Palm Sunday

Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 01, 2023 • 48 Comments
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I am weak but Thou art strong.
Jesus, keep me from all wrong.
I’ll be satisfied as long
As I walk, let me walk close to Thee.

Just a closer walk with Thee.
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea!
Daily walking close to Thee.
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.
Traditional, from “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” (1800s)

The more carefully I have studied the Gospel teachings of Jesus, the more obvious it has become to me that Jesus must have come not to start a new religion, but instead He came to abolish all religions and teach us to relate to God individually. And the fact that no other Gospels scholar ever seems to have seen this fact is astonishing to me now, when Jesus’s whole plan of action is so slap-your-forehead plain in His words. For example, He said things like, “When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.  But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you” (MT 6:5-6).

And Jesus despised religious traditions! He was forever saying things like, “Why do you transgress the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition?… You hypocrites! Rightly did Isaiah prophesy of you: ‘This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far away from me. But in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men’” (MT 15:3-9). And, “Neglecting the commandment of God, you hold to the tradition of men… You are experts at setting aside the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition” (MK 7:8-9). A careful and open-minded reader of the Gospels cannot avoid concluding that Jesus considers religions to be mere man-made constructs that only come between us and God. Religions do little to facilitate our relationship with God, but instead they just get in the way. It is nonsensical to imagine that Someone who talks this way is here to start just one more religion! No, indeed. By His very words, one of Jesus’s goals on earth can only have been to abolish religions altogether.

All the rest of Jesus’s teachings are profoundly spiritual, primarily individual, and centered on love and forgiveness. The question of how Jesus says that we should be living our spiritual lives is really another matter, and I have been fretting about that, to be frank, because I think He is calling us now to do two contradictory things at once. Somehow, we are to individually relate to God in community. Isn’t that what He is actually saying? We have been calling this conundrum “Future Church,” And the sweet, enigmatic Jesus of today seems to be able to wrap His mind around doing that just fine. But I cannot imagine how we are going to do it so easily.

Christian revivals have been enveloping many college campuses this spring, ever since early February. They are hitting mainly historically black colleges in recent weeks, sweeping across the southern states with an enigmatic and inexorable force that we can only watch and wonder about. This hasn’t happened in fifty years. But, why now?

Repeatedly in the Gospels, Jesus tells us to look to the young. He says that we will accept the kingdom of God with the open mind of a child, or we won’t be able to accept it at all. And I have trouble seeing that, since on the surface at least, Jesus’s words are so straightforward. I think that most people find their Bibles intimidating primarily because the book is so thick! So then, you simply buy a red-letter Bible. And if most of the printing in your Bible is not in red, then you know that you don’t need to read those parts of it. You don’t even need to read all the red, since the First Council of Nicaea added some things to the Gospels that Jesus never said. With practice, you can learn to spot and avoid all those suspect later additions. So then, once you have your red-letter Bible in hand, your spiritual life can be just you and Jesus. Just those four Gospels that you can read in one long evening while seated in a comfortable chair. And the best friend you have in all this world will gladly share your ever-richer spiritual life.

Today is Palm Sunday. Today we commemorate the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to celebrate the Passover and allow Himself to be arrested and crucified so He could die a very public death, and three days later He could rise from the dead – “Ta-DA!” – in order to prove to us that death is an illusion and human life is eternal. Of course, that is not the way that Christians understand Palm Sunday. But that is the way that Jesus described the purpose of His death and resurrection to me almost a year ago today. So now I consider Palm Sunday to be the perfect day for each of us to respond to a precious call from Jesus to begin a closer spiritual walk with Him.

And I cannot stress to you strongly enough the fact that when you are ready to get serious about growing spiritually, you will need to tidy up your mind. Most of us have a private part of our mind where we think all sorts of embarrassing thoughts and fantasies, and a public part of our mind where we are prepared to receive our most exalted guests. Indeed, we would not mind at all having God and Jesus see everything that is going on in the public part of our mind! I used to think that way as well, but please stop kidding yourself. God sees everything. Jesus sees everything. Your spirit guide sees every part of your mind, every shabby thing that you ever might think, so it really is time now to clean up your act in every conceivable way. You came into this lifetime to grow spiritually. And now, at last, it finally is time to pull out all the stops! To eliminate every bit of negativity from your life, you should:

  • Stop watching television. I did this twenty years ago, and it is incredible what a positive difference it has made! Now I get my news from news websites in a few quick doses, and my evening time is all my own.
  • Restrict your movie-watching to benign oldies. I did see Avatar. The Downton Abbey series. Pride and Prejudice. But otherwise, I have not seen any movie or TV series that was made in at least the past twenty-five years.
  • No videogames, either. I was never into videogames, but if you still are, then it is long past time for you to stop zapping things for the stupid fun of it.
  • Cultivate only peaceful, happy, and loving thoughts. One of the things that watching television used to do to me was to fill my mind with negativity each night. Politics and the us-vs.-them of world geopolitics is all stressful, and it makes your spiritual growth almost impossible. What may be even worse, I think, is that it turns your mind into a kind of loaded gun full of negativity that you can aim at all the people and situations on the edges of your personal life. I can recall what it was like to listen to office and neighborhood gossip. But, never again.

Once your mind is a sufficiently tidy place that you can welcome God and Jesus into all of it, then simply do that. What I did was to imagine opening up the top of my head, and thereafter I have imagined that it has been wide open all the time. I call it living with an open prayerline, so every thought that I ever have is being actively shared. This is a kind of ultimate surrender that you may not feel prepared to do, but since I gave my life to God in April of 2009, and I have renewed that gift to God on every day since, it feels right to me now. And you quickly get used to this feeling that God is always in on your most private thoughts. You don’t even need to police your thoughts. They police themselves.

There is a profound joy to be found in at last getting down to doing the genuine spiritual work for which you were born. As I say, I first got serious about doing this only in 2009, when I had already reached retirement age, so I was a latecomer to this process. If you are younger than that, then you are at a wonderful advantage! Now you and God can get serious about your spiritual growth, and you can do it with a sense that this really can be your last necssary earth lifetime.

You might begin with the thought for the day. We are circulating a month’s worth of thoughts by Jesus there now that are worth meditating upon. You might sit with that thought and consider it with Jesus. Perhaps open your Bible and read the red letters around it in context. And since today is the Sunday before Easter, you might especially reflect today on Jesus’s real reason for going to the cross for us, which had nothing to do with sin and redemption and everything to do with proving to us that our lives really are eternal. And He did it out of His pure love for people. As my Thomas so often tells me, there has never been anyone else ever born who has loved people the way his little brother loves people.

Death on a cross is a ghastly way to die. There have been theories that because Jesus was pure, because He was God, He didn’t suffer. Which is a nonsense idea! Jesus’s physical body went through the ordeal of crucifixion, the flogging and the nails and the hours of hanging on the cross in terrible pain through the slow ordeal of asphyxiation. And Jesus was well aware on Palm Sunday of what He was about to go through for His pure love of people. The Christian notion that Jesus was required by God to be a sin-sacrifice to God never made much sense, but we can forget all that now. As Jesus Himself explained to me, what He did for His pure love of people was all His own idea. God did not require it of Him. Instead, Jesus had never been able to convince His followers that our lives are eternal; and so, all unbeknownst to them, they were about to get a powerful demonstration. And Jesus was indeed born from the Godhead. He had been protected by invisible archangels all His life, but He was about to order them to allow Him to be arrested. We will talk more about His crucifixion and resurrection next week.

What would you be willing to do for the people you love most? For your mother? Or for your children? Would you be willing to go to the cross for them? Allow yourself to be publicly humiliated, crowned with thorns, flogged with multi-thonged, shard-tipped whips that cut pieces out of you with every blow, and then hung stark naked on a cross for hours until you can finally die? And men being crucified hang there with erections as their blood settles in the pelvis. They don’t depict those on the church crucifixes. It is no wonder that Jesus was in some distress in the Garden of Gethsemane as He awaited His arrest! But His love for people is such that He was steadfast in His determination to do this public demonstration.

My beloveds, this is yet another way to define love. Jesus had seen crucifixions, so He knew what was about to happen, but that was not His primary focus. What was most important to Him was that His doing this would be public enough, and it would be dramatic enough, that everyone would know at the end of it that He was really stone-cold dead. So then when He appeared again, alive, He thought that would be sufficient proof to His followers that they truly never would die. When He told me a year ago how He had planned it, not certain that it would work but determined to try it anyway, as He talked about it, and as I heard the quiet conviction in His voice, I am freshly amazed as I remember it now. Dying on a cross and then rising from the dead doesn’t seem to be something that you just decide to give your very best shot. But that was what Jesus did. He had experimented with reanimating dead animals successfully. He really thought that He could make this work. I do love listening to Jesus talk! He has a soft voice when He is speaking privately, and a bit of an accent that is unguessable. And He had very carefully thought this through. He was enjoying talking about it with me, and I cannot help smiling now, recalling hearing Jesus actually telling me how well He had planned His crucifixion and His resurrection. Who else on earth has such a memory?

But what strikes me now, and most of all, is what an amazing display of love this was! He didn’t have to do it at all. God never required or even asked it of Him, and in fact Jesus gave me the sense on that extraordinary night almost one year ago today that in escaping the protection of His archangels as He did, and dying in such an undignified way, He was defying the Godhead’s authority. But He loves people so much that He could not bear to leave those ignorant primitives and simply go home while they still were unable to believe what He had been telling them about eternal life. He had to find a way to prove it to them! And then, my dear ones, amazingly, Jesus even left that scorch on the Shroud of Turin as a gift to us that was going to make sense only when it was revealed to be a photographic negative almost two thousand years later. There truly is no greater love than the absolutely overwhelming love that Jesus, the Son of God and the Son of Man, the eternally risen Christ has for people!

When my feeble life is o’er,
Time for me will be no more.
Guide me gently, safely o’er.
To Thy kingdom’s shore, to Thy shore.

Just a closer walk with Thee.
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea!
Daily walking close to Thee.
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.
Traditional, from “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” (1800s)

Roberta Grimes
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48 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. I wish there was a ‘condensed’ version of the Bible for sale – omitting all the stuff that isn’t Jesus’ words or teachings. Would the Jefferson Bible be the closest thing to that?

    1. Oh my dear Jennifer, how I wish they would sell just the Gospels alone! But they won’t do that. Not yet. Someday.

  2. Dear Roberta, The message of your post here was true and elegant. Because most people, myself included, are not already highly spiritual, it merits elaboration.

    Each of us has an eternal spirit form created by God from what God is (spirit is termed soul when attached to a body). Our spirit originally was placed into Heaven, and mostly exists forever in the bliss of Heaven; however, for lack of challenges and stress in Heaven, there is little to no spiritual development possible.

    The material realm and our material bodies were designed to provide opportunities for spiritual development through the challenges of the body’s needs for sustainment (food, water, and shelter), procreation, and pursuit of power (often translating into lust for money). A good life develops when the soul is able to overcome the needs and desires of the body to do good, to do what is right and loving.

    Roberta, as you well remind us, Jesus told us that there are only two primary commandments: 1) Love your Creator God; 2) Love each other (and all of God’s creation, to include yourself). All other rules are merely specific applications of these two fundamental commandments.

    Whe our body and mind are healthy, they will drive for success (source of motivation being the Id and Ego functions of the material brain and body), and often these material world drives come into conflict with being loving of God and His creations, with each other. It is the soul that overcomes the material needs and wants, and nurtures and develops our spirit in the process.

    Note that an ascetic approach to life, withdrawing like a monk or hermit, becomes a futile waste of life, for spiritual development cannot be achieved by avoiding the conflicts natural to a full life. Life is to be engaged, and a loving nature must be developed as more powerful than bodily needs and desires.

    1. Oh my dear wonderful Jack, I think of this as Roberta’s sermon and then Jack’s sermon… two for the price of one each Sunday! Thank you, my dear beautiful friend, you always do this so wisely and so insightfully and so well!

  3. You say, Roberta, that we should limit our contact with negative people, and I can see how this would be good for our own vibration, but didn’t Jesus himself hang around with the sinners of his day I imagine in an attempt to help them? How can we help others while limiting our interaction with negativity? It seems that those who need the most help are the ones who have chosen the most destructive paths.

    1. Dear Dawn, limiting when possible is healthy, but for a normal life “limiting” does not translate to eliminating. For example, we may have children or other close relatives or working associates (including a nasty boss) whom we cannot avoid; and for those close to us we will want to serve as a positive influence. So, limiting where practical is desireable, but we may not practically eliminate negative folks from our personal society.

    2. “It seems that those who need the most help are the ones who have chosen the most destructive paths.”

      Hi Dawn,

      People can’t be helped until they realize they need help. The best thing I have found is to stay away (if you can) until that happens. Forgive them and help them when they do.

      1. Yes, my dear Thomas, wisely said. When you keep trying to help people who don’t want to be helped, you can become all tied up yourself and lost in their own pointless dramas. Best to just stay out of it until they will let you do something productive!

    3. Ah yes, my beloved Dawn, but you and I are not Jesus, dear. We must limit our exposure to negativity until we have first raised our own vibrations sufficiently to be able to be around people of low vibration without being dragged down by them.

  4. Avoidance has been an interesting topic to me over the past few years.

    As Jack has pointed out, we are here to experience negativity. The whole reason we are here is to experience it and rise above it.

    So, for many years, I asked myself why should I try to avoid it? Isn’t it better to dive deep into it and figure out how to come out in a loving way?

    That was before I read about persuasion. I now know how easily we are at being programmed. I never would have suspected it beforehand. Simple repetition will make us change how we think whether we like it or not. We can’t avoid this as it is part of our operating system.

    I started seeing how avoidance, to some degree, may be necessary.

    We will always have plenty of negativity to deal with and don’t need to add more.

    Funny thing is, I’ve been recently thinking about how some thoughts just seem to pop up in my mind that are not welcome. I try to be honest and recognize these thoughts when they occur. Cleaning house is a superb way of putting it. I’m starting to wonder if Roberta is reading my mind.

  5. Dear Roberta,
    When I read how he had experimented with animals, I smiled, for just last night a tiny warbler flew into our window. My niece was distraught and we gathered to watch him. My brother in law is a veterinarian, and remarked to leave him and that he was dying. His little head seemed crooked and he just kept slumping over, stumbling to one side, till no movement. But I remembered stories of Jesus reanimating dead animals, out of love, and I prayed and asked for life for this creature. And I believed it could be done, but also accepted if it was leaving. Both men walked away and stated the eyes were closed and he was still. I almost ran back to pray again but then laughed and thought, no, I asked and I believe and I accept. About a half hour later, my husband called out, oh my gosh! Look at this! He’s up and fluffing about! I was so happy. In another few minutes he flew off.
    For my pragmatic friends in here, yes, I KNOW sometimes they are simply stunned. However, I helped a warbler a few years back, and know a broken tiny neck, and end of story look. My brother in law is an excellent vet.
    And, really, it was more the gratitude of seeing something “bad” transform into something wonderful that I felt was important.
    I’m still smiling today about it.

    1. Oh my dear beloved Fran, you have made me smile as well! We also have giant windows and birds sometimes fly into them, usually not fatally. But it does make me feel awful when we find a little body on the deck, as if we have done a deliberate harm. And it fascinated me to hear Jesus talk about experimenting with reanimating dead animals! He said that He couldn’t keep them alive for very long, but the difference with His resurrected body would be that once He was inside it again, He thought He could keep it going. I thought that was an extremely creepy thought, but I tried not to wince when He said it.

  6. I love TV. News. Documentaries. History. Old movies.

    Quitting would feel like living in the Sahara Desert.

    My confession, Erica

    1. Dear Erica, Me too. Hard to find good current movies for entertainment. The great majority of tv news is depressing and Woke, although the Fox channel actually attempts to present what is news without direction from the DemoRat Party.

    2. My husband is addicted to TV as well. And he especially loves watching people mine for gold with these big excavators, for some reason. I tease him about it.

      1. I remember watching some of those gold shows. haha

        I don’t watch much television, but need to take breaks from working and got hooked on youtube videos of people driving around neighborhoods. I really don’t know why, but I find it interesting seeing some of the older, decaying neighborhoods. I can envision how great they looked at one time. Reminds me a lot of where I come from and how things have been going down hill year after year once the auto industry left.

  7. Jack, I really liked your post but disagree with the comment that the life of a hermit is a waste. It seems like a simple life removed from earthly comforts provides unlimited opportunity to lovingly facilitate spiritual advancement of others and the world as a whole through practices such as prayer or meditation. Fran’s recent experience with the warbler is a basic example of my thoughts on the subject.

    1. Oh my dear Tom, yes indeed, it is possible to pray and meditate and serve others in that fashion, but not all such lives are lives of service. It all depends upon where your mind is cast, but of course that is true in all cases.

    2. I understand this because as much as I love people [and I truly do] I have misophonia which causes it to be painful to be around people too much. I can serve other people actively only in a limited capacity until I need to withdraw to solitude to recuperate, if that makes sense. So, when I can’t actively be around others, I pray for them.

  8. Dear Tom, I too enjoyed Fran’s post, being an animal lover (I have an African Gray parrot with me that is more like a child than an “animal” as he communicates in words, song, whistles, kisses, and can be a wise guy).

    Consider that we come here to experience life, and the more challenges we face, the better the opportunities. A part of this opportunity is supporting others with love, especially those most needful; monks and hermits minimize their contact with others in need. And as a practical matter, if society turned to such social withdrawl in any major way, famine would follow, with many more unnecessary hardships.

    1. Oh Jack, I’ve missed hearing your parrot stories! What has he been up to lately? It is incredible how smart those birds are, even if they are only mimicking human behavior. Astonishing.

      And your point is well taken than we could not all retreat from the world and meditate and pray, and have society still function. But since we are all part of one consciousness, for a small percentage of us to do that helps to strengthen us all spiritually.

  9. The fact that so few withdraw to a life of seclusion is a good thing considering the needs of society as a whole. However, it seems that thoughts have an energy of their own with the potential to alter reality and advance spirituality at a level beyond that of human interaction.

    1. Oh my dear Tom, our thoughts are amazingly powerful! Our thoughts quite literally shape our lives, and our thoughts in aggregate with the thoughts of others shape our world.

  10. Erica has an insight.

    Being loved by Jesus entails a huge Responsibility:
    Being loved awakens the 2 Commandments and I can
    tell you being easy ain’t easy!
    I have chosen His path.
    The results have begun: I don’t speak just because
    I have thoughts. If my guy says something I don’t agree
    with I let it go. Man that’s growth!

  11. Dearest Roberta,
    Excellent post. There is so much to consider in this blog offering. Hence it is not possible to discuss much of it in one comment or even in a few responses. So I’ll attempt one thought here. 😉

    Of course Our Jesus’ own idea to reanimate His dead body and appear to people in that body, and then in astral visitations (when his human body was no longer tenable) is beyond radical. What an amazing act of love the Crucifixion and Resurrection was. What an agonizing process it must have been.

    But if you think about it – how brilliant.

    I know a few things about Roman Judea at the time Our Lord took his birth. It was a country with its own unique, stubborn, religious ideas. The Jews opposed the beliefs of the Roman pantheon of deities, and detested the presence of idols in the holy land of the One God. The occupiers in turn, hated Jewish beliefs and saw them as particularly incendiary and poisonous to the rule of Rome. Hence Judea under Rome was a crushing place; people endured miserable lives of punitive taxes and numerous, severe punishments at every turn.

    Everywhere Jewish-based cults abounded. It was a bit like today’s proliferation of fractured, idiosyncratic, guru-based sects, some expounding wild, extreme ideas and practices. There were fanatical political sects too, and end-of-the-world cults were common.

    So in a demoralized, oppressed and fractured society, people were desperate and confused. Many individuals clawed at, and clutched a myriad of whacky ideas. They had become so desperate that anything that promised salvation and eased their minds, even a little, was embraced.

    Into this mess, Jesus arrived. He introduced The Way by teachings, by parables and by the example of His own strikingly memorable actions. But what would get through to First Century, metal age people who were so clouded by dogma and so many clashing ideas?

    Only something so radical, something so drastic, miraculous and tangible would stop people in their tracks and make them see anew. Hence the brilliance of the very public crucifixion and the awesome, witnessed resurrection of Jesus. Our Lord managed something that actually showed them of life beyond life. He proved to people that God loved them completely, and would raise them and gather them into His own Heavenly House after death.

    I see now – only Jesus could have achieved this sheer act of brilliance that would be remembered for millennia. And now, from our Twenty First Century vantage point, we begin to understand it’s true meaning.

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Efrem, thank you so much for this – it is a whole blog post in and of itself! I knew some of this, but you put it so well and so succinctly. Yes, Jesus had to do something truly dramatic to really get through to the Jewish people of His day, and He knew it. This worked, and it worked brilliantly. In truth, if He had not done it, I wonder whether we even would remember Him as we do today?

  12. “I see now – only Jesus could have achieved this sheer act of brilliance that would be remembered for millennia. And now, from our Twenty First Century vantage point, we begin to understand it’s true meaning.”

    Beautifully put, Efrem. It seems that Jesus and the collective beings were well aware of the fact that a true meaning of this could never be understood until modern times especially when man made religions dominated the planet up until fairly recently, keeping everyone in constant fear. No wonder Jesus didn’t want to start a new religion!

    1. Hi Lola,

      Creating Gods in order to control people seemed to be a common thing back then.

      Even leaders of Rome turned themselves into Gods.

      Our ego’s are strong and sometimes we don’t resist the urge for power. Hard to resist when you don’t even know why the urge is really there. Even today some try to exploit Jesus. It’s in our nature, which gives us an amazing learning experience when we are able to resist.

      I don’t necessarily believe we are better now than we were back then. More technology, better education, but our natural instincts still exist. For most of us, it is the main driver in our daily lives.

      What seems to be different is Jesus. He is much more powerful and can persuade people to resist their egos and not corrupt his teachings for control and power.

      I’m still amazed that we all have the opportunity of becoming like Jesus. It will take many of us a lot of work, but the possibility is there. For me, that idea of what we can become was a beautiful gift from our brother.

      1. “Creating Gods in order to control people seemed to be a common thing back then.” It sure was, and the urge for power still exists. It’s a shame because we can’t take that power with us when we leave our physical live so what good is it?.

        I don’t think we are “better” now – just smarter. We can now see Jesus in a different way without all the fear.

        1. We aren’t controlled by Gods now, but by politics and social movements.

          If you don’t agree with the latest movement, you are labeled hateful names and groups of people will try to destroy you.

          They will try to get you fired and/or removed from all online platforms to insure you won’t be able to support yourself or your family. To completely erase you.

          This is the new religion and used by people in power to keep power.

          Jesus telling us to love each other, even those you disagree with, will incite anger and fear (in my opinion). Imagine your whole world view is suddenly wrong? The cognitive dissonance will be tremendous.

          Anger will come from those that believe anyone who disagrees with them must be racist, hateful or other. Otherwise how could you possibly disagree?

          Fear from those in power that stay in power because of our division. Fear is how they get people to vote them in power.
          Nothing really has changed in that regards.

          Outside of the people in power…
          I do think that people, in general, believe they are helping others that need help. And, misguided as many of us are, see anyone that disagrees to be hurtful to those groups.

          So no, I don’t believe we are smarter (better). We just changed the meaning of religion to mean something different.

          1. We certainly did Lola.

            Also, reality is largely built by us.

            The minute we become aware this reality we built is wrong, our brains briefly break. Otherwise called cognitive dissonance.

            The nice thing about being aware of this is the ability to see what is happening not only to ourselves but people around us. It’s much easier to not get angry with someone for being adamant you are wrong. Which we could be if our ego allows us to see it! haha

            They are living a different reality than you are and it shouldn’t be taken personally.

          2. Hi Thomas. “If you don’t agree with the latest movement, you are called hateful names…”.
            We have an example here in these posts. Politics really doesn’t offer much in the way of love and unity.

    2. Yes, dear Lola, I agree with you.
      You know I get this feeling that many people nowadays have outgrown fear; they would really like to be free of it. Consciously or unconsciously, many people would like to move past living in angst.

      Once they saw a viable way to overcome fear they would jump at it.
      Such is my hope and feeling. ❣️🕊

      1. It’s hard to outgrow fear, as we had it ingrained in our lives for so long. I’ve actually known people who think we are meant to have fear so that we will “stay in line.”

    3. Yes, my dear Lola. It was Jesus’s trick of dying and then rising from the dead that really galvanized everything. It made all the difference.

  13. I feel sad tonight: a friend from 1982 came over and ate with us. it so nice to see him, but both he and my guy
    don’t have a spiritual urge. I feel kinda weird having this secret. Sad.

    1. But my dear Erica, for you to show them your own happiness might prompt them to wonder why you are so happy, and make them ask you questions perhaps? And then you might get to share with the old friend at least some of your thoughts? Even my husband, who is a strict Catholic for heaven’s sake and who fifty years ago used to tell me I was going to hell for studying the afterlife, now freely discusses the afterlife evidence with me. He has mellowed a lot over the years!

  14. I always feel weird around others. I can’t say anything because I know they would think I had finally gone off the deep end LOL

    1. And my dear Lola, how do you think I feel? I can’t go anywhere without being pointed out as “the afterlife lady.” But I don’t mind. I rather enjoy it, actually, since we are more than a decade past the years when this pastime was considered fringey. My goodness, now it is almost mainstream!

  15. Hi Jack. Fox is being sued for disseminating falsehoods about a voting machine company. Two of the most popular personalities have been accused of saying things on air that were not true while saying otherwise off air.

    1. Hello Ray,

      Had you seen the report of the investigations into possible voting fraud in Maricopa County in Arizona? A very technical solution was developed by parties unknown to cause transfers of votes from (R) to (D) while keeping the sum of votes that would appear to be absolutely correct! I’m no lawyer, maybe Roberta could help here that what I just described could not be considered as evidence since an actual effect on the total votes of counties is somewhat probabilistic. For it to be evidence would require the voting machines in every county would have to be tested for the additional software that controlled the vote exchanges.


      1. Oh my dear Cookie, there have been all sorts of problems with voting machines! I think the only solution is going to be to ban the use of voting machines altogether.

  16. lol, Lola

    Efrem:” moving past living in angst”

    I think we have to stop trying so hard.
    Let go, jet God
    “Consider the lilies in the field …”
    “Yay, though I walk in the valley, I fear no evil…’

    1. “Let go, JET God” has a certain ring to it, my dear Lola….
      Right directly to God, no stops along the way!

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