What Does God Want? (Part II)

Posted by Roberta Grimes • October 17, 2020 • 26 Comments
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Our Father who is in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
 ‘Your kingdom come. Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven…
– Jesus, from The Lord’s Prayer (MT 6:9-10)

All of human history can be broken into just three stages. There are many criteria we might use to carve up humanity’s time on earth, but only one of them measures more than mere adjustments to the décor! Because there is a genuine Godhead, outside of time and outside of history, what matters in the end is whether we are able to find and come to know that genuine Godhead. When we look at what actually matters in the long arc of eternity, here are our three stages:

  • Religions. From our earliest prehistory we have been living in the same energy-based reality that is ours today. People back then had spirit guides, just as we have spirit guides; and by middle age, most of us have had some sort of extraordinary experience. We have to assume this has always been true. And yet, until very recently we had no way to understand anything! So very early on, we invented gods. At first they were shorthand explanations for all the things that we couldn’t understand; but over time, we invested our gods with personalities. Soon they were making terrible demands, but fear of gods that we can placate still beats living in uncontrollable terror. And it wasn’t long before our gods and their imagined demands, concocted promises, and dreamt-up powers were being wrapped up in human-made religions.
  • Science. Eventually people began to believe they could study and try to understand what they perceived to be a solid reality. So then an informal division began to be enforced between religions and the non-religious study of our earthly environment. That was when the second stage of human history began. We were determined to know the material truth! Not much more than two thousand years ago, we made the study of the matter-based reality around us the exclusive realm of science.
  • Energy. Religions are human-made guesses at what actually is going on, while science limits itself to the study of matter. But in the nineteenth century we began to get enough good evidence about what happens after death and how it fits with this material reality that soon it began to be possible for us to study all of reality. And soon thereafter we learned that reality is based in a creative force that we experience in a dim way as consciousness. The scientific gatekeepers soon began to see these efforts to understand the greater reality as incursions of religions into scientific turf, so early in the twentieth century we began the third stage of our effort to study reality, which is the realm of energy.

These three stages of human development are mutually exclusive, and yet now all three of them compete with one another. They give us three incompatible views of what actually is going on, and each insists that the other two are missing something big. Both of the first two stages are sharply self-limited; and now we can see that both are fading:

  • Religions are losing adherents worldwide. I hear from many people now who have been zealous lifelong Christians, but they no longer can satisfy themselves with the pap of mere “faith” and “beliefs.” They have been searching to find the truth, so they are happy to learn about the fruits of modern energy research. Why merely believe, when you can know?
  • Science is similarly losing steam. I have watched this trend develop over decades in the pages of my beloved Scientific American, from the days when there were articles about how we soon will know how the brain creates consciousness, how we will figure out what drew life forth from some ideal primordial goo, and how we shortly will justify the truth of atheism. But then, perhaps a decade ago, we began to see more and more sad articles about how this or that big aspect of the puzzle begins to seem as if it never will be solved at all.

Until the start of this century, we had to guess at what the purpose of human life might be. But the energy-based study of reality brought us immediate and abundant evidence of what actually is going on, and now we know that we enter bodies as an efficient way to raise our consciousness vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love. Energy-based research works so well because everything is energy, so we can consider no evidence to be off-limits. It is clear now that over the course of this century our religions will wither even more, and science will blend into and co-opt these first energy-based studies of the greater reality as it becomes ever more obvious that reality is entirely consciousness-based and a great deal larger and more complex than just this limited material universe. By the end of this century we will be down to just one method for studying reality. That method will be based in an understanding first advanced a century ago by the great quantum physicist Max Planck, that what we experience as consciousness is the universal creative force. But until religions lose their fear-based hold on many more individual minds, and science also gives up its ongoing efforts to stonewall the objective truth, it is only this third phase of human seeking that is going to find enough new truths to matter.    

It is important to point out here that our energy-based investigation of the greater reality is clearly and demonstrably What God Wants! If it were not for the deliberate thinning of the veil between energy levels that we began to notice in the nineteenth century, we still would be contenting ourselves with religions and science, two mutually unsatisfactory methods for seeking the objective truth. We would still be nowhere! But a century and a half ago the Godhead intervened and began to share with humankind more information about the non-material reality via deep-trance mediums and channels; and soon thereafter, what we think of as the veil between energy-levels of reality perceptibly began to thin. By now, many more of us are in daytime contact with our spirit guides. Extraordinary experiences have become more common.

In truth, the Godhead’s efforts to move us toward an energy-based view of reality began two thousand years ago. When we study the Gospel teachings of Jesus, we can see that one of His major objectives was to do away with our human-made religions. And now we are coming to understand another big reason why our leaving religions behind is so important.

Religions are the source of human evil.

Without religions, human evil as an organized force would not exist. We come here to experience negativity so we can learn to resist it and always choose love, and thereby we can grow spiritually. And there are lots of possible sources of negativity, most of which are adverse life-events like a scarcity of resources, the death of a loved one, illness and injury and superstitious fears. And also, from earliest antiquity, some of our adverse life-effects have come from the non-love-based reactions of others to their own life-stresses. In order for us to grow spiritually, we must have free will so we can choose love over fear, and there always have been those who chose wrongly and made a spiritual botch of their lives. So we always have run the risk of becoming the victim of someone else’s fear-based decisions.

So as our religions developed, some of them spawned a ghastly explanation for what were in fact simple human mistakes. Religions began to include some version of a devil, a creator of everything bad from which the god of that religion would deliver us if we offered it our gifts. So now we had an explanation for whatever went wrong that was a useful additional means of controlling the faithful. Most religions also added to the invention of a devil the concept of religious rules and divine punishments for breaking those rules, so to evil we added the notions of sin and punishment. But the lower a being vibrates spiritually, the weaker that being is, which means that it is flat impossible for a powerful evil being to exist in opposition to the Godhead. So in fact, there cannot be a real Satan. And nothing is a sin in the Mind of God. As Jesus tells us in the Gospels, there is only and always that simple choice between love and fear!

When religions introduced the notion of a powerful evil entity, they actually brought evil into being. Without religions and their man-made devils, there is no evil for its own sake, but there only is the Godhead’s eternal call that despite the challenges we all plan into our lives, we always must choose love over fear and learn to love ever more perfectly. Now, though, evil is loose in the world, and there are malevolent entities no longer in bodies who once were human beings, but who now are vibrating at such a low level that all they can do is feed on human fear in order to remain even barely active. We are told that once we have loosened the negative hold of religions on enough people’s minds, we will loosen the restraints on these beings as well, so then they can be rescued. And then evil as a force will be no more.

The connection between evil and religions is direct and strong. Think of terrorist attacks and the Inquisition. Think of the horrors of an artificial hell that still is prominent in many religions, where mistaken choices made on earth can condemn us to suffer eternally. Think of what is arguably the worst evil ever carried out by humankind, which is the millennia-long torture of the Jewish people and then the Holocaust that killed six million of them. Are you aware that the Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, was a vicious anti-Semite? That some of the Nazi murder-camps had busy churches standing amid the gas chambers and the smoking crematoria? Martin Luther, the German reformer for whom the greatest American champion of human rights was later named, so much hated the innocent people among whom Jesus had chosen long ago to be born that his ideas helped to inspire the Holocaust.

So now we know that the genuine Godhead condemns religions. And with reason! But then, what does God actually want? It is time for us to stop inventing our gods and thinking up what we would want if we ourselves were gods. Let’s step back now and listen to the genuine Godhead….

Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And do not lead us into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For Yours is the kingdom
and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
– Jesus, from The Lord’s Prayer (MT 6:11-13)


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26 thoughts on “What Does God Want? (Part II)

  1. Dear Roberta and everybody! This is a powerful idea—that religion, that we ourselves—introduce and create evil in an otherwise intrinsically sacred space that is intended for the sacred mission of growing together.

    It is equally powerful to realize that it is not ultimately WE who need to be rescued from the evil doers but they who need to be rescued from themselves! All through Love.

    Incidentally as I was reading this, it struck me that humans through religion created evil “spirits” who glom onto us, it may also have created disingenuous “gods” who also need us to behave a certain way so those beings can continue their wayward hold on our world.

    These spirits also are actually disincarnates who behave, as you say, the way we think we would behave if we were God, might also need rescuing?

    1. Interesting thoughts, Mike, and I believe you hit the nail on the head. Things like evil spirits, nasty devils, fallen angels etc. could have been created unknowingly by ourselves as a result of fear based religions. This has been going on so long (for centuries) that they now have sort of a personality of their own. It is said that they can’t exist in a reality that has a higher vibration, but maybe it’s more correct to say that they can’t be created in a higher vibration. Our low vibrations not only create them but sustain them, I feel

      1. Dear Lola, there certainly are some very nasty demons! They existed in the Lord’s day, and they still do today. It appears that most of them are people who chose to do cruel and evil things, and then when they died they didn’t transition normally for one reason or another. Some were afraid of judgment and hellfire, some wanted to remain on earth to indulge in body-based vices, some were murdered in the throes of this or that bad behavior, and some were executed: I am adamantly against capital punishment, in part since it frees an angry and often very evil being to become an invisible entity bent on doing harm. Wow, talk about pollution! I should add that most of us are untouchable by these beings, but to become drunk or drug-addicted will fray our spiritual defenses and can make it possible for some very bad guys to get control of us.

        1. Yes, it is very possible that some spirits we call “demons” are the souls of cruel and broken people. It is also true that many serial killers who are are still in bodies are spurred on by overuse of alcohol and/or drugs. Thus, they are easier to influence. Since they don’t change into enlightened beings just because they die, they almost certainly are still focused on the earth plane and the things they did while they were here, Now, of course, they would have to do these evil things vicariously through those who still have a physical body. I believe they are a collective, just as I believe perfected beings are a collective

          1. Dear Lola, that all makes sense, except for the last part. Low-vibration beings seem to work either alone or in tiny and very discordant partnerships. In fact, the higher we vibrate, the more likely we are to begin to work in unity with others at a similar level.

            This ability to work together seems to be an aspect of ever higher vibration and ever greater love, so it is generally at the fifth and sixth level that we see much effort made by discarnate beings to work together in large numbers. And by the upper sixth level, they seem to be able to co-ordinate their work into powerful collectives including thousands!

    2. Dear Mike, I had written the better part of an altogether different post for this week when on Friday Thomas dropped the above insight on me. I read what we had just written – the line that appears all by itself, saying that religions create evil – and I said aloud, “What are you smokin’?” But he walked me through it. The reasoning behind it. The world as it would be if the notion of a powerful evil entity never had been introduced anywhere.

      His point was that the notion of organized evil is, as we now know, entirely fiction, since the more negatively an entity is vibrating, the weaker it is. Insofar as we are able to tell, the most evil entities of all are what are called Shadow Men, who are so weak that they disappear in even dim light. By contrast, the more love-based a being is, the more powerful it is. We know all this now, as no one living knew it until just within the past couple of decades.

      So, Thomas told me, if no one ever had thought of inventing an evil being with power – something that cannot exist in nature – then we would still be seeing bad individual human choices as simply that. It wouldn’t occur to anyone to choose evil personally. Nothing about being evil would seem attractive! I still didn’t want to say it so boldly, so he reminded me of the blog posts I have written about the evils that have been done in the name of religions. I still was balking, so on Saturday he pointed me to that article about the churches standing right in the concentration camps. And I had nothing more to say 🙁

      (On the subject of our creating discarnates with our minds, perhaps inadvertently, I don’t know if that happens, but we are told that there are villages in the afterlife levels that mimic some popular earth-fiction, most notably a Dickens-ville sort of place that includes the prominent Dickens characters.)

    1. Dear Prasanna, I have seen no evidence at all that any of these human-created gods has taken on any sort of actual existence. I don’t rule it out altogether, since a lot of people have believed in them at various times and we know how powerful our minds are! But in reality, the Godhead has all the power. If they had any existence at all, they would be something like shades or shimmers in the outer darkness. Something weak and hidden away.

  2. I think the greatest evil currently (I think) is Klaus Shawab and his World Economic Forum and the organisations promoting usury; the world bank, and the association of central bank led by the BIS. The ‘great reset’

    1. Hello again dear! I haven’t heard of this fellow or what he does, but I would just note that where evil is concerned, the spiritual focus tends to be more on direct evils that harm an individual than on economic evils. But, who knows?

  3. I love reading your Sunday insights, Roberta.

    I started reciting the Lord’s Prayer every morning upon awakening. I’m not sure when I started doing this but certainly within the last year. And, when I recite, I think about every word.

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Susan, that is a lovely habit! I say it randomly during the day and at night, and then add the gratitude affirmations that are foremost for me at the moment. As Jesus tells us, God doesn’t need longer and more involved prayers because God – and our guides – know what we need before we do.

      And thank you for saying you enjoy these posts! The real credit goes to Thomas, since I couldn’t do it without him. There are weeks when I can’t imagine we are going to have another one thought through and ready to post by Saturday night, but he comes through every time!

  4. Dearest Roberta,

    If we assume that Satan is a mere illusion, there are tremendous ramifications, starting with the temptation of Jesus n the wilderness, Matthew 4:1-3 to Luke 22:s “Then Satan entered into Judas called Iscariot, who was one of the twelve;” which is a prelude to the Last Supper. Both, and many other, incidents would seem to be called into question leaving religionists with a very shaky ground onto which they would erect their religion.

    That being said, I find it amazing the power of the so-called, yet illusory demons have during an exorcism. I was a close witness to one of these and it was amazing/frightening.



    1. Dear Cookie, Satan is not actually an illusion. Satan is not a real being, true, but because our minds are so powerful Satan has the same kind of power that human-made gods have: our minds can easily conjure and create a powerful evil entity that then holds us in thrall. As you saw when you watched an exorcism! We must remember, too, that there are many demons which are actually people gone wrong at death and now stuck, and highly negative. They are as real as can be.

      And every reference to the devil in the Bible was written by a human being. We don’t know precisely what tempted Jesus, or what made Judas turn on Him, but with the imaginary demons our religions put into our minds and the actual demons that can hold our minds in thrall it certainly could have been something highly negative although not an actual, separate devil.

      Yes, as you point out, learning the truth about human-made gods and demons does call our religions into question. As it should! This is a kind of bad news/good news situation, isn’t it? The bad news is that our religions worship imaginary gods and fear imaginary devils. But the good news is that actually there are no devils and there is indeed a genuine and infinitely powerful Godhead!

  5. Dearest Roberta,
    So Thomas sees three stages in the evolution of human understanding. This way of seeing is certainly different to how we humans see our history.

    Humans see superstitious and religious thinking giving way to the modern mind of scientific inquiry. That’s two stages; religion and science. And what God wants is for us to go on to the third stage of ‘energy-based investigation of the greater reality’ where real answers are there to be found.. So that’s why the veil between this world and the unseen world has been thinned – so that we can grow to perfect love !

    Forgive me Roberta, for my lame attempt at paraphrasing what you’ve just written above. I do this to let the new way of thinking sink in here in the comments section of your blog. You see I am nudged to new thinking to adapt to Thomas’ fresh vision here. (I’ve read that one of the hallmarks of true human intelligence is adaptation.)

    I now realize why I’ve found connecting with my Guide in Spirit surprisingly achievable. I’ve found that other things, such as living from abundance and not from lack, bring actual and identifiable positive change to one’s life and circumstances. Things based in energy-consciousness are easier now.

    In short, if we change our thinking now that the veil has thinned, we can really make big progress; progress that those fewer, aware people in earlier centuries could only dream of. The time for change is now. Who among us can recognize the importance of this time?

    People carry on as if nothing changes in what we can each achieve in this world. They often think that terrible, nullifying thought: ‘That’s just the way it is.’ They often sadly resign themselves to a long familiar state of mental-emotional drudgery because life can be so hard. It’s kind of cynicism turned inward. It’s habitually reductive and suffocates verve and the creative spark.

    Roberta, I can’t help thinking what would happen if more and more people decide to shuck that rotten oyster, and realize that they can become their own consciousness guru; they can become their own energy scientist and embark on an inner (and shared) voyage of discovery.

    Who knows my dear? While shucking old oysters one might find a priceless pearl or two in the process! 🙏🏼❣️⚪️

    1. Dear Efrem, you do see what is happening! Thank you for putting it in your own words, and giving readers here another way of seeing it. You are right in saying that no earlier generation had anything like the awareness that we are being given, which makes it wonderful to be alive right now. We are told that a great many people now living have chosen to be a part of the work of spreading the truth and raising the planet’s consciousness vibration, and for anyone reading these words that is almost certainly what your life is about or you wouldn’t be feeling so drawn to what you are finding here. Wonderfully, after more than a century of ripening, the time for a much broader and more public awareness seems to be now close at hand. And it is so exciting!

  6. Dear Roberta, your point about choosing to be part of these times and this mission reminds me that through dream work I learned that my wise and beloved guide had to make many attempts before recruiting me for this. Even once I agreed it was with reluctance. In short I was drafted!

    Yet here we are and we’re doing the work of raising the planet’s consciousness.

    1. Heh. And my guide just had to say, “You need to go in now.” We had been planning a more deliberate excursion during which he would guide me through a limited lifeplan while I helped him tie up some Jefferson loose ends; but then it became apparent to him that it was time for us to get going. I think the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks were a big part of it. We ended up having to choose a birth-family right away, with some details that were less perfect: apparently I have no prior lives with my birth family; I was conceived illegitimately; and I was going to be a female. I had almost never been a female, and apparently I hadn’t much liked the experience. That last part was the worst for me, but he thought it might even be an advantage, given what we had planned; and so it was. I recall just this bit, plus my horror when as an infant I discovered my gender!

      (And the fact that an infant less than a year old would be able even to know enough about genders to think when I made this discovery that, “Oh. I’m the other kind this time,” and feel extreme disappointment – and even be able to form this memory! – confirmed reincarnation for me even long before I had seen any other evidence of it.)

  7. Hi Robeta. I’m kind of thinking of extreme theism – the worst manifestations of religion, and extreme, nihilistic, materialistic atheism – one of the worst instincts of science, as two sides of the same coin. Either version represents a severe, if not total, lack of spirituality, and can lead to all sorts of horrors – the inquisition or the a-bomb. The sorts of philosophies and political systems that can come out of atheism can create evil on a mass scale too. Chairman Mao called religion the opiate of the masses, even as he put his people under the thrall of a system just as despotic as religion can become. Getting back to that beating heart of unconditional love at the CENTER (center everywhere, AKA the Godhead or Consciousness with a big C,) away from the extremes – your third way I guess – seems like the “Way” forward. Months ago my guides said it is time for “Plan C,” and showed me a stack of wavelike forms. I had no idea what they meant, but maybe it was something akin to what you are getting at with energy (and Consciousness?) being the third stage -123, ABC. Who knows, but it’s a fun little speculation that just came to me as I was writing this post. 🙂

    1. Hi Scott! The wave imagery is interesting. Waves are important metaphors for so many things. Interesting that your guide provided this imagery in the context of a Plan C. Remember the old joke? “What is Plan C?”Answer: “Give up on Plans A and B!”

      It is likely that you get to decide what the waves signify. What do you think? I would be interested to hear more.

      1. Dear Mike, of course consciousness is akin to energy – perhaps it even is the base energy – and as such, it is wave-like. It vibrates. It ought to be studied by actual scientists, but they are so committed to the idea that it is just an ephemeral product of the brain that they can’t go there and still maintain their careers.

    2. Hi Mike. I was sort of riffing on religion as failed Plan A, science as failed Plan B, and finally getting the pendulum back to the center where the two work together to create a spiritualized Plan C.

      When I look back on my notes of what came through since the “Plan C” communication – it was actually over a year ago, how time flies – it seems to do with clarity or clarifying and cleaning my cosciousness, increasing my compassion (note lots of words starting with the letter c,) and raising my vibrations towards what one might call Christ Consciousness or Creator Consciousness, thereby being able to hopefully, eventually rise to higher levels of consciousness reality, symbolized perhaps by the stack of what looked like different length C-shaped forms laying on their sides (a more accurate description than wave-like I guess.) In our own enegy fields, chi, prana, Shekinah, or whatever you want to call it seems to spiral up in loops, another possible layer of symbolism, from what I’ve been given, and part of the practice is to strengthen that flow through love. I suspect that my “work” involves not just trying to doing this myself, but doing my tiny little bit to help humanity do the same. How that might be done, or if I even can, remains to be seen. It seems like something I signed up for, though, and I have gotten multiple hints as to what this “work” might entail, but I don’t want to comment further until I see if I can actually do it.

      1. Dear Mike, I hate to say this, but I don’t think that either religions or science in their present forms can survive and continue to be useful to humankind. Both were substitutes for having a real understanding, guesses that then became sets of dogmas, but we are coming to a place now where we can know the truth so having these guesses set in stone is now just in the way. I didn’t know this until maybe yesterday, when Thomas showed me what is coming next. More on this over the next two weeks. See what you think….

    3. Dear Scott, I think this is brilliant and right to the point. Religions (including Christianity), science, and even political systems are all closed systems, each based upon a set of beliefs that have been hardened into dogmas so they are at this point self-perpetuating and unable to admit any new information for fear of threatening those old beliefs. That this is true of religions is obvious to most people, and that it is also true of political systems you ably demonstrate here. But it is every bit as true of science. Mike J-R sent me an article yesterday about some new random idea being proposed about how the brain might generate consciousness. It is a completely random and ridiculous idea with nothing to back it up at all, but it was scientifically published because it fits a dogma and insiders are desperate to find support for that dogma. It gave us both a little morning laugh, but it was horrifying! This is how adults are doing science now? Then what is the point of any of it??

      1. To add, the article was weird because it presented assertions only, no evidence, other than to refer back to another journal—maybe the original publication of the experiments that tested the theory? The researcher is at the University of Surrey which, according to sources, is a first-rate institution in the UK.

        1. Dear Mike, that article is a remarkable example of the desperation now being felt in a considerable part of the scientific community as it becomes more and more apparent that the source of human consciousness in the brain might never be found. There are articles in respected publications already glumly positing that possibility. The article you sent me doesn’t link to the results of experiments, nor does it even propose how some useful experiment or other might be done; it simply says, “Hey, there is this electromagnetic thing going on in the brain, so maybe it has something to do with consciousness?”

          No matter. Every such theory is based on the supposition that consciousness HAS to arise in the brain, so its proponents altogether ignore the enormous reams of hard evidence that consciousness is everywhere. The great quantum physicist Max Planck looked at all the data available to him a hundred years ago, and he eventually concluded that consciousness has to be primary and pre-existent. But if you make it a dogma that consciousness HAS to come from the brain, then you get to ignore a whole lot of evidence that there might be other possibilities!

          This fellow and those like him are very like a scientist who wants to prove that water can be found only in the ground. So he drills his wells, he pumps out water, he posits his theories, he goes out in the rain to check on his experiments and he goes right back into his laboratory again and dries off and sits back down to his microscope, and he still is altogether certain that water has to arise in the ground. There is no other possibility….

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