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Posted by Roberta Grimes • November 11, 2023 • 22 Comments
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There must be lights burning brighter somewhere.
Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue.
If I can dream of a better land, where all my brothers walk hand in hand,
Tell me why, oh why, oh why can’t my dream come true?
There must be peace and understanding sometime.
Strong winds of promise that will blow away the doubt and fear.
If I can dream of a warmer sun where hope keeps shining on everyone,
Tell me why, oh why, oh why won’t that sun appear?
We’re lost in a cloud with too much rain!
We’re trapped in a world that’s troubled with pain.
But as long as a man has the strength to dream, he can redeem his soul and fly!
– Walter Earl Brown (1920-2008), from “If I Can Dream” (1968)

It is a matter of wonderment to me that in the seventeen hundred years since the religion that claims to follow Jesus was first established, Jesus never has much been seen by this world as our Teacher. Not at all. Christianity still insists on calling Jesus primarily our Savior. But then what is He supposed to be saving us from? He isn’t saving us from God’s judgment, surely, since Jesus flat-out tells us in the Gospel of John that God never judges anyone. Jesus says, “For not even the Father judges anyone, but He has given all judgment to the Son, so that all will honor the Son even as they honor the Father” (JN 5:22-23). And then Jesus tells us right there in that same Gospel that He never judges us, either! He says, If anyone hears My sayings and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world (JN 12:47). Do you see what I mean? Oh. Wait a minute. What? What was that again?                  

What did you come to save the world from, Jesus?

At least we know that Jesus cannot have come to save the world from God’s judgment. We have just heard directly from Jesus that God does not judge anyone! It was only the Roman Emperor Constantine’s religious dogma that had Jesus being born to die as the ultimate pure sacrifice to God for our sins. And that central teaching of the entire Christian religion never made a lick of sense to begin with, since if Jesus had been born just to die as a sacrifice for our sins, then why did Jesus even bother to teach us anything? If that Christian teaching about Jesus saving us from God’s judgment had been right, then Jesus could just have right away stepped up to the cross and said, “Here I am! So, nail Me right up there and let’s get this over with.” Then from the cross He could have said, “It’s finished!” He could then simply have died, and risen from the dead three days later and said, “Everyone’s sins are forgiven now!” and gone home. All done. But that whole “Jesus died for our sins” Christian dogma goes out the window by Jesus’s own testimony in the Gospel of John as it is given to us above, since He tells us there that God never judges anyone.

So, now let’s ask Jesus our question again. What did you come to save the world from, Jesus?

Even before Jesus amazingly told me His eternal-life story in April of 2022, when Thomas first took me to meet with Him in the astral plane, it seemed clear, I think, that what Jesus had come to save the world from must have been ignorance. In fact, Jesus told me then that His crucifixion had not been any part of His original life-plan when He had come to earth as Jesus. He told me then that He chose to die that way almost at the last minute, because He was having so much trouble convincing the people of His day that their lives really were going to be eternal. The custom at that time was to lay out the dead in tombs to decay, and then after years had passed and the bodies had rotted away, the bones would be collected into bone-boxes, called ossuaries, which were labeled with each decedent’s name. Try telling people who were used to that custom that, guess what, they were going to live forever! Oh no. They knew better, thank you very much, since they had seen all those bodies decay away until only the bones were left. It was a messy and very public process! So eventually Jesus decided late in His earthly life to die a very public death, and then to rise from the dead – Ta-da! – and after that to say, “See? I didn’t die, and so neither will you.”

In the end, Jesus did precisely that. He publicly died on the cross, to the point where He was literally stone-cold dead. And then after He had been laid out in Joseph of Arimathea’s new-cut tomb, as was the custom, He reanimated His dead body with a burst of energy so powerful that scientists who have exhaustively examined the Shroud of Turin tell us that the energy required to produce the scorch on it could not be replicated, even today. And He actually used that reanimated body briefly, although after two days in the tomb it was already decaying. What fascinates me is that it is apparent from a close examination of the Gospel accounts that Jesus ditched that reanimated but decaying body soon after His resurrection. He then used an astral body for the forty or so days that He remained on the earth before He ascended.

But it was all meant by Jesus to be a teaching moment! As He said to His disciples shortly before His crucifixion, “‘Do not let your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if that were not so, I would have told you, because I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I am coming again and I will take you to Myself, so that where I am, there you also will be. And you know the way where I am going.’ Thomas said to Him, ‘Lord, we do not know where You are going; how do we know the way?’ Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me’” (JN 14:1-6).

To a longtime afterlife researcher, this passage from the Gospel of John is especially wonderful! What Jesus says here jibes directly with what all our research has consistently told us happens when we die. Our own best-beloved who dies before we die makes a home for us in the afterlife, and then comes to our deathbed when our turn to transition arrives, and lures us away as our body dies and takes us to that heavenly home which has been lovingly prepared for us beforehand. And, yes, dear doubting Thomas, we soon do recall the whole familiar process from all of our prior transitions home! Those last beautiful words of Jesus spoken here refer of course to His teachings, and Jesus’s desire to give all of us the way and the truth about the next life was the reason why Jesus had petitioned God to allow Him to return in this earth-life as Jesus, to be our ultimate spiritual Teacher.  

But how is it possible that for all this time, Constantine’s dogma that Jesus had to die for our sins has been utterly bogus all along, and it always has contradicted the Gospel of John, but that fact has never been seen and called out by a single Christian cleric? Jesus’s statement that God does not judge us always has been right there in the Gospel of John! Is it really possible that no one in religious authority ever has bothered to read the Bible in all these past seventeen hundred years?

I noticed Jesus’s statement there when I was a teenager, so I know that many others also must have seen it. I assumed when I saw it that since all judgment had been transferred to the Son, and He then had obligingly gone to the cross, so it all had been worked out long ago; but that is a child’s too-simplistic point of view. I now understand that consciousness is the base creative force, and God is consciousness at its highest vibration, which is perfect love. God sees our very worst crimes on earth in much the same way that we see the first clumsy attempts of our most adored infant to pull itself up to try to stand on its own. And in the process, of course, it inadvertently knocks over a vase of flowers and maybe also breaks a lamp, really making no end of a mess. But, no matter at all when we love the baby so much!  

God is only pure love! We keep forgetting that. We keep seeing just a God that we have made in our own sorry image. Vengeful. Tyrannical, petty and cruel. But God has created us in God’s Own image. So God sees us very differently indeed from the way that we see one another, and from the way that we see ourselves. God does not judge us for our earthly foibles. But rather, God sees each one of us as The Sacred Holy Child. And as we grow spiritually, and as we raise our consciousness vibrations, we each will become ever more and more perfectly loving. We each will become ever more in the very image of the perfect Father God!

Please pause here and read that immediately preceding paragraph over again, slowly and perhaps a couple of times. Because I know that you never have seen things that way. I still have trouble with believing that core certain truth, to this day. I look at Hamas, for example. I have made myself look at what Hamas did to the poor Israeli families on October 7th, and I try to make myself see even those subhuman monsters as God must see them. As The Sacred Holy Child. And my mind quails at that. But then, I am not God! Omigod, no. And far from it.

Jesus was born into His last human lifetime as a very advanced being spiritually. By my Thomas’s account, He was what we might refer to as “a sport,” the way the racehorse Secretariat was a sport. Secretariat could outrun any horse in existence. And even six thousand years ago, Jesus could outlove any other human being, so at His death He ascended directly to the Godhead level. And once He understood how He had arrived there, He refused to join the Godhead Collective, but instead His love for each individual member of all of humankind was such that as soon as He understood how He had achieved His own spiritual perfection, and He realized that all the people He had left behind on earth still were cluelessly struggling through lifetime after lifetime and making almost no spiritual progress each time, all that the Being who would be reborn as Jesus wanted to do was to return to this earth and teach all the clueless people He had left behind how to perfect themselves and ascend just as He had ascended. That is what Jesus’s teachings are all about! Time not being a factor where He was, and His request being so flat-out beyond the pale, it took Jesus some four thousand earth-years to persuade God to allow Him to be reborn from out of the Godhead as Jesus. But He was patient. His conviction that He must return and teach all of humankind these core truths never wavered.   

And Jesus has grown spiritually even so much more in the past two thousand years! Which is what happens when you devote two millennia to loving back into emotional and spiritual health all those hundreds of millions of people who were brutalized by Roman Christianity’s Inquisitions and its Crusades. When Jesus was on earth as Jesus, He still could feel some remnant of negative human emotions, as a close reading of the Gospels makes clear to us. He was vibrating back then at the Godhead level of our reality, but He continued to have some minor human foibles. However, God only knows at what level He is vibrating now! My Thomas tells me that with Jesus shielding him, the two of them have experimentally ventured even well above the Godhead level and toward the ultimate high God; and no matter how high they went, they have encountered no energetic resistance at all. I asked Thomas what they had found up there. He said there were only a very few extremely advanced light-beings, and no one who needed Jesus’s help, so Jesus was quickly bored and He would not stay long.

In the astral plane, we recognize people by their unique personal energy signatures. And Jesus’s personal energy is astonishing, utterly smooth and silken and with no low notes, but so immensely powerful that unless He remembers to keep it toned down, it feels almost painful to be near Him. But when He looks at you, He really looks at you. No one else does that. He cares about you tremendously, and He really can’t help Himself. He asks you questions, He wants to know all about your day, how you are doing, just all about You. It is such an odd thing to be talking to God, and to have Him make you feel as if You are the only one who matters.

The amazing way that Jesus loves each person and He never thinks about Himself is the most astonishing thing about Him. I remember once last summer when we were having that series of meetings to plan Teachings by Jesus, and Thomas had left us briefly alone, I shyly asked Jesus if He realizes that He is the most famous person in the whole world out of eight billion people living here, even now? And isn’t that lovely? Isn’t He pleased about that?

Jesus looked at me quizzically. I don’t know how He could possibly not have already known that, having lived as He has on the entrance level of the afterlife for seventeen hundred years as He was tending His rehabilitation gardens for all those victims of Roman Christianity. But of course, He has been extremely busy there until recently. For whatever reason, I could see that He was honestly surprised. Jesus and Thomas communicate mentally, but with a few spoken words mostly not in English. I know that, because I have on rare occasions overheard them. When I am there, though, and they have (very rarely) empowered me to remember having been there, they use spoken English, which is nice. And while it is clear that English is not Jesus’s first language, He does speak it fluently. He said now, “Do you think I am well thought of by people on the earth? Will My being well known help to sell our message?” He could read my answers in my mind, so then He just said, “Well enough,” and He went right back to talking about whatever we just had been talking about. That Man truly has no ego at all!

Deep in my heart there’s a trembling question.
Still I am sure that the answer, answer’s gonna come somehow.
Out there in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle. Yeah!
And while I can think, while I can talk, while I can stand, while I can walk,
While I can dream, please let my dream come true!
Right now! Let it come true right now! Oh, yeah!
Walter Earl Brown (1920-2008), from “If I Can Dream” (1968)

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22 thoughts on “Our Teacher

    1. Oh my dear Gwen, Welcome! And thank you for your kind words! I really do especially enjoy sharing these messages about what Jesus actually came to do and to share, and especially about what He is doing now, and the fact that He is currently very much alive and active and eager to be of help to us, and actually even much more than ever. I think it frustrates Him that He can’t simply put on dark glasses, perhaps, and blue jeans and sneakers and just show up and do useful things for people and fit in without being recognized. But on the earth-level, He even has a halo around Him in some lights. It would be impossible. We are going to do what we can for Him, though, with Teachings by Jesus. And we are delighted to have you with us here!

  1. Jesus said to the Jewish priests-dont walk outside to show your piety ” You hypocrites”

    Netanyahu missed the warnings. Hamas horrors
    could not happen without an unguarded moment
    Jewish soldiers let him sleep The Jewish youth had been protesting against Netanyahu. I love the youth in Israel.
    Today Palestinians are being blown to bits Babies with no incubators are dying.

    I know I can only speak the truth as I see it on
    this blog.
    Children of God are all precious.
    I know the wrathful God is not who God is.
    Revenge is not taught by Jesus My solace that is
    knowing Netanyahu cannot touch the Palestinians’ souls,Hamas cannot kill Jewish
    Evil cannot reach God. ‘but deliver us from evil.”
    Evil is Earth-bound.

    1. Oh my sweet Erica, Yes! I don’t follow the news, but my husband is all over it, and he is furious with Netanyahu for putting unarmed families right along the border with Gaza with no protection. The terrorists filmed themselves doing horrible things to those unarmed parents and children and babies that I cannot even describe here, and apparently Hamas has been no better friend to the Palestinian civilians: the terrorists have been using the Palestinian people as human shields, putting their headquarters in the hospitals and then shooting the civilian families in the back as they were trying to flee south to safety. Shooting the parents and children that they were sworn to protect. Oh my dear one, there is no good on any side!

      But yes, no human evil can reach the God Who is only love.

      1. Context is important for interpretation of action. The koran states in clear language that it is the duty of the faithful to convert the infidel (e.g., Christian, Jew, Buddhist…); when the Moslem lacks power to enforce its will, then to appear friendly and kind to the infidel, but whenever gaining power, to kill the infidel. The Moslem Brotherhood, parent organization to Hamas, and Hamas in turn have declared that they will prosecute the goal of killing all Jews wherever they live, but especially in “Palestine,” a state that has never existed. The Jews follow the OT with its commandments and have no such murderous mission goal for their neighbors.

        Now, ought the state of Israel stand idly bye, or practice tit for tat when its neighbor not only has as its priority goal for killing all Jews, but doing so with pleasure by torturing Jews, such as placing babies into a oven to burn in fron of the parents before beheading them.

        What nation has ever been able to prosecute all out was without harm to innoscent civilians, and by the way, the Gazans elected Hamas, with its charter of brutality, to power; furthermore, recent polling found that “Palestinians” favor Hamas over all other political factions. Tghe Nazis bombed away at Britain’s population; the Brits and the USA then bombed away at Germany to destroy it will as well as its military capabilities. We bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki to worn Japan to surrender, which spared milians of Japanese civilians and US soldiers had the USA been forced to invade Japan to stop the war.

        Now we hear that Israel must conduct warfare without injury to civilians, or they are guilty of genocide, even though they do their utmost to prevent collateral damage. Hamas has built all of their warmaking facilities in civilian centers, such as apt bldgs, schools and hospitals, and an uniformed public blames Israel when Hamas is attacked under their civilian shields.

        Israel is guilty of having failed to guard their border with a treacherous, murderous enemy, but that’s all. To permit Hamas to continue to exist in Gaza is to invite a repetition of Oct 7, as even now the Hamas leadership declares their intention to repeat Oct 7 whenever they can.

        And to all who do not have any concern over the fate of Jews, if you are not yourself a Muslim, then you too are their declared enemy, and may await your turn.

        1. Oh my dear beloved Jack, you sound just like Edward! He is all over this, and he is furious with Netanyahu for not arming the kibbutzim so they could protect themselves. And the poor Palestinians don’t really want or love Hamas, any more than the Iranians love or want their present government. They elected Hamas once, then were never allowed to have another election.

          Even though my college major was in early Christian history, so Islam was after that, I did take a course in comparative religions so I have read parts of the Koran. And what you say is correct, my dear. It calls for the murder of all non-Muslims. Literally.

          1. Hi Jack. The OT lists six peoples that the Israelites were to destroy. I don’t know how many times they’re told, in colorful language, to kill all of the males. Canaanite women and children were not to be spared. The land was even salted after some conquests.
            People are never so ruthless as when a god is telling them to be so.

        2. It’s easy to go down the ego delusion rabbit hole of separation with situations like these.
          This universe is a virtual reality and when we show up we put on a headset, pick up the avatar of a body, and play the game. Things can look horrifying from the viewpoint of the game but as consciousness nothing can really hurt us. As NDEs show no matter what manner of death, or what things are happening to the body, consciousness quickly takes off the headset, leaves the game and shifts back to it’s true nature of Love and Light not wishing to return. All roles end eventually and if a role ends due to a microbe, being blown up, or having a building collapse matters not. If you really want to change the nature of the game the only response can be Love. Calls for retribution will change nothing and just further the cycle of unenlightened violence. As far as the Middle East, as long as the highest priority of either side is to claim a homeland at the expense of Love for the other then suffering will continue.

          Only consciousness and Love are real and they cannot be threatened.

          1. My dear Tom, as A Course in Miracles says, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Therein lies the peace of God.”

  2. Hi Roberta,

    Another GREAT Blog!

    I found the Thomas Jefferson on YouTube last night and listened to while I started falling asleep.

    I was astounded how. Thomas Jefferson could know how some of the bible was forged. back in his days and in his preface of the Thomas Jefferson bible writes about it,

    I just feel so bad for Jesus. If he was having trouble convincing people that their lives where eternal and how to make spiritual growth back in his day, then just imagine how frustrated he today on what Christianity has made out of him.

    Going back to his days, I seriously wonder how well the disciples. of Jesus really understood him as well.

    Well, again, thanks for all You, Thomas and Jesus do for us. I am so free from you message that there are things in the bible I totally understand now that I did not understand back in the day,

    I love Please tell Thomas and Jesus that I am learning a lot.

    1. Oh my darling Litsa, please don’t ever feel bad for our precious Jesus! I have never see Him having even a slightly downhearted moment about anything, and that fact in itself is astonishing as I think about it. He simply loves, and He works, and so long as He can do for someone He is happy. I think unhappiness is the product of an ego, somehow – it’s a form of selfishness; and He has risen so far above all of that now. No, His disciples never did understand Him, they so often weren’t getting what He was saying and that frustrated Him then sometimes, but at this point He has even risen above caring about that, I think. Seeing Him as He is now feels like having a foretaste of what all of humanity may be like in perhaps another ten thousand years or so, when all of us are ideally perfected!

  3. Roberta, you say that after several days Jesus discarded his physical body. From that should I assume that Christian teachings about reuniting with our body at some point in the future are rather meaningless or irrelevant?

    1. Well, my dear Thomas, it depends. The whole religious notion that your originnal body will reassemble out of the material dirt on earth has always been obvious nonsense, of course. But as soon as your spirit transitions to the next life, which is in the same place where we are now but just at a slightly higher vibration – or at a higher “channel,” if you will – you will find yourself in a lovely young astral body that your mind creates to suit your own preference. It is solid, And while the “matter” of which it is made is finer and is somewhat translucent in some lights, it looks and seems enough like an earth-body that while Jesus’s astral body did indeed look different, that doesn’t seem to have much bothered His disciples.

  4. Dear Roberta. I imagine how much ignorance we would be saved from if only we lived His teaching to treat others as we want to be treated.

    1. Oh my dear precious Ray, I am trying to imagine it now! Jesus has asked me actually to teach His teachings (gulp!). And so I am going to try. If ever there were an inadequate vessel to take on such an important task, I am that vessel! But I am taking a course now on how to give a course, and it is turning out to be terrific, so we shall see….

  5. Thanks Roberta, for your thoughtful reply concerning reunification with one’s body after death. I suspect that teachers of Christian doctrine know very little about asral bodies.

    1. Oh my dear Thomas, I cannot tell you what incalculable richness has come to my life just from having all this afterlife knowledge! I cannot believe that everyone doesn’t have it, or isn’t eager to have it. This life on earth is just a tiny minute, and the veil is so thin… not knowing all of it is like having no idea of what lies on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!

  6. Dearest Roberta,
    You know, I now picture Jesus as you portray him above. Somehow it works for me. Interesting because Mediterranean Jews are often dark in coloring. (Some of my cousins are of similar appearance to the subject of this photo.) I don’t know who the original subject of your photo is – but there is something enthusiastic, comforting and accepting about that face.. Just saying. 🙂

    Again, this is a beautiful blog post: And when you said that God does not judge us for our earthly foibles, but rather, sees us as His Sacred Holy Child – it really hit home.

    And it makes sense. We see how loving Jesus was in the NT, as He is now..
    How could that be the case unless He sees us as God’s Holy, Sacred Child?

    I have got to say here that the idea of sending a soul to fiery hell forever is not the sign of boundless enduring love. It just isn’t !

    Yet I cannot fathom that perpetrators of heinous mass murder, such as Hamas terrorists, can somehow ‘not be judged’ by God in the Afterlife. But I believe Jesus when He says so, even if I cannot quite comprehend it.

    I gather that in the Afterlife, mass killers face their earthly deeds and feel what their victims went through. Hence, when the reality of what they have done hits them, they may not be able to forgive themselves. Then they may fade into the outer darkness and remain in the ongoing misery of internalized self loathing. Or so I’ve heard… So do they judge themselves by not forgiving themselves?

    And I pray for all innocent Israelis and Palestinians at this terrible time. May all the Angels help them and may their lives be spared wherever possible. The solution to be free of ignorance and the wars it brings has been given by Our Jesus long ago. If only people would listen and follow His teachings! 👍❣️🌅

    1. Oh my dear wonderful Efrem, I am so used to the way that Jesus chooses to look now that when I try to find other pictures of Him, I cringe to see all the blue-eyed Jesuses! The only difference is that He wears all-over curly hair now, and we were never able to make the model look that way. But the face is pretty close.

      And yes, when Thomas first wrote “the Sacred Holy Child” in our blog above, I looked at it and said, “you’ve got to be kidding me.” I was sure it was a mistake. But no, the energy around those words never wavered. As you say, God is only love! And you describe very well the process by which the people who harm others will soon be made to feel how they made those others feel, and they will put themselves into the Outer Darkness as a result.

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