Are People by Nature Fear-Based or Love-Based?

Posted by Roberta Grimes • February 08, 2020 • 48 Comments
Human Nature

“What is man that You should remember him,
or the son of man that You should care for him?
You have made him a little lower than the angels,
and have crowned him with glory and honor.”
                                     – The Apostle Paul (Heb 2:6-7)

We enter our earth-lives as beautiful people, loving and kind and generous. Research scientists have just confirmed what every mother of an infant knows: babies are spiritually gifted people, just the sort of people we hope to one day become. I have reared three babies of my own and have been close to three infant grandchildren, so I have a bit of expertise! And I can tell you that right from birth, every infant is a unique individual and each of the six babies I have mothered began life as an amazingly spiritual being. They were all from the moment when they first saw light demonstrably loving, empathetic, and generous. Some were more sensitive than others, crankier or more contented, and easier or harder to please; but still, from their first interactions with others, those love-based spiritual characteristics were there. And doesn’t that make sense? They had come directly from a love-based world where these beautiful traits were universal!

But it isn’t long before life on earth starts to sour these little ambassadors of love. By the age of two, experts confidently tell us that all children are selfish and bratty, and they say that three-year-olds are worse. So if we start our lives as spiritual beings, why is it that almost immediately we spiritually devolve to the point where most of us will then spend the rest of our lives just trying to become as spiritual developed as we were at birth? In my view, this is the key question to be answered if we ever hope to re-invent our fear-based institutions and begin to build a perfectly love-based world.

Simply put, our fear-based institutions are the product of the flawed and hurting people that ignorant parents and mentors tragically make of those innately spiritual infants. All of humanity is trapped in this horrendous chicken-and-egg cycle! Damaged people create institutions that universally assume we are all damaged people who must be strictly controlled by fear and by other negative stimuli or human societies will sink into brutality.

It is in this that our longstanding reliance on science and religions as our sources of truth is revealed to be the dead-end cage that it is. Since science and religions are belief-systems that are hampered by their respective dogmas in their efforts to understand anything, together they now blithely  assure us that human nature is inherently evil. By their lights, we can never live together in reasonable peace unless we are constrained. This is true of science of course, where it is assumed that we are nothing more than animals who can stand upright. So negative human tendencies such as Machiavellianism, psychopathy, sadism, and narcissism (they call it “the Dark Tetrad”) are all traceable to their mimics in animal species and announced to be innate to our animal natures. And we know by now in abundance that Christianity considers humankind to be originally created in God’s image but rendered permanently evil because Adam, who was the first human being, chose long ago to disobey God.

Science remains so ignorant of what human beings actually are that nearly all child-development experts assume that we come into the world as organized clusters of cells with no history. This is, of course, demonstrably false! Indeed, having closely known my own children and those three grandchildren ever since they were born, I can tell you that each was a fully-formed and entirely unique individual from birth who has changed very little over all these years. But even as recently as this past December, a well-meant article for parents opined that a child’s “true personality” doesn’t emerge until their “tween years.” Before then, what we have is just “temperament.” As someone who has closely studied for their entire lives six adults or near-adults who all were born with precisely the same complex personalities they still have today, I read this garbage from “experts” and my jaw drops. No one who ever has actually studied even a few human children from birth until adulthood could say that they were blank slates through childhood whose personalities were not fixed before the age of ten!

Until our two deeply trusted but utterly misguided sources of truth will open their minds and objectively examine just who and what human beings really are, you and I are left to do that for ourselves. And in fact, the truth about human nature is wonderful! Based upon the bits of light that modern science is able to shed, plus all that afterlife researchers have learned and my own frank observations, I can assure you that:

  • Every newborn infant is a being who has lived one or more previous lifetimes. The evidence that we reincarnate repeatedly is so abundant now, and so variously sourced, that it can no longer be seriously challenged.
  • Every newborn has planned a lifetime for which it will need a specific set of characteristics. Talents, appearance, native intelligence, temperament, handicaps, and so much else will come in part from the genetic makeup of the parents and in part from what each child’s guides will add so all children can better follow their personalized life-plans.
  • Coming into a new human life is traumatic. Just transiting the birth canal is painful and frightening, and then the shock of light and sound makes most babies scream and can leave them irritable for weeks thereafter. We are told, too, by the not-really-dead that many babies are grumpy for a while to find themselves back in a material body. They volunteered to come back, true, but they had forgotten what a depressing come-down life on early really is!
  • For the first five or six years of our lives, each of us is in “download mode.” We are uncritically taking in what our observations tell us is true about our status and rank, our personal characteristics, our environment, and the rules governing our lives. What we learn during those first years of life becomes hard-wired into our minds for this lifetime. It will govern all our future thinking about ourselves and the world unless some big event or insight can dislodge it.

Keeping in mind these basic facts that govern the first years of each human life makes it easier for us to better understand the dear little bundles doctors put into our arms. When I think back on the six babies I have mothered – and my own children are in their forties now – I can see that from their earliest moments they were precisely the same people they still are today. Knowing that they were eternal beings who were beginning only the latest of their many lives on earth, I can make sense of the vagaries of each of their childhoods, and a lot of their early choices can be seen in retrospect as having been essential to developing the lives that they and their spirit guides had planned.

What does bother me, though, is the fact that until quite recently I did not understand that throughout their preschool years my children were taking as unquestioned truth everything that they heard or saw. I desperately wish I had known that at the time! Had I known then what I know now, none of the six infants I was privileged to be a part of parenting would have spent even a moment of those formative preschool years in the presence of an adult who wasn’t careful about what was being said and done around them.

As it is, of course, our clueless culture is full of fear-based adults who themselves were damaged in their own preschool years and now are damaging the next generation. Today, little tots are being arrested. They are being encouraged to imagine that their birth-gender is wrong, and often for the flimsiest of reasons, even though just six-tenths of one percent of the adult population is actually transgender; and they are being deluged with extreme adult concepts when they are so young that it is impossible to gauge what lessons they are learning that they then will be certain are true for the rest of their lives.

If we want to replace the cruel institutions that keep the consciousness vibrations of this world so debased, our first task must be to stop turning every love-based child being born on earth into a miserably fear-based adult! We now know for certain that:

  • Human nature is in its essence love-based, and its impulse is to become even more loving as each life-plan unfolds; so
  • Once we stop damaging our children, we should readily be able to free them and trust them to live empowered and altogether love-based lives.

The only way for humankind to grow beyond its perceived need for fear-based institutions is for us to stop teaching our little children to submit to and be controlled by fear! We must break this awful chicken-and-egg cycle of fear-based controls that only further harm us, and the only way that cycle can be broken is by helping parents to better understand their children. But how can we battle both science and religions and bring the truth at last to all the world?

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, I reasoned as a child;
when I became a man, I gave up childish things.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face;
now I know in part, but then I will know fully, just as I also have been fully known.”
                                                                   – The Apostle Paul (1 Cor 13:10-12)


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48 thoughts on “Are People by Nature Fear-Based or Love-Based?

  1. It’s SO refreshing to read Roberta’s insights. I’ve told anyone who would listen that I learned 60 years ago as a child when I first laid eyes on my 2 little sisters from their infancy that each baby’s personality was DISTINCTLY different – and they’ve not changed since! That told me right then there was merit to theory of reincarnation even while I was a child living in a fear-based fundamemtal environment.

    1. Dear Donna, thank you for this affirmation! Can you believe how clueless even social scientists have to be, in order to have any kind of career in this resolutely materialist scheme that they continue to call science? It has been lovely, in working on this post, to review again memories of the babies I still cherish and find even more ways in which, by gosh, they haven’t changed by even an inch in forty years! They are the same people, but even more wonderful. It turns out that the real secret to successful parenting is just to keep from inadvertently harming these perfectly divine beings!

  2. I do believe that we are programed by our religion and govt. to many things all you have to see is what was taught in Catholic schools , talk about fear. My question is about reincarnation , will the people who reincarnate come back to be with the ones they knew prior. ? Or will they avoid these prior lives they knew.?

    1. Dear Jim, it’s even better than that! We live when we return home not just with those we loved in this most recent lifetime, but also in happy contact with our dearest friends from other lives. Then when we and some of them start to think about wanting to grow spiritually, we plan this next lifetime in collaboration with some of them. A lot of those who are in your life now are people with whom you have shared other lifetimes. Sometimes there seems to be a resonance that makes you suspect this longer connection, but often you will have no idea until you at last transition home!

      In my case, it is my primary guide who is apparently my closest longer-term connection. He says that we have shared seventeen lives – apparently we were always male comrades – so when he wanted to accomplish some things, I agreed to be his avatar this time around. In my life now, there are several people that I suspect I have known in other lives, but to me it’s not important to know for certain.

      1. Jim’s question about reincarnation is many people’s question. It’s a conundrum in a Western, materialist-based culture where — even among those of us who acknowledge God or another supreme force we call by another name — we regard a strong divide between “this” world and “the next.” As Roberta points out, it’s not important to know for certain about reincarnation, because the aim is to focus in this version of “now” on what we’re here “now” to do!

        But still, I want to share something of my own point of view regarding our relationships with those we are sharing this experience we perceive as incarnation. My own beloved primary guide, I am given to believe, has not been on Earth in an incarnated form in about 1,000 years (we think), and then it was as a tribal shaman or shaman’s wife. So she is spiritually very advanced compared to myself. Meanwhile, I have been shown that she and I have an eternal bond. She has been a mentor to me in various spiritual undertakings, Moreover we may not even have been here on Earth during much of this. There is reason for me to believe that for this particular “now” experience, she recruited me. I was somewhat reluctant. My wife may also have been recruited along with others (again, we’re not certain) for a particular objective. In short, it may be literally true that I “didn’t ask to be born.” I was drafted! 😉

        But none of the details matter. The important point is that not everyone chooses to reincarnate on Earth, but everyone has a spiritual quest that is never ending — and we do not undertake this quest solo. The reason I think telling my story is relevant to this week’s blog entry is that we are never alone! When it seems that love is not all around us, and that we are suffering through difficult experiences — whether Earth seems to be an alien or familiar realm — we have our guides to turn to. Always. If, as is mentioned in another comment, angels have the role of providing our “spiritual shield,” then our guides are our mentors and cheerleaders who have known us for…well, forever!

        There is endless comfort in that.

    2. Jim is right. Once a child is released into the world to attend school, meet up with new friends, and get exposed to fear based concepts, their loving nature often gets replaced by these new ideas. These ideas get encased in our subconscious mind, most of the time without us realizing it. What is even worse is that many people who become parents aren’t loving and nurturing, and this would cause a child to feel unworthy, especially if he/she were taught that we are all born with “original sin” – kind of an overall loser situation. Others are taught that money and power are all that count, and that they should pursue careers with this in mind. This is hardly the environment for a love-based life and definitely needs to be changed

  3. Not sure why you quoted this verse by Paulus the letter writer that humans are supposedly “lower” (what a horrible word anyways; for it sounds like “inferior”) than angels. And what was his definition of angels anyways? Beings above the status of children? Is the Parenthood of God (Fatherhood & Motherhood!) second to some higher status?

    1. Dear Adri, since you don’t know why this quotation from Paul is so positive and so important, perhaps others will want to know as well.

      Angels are a distinct class of beings, apparently all of them eternally perfected, who are God’s close servants. Among other duties, angels protect us while we are here from harm to our bodies until we reach and choose a planned exit point. We are told that angels have never incarnated – at least, not in this universe – and they vibrate much higher than any of us (hence, “a little lower” is the opposite of an insult). Human beings have always – even long before Paul – considered angels to be unfathomably above them, so for Paul to say of mankind that we are “a little lower than the angels” and add that God has “crowned (us) with glory and honor” was in reality a gigantic promotion! It directly contradicts both the Christian and the scientific views of humankind as evil and debased, which was of course why I began this post with that quotation.

  4. When I came into this life, the doctor slapped my backside (to make sure I was breathing (barbaric)), and I refused to cry. After three attempts the delivery room staff went into a tizzy. My mother told this story to, in my opinion, far too many people. I was fine. I just refused to cry. At 64 am I still as obstinate? Yep.

    I was raised to be ‘seen but not heard’ and what I learned in my first five years is that no matter how often I reached for someone’s hand it was rarely offered. I guess this is where the obstinance came in; I never stopped reaching.

    1. Dear Amanda, I find it tragic that you felt as a child that adults seldom would take your hand! I hope that in later life you have found people who were more loving than your birth-family, and that the way they treated you was just a prelude to a much better life.

      1. Roberta: If I had reacted differently my life probably would have been better. At some point I stopped trusting. If someone did reach out my first reaction was to question their motives. I’ve gotten past that to a certain extent because I know now that my distrust has caused others pain. Around and around, pain causing pain..

        1. Don’t blame yourself, Amanda. It’s easy to stop trusting when you hit a brick wall every time you do trust. At least you realize it now but it’s just common sense to be skeptical when you are exposed to negative outcomes for a long period of time.

  5. I think we are programmed by the community we grow up in. The family unit has been on a sharp decline every sense the Govt. opted in to take care of the children through the welfare system.
    I don’t know of any relationships that have lasted more than a few years in the community where I grew up in.
    There are a great many women who have been abused, and hate men and want nothing to do with a man in there life except to have a child and collect a check so that they can live independently in society.
    This is happening in my sisters home right now, her grand children are having children and from different men. I just do not see anything good coming out of this. Boys are born in to a man haters world, thus are to become God know what??
    I think the Govt. is the big enemy here, and religion just turns it head even further destroying what the family should be. They have taken the fathers out of picture. I think this is like a high speed train headed for a wreck, and no one can do anything about it. The hunter gather just is not needed anymore. Except to maybe pick up the pieces, good luck with that.

    1. Oh dear Rockey, what a depressing picture you paint! I am so sorry!

      I agree with your assessment that a lot of our problems are caused by the ineptitude of our absolutely clueless and often venal federal government. The War on Poverty quite literally broke up what had been a close and solid black family structure, and did it in little more than a decade: by 1980, the federal census showed that most of the intact families in the 1960 census had broken up. All the pathologies in black life that people like to ascribe to the effects of slavery are in fact directly traceable to government actions (whether well-meant or not), and lest people of other complexions might start to feel complacent, each pathology that began there has appeared in our communities of other hues about forty years later. The United States is quite literally consuming and destroying with wrongheaded government actions what should have been its much better future.

      1. I agree that it is a depressing picture, but it is not just me that is experiencing this in their lives. I know of many and they are stuck in their little communities. Communities that the main source of income was the Logging industries. Now most in the small communities are struggling with income to meet their family needs. A lot of the men have left or are doing dirty deeds to make ends meet.
        What I think is that it is both genders have there problems, and it is not good for the children to have to live like this. It seems like everyone has been so displaced they just don’t know what to do or act anymore.

  6. Just to make a note: I have nothing against women, it is just the world I come form seems to be a haters paradise. It is said it takes a village.
    I don’t understand the whys of why people choose this way of life when they know the differences. We are all taught the right and the wrong, even with the way life is at the moment. The way I see it, it comes down to a choice, and the right way is not always the easiest way. Jesus said that there was two roads a narrow one, and a broad one, and many take the broad one. I myself have said it depends on your circumstance. Even John the baptist had doubts, when he asked his disciples to ask Jesus “are you the one are should we expect somebody else”. His circumstance had him wondering, after all he was in prison and about to be put to death, which he was. The roles in life just are not the same as in yesteryear. We older folk see this very clearly, and it is frustrating to watch this destruction…

    1. Dear Rockey, this virulent modern “feminism” is abhorrent to me as well. I was a member of the first class at Boston University School of Law that had a significant number of women in it, and at that I think we were less than ten percent. All my life I have been benefiting from the first women’s movement – the movement of the sixties, whose whole goal was equality – and I can say now that I was both an advocate for it and a beneficiary of it. But the modern “women’s movement” is utterly foreign to me! I love men as they are, flaws and all, just as I love women! The notion that we should in any way attack the beautiful, natural vagaries of human nature in all its wonderful gender variations is altogether foreign to me.

  7. At times the fathers are unjustly treated by the Family Court System which I feel is outrageous, but there are other times when the fathers walk away from it as if it all was just an unfortunate mistake and no big deal. That is when the welfare system gets involved, as there is no one else to intervene. Here in NY State, they have put a stop to women “making a living” by having kids to increase their welfare check. After a certain period of time, they are forced to attend classes for training at certain jobs and this has just about eliminated anyone “using” the system in order to receive extra welfare benefits.

    1. I understand that, there are many who are just looking to have sex with a young good looking lady, and are not willing to what that brings about, which is a child and they are not willing to take the responsibly.
      This is what we get when the family values no longer a concern for they know that good ole Govt. will do just that. I am from the world that when you have a child you do what ever it takes, to make sure the child is grown properly, that is if you can.

    2. Dear Lola, my middle child’s second husband is a divorced father, and for him and his children – I now consider them to be also my grandchildren – she has been fighting in the very conservative state of Texas for something that should be obviously essential: equal parenting rights for fathers under the law. It’s a slow process, since the Texas legislature is in session for just a few months… every two years. But nevertheless, this favoring of mothers under the law is depriving too many children of the powerful advantage of having a father in their lives. It’s a problem in every state, and a tragic one!

      1. As I told Rocky, the justice system often treats fathers as just a means of support payments and nothing else. It certainly is a travesty, and I have talked to many of these fathers, and they are understandably outraged. It is ridiculous to think that the mother should always be favored. Many fathers who really try with all their might are shot down in favor of the mothers in the court system. This leads to mothers suing for more child support, and fathers are still not fairly represented, especially if they can’t afford good legal representation. Kudos to your daughter! NY state is and has been a great example of depriving fathers the right to share parenthood.

  8. There are many who would agree with you. but unfortunately, there are many who just don’t take it seriously. Like you said, we are programmed by the community we grow up in most of the time, especially teenagers who haven’t had a chance yet to get out of their communities and see what the rest of the world is like;.

    1. From what I have learned in life most are afraid of losing the nest from which they came from for fear of failure or just the thought of it. I for one am no longer welcome for I left that nest and overcome their brainwashing. It is a matter of power and control, if they can’t control you out of fear of losing the nest they don’t want anything to do with you nor do they want you around, mainly because you found out the truth about what is going on, and are afraid of the truth period. Plus, they don’t want others to see either. Will I am happy so say and also sad to say that others have grown to learn that there is a life out there and all they have to do is go get it.. The sad part is even though they see it they won’t because the puppet masters have them so under their thumb, they just don’t know how to escape them. The whole thing is just toxic. I personally have decided to just stay away and let things fall where they may, for it is to powerful of a force to overcome on my own.

      1. This is so true, Rocky. You hit the nail on the head. Fear of failure is a big problem for most people. Thank God you got out of that situation. The need for power and control are not restricted to the wealthy, and there are very few who could overcome that type of thing on their own. I guess the only thing one can do is leave it behind them and use their energy to at least try to create a better life. In that way, our love based nature has a chance to prevail

    2. I think a part of the problem is the fact that since the U.S. government – unwittingly, perhaps – has been instrumental in creating three generations and counting of single-parent families, far too many people have thought it was kind to reinforce the notion that one-parent families (primarily just a mother) are okay, just as good, not a problem at all. And the plain, objective fact is that this is not true! In fact, there is evidence now that once children grow past toddlerhood, if there is going to be one parent, it may be best for both genders of children to have that parent be the father and not the mother. A strong, patient, and kindly father who instills wholesome values in his children seems more and more to be the single greatest advantage that any growing child can have.

  9. Thanks Roberta for the insights on infants. As Jesus once said we must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven.
    You also mentioned that angels never incarnate. I may be incorrect but it is my thought the only exception to this was Jesus who supposedly was an angel named Emmanuel prior to taking on a human body.

    1. Dear Tom, I honestly don’t know whether the Emmanuel story is true, but I suspect that it is not. Thomas tells me that Jesus comes from the highest aspect of the Godhead (recall that God is in fact a Collective of perfected Beings). While the angels serve God and are very powerful, we are told that they lack the crucial aspect of humanity. Simply put, never having been human, they can protect us physically but they can’t relate to us emotionally or intellectually very well. I don’t know for certain, and I don’t think for our purposes that it matters, but even having been distanced from human life on earth for a century or three can be a huge disadvantage. Thomas often makes me know that my instincts are essential in our trying to best relate to people, and Mikey Morgan took another lifetime on earth four centuries after his last necessary incarnation, simply so he could reconnect with humankind enough to be able to teach us. Just the fact that Jesus vibrated at the level of the Godhead but at the same time was such a superb teacher during His earth-lifetime pretty strongly suggests His consistently human history!

      1. It would be interesting to find out what made people think that Jesus was once Emmanuel. I wonder what happened to make anyone want to connect the two.

  10. Jesus warned us to beware where we cast our pearls, I think it is just a matter of discernment on our part. where the lot falls I guess???

    1. Dear Rockey, I think we should always be ready to help those who want and need our help, but to spend a lot of effort trying to help those who don’t feel ready to be helped and aren’t receptive is casting our pearls before swine, just as the Lord says it is!

      1. Martin Luther King was an extraordinary human being. I used to THINK he was, but after reading that beautiful note, I now KNOW he was.

  11. I found this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson – and I love the sentiment. It’s interesting how previous human beings that have been here likely walked closer to the truth than we might imagine, but probably kept much to themselves because of the society they found themselves living in.
    “Every soul is a celestial venus to every other soul… Love is our highest word, and the synonym of God. “

  12. Roberta, I am taking the comment from last week’s blog entry and repeating it here to give it another round of visibility. As you pointed out, it speaks to this week’s message as well. I modified it a bit:

    We are each of us, at our heart, a node in a great web of clear Spiritual light that wraps the planet. For each of us, starting somewhere, anywhere, with a transformed attitude based on the genuine divine force of Love that is already within our hearts will begin to change everything. We may not all live to see the outcome, but we can live to see it starting. I personally am optimistic about humans’ abilities to see things as they might be and to say, why not?

    The psyche of the whole universe is transforming, and here on earth in this experience we perceive as incarnation, humans are the transformers. It’s already happening.

    1. Oh my dear Mike, from your mouth to God’s ears! I think you are right in what you say, and profoundly so: I, too, see the changes beginning to happen. But we really must emphasize the fact that while this movement is being led and empowered by elevated beings, they would keep insisting to us that they cannot make it happen without every one of our hearts to this effort. My beloved Thomas now thinks that the good will prevail, but his improved opinion of our chances is only very recent!

  13. Regarding Lola’s comment: I thought that Jesus was referred to as Emmanuel in various biblical writings. My specific information came from another spiritual teacher whom I met in person and who seemed credible. I agree with Roberta that there are issues with angels taking on a human body. Supposedly that is the only time it ever happened and the other angels were quite concerned Jesus would become corrupted by his earthly existence and not fulfil his mission.

    1. How interesting! Now that you mention it, as a kid, I heard him referred to as “Emmanuel” and it confused me. However by then, the whole Catholic religion confused me, so I didn’t bother thinking about it.,

    2. Dear Tom and Lola, Thomas tells me that Jesus is – and already was, when He came to earth – of the very highest aspect of the Godhead. That far outranks any angel! I trust what Thomas tells me, but more to the point, I don’t think it really matters. We are told that angels are of a different, purer consciousness, but not necessarily of a better consciousness; indeed, I suspect that human consciousness at the level of the Godhead outranks all. And no angel could have taught human beings to use human experiences to advance spiritually, as Jesus taught us so beautifully and so eternally. But Jesus could perhaps have incorporated angelic nature in some fashion? There is still so little that we really don’t know!

      1. It’s funny that I was very recently prompted to look up Isaiah 7:14, “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Look, the young woman (often translated as virgin) is with child and shall bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel.” Some of the New Testament stories are meant to show Jesus as fulfilling Old Testament prophecies.
        This week’s blog reminds me of the concept of being spiritually “born again.” This to me seems like an analog of physical birth, but this time we need to drop all the junk we picked up as we became adults, and become unconditionally loving, like human babies. As mentioned in an earlier comment, Jesus recommended that we become as little children.

        1. Dear Scott, these are excellent points! I had always seen the prophesy from Isaiah not as a reference to any angel, but rather as confirmation that Jesus indeed would be “God With Us,” which is what we have been told that “Emmanuel” means. And indeed, when Jesus was born it has been confirmed to us by elevated beings that He was in fact an emissary from the very highest level of the Godhead. He was God on Earth, indeed!

          I have always seen Jesus’s reference in the Gospel passage to our need to be “born again” as His confirmation that reincarnation happens, but your explanation also works. Some of these passages have meaning upon meaning within them!

  14. Roberta, there is so much information coming from the other side through various spiritual teachers that sorting it all out can be a challenge. So how did Jesus attain this highest aspect of the Godhead? I have heard from several sources it was from prior incarnations of persons named in the Old Testament. Several individuals commonly mentioned include Joshua and Joseph of Egypt. Is it reasonable to say using human terms that Jesus is the Son of God in the sense we all have that potential?

    1. Dear Tom, one of the first things I did when my guide, Thomas, broke into my life through a medium in February of 2015 was to ask him precisely this question. Was Jesus like us but just much more advanced? Was He God? Or God’s Son? How should we characterize Him? This was important to me, since Thomas was then trying to pressure me into channeling Liberating Jesus (although he wasn’t yet telling me that I would be channeling the Lord – that came later).

      Thomas told me then that Jesus was indeed unique, and “from the highest aspect of the Godhead” (I didn’t yet know that God is a Collective of Perfected Beings). I have later come to think that Jesus is unique, true, but He is not of a different Consciousness from the rest of us; and I do suspect that He had many human incarnations that led to His perfection a very long time ago. He is the Star of our Class, unfathomably above us, but He is, after all, of our own Consciousness. It may be that this is true of the entire Collective Godhead.

      1. I can definitely understand that Jesus is likely a collective of perfected beings and that he had many incarnations that led up to that, but you wrote that God was a collective of perfected beings, suggesting that the perfected beings preceded God. If so, then where did these perfected beings come from if they existed prior to God?.

  15. Dear Lola, I have written about this here, in a post that Thomas has approved in overall detail. None of us really knows for certain, but in a greater reality without time where this material reality apparently began by accident, it turns out that all of this is a rescue mission! And Thomas also has approved my speculation that in fact the Godhead that continuously manifests this universe in past and present at each instant is almost certainly not the greatest God, since there was a greater God Who ended that first separation. There will be a great Disneyland of glorious learning for all of us, once we finally go home!

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