My Lord and My God

Posted by Roberta Grimes • July 16, 2022 • 55 Comments

A week later His disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them.
Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said,
“Peace be with you!” Then He said to Thomas,
“Put your finger here; see my hands.
Reach out your hand and put it into My side.
Stop doubting and believe.”

Thomas said to Him, “My Lord and my God!”
– (JN 20:26-28)

What I have come to love most of all about our merry band of commenters here is that you so often help me think things through and come to a deeper understanding. This time around, you have helped me realize that of course Jesus has continued to grow spiritually throughout the past two thousand years! Since we now have been told that Jesus began as a usual human being, that added understanding is common sense. And in the reality without time that is the astral plane, my Thomas tells me that he watched it happen as he came and went at his Brother’s request, taking repeated lifetimes on earth meant primarily to try to protect the Lord’s precious teachings. But that is nearly all he has been willing to tell me.

 I forgive my beloved friend. I am coming to see only slowly that he has been keeping some fairly big secrets from me, but those secrets never were his to tell. Perhaps they are not yet mine to tell either, but at some point the Lord’s secrets will belong to humankind since the withholding of them has caused us so much confusion. For me, the central point is Jesus. He must make His Own decisions. He is the most famous, the most amazing person in all of human history, and almost every human being on earth now feels a connection with Him on some level, but still no one actually knows who He is? And despite my Thomas’s two thousand years of secrecy, now that Jesus has decided that He is going to tell His story, Thomas is beginning to open to me. Just a bit.

Almost the first thing that Thomas ever said to me when he first introduced himself through a medium was that we had shared seventeen earth-lifetimes. But he has never been willing to say much more than that. Although apparently we do go far back! In the first of those lifetimes of which I am aware, I was a teenage boy and he was a chieftain and we were early followers of the Lord’s Way who died together in a Roman massacre. In another of those lives, I was a French monk and he was some sort of pamphleteer in around the year twelve hundred. He was allowed to hide in our monastery and write his diatribes, provided that I vetted them. In what I believe was the most recent lifetime we shared, he was Thomas Jefferson, and in his old age I was a law clerk who worked with him on an early version of Liberating Jesus. He was so old at that point that he decided not to publish it. When I was writing My Thomas in 1990 and researching that book at Monticello, they told me they actually had such a manuscript, which fact still amuses me.

I have been asking Thomas what it was like, watching all those victims of Roman Christianity flood into the afterlife over all those years. He tells me that to Jesus they were all His chrished people. They arrived in pain and calling for Him, and He welcomed each of them, and He healed them. But, in the millions? How could He manage that? Thomas says that Jesus just managed it. He had His Council, after all, and the earliest comers helped Him love and heal the later arrivals. Don’t forget what the atmosphere is like in the afterlife. It is nothing but love and light!

 Jesus established an afterlife healing center for the victims of the Inquisitions. I had recalled that there was just an Inquisition or two, and it all happened a long time ago, but in fact Roman Christianity was torturing heretics to death off and on for most of a thousand years! And Thomas tells me that at first their astral bodies would mimic their damaged earthly bodies, so helpers pretending to be medical teams would sew back on whatever the torturers had lopped off, heal the victims’ remembered burns, and so on. Jesus found so much joy in righting the worst wrongs of Roman Christianity. He would sit at the bedsides of people who felt that they needed to be in bed, or more usually He would go from group to group in the beautiful healing gardens, just teaching them and loving them. Very soon He would have them singing and dancing the old Hebrew harvest songs together, which of course was what He would have recalled from the last time He was on earth. Thomas says He taught them to pray all over again. Many of them were angry, and He didn’t deny them their right to be angry. He simply taught them to also be grateful. He taught them to pray, “Thank You God for this flower.” “Thank You God for this friend.” The more questions I have been asking Thomas, the more his memories of those times have been coming back to him.

 But the crucial work of protecting Jesus’s Gospel teachings was something that the Lord did Himself. The Councilors of The First Council of Nicaea in 325 smugly insisted that they were “inspired by God,” and my Thomas tells me that actually they were right. It was Jesus who was working with those Councilors’ minds as they put together the first Roman Christian Bible. Thomas told me this just last Friday, and I slapped my forehead. Omigod. Of course! I feel like an idiot that I never thought of it myself! It was Jesus Himself who chose the four Canonical Gospels and rejected all the other versions. He allowed them to remove some references to reincarnation, but He made sure that enough remained that we would be able to puzzle it all out later. And everything that they wanted to add to the Gospels was added to the back of each in such a way that later on it could be plucked back out again. So then all that Jesus really had to do was to pay loose attention to what was happening on earth, send my Thomas to the various religious hotspots, and tune His mind back in closely to the Councilors’ minds whenever another church Council was later convened. His precious teachings were always under His divine protection.

 It is first now that I even think to wonder what my own role in any of this might have been. Thomas insists to me at once that I have had no role. But I have shared seventeen earth-lifetimes with him? And as I ask the question, I have the answer. Not from Thomas, but from Jesus. The Lord reminds me that in the first Appendix to Liberating Jesus, He outlines how we can recognize and remove what the Councils have added to the Gospels, and we can have again the words that He spoke as He now wants us to have those words. And He calls Liberating Jesus “our book.” I wish I could properly describe His voice.

Thomas tells me that he was so close to Jesus over all that time, and Jesus’s further spiritual growth was so gradual, that he didn’t realize the enormity of what it was that he was witnessing until we began to talk about it here over the past few weeks. And it wasn’t just that Jesus was loving back to spiritual health all the millions of victims of the Inquisitions and the Crusades who needed His comfort and His care. He also was loving and comforting those who had been made to suffer the lifelong terror of never knowing whether perhaps they might have been created by a monstrous God simply so they could populate a hell that of course does not even exist. By far most of the Roman Christians that Jesus has loved into spiritual health over the past seventeen hundred years have been just the billions upon billions of Catholics and Protestants of all those forty-thousand-odd fear-based denominations who have lived and died in Roman Christianity, and unfortunately they were cheated of Jesus’s perfect love-based Way because the Romans had exterminated The Way of Jesus just three hundred years after it began. In welcoming each of them individually, and in loving each of them into spiritual health, Jesus was – inadvertently perhaps, although I am coming to think more and more that He must have known very well what He was doing – Jesus was using Himself to demonstrate the value of His Own Gospel teachings in raising the spiritual vibrations of all of humankind. And what a demonstration it has been!

 In that two-thousand-year astral reality without time, my best guess is that Jesus has demonstrated something like the spiritual equivalent of a million years of humankind’s future spiritual evolution.

One of the emails that I accept daily out of plain curiosity is from a fire-and-brimstone traditional pastor who is sure that the End Times are upon us now. Jesus is about to ride in on His white horse and start right in at lopping off heads. Or whatever it is that the Book of Revelation tells us that Jesus is about to do. I must confess that toward the end of my decades of cover-to-cover Bible-reading, I took to skimming the Book of Revelation, just as I took to skimming the Begats. There are only so may Begats and Lakes of Fire that any sane person is able to take in one lifetime. But it is indeed possible that these are the End Times in one way or another, and indeed Jesus is about to return, since He has asked the most unlikely individual that you can possibly imagine to build for Him His Own website. I am giggling a bit, involuntarily, as I type this. Jesus has so completely perfected Himself that He is at once both infinitely powerful God and as sweet as a perfectly cherished child.

Jesus has certainly proven that His method for achieving human spiritual development works! If that was His goal, then He has succeeded. I can recall that when I used to read the Bible, each time I would end the Old Testament with Malachi and start right in with the Gospel book of Matthew, as I would again freshly encounter Jesus it would be like stepping directly from ancient days right into the modern world and beyond. And Jesus is our model now for what all of humankind is going to be in that blessed and far-distant day when we all have long-since abandoned not only wars and rumors of wars, but even the pointless fears that the Roman religion has brought to us, and we have returned with joy to the Way of Jesus, the Way that our beloved Lord has now proven to us is going to be The Way indeed! That bitterly sadistic and all-too-human fire-and-brimstone pastor would not recognize Jesus now.  

       We will close here with a few eyewitness details from the Gospel of John. When you read today’s frame-verse, you realize that Jesus had already shed His reanimated material body by the time He first encountered His bad-boy disciple, the infamous Doubting Thomas, just a week after His resurrection. By then Jesus had already begun to use an astral body on which He had created mimics of His crucifixion wounds. Which amusing detail purely fascinates me!

Of course, we know from little details given elsewhere, and from the fact that when Jesus first left the tomb He didn’t want His material body to be touched, that it had begun to deteriorate by the time of His resurrection on Easter Sunday morning. So He probably cast aside His material body as early as, say, the following Tuesday. But here, certainly, He could not have entered a locked room and simply appeared there unless He was already operating in astral form. And we know from the fact that mentions of His crucifixion wounds soon cease that He didn’t think it was necessary to keep maintaining them on the astral body that He used for the forty days before His final bodily ascension. But He had to make His point to Doubting Thomas!

 I love the fact that the Bible is so amazingly rich in these little first-person observations that it lets you play the detective, even two millennia later. And we will have more to say about that next week.     

A week later His disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them.
Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said,
“Peace be with you!” Then He said to Thomas,
“Put your finger here; see my hands.
Reach out your hand and put it into My side.
Stop doubting and believe.”

Thomas said to Him, “My Lord and my God!”
– (JN 20:26-28)

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55 thoughts on “My Lord and My God

    1. Oh my dear Lisa, aren’t you lovely to say that! The Fun of Loving Jesus was actually completed in first draft two years ago – or perhaps it was even three years ago by now? – but my spirit guide, Thomas, put a hold on its publication. I have assumed that there must be some things not quite right with it, but I’m not really sure what the issues might be. Now I am told that it will be published in conjunction with the new website that we will be creating for Jesus, name still TBD, but the website will be launched next year. My life really is weird, dear Lisa. I really am not in charge of it at all!

      1. Thank you.
        Now I will look forward to both being launched.
        In the meantime I continue to work on achieving the lessons of the Fun of Growing Forever.

  1. Hi Roberta, I know that this comment area is the place to make comments on your Sunday Blog, which I have been doing periodically for the past 2 years and which I plan on doing in the next few days. But before people get started reading today’s comments, I wanted to make a plug for Roberta’s Seek Reality Online. I have extensively looked at the online site including the member section. I must say, that Roberta and her friend Craig Hogan, have done a herculean job in putting this together. Anyone wanting to increase their knowledge and understanding of the afterlife should most definitely get this. It is well , well worth it! Sorry, I couldn’t hold back on my excitement and my thanks to Roberta and Craig for taking on such a huge effort and I look forward to digging into it much more!! Dave

    1. David,
      I agree! My mind swirls just looking at all the material! Herculean effort, definitely! I am so grateful as I go through modules, reminding myself it’s not a race and I’m there to learn and grow, but wow! It’s hard to take time and savor when it feels you’re a kid in a candy store!

      1. Thank you, my dear Fran! And you’re so right: it is not a race. We are telling people to assume that learning all that there is to know, and really learning it, takes about two years. And then, once you really do get it and the peace of certainty settles on you, you’ll be amazed at how joyous you are going to feel!

    2. Oh David, my very precious friend, how lovely of you to say that! Seek Reality Online is a labor of love indeed, and I flat-out never have seen my beloved friend Craig Hogan so happy as he is about our beautiful new website. It really could not possibly be better! This feels to us both like at last having the world’s greatest gift that we can give to the world. It’s so exciting!

  2. That story of Thomas’ needing physical proof is among my favorites in the gospels—mainly because his character is so like us, so human on a fundamental scale. Let’s remember, though, that the apostle is said to have traveled far (India) teaching after Jesus’ resurrection, and he is credited (not confirmed of course) with one of the gnostic gospels, that one essentially a listing of Jesus’ “sayings.” If that lore is true, the apostle Thomas didn’t so much lack in his faith as to need it expanded beyond the fearful human level. Which he apparently did. Thomas is not unlike us.

    1. Oh my dear friend yes, this seems to have been kind of a “thing” between Jesus and His disciple Thomas. And of course Jesus doesn’t call my spirit guide “Thomas” at all, but rather when I visited Him he referred to him as “the one you call Thomas” as if I had chosen a particularly odd name for him. I think there is a kind of politics going on with some of the disciples now, and their erstwhile brother John, and Peter, Paul, and Thomas seem to be leading sects there.

      1. That is very interesting because these seem to be the apostles whose missions we still know the most about today. Also St. Jude, aka Thaddeus, who is the patron saint of “lost causes.”

        1. Dear Mike, I really know nothing about the sects there! Both my Thomas and Jesus seem to be ignoring them, except that Thomas said something about people trying to hold on to Christianity in some form?

      2. Roberta,
        That is a very intriguing thought about the “sects” being lead there! I had mentioned to you in an email about a friend of mine deeply engaged in an “inner plane” ritual of John’s. Could it be they each all had their own “vision” of the purpose of Jesus, and are continuing to grow spiritually? Jesus has infinite patience, that is for certain! I recall hearing an argument between a non Catholic and a Catholic, in which the non Catholic said the church was following “Pauline doctrine”-Paul, rather than Jesus!
        It’s all rather mind boggling-fortunately not for Jesus, though.

        1. It is mind-boggling indeed. We always had understood that there was no religion to speak of practiced in the afterlife or in the astral except for perhaps a bit of hymn-singing for nostalgia’s sake, but it seems that as Christianity wanes on earth there is more of it happening there. Very strange! And I gather that it is concentrating around some few of these fellows who have rock-star names. Jesus seems to be ignoring it, although literally a word from Him could quell it. But the more advanced He has become spiritually, the more averse He seems to have become to throwing His extremely considerable weight around.

  3. Please Roberta My friends and I have been having discussions about those who chose the medicine in the arm! Will they get to ascend or is that really the Mark of the Beast that I have been investigating will that stop their soul from reaching Gods court or Gods arm? Most are taking it out of fear and out of misinformation so how does God process this for them have they lost their souls? You have said there is no Hell ! I read about a lady massage therapist whose friend said she took the medicine then said her spirit could not reconnect back to her body she was in the astral plain and couldn’t leave or be present in her body anymore? I’m concerned as I have children grown of course and grandchildren whom have been dosed! Sorry I know this is long but my concern is great ! Thank you for your guidance ! Blessings Linda

    1. Dear Linda,
      I look forward to Roberta’s response to this; for myself, I remember WHO God is, WHO Jesus The Christ is, and how NOTHING can prevent Their power of Love and Grace. If we believe so deeply in something, to the core of our being, we “make it true” but to ourselves; that belief has no effect on The Truth that we are God’s children, that we are loved and “Papa” wants ALL His children “Home” to be loved and cherished, “medicined” or not.

      1. Fran, your first sentence took the words out of my mouth.

        Linda, we are part of God, so can not be separated.
        If anything instills fear it is not of God. NEVER fear, my dear.

    2. Oh my dear Linda, there is no mark of any beast! All of that is fable! In fact, if you really fear that nonsense, then please don’t hesitate to take a pair of scissors and simply cut the Book of Revelation from your Bible and throw it away. It is fear-based and valueless! There is no beast, no mark of the beast, and if there were such a thing then the love of Jesus for you could overcome it as easily as you swat a fly. So please don’t be afraid, but only trust in the power of Jesus and in His perfect love!

  4. Hi Roberta! Interesting read. A few questions popped into my mind. I am not intimately familiar with past posts on this if there are any on the subject of cremation so I apologize if so but I also am not adverse to being reminded with a link to them- 1st question, relating to the reattaching of appendages when we arrive in the state of our body when it died- what happens when someone is cremated?

    2nd question relating to recent past answer to a question I had on a recent post- if earthly struggles are what helps us ascend and grow spiritually, why do we need that when we die and go to “heaven” if it is a perfect place where things are revealed and we are enlightened? and If we grow in heaven, it surely is not by struggle so how does that happen there?

    3rd- what gnostic gospels can I find more information about reincarnation in?

    An observation- I love what you said about God teaching people to pray again with gratitude of the simple joys- thank you for this flower, thank you for this friend. I am going to keep that in mind to do more often!

    And then a thought of my own- I have recently come to the conclusion that God must have his reasons for allowing certain information and mysteries not to be revealed to us or to be hidden, and in that I can accept with faith and trust. Of course most of this has to do with the church as a whole. There’s that verse, “it’s to the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the glory of kings to seek it out.” If we had all the answers we would not feel the desire or need to seek God out for guidance or answers or mysteries to be revealed, and I feel that shows the desire of God for connection with us. I’m glad of that!

    1. Oh my dear Joy, the material body is nothing. It is like your old jalopy that you abandon beside the road, and when you arrive in the afterlife your mind will create a lovely new young body (and I know EXACTLY how I want my new body to look!!). But if your material body has been damaged traumatically, sometimes it is hard to convince your mind that you really are healed. That would have been the case with those who died under the Inquisitioners’ torture. And it can be the case of those who die in war as well.

      There is a wonderful story out of WWI of a young man whose genitals had been blown away, so his mind created a body that lacked genitalia. They took him into “surgery” and sewed on some new genitals under what they told him was “local anesthesia” so he could watch, and they said, “See? All better!” but he was still morose. He assumed that nothing would work. So they put him to bed in a lovely boudoir and recruited a beautiful volunteer, and when he woke up beside her he found that, wow, everything worked just fine!

      I love that story because it shows you the extent to which those who care for us after death will go to heal our earth-traumas. It also shows us how little they care about all our foolish Roman Christian prudishness!

  5. Roberta,
    I want to share something so cute about this:
    “He is the most famous, the most amazing person in all of human history,”
    I was musing about your blog as I’d just read it prior to us heading out for sunrise grocery run. As I mused, we passed a church, called “Christ Alone”, and it had a lit message board on which flashed the words: “Jesus is a Superstar!” I smiled and laughed. And right after, the radio played the song, “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls, with the refrain: …” And I don’t want the world to see me
    ‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
    When everything’s made to be broken
    I just want you to know who I am”
    There are so many “messages” and “loving signposts” along our way each day if we’re willing to open our minds and hearts and just receive, don’t you think?

    1. Hello my dear Fran! I don’t know who the Goo Goo Dolls are or their song, but I do understand about loving signposts! Oh yes, Jesus is a Superstar indeed, and so much more than we even know or can imagine! That He has watched His name, His likeness, His work be used for the past seventeen hundred years and never once have even those closest to Him seen Him turn a hair amazes me. Who can do that calmly?

      “So, Thomas, are you sure the whole Christian religion really is altogether wrong?”

      “He told you that it’s wrong. Or were you not listening?”

      “But, why isn’t He upset?”

      “He doesn’t get upset. He loves. You write those words. Don’t you read what you write?”

      My dear friends, I am having more trouble with this than I should be having!

        1. Hmmm…my dear David, define “sort of.”

          Actually, my Thomas is a fairly demanding individual just by his nature. He holds himself to high standards, so it actually is a sign of his respect for me that he doesn’t let me just be a slob. And he has been remarkably patient with me overall.. But he does expect a lot from me, and from everyone, especially where Jesus is concerned. And it has occurred to me of late that for most of this lifetime he has been treating me more as a female. Cutting me more slack. But I am long past that stage of my life, so he wants me to stop being a sissy. And I do get that!

  6. Hi Roberta,
    You lost me on the part concerning the involvement of Jesus at the Council of Nicaea. Why would he allow the omission of certain truths concerning his teachings? Or was it more a matter of just selecting the most accurate writings available at the time.

    On an unrelated subject are there any writings or information available to suggesst what happened to the animated body Jesus used on Easter Sunday?

    1. My dear Thomas, He didn’t allow the omission of anything that mattered to Him. He didn’t care about some aspects of reincarnation, which is a complicated teaching anyway. And yes indeed, if you read all four Gospels closely, plus the analyses done on the shroud of Turin, you discover that He animated the material body with a blast of energy so powerful that scientists tell us that the scorch on the shroud could not be duplicated, even today, and that material body was after two days so deteriorated that it soon had to be discarded so He was using an etheric body within two or three days thereafter.

  7. Dear Roberta. Conventional Christianity has never intimated that Jesus could still grow and evolve, and the thought would never have occurred to most people, myself included. However, the more I contemplate Him helping all those millions of people, all the while preserving His core teachings from too much damage by Christianity for two millennia, the more my mind boggles. At the same time, it becomes smack your forehead obvious that it would alter Him in some way. I suppose such a concept, if it became widely understood, might prove somewhat apocalyptic for the religion that grew up in Christ’s name.

    1. Precisely, my dear. The question is, who is Jesus? Or perhaps more precisely, what is His spiritual genetic material, as it were? Who’s His Daddy? What He told me on April 6th was what He called His Own Christmas-and-Easter story. If He is half God, then perhaps He can’t grow any more. But what He told me on the night of April 6th was that He is a fully human being. The only difference between Jesus and you and me is that He is just naturally more loving. And that’s it. And I was there. I heard Him tell that story. And I believe Him. Now my mind boggles too, but I really do believe Him!

  8. I always believed that also until the scorch outline of his body on the Shroud became such a mystery. That could not have been done by just a being who was fully human

    1. My dear Lola, I believe Jesus. He told me His story. He told me that He began as a fully human being, and I will not now say that Jesus lied to me. What I will say instead is that we have learned something new and wonderful: it is possible for One who began as a human being to so perfect Himself and so raise His personal vibration and then so further summon the Godhead’s energy besides that He can reanimate a dead body and leave a scorch on the Shroud of Turin that scientists 2000 years later will say that they still even today would not be able to duplicate.

      … And let’s remember that that was His state of affairs 2000 years ago! He then set about loving into spiritual health further billions of people. He began as one of us. What an amazing encouragement to us it is to see Who He is now!

      1. I don’t think he lied, but he is more than your average
        Joe. It may be that the ability to love so much is far more powerful than we could ever imagine, enabling him to project energy enormous enough that it stumps the scientists who study the shroud!

        1. Yes, of course. But Jesus will have the final say. And what He is insisting to me now as I write this is that our saying that He is in any way different from us is simply a cop-out. (He communicates in bolusus of thought, but amazingly He has just separately given me “cop-out,” those two modern words!) He says that He isn’t even happy that Thomas has been telling me that He has always been more loving than most people. He intends now to teach people how to begin where He began, and to arrive where He is now. Oh my. He really is on fire!

          1. My dear friends, and especially my beloved friend Lola, Jesus isn’t distressed with any of us. He loves us all perfectly! I think He just wants to have His Own say at this point. I read a Patheos blog yesterday that said that you can’t understand Jesus unless you know He would think like a North African, and literally I heard this huge exasperated sigh! He hasn’t been a North African for 2000 years, for heaven’s sake. Often now when I answer emails from strangers He will read over my shoulder and contribute a thought, and yesterday He especially loved one woman whose fourth and final question was whether I thought Jesus would mind if she still wore a cross. OMG, He literally exploded with love at that, and I wrote exactly what He said, wear the cross, don’t wear the cross, and how perfectly loved you are, and so on. The email I got back from her was over the moon!

          2. It is important to remember what the heart of one Christian dogma says: Jesus is human. We say we believe that, but then as Christians we retreat from any evidence that He is just like us. Ironic. Anyway, didn’t He also say in the gospels that we will go on to do even greater things than He? Jesus told us 2000 years ago that we and He are the same. We just never wanted to believe Him.

  9. Oh my dear beloved Mike, thank you! So perfectly said! Jesus has reminded me of those very words. “Greater things than these will you do.” He is much better now at lowering His vibration, but still His energy is so much greater than it was then. And my own situation is so peculiar, since apparently they have chosen me to create this website for Him. So I say to Thomas, “Why me?” And he says, “Why not you?” repeatedly. We have become a vaudeville act. But you are right, my beloved friend. Jesus is one of us, truly! And He makes a real effort to be simply that. Most people try to be such big-shots, while the Biggest Shot of all is quite simply the nicest person that you ever will meet.

  10. Dear Roberta, I have read your wonderful books and have just watched your interview with the exuberant George Kao, and love how you explained the energy body leaving as a mist when we finally pass over. I have a question, if our bodies revert to perfection why are there some who need to be hospitalised when arriving in the Summerland?

    1. Oh my dear Linda, what a wonderful question! It’s generally those who had a physical or mental illness at the time of their transition who require hospitalization after their deaths. They need to be helped to understand that they are now indeed altogether well! And that process usually takes just two or three earth-months. Those who care for these folks don’t want to rush it, but they pamper them and give them all the time that they need.

  11. Dearest Roberta,

    I had been pondering the manner in which Jesus guided the bishops at Nicaea to preserve the essentials of the Gospels while letting them graft on a framework that would serve the nascent church from a governmental point of view. It then occurred to me that fairly soon some sort of credible government was going to be needed by the western church, and there was one, ready-made.

    Then I thought, that can’t be right. What about the Orthodox church, not to mention the Oriental Church. Both would need a substitute government later, but the need would not be as pressing as the Western Church’s. Could Jesus really play the role of a politician?



    1. Oh my dear Cookie, the Lord’s only concern seems to have been to preserve His spoken teachings within the Gospels as they were being chosen for the Bible as it was being assembled. I wonder at that, actually. And all that I was allowed to remember from our conversation of April 6th was that most of what Jesus wanted said in the website that He wants us to build for Him was His Own version of the Christmas-and-Easter story, plus what is in Liberating Jesus, plus a bit more that my Thomas would know. He seems to be entirely done with Roman Christianity, with all its dogmas. He cares nothing for all of that! He wants just to teach us how to grow spiritually. To return to His Way, which the Romans destroyed 300 years ago. And I am down with that, for sure. I even have the book all written. I just have to polish it.

      Except that then there is some little thought now that He might actually want to answer questions there. A Carol-and-Mikey thing, maybe? He has proven I can hear Him well enough that we could do it. We even have been answering some emailed questions that way. Omigod. I have said to Thomas, please please please please not that! He just says, are you going to say No to Jesus?

  12. Dear Roberta, Thankyou for your speedy reply, I am still perplexed because I’ve read that the blind can see, the deaf can hear and the crippled can walk on arriving in the Summerland, and surely the majority who pass over have either a physical or mental illness and don’t all die of old age? Why are some conditions cured while others need hospitalisation? Incidentally I heard this morning that my nephew aged 55 passed over this morning, his poor body riddled with cancer and I would love to think he is now well and not in yet another hospital, Thankyou for your patience Roberta 💐

    1. Linda, as we wait for Roberta’s probably more insightful response to your concern, I will try to add a perspective that might help: human language is great as far as it goes, but it isn’t accurate for most things Spiritual. The word “hospital” brings up many emotions—but most aren’t good. I wouldn’t want to have a world without them, but generally we don’t associate earthbound hospitals with too many positives.

      Perhaps the words spa, retreat center, hot springs, therapeutic gardens—places where pampering and personal attention and care are the main things—are closer to the true transformational reality on crossing over?

      1. I think those “hospitals” are wonderful, and you are right in saying there are no adequate words to fully explain them. They are there to ease the person into the fact that they have transitioned but the word “hospital” is misleading. I like your term “therapeutic gardens” – it is much more accurate

        1. Oh yes, my dear! They look nothing like hospitals because of course all these poor souls have had their fill of hospitals. And no white coats or scrubs either!

    2. Oh my darling Linda, of course now your nephew is perfectly well! And I know precisely where he is right now. The rehabilitation gardens are beautiful, full of flowers and gauzy curtains gently blowing and beds, yes, but the helpers are something like two-to-one ratio to the patients and his loved ones are there too if he is ready to have them be there. Many who were very ill are not quite ready. Mike is right – it’s a kind of spa-like, retreat-like place where they can love him into feeling gradually as if he really is altogether well, in his own pace and his own time. It will feel wonderful and peaceful and happy and very welcoming to him. I promise!

  13. Thankyou Mike and Roberta, it certainly sounds wonderful and just what he needs, he was such a caring, cheerful man who adored animals so I shall think of him surrounded by his pets and free of pain, love to you all X

  14. Dear Roberta. Thomas (your guide) said above: “Jesus loves everyone, but He trusts almost no one in a human body…”. Loving others is what we all must learn to do. I love animals quite a lot. Loving untrustworthy humans is a challenge. I think it was Mike J-R’s Arrow who said “See the Devine in everyone.” Not so easy, yet.

    1. My dear Ray, think about that for a moment. That Jesus should have said that! He loves evcryone so completely and so purely, but He has learned that He can trust almost no one. It just about breaks my heart.

    1. Not easy at all, Ray. Some call it “Practicing the Presence,” and it does take a lot of practice. My current version of how to think of it would be, “The practice of witnessing the presence of God the Beloved, equally in all people, at all times, under all circumstances.” I’ve got a ways to go yet on that one. I find Roberta’s practice of prevenient forgiveness extemely helpful with this. It does not mean to cooperate with or condone evil, but to respond with love instead of hate or vengefulness as best we can, trying to remember that the Divine is still in there somewhere, no matter how deeply buried it may have become. The hate ultimately hurts us more than it ever hurts the one who has “trespassed against us,” to use Jesus’ words. I like to think of forgiveness as, “GIVE it to The Holy Spirit FOR healing,” as God ultimately knows the best way to heal us and make us whole again, no matter how long or how many lifetimes it may take. I find that so freeing.

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