Who Do You Say That I Am?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • August 13, 2022 • 44 Comments

The church’s one foundation
Is Jesus Christ her Lord;
She is his new creation
By water and the Word.
From heaven he came and sought her
To be his holy bride;
With his own blood he bought her,
And for her life he died.
Samuel John Stone (1839-1900) from “The Church’s One Foundation” (1866)

It astonishes me to realize that no Christian reformer ever has thought to go all the way back to The Way of Jesus and start a fresh movement based upon His teachings alone. Surely the history has always been there! Those Roman Catacombs with their millions of burials entirely free of crosses have always been available to provide the evidence that a non-fear-based Christian theology was possible. And even as late as Miss Corwin’s day, and the time of those who taught Miss Corwin, there were scholars who thought as Jesus thought. But still, we have had only Protestant reformations that have tweaked, but never have very much changed the fear-based Roman religion that was built on the bloody wreckage of The Way that Jesus so hopefully began.

 My favorite modern theologian is my fellow Texan, Keith Giles, who writes an excellent blog that I follow at Sometimes I will suspect that Keith and I might be on the same page on some issue, and I’ll be reading and thinking, “Preach it, Keith!” But he is a trained Christian minister, so he uses the whole Bible, while I am a tagalong of the first Apostles that Jesus charged with His Great Commission.

And so, in theory at least, I have never heard of the Apostle Paul. You know Paul, that resolute fellow who began as a persecutor of the followers of Jesus, but who saw the light (quite literally) soon after Jesus’s crucifixion? Paul was a relative latecomer who barely made it into the Christian Bible by writing all those earnest letters to the first churches planted at Corinth and elsewhere. And I am just some spiritual hobbyist that Jesus has very lately recruited when He took it into His hallowed head to go modern and teach twenty-first-century folks through an educational website.

We each meet with our own spirit guides on most nights. And I have been telling my Thomas of late that I am still altogether clueless about what I am supposed to be doing with this website that he and Jesus want me to create. Thomas has been telling me that I should just do some videos based on Liberating Jesus. And, no worries. Once I get into it, Jesus will guide me. But I still feel stupid about doing this, so they have been working with me at night. A few mornings ago, I woke up with my own voice reciting in my mind what I think they mean to be the intro to Jesus’s website. I was saying something like, “Before the Crusades and the Inquisitions. Before the martyrs and the saints. Before Saint Paul and the Apostles, and before Christianity was even a religion, there was Jesus, the Man. Please join me as we sit at His feet and hear what Jesus has to say.” I thought, Hey, that sounds like a pretty good start!

For at least as long as I have been doing my Seek Reality podcast, I have been receiving emails from disaffected Christians. Nearly all of these folks were cradle-Christians who shared more or less my history. They were devout in childhood, and for much of their lives they attended churches where the pews were full. Still sincere as adults, they began to question dogmas like original sin and transubstantiation and a lot of other Christian ideas that frankly don’t make sense at all, and that have no basis in the teachings of Jesus. And as Catholics, especially, these people found that their questions weren’t getting intelligent answers. Indisputably, and despite the feeling that they were growing ever closer to the Jesus they had loved since childhood, these people – every one of them – were coming to reject the religion they had been following for their entire lives. And they were writing almost identical emails. Often literally word for word.

I have had hundreds of such emails, and I could answer them only by agreeing with the writers. I used to suggest they find Unity churches, but Unity has become more and more ossified into mostly studying the words of the Founding Fillmores and their friends, which is the last thing Charles and Myrtle Fillmore would have wanted. Of late, all I can do is to send these people PDFs of Liberating Jesus. In truth, until Jesus has a website of His own, there is no place where I can send them because every form of Christianity is, as a friend of mine disdainfully puts it, at best some form of “Paulianity.” Last Wednesday night I was interviewed by a wonderful radio host who used the same term, and who actually had just read both The Fun of Dying and Liberating Jesus. Which was a refreshing change, since most interviewers hardly bother to even open the books. I’m sure I had heard that term before, but I don’t get out much. And I do feel for Paul. Like me, he had had an experience of light. Like me, he was close to people who knew Jesus, but he was not in their inner circle. But still, he tried his best. And he did channel some wonderful passages, especially 1Cor 13. He was close, but in the end no cigar for Paul.  

I seem to be meeting with Jesus and Thomas on many nights now as the planning for the Lord’s website takes shape, although Thomas won’t allow me to remember these meetings. Jesus really does want  to tell His own story, so He can separate Himself from the Roman Christian Jesus that seems to be fixed in people’s minds. But He is willing to allow His story to be given just as a link. His teachings are to be the focus. Thomas tells me that when the Lord was on earth as Jesus, He was always keenly interested in knowing what the people were saying about Him, which is not surprising when you know His actual story. And Thomas in that lifetime was a random civilian and not an official disciple, so he could come and go anonymously as Jesus’s spy among the populace. A little of this actually made it into the canonical Gospels. For example:

“Now when Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Philippi, He was asking His disciples, ‘Who do people say that the Son of Man is?’ And they said, “Some say John the Baptist; and others, Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah, or one of the other prophets.” He said to them, ‘But who do you yourselves say that I am?’ Simon Peter answered, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God’” (MT 16:13-16).

Two points should be made here. The first, of course, is that this is yet another reference to reincarnation that slipped past the First Nicaean Councilors’ efforts to remove all such references from the Bible as they assembled it. Clearly Jesus was talking about reincarnation, as were His disciples. And second, what follows is the most blatant piece of anachronistic nonsense that was added to the Gospels by First Nicaea. This is what the Roman church-builders would have dearly loved for Jesus to have said during His lifetime. He never said it, so they simply made it up three hundred years later:

“‘And I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven’” (MT 16:18-19).

It is clear that Jesus never said any of this. For one thing, “Petros,” would be a pun for “rock” in Greek, but Jesus spoke Aramaic. There was no idea of a “church” in Jesus’s day. Jesus never referred to “Hades,” nor to the gates of Hades. Jesus referred to the kingdom of heaven as an internal concept, and not as something physical that would have had keys. And He certainly would not have felt able to personally empower any human being to bind or to loose anything in heaven! But, so it goes. When you are a fourth-century Roman councilor, and your boss is a Roman Emperor, you try very hard to do your part.

 The teachings of Jesus are masterful in their power. One thing that we are discussing in these nightly meetings that I am not being allowed to remember beyond keeping the barest gist of some of them is the fact that Jesus’s teachings have multiple levels of depth, and this is true of even His simplest statements. On the surface, a child can understand them. Take, for example, “Why do you call me good? God alone is good” (LK 18:19). Or, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (MT 18:3). Both are easy statements for even a child to read and to find understandable. And yet in fact, each statement is spiritually so profound that a study group could spend hours discussing each of them and never exhaust the possibilities. A lot of what Jesus says is like that, and most of His sayings are in addition interrelated. 

I have done very little studying of any religion other than Christianity, so a recent Patheos article about the Buddha’s wife caught my eye. Effectively, it suggests that enlightenment for a Buddhist comes from being closeted away from people and away from human life, which is astonishing, considering the fact that we enter these earth-lives specifically in order to experience the spiritual stresses of human life, and to use them to push against in order to grow spiritually. In fact, Jesus spent the first part of His life studying how best to use the stresses of human life to better effect our spiritual growth, and then He designed His teachings to make the best use of our everyday stressors to elevate our consciousness vibrations. Ever since I read that article, I have been thinking about that difference – meditating on it – and wondering. How is it possible that you might choose to either more deeply engage with the world, or to withdraw from it altogether, and still arrive at the same more spiritually elevated place?

When Jesus walked the earth two thousand years ago, He was such a very young man! He died away from this world at only thirty-three, and as I read over His teachings again, I am reminded of how very young in earth-years He was. And yet, how wise. For His earth-years, He was extraordinarily wise. He had studied humankind so closely and with such a specific purpose in mind that by the time He was thirty years old, He had figured out the primary role of Consciousness… or else He had learned it directly from God. And He used His knowledge of how Consciousness works to create teachings which can raise human consciousness vibrations with amazing efficiency. Had the Romans not gotten in the way, the kingdom of God would have overspread the earth long since.

But then, of course, came the stamping-out of the followers of The Way of Jesus, and then the Crusades and the Inquisitions, and millions of people were made to suffer and die for their crime of following Jesus. My Thomas has become concerned that I might want to slack off on working soon, my being on the older side after all, so he has made sure to tell me about the tortures especially, the hot irons and the slow-broken limbs, the parents made to watch their children being tortured and murdered one by one. And Jesus Himself personally tended to the most damaged of the sufferers in His rehabilitation gardens that filled the afterlife during those awful times. After death we never sleep, so there were whole centuries when Jesus quite literally did nothing else but lovingly care for screaming and suffering people. And since Thomas was His close confidante through all of that, my own spirit guide has been able to assure me that the Lord never has said a single unkind word, not even against the torturers. And Thomas has laid all of this on me just so I won’t slack off now. No, I get it. I do. Jesus abundantly deserves His own website. I am completely inadequate to the task, but since He has asked me to do it, I will try.  

Jesus came to a younger, more innocent world two thousand years ago. And since then, there can be no question that He has dealt with the very worst fruits of humankind. Toward the end of His earthly life, His followers said to Him, “‘We know that You know all things, and that You have no need for anyone to question You; this is why we believe that You came forth from God.’ ‘Do you now believe?’ Jesus replied. ‘A time is coming and in fact has come when you will be scattered, each to your own home. You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me. I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world’” (JN 16:30-33). Between the day when He spoke those words and now, Jesus has endured more personal pain in healing the awful pain of others than any of us can imagine. He has indeed overcome the world! And soon, He will return in what will be an unexpected sort of Second Coming. Although in truth, of course, He never really left.

Elect from every nation,
Yet one o’er all the earth;
Her charter of salvation,
One Lord, one faith, one birth;
One holy name she blesses,
Partakes one holy food,
And to one hope she presses,
With every grace endued.
– Samuel John Stone (1839-1900) from “The Church’s One Foundation” (1866)

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44 thoughts on “Who Do You Say That I Am?

  1. Dear Roberta, Given that we all come here into the material world with all of it natural and man made dangers and hurts from a blissful Heaven, surely God is using the material life for spiritual development in a way that Heaven cannot support. Life is to be lived actively, fully, not by hiding away either physically as monks do, or by disconnecting from natural human desires and needs, as advocated by Buddhism. In you text Liberating Jesus, it is perfectly clear that Jesus taught about living life as a spiritual child of God. God is never, ever portrayed as a vengeful slavemaster whom we must fear, and who will condemn us to suffering torture for our sins for eternity in Hell. The contrast between what Jesus Himself said, and what church religions preach about eternal damnation, is stark. If your website only raised this issue, so that the general public became aware of this striking difference between what Jesus taught about how to live and what church religions preach, as embodied by the simplicity but power of the Golden Rule, that alone would be a huge benefit to Mankind.

    1. Morning Jack! As I was reading the initial portion of your note, I also was thinking about that whole “closed off from the world” viewpoint. But, as I thought about it being “useless” in “these times”, I also realized that going into your closet to commune with Father was something Jesus taught us to do regularly. I also thought about “hermits” like St Francis of Assisi, and realized that though they generally lived “monastically” withdrawn from “the world”, they also provided for surrounding communities-shelter, food, medicine. I think, to some extent, so do Buddhist monasteries. I don’t understand fully the concept that keeps getting repeated in my mind as I read your note and also considered my own thoughts, but it’s “forces for Light”-like they have and do help draw more Light to Earth.
      As to your last part of the contrast between what churches teach about Father and what Jesus taught/teaches, I think Roberta HAS subtly done what you suggest. I sure can feel your passion about it, and a lot of us (I am assuming you as well) even feel a bit of anger about it. I can, however, understand the need for gentle awakening on this, because of so many who are SO deeply invested in that belief-if it just got “dumped”, wow…the absolute anger and even rage that could ensue! Last, which is more powerful–a friend you know and trust, guiding you to this truth, or a lady you never heard of laying it out for you? Maybe you and I need to be a bit more courageous in sharing what we’ve learned when opportunity arises, in our families and communities. (Jack, I have noticed a change in several of my siblings-we were all raised strict Catholics-in our interactions, when I have dared to allow Holy Spirit to “put the words in my mouth” about the RC shenanigans and to not “preach” about it). And “for real Lastly”: which might be more powerful if you are helping people to wake up to their own Divine Sovereignty: Someone still “spoonfeeding” it; or, putting out a banquet spread of truth and guidance for all to “taste” and ponder? ( Do know I need to digest these thoughts myself!) Fran

    2. Precisely, my dear Jack! I am coming to think, though, that Jesus’s website is not supposed to convert anyone. It is meant to be purely an option for people who have fallen away from Roman Christianity. Jesus has an unbelievably strong personality! I never really knew Him before. The church portrays Him as a kind of martyrish man, what we used to call the Suffering Servant. But He knows precisely what He wants, and to the least detail. Although He is polite about it.

  2. Dear Roberta,
    You’re right when you say how strange it is that there is no movement for people who have left religion but still want to follow the teachings of Jesus. The one thing I have missed most since stepping (well running really) away from Catholicism is the sense of community. Thank goodness for this blog and Sandra Champlain’s wonderful Sunday gatherings where I can feel that I’m among like minded people.
    I also feel there is a real need for people who can minister to those of us in this position and there are so many of us now. I do sometimes wonder who will, for instance, take my funeral. The one thing my children have been told is that if I should go before my mother under no circumstances is she to get me into a Catholic Church. However I don’t really feel a Humanist service would express my spirituality either.
    My one wish is that one day I will in the position to train as a celebrant and at least begin to fill that gap locally.

    1. I was the ‘celebrant’ at my own dear husband’s funeral and was told by a world renowned medium that I had actually “helped” him across, not just waved goodbye as do most. I was told by many of the 80 attendees from a diversity of faith backgrounds, it was the “best funeral” they’d ever attended, even enjoyable!!!

    2. Oh my dear Lisa, you are so right! And I think The Way of Jesus will be the answer. I do believe that eventually His movement will be revived as He began it two thousand years ago, and there will be many who can be joyous celebrants of the transition to the next level of reality! And yes, our glorious friend Sandra Champlain is leading this movement in the next generation. My Thomas has already blessed my understanding with Sandra that she will carry on my work after me.

  3. I was raised by a Catholic grandmother who brought with her from the ‘old country’ a firm belief that children should be seen, but not heard. So, I sat quietly and watched and learned and as I got older, analyzed what I saw in people’s actions with others and themselves.
    In my senior year of high school, I began attending different types of churches and read about other religions. I was that small, quiet person in the back row, watching and learning. What I saw disturbed me and I never felt comfortable in any church service I attended. I knew sone of these people personally, and who they were during the service and who they were once the service was over was almost Jekyll and Hyde. I decided to continue my search away and apart from these organizations and instead let the spirit guide me.
    I’m in my mid 60s and I have never regretted that decision. The spirit has guided me to places, this one included, where the message resonates, where questions are encouraged, and fear has no home.
    Thanks Roberta,

    1. Oh my dear Amanda, you are so very welcome here! And there are many who are about your age now, and who feel precisely as you do. It is for you that Jesus now wants to create His own website. And He is so emphatic about every detail of it! And He is even emphatic about when He wants it to debut, next spring, although I am not sure just why that is. But please be assured that there are very many who feel as you do. Especially about the two-facedness of so many supposed Christians! I do think, my sweet friend, that a new day is dawning….

  4. My dear ones, I will respond to each of you tomorrow, but today is my birthday and I am turning roughly one million years old, so we are off to a family party. I just want to raise two issues, one small and one immense:

    First, for as long as I can recall, there have been a few automatic responders when our weekly post went out at four central time. This morning there were none, which made me worry that it hadn’t gone out normally. Please, someone, just let me know that you got the email so I’ll know that all is well!

    And second, as you know, I am being asked to create a website for Jesus. I have long since given up wondering why. I assume He doesn’t make mistakes, and I assume that this is not so much about me but more about the team. If you are reading this, then you may well be on His team. Jesus intends to re-create His Way in a world in which it can grow and thrive – not as a religion, which it never was meant to be, but as a secular spiritual movement. Much more later!

    1. A most joyous and beautiful birthday to you, Roberta!!!! Happy “million” years old😂! You are so funny. May this “new year” be filled with such joy and wonder, you’ll be in perpetual bliss!!!❤️🎂🎉🎊
      Thank you for all you’ve volunteered to do for Jesus and followed through on. We are truly grateful, Fran
      P.S. I was up at 4, but prioritized my coffee and chatting with hubby today 😬. Sorry-I’ll give notice email went through.

      1. Oh my dear Fran, how lovely of you to say such things! But of course, my dear beautiful Fran, prioritize your chatting with your husband. I wish that mine would be up with me at four, but he sleeps in!

    2. Happy Birthday! I sincerely hope you have many, many more. Have lots of cake and ice cream and a joyous party..

      1. Dear Amanda, as I am sure you will agree, the best thing about parties is lots of family around you, and we have amazingly managed to relocate our entire extended family from Massachusetts to Texas!

  5. Dear Roberta,

    Another beautifully written and fascinating account! Wishing you the happiest of days today! You deserve to be spoiled and loved and treated like the beautiful soul that you are. Enjoy your special day. Love, Brigette

    1. Oh my dear lovely Brigette, I think we all fall short of our own personal expectations, but we do try! Thank you for your lovely words!

  6. Good Day All !
    A lot of good stuff here that I feel compelled to add to, so I apologize in advance if my comments seem disjointed.

    RE: “Life is to be lived actively, fully, not by hiding away… ” This made me remember “the body” analogy attributed to Jesus in the Bible; some parts are highly visible (hands, feet, etc.,..) and some parts work in the hidden places, but they’re still active and connected.

    RE: “…the need for gentle awakening….if it just got “dumped”…anger and even rage…could ensue!”. For me, I needed the layers of religion to be peeled off little by little, but if I had been a blank slate –without any religious background– I probably would have been more open to, even hungry for, a data dump. It’s like the verse in the Bible that says –to paraphrase 1 Peter 3:15– be ready to explain your reasoning, but respectfully, kindly, not in crusade fashion.

    RE: “…I have missed… the sense of community… “. My tendencies lean towards introversion –I enjoy being solo most of the time. However, I still desire to know I am known well by others, even if it’s only 2 or 3 people. I guess this goes back to the body analogy, we are all connected whether we think we want to be or not. The spleen shouldn’t dismiss the nose or vice versa.

    RE: “The spirit has guided me to places…where the message resonates”. That has been key to my spiritual evolution as well –I look forward to those “aha” moments; when I have one, I am eager to share my new-found awareness with my husband and adult sons. Admittedly, I am disappointed when they do not share my enthusiasm.

    In trying to tie my thoughts together, I think 1 Corinthians 8:1a-2 sums up how we can view our differences in spiritual growth, and our need for spiritual congruence, “We know that we all possess knowledge. But knowledge puffs up while love builds up. Those who think they know something do not yet know as they ought to know” (NIV).

    A son of mine once complained to me that I am always revising my beliefs… I hope so.

    1. Oh my dear lovely gee, we all live with people who love us but think we are a bit insane! Good grief, my Catholic husband used to tell me I was going to hell (he has gotten past that). As Jesus said, no one is a prophet in his own village, so even He had the same problem. But what we are really is the leaven in the loaf, and that, my dear gee, is really a very good thing indeed!

  7. Happy Birthday, Roberta! Yours is truly a life and mission to be celebrated by all who love you and the work you are doing! I count myself as one of those.

    1. Oh my dear Janelle, thank you! I couldn’t do what I do without all of you, without Thomas, and without Jesus. More and more, I realize how utterly helpless I am whenever I try to do anything on my own!

  8. Happy birthday dearest Roberta,
    Thank you so very much for so many reasons I am sure there are going to be many more birthdays 🥳 to celebrate 🎉 maybe one day we can all have a virtual party 🎊 here so that we can all put a face to a name ….
    With much love
    Louise xxxxxxxxx

    1. Oh my dear Louise, if we can’t manage a party here, then at least we’ll manage a pretty wonderful party where we’ll all be going!

    1. Thank you, dear Susan, but of course all your gratitude really goes to my beautiful Thomas, without whom I could do nothing!

      1. Confusion does arise when John the Divine’s words of Revelations are put against those of his personal teacher, Jesus. Never mind Paul, who never met the Rebbe, but how do we ‘reconcile’ the vision of one of Jesus’ actual Apostles, John? The cave on Patmos, the locale of these visions, is definitely a holy (ie vibrating higher) place, buzzing with the “real McCoy”.

  9. “Jesus intends to re-create His Way in a world in which it can grow and thrive – not as a religion, which it never was meant to be, but as a secular spiritual movement. Much more later!”

    I for one will be very interested to see any such changes unfolding further but that depends on whether I’ll be around long enough to observe what happens after these opening shots. 😉 🙂

    Since I “got into this stuff” nearly four decades ago (just a rookie by comparison with Roberta!) I’ve heard repeatedly that something big is just around the corner and I’ve yet to see what that something might be – maybe this is it?

    1. As we say, my dear Mac, all in God’s good time. But I have been told that I will be watching it happen from the bleacher seats, so I’m afraid that you will as well, my dear!

      1. That’s what I was preparing for, Roberta. 😉 I generally hope for the best but prepare for something somewhat less. 🙂

        It’s tempting to expect these oft spoken about events are ‘just around the corner’ but although in this physical world “time is of the essence” it ain’t necessarily that way ‘over there’.

        Just around the corner may mean generations into this world’s future – MANY generations perhaps. I have seen you have an online successor waiting to take up the reins of your new website. Not too soon I hope. 😉

  10. Hi Roberta, Hope your birthday celebration exceeded all your expecations.

    Getting back to your message, I do not think we are in a position to define the term active meaningful life for others. It often seems those who are “closed off from the world” through prayer, meditation, solitude etc… contribute more to raising the spiritual consciousness of the human race than those who live active lives with little thought to the world beyond.

  11. Dear Roberta. I hope you had a great birthday. I’m guessing it was almost like a day of rest, considering how busy you are, so I hope you were able to savor that.

    What I keep wondering about after reading your post this week is what answer Jesus was hoping for when he asked who people thought he was and especially what answer he hoped for from the inner circle of his disciples, to whom he had been so closely teaching his Way. I’m guessing it was more than just “The Messiah,” as in MT 16:16. What does he hope people of this much more complicated modern day world, once they learn more of the truth about him and his teachings, will say about who he is? Did you get any sense of that? I love the experience you had with him in which he seemed so humble and relatable, even with such poweful energy, and hoped you could relate to him as a friend, or brother, feeding the fish, and not be overawed.

    1. My dear Scott, I have thought about what answer He hoped for, and I think, knowing the backstory that He shared with me, that He was genuinely curious. We know that it was all about reincarnation – that He expected them to name some prophet or other – and He was likely wondering which one He reminded them of most.

      And yes, the Jesus I met on April 6th was amazingly down to earth, human, relatable, and at the same time He had the most extraordinary personal energy, silken yet almost unbearably powerful to be near It’s odd – you are aware of it, but the little children don’t seem to mind it. Thomas thinks I’m kind of stupid about it.

  12. Happy Birthday dearest Roberta!
    Now belated of course, but if the birthday ‘period’ exists, we can celebrate you with joyous enthusiasm beyond the actual day. To say your life is an enrichment of this world is a significant and glaring understatement. 😉❣️

    You know I loved the idea you expressed above that there will be many joyous celebrants of the next level of reality. As Jesus secular spiritual teaching catches on, The Way can overspread the earth. It can be lived by anyone from any religious background and shared across cultural and national boundaries without challenging any religion. It shall be known simply by its fruits and felt by its deep resonance of truth in people’s hearts.

    Roberta, I loved Jesus‘ question. Asking an essential question is a powerful thing. I can only imagine how powerful it was when Jesus Himself asked it in person. This question is a deeply internal one; It remains for each of us today a personal question.

    Maybe Jesus wasn’t after a particular answer, but just wanted his disciples to look inside. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us after all, is it not? It makes me wonder..
    It would have been enjoyable to have seen what each disciple had said. ❣️🕊🌅

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Efrem, they do love to party hearty where we all are going soon!! And we don’t think of Jesus as a party guy, but of course He is, because He knows how the story has to end. The kingdom of God will overspread the earth in each of us, if it takes another thousand years. The outcome is certain. The timing is not, of course, but where He is of course there is no time….

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