The Death Experience (Part II)

Posted by Roberta Grimes • May 07, 2022 • 52 Comments

The Lord is my shepherd. I lack nothing.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths for His name’s sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for You are with me.
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
 Surely Your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
– David, Third King of Israel and Judah (c.1040 BCE – c.970 BCE), Psalm 23

Until the advent of the radio, it was hard for the not-actually-dead to explain to the living where they were now. I recall when I was first doing afterlife research in the nineteen-seventies, and I came across a dead communicator soon after the turn of the twentieth century who had been among the first to have tried to explain to his living loved ones through a deep-trance medium where he was by using an analogy to the newfangled radio. He said something like, “You know how you can tune the radio to a higher station, and there’s music there too? Well, the same thing happens….” It struck me that his had been a brilliant insight!

In fact, just as there is no time, so also apparently there is no space. For practical purposes, everything that exists is there in the room around you now. So when you die, you won’t be going far! When I used to give seminars, I would explain it by using television as an analogy. I would say that right now your mind is tuned to that body on this level of reality. When you die, your mind will simply tune to a slightly higher level of reality, where it will pick up a new, young body. At, I might add, a slightly higher channel, but in what is otherwise more or less the same place.

That fog that we entered last week from your deathbed soon clears at a slightly higher vibration, and you find yourself in a reception garden. Although we ought to add that traveling awake from your deathbed in the company of your loved ones is by no means the only way to die.

There is a kind of triage that happens as the body dies, an extra assurance that we will get support if we need it. Or on the other hand, various things might briefly go wrong:

  • When we die awake and in good health, we generally go directly to a reception garden. We’ll return to that discussion in a moment.
  • When we die with physical or mental issues, we’ll go right to a specialized care facility. There are many such facilities on Level Three of the afterlife, and typically people who die with a physical or mental illness will need to spend some time being nurtured into a comfortable belief in their own good health. This generally takes three or four earth-months. And even people whose ill health may not have been apparent to the decedent’s loved ones may be nurtured briefly in a post-death care home out of an abundance of concern for them, so most mental mediums will suggest that we not try to connect with our recently-transitioned loved ones for the first few months after a death event.
  • When we die in our sleep, we generally wake up in a Summerland home. My mother was desperately afraid to die. She flat refused to believe a word of The Fun of Dying, so eventually she transitioned in her sleep at the age of 93, and she woke up surrounded by loved ones in one of the homes in my Danish grandfather’s farm compound, which is high on a cliff above an astral sea.
  • Some will simply go off-track for a time. According to our dear friend Mikey Morgan, who is a frequent Seek Reality guest, between a quarter and a third of those who die will go off-track at death initially, and mostly due to their own plain ignorance. Some will need to be rescued, perhaps by our dear friend Father Nathan, who is another frequent Seek Reality guest.

So there are things that might go wrong, but let’s assume that you have sensibly followed your mother, your spirit guide, and your childhood pet. And soon the fog lifts to reveal a gorgeous scene!

Most of the descriptions that we have of the North American arrival gardens are from the first few decades of the twentieth century. And we have to assume that a lot has changed since then. Please understand the following facts:

  • Colors in the Summerland go far beyond the visible light spectrum. Just try to imagine that! Actually, you can’t imagine it. The best you can do is to imagine some various shades of purplish-orange. But the grass and vegetation don’t need to be green, and the flowers are mostly in unbelievable colors. The sky, too, is going to be just about any shade but blue!
  • There is no sun, and the ambient light is white, somewhat paler at Level Three but ever brighter as you go higher. There is no night, no season, no weather to speak of, although if you want weather experiences you can have them.
  • The North American Summerland has snow-capped mountains in the distance. Don’t think of them as our Rockies especially, but imagine them more as a generic backdrop of mountains that will seem to be nearer or farther away, according to your preference. Bodies of water of varies sizes are around, and since travel is by mind you can travel as you like.
  • Everything in the Summerland is human-created. That is true of what we see around us here, but it is much more playfully true of the Summerland. For example, the afterlife literature includes accounts of people learning how to create living plants, and also people watching as groups of elevated beings mind-create buildings together. Plans for those buildings are drawn and studied, and then the buildings shimmer into and out of existence before becoming solid.
  • Everything in the Summerland seems alive-ish, somehow dimly aware, and giving off energy. Many things give off a dim music as well. All of this is true to such an extent that we don’t need to eat, since the plants and the water give off all the energy that we need to abundantly sustain us. The flowers turn their faces to us, and the vegetation caresses us as we pass. And, yes indeed, the water is alive. It caresses us, it feels like silk against our skin, and we can walk into it fully clothed and come out of it dry.

We cannot now know the precise details of the arrival gardens of 2052, or whenever you might make it there. But here is what I am betting you are going to see:

  • Echoes of Your Youth and Childhood. Thomas Jefferson said when he spoke through Leslie Flint in 1960 that the Summerland when he first arrived looked as rural Virginia had looked when he was a boy.
  • Your Childhood Pets, and also Birds, Butterflies, and Dragonflies. Many of those who have newly arrived and communicated with us from there have remarked about these lovely details.
  • Splashing Fountains, Benches, Flowers, Walkways, and Graceful Trees. Many new arrivals have remarked about seeing gigantic flowers as tall as a man.
  • People Dressed in Various Period Fashions. It doesn’t seem to matter how we dress. At higher levels people often wear spirit robes, or what are sometimes called astral robes, the sort of long-sleeved, floor-length belted tunics in shimmering pastel colors that angels are commonly assumed to wear. But in the Summerland levels, people typically wear whatever they wore in their most recent earth-lifetime.
  • People Enjoying Single- or Double-Occupant Vehicles. Little cars, boats, and airplanes were being played with even early in the twentieth century, so lord only knows what they are doing now! And these vehicles are all powered by mind, so there is no exhaust.
  • Our Astral Bodies Are Mind-Created. We may at first feel unaccustomed to mind-creating our bodies, but we soon become adept again at changing our appearance at will. This body that you have worn from your deathbed looks as you looked in your most recent earth-lifetime, but it is likely to be growing younger in appearance as you begin to think younger. Eventually you may even choose to look as you looked in a different earth-lifetime. When Thomas and I visited Jesus a few weeks ago, the Lord wanted to make me comfortable so He first made Himself look like a benign older guy. And then He looked like church-Jesus for the group who had come to receive His blessing; and then finally He became the young olive-skinned Jesus with curly hair that He seems to be experimenting with currently. It has of late been scientifically proven that He did indeed resurrect His body a couple of days after its death two thousand years ago. But even by those standards, I’ve got to say that I thought what I saw Him do a few weeks ago in wearing three different bodies successively also was pretty impressive!

At some point by now, you will have reunited with your vast, eternal mind. Suddenly you will feel freshly brilliant, and you will remember so many things! You will recall some favorite prior lifetimes, and recognize and greet some very old friends who perhaps are quietly coming to join you in this beautiful and colorful garden. So you will sit down with them on a bench for a while in this lovely and deeply quiet place. You never in memory have heard quiet like this, without even distant traffic sounds, no ringing in the ears, and only perhaps the gentle twitter of birds and the lilt of flowers, like barely audible laughter.

Soon you and your primary guide will be moving on to experience your life-review in a great stone building. Then you and your friends and family will gather for your welcome-home party in your family’s ancestral home that could be in an astral city, perhaps; or, as mine is going to be, it might be held amid horses and cows on an old ethnic farm that overlooks the sea. But for now, you have the infinite peace of knowing that once again you are truly at home and forever safe in everlasting arms.

And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly
, and to love mercy,
and to walk humbly
with your God.
– Micah of Moresheth (c.737 BCE – c.696 BCE), from Micah 6:7-8

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52 thoughts on “The Death Experience (Part II)

  1. Dear Roberta, You here make an apparently outlandish claim that there really is no space. Worth thinking about that.

    Let’s start with time. Whereas we experience time running in our mortal lives, when in spirit existence we realize that time no longer runs, but is simply an eternal Now. That does not mean that nothing happens, but instead that what happenes is simply happening NOW. In my research, I found a way of reconciling Earth time running with time in spirit, as immaterial consciousness, not running at all. The maping of time from here in the material world, in which time runs, to the realm of consciousness in which time does not run, is done by maping material time (past, present now, and future) to a four dimensional model for consciousness; different points in time here on Earth map to different locations in the realm of consciouseness, and just as the spatial dimensions of height, depth, and width do not run, so too time does not run, although there are different times corresponding to events.

    But what about the assertion that space itself does not exist? That would mean that everything is lumped together, perhaps in a jumbled mess of sorts. However, just as time does not run in consciousness, so that a single point suffices, e.g., X = 0 on a hypothetical time line, consider that that is true as well for space– it need not extend, so that the reality of consciousness, of spirit existence, is simply the zero coordinate for time and space; likewise, for the higher dimensions they need not extend (it’s a point of interest that in the M Theory variant of superstring theory, which makes use of 11 dimensions to model the behavior of strings, the seven dimensions beyond space-time curl about a zero point and thus lack any extension).

    It might seem at first glance that if the realm of consciousness lacks any extensibility in space-time as we know of it in our material body, it must be boring. But God’s creation of the material world our bodies inhabit for Earth living experience has obviously not created any dull, boring existence. Consciousness, as Roberta explains here is highly, even wildly, creative.

    1. Dr. H: I’m probably wrong, but this sounds like your Frozen Time Theory, which intrigued me and stuck with me ever since you initially mentioned it several weeks ago. The different times matching up to different events, to me, is a perfect explanation of an eternal NOW. In other words, everything that happened is not in the “past” and is not lost, but exists in conjunction with a specific event? – just wondering

        1. Dr. H: Thanks for responding. Based on this theory, would it make sense to assume that when we have a life review, the events of our lives are being accessed in accordance with the Frozen Time Theory? I can’t understand how else anything like a life review could happen. If so. then what we call the
          :past is only meaningful while we are in a physical body and is meaningless once we transition, and time would not run (at least not in a linear way)

          1. Dear Lola, I would love to have Dr. Hiller explain his Frozen Time Theory here for all of us to try to understand, but a reference to a book that we would have to buy simply isn’t helpful now. A life review is best explained as a hologram in which we are made to feel the events of our life from the viewpoint of each person we have affected by our actions in that lifetime. So, for example, if we stole someone’s car and they couldn’t get to work and they lost their job, we will be made to feel all the effects of that action. And this does indeed happen with regard to everything that we have done that has affected someone else in the course of our entire life. And it happens fairly rapidly. In fact, it seems to happen at least twice: Craig Hogan has studied the phenomenon more extensively than I have, and he writes about it in one of his books and I believe that he also has done a video about it for SRO. It is indeed meaningful when we are out of our body, since we are asked to forgive first each person in our life and then ourselves. That is the whole point of the exercise.

          2. Dear Lola, Yes, “[…the past is only meaningful while we are in a physical body and is meaningless once we transition, and time would not run (at least not in a linear way.” In Frozen Time Theory, the fact that everything appears to be made of light was explained as consistent with Special Relativity Theory in which light was conceptulaized as not experiencing time. (I would also suggest that reference to physical-world holography really does not apply to the realm of consciousness).

            Re “space,” as Roberta mentions here, space in the realm of consciousness lacks the meaning we assign to “space” from ouir material world perspective existence.

        2. Oh my dear Jack, all well said, and yes, I would agree. I have been rather beaten up this weekend since I have so much trouble grasping Thomas’s perspective on time and space. But I guess it’s a lot easier to understand those things when we aren’t contending with watches and traffic jams!

          1. Dear Roberta, Your mention that my text requires purchase is a bit over the top, isn’t it? The ebook price is $4.95, deliberately less than a cheap hamburger; the paperback version, printed by the Journal of Consciousnes Exploration and Research, charges $14.95, all proceeds to the Journal. Having spent over a decade on the research presented in the book, my wife insisted that it ought to earn something.

            I ought also mention that the price for Liberating Jesus at $14.95 was well worth the cost.


            I’m sorry to make you feel prickly, Jack! That is the lowest price that Amazon will allow us to charge, and I get none of it. I also offer the PDF of any of my books to anyone who wants them for free. But you know that. And of course even if you gave me your book, I wouldn’t have the time to read any of it, with apologies to your wife, since I am working twelve or more hours every day as it is. Weekends included. Hoping to have more time when SRO goes live, but there have been other deadlines and none of them have made much difference so….

          2. I understand the purpose of the life review, but my only concern was how it could be shown to us exactly like it happened. Many people have experienced this, and I couldn’t help but conclude that the Frozen Time Theory may be the answer, at least in part, to this truly fascinating subject. It seems like everything that ever happens becomes part of the universe and may last for infinity and is accessible. I feel that this material world is extremely limited. It’s like comparing kindergarten to graduate school.

    2. My dear Jack, I’m not making the claim that there is no space. I – or rather, Thomas – is instead saying that since we know that the base creative energy is Consciousness, it is a blank canvass rich with possibilities of infinitely tiny and infinitely grand size. “Size compared to what?” “What if you never had heard of or imagined matter?” And unlike superstring or any other theory of material physics, there is nothing that Consciousness lacks.

      None of this comes from me, of course, and I have fought it just as you seem to be fighting it here, because my focus, like yours, is on the matter around us. Thomas and I have bickered about it quite a lot this week. Whatever I say, he tells me to just stop reasoning from matter. “Get out of the box!” he says. “How big is a thought?”

      1. Hi Roberta, hi everybody! Happy Mother’s Day for those in the places who celebrate it! I am thinking of my own dear mother whose power I feel more closely than when she was “living.” Regarding the space/time thing—I find it helpful to think in terms of experience and relationship rather than where and when. It isn’t a perfect vantage but it is useful.

        1. Oh my dear Mike, you are perfectly right! relationship is indeed key. I could show you a picture of a lovely Chippendale chair, and you wouldn’t know whether it was an exquisite antique worth a fortune or a lovely replica made for a doll’s house that could fit in the palm of your hand.

        2. Hi Mike. I thought of you today because this is the first Mothers Day you had to spend since your mother passed. I know that my first Mothers Day since my mother died was an absolute nightmare, so I hope yours was better than that. I’m sure she was with you today even though you couldn’t see her and I have a hunch that she is very proud of you. That could explain why you feel she is “closer” to you now than when she was here in a physical body.

          1. Thank you, Lola. It was a bit of a tough day but with help we got through it. Thank you for your kind words!

        1. Yes, my dear, and I have thanked you for it. But please understand my peculiar situation! I can’t read anything unless Thomas lets me read it, and he won’t let me read more than bits of your work. My concern above was for others, who were trying to follow your discussion with Lola, and deserved to have your “Frozen Time Theory” explained, at least a little bit. That’s all.

          And thank you for your good wishes!

      2. Dear Lola, I recently finished writing a new book, and it included coverage of the Life Review. Here is a copy of that materiel:

        “… The crowd members are not sophisticated scholars, just plain, ordinary folks who had heard that Jesus was a very special teacher. Jesus has to be very careful how He is telling them that his teachings now supplant the Torah, lest he be turned in by the spies for apostasy, arrested, and killed:
        “ Everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them may be compared to a wise man who built his house on a rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on a rock. Everyone who hears these words of Mine, and who does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house, and it fell – and great was its fall.”

        Hearing these words from Jesus, Jadon relaxed his grip on his dagger, turned to Ira, and whispered, “What he’s telling them shows our intel on him was on the money. He is showing he was a carpenter before he started walking around to get some bread.” Ira responded, “Heck yeah, this guy is all about offering house building and repair tips. But any lame brain would already know not to build a house on sand. These people must be a bunch of dummies to listen to stuff that even a dull child would know. Let’s go back now with our report.”

        Jesus goes on to tell the crowd in plain, simple language that His Father is the source of all that exists, and what is most important to His Father is that they love each other just as He loves them, each and all, without reservation as His own children. That they must forgive each other for any insults or crimes to enable their love to flow. Jesus said,
        “ A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another “

        So, He told them, without explicitly saying by words, that their Creator is not judgmental, and is not vengeful, in contrast to how the Torah had portrayed Him as stern.

        When later the spies report what Jesus said to the crowd, their sophisticated Sanhedrin audience understood what Jesus meant by His parables. He was then in big trouble, and, as the New Testament tells, was eventually crucified for His apparent apostasy. Yet Jesus managed to tell the world that God loves all of His children, and yearns for them to love not only Him but each other as their highest mission in life. Jesus said,
        “You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart [the body’s agency], and with all of your soul [spirit attached to body], and with all of your mind [spirit]. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.“

        There is perhaps a surprising practicality to loving your neighbor as yourself that we have learned from the Life Reviews that occur when an individual has a Near Death Experience (NDE). Kenneth Ring, one of the most eminent pioneers in field of NDE research, says this about the Life Review (LR) experience: “…we’re beginning to grasp the enormity of what the LR has to teach us. It’s as if everything in your life has been recorded and during the LR, it is played back for you, except this time you are able to see how your thoughts and behavior have affected others.
        But there’s more and now I am coming to the most important insight that the LR has to teach us. It’s not just that you experience, say, how an unkind action has made another person feel, it’s worse than that. And why? Because you become that other person and what you have done to him you experience as an act done to yourself.”

        Here is just one of the NDE Life Reviews that Ken Ring cited:
        “The life review continued all the way down to third grade. I was teasing a smaller girl … calling her names … she’s standing against the wall crying … And now I’m on the receiving end, meaning I’m her … And not only am I feeling her sorrow and her pain, but I’m seeing, sensing, and feeling the pain and sorrow in her parents because she’s now going to turn out as a shyer and more inward person … I am also feeling how my actions caused ripples far away, not just in her life, but in her parents’ lives, in her whole family, also in everyone around her. So, I really get a full spectrum of the full consequences — all the links in the chain from spending a few minutes in a schoolyard teasing a girl.”

        In other words, you become your neighbor, and so directly and completely experience their life as you have affected it. If you hurt your neighbor, you then yourself experience that hurt; and if you create joy for your neighbor, you then get to own that joy.

        What Jesus is quoted to have said may often be misinterpreted, because His perspective of reality included both the material world of Earth and the spiritual world of Heaven, and He intermingled His references to these different realms of existence.”

        1. This is so true. Our life here should be based on forgiveness or at least tolerance and understanding. I think the afterlife is just a continuance of our physical life. and Jesus knew that. Like your book says, we need to simply need to live a life that is unselfish. I sure wish I knew this years ago. You can’t imagine how mad at myself I am right now. I never said anything nasty to anyone, but I joined with others to make fun of people. I laughed with them about how “weird” those people were, without even knowing what was in their background. I have read all of Kenneth Ring’s books and they were very instrumental in changing my way of thinking. He was a true pioneer.

          1. Oh my dear Lola, please forgive yourself for your own past mistakes! Indeed, my dear, the afterlife really isn’t a continuation of this life. This life is a very brief detour from our real life, which will resume when we return home. You’ll see.

      3. I think Thomas is right. There is no “size”, and when we try to reconcile regular physics with quantum physics, we only get confused. What we learn from physics is fine when we apply it to our earthly existence but it falls apart when we try to explain the afterlife and a non-material realm existence, as we are dealing with something entirely different. We tend to think of quantum physics as an extension of regular physics, but in my opinion, quantum physics isn’t a “science” at all.

        1. Oh wow, my dear, very wisely said indeed! And you have elicited a little smile from him. He hasn’t been smiling much this week!

  2. Dear Roberta, I love your weekly blogs, especially last week and this week!!! I’m a bit confused when you refer to the North American Summerland because I assumed we all transitioned to the same place as there is no space and no time I thought there would be no geographical differences either? I am from London so what should I expect my Summerland to look like? I like the sound of your snow capped mountains so I hope mine isn’t filled with red busses, phone boxes and post boxes!!! 🤔

    1. Oh my dear Linda, the immediate Summerland to which we graduate has apparently been surprisingly culturally specific, but we haven’t heard enough about recent examples to know if that is still true today. What we do know is that this is most directly true of Level Three, where people are welcomed home. And most of the communications that we have from your neck of the woods describe the reception areas as beautiful Victorian gardens, very much like the North American gardens but minus the snow-capped mountains and with a bit more of an English Victorian feel. Not a red two-decker bus in sight! And as we progress through Levels Four and Five, of course, there is a lot of traveling and visiting back and forth. I’ll bet you’ll find as the American Baby Boomers who were big John Lennon fans transition and attend his concerts there, and the British Boomer rock fans attend American Elvis concerts, the cultural blending is already happening!

      1. I wonder if John Lennon and Elvis (and thousands of others) are still performing there, or instead, are people somehow just accessing their old concerts from decades ago

        1. Hi Lola,

          During a dream visitation with an old friend, I observed her and a friend of hers at a meet and greet with a denim-clad John Lennon, after a huge concert he had given in Central Park. I was told he does these often, and welcomes all souls to interact with him afterwords. George Harrison was also there neat him, but only as an observer. John seemed much softer and less edgy than he could be in earth form. Very loving, willing to share ideas and spiritual concepts. I was so disappointed to have missed his concert—only entered the scene afterwards, where he was under some sort of roof covering, greeting people. It was wonderful!

          1. Dear Scott, I haven’t seen a good modern description of a concert, but those from the turn of the previous century are amazing. They were held in great open ampitheaters, and orchestras played classical music which formed great clouds of colors in the air above. Somehow, it seemed to each attendee that he or she was sitting front row center. Of course, now most of the performers are individuals, so people merely think that they want to attend a John Lennon or a John Denver concert, and when one is about to be held they simply are transported there – wherever it is going to be held in the astral – and they arrive, front row center, just as the concert begins.

          2. Wow Scott. That is truly amazing. Sounds like more than just a dream. I had heard of similar things but wrote it off as wishful thinking etc. Some of these people loved to perform, so in that way, it makes sense for them to continue doing so.

        2. Oh my dear Lola, there seems still to be nothing but live performances – no recorded performances at all. And the performers interact much more with the concert attendees than they would at earth-based performances, which is refreshing to see!

          1. This is truly amazing and even more so when you realize that no one has to pay big bucks to see it happen!!

  3. Warm Greetings, Roberta, You wrote “It has of late been scientifically proven that He did indeed resurrect His body a couple of days after its death” referring to The Lord Jesus. Will you kindly elaborate on that statement? I have a primitive understanding of the mechanics of His resurrection, and I would LOVE to learn more. With Deep Regard, Kenny

    1. Hello Kenny! I elaborate on that statement further in the two-year-old blog post cited above: Jesus left behind and ensured the preservation of the shroud and face cloth which carried evidence that we can read only now, in the twenty-first century. It is really very much beyond remarkable! I would say more here, but I’m thinking of talking more about it next week.

      1. Andrew Silverman, who has been studying the shroud for many years, said this as well. He feels that the more time goes by, the evidence of its authenticity becomes stronger. He is now devoting his time to try to explain how the image got on the cloth. He did mention in an interview that whatever happened had to have required a ton of energy – more than we could cause to occur even today. That is truly mind boggling when you consider how old the shroud is!

        1. Oh yes, my dear Lola. Thomas tells me that the power of Jesus individually is at least the power of the Godhead Collective, which is infinite. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been that when He was on earth as Jesus, but it was a great deal even then. It was enough to reanimate a dead body, but since the body had been dead for two days it was already decomposing so after He had made His point to His disciples (and to us today), He cast it aside and used an astral body until His ascension 40 days later. You can see it in the Gospel accounts if you read them closely. It is all quite remarkable!

          1. What is an astral body? Is this the same as a spirit body or is it something different? I never heard of this before

  4. My dear, I’m not sure what you mean by a spirit body. An astral body is the sort of body that is used in the astral plane and in the afterlife. It’s composed of a material which is something like alabaster, living and warm to the touch but without atomic structure and very slightly translucent. We can modify it easily with our minds to conform to whatever picture we have in our minds.

  5. Ok I’m a newbie here but I have had a robust curiosity of the afterlife since I was a kid. My father and sister both transitioned recently, my mom in 2015. I’m experiencing what I think of as the expected stages of grief. I do miss them tremendously and pray they’ve transitioned successfully and are at peace. So I have a question… I believe someone in this thread or you had mentioned there is no food, no need for it with our astral form. How about folks who’s professional or pastime passions revolve around food here in the physical realm? Is that enthusiasm for something that is so integral to our lives here accommodated in the next realm?

    1. Oh my dear Charlie, we love newbies here most of all! Welcome! And your question is a great one. People who have just transitioned are of course used to eating and drinking, and especially at gala celebrations, so there are refreshments served at our welcome home parties. Our astral bodies lack internal organs, so whatever we ingest simply disappears. And the taste is as we remember it from our earth-lifetime. Mikey Morgan talks about having enjoyed food in his book, Flying High in Spirit. He says that the problem is that there is no fullness sensation, no satisfaction, so we soon get past wanting to eat. There are so many other enjoyable things to do anyway!

  6. Thank you Roberta for these beautiful depictions of the afterlife. This knowledge can bring a lot of freedom from our worldly attachments and fears, and freedom to persue more spiritual lives. It makes me contemplate how the world would change if this were common knowledge. (And I won’t try wrapping my head around the space and time stuff until I’m back in my eternal mind, in spirit home. This little monkey brain I have now will just start pouring smoke out of my ears. 😄)

    1. Oh my dear lovely Scott, you are always so sweetly sensible! I am confident that once everyone on earth is certain that human life is eternal there will be no more wars, no more human suffering and hatreds, and the kingdom of God will reign on earth. Which is why I do all of this. Thank you, my dear friend, for being who you are 🙂

    2. Scott: You are so right. People would change their perspective if they knew these things to be true. Scientists would stop trying to explain things by using only the physics that apply to a material world, for instance. It would be even better if people would realize that earth existence is temporary and equivalent to a school.

      1. Hi Lola. I wonder if those scientist might be a bit more willing to give up their phobia of anything spiritual if they realized they could avoid a lot of wasteful effort and get some valuable insights from guides or “colleagues” on the other side. It could be like a secret weapon or a career booster. I think Tesla had a quote sort of along those lines.

        1. Yes, my dear Scott, the great polymath Nikola Tesla did indeed say,
          “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” But unfortunately, no scientist can follow his recommendation without ending his own scientific career!

        2. I think you’re right. If they would only work with these non-physical entities instead of denying they exist, who knows what valuable information they might come up with.

  7. revered divine dear person Roberta, my humble reverence for your eternal existence and my humble reverence for your hard work and divine will to help living beings who love god. I am ashamed to say the word thank you, that word is too small to express my deep gratitude to you and your service entrusted to you by his divine love grace Jesus Christ. deep deep deep my respect, oh god god to you, to you divine being, what else can i say, i’m so small and not existing that i don’t even deserve to address you, my heart rejoices when it sees the smile of jesus on your face

    1. Oh, my dear Aleksa, thank you for your kind words, although I don’t feel at all worthy of them. Jesus and my beautiful spirit guide, Thomas, are worthy of your gratitude, but I am just their servant.

      I’m not sure how you will take this, but I hope you will take it happily. In giving me so much praise that I hesitated awhile before I approved your comment, and you made my spirit guide laugh, and he insisted that I must approve it, you actually created an in-joke for Thomas and his own dear Friend. You made my Thomas laugh, my dear, and he almost never laughs, so thank you for that! I enjoyed his enjoyment. And then his Friend laughed. My dear Aleksa, believe it or not, you have made Jesus laugh today! 😉

  8. Dear Roberta, I would like to ask you something about the getting „off-track“ of some souls. When my grandmother died, my mother covered all the mirrors in our house with cloth, but couldn‘t really explain why she did so. Do you think this is just a superstition or might a transitioning person get somehow in the wrong way because of shining mirrors or the picture the mirror shows?
    And when my aunt passed 3 years ago at home, the nurse who had taken care of her left the room immediately and refused to go back in there. Instead she sat in the kitchen, lit a candle and said a prayer. Can you tell me, if the light of a candle is just a kind of a symbol or might it be helpful for the transitioning person?
    By the way, just about 3 months after her passing, I heard the voice of my aunt, calling my name twice. She hadn‘t really believed in the afterlife and I had tried a few times to talk to her about my nde and obe experiences as a child to comfort her, but she was skeptical. A few days after hearing her voice (that sounded quite happy or nearly enthusiastic!) I got a phone call from someone with the exact name (first name and last name) as my aunt had (and she didn‘t have a common name) who wanted to make a business appointment with me. I nearly dropped the phone! And finally, this person with the same name as my aunt had, wrote me an email with just the words „Thank you!“ on the day of my birthday. Isn’t that nice?
    Thank you so much for your work, that helps so many people and will make the world better!


  9. Good questions, Karin!
    Yes, the covering-mirrors idea is an old superstition. Mirrors, or more precisely pools of blood, were used for scrying – conjuring spirits – in ancient temples, but they aren’t of help to transitioning spirits in modern situations.

    And candles aren’t known to be of help either to those who are transitioning. The key – as we say – is for people who find themselves out of their bodies to always follow the folks in spirit who have come to take them home!

    And the business encounter with the person who shared your aunt’s name actually could have been a sign from your transitioned aunt. That sort of thing has been known to happen.

    Finally, my dear Karin, Thank YOU for saying such kindly words!!

  10. Dearest Roberta,
    Your description of the Afterlife is so beautiful. It is as if the Agape Himself has created the most exquisitely colorful, verdant and flower laden countryside, just so He could cradle us in living love. All that inspiring, undying, natural beauty being simply the lower levels of our Heavenly home.

    And birth and death are no more than doorways to pass through; life frames a disparate collection of growth experiences somewhere within the eternity of our souls.

    So no matter what happens here in the troubled turbulence of the human world, it will be alright in the end.

    No wonder an enlightened soul somewhere, sometime said: ‘Do you want to know my secret? I don’t care what happens to me.”

    1. So beautifully said, my dear Efrem! And yes, the Summerland is indeed beautiful! It really is impossible for us to imagine how much each of us is perfectly loved, and that is entirely independent of whether or not we profess any religion, or no religion at all. The divisions that exist between people now, and that cause us so much pain, are pointless. What ever we might believe here, we all go to the very selfsame afterlife!

  11. the goodness of light Roberta; with the tacit permission of his beautiful being of fragrant existence at the heart of the white rose of Thomas and his friend, all the total existence of the beauty of tenderness bliss of total happiness in the form of all fragrant attractive eternal existence of the Lord Christ, quiet inaudibly invisible as lotus scent their mission entrusted to you have succeeded, every father wants his son to be greater in success than himself, their tender contented laugh is an expression of success in you

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