Scientific Shark-Jumping

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 14, 2016 • 6 Comments
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Shark-FaceThe fact that mainstream science marries dogmas with what is supposed to be an open-minded pursuit of the truth is tying today’s scientists into knots. Groundbreaking research is being hampered; inventions that make no sense are being touted; and, with it all, a vast new source of expert help is being rejected out of hand. The result is that twenty-first-century science is so altogether stymied that it is blundering into extremes of folly as it hurries up its own blind alleys. The popular term for things that once were great but now are sliding toward absurdity comes from an episode of the TV series “Happy Days,” where the Fonz jumps a shark on water skis. If modern science were as irrelevant as TV fiction, then its shark-jumping would be no problem at all! But as it is, the university departments’ and journals’ ongoing insistence that all scientific inquiry must be material impoverishes us all.

Here are examples of just three areas where those scientific elites are impairing what they should be enabling. These aren’t the only problems being caused for science by its gatekeepers’ insistence on materialism, but they are the ones that come first to mind:

  • Absurd inventions that are wastes of time and money are being touted as advances. As billionaires age, they begin to worry about their own mortality,human brain on white background and happily there are always scientists cheerfully willing to waste their money. The current vogue is for trying to find ways to keep brains going after bodily death, and to pair those bits of mortal meat with machinery that will mimic an immortal body. I am linking to this article primarily for its creepy illustration, which sums up the absurdity of it all. And this isn’t even the worst bit of nonsense! A Russian magnate  plans to “upload his personality” to a robot in order to achieve immortality. No meat-brain now to keep alive, true, but he has another serious problem. If the scientific theory that his brain generates his consciousness turns out to be right, then after his body dies there will be no personality anywhere to be uploaded, will there? And if his personality can live without his brain, then wouldn’t it be better for him to go to the actual glorious afterlife, and not try to live on trapped forever in some infernal earthly machine?
  • Research scientists are needlessly stymied. If the earnest folks who are studying dark matter had any inkling of what afterlife researchers have learned about the greater reality, then they might investigate more effective ways to integrate dark matter with the material universe. But instead, these folks are reduced to assuming that in a reality of breathtaking efficiency, fully twenty-seven percent of the universe – a mass five times that of traditional matter – is just a garbage of particles.
  • Potential collaborators are being ignored. There was a time when Einstein Frontcommunication with people we used to think were dead was a hit-or-miss game using mediums whose honesty might be questionable. That day is past. And furthermore, in this new century, actively assisting people on earth is a first priority of many dead scientists. These folks were experts when they were in bodies, and now they know even a whole lot more because from their laboratories in the astral levels their ability to access knowledge is immensely greater. Once mainstream science stops being a belief-system and returns to being an open-minded pursuit of the truth, these dead collaborators are going to be able to help our knowledge to advance by light-years!

The examples given here would be funny if they were not so pathetic. For so long as scientific gatekeepers continue to enforce a false and foolish dogma, well-meaning professional scientists will waste what should be their important careers.

A lot of the scientific work that has been done over the past century is Wall-Egrounded in incomplete information, so eventually it must all be redone. We continue to pay a heavy price for the fact that, a hundred years ago, scientific gatekeepers were so worried about unexpectedly finding God that they stepped over what should have been an iron line and turned science into just another religion.


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6 thoughts on “Scientific Shark-Jumping

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head once again, Roberta. I’ve just run across two articles that relate to this.

    One is about how we’ll be able to transfer our consciousness to the Internet and buzz around the world wide web for eternity! Yeah!

    The second is a new Australian company that wants to be able to upload a person’s consciousness to a robotic body with a cloned brain of that person. They say they’ll be able to do this within 30 years. Whooopie!

    This silliness just keeps cropping up like weeds in a garden!

    1. Wow, dear, you’ve found two more! And that cloning of the brain is a nice touch, when they seem to see their primary problem to be how they can keep an already aged brain healthy for long enough to matter. We start with a new brain. Nice touch. Utterly stupid and clueless, of course, but nice. Whoever thought this up is going to have a great new pitch for the oligarchs whose fear and desperation is what keeps the laboratory lights on and the researchers’ children fed.

      That notion of turning ourselves into Internet blips is a variation on our Russian friend’s plan to upload his personality to a robot, and it suffers from the same logical conundrum. It is a corollary of the scientific dogma of materialism that the mind, awareness, personality, or whatever you want to call it MUST be generated by the brain. If it isn’t, then the corollary fails and we cast serious doubt on the dogma of materialism, and therefore on every scientific development of the whole past century. The mind MUST die when the body dies, and therefore if either the Russian magnate that I discuss above or these folks of yours who wish to live forever on the Internet actually succeed in accomplishing their proposed tricks experimentally, they will have disproven materialism and wrecked modern science.

      As the King of Siam, who was infatuated with science (if the story is to be believed) would say, “It is a puzzlement.”

  2. Roberta,

    I just discovered your books, and through your books this website.

    I agree it is a travesty how mainstream so-called scientists are playing ostrich and ignoring the huge amounts of consistent evidence for the reality of afterlife.

    I didn’t know that you, or your people you know or have interviewed, are in touch with true scientific luminaries, if I remember Albert Einstein and other physicists. What a resource!

    It seems that if an afterlife researcher like you, Roberta, shared some breakthrough knowledge heretofore undiscovered that you received from the “other side” then mainstream scientists would have to take you and your colleagues seriously! Have you thought about doing this? Have you, or other mediums, received any information which scientists could verify experimentally, and thus have to admit you are right and have an otherworldly, advanced source? That would be awesome!

    John D.

    1. I’m so glad that you’re here, John! And your suggestion is an excellent one. In fact, such scientific luminaries as Einstein and Tesla are working right now on developing efficient electronic communication between their level and this one, and we are told that their work – already in Beta – will be commercially efficient within the next two years. At that point, the technology will be offered for free, and will be readily usable by anyone with a computer. When many people are communicating with their dead loved ones, no medium needed, it will be impossible for scientists any longer to deny these truths without being laughed at. Soon thereafter, very red-faced, they will have to begin to seek the reality that is right in front of them!

  3. Roberta,

    I hope you are right, but I am not sure that computers will prove to be a more compelling vehicle for communication than mediums. In particular, the devices I’ve heard about use some kind of modulated noise and thus seem to require a high level of subjective interpretation.

    If Einstein and Tesla really wanted to settle the case, they could explicate a law of physics not currently known which could subsequently be empirically proven. For example, the existence of a new sub-atomic particle, a theory linking known elementary forces, etc. By analogy, if the Bible had predicted the pathogenic theory of disease, or the connection between magnetism and electricity, I suspect many more scientists would believe it was divinely inspired. (As it is, we have the prediction of global floods and a 6,000 year-old earth.)

    I cannot produce such evidence, but if I were in a position to communicate with dead scientists that would certainly be my priority!


    1. My dear John, thank you for such a thoughtful reply! But the dead know so much more – not just about what is happening now, but also about what the future holds – that they really don’t think the way that we do. The physics of the second half of this century is going to be based in consciousness, and the present pursuit of Newtonian physics with a little nod to quantum physics will be seen by history to have be a dead end; so they likely aren’t keen from where they are now to be working with physicists who are still in the weeds.

      What seems to be holding their attention is another venture altogether. They know that getting the attention of scientists was tried a hundred years ago, and the only result was the establishment of materialism as the fundamental dogma of mainstream science – a dogma, incidentally, that continues to this day. So the dead now seem to assume that the only way to get through to scientists is to shame them. Accordingly, their fresh effort to enlighten the planet is turning out to be a bottom-up effort, meant to spread at the grassroots until so many regular people know what is going on that scientists will be shamed into dropping materialism and studying the afterlife evidence. From this perspective, they are working now on establishing the new North American station, which will allow the dead to communicate easily with their English-speaking relatives. (This is already being done successfully in Brazil, but in Portuguese; the dead have let us know that each language needs its individual station.)

      When only ten percent of English speakers are communicating on their own, without a medium – and perhaps another thirty percent know someone who is doing that regularly – it will be impossible any longer for scientists to deny that the dead survive. To do that would make them objects of ridicule! And this seems to be the goal of dead scientists at this point. Rather than going after the living scientific community directly, they are going after regular folks with the intention of forcing scientists to dropping their objections to studying the afterlife that the broad majority now realizes is real.

      Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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