is no petty bureaucrat, even today, who doesn’t wince to read those words! Yet the generation of giants to which Thomas Jefferson belonged was a peculiar bunch, uniquely well educated, idealistic, and determined to do it right for once. And the government that they founded, while bruised and battered, still stands today as the best-designed, longest-lived, and most resilient representative republic on earth. It even contains within itself a basic method of amendment and renewal so far-seeing that the same documents that have carried us this far can easily manage whatever more may come.

There was a time in my naive and clueless past when I considered my spirit guide’s famous prior lifetime to be my own personal property. I thought it was my right to do research and to write blog posts about Thomas Jefferson. Of course, I know much better now! And there was a time in his disciplinarian past when my spirit guide beat me about the head and insisted that I must never do anything like that ever again! But he has mellowed a lot as we have learned to work together more comfortably.

Everyone has one primary spirit guide through life. It seems to be quite literally true that you cannot be on earth without a spirit guide, just as a car cannot stay on the road without a driver. But very few people operate as I have learned to operate, as someone with a comfortably engaged and always-there co-pilot. And I have come to love living this way! At least, I am never lonely. And others who have learned, as I have learned, to recognize the voices of their primary guides, have found the same sort of joy in this relationship. There is always that voice from just behind my left shoulder. Prompting and encouraging. Correcting as I write. Commenting quietly as I speak. A smile, or sometimes even a chuckle, often unexpectedly. I depend upon the fact that if I don’t have time to do much with a blog post before Saturday, he will get it done on Saturday morning. And I never get upset anymore, because now he talks me through things. We are two people in one body.

My spirit guide is not Thomas Jefferson. I can see that they do share some traits, both loners by preference, deep thinkers, and very bright. But my dear Thomas has a lighter personality. I think he is further developed spiritually. And he is so emphatically past that life that my attempts to defend Thomas Jefferson when I first learned that through my spirit guide, I had a connection to the Founding Father, at first infuriated my Thomas, before he learned that I would respect his wishes. We had a pre-birth deal, or he never would have agreed to be my spirit guide. He would guide me for this lifetime in learning some spiritual lessons, since we are very old friends; and then, in my sixties, I would become his avatar to work on certain tasks that he had not completed during his lifetime as Thomas Jefferson. And those tasks had emphatically NOT included my wasting time and effort in defending Thomas Jefferson’s personal life against attacks by twenty-first-century philistines!

My Thomas doesn’t care about attacks on the personal life of one of his hundreds of lifetimes on earth. He has just piped up again and reminded me that Thomas Jefferson is not even the most important lifetime that he has lived. Or I have lived. Or, he says, no doubt that you have lived. He says that lifetime seems important to us now because of the prominence of the country in which some of us are now living. But my dear Thomas wants us to know that the work that we can do through Seek Reality Online in eradicating the fear of death, and thereby eradicating fear and war worldwide, and also the work that we can do for Jesus in spreading the Lord’s Way, will be vastly more important. And for eons longer! So he asks us to keep our focus on what it is important for us to be doing now. He tells us that the honor of the Founding Father will be defended in due time by the people in his life who love him, and who will speak for him once communication from their level is opened. But because my Thomas knows that speaking for Jefferson still matters to me, and he says that I have been a good soldier (cute!), he now ceases to object. He will allow me to say here what I have been wanting to say. Oh, wait: he now says that he and I together will speak to some matters that it has for a long time been important to me to address, because he was there and he has personal knowledge of those matters. Well, so here goes.


The father of her Jefferson children was his younger brother, Randolph, which is something that any honest researcher easily can conclude, simply by considering the fact that a highly fertile woman bore many children during her long life. Yet her Jefferson children were conceived only during the brief period between the death of Randolph’s wife and Randolph’s decision just a few years later to leave the neighborhood and head west. I further address the Sally Hemings nonsense in one of the articles linked earlier in this post. And the former President himself attended one of my nightly meetings with Thomas that I was allowed to remember that next morning. He said to me then in his soft southern voice, “I could not have been intimate with Sally Hemings because she was my property so she could not have consented.” Spoken like a gentleman. That a servant’s room has lately been found near Jefferson’s bedchamber at Monticello tells us nothing more than that an old man wanted a servant at night within the range of his voice.


I have a husband and two children with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a form of autism; and it is thought that Jefferson also was a high-functioning Asperger’s person. For example, for his whole life, Jefferson told a story from his childhood of having watched a gang of slaves trying unsuccessfully to pull down a shed. And then his own father picked up the rope and pulled that shed over all by himself. So his father was stronger than six slaves together! People with Asperger’s often lack the ability to understand how other people feel, and it is likely that Jefferson never realized why slaves might not want to try very hard. These odd (to him) differences between people of differing status seemed to trouble him for his entire life.


During Jefferson’s lifetime, freedmen lived miserable lives on the edges of the stronger white society. And for much of his life, freedmen in Virginia were at continuous risk of re-enslavement. Jefferson freed those few of his slaves that he thought could live comfortably on their own; but for the most part, he was convinced that they were better off living with him. His slaves occupied a village of comfortable homes on individual plots where they could grow vegetables, chickens, and eggs that they consumed themselves or sold to Jefferson’s kitchen. (And yes, he did pay them! The account books that he kept with them still exist, and I – Roberta – have seen them.) He gave his slaves weekends off except at harvest time, he allowed no whipping or abuse, and until his old age, he still hoped that he would figure out some way to free all the slaves. More and more, he became convinced that an emancipation that offered all the slaves legal protection from the stronger white society would be necessary before he could safely free his own. He was paternalistic, to be sure, but he took good care of “his people.”


Jefferson considered it to be the greatest failure of his life that he never solved the slavery problem. His personal life-plan included front-and-center the frank abolition of slavery, and to enforce this mission, his planned wife for that lifetime even inherited her enslaved stepmother and enslaved half-siblings. So Jefferson’s own enslaved family members, whom he loved, were to have given him added incentive. But his adored wife died before the Revolutionary War ended, and Jefferson was so bereft that he never remarried, and he abandoned Monticello for decades. If Patty had lived, it is likely that Jefferson would have retired from public life at the end of the Revolutionary War. And with Patty by his side, he would have made abolition his one great cause, and he might well have succeeded in ending slavery in the United States by the early 1800s. So:

  • Thomas Jefferson likely then would not have been the first Secretary of State, the second vice president, and the third president of the United States.
  • Had Thomas Jefferson never been president, we might not have had the probably unconstitutional Louisiana Purchase at that opportune moment, so there likely now would be two or three countries established in place of the one United States.
  • The United States would have been spared its bloody Civil War, its failed emancipation, and all the horrors of Jim Crow.

If Martha (“Patty”) Jefferson had lived a normal lifespan, the United States of America might well have seen slavery ended peacefully more than two hundred years ago. And today, the probably somewhat expanded but still smaller United States of America would be a happier and far more equal nation in which shade of skin would be of as little remark as eye color or shades of hair.

And now, the final, hopeful words of the Declaration of Independence to which that generation of giants set their quills almost two hundred and fifty years ago….

“We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”
– Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), principal author, from the Declaration of Independence (1776)


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23 thoughts on “Young Thomas Jefferson

  1. My dear beloved Thomas has proposed that he might respond to our friend Mike’s comment, since he is concerned that the fact that no one else has responded after Mike’s remarks this morning might mean that others might have been alarmed by what Mike had to say about his relationship with his own spirit guide. So I am turning over my finger to someone who is considerably wiser than I am!

    Pardon Me. I respectfully wish just to point out that your own spirit guide is not on a mission unless you have been told so, and please understand how respectful the role of a spirit guide always is and must be. The life that you are living now is purely for your own edification, and your spirit guide’s sole role is to assist you in making the most of all the learning opportunities that your guide has assisted you in building into your life plan as you entered your lifetime, and so it was for me as well as I helped Roberta to prepare for the life that she has lived. This plan to assist me that we made together is unique to us, and it required the blessing of the highest council and please understand that without Roberta’s having sought their blessing apart from me she could not have undertaken it. You have nothing to fear from your own guide! I cannot speak to the bargain that Mike and his guide have made, but only wish to assure you that you are in control of your own life. I respectfully yield.

    Oh my dear friends, I expect that our beloved Mike may want to tell us more about his own situation; but if not, then please understand that the fact that his own guide, Arrow, is also on a mission makes his own situation also extremely unusual, and his life nevertheless is also entirely under his own control!

    Thomas also suggests that it is time for us to write a post about the spirit guide relationship. I’m on a twelve-day business trip – “playing lawyer” he calls it, since it doesn’t look to him like actually practicing law. So I’ve been doing a lot of driving, and we have been listening to music that we both can stomach – he likes classical, while I am more on the doo-wop line – and I’ve asked him to tell me how they prepared him to be a spirit guide. Quite interesting. He has just suggested that I also mention that he speaks from outside my mind – in the area of my left shoulder – which is also respectful of me. And it makes it easier for me to tell his thoughts from my own. His voice is different, so at this point I think I could tell us apart anyway, but in the beginning his choosing that outside location did make it easier.

    But the silence from commenters this week is quite surprising, and I think that Thomas’s sense that it probably is time for us to begin to help everyone become more comfortable with this wonderful relationship that each of us has with our primary guide is probably right!

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Lola, you can’t see the comments because there are no comments this week!

      Thomas and I are on a business trip, and doing a lot of driving, and we have been ruminating all day about why, with such an active commenting community here, there should suddenly be no comments at all. His theory is that I have creeped people out about their spirit guides. His memory is better than mine, or perhaps he actually can read the post while we are on the road. And he has been quoting things to me. I shouldn’t have said he hit me in the head, which he didn’t, technically (does his being cranky count?). Or he refused to let me write about things, which wasn’t technically true because I have free will (Does his saying, “Don’t talk about that!” count?). In any event, we’ve decided that next week we’ve got to write a long-overdue post about why spirit guides are essential and how our spirit guides work with us, and try to defuse whatever it is that has alarmed our wonderful commenting community into silence!

      Or perhaps you might have some thoughts?

      1. Dearest Roberta,
        You haven’t creeped me out about my Guide in Spirit. I know she has a personality all her own, especially when she is trying to get me to ‘listen’ or ‘notice’.

        I’m used to her ways now and I know I have ultimate choice and deciding power, this is never in doubt. There is that thing where we are in sync and act as one. That’s an interesting, inspiring feeling. Doing God’s will is the area in which this deep linking happens. It’s a kind of ‘calling’ and ‘answer’. It’s hard to articulate.

        My guide is my best friend who has always been with me, and she only ever helps; she never does me harm. 😉

        BTW: I saw that no one had commented when I read your weekly blog. I didn’t want to be the first one to comment, so I waited. I always comment after others do so. I’ve always kinda done that. 🙂🙃😉 Who knows why!

        1. How long have you been aware of her, Efrem, and how did you find out it was a female? Yours, Mike’s and Roberta’s guides are very lucky, as you all interact with them and have no doubt they exist. Even if people believe in them, most of the time they basically ignore them. Until recent years, I was in that category also.

          1. Hey Lola 👋❣️
            It’s good to chat to you! Thanks for asking about my own dear Guide in Spirit:

            I’ve only become conscious of her in about the last 3 plus years, actually. Interestingly, it was a few of Roberta’s ideas in Seek Reality radio program, this blog and on Facebook that got me thinking, experimenting and trying to connect.

            Thence I realized that my guide had been there all along. She had been in certain key dreams over the decades. Finally she appeared close up in a dream when I asked to see her, a few years ago. I saw her face (still not crystal clear in my memory but only when I was in the dream itself). The thing that got me was a series of specific coincidences and synchronicities that happened. Very, very pointed ones, occurred when I asked her to show me her evidential presence. I realized she has ‘nudged’ me to good and spiritual things in life for many years, as her inner ‘nudge’ signature was familiar and had been around for years.

            There is a knowing and then with practiced communication, a certainty. My guide, Akasha, mentioned her name in my head and I vocalized it when I was 19 years old. At that time I pushed this experience away, being young and insecure about such a strange thing…

            However in my mid fifties, over three years ago, my guide nudged me to find Roberta’s work on YouTube. (Though I didn’t know my guide consciously then.) This soon opened up the active phase of our relationship.

            Now as to my guide being female, she exudes this feeling in so many ways. She thinks like a woman. And I mean that in the best possible way.

            😉 I grow more conscious of her kindly presence (over my right shoulder for some reason) in an unfolding, quiet way. A few years ago I was given key facts about her such as: where the significant earth life she had chosen to show me was; when it was; what her derivative culture was and who she was in that life. She defines herself by that particular life for my benefit, I guess. Otherwise she is not at all interested in herself. She has just given me something simple to know her by. This understanding arrived in my mind as ‘certainty’. Her signature vibe was extremely strong at that moment.. She was in that significant life over two thousand years ago. She was a well known philosopher-teacher-healer. Faculties of knowledge weren’t divided conceptually, as they are now. People saw things more as a whole. Sick and troubled people were treated physically, mentally and soul-wise as a whole back then in Akasha’s culture.

            What surprised me Lola, was how natural and buoyant this experience was. And it is as if my Guide had finally said: ‘Well of course you have a spirit guide dear one, and I’m it..’ As if she had been trying to tell me that all along. Or, was it that she said, ‘of course you have spirit guidance and I’m the expression of your team.’ I guess it was both those things at once, Lola. My guide drops whole impressions into my head at once, so they are not like sentences really.

            All in all, she is a beautiful heart and even if I get stubborn and don’t take some of her suggestions, she doesn’t really bother; she’s naturally patient. She doesn’t care about time. She cares about me.

            So my dear Lola, you have your own beautiful guide no doubt. I hope you meet him/her
            consciously my dear. Either way, you are very loved and you are surely growing in Spirit. It’s a different process for each of us.

            And spirit guidance doesn’t detract from our inner connection to Our Lord Jesus; in a way it amplifies that precious Divine Relationship.

        2. Isn’t it interesting that most males have female primary spirit guides, and most females have male primary spirit guides? I’m not sure why that’s true, but it does seem to be true. I haven’t been able to respond to comments this week because I have been dealing with something rather gigantic that I have been hoping wasn’t going to be posted, but it looks now as if it will be posted. Oh my dear Efrem, thank you for sticking with me here!

  2. Thank God we have SPIRIT GUIDES!
    I would love to hear more about them, Roberta-
    Thank you!


    1. Oh my dear lovely Jennifer, I can’t wait to tell you more about this perfectly wonderful relationship! A lot of spirit guide relationships – perhaps most of them – are cross-gender, and I think that enhances it even more. And you do of course first have to learn to recognize your guide’s voice. But it becomes such an extraordinarily rich relationship, really the greatest love of all because it includes God and Jesus and yourself and this glorious being and it grows and grows and more and more. You and he are growing together. I don’t know why this hasn’t been taught, but we definitely will teach it on SRO. Thomas says that being a primary guide also helps him to grow spiritually, so this experience that he and I are having together is good for him, too!

    2. Efrem: It sounds like back in Akasha’s time, they knew more about treating people’s illnesses than they do today! Synchronicities etc. are a big indication that someone (like a spirit guide) is trying to communicate with us. There is no doubt that your intent to meet her started your relationship, and she must have been delighted.

      Don’t forget to read “The Holographic Universe.” You will love it. Try your local library first. Many libraries here have it, so some probably have it in Australia.

  3. Hi Roberta!

    I am one of your “silent majority” that have never commented but eagerly look forward to your weekly posts. Have purchased most of your books and have grown spiritually by leaps and bounds in understanding. You and Thomas made a huge difference in someone raised Southern Baptist, married a Catholic 51 years ago and converted. Disillusioned with organized religion and their misconceptions.

    Found you and yours and am so very, very grateful for seeing Jesus the way he wants to be seen. Think that you and your Thomas are such a blessing to us all. I am not in “awareness knowing contact” with my guides but I know they are there helping me in ways I can only imagine.

    Am sure your many followers and supporters are simply digesting the information presented. Remember few of us are blessed to have the understanding and perception you do! Thanks again for being such a gift and the difference you make.

    1. Oh my dear wonderful Willie, thank you so much for posting today! You have made my beautiful Thomas smile! (And yes, I know when he is smiling.) It thrills us both to know that we have made such a difference in your life, and we look forward eagerly to helping you to find more of what we know is possible for you of spiritual growth and freedom and true spiritual happiness. There really is no end! But the fact that you reached out to us today and offered comfort when we were confused by the sudden absence of comments was a special kindness that we won’t forget, dear. Thank you!

  4. I would think spirit guides would be an interesting topic. Many popular mediums say they get a lot of questions about them. All I was going to say is that Jefferson made the right decision to not free his slaves, as freedom does not necessarily mean happiness or safety, especially in those days. At least they had food and a safe place to live.

    1. Oh my dear Lola, thank you! I think so, too. Shallow and thoughtless people think that just freeing the slaves solves everything, but they were never more than about ten percent of the population, and freedmen in Virginia in Jefferson’s day were kept down rather ruthlessly.

      He really did love his people, and especially the Hemingses, who were Patty’s stepmother and half-siblings and after her death were all that he had left of her. His marriage spanned the Revolutionary War, which he fought with a noose around his neck, but he never married again and in his old age he referred to that time as “ten years of unchequered happiness.” So you know that must have been one heck of a love-match!

  5. I found your latest blog quite interesting from a historical perspective. At times it is better to just relax and avoid the struggle to comprehend concepts that are beyond our grasp. Am not sure what you meant by saying Thomas Jefferson is not your spirit guide. Is your guide Thomas not the same spirit which occupied the body of this historical person?

    1. Oh my dear Tom, that’s another blog post that we probably ought to have, if only I understood it all better! There was the meeting we had one night where the Founding Father came in person, looking like Jefferson in his youth, and Thomas was there as well, looking as he always looks, which is probably like a young John from Wales, which was his final incarnation. Two beings, but yes of the same spirit. And it gets even weirder! I had a session with Peter Wright, and he called in my seventeen lifetimes lived with Thomas (so I could ask them all a question), and sure enough, they all showed up. Here I was, and there those seventeen other Me’s were. They were all men, but I’m used to that by now. I’m basically always male. But the point remains that once we have created a being in which to live a lifetime, that being remains in existence. When they were together in that astral conference room, I could recognize Jefferson and my Thomas even without looking at them, purely by their different energies. I also could recognize that they were of the same spirit, just different incarnations. This is such fascinating stuff!

      1. Do the separate incarnations of the same spirit have different agendas and live separate lives? Do they hang around with each other and do they have the same interests, or could they be as different from each other as night and day?

        1. Lola, I believe the answer to your question can be found in Craig Hogan’s newer book ” Reasons for What Happend to you In Your Life”, pages 144-148. It is a complicated subject. Perhaps it will touched on more in the upcoming SRO series. Dave

          1. Thanks Dave. I love Craig Hogan, and his new book (not surprisingly) sounds great. This reincarnation thing is so complicated, like you mentioned.

  6. Hi Roberta. With all the cancel culture and binary black and white thinking these days, I’m not surprised people have hesitated to comment this week. I felt the nervousness myself. Jefferson does seem to get a bad rap based on the great research you did, but even if the story was not as you discovered, what would the take-away be? For some, it would seem, there can be no context or forgiveness. These people were products of their times. The founding fathers understood that there are subtleties, there are gray areas, that there is an art of compromise, everyone’s a work in progress, and the fact that “nopody’s berfect.” If they were grand perfected beings, they would not have been here to learn, needing the teams of guides you speak of. The great experiment of the United States would never have been birthed. Thomas Jefferson’s collaborator in writing the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin (A great new documentary out about him by Ken Burns on PBS now) started out as a bigoted slave holder and evolved to be an abolitionist. If we held all our forebears to the impossible standards of today there would be nobody left to admire. Instead, I find it interesting and instructive to see how people grew and evolved, and take inspiration from that. Speaking of inspiration, I thank you for sharing the evolution of your relationship with Thomas. My relationship with my guides grows as well, but I can only aspire to what you have achieved. I look forward to your future discussions on working with the guides, which should be one of the legs on the stool of spiritual growth in my opinion.

  7. Dearest Roberta,
    I’ve particular enjoyed reading your experiences with Jesus and Thomas, and the details you have been shown of your past relationships with Thomas (whether Jefferson or otherwise). It’s been most enlightening to read about this in your recent weekly blog posts. This opens up an expanded sense of the potential growth concerning our own relationship with our spirit guides. The words ‘infinite possibilities’ come to mind.

    I mean, how far can we take this special, even sacred, relationship?

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