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Posted by Roberta Grimes • December 27, 2015 • 14 Comments
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(The final week of December is for reruns, so I hope you’ll forgive me if instead I write a paean to my favorite book. We’ll be back to seriousness next week. Promise!)

It has been nearly a year since my spirit guide, Thomas, broke into my Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00067]daytime existence and began the process that led to Liberating Jesus. I found it all to be a harrowing experience, and then I went through a summer of angst because the book is so extreme. It was only when Liberating Jesus was received so well that I really believed that Jesus was pleased with it!

Meanwhile, toward the end of the summer my eternal friend, Thomas, lightened up. He had made allusions to his having “helped” me write my Doubleday novel about Thomas Jefferson’s marriage, and finally in September he flat-out told us that My Thomas is a channeled memoir of Thomas Jefferson’s life during the Revolutionary War.

Well, of course it is. I feel foolish that I ever imagined I could have written it myself!

The idea for My Thomas came out of the blue, but the notion of writing it soon compelled me. Thomas Jefferson was married in 1772 and widowed just over a decade later, so his marriage spanned the Revolutionary War period. And what a Quill Penmarriage it was! Jefferson was so bereft at Patty’s death that he burned all their letters to one another. He never married again, and even in his old age he referred to his long-ago wife as “the cherished companion of my life” and to his marriage as “ten years of unchequered happiness.”

After a year of doing intensive research that felt like a treasure hunt, easy and joyous, I sat down to write, and I found the story already forming into scenes in my mind. Writing it was easy! I could hardly type fast enough. It came out all in a single draft – even written in Elizabethan English! – and when my agent sent it to Doubleday’s head acquisitions editor, she bought it at once and insisted that I not change a word. That she soon found a better job so My Thomas was orphaned and largely ignored seems now to have been a part of the plan. It was essential that I not become a novelist!

Thomas Jefferson was immensely private. His only “memoir” is a dry account of aspects Middle-Aged Jeffersonof his public life. So why would he have channeled in 1990 an intimate account of the most private part of his whole lifetime as Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas now has me on a need-to-know basis because he has learned that whatever he allows me to remember from our nightly meetings I will blab. But by September 15th, Liberating Jesus was at last on track toward publication, and when I had a reading with a medium that day, a relaxed and very cheerful Thomas told us some remarkable things. He said that:

  • Jesus decided in the nineteen-eighties that He was going to write His definitive book. Thomas volunteered me to be the Lord’s scribe. Eventually I was the one chosen.

But before I was chosen it was important that they demonstrate that I could do spirit-assisted research, and also that I could channel. So Thomas guided me in researching and writing a beautiful story from his Jefferson lifetime of which he knew there would be lots of evidence. My Thomas was written as a demo.

  • The team around Jesus has been preparing me to write the Master’s book for more than twenty years. I have wracked my memory to try to figure out what it was that they were doing!

I passed those decades in extensive and very disciplined afterlife research as I perfected my understanding of the greater reality. And apparently, night after night as my body slept I sat at an astral table where I was coached in interpreting the afterlife evidence, coached in understanding the Gospel red letters, and coached in channeling The Fun of Dying and The Fun of Staying in Touch. I see now that I have done none of this on my own!

Martha in CardinalMy Thomas was reissued in December, to warm reviews. I really can take none of the credit!

Liberating Jesus is not my baby. When I read it, I find beautiful truths and extraordinary phrases that I did not write. But even after Thomas’s confession that, you know, he channeled this one, too, My Thomas Old Thomas Jeffersonremains the child of my heart. It is a glorious love story, a meticulous account of daily life at America’s founding, and the most beautiful thing that I ever will write. That it is the youthful memoir of America’s ideological Founding Father actually makes me love it more! Whatever you might think of Thomas Jefferson now, at one time even he was young. And he fell into a love so perfect that ten years of it lasted for the rest of his life.

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14 thoughts on “My Thomas

  1. Happy New Year Roberta….I just ordered your book “My Thomas”…it’s temporarily out of stock but will anxiously await it’s arrival. Loved “Liberating Jesus” …plan to re read in the early New Year

    Much Love to you

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, dear! I felt kind of guilty to be doing a blog post on this book just because I love it so much ;-). I think you’ll find that meeting the young Thomas Jefferson is like meeting America at its founding: he is young and bright and hopeful, and such a wonderful, devoted husband to a sometimes difficult but also extraordinary woman. Please let me know what you think once you’ve read it. And I hope your 2016 will be wonderful!!

  2. Thanks for this “re-run” blog, Roberta, it was a good refresher!

    Looking forward to your many inspiring blogs in 2016. The blogs and your podcasts this past year have certainly helped me in a number of ways. I’m getting in touch with my Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides and feeling inspired to tackle a writing project I’ve been putting off.

    Blessings to you and everyone in 2016!

    1. I’m so glad that you’re feeling inspired to write, Michael! You have so much to give. Having a whole new shiny year of possibilities ahead of us is exciting, isn’t it? Happy New Year! I hope this will be your best year ever!

  3. Today I saw your interview with George Noory about The Fun of Dying. I have to say it brought tears to my eyes to think of the glorious future that awaits each one of us, and that we no longer have to fear death. I also ordered the book, along with The Fun of Staying in Touch, My Thomas and Liberating Jesus. However, I am curious to know just how does one get in touch with one’s spirit guides or guardian angel? Is it through just wishing for it, or is it through prayer? To me prayer doesn’t seem an option because I would have to know to whom it is I am directing the prayer. How does it work?

    1. Hello Penny! I’m so glad you enjoyed that interview. Doing it was a lot of fun; George really is a lovely man. As for getting in touch with your spirit guides during the daytime, the only way that I know to do it is through a spiritual medium who has cultivated that skill. My relationship with Thomas would not be possible without the astonishing abilities of Susanne Wilson, who is the best medium I ever have encountered.

      Each of us has a primary guide who assists us throughout our lives, as well as additional guides who come and go as we might need their help – “for a season or a reason” is the way Susanne puts it. We actually are in constant contact with our guidance team! We travel out of body nearly every night, when we often meet with them to get their counsel; and in addition, I have found that our primary spirit guide is almost part of our own mind. I was able to channel Thomas easily, and doing it just made me feel very smart!

      Even if you’re not yet ready to contact Susanne or someone like her and really get in touch, you can acknowledge and begin to work with your primary guide. Here are a couple of methods that I have found to work well:

      1) If you are wondering about whether or not you should do something, think the question clearly (or, better, say it aloud) just before you go to sleep. Then pay attention to the first thoughts in your mind upon waking. Surprisingly often – and especially as you do this more – you will find an answer in your mind. This works because they counsel us as our bodies sleep.

      2) Talk aloud to your guide during the day. It helps if you have first met the guide through a medium, but even before you do that, you can give the guide a gender-neutral name, and think, or – better – say aloud that you are doing that so you can begin to feel closer to your guide. Then you might ask questions, offer thanks, say that you are frightened or angry and ask for help with that, and sometimes just perhaps ruminate on things. Our guides can hear our thoughts, but the energy of our communication is generally stronger if we speak aloud. In my experience, our guides don’t use their real eternal names with us, but rather they will say – as mine did – something like “you may call me Thomas” (because he knew that was how I would think of him). It’s very common for our guides when we meet them through a medium to say “give me a name that you like, and we’ll use it.”

      Dear, you should be on the lookout for signs from your guide, especially number signs. A row of at least three of the same number, as on a digital clock, is very often a little hug from a spirit guide. My own primary guide bores easily, so he tends to give me more complicated number signs; then when I spot one, I’ll say, “That’s you, right?” and he’ll give me the little rush of good-feeling that I think of as his smile. They are there to help us make the most of our lives, so if our interacting with them in the daytime helps us to do that, they’re game!

      I hope this helps, dear Penny. You will find that really knowing that your mind is eternal is just the beginning of a wonderfully happier and more abundant life! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact block on this website.

      1. Thank you, Roberta, for your reply. What you wrote had me really thinking! Last year, one late afternoon I was driving home from town when I spotted an unusual cloud formation directly in front of my line of sight. It was perfectly shaped as the figures “1” and “0”, or “10” which is my birth number when all the digits are added together. There were no other clouds around, so I thought it was pretty remarkable at the time, and I wondered if there was any significance to it. I remember wondering if I should buy a lottery ticket! Perhaps it was my guide with a sense of humour.

        1. Heh – I’ll bet that is who it was, dear! They are people, after all, and they love us very much; to have us notice the things they do really delights them. You are just now entering what will be by far the most wonderful stage of your life, when fear becomes a thing of the past and the joy of intimate connection and love will transform your life!

  4. I just watched your very interesting show with George Noory via the gaia website. It made me hopeful and I definitely plan to get your books and learn more-thank you!
    I have a question about communicating with my loved ones. If they have reincarnated, aren’t they in a new body and back here on Earth? How can we communicate when they are no longer Dad, sister, etc.?

    1. Oh dear Tracy, many people worry about this, but you really have no need to worry! It seems to be extremely rare – as in vanishingly rare, even never-ish rare – for people to reincarnate before the rest of their immediate family has transitioned. Once no one they knew in their most recent lifetime has gone back home to be greeted and loved, and often a generation or two beyond that, people who still are learning will usually get the urge again to reincarnate; but not until then. And anyway, the choice to reincarnate seems to be almost entirely in our own hands. So your communicating with those you love who are still on earth will be easy, darling – no worries!

      1. Thank you for explaining this to me-I feel so much better!! I really love the way that you speak and the way that you write. It is very kind and encouraging yet so full of knowledge. I immediately trusted you. Thanks so much!!

        1. Thank you Tracy for bringing up the subject of communicating with relatives who may have already reincarnated. I was wondering the same thing myself. And thank you, Roberta, for your reply.

          However, I look at my little grandson and see the same crooked smile he sometimes gives, which is identical to my brother, who is still alive, and wonder if it is my dead father reincarnated. My brother looks so like our father, that I have to wonder. The sad fact is that although my brother and father are family, we were never close, so perhaps my father may not have wanted to wait around for anyone else from our family. Perhaps he decided to take his chances earlier. Likewise I cannot imagine my mother waiting around for anyone else from our family. But I would love it if my maternal grandparents were my welcoming committee when the time comes.

          1. Dear Penny, of course anything can happen, but usually those who reincarnate so soon will be people who have died as children. Surprisingly often, they will reincarnate soon thereafter in the same family.

            I think, too, that even though you weren’t close to your parents, they would be likely to wait there for your arrival before incarnating. Once we are out of body and past all the life-stresses, our attitude toward the rest of our family group is much different! But dear, if you put out your intention that your grandparents greet you at your death, that is the sort of request that is usually answered favorably. Your greeters tend to be whomever you trust most (I have asked for and received assurance that my horse is going to be my primary greeter!).

            It’s lovely that your grandson resembles your brother and your father; I like to think that your dad is right there around him, helping to guide him. Big hug, dear!

  5. Thank you, dear Tracy! I’m sure you understand that for you to learn and revel in the glorious truth of your eternal nature is especially important to me, so I work very hard to earn your trust!

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