Let There Be Life

Posted by Roberta Grimes • August 19, 2023 • 36 Comments
Quantum Physics, Understanding Reality

Dear one, the world is waiting for the sunrise!
Every little rose bud is covered with dew.
The thrush on high his sleepy mate is calling,
And my heart is calling you.
– Eugene Lockhart (1891-1957), from “The World is Waiting for the Sunrise”) (1919)

To watch the mainstream scientific community continue to pretend to do the impossible would be funny, if it were not so sad. And there are so many things that traditional science has proven that it can do well. Come on out and take a bow, traditional scientific folks! From all the wonders of modern medicine and the chemical discoveries that we take for granted, to the extraordinary technical inventions that we use every day, like my husband’s flat screens and our laptop computers and our iPhones and all the wonders of the Internet, and even the rockets and telescopes that are letting us begin to explore the depths of the sky. Modern science makes possible a lifestyle and a level of knowledge about this material reality in the twenty-first century that would have been unthinkable even just a few decades ago.

 But there are two things in particular that modern science is still completely flummoxed by. It finds these two areas impossible to understand, and for reasons which are sadly self-imposed, so rather than removing its own blinders, the scientific community now blusters and lies about them. These two off-limits topics are, simply put: 

*·   Consciousness. Scientists know that we ourselves are conscious, and that animals are conscious too, but they cannot figure out what consciousness even is so they certainly cannot understand how or why we are conscious. Might scientists possibly discover a source of consciousness inside the human brain? Might some human-created artificially intelligent robots somehow manage to become conscious? Scientists still sadly do not have a clue.

*·   Life. Where does life come from? The only scientific theory ever seriously proposed has been some variation of the idea that lightning must have long ago hit just the right mix of odd chemicals in a primordial soup, and presto. Good luck to them on making that idea work!

In fact, mainstream science’s ongoing ignorance about these two areas is deliberate. And for all we know, there may be other fields as well where modern scientists have also willfully blinded themselves, but these are two where I have some expertise, thanks to the wonderful work now being done by afterlife researchers and by creationist scholars. So let’s use these two as examples. The scientific community’s willful ignorance about consciousness and about the origin of life is based in both cases on a religion-like determination to require that reality must conform to a rigidly-enforced dogma that is fully as arbitrary as any straight religious dogma ever could be. And it is based in an underlying worry that goes back for twenty-five hundred years, as far as the great debates between Plato and Aristotle.

 I am going to explain science’s core problem just as simply as I can, and my one request is that you not be drinking coffee as you read this. Because when you fully understand what the scientific gatekeepers’ problem is, you are bound to spit your coffee and make a mess. Simply put, the great quantum physicist Max Planck discovered in the early part of the twentieth century that consciousness is apparently primary, and it seems to pre-exist matter. This was a notion which seemed to the scientific gatekeepers, which are the university science departments and the peer-reviewed scientific journals, to stray too close to Dr. Planck’s having perhaps found the religious God. So they quickly established and began to enforce materialism as their “fundamental scientific dogma.” And this, even despite the fact that all matter is made up almost entirely of nothing but empty space! And as a result, science has been stuck in place quite literally for the past hundred years, and counting. There. Now aren’t you glad that you put your coffee down before you read that?

 Here is some of what Dr. Planck said to inspire such a panicky circling of the scientific wagons:

In 1931 Max Planck said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness! Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” 

Then in 1944 he said, “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

In point of fact, Dr. Planck had indeed discovered the primacy of consciousness. We afterlife researchers have done considerable research that feeds into what Dr. Planck first understood, and we have come to realize that in fact all that actually exists is what you and I experience as consciousness. Everything else that we perceive to be real actually springs from consciousness. Indeed, consciousness is both the sculptor and the clay.

 In recent decades, too, creationist scientists have found better funding. They have begun to do more sophisticated work, so they are beginning to give traditional materialist scientists a run for their money. For example, considering in particular our two areas of controversy mentioned above, here are ways in which creationist scientists have carried the battle to the materialists’ turf: 

*·   Consciousness. After a twenty-five-year-long bet, the philosopher of mind was declared the winner over the traditional materialist scientist where the source of consciousness was concerned (and no, David Chalmers is not now a homeless person). There is indeed no “consciousness spot” in the human brain. Because of course the human brain receives, and it does not produce consciousness.

*·   Life. Materialist scientists have been  caught committing what amounts to fraud repeatedly and on an epic scale as they have tried to convince the world that, sure enough, they have come up with some sort of materialist way to generate life. This  is the second of two diatribe refutations by the brilliant creationist scientist James Tour, and he does a pretty good, if exasperated-sounding job of explaining just how impossible the whole materialist position on the origin of life really is. Personally, I am pretty sure that life is simply a natural property of consciousness itself.

 When a scientific discipline adopts and enforces any dogma at all, that science is no longer a genuine open-minded search for the truth. In fact, it really is no longer a “science” at all that is remotely worthy of the name. If my saying that seems harsh, simply imagine a science which adopts a dogma that decrees that any publishable scientific conclusion must be water-based. Or imagine a science that decrees that in order for a scientific conclusion to be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, it would have to tie back in some way to experimental methods that first were introduced by Sir Isaac Newton. Do you see how silly any kind of scientific-dogma-restricted scientific exercise actually is? Neither of those dogmas is any sillier than the massively silly materialist dogma that is still being enforced by modern mainstream science, and has been in place there for the past century. Once you limit any scientific field with any sort of dogma at all, it ceases to be an actual science! Which is why the scientific gatekeepers no longer talk publicly about their “fundamental scientific dogma of materialism.” But after more than a hundred years, they still enforce that dogma, all the same.

So for more than a century, ever since Max Planck won the 1918 Nobel Prize in Physics as the father of quantum mechanics, there have been no more fundamental physics breakthroughs forthcoming. 

Mainstream scientists would especially love to establish a workable theory of everything. But in fact, general relativity and quantum mechanics cannot ever be unified for so long as mainstream science remains materialist. Indeed, burdened by materialism as they still are, working scientists have no way even to test their theories. The brilliant young physicist Bernardo Kastrup is working on a consciousness theory of everything, but of course his work will remain out of bounds for so long as mainstream science remains materialist. And thus it ever will be, for so long as what used to be a genuine science remains now nothing more than an in-group buddy-show defined and restricted by its materialist dogma.

 How essential is their materialist scientific dogma to modern mainstream scientists, anyway? Actually, it is not essential at all. Nor is it even useful. There is nothing about consciousness which is remotely reminiscent of the human-created gods of any religion, and consciousness is in fact the base underlying energy which creates and maintains this material-seeming reality, literally moment-by-moment. So for mainstream scientists to attempt to study the reality in which we live while not allowing the study of consciousness makes all their studies of anything real almost entirely useless and actually a complete waste of their time. For mainstream scientists to continue to treat consciousness as unimportant as they continue to study matter is something like attempting to understand wildfires without considering how wind-driven oxygen might perhaps play a role, simply because you cannot see that oxygen.

As Nikola Tesla famously said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” In that, Tesla was even more right than he knew! And by placing the most potentially productive areas of scientific research quite literally out of bounds for modern scientific researchers simply because a century ago those scientific gatekeepers found consciousness and what Max Planck was saying about it to be a bit scary, we only further delay that inevitable and very much better scientific new day.  

Dear one, the world is waiting for the sunrise!
Every rose is covered with dew.
And while the world is waiting for the sunrise,
In my heart is calling you.

– Eugene Lockhart (1891-1957), from “The World is Waiting for the Sunrise” (1919)

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36 thoughts on “Let There Be Life

  1. Evening Roberta,
    I have no resistance to Consciousness being essentially
    What the world needs now is an increase of the number
    conscious Consciousness. Yup, the higher Consciousness
    is in us, the higher the vibration and our inner eye will
    understand and see a lot more than we are now.

    Man, it’s all in the vibration of Consciousness Look for the
    buzz. Turn up the volume of Consciousness.

    1.Gratitude for what we cannot see now
    2 Forgiving ourseves
    3 Let our circle Love increase

    1. Oh my dear wonderful Erica, precisely so! Gratitude, forgiveness, and love – indeed, the great secret to our universal spiritual growth!

  2. There is a problem with the validity of the quotes from Plank; while what he says is true, he does not provide any rational evidence. Likewise for Kastrup’s pretentious philosophizing. Consider that the foundation of “esistence” is the consciousness of God, and that everything that exists is a part of this consciousness as it exists in His consciousness, what we may term a Universal Field of Consciousness (UFC, or the mind of God). Thus, while the brain and body play a role in living a matrial existence, the consciousness of each individual is immaterial and its natural home is in the UFC. Note, this consrtruction is about an immaterial individual consciousness that is only temporarilly attached to body/brain for living, and exists before and after the material body. Consider too, that there is firm evidence that our consciousness is immaterial and not locked to and dependent on brain to function. In the text, The Self Does Not Die: Verified Paranormal Phenomena from Near-Death Experiences Paperback – July 6, 2016, by Rivas, et., al., over a hundred cases are documented for reports made during reported Out of Body Experiences in which activities far distant from the body’s senses were reported that researchers checking for accuracy found to be highly accurate. So for example, a person bed ridden in a hospital after surviving a trauma is able to report with high accuracy what was going on in their parents house a thousand miles away.

    However, the objective, definitive scientific study of consciousness is precluded by how our individual consciousness functions within the UFC, because no living researcher is able to locate outside of the UFC to observe how it functions. By analogy, a fish born in a fishtank, who never leaves the tank, is unable to observe how his water world came to exist. In my own text, I elaborate on these ideas.

    1. Oh my dearly beloved friend, Jack, what have you done? You are right in saying that the brilliant physicist Max Planck’s observations made a century ago may not have been the height of enlightenment, but I will not countenance your referring to Dr. Bernardo Kastrup’s ongoing and quite wonderful work from which I have learned so much as mere “pretentious philosophising.” I don’t know how much effort you have put into studying Dr. Kastrup’s work, but good grief, considering that much of your own work is done with NDEs, and you know how little regard I have for the evidential value of NDEs, and yet I have never treated you or your work with such disrespect! Where does any of that come from, my dear Jack? Why, among friends, would you ever do that? And sadly, I think you may have shut off comments here altogether.

  3. Dear Roberta, I visited his website, and read a good portion of what was posted–and it was by my reckoning pretentious philosophyzing. Here is the direct evidence. Go to his Contact spot(Iwasgoing to contact him to discuss his perspective). Lookm what it states there! He has zero interest in hearing from anyone except for paid services. Note, his words are adament about not wanting to be bothered by anyone, only those who might pay him. Thus did the appalation for ‘pretentious,” come to mind. A snotty academic who isonly willing to talk for money. Youy can see howq I would not trust any soul behaving that way.

    Re Plank, he had what we both consider a valid insight into immaterial consciousness somehow providing the foundation for what appears to be material world of substance, but he just did not argue the case, or at least I have not seen the arguments he made.

    Re the Out of Body (OBE) reports, they stand on their own merits for furnishing hard evidence (evidence that may be refuted if wrong) that the individual’s consciousness has moved away from the locality of their brain/body. Re the NDE, in revisions to my work, I explain that the term of “Near Death” is unfortunate, both because the essential phenomenon is the OBE ( which may occur proximate to the trauma associated with the NDE, but also may occur in lucid dreams, during meditation, be induced by drugs, and may occur spontaineously), and because needless controversy has developed about the degree of death ( research perspective led by Sam Parnia, MD). Being dead temporarily or not is just plain irrelevant to the contents of the OBEs. And the empirical evidence furnished by the Rivas, et., al., text clearly demonstrates the OBE is real.

    1. My dear Jack, you might even be a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, and credentialed to the Nth degree, but on the comments section of this website no one is allowed to say anything derogatory about another human being. That rule is for your protection as well, my precious friend! Here only ideas may be debated, but people always are respected and loved.

      (And death is never temporary, since the silver cord cannot be reattached.)

  4. I’m an uneducated peasant 😉 (highest level of education being high school), but my question to Jack would be, how would Planck even begin to be able to argue his case?
    If we can’t get behind consciousness, there’s really no way to prove that, is there? We’d have to step outside of it, to observe it. So how could Planck ever prove his theory. So maybe he didn’t care to prove it, knowing that those who could sense the truth in it wouldn’t need convincing – it would be obvious. I understand this isn’t how things work in the scientific method, however.

    Dear Roberta,
    Don’t worry about anyone’s comments because I think most of us here read comments and we just view it as another person’s opinion, not a purposeful attack on anyone. Sometimes opinions can run very strong!

    I agree with Jack that “Being dead temporarily or not is just plain irrelevant to the contents of the OBEs.” Depends on what one is trying to prove by an OBE. I’ve had a few, but I believe mine were limited to the lower astral dimension because I had trouble moving (walking very slowly). To me, it proved that we are not our body. But I didn’t need that to be proven to me because I already knew it.

    Because we don’t have instruments that can measure the other realms, I suppose unless one has a paranormal experience of some type (and even then people can dismiss it as a hallucination, or anxiety, or your brain giving you what you need), there’s no convincing a materialist that *this* isn’t all there is. Maybe at some point you have to take others at their word if there is no good reason for them to lie.

    I recently had a dream about my deceased boyfriend where I was crying, and I was asking him “Why aren’t you here with me?” And no kidding, he appeared, reached down and lifted me up and hugged me and said, “I’m always here with you” The happiness radiating from him was tangible! He told me not to be sad, that in a little while we would be together forever. When I told my materialist uncle about the dream, I already knew what his response would be. “That was your brain providing what you needed.” No, it wasn’t. I could feel the presence of an actual other person – Joe – in my dream. I can tell the difference.

    Sorry, I went all over the place, and probably added nothing useful to this comment section.

    I love everyone here! Let’s keep it rolling!


    1. Dear Jeniferk, Your ideas are good and words appreciated. I do not fault Plank for not having presented an explanation worthy of physicists about his realization that the material world is largely immaterial and must be based on some unseen force, what we are terming the consciousness of God. Althought there was an expansive literature available to Plank about paranormal activities, it was denigrated, as now, by the “smart” skeptics.

      My diplomacy is gone for the time being, as my parrot companion for the past 18 years had an accident and died on the 11th. Watching the life leave him and unable to help, as he muttered barely audible sounds, was devestating. To put it mildly, I am sore about you know who. It helps, but barely, to think that he was immediately better off for having left. Your lucid dream is what I wish for, but have been denied.

      1. Dear Jack
        So sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved friend. You will miss him on this plane of existence, but he’s still watching your every move and longs for you join him on the rainbow bridge whenever you’re ready!
        Blessings and Love and Deep Sympathy

      2. Hi Jack,

        It’s always the people left behind that have it the hardest when a loved one leaves us.

        It’s been just over a year since my dad passed. I was with him when he took he exhaled his last breath and left us. I totally understand how you feel. Knowing he is in a place of love doesn’t remove that sadness knowing they won’t be part of our day to day lives any longer. It takes time to adjust and do know we appreciate you a great deal.

      3. Dear Jack,
        I am so very sorry, my friend! I actually know how you feel to some degree, because I was also with my Joe when he passed, I knew at the time as I was performing CPR on him that he was not coming back. It was the most devastating thing one can experience. I also lost my sweet Littles, stray cat I had had for 10 years, 7 years ago and I still feel the sharp pain of that.

        You will see him again, and actually here’s what I think, after the immediate loss you may not yet have the dream you are seeking. Immediately after Joe passed, the only dreams I had were very disturbing, where I would try to perform CPR on him, and he would push my hand away, or that in the funeral home he started breathing again and I thought, Omg something’s wrong! Trauma dreams. But I believe you will receive what you seek. Ask for it. That’s what I did, literally every single night. And you may wake up and feel that you were spending time with him, and it will be bittersweet but even if you don’t remember exact details, you will retain the benefit of the experience and you will feel it in your heart. And yes, I do occasionally have dreams about my Littles, also.

        Did not mean to derail the thread, I just want to provide some comfort to you. Ask your dear parrot to show himself to you, and I believe he will. I don’t believe it’s possible to love a creature so much and then be denied being with that beloved creature in the afterlife. The bonds of love are unbreakable, and they are eternal.

        My heart to yours,

      4. Oh my dear precious Jack, I am so sorry! I knew something big was wrong, for you to be so grouchy. I do understand now! My husband and I have decided simply to stop having animal companions to love, but then my daughter, who lives here, brought two kittens into the family, and now here we go again. My sweet friend, I hope you will have a communication from him of any sort now, but even without it you know that he is fine!

        1. Dear Roberta, Thank you. Late on the evening of the 10th, when he ought to have been in his sleeping cage, he flew over to me from his perch, missed his landing, fell, and started to wobble on the floor. He must have broke ribs, and had trouble breathing. I knew instantly it was fatal. His eyes were wide open as he struggled to breathe. We held him in a cushion to help and stayed with him thru morning when he passed with his eyes wide open looking at us, as he tried from time to say something. The grief is as bad as it gets. At least a bit of consolation believing his soul was released to return to wherever his flock exists. My wife and I have also agreed that we cannot take in any more pets, because it just hurts too much to lose them.

          1. Oh my darling Jack, you and your wife are his flock now! We don’t really know why this happens, but it is one of the bedrock things about the afterlife realities of which we are most certain: every animal that loves and is loved by people develops a separate, human-like existence with the same personality that it had when it was in our lives, and it is waiting for us when we make our transition. Guaranteed!! There are even lions and tigers there, from circuses. My grandfather’s favorite cows. And my horse Beau, of course! So talk to him, my dear one. Tell him you look forward to seeing him again!

      5. Dear Jack,
        I feel for you my friend. Such grief is one of the hardest human experiences. The pain is so strong because the love involved is so very deep. The relationship we have with a dear pet (especially a relatable and intelligent animal) is also nuanced and complex. One reason for the depth such love plumbs, is that we don’t have to navigate a critical, capricious, baggage-laden human ego with an animal family member. We can let down our guard straight away with a pet. We know they will always love us. They never get sick of us either.

        I had the experience of losing my 16 year old tall whippet in 2021. The loss of my dog Divo was beyond horrible. I was so emotionally fragile for a long time. I loved him absolutely. Divo’s love for me never faltered. He was put to sleep one day on my lap, by a kind veterinarian. He had suddenly suffered a stroke which left him unable to walk.

        So I feel for you and those in your family who loved your amazing, intelligent parrot. If it is in anyway hopeful, please allow me to share my post-loss experience:

        I strongly wished for a dream or some experience of Divo’s post-death presence as soon as he passed. For me, it seemed to be the trauma of losing Divo that made me unreceptive to any such experience. Or so I reckon, looking back.

        Once the raw trauma receded and I began to live in a state of rhythmic grief, I DID get both clear dreams and auditory & tactile experiences of my beloved companion after his death. I still see him in dreams to this day. I know he is waiting for me in the afterlife. 🐺

        Who knows? Perhaps the same will happen for you, dear Jack.
        I certainly hope so!

        1. Dear Efrem, Kristian, and Thomas,

          Thank you for your kind sentiments. Life is just plain hard. Earlier, I read of how a teen girl in Brazil who was waving goodbye to friends from her school bus window seat when her bus accidently brushed against a pole, killing her. And I keep thinking of all of the “needless” deaths from the holocaust, and wars. I have for many years complained to God that there is more than enough hardships without so many horrors in life, but that is what material reality naturally produces.

          1. Dear Jack,
            This has always bothered me too. Never found a satisfactory answer for it, either, except I just guess that right now, we don’t have ‘all the information’. 😞

          2. Hi Jack,

            I still don’t believe this “Earthly Teaching System” works for many if not most of us.

            The idea that we forget everything when we come here but also need Jesus’ teachings to remind us just makes me shake my head.

            The city I grew up in has become one of the most violent in the US. And a great deal of that violence is coming from teenagers.

            I may be ignorant on how this is suppose to work, but I just can’t believe it is working like it should for everyone. Why would we need Jesus fighting for us for 2000 years if this was working?

          3. Oh my darling Jack, what an awful thing!

            Only know, my dear Jack, and darling JenniferK and Thomas and everyone, that while we cannot see each awful death’s purpose in the wider picture, nevertheless our inability to see and understand doesn’t mean that there is no purpose and no wider picture. But rather, the farther we can step back, the more we are able to see, and what look to us like tragedies and horror are so often gifts once we step back far enough to see them among the stars in the sky. These little minutes that are our whole lives on earth really are just rough days in a spiritual school, and truly nobody ever dies! God does indeed mark each sparrow’s fall. And each parrot’s fall as well. And so long as we never, ever forget that fact, then we can bear what would otherwise truly not be bearable.

        2. Oh my dear Efrem, I am so sorry! Our last cat also suffered what was probably a stroke at the age of eighteen, and suddenly one morning she could walk only in small circles with her head tilted. All four of us took her to the vet together, and three of us cried (my husband is a toughie). April had been our final pet, after so many beloved dogs and cats, and Edward and I were relieved to say No More! But we reckoned without my son and daughter, and now we have two new rescue kitties. So again as I am working in my office I am overhearing him talking baby-talk, and I know he is sneaking illicit snacks to our next generation of pets that will again break our hearts.

          1. Dearest Roberta,
            Thank you for such a beautiful response to my loss of Divo.

            At the time of my dear whippet’s passing, I remembered your words about how we see our beloved pets again. And truly, I have had experiences of Divo’s presence on a few occasions after his physical death.

            Though physical separation still hurts – as it must because I am human – I am soothed and assured that but for a slim slice of time on earth, I will be with my precious boy again. ❣️🐺🌅

    2. Oh my dear beautiful JenniferK, of course Joe was there! And that is precisely the sort of thing that our beloveds will do, and will say to us, since for them there is no sense of time passing now, and they just want above all to reassure us that they have survived, they are fine, they still love us, and we will be together again soon! I think of these first wonderful communications as postcards. Many of the newly-transitioned will send them, and they really are exactly what we need!

      1. Thank you, I choose to believe this as well. It felt different, I mean even during my happiest moments here on earth, it didn’t match what was literally radiating from him! It was extremely comforting.

  5. I am going to switch things up…But, I have read somewhere, that the catholic church had big stakes in science and scientist? If that is true, that would explain the the stance of where science stands. I know this mite sound vague, but from what I understood the early catholic church believe and pushed MATERIALISM towards science.

    Just like and I know this is not the blog to be pushing it! But lately it makes me a little upset the Buddhist for their own agenda and because people are leaving the church want to PRETEND that Jesus study with the Buddha and that is how he became enlightened Master!!!. This is of course is the LOST years of Jesus. To be honest they have NO proof at all…

    So, I guess the same goes with science everything is political!!!

    1. Hi Litsa,

      Scientist are humans with egos. They are not above all the trappings that come with our egos.

      Not to mention some of “science” looks more like religious in nature.

      1. Hi Thomas,

        That is an interesting analogy regarding Scientist. I believe truth will win in the end. I don’t think we will see it this lifetime…

        Just like I believe religion be it Western and Eastern will fade out as well. Again, not in this life time.

        Everyone dogs on Western Religion, but, there is a lot of untruths in Eastern Religion as well. I try not to let it get too me, but, it sometimes does.

        I believe when Jesus came to us it wasn’t just to leave the Jewish synagogue he also meant Eastern Religion as well. All of it!


    2. My dear Litsa, as you understand, Jesus had no need to learn anything from the Buddha, or from anyone else! There is another explanation for His lost years, which we mention on TBJ but which doesn’t much matter.

  6. Dear Jack,
    I posted over twenty four hours ago. Apparently it didn’t make the moderation cut. I am so sorry for the loss of your companion. As you know I strongly identify with your feelings on this.

  7. Hi Thomas Belknap. I’m with you on the head shaking. I just have to think that so much of the violence and other unloving acts are done by those who could use just a bit more recall about why we’re here

    1. Hi Ray,

      Yeah, it’s crazy how much we change when in this material world.

      I, personally, think I have grown more after finding truth about where we come from and what our purpose is. Not to mention how our ego’s betray us every step in the process. Knowing these things doesn’t stop us from learning. Nor do I think it would lessen the amount of spiritual growth we can accomplish here.

      I understand what Roberta is saying. I just can’t see how it’s helping our brothers and sisters who find themselves doing their ego’s whim. I imagine forgiveness will be crucial and a learning experience, but difficult depending on how bad our actions. It’s almost impossible to fight something when you don’t even realize it exists.

      1. My dear lovely Thomas, it truly is wonderful how well forgiveness works during the life review – you will be amazed to see what a profound spiritual lesson that really is! We tend to take things so seriously while we are here, and then we get there and we realize it was all just a big stupid game. All of it. And knowing that, at this point in my life I already see things that way. I already forgive everything. It makes you take a much more lighthearted and loving view of life!

  8. Dear Ones, I think the Near Death Experiencers’ reports of the Life Review describe a perfect learning exercise. If you see that your insult hurt someone deeply, and you actually feel their hurt yourself, you should think twice about insulting someone in the future. And instead, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    I have a precious dog whose passing will break my heart someday, too.
    I am enjoying your comments. Thank you for them.

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