Non-material Consciousness

Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 20, 2024 • 8 Comments
Understanding Reality

There is someone walking behind you.
Turn around. Look at me.
There is someone watching your footsteps.
Turn around, look at me.

There is someone who really needs you!
Here’s my heart in my hand!
Turn around, look at me!
Understand, understand!
– Jerry N. Capehart (1928-1998), from “Turn Around, Look at Me” (1968)

How is all this further materialist scientific dithering and nonsense even possible anymore in the twenty-first century? We all have learned long since that everything is consciousness. So watching so many supposedly well-educated people battling about whether or not consciousness even actually exists at all, and what it is, or whether what they are ostensibly using to think about these matters is, you know, only after all just an illusion in some way, or an artifact produced by their material brain and somehow not real is actually hysterically funny, when you think about it. Well, you are using your mind, of course. And your mind is objectively real. But as has also been true in the field of origin-of-life research, where thanks to the brilliant origin-of-life scientist James Tour, there is no traditional matter-based scientist who seems to be able to do anything right. So also, in traditional matter-based consciousness studies, the scientific old guard has been having a rough time of late.

Okay, so it does seem to be clear even to most scientists by now that what we experience as human consciousness is at least something objectively real that we can study. But, where does consciousness come from? The notion that it springs from matter in some fashion, which is what traditional scientists still insist must be true in order for consciousness to fit their materialist paradigm, in fact makes no sense. It is a pity, really, that the only nontraditional scientists working in this field are batting for the Christian team, because one need not have a religious bias to simply be investigating these basic truths. As you will shortly see.

There is an organization called which apparently is largely political. But its scientific arm does brilliant, cutting-edge work, and their videos are extraordinary! A short while back, produced five videos which are a must-watch series for anyone who is trying to better understand consciousness. They are beautifully produced and easy to understand, and the case that they make together for how consciousness actually works is really impossible to refute:

  • Matter Does Not Produce Consciousness. Here we see in wonderful detail how impossible it would be for consciousness to be merely somehow the product of the material human brain.
  • How Consciousness and Yellow are Alike. Okay, so these folks can be playful when they want to be, and especially when they find playfulness to be useful in proving their point! And it really is impossible to explain awareness in terms of matter, and to correlate any felt experience to matter. Consciousness is not in any way reducible to matter at all.
  • Why Materialists Cannot Fully Explain Consciousness. What is monumentally complex about consciousness is here shown in a series of detailed experiments that more or less literally blow your mind, ending with one where all connection is severed between the two hemispheres of the brain, each of which separately operates the opposite side of the body. And yet the victim can move in the world almost perfectly normally, including coordinating both sides of her body in order to smoothly and safely drive a car. Think about that.
  • And Then There is Quantum Biology.  This video also blows your mind. There is something about consciousness which causes an irreducible conscious agent not created by the brain to be able to act in certain specific ways. To be frank, this video actually made my eyes cross, and I wanted to watch it a second time but couldn’t because my schedule was so tight. Maybe I will find some extra time later on to fit it in.
  • How Can Someone with Partial or No Brain Have Consciousness? This video proves pretty satisfactorily that the brain acts to receive consciousness, and it certainly does not produce it!

It will take you some time to watch all five of these videos plus the video that begins this post, but I urge you strongly to watch them all. It is important that you fully grasp the fact that every working traditional scientist of today very sadly must contend with an impossible problem. They are stuck for their entire careers trying to make something happen that never can happen. They are trying to square a circle, and to make what long ago was proven to be false become now somehow magically and eternally true, and their gatekeepers have oddly made their ability to prove that something which is impossible is now not only possible, but actually is a matter of even religious certainty the very crux of their careers. They are seeking to make matter-based foolishness not only a matter of Fact, in other words, but a matter of something that is even beyond Fact. it is a matter of flat Institutional Truth. Does it make sense to you that scientists, of all people, would persist in trying to make this nonsensical belief in materialism somehow an institutional truth for the whole field of mainstream science, and try even to bind all future scientists to it for all eternity?

I have been watching this incredible scientific materialist nonsense go on for my entire life. Because in fact, it began very early in the twentieth century. I thought surely that after a century or more had passed, someone with sufficient professional gravitas to be taken seriously would say, Hey guys, there is a rather big Oopsie going on here in science, in case you haven’t noticed it, and we had better fix it before any more whole careers are entirely wasted. But alas, still No. Albert Einstein tried to point it out, but he did it too subtly. Toward the end of his life he said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” Were you aware that Einstein ever said such a thing? Nikola Tesla, however, was not subtle about it. He said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

But still, all these modern academic scientists of far less intellectual heft than those two giants continue to pointlessly muddle on. Like politicians who cannot conceive of a world in which their own careers have been wasted on a failed political theory, they rigidly enforce their old long-since-discredited materialist dogma. And so modern materialist science, droopy dinosaur that it is, still stubbornly and pointlessly lumbers on for one more year.

It truly is incredible that some of the most visionary scientists of today must by default be just a few old afterlife researchers. What Craig Hogan and I and others of our ilk have learned in the course of doing our afterlife investigations is that the only thing that in fact objectively exists is what you and I experience as consciousness. And what is consciousness? The best definition of it that I have seen has come from Thomas, my venerable spirit guide, who when asked for a definition of consciousness gave me this:

“Consciousness is an infinitely creative energy-like potentiality without size or form, alive in the sense that your mind is alive, governed by emotion and therefore self-aware.” Thomas also says that “Consciousness is all that independently exists.” And he tells us that “Consciousness is an aspect of the Mind of God,” and it includes all human minds.

I have read that definition over and over as I studied it with Thomas! It is clear that every word of it is important. He insists to me that all of what we think we see around us is mere illusion. It seems solid to us only because we test its solidity with a hand which is also illusory. But then, in an unguarded moment even Albert Einstein once also said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Thomas tells us that at its lowest vibration, consciousness is all the ugliest emotions, like fear, anger and hatred; while at its highest vibration, Consciousness – and here we capitalize the word – is perfect Love, and it is the Godhead of our universe. Our minds are all ranged at various spots along the vibrational range of consciousness, depending upon our personal vibratory levels. And once we have learned to raise our spiritual vibrations sufficiently, we can cease to incarnate on earth ever again.

Of course, none of these are religious beliefs. They are instead certain facts that have been discerned through lengthy, careful, and objective research. We have spent our lives doing the kind of free and joyous research that all those hapless materialist sciencecritters still are not allowed to pursue. But whenever eventually mainstream scientists are at last set free, whether it happens next year or after another thousand years have passed, they all will reach precisely the same  conclusions about the universality of Consciousness that the free scientists at the Discovery Institute,, Craig Hogan, and I, among others have together reached by the banner year of 2024. Because truth always is truth, is it not?

So then, my dear ones, whenever in the distant future this whole world comes at last to know that Consciousness is the only reality, as we knew was true way back in the year 2024, please just raise a glass of something merry to us? And when you do that, only know that Craig and I will be right there with you. And, what the heck, maybe Thomas and even Jesus will be joining us as well. And we will be raising our glasses of divine ambrosia all together! And we will celebrate the fact that, at last and forevermore, this ultimate and universal truth of reality is finally and forever set free!

Oh, I’ve waited, and I’ll wait forever for you to come to me!
Look at someone who really loves you, yeah, loves you!
Turn around, look at me!
Turn around! Look at me!
Jerry N. Capehart (1928-1998), from “Turn Around, Look at Me” (1968)

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8 thoughts on “Non-material Consciousness

  1. I am watching a movie: Freud and CS Lewis arguing about the existence of God.
    I realize how concrete! my faith is.
    “Consciousness is a piece of God”.
    It swishes in and out of my mind. The
    consciousness that stays is a changing
    me.I am so glad I know that now.
    PS The Trinity is consists of only Good.
    That explains why being negative receives
    no answers from God. He is Good so he
    hears our laughter, our brightest. And our prayers for joy and peace, not woe.

    1. Oh my dear Erica, it’s lovely to see you here! Thank you for your thoughts, my dear one, And actually, what we think of as God is Consciousness at the highest Love vibration.

  2. Thanks for bringing up this important topic. As someone who was educated by a mainstream materialist approach to every scientific subject, I was fully indoctrinated. I still catch myself in that paradigm, but it’s much easier now to change my thinking.
    You and Craig Hogan have helped me be much more open to NOT thinking in materialist terms. Bernardo Kastrup and Mark Gober have produced very helpful work that illustrates the flaws in the materialist worldview and paradigm. Recently, Sandra Champlain had some audio of Bruce Lipton on her podcast of 19 April 2024 that contained his explanation of how we can essentially “know” that Consciousness is real and isn’t produced by our material brain. Lipton’s explanation is very clear and down-to-earth.
    Thanks again for your thought-provoking work and your links to the videos.

    1. Oh yes, my dear wonderful Mark, Bernardo Kastrup, Mark Gober, and Bruce Lipton have all done wonderful work in this field! It does amaze me, really, when people of their caliber have been working for so long that the primacy of consciousness is still not common knowledge. Quite incredible.

  3. If Charles Darwin were alive today, he would certainly recant most of his evolutionary theories!
    And so would Einstein, Tesla, et. al. recant most of modern materialistic science!

    The irony is that in science they have “theories”, and then they turned them into so-called facts and truths, because when you repeat a lie often enough….

    It’s actually a giant belief, or better yet: a fantastic fairy tale!

    It’s also time that the scientists take a honest and openminded look at all the spiritual evidence, the NDEs, the message from spirit, etc. Life after death = consciousness survives the body. The way scientists dismiss these evidences is truly callous and intellectually dishonest.

    I recently read the suggestion by a person that all politicians, and I will add materialistic scientists, and others, should take a trip into space, because that very experience has forever altered the outlook, and shall we say “consciousness” of reality, by all astronauts. If I had the money: “Into space you go!”

    At any rate, time is on the side of Consciousness. We will silence and convert the materialists.

    1. Ah yes, my dear Adrian – and what is more, I think that Einstein and Tesla, and others of their caliber, knew a lot more during their lifetimes than they were willing to say for publication. I know they would be astounded if they were to visit us now to see just how far off the rails of commonsense reality modern mainstream science in fact has run!

      And my dear one, time may be on our side, but that is only because we do in fact have all eternity 🙂

  4. Thank you Roberta, I’m looking forward to taking the time to watch the videos. As always sending love to you💖🙏💖❤️☮️🕉

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