What Did He Say?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 19, 2022 • 45 Comments

I will follow Him, follow Him wherever He may go.
And near Him, I always will be, for nothing can keep me away.
He is my destiny. I will follow Him.
Ever since He touched my heart, I knew. There isn’t an ocean too deep,
A mountain so high it can keep me away from His love!
Norman Gimbel (1927-2018) & Arthur Altman (1910-1994), based on  “I Will Follow Him” (1961)

The problem with our presuming to try to give to the Lord His genuine Way, from before the Christianity the Romans designed when they seized the name of Jesus, actually boils down to just one word. And that word is WORDS. I look at all the words that Jesus spoke, and my mind quails!  Who are we to presume to decide precisely what He meant when He said each word? Those living in the greater reality have the choice of communicating by mind, so they use boluses of thought to convey whole ideas. But you and I don’t have that choice! Using words is problematic, because a single word can convey both too little and too much meaning. Take the word “love,” for example. It might take you half a page to define that single word! But when you communicate by thought, you can choose the best version of whichever word you have in mind, and then you can perfectly convey what you mean.

An eighteenth-century wordsmith of note demonstrated how cleverly words can be used when he authored the American Declaration of Independence. The then-current formulation for the inalienable rights of man was “life, liberty, and property.” The battle at the time of the American Revolution was between those who wanted to keep slavery and those who were trying to abolish it, and Thomas Jefferson showed which side he was on when he opened his Declaration of Independence with a subtle twist on that old formula.

He wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” And he thereby took from slaveholders their right to rely upon his document as a reason to later claim their fellow men as their property, while at the same time he granted to bondsmen their right to eventually pursue their own happiness. And he did this more than eighty years before Abraham Lincoln signed his Emancipation Proclamation! You can imagine Jefferson’s internal giggles as he watched all those solemn slaveholders putting their quills to his version of our founding document.

But then much later, in 1960, Thomas Jefferson communicated with the living through direct-voice medium Leslie Flint, and he grumped about his having to leave off briefly his greater ease of communicating by thought when he was forced to go back to using words again. This was the first thing he said in his soft southern voice when he got control of the medium. Very difficult for anyone in my position to manifest in this fashion to talk to people on Earth, and at the same time keep one’s equilibrium, if one can use that term and apply to the spirit. That you know when one comes back and one endeavors to speak in this fashion, it’s all very conflicting and complicated. Aligning with vibration, tuning in, remembering things that one wishes to say, transmission of thought into sound, words, words, often words which don’t indicate anything clearly, at least what one feels, I find extreme difficulty.”

Indeed, he did find it difficult! And using words was his main problem. A problem that we are going to find compounded now when we try to work with the reported words that Jesus spoke two thousand years ago, and which then had to go through the following hurdles:

  • People played telephone with those words for a generation or two after they heard Jesus speak them. Scholars keep shortening their estimated time before the first Gospel was written down, but still there was a certain amount of memory and human fallibility involved.
  • The words written in the various Gospels were then edited by First Nicaea in 325, and also by the later church councils. We know that the councilors removed some of what Jesus said, especially everything related to reincarnation; and they also added some things that they wished He had said, mostly passages related to church-building, end-times, and sheep-and-goats nonsense.
  • Jesus spoke Aramaic, but His works were generally first written down in Greek, and then translated from Greek into modern languages. Aramaic and Greek are so different from one another that direct translations from Aramaic to English are unrecognizable by those familiar with modern Gospel translations. Some of the folks that we used to think were dead tell us now that modern two-step English translations are the most faithful interpretations of what Jesus actually meant to say.

But I think they are being charitable. In fact, there is only one interpretation of the words of Jesus that I consider to be reasonably faithful, and that is only because I personally witnessed its creation by Jesus, and then its confirmation.

It might surprise you to know that until recently I haven’t given much thought to how unusual my life has been. While normal women have been taking vacations, shopping, attending concerts and hanging out with friends, I have primarily been studying the Bible and researching death and the afterlife. And my Thomas, come to think of it, has had one pretty big obsession of his own. He and I have lived seventeen lifetimes together, and through most of them we have been serving Jesus. Thomas, I think, much more than I. If it might be said that Jesus has a most devoted groupie, then I think that of the trillion or more beings that must exist in all of reality, my own dear Thomas is a leading contender for the Lord’s biggest fan. That business about helping to found a country? All just a detour, apparently.

So it is not surprising that when Jesus reportedly decided that His Gospel teachings had been too simplistic, and that must be why so few Christians were following them, and He then led the team that channeled the much more advanced A Course in Miracles, only to see those powerful teachings soar right over most people’s heads, so He reportedly decided in the nineteen-eighties to give His more basic Gospels teachings another try, and He put out the word that He needed “a pure channel” – someone who had not been known to be a channel – that my previously very private Thomas didn’t hesitate to lead me in channeling an autobiography of Thomas Jefferson’s ten-year marriage in order to demonstrate to Jesus that my dear Thomas had the Lord’s “pure channel” waiting for Him right here. My Thomas was happy to expose Thomas Jefferson’s private life to all the world for the Lord’s sake! The fact that he had no problem doing that, when Jefferson had even burned his wife’s papers and all their letters to one another to keep his private life private, never had made sense to me before. But of course, he would do anything for Jesus! And so would I. And so would you.

Whereupon, they reportedly spent the next twenty years preparing me to become the Lord’s channel. But no one said a word about any of this to me! Then in 2014, it was apparently time for me to step up and do my job. This announcement of the role for which my still-anonymous primary guide had volunteered me was made during a nightly guidance meeting. And reportedly I said, “No freakin’ way!” Or less polite words to that effect. No way was I worthy to channel Jesus! So Thomas had no choice but to break every spirit-guide rule of conduct. He enlisted the help of a medium and told me directly what a famous big-shot he had been in his previous life, and why I had to do this now. So in April of 2015, for two weeks I was Jesus’s word-processor to write Liberating Jesus. And then the beings serving Jesus asked for and vetted that entire manuscript. Word by word. When I asked the medium to give me their changes, she said that they had been directed by Jesus to say to me, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” So then I cried.

I have written the preceding three paragraphs without inflection because I have written them mostly for myself. Repeatedly, during that extraordinary year I kept reminding myself that, my goodness, I was having an extraordinary year, and I must not ever forget these events. But when something like that happens to you, it seems only normal at the time. You eat and sleep and live your life, and the sun keeps rising and setting. What I remember most vividly to this day, and what still brings tears to my eyes when I think of it, was what must have been the Lord’s private thoughts as He became more used to being in my mind. Jesus has feelings, too! As He was typing, using my fingers, He was thinking things like, “You say you love Me? Then, listen to Me!” And I knew He wasn’t talking to me. He was mentally talking to Christians. I felt so bad for Him! I was thinking, I love you, Jesus! But I was trying not to think, with tears on my cheeks, because I was supposed to be just His word processor. The power of His Being was such that I had no idea of what He was writing until suddenly one morning I woke up and He was gone. And I was a spent balloon.

So I trust every word of Liberating Jesus. But I really don’t trust much else. I have decided, however, that I do have to trust the fact that Jesus trusts my Thomas. I have come to believe they have a relationship that might go back a very long way. And by now, Thomas trusts me as well. This triangle was what my vision of a few weeks ago was apparently about. Jesus was watching Thomas fix His old jalopy – His old teachings – and smiling for me, but not looking at me because He has learned by now that if He looks at me, I freak. He had His arms folded to show me that Thomas would be doing the actual work. So again, I will be just their scribe. I can stop worrying about all the many things that I have been increasingly worrying about.  

And this, my dear friends, is what blogging is for. Whenever, in the years to come, as we work with Thomas to help Jesus build the Lord’s Way, and you and I fret for the millionth time that we have no business doing something so gigantic, we can come back and read this post again and commune again with the endlessly patient and perfectly loving risen Lord.

And meanwhile, here is a palate-cleanser. If you ever have cause to wonder just how completely outmoded the Old Testament’s religious rules really are; or else, you know, if it ever starts to bother you that we actually won’t ever be allowed to own a Canadian, come back and read this again. The picture illustrating this seven-year-old post is a statuette of Samson in the process of killing a thousand Philistines with a donkey’s jawbone (Judges 15:14-16). And meanwhile, my dear ones, cherish today. We have it now, and we never will have it again.

I love Him! I love Him! I love Him!
And where He goes, I’ll follow! I’ll follow! I’ll follow!
I will follow Him. Follow Him wherever He may go.
There isn’t an ocean too deep.
A mountain so high it can keep me away from His love!
Norman Gimbel (1927-2018) & Arthur Altman (1910-1994), based on  “I Will Follow Him” (1961)

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45 thoughts on “What Did He Say?

      1. Oh my dear Cookie, I’m sure you meant to say more, and I’m not sure what happened! Perhaps try again?

          1. Oh my dear Saif, thank you for your concern! One of the reasons we chose central Texas when we fled the west coast of Florida in 2003 was that it is too far inland for hurricanes and also just south of what is called “tornado alley.” There was tornado activity to the northeast of us, and weatherish activity here – thunderstorms – but as always, we were just fine!

    1. Oh my dear Ray, Thomas tells me that he was not one of the twelve disciples, but when I ask him whether he knew Jesus during the Lord’s lifetime on earth, he won’t answer that question. He tells me just that the answer would be more complicated than a simple yes or no, that he is part of the group that serves the Lord now, and that all will be plain to me when I go home.

      For myself, the answer to both questions is a gigantic NO! I never knew Jesus in the flesh. I am certain of that. I am a much younger soul than Thomas, but kind of an overachiever sort of soul that has buddied up with him along the way. I’ve been trying to think of a movie analogy that fits.

  1. Possibly dumb question: when you speak of “my Thomas” and at other times of just “Thomas”, you always refer to who was known on earth as Thomas Jefferson and not the disciple of Jesus by that name?

    1. My dear Adrian, I’m sorry this is confusing. The Thomas I refer to here as Thomas or my Thomas is always my primary spirit guide, who came out to me in 2015 through a medium and suggested that I call him Thomas. Because, yes, he knew that I would think of him as Thomas Jefferson.

      That’s an interesting story, actually, and an educational one. We recognize other beings by their energy signatures. While my guide was in my mind, I wasn’t recognizing his separate energy signature. But in order for him to speak to me through a medium and persuade me to channel Jesus, he had to withdraw from my mind and speak through her. And as soon as he did that, immediately I recognized him as the being who had been Thomas Jefferson, because I had been in that lifetime with him. I had been a young male law clerk, and we had shared an interest in the Gospels.

      Speaking of which, that is also how I can vouch for the fact that the Leslie Flint recording of Jefferson is real. It’s fuzzy, but it is indeed the man’s voice! Oh my god, what an amazing experience that was, to first hear that voice after two hundred years! It put me right back into his cabinet, being a young man listening to a very old and very wise and venerable one one talk about Jesus!

      1. Hi Roberta, do you happen to have any links to the Leslie Flint
        recording of Thomas Jefferson? I came across one a few days ago, somewhere; I can’t remember where or why. It was pretty fuzzy so I gave up but I’d like to give it another shot. I tried the Leslie Flint website but the TJ won’t play on my Apple computer. But I know it played on some link somewhere just a few days ago. Any ideas where I can find a link?
        Thanks so much, Sharon

        1. My dear Srbboo, the only copy of that recording I have is in my phone. It is indeed fuzzy! But the softness, the distinctive pitch, the southern-gentleman tone of it is precisely Jefferson. It’s amazing that when he had no mouth, lips, vocal chords – nothing – he could so completely replicate his own voice through the medium’s ectoplasm voicebox suspended in air! Jefferson’s voice was unusually soft for a man, to the point where his every address to Congress was written, and someone else would read it. And each time I hear that recording, I am that spellbound young man again, listening to that dignified but frail old man in his sun-filled cabinet. It’s extraordinary!

  2. Two questions: what did you mean by “if it ever starts to bother you that we actually won’t ever be allowed to own a Canadian”? A typo that I’m too muzzy-headed to get? And theciluatration of Samson … where would that be? I enjoy many of the imags you use to grace your writing. Thanks!

    1. Click on the purple link called “palate cleanser” and read that blog, and you’ll get it. Brilliant.

    2. Oh my dear, that linked post is one of my favorites. It’s silly, but that’s kind of the point of it! Even two thousand years ago, Jesus was telling us that the old laws were outmoded and silly, so he was replacing all those rules with His one law of love. It is a great deal past time by now for people to simply live by that one rule!

  3. Hi Roberta, hi everybody! Regarding words, I would like to add that the Sufi poet Rumi wrote “Silence is the language of God and all else is a poor translation” (something like that—he didn’t write in English). In all the years my beloved guide has communicated with me, she has used signs, synchronicities and metaphors. The few times she has used the English language, she has spoken in riddles that she knows I will try to figure out. Then she guides me to slow conclusions. The rest has been boluses of thought, as you describe them. She has long been reluctant to use words for the reasons you point out. It is important to remember that language is the easiest thing to misunderstand.

    1. My dear Mike, my own guide, too, uses boluses of thought when he communicates with me, even though, insofar as I know, the spoken language of his most recent two earth-lifetimes was English. It works especially well for spirit guide communication, since they are already there in our minds, anyway!

      1. This is just an interesting “by the way”—once, she put the Gospel words “wherever 2 or 3 are gathered…” in a clear bolus, AND she made it clear it wasn’t about church-building, but about the Collective nature of the Godhead. WE, as ONE, are the manifested power of Consciousness!

        1. Dear Mike, that is such a wonderful point! Nothing in the Gospels about church-building was said by Jesus. Thomas has made that clear to me. It was the Roman insistence on organizing people into churches in order to better control them that caused the awful splintering of Christians into sects. Forty-two thousand-plus now… and counting….

  4. “Palate Cleanser” arrived at the perfect time in dealing with current “Christians” and hypocrisy. Thank you.

  5. Ah yes, my dear Srbboo, the arrogant hypocrisy of religious Christians who love to condemn homosexuals for simply being themselves while they happily CHOOSE to eat shellfish and wear blended fabrics never does get old, does it?

  6. Hi Roberta,
    I am in awe of your connecting with your spiritual guide, Thomas. I only hope that you hold your ministry of sharing truth together as you continue channeling. I ordered Liberating Jesus… and look forward to reading it. I am planning to teach A Course in Miracles in Sunday school on Palm Sunday. I would agree with your statement that ACIM soared over the heads of most people. I am approaching the spiritual realm through NDEs and teaching ACIM as bridging the two worlds. We just had John Davis on our IANDS group zoom call. My partner Hope has put it up on YouTube under Williamsburg IANDS. He offers an amazing view of the spiritual realm. Thank you for your blog and for all you do. Grace and peace, -Chuck

    1. Oh my dear Chuck, I love seeing you helping people to grow this way! Just one small word of caution, though. This care wasn’t necessary for most of the decades since dear Raymond Moody’s book first came out, since all the early NDE pioneers were careful about how they used NDEs; but more recent researchers have started talking about “dying and coming back to life.” Which is wrong, harmful, and has to be carefully policed by people who want to be sure that we always teach only the truth.

      Dear Chuck, as you use reported NDEs, please just remember that they are wonderful experiences to share, but they have nothing to do with death. No one who is here to tell the tale ever has actually been to where the dead go as they transition back home, and to talk about their “having died and come back to life” sadly confuses people who need to be able to distinguish sense from nonsense. NDEs are spontaneous out-of-body experiences which happen in the general astral plane (which is apparently many times the size of this entire universe), so what happens in them is immensely varied and often rather wonderful! But it is not death. What we call the afterlife is a tiny part of the astral, and people having extensive NDEs who approach that area are told that if they don’t turn back, their silver cord will sever and they will be dead. Death is always a one-way trip!

    2. Dr. Webb: Thank you for the information on John Davis. I watched his video today out of curiosity. I’ve watched hundreds of similar ones and this is the best ever. John Davis is amazing

  7. Hi Roberta. Critical textual scholarship of the gospels, trying to sift the authentic words of Jesus from what was altered, mistranslated, or outright forged only goes back roughly a couple hundred years, starting mostly in Germany with people like Hermann Samuel Reimarus and David Friedrich Strauss, but your beloved guide, in his life as Thomas Jefferson, was right there in the vanguard with his, “The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, Extracted Textually from the Gospels in Greek, Latin, French, and English,” doing his best to pull out just those diamonds from all the other junk. The more I delve into the field, the more fascinating but also exasperating it becomes. Your Thomas being one of the pioneers, I can see why Jesus would trust him to play a key roll in the work now! And the time seems right. So much has been learned in those last couple hundred years, both in comparative biblical scholarship and in the comparative study of religious and spiritual traditions of the world, and also from afterlife studies and scientific theories like quantum mechanics, that even if we can’t reconstruct all the exact words of Jesus, the truth of what he was trying to teach shines through the dung anyway, and the soil seems fertile enough now for the Way to be replanted in the world. The question in my mind is will the Way that sprouts be just more of those frustratingly ambiguous words, or will it allow us to find a deeper knowing beyond words, leading to a true spiritual freedom, the kind of freedom that authoritarian despots like the ones proliferating in the world today would never be able to overcome?

    1. Dear Scott, I have learned to pay careful attention to what Thomas refuses to tell me. He tells me that he was not one of the Twelve, but he won’t say that he was not a follower of the Galilean in body. So I suspect that he may have been.

      Now, let’s go back even farther than that, and be even a bit more speculative.

      Initially, I fought pretty hard the concept of a Collective Godhead. But I lost. So the Godhead is indeed a Collective of Perfected Beings. Which means perfected lives that were lived long before two thousand years ago. Jesus is of the highest aspect of that Collective. When I have just now proposed to Thomas in my mind that the crowds that followed the Galilean had shared lives with Him before He finished His incarnations, and perhaps including Thomas, I didn’t get the sharp refusals that I always get whenever I am guessing wrong. So… I think that perhaps the beings that surround Jesus now, and including my Thomas, are His followers of very longstanding. And they are each supported in turn by their own followers in the world right now, who have incarnated to help them in their work. They guide their followers, And their followers in turn help them to do their work in the world in serving Jesus. If I’m right, and this is how some things work, then we are witnessing just a tiny bit of a rather complex process!

      1. I totally resonate with the idea of collective beings. This implies that they no longer have an ego, and the loss of an ego would be necessary in order to emerge into a collective. It makes so much more sense than believing in one being who rules the universe entirely alone. In fact, the more one evolves, I feel, the more likely he or she will become part of a collective. Whether this means that you eventually lose your sense of self, I can’t say, but by that time, I would imagine that it would no longer matter

        1. My dear Lola, it does really seem that all beings communicating with us from the fifth level or higher, unless they are communicating with their own familiars (as Mikey communicates with his mother, or as Thomas communicates with me) will communicate as part of a collective. It begins that early. Nobody gets to be a loose cannon!

          1. I am convinced Arrow is with a Collective. She communicates with me as your guide does, but she speaks with authority from the point of view of the Collective. I have been shown this.

          2. I had forgotten about Mikey Morgan, but if he is a 6th level being communicating through his mother and still pursuing his love of snowboarding, he clearly has not lost his sense of self identity despite the fact that he is most likely part of a collective, which is good news.

          3. They are all part of collectives. It seems to be an honor, actually, like being part of the club – they gravitate toward one another. They can be independent if they have a reason to be, as Mikey does and as Thomas does, but nobody is a loose cannon. In fact, if someone wanders off, there is always some higher-level being to watch over him and guide him back toward the flock.

      2. Wow Roberta. “A rather complex process” sounds like an understatement when you put it that way. It starts to sound more like an other side version of putting a man on the moon, maybe THE biggest project they’re working on over there?

  8. “But of course, he (Thomas) would do anything for Jesus! And so would I. And so would you.” – Roberta Grimes.

    Yes indeed my dear. Yes indeed. 🙏🏼❣️🌅

    1. Oh my dear lovely Efrem, you always seem to know how to sum things up so beautifully! I thought you should have the final word, but then since I always comment on comments, I began to worry that perhaps my not doing so here might feel like a slight to you. So here I am, just thanking you for being the precious friend to all of us that you have grown to be here.

      One of the things that I’ve just realized is that even my relationship with my spirit guide is much enhanced by the fact that all of you also are part of our relationship now! We are all an extended family, quite literally, and he has come to accept that. He began this guidance relationship with me feeling confident that he could keep his famous past life a secret from me. Then, okay, he had to kind of use that past life to bully me into writing Liberating Jesus, but he thought he could pull rank and make me keep from talking about it. He emphatically didn’t want me defending Jefferson because he sees this generation of Americans as mostly clueless Philistines, unappreciative of the priceless gift we have inherited (and he is right!). Furthermore, he is disappointed in his Jefferson incarnation. My bothering to defend an imperfect man to the spoiled brats that so many Americans are now would only distract me from my much more important work.

      But he has softened on this matter so much! He knows that I want to at least talk about it. Leave the truth in the record, more than it is now, when even the Jefferson foundation is spouting a lot of garbage. And I think he is going to be willing to let me do that. Although he still won’t let me make a crusade of it. He doesn’t care enough about Thomas Jefferson to let me full-throatedly defend the man. To him, that was just one lifetime, and not even his most important lifetime. His priority is Jesus, and The Way. He has just made me smile. He tells me that I have grown enough in this lifetime, that now he trusts me to try just a bit to set the record straight for Thomas Jefferson. That’s a new one on me!

      1. Dearest Roberta,
        I am honored and grateful to be part of this quite exceptional family. It means a lot to me and it feels quite real; it’s not just a dry, cerebral concept but a kind of living, organic actuality. It’s interesting that we are on a journey toward perfect Love together, even though we may not be in the same place, country or continent for that matter. And there is a timeless truth to a deep spiritual family, is there not? So much for the time-space restrictions of our 3D existence. We are not so place and time bound as we might think.😉

        Please my dear, don’t ever be concerned that by not replying it may feel like a slight to me. I’m your friend. As we say over here: ‘I’ve got your back’. Hence I like to be supportive and I am not going to waver by indulging in feeling ‘slighted’ or some such thing. Whatever you need to do on any one occasion is fine by me – I just think how many people you respond to all the time; answering their questions and taking the time and consideration to making them feel validated. It’s such a big and continuous undertaking! So the least I can do is to be open and remain without expectation as to how you go about it. ❣️

        And as to Thomas’ view of this generation of Americans being mostly clueless and unappreciative of the priceless gift they have inherited – I have got to say that this rings true for other societies as well. In my own country many members of this generation take their freedom for granted. They are not keenly aware of the privilege of liberty that democracy has awarded them. Freedom is very much by the way.

        Perhaps seeing how a dictator is currently monstering people in a neighboring country, is starting to give our somewhat entitled younger folk reason for pause. Images of war are all over social media right now. Seeing the shock, agony and brutality of it will get everybody thinking about what is taken for granted.

        1. That’s true, my dear Efrem – it does seem that the pampered folk in Western countries are having a bit of a shock, seeing how formerly-free people are being bullied now in countries not so very far away. Personal freedom is such a fragile thing. And perhaps it’s good for us to actually see that sometimes!

  9. Hello Roberta. I saw a video of yours on YouTube. I was raised in a very strict, legalistic Christian home and have struggled all my life with the concept of Hell..has always seemed ludicrous to me that a God of unconditional love would send someone to Hell as an eternal punishment to be tormented forever for not obeying Him or whatever. How do you interpret what hell is and all Jesus’ words about hell in the Bible. In particular in Matthew 10:28 where he says, “Fear not man who can kill the body only but fear Him who can destroy both the body and soul in hell” Also what about all the scriptures in the Bible (Old & New Testaments) where God says we should not consult mediums or engage in occult practices, Leviticus 19:31, 20:27 & 1 Chronicles 10:13 where God took Saul’l life in part because he consulted the medium of Endor to channel Samuel. How were you able to dismiss all of those scriptures and warnings?

    1. Oh my dear Cheryl, I have addressed this issue repeatedly, both here and in YouTubes, and I soon will be addressing it yet again on Seek Reality Online, which will go live in June (we hope) or July. In fact, there is no hell, and of course Jesus knows that. You might put some of these terms into the search bar at the upper right of the homepage of this website, but for your sake I will also give you some brief answers here:

      1) Some of the references to “hell” in the Bible are simple mistranslations. For example, Gehenna is in some versions translated as “hell,” but it is in fact a garbage pit outside Jerusalem where refuse was sometimes burned.

      2) Some of the passages in the latter parts of the Gospels were added by First Nicaea in 325, and were not in fact said by Jesus, especially those which refer to End Times, church-building, sheep-and-goats, and hell.

      3) The “outer darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth” does in fact exist, and it is not hell. Not God, but only out own inability to forgive ourselves can put us there temporarily.

      4) There is no prohibition against consulting mediums, and in fact it happens repeatedly, throughout the Bible. People might have disobeyed God in some particular instance, but it wasn’t the consultation of the medium itself which was the problem. In fact, 1Jn 4:1 tells us to “Try the spirits to ensure that they are of God,” which is excellent advice. But the fact that we are being given that advice pretty much ensures that it’s okay to talk to spirits, wouldn’t you say?

      Your first instinct is right. God in infinite love, and Jesus is of the highest aspect of the Godhead. There is no hell, no condemnation to hell, nothing whatsoever for you but perfect love through all eternity!!

  10. Thank you for you response & time , Roberta. Have you ever encountered a spirit that is not of God? If so, are they fallen Angels or demons? What is your opinion on Genesis 6 where fallen Angels mated with human women and produced offspring, the nephilim and they did a genetic experiment & mated with wild animals etc and produced monsters that ended up eating humans and prompted the great Flood of Noah in order to save mankind from extinction, etc.? (All this was not stated in Genesis but the book of Enoch went into more detail.)

    1. Oh my dear Cheryl, all the negative entities are extremely weak, by definition. I can’t say where they come from, but they are aspects of the same consciousness that we are, and I tend to believe that they are essentially people gone wrong. The more evil you are, the weaker you are. The weakest of all are probably the shadow men, who generally hide in closets and scare children because they feed on fear; but just a night light is enough to banish them (and no, I’m not kidding). They generally wear a cape and top hat, prowl at night, and are the source of the dracula myth. Some people are plagued by a shadow man lifelong, apparently. I don’t put much stock in the Genesis 6 stuff, but who knows?

      1. I think it is important to remember that not a soul out there or anywhere is lost by God. Free will may put us in an awkward frame of mind, but we are still eternally aspects of the One Mind. Remember Jesus’ words about the joy in heaven over even a single redeemed soul. The rescue work goes on always.

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