The 2017 AREI Symposium

Posted by Roberta Grimes • May 05, 2017 • 13 Comments
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It astonishes me now to realize that I met Craig Hogan just in 2009, and Susanne Wilson and the Zammits in 2014. For decades my obsessive hobby of investigating the afterlife was a lonely slog, with no colleagues and with no one in my life who even cared about what I was learning. I had known about Victor Zammit since the nineties, but he lived in Australia. Before the Internet, how useful was that?

It turns out, though, that during my decades of immersion in doing afterlife research, many others also felt called to do this work. They also labored on their own. But in the past few years we have found one another, connecting at conferences and on the Internet, and confirming (this should surprise no one) that all of us have reached the same conclusions. In particular, I have deeply connected with Craig Hogan, Susanne Wilson, and Victor and Wendy Zammit, and a year ago we formed an organization that is dedicated to sharing these truths.

The entire purpose of The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc.  is worldwide afterlife-related research and education! As we gear up, we are making plans to raise money for electronic communications research, for an online university, and for outreach and support to local groups that share our interests. And on the weekend of September 15th we are excited to be holding our first annual Symposium! We hope you will be eager to join the five of us and two-dozen other experts in the broad field of afterlife studies. Together we’ll explore not just the standard afterlife topics but also cutting-edge afterlife communications practices; the best methods for achieving rapid spiritual growth; new thinking about how best to manage the transition that is not really death; and what the dead tell us is the purpose of human life. All in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.

This will be the world’s largest and most comprehensive afterlife symposium! We have arranged special rates for two-room suites at the Embassy Suites for our attendees, as well as optional “bucket-list” experiences including a tour to Sedona, tours of Old Phoenix, and hot air balloon rides. This Symposium will be the third time that I have worked with Craig in putting on a large event, and I think it’s going to be our best one yet. Early-bird pricing ends on May 15th. Click HERE for more details. This is going to be fun!

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13 thoughts on “The 2017 AREI Symposium

  1. Wish I could be there … next event maybe? Unless I win in the lottery :-).

    From the other side of the Atlantic I want to thank you all dearly for the research that you provide to the rest of us, and that for free. I have no words but praise for all you do. Thank you Roberta, the Zammits, R. Craig Hogan, Susanne Wilson and ALL the guests on the show. I find nothing near what you do in my own country, so yet again we look to the US. And there it is.



    1. Thank you, Bent! It’s our pleasure to be doing this work and helping so many people, and it’s wonderful that the Internet enables us all to be so close worldwide. Soon AREI hopes to have an online university, and eventually these meetings will mostly be online and you will be a part of them! Meanwhile, I’m sending you a hug;-).

  2. Roberta, I am SO sad that I can’t be there as I will be on vacation – island-hopping in the Canary Islands, 15 September for two weeks. I really want/need to get across the Atlantic and attend one of these annual (or bi-annual) events in Arizona. I have been lucky enough to have already met Wendy and Victor, but I would love to meet you and Susanne as well one day. The nearest you and I have got to meeting is one Skype chat – so far. That must change! Hugs, Brian x

    1. I would love to meet you, too, Brian! These annual events are so much fun, lots of hugs and laughter and deep chats with people that we never would see otherwise. I really wish you could be there, but I believe we will be hosting them annually for awhile so perhaps with some planning we can make it happen!

    1. Hello Carol! We love the Phoenix area and the Phoenix people – what a joyous and spiritually open place it is! Please do come and find me and introduce yourself, and if there is anything we can do for you please let us know!

    1. Heh – you have no idea how often that happens, Mike! I was named after an uncle, so I suppose it’s fitting.

      It would be lovely if you could come to one of these – they are an amazing amount of fun!

  3. I am so looking forward to this event. I am registered and set to go. It will be great to see you again. I was at the 2015 conference in Scottsdale. I can thoroughly relate to the “lonely slog” you speak of. I still have very few in-person friends who share my passion for afterlife/consciousness research. I mostly end up exploring in writing since few in my sphere want to discuss it. That is starting to change, however. I think it will change even more in September!

    1. It will be great to see you again, Joshua! Yes, the world really is changing: I have seen it happen just since The Fun of Dying first was published in 2010. Give it seven more years, and everyone is going to be more or less taking the truth for granted… and soon after that, the world really will change. See you soon!!

  4. Hi Roberta

    Just to emphasize the point Bent made…your work and passion is spreading rapidly around the world. Like him, I wish I could attend as the revelation/realization takes hold that we don’t die or that we are more than our physical bodies, many of us are wanting to KNOW more so that we can live in harmony and optimize our Higher Self asap.
    I am writing from South Africa and sharing my discovery with others on a daily basis.
    Can you imagine being able to move away from conflict, racism, poverty, gender of sexuality issues, power issues, becoming conscious about the integrated spheres of biosphere and evolved mankind.
    Imagine too the housewives, teachers, judges, lawmakers (including Donald Trump) understanding their serious roles in our various societies and that we ultimately ARE ALL ONE!
    Has not the time come where consciousness movements are making accessible to everyone this information regardless of ability or background simply because it is important.
    I would LOVE to be there simply for the excitement of knowing how our collective awareness of consciousness is evolving.
    Spiritual pioneer Roberta Grimes, i applaud you all (and those throughout mankind)for seeking to remind us who we REALLY are.
    Make that online university/college/place of learning a reality.

    With most sincere wishes

    Martin Koopman
    Cape Town
    South africa

    1. Wow, Martin, thank you for your kind words! It’s wonderful to watch the world awakening now, and thrilling to be a part of it. We do want to begin the online university, but it’s going to be a huge undertaking and quite expensive – we had thought to start it this year, but now next year seems the better bet.

      I’m delighted that you are spreading the word where you are, Martin, because that is how truth is going to dawn everywhere, over all the earth: with each of us doing what we can. And if I can ever be of help to you, please do let me know!

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