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One question that is often asked is whether there are any good mental mediums. People ask the question in various ways, inquiring about honesty or native talent, but what they really want to know is whether we know of a medium who can clearly demonstrate to them that a loved one has survived. Having had test-readings with dozens of mediums and been disappointed almost every time, I have concluded that most professional mediums are honest, and many have considerable talent; but few develop their abilities to the point where it is impossible to deny that they are talking with our own dead loved ones. That certainty is what we crave! We don’t want, “Your grandmother is here. She says you should eat your vegetables.” Instead, what we hunger for is something like, “Your grandmother is here. She wonders if you remember the day when you let Grampa’s goat into her henhouse and it chased the chickens and upset them so much they didn’t lay for a week.” Now, you might remember that ancient day when you were only six, or you might not. But this message is specific and detailed, and it is the sort of intimate and trivial thing that no amount of research could find. So if it clicks with you, it will transform your life! Never again will you be able to believe that dear ol’ Granny is not alive somewhere.

A good evidential mediumship reading is the Biblical pearl of great price (MT 13:45-46). Every working medium knows it! So, why is it that so few mediums will deliver what everyone is desperate to hear? There seem to be a number of reasons:

  • Mental mediums are mind-reading with dead people. Pause for a moment and let that sink in! Since all human minds of both the living and the dead are part of the one eternal Mind that continuously manifests reality, it should be as easy to communicate by mind with the dead as it is with the living. But that doesn’t make it a walk in the park!
  • Mediums rely heavily on the help of their guides. Nearly all mediums’ guides have ceased to incarnate, so they must be at least somewhat advanced; but still, they might not know as much as you and I would wish they knew about how to help our loved ones think about and then produce the deeply personal and very specific bits of evidence that we all crave to hear.
  • People who are spiritually sensitive can be easily attacked by negative entities. Good mediums are at special risk, so most will practice rituals. Some might burn sage, recite mantras or incantations, and surround themselves and the person being read with “a white light” or “a bubble of protection.” But rituals and chants are not enough, when what is needed is an adamant refusal to have any contact with dark entities. I know of a talented medium who began to see negative entities around her, and she seemed to think of them the way you might think of wild animals you had managed to tame. The next thing I heard was that her personality had been dramatically transformed overnight: now she was sharp, enraged, irrational, and impervious to anyone’s reason. And since these fear-based demons partially supplanted the work of her love-based guides, her mediumship abilities declined.
  • Maintaining mediumistic skills in top form requires dedication. Being a genuine medium is more physically and emotionally draining than most of us realize! The best mediums have to be obsessive about everything, from what they eat and how they exercise through how they maintain themselves spiritually, how they keep negative beings away, and when and how often they feel able to do readings. Some are so stressed by the pressure to perform for individual clients that they drift toward doing mostly group readings.
  • Even very good mediums will have “off” days. This is the opposite of an exact science! What a medium should say if she isn’t getting much information is something like, “The spirits aren’t cooperating. My guides and I sometimes have a bad day. Would you like me to refund your fee, or shall we just reschedule?” But mediums also need to eat, so we seldom hear of one of them giving a refund when a reading has not gone well. Some will even try to convince us that what we are hearing is evidential, and the fact that it isn’t clicking with us is our own fault. One medium who offered me a free reading in hopes that I would recommend her to others described some people and events of which I had no memory. When I told her I didn’t have a brother who died in Vietnam (nor did I have any brothers at all), she told me hotly it was someone I thought of as a brother. Maybe it was a cousin. “Keep listening to the recording of the reading and it will all come back.”
  • Arranging for key words and phrases with the dying won’t work. I don’t know of a single instance where a dead person remembered the desired key phrase and delivered it through a medium. One early researcher is recorded as having brought up the fact there was something he was supposed to remember, but now he couldn’t retrieve it. The leading expert on early-twentieth-century mediumship, the venerable Michael Tymn, gives us a good explanation for this problem that I will quote below, but we should note that other kinds of spiritual testing also routinely come up empty. Some operating rooms have signs that can be read only from ceiling-height in order to test whether people who claim to have left their bodies actually have done so; and to my knowledge, that has never worked, either. Spirits flat refuse to be tested! You can almost see a gang of them sitting around some celestial bar drinking nectar and sharing a laugh about all these silly earthlings who keep trying to catch them out.
  • The problem might be you. Twenty years ago I spent thousands of dollars having readings with well-recommended mediums. All those readings were disappointing, and the most famous and expensive medium I tested was awful! It has taken me most of the intervening two decades to realize that for someone as skeptical about mediums as I am to have a reading or two every week over months of time is a guaranteed way to get nothing. The medium who did best was the one who read me first, perhaps primarily because a lot of my dead loved ones were happy to show up; but after the first few months, it was only my mother-in-law and brother-in-law, both recently dead, who loyally continued to answer the call. Don’t make my mistake! To hire a medium while assuming she will be a dud is a sure way to make your most pessimistic views into self-fulfilling prophesies.

I enjoy reading Michael Tymn’s blog posts, and I urge you to read them too! Michael is the greatest living expert on the heyday of physical mediumship, now more than a century into the past, and the author of some terrific books, including his essential The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die. Two other enjoyable must-reads from Michael Tymn are Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I. He recently quoted what Sir William Barrett (who coined the term “deathbed visions”) told his wife through a medium about one big reason why the dead have so much difficulty in communicating through mediums.

Sir William told his wife that he had needed to learn how to slow down his vibration in order to communicate. He said, “Sometimes I lose my memory of things from coming here (he means closer to the earth’s vibration). I know in my own state, but not here. In dreams you do not know everything, you only get parts in a dream. A sitting is similar; when I go back to the spirit world after a sitting like this I know I have not got everything through that I wanted to say. That is due to my mind separating again.”

Sir William told his wife a century ago something that now is commonly known. When we are in an earth-body, our subconscious mind is separated from our conscious mind. As you and I know from abundant evidence, when we transition back home, our two minds come together again and make one complete mind that knows and remembers everything. So apparently Sir William is telling his wife that when we lower our mind’s vibration and bring ourselves back into the physical sphere so we can communicate, our conscious and subconscious minds will again naturally separate just as they separate when we first enter an earth-body. So we immediately forget a great deal, and we can’t recall it again until we leave the earth’s influence and the two parts of our minds rejoin. (This is fascinating!)

When Lady Barrett asked Sir William to elaborate further, his interesting explanation was that we have a fourth-dimensional self that cannot make itself exactly match our third-dimensional self. He said, “It’s like measuring a third dimension by its square feet instead of by its cubic feet, and there is no doubt about it I have left something of myself outside which rejoins me directly I put myself into the condition in which I readjust myself.” He told her at a later sitting that when he was in his own sphere he would remember a name, but when he rejoined her through a medium it would slip his mind. “The easiest things to lay hold of are what we may call ideas. A detached word, a proper name, has no link with a train of thought except in a detached sense; that is far more difficult than any other feat of memory or association of ideas. If you go to a medium that is new to us, I can make myself known by giving you through that medium an impression of my character and personality, my work on earth, and so forth. Those can all be suggested by thought impressions, ideas; but if I want to say, ‘I am Will,’ I find that is much more difficult than giving you a long, comprehensive study of my personality.”

The dead are used to communicating with one another by thought, so apparently ideas are easier for them to share than are specific words! But fortunately, a good evidential medium doesn’t need many words to give you the certainty that those you have loved in life have survived. Five years ago, a medium described a scene to me in which two important things occurred:

  • My mother pointed at her eyebrow. The medium said, “Why is she pointing to her eyebrow? Oh. She says she doesn’t have to paint them on anymore.” My mother had virtually no eyebrow hairs, which fact was a private bane to her that she covered up by painting big eyebrows onto her face every day. Her assuring me that she didn’t need to do that now was my mother’s loving confirmation that after I had spent my whole early life chatting with her while I watched her go through her morning ritual, she knew that this particular bit would be highly evidential for me. It was the most significant post-death communication from a loved one I have ever received.
  • My grandmother displayed an oyster shell with both hands. I had no idea what that was about! She was a simple farm wife; I was sure she had never even seen an oyster. When I said she couldn’t possibly be holding an oyster shell, the medium said, “But that’s what it is. And she insists it’s important! Maybe it will come to you later?” And so it did. Within a few days it occurred to me that my mother’s maiden name was “Ostergaard.” As Sir William tells us above, specific names are hard for beings in spirit to convey! And how else could my mother’s mother have given me some approximation of that name?

Two brilliantly evidential details had been coaxed from my loved ones by that medium’s guides. Few words were needed, and both communications involved such odd and obscure facts that it is hard to see how any medium could have independently discovered them. If I had not already known that human life is eternal, these two ideal bits of evidential mediumship would have sealed the deal for me forevermore!


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67 thoughts on “Evidential Mediumship

  1. Dear Roberta, Thank you for sharing your personal experience with evidential mediums (should it be “media”? 😉 ). This is fascinating stuff that I myself have never been compelled to study personally (my guide nudges me toward other investigation), but I do know people who have sought out this kind of “proof.” The point you make about it being difficult for our disincarnate loved ones to communicate back to us in our native language is a good one. The use of signs and symbols is perhaps more effective for both parties, but here on Earth, we don’t relate as well to symbols (unless maybe we’re English majors). Another interesting point is that our guides and our own in-spirit loved ones are not omniscient. Some may be, if they’re at a very high level, but then it might be even more difficult for them to lower their vibrations and materialize (or at least speak coherently) through a medium. We here on earth assume that everyone in the “after life” automatically knows everything, but there is so much evidence that their experiences and powers are limited by factors that sometimes even they may not be aware of. Hence, some misinformation about the spirit world comes through from our ancestors from time to time. Could that be the case?

    1. PS-My own beloved spirit guide never spoke a word of English in her earthly life. Her native language was in fact very symbol/image-based. So even she, who I suspect of being a much enlightened being, communicates with me mainly through signs and synchronicities. The language of words is fundamentally a flawed tool anyway, so it’s not really a surprise that they move beyond it. PS PS- The most effective messages I have had from my forebears (including my own grandfather and father) have been in symbols. I regard those symbols to be very evidential.

  2. Roberta: Thanks for including the part about Sir William in that the two parts of the mind separate when they come here to the lower vibrations to communicate, as it explains why they don’t seem to remember some things people were sure they wouldn’t forget. Usually the medium gets blamed for this and is thought of as a fraud etc.

    I would like to share two examples of fantastic mediumship, similar to your mother’s eyebrows. One is my own experience, and the other one is truly fascinating. It concerns a 16 year old girl who died suddenly as the result of a vehicle accident. Her parents were understandably devastated, but after a short time, her mother went on line looking for a closely located reputable medium and made an appointment. Her husband wanted nothing to do with it but went along to appease her. Before they went, he lagged behind saying he just had to use the bathroom while she waited in the car, but what he really did was go in the daughter’s room and said out loud that he would only believe “all this nonsense” if she would say something about her favorite song, which was “Freebird” by the Lynyrd Skynard Band. When they arrived, the medium said some things that could very well pertain to the daughter, but then she said that someone had given them something like a parakeet or parrot without charge. The husband, of course, was upset and said they never had any kind of bird as a pet. The medium then said “she’s talking about a bird you didn’t have to pay for as she is calling it a free bird.” Needless to say, the father almost jumped out of the chair, as he now knew she was trying to get across the name of her favorite song (Freebird), exactly as he told her to do.

    The other experience was my own when a medium told me she was being told that I had a June bug moving around on my windowsill. I thought it was a really odd message, but when she says “it moves back and forth on your windowsill,” I suddenly knew she was referring to my[ ceramic June bug, which operates on solar power and “moves back and forth on my windowsill.” Was this a case of mind reading? This can’t be proven, but in my case the June bug has been there for 5 years and I barely pay attention to it any more and never think about it. With the man who lost his daughter, it could be mind reading, as he had just asked his daughter to mention her favorite song, but on the other hand, it was the father himself who asked for verification by mentioning “Freebird”, but the medium misunderstood and thought that he had been given some type of exotic bird as a gift without charge. In your case, it’s even harder to accept mind reading being the cause, as I sincerely doubt that you went into the reading thinking about your mother’s eyebrows. That was probably the last thing on your mind.

    1. No, you’re right, dear Lola – I hadn’t thought of my mother’s eyebrow impairment for many years before that reading! Which was why I was so stunned that it came up. No question, that was a message from my mother, and no question she was still completely herself!

      One of the great joys of doing afterlife research is that we keep coming across new bits of information that smoothly fit with what we already know. That message from Sir William Barrett, dug out and presented by the greatest living afterlife researcher, Michael Tymn, is a wonderful example of the repeated serendipities that come with the afterlife-research territory! We have know for decades that the dead can’t do something as seemingly simple (to us) as delivering a key word as proof of their survival… but we haven’t known why. We also have known for a long time that our minds separate when we enter earth-bodies to begin a new lifetime, and we leave most of our eternal minds outside the earth’s energy sphere. But until Sir William, I haven’t seen anyone telling us that those who draw close to the earth’s energy vibration in order to communicate with those on earth will lose contact with the greater part of their vast, eternal minds! Wow, there is another bit of new information that fits perfectly with what we already know, and which explains so much!!

      Now I am wondering the extent to which this problem affects our guides. We already know that they prefer not to chat with us through mediums beyond perhaps an initial greeting period, when they first come out to us; and we know that once good contact is established, most of our communication from them is in symbols, feelings, inner knowing, and so on. Not in words. I never hear Thomas speak, but I always know what he is thinking. Oh my dear friends, that bit of wisdom from Sir William via Michael Tymn explains so much!!

  3. Thanks Roberta. It is reassuring that I am not the only person who has not had much success with mediums. The most successful reading that I had was the first one after my husband died. Despite great expectations, I have found most others to be generic at best and often simply incorrect. Moreover, there has been no correlation between money spent and accuracy of the reading. Unfortunately, my level of scepticism about the ‘afterlife’ has increased considerably over this time.

    1. Oh dear Jaycee, the fact that mind-reading with the dead is such an imprecise science and the fact that mediums who can do it even a little bit are all trying to make a living should not in the least dissuade you from finding out and coming to accept the truth about what actually is going on! Human minds are eternal, literally – we never began, and we never will end. At long last, we can be certain, and we can demonstrate that core human truth in a number of different ways to people who have even a half-open mind!

    1. Wow, that’s interesting! Thank you for sharing it! And it would make more sense, wouldn’t it? We were told that “gaard” means farm or field, and “Ost” was east (or maybe west?), so the name meant east (or west) field (or farm). I am Danish on both sides – my maiden name was Christensen – and my people there were farmers back as far as the Vikings! But of course my grandmother spoke Danish. I’ve been thinking that she used an oyster shell because of the sound of the word in English, but if “Oster” is Danish for “oyster,” then this would have been an obvious connection for her to make!

      1. Østergaard does indeed mean “east farm”.
        Østers come from Latin ostreum and a similar word in Greek, meaning mussel.
        Same word really. Oyster, øster, very similar sound.

        Cockels and mussels, alive, alive oh!

        How clever of you grandmother from the spirit to show an oyster!


        1. Yes, dear Gerda, she certainly was clever! And even more clever than I realized. It was just her clueless granddaughter who took a few days to start to figure it out :-(.

  4. Dear Mike, I think that a lot of people have trouble grasping the fact that those who have transitioned ahead of us do not automatically know everything… or really much of anything, actually! And what may be worse, few of them have any awareness of the fact that they don’t know what it is that they don’t know. There are books out now full of the channelings of third- and fourth-level beings not in bodies who are spitballing pretty wildly about the whole vast picture; and I know this, because I hear from people who are freaked out by what is in some of those books. All nonsense. The truth really is all good!

    1. Yes, I feel that most of the time things will turn out well, but like you said, many people over there are still clueless, and some of the many books available say things that contradict each other, so wouldn’t it depend on what the newly transitioned soul has come to believe? I’m asking because the mind itself plays such a huge role after death, and whatever we think can conceivably become our reality.

      1. Dear Lola, whatever is in books that were channeled by lower-vibration folks who have lately transitioned does indeed depend mostly on what those dead folks believe, and that is precisely my point. We know that the following things are true:

        1) As you say, to a considerable extent the afterlife we first arrive at will be something of a blend between what we came to the afterlife believing and the consensus afterlife reality that objectively already exists. As we continue to live there, we become more aligned with that consensus reality.

        2) The afterlife is based upon a hierarchy of vibrations, with the outer darkness at the lowest vibration of which we are aware (fear, anger), and the Collective Godhead at the highest vibration (perfect love). For people to move above their presently-achieved vibration is impossible – it’s something like listening to the loudest-decibel music in a wind-tunnel cranked to the highest rate. No one can take the elevated energy for long!

        3) People in the afterlife have almost no idea about what exists above their presently-achieved afterlife level, so we cannot depend on anything our newly-dead friends and relatives say beyond what happens at level three or four.

        4) Rumors abound, though, at the lower levels! And the pressure is on our loved ones to deliver the goods, so they will often give us ambient rumors as if those rumors are true, or give us their own unique mind-created experiences as if they were general and universal. Researchers didn’t realize for a long time just how little even those working in collectives at the fourth or fifth levels know about the Godhead, and even about the sixth level still above them! So afterlife researchers long believed some ambient National-Inquirer-level nonsense, perhaps most notably the report that if you achieve the seventh level and rejoin the Godhead your individual mind is extinguished. We actually called it the second death.

        5) Now we know better! I keep talking about Mikey Morgan, but in fact he is absolutely unique and his wonderful work here is just beginning. He has achieved the top of the sixth level, so he is one of the very few who can speak to us as someone who really knows! I have already learned so much from him.

        So in short, if you have copies of any of the recent books where a loved one is telling us what someone who has recently died has to tell us, with the exception of Mikey’s book, don’t read or trust what these folks say, any more than you would trust a homeless fellow with a drug problem to explain the cosmos. You might get a story, but it cannot be right!

  5. I have never sought out a Medium for a reading. I find it fascinating, but I really have no unresolved business with any loved ones. I believe because of that, my loved ones would have less reason to connect with me just to offer comfort, as I already believe they are on the other side. One of the most challenging ideas for me growing up was the horror of hell, and how so many unsaved individuals could be condemned to such a place, when they were raised in a different religion or had no knowledge at all. It just seemed so cruel and unloving. Thank you Roberta for helping open my eyes to the greater truth! (by the way I went to a philharmonic concert of the Messiah over the weekend. One of my favorite lines from the music – Wonderful Counselor – not used often to reference Christ, but I love that reference.)

    1. Dear Timothy, like you, I love that passage in the Messiah that quotes Isaiah’s prophesy: “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6). Oh, indeed! Jesus is all these things, and more than sufficient to meet every one of our eternal needs, if only Christians could find a way to fight the dogmas and rejoin the Lord at long last, after two thousand years, where He is eternally.

  6. Thank you, Roberta. It makes sense that there would be a consensus reality there, and I think we would need to come to terms with that and give up any beliefs we have that we think are set in stone. Maybe the best approach would be to have a sense of awe and wonder and allow things to unfold. I’m pretty sure there are higher beings who would be glad to help us if we show an interest, as they can do nothing for us unless we accept their help.

    1. Dear Lola, that acclimatization seems to happen naturally and rapidly for nearly all of us, since the afterlife consensus reality is so strongly dominant and it is so much more wonderful than any of us could dream up! Our culture at this point is so clueless about what comes next that the truth is beyond-amazement entirely wonderful for everyone who arrives there. Which is good news! But I have wondered whether our haste to teach people the afterlife details will fix in their minds an imagined reality that becomes so much more solid that our accepting the glorious truth will actually become incrementally harder?

      1. That’s certainly possible, but I think trying to take the fear away (or at least reduce it) is probably the best solution. Even if they do create an imagined reality, it would still be better than the fear-based realities they were taught to believe in the past.

        1. Yes! In everything, reducing fear and the other ishy emotions and spreading ever more love and joy turns out to be the entire solution!

  7. Roberta, I have never consulted a medium but am amazed how the deceased frequently make contact with the living in a seeming effort to let us know they are alive and doing well. It seems to occur more in sudden, unexpected death situations. The messages often come in symbols which are difficult to decipher.
    I was so moved by this newly acquired knowledge that it actually inspired me to write a book titled “A Distant World Beckons.” Unfortunately, it is difficult to convince the average person that any of this is possible. Thanks for all the uplifting information you provide.

    1. Dear Tom, it is the fact that all of this is so far beyond wonderful that makes most of it so hard to believe! That was why it took me a whole decade of research to at last begin to accept what was plain to see. During all that time, I came across no channeled or medium-generated information that contradicted what I was learning, but instead over and over again I found yet even more amazing details, so repeatedly I was saying, “Wow. So we get all of this, and we even get that TOO?” It seemed impossible! But in the decades since I finally accepted the truth, I have found only ever more wonderful confirmations.

      Does your book have a publisher? Would you like to send it to me in PDF? If I like it, I’ll be happy to interview you on Seek Reality and help you promote it!

  8. Thank you Roberta for this thought provoking post. Along the lines of interference from negative or low vibration entities that you discuss as a worry for mediums, or any of us working on connecting with the other side or our guides for that matter, I have often wondered if practices like prayers, affirmations, or imagining being protected by white light are really enough. It seems to me that they would certainly help, but the most important thing is where your head is at. Would it be that the higher you can raise your vibrations, the less “palatable” you become to these beings? On the other hand, if you indulge in negative thought patterns or practices, not to mention the addictive behaviors that you have often warned against, you are painting a big target on yourself. What are your thoughts on this, and do you have any recommendations for us in practicing our spiritual “hygiene,” and how do we discern between the “good guys” and the not so good?

    1. Scott, This is an interesting question. We know that a universe manifested from perfect love, in which everything is alive (even what we perceive as non-living matter on earth) with the spirit of eternal Consciousness, should not have in it negative entities that can literally “attack” us. And yet we have the perception of being attacked on a daily basis, never mind when visiting a medium. What is the way to prepare ourselves for these experiences? Is the “after life” and dangerous place, or are we our own inherent danger?

      1. Dear Mike, this question has been occupying my mind a lot over the past two years. Having begun to see what the nasties are capable of, my priority is to protect myself and those I love, and to teach those who look to me for guidance how to protect themselves as well! And the answer that comes to me repeatedly from Thomas is a simple one. Just raise your spiritual vibration. Use the teachings of Jesus to forgive so completely and love so perfectly that you become incapable of feeling any negative emotions at all. And yes, His teachings really do have that effect! Yes, once you have applied them sufficiently you will be vibrating at such a high rate that nothing will be able to make you angry and you will never feel any fear. I wouldn’t have believed it, frankly, if I hadn’t become my own guinea pig! But it works. Amazingly well.

    2. Dear Scott, “the most important thing is where your head is at.” Thank you for that succinct summary – no truer words were ever spoken! Sadly, it turns out that while incantations and “a pure white bubble of protection” and all the rest might make us feel better, none of it seems to be of any protective help at all. This is a simple matter of consciousness physics, which is as solid a science as there ever was! Negative entities vibrate at the level of fear, anger, and hatred, and whenever you let yourself feel deeply any negative emotions at all you have made yourself vulnerable to them. They will then have the power to jump in and own you, no matter who you are, and they will intensify your negative emotions to the point where unless you know enough to fight back hard you soon will be able to feel nothing else :-(.

      Please never forget the fact that for these low-vibration beings all of this is quite literally a matter of survival! They feed on fear, anger, and hatred, and when they encounter someone who is vibrating too high for them to reach and influence, then they have no power at all. Once the collective vibration of all humanity becomes too high for them to reach, they will shrivel and die, so for them taking out as many love-based thought leaders as they can is a desperate matter of their own survival!

      Fortunately, most people are not special targets of these bad guys. The best mediums have often been targeted because maintaining the fear of death is important to the evil ones, and since mediums’ skills don’t necessarily correlate with vibrating more toward love and away from fear, many of them over the years have been taken over to a sufficient degree that they lose a lot of their abilities. And of late, we who work in the field of afterlife education are finding ourselves targeted to a degree that I find amazing. And so encouraging! If what we are doing now scares them so much, then apparently we are making more headway than we ever knew ;-).

      1. Roberta, I am totally confused, I think. In a universe manifested by perfect Love, in which all are part of one eternal Mind, how can there be negative entities that feed off fear and shrivel and die if they don’t get it? I don’t get it, and I guess I was starting to get to the point where I thought I got a lot of it.

        1. Dear Mike, if there was no negativity here for us to push against, there would be no reason for us to be here at all!

          To be frank, there seem to be a variety of kinds of these nasties, some of which were at one time people, but since we have free will they chose fear, anger, and hatred over love to such an extent that and they so lowered their consciousness vibrations that they are earthbound and hopeless. Low-vibration energy is at least energy! We think the lowest-vibration entities of all are the shadow men, who disappear when there is light but who linger in darkness and try to scare people because they feed on that fear. All of this is what we are told. I don’t make the rules, and I consider all of it to be pretty disgusting 🙁

          1. Reality is still in flux, it seems. This is why my guide says we must forgive them — because they cannot forgive themselves. There is no “hopeless.” So I’m told. But we are getting off topic now. Perhaps there is a future blog entry in this?

      2. Thanks Roberta. One of the guests on your radio show, Brian Allan, was very interesting on this topic. He had a quote that really stuck with me, “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares into you.” There are injunctions in the Bible against dealing with spirits. Some people today take this as a blanket prohibition, yet there are plenty of examples of prophets and even Jesus himself communicating with spirits and angelic beings. I think the idea back then was more to be careful and stay away from the nasty or evil ones. “You will know them by their fruits,” also seems to apply. It is really no different than being careful what sort of people still in bodies we associate with, I guess.

  9. Thanks, Roberta, for the positive feedback and book offer as well.
    My book “A Distant World Beckons, Embracing the Mystical” was self published through Create Space. It is available both in hardcopy and on Kindle at There should be a special price offer on December 20 when the ebook can be purchased for 99 cents. The book may also be read in whole or part at Thanks again

    1. Dear Tom, I hope you can send me a PDF? I get so many books that unless we can catalog them as PDFs, we are pretty hopeless at keeping things in order.

  10. Dearest Roberta,
    I found Scott F’s discussion question and Mike J-R’s response and further questions very interesting. I’m delighted that your own answer has defined what it takes to repel negativity in all its grisly forms.

    So my dear, the white light bubble of protection doesn’t necessarily work. Neither do myriad visualizations do the trick. Nor does fervent prayers, targeted fasting or sitting within a circle of salt on the floor! (Why doesn’t this surprise me?) So when tragedy, depression and betrayal strike, the deep instinct not to let it close your loving heart is right after all…

    Those wonderful people who become loving parents after suffering violence in their own childhood seem now wise, in the cosmic sense. Those individuals who have survived terrible wars and are thence loving, peaceful and helpful souls despite their losses and trauma, are transcendent. Even someone who has been betrayed in a relationship and then learns to love and trust again is not only brave, but comes to the core of the reality of love.

    What I hadn’t really ‘got’ previously was the law of consciousness physics that says; the more you raise your vibration to pure love, the weaker the negativity that besets you becomes. Thank you Roberta, that’s a big thing; a really big thing. If you stop to think about it, you can see this in examples drawn from people’s daily lives.

    Maybe it’s not always that attacks stop. Should you really be spreading love and the antidote to fear, attacks may actually increase. It’s just that the high love vibe is ever more impervious to the low negative vibe as you grow. Now THAT is a real plus. That’s reason for a big leap of hope! So the Divine makes clear a path for each of us through the forest, unseen and unscented by hungry wolf packs hunting in the evanescent light. (I love it.)

    No wonder the dark beings during His time on earth were so afraid of Jesus.

    1. Dear Efrem, “whatever the question, love is the answer.”

      People working in this field have been learning quite a lot of late about just how these nasties work, and it does seem pretty clear that they are attacking us now as we were never aware of their ever much attacking us before. As I have said above, it feels like a reassuring sign that perhaps we are closer to succeeding at raising this planet’s vibration than we had thought! But yes, we must absolutely and in every situation choose love. All the teachings of Jesus make sense on the level of consciousness physics as they never really have before.

  11. Mike made an interesting point about negative entities. If the universe is made of perfect love etc., then how can negative entities exist in it? Could it be that they only exist here on earth and in some of the astral planes because we somehow created them ourselves? If they exist because of fear, anger and hate as well as other negative emotions, they would have plenty of “food” for existence on this planet because of the abundance of negativity here, and if that’s what they are attracted to, it would make sense. It is interesting that they are often found in places where negative emotions are the norm, such as prisons, abandoned mental asylums, old TB hospitals, and other places of sadness and despair. Our minds are powerful, and they could be some form of tulpa (an entity created by the human mind, which has a rudimentary intelligence of its own). This is likely where the concept of the devil came from. Perhaps they were created by all the atrocities that existed on this planet.

    1. Hey Lola,
      That’s a really fascinating idea that you have raised about the nature of negativity. Do we create our own demons? Now that’s great question my dear.

      BTW did you know that in Judaism ‘Satan’ was originally the adversary advocate. He was kind of like the council for the prosecution; fulfilling a role but not inherently an evil being.

      Of course when he appears in the Garden of Eden as the tempter, his role is somewhat worse. Though in my birth religion, Satan is not the mighty opposite of God. He is more an obstacle to overcome; he is not raised to the status of redoubtable foe.

      In short, I’m interested to hear Roberta’s response to your great question, although to me there is often too much focus and fear placed on evil. I’d rather focus on the wonder of growing into perfect Love.

      1. Dear Efrem, my response to Lola’s thoughtful comments is just below. And your comment about Satan’s provenance and original nature in Judaism is interesting, but not surprising. Again, it comes down to consciousness physics! We are consistently told by the dead that while there are demons, there is no Satan. There cannot be a powerful negative entity, period, since the more negative an entity is, the weaker it is while the more loving an entity is, the more powerful it is. At the level of the Source, God’s love and power are infinite. So the good guys must inevitably win! And it’s good for all of us to focus on our individual spiritual growth, but some of us really must undertake public spiritual education, and rapidly. There are so many good and well-meaning people who think that allowing ourselves what are apparently the pleasures of feeling anger, hatred, and revenge is harmless, when in fact even a bit of any negative feeling is like throwing open your door in the dark of night and inviting a pack of wolves to come in and make themselves at home. Where they will stay!

        1. Dearest Roberta,
          I’ve been thinking, off and on, over the last couple of days about this topic. That’s often when the deeper importance of something and it’s implications hit me.

          So many things that Jesus said make real sense now, when we understand consciousness physics, as you say. We have a new way of understanding Him that wasn’t possible before. This is how modern people are going to relate to Him. This knowledge is going to clearly distinguish Jesus and his teachings from habitual, old religion; thus His Way will be as new. (It’s a big thing.)

          Also knowing finally how to protect ourselves from negativity by living The Way, by actual transformation, is a big breakthrough. (It is a really big thing.)

          Obviously dear Roberta, you know this well, but I’m just sharing here: The importance, the implication of this, is really quite significant and far reaching. It’s the game changer. 🌅

          1. My dear Efrem, you are right when you say that the implications of what we are learning about the behavior of consciousness energy and its relationship to the teachings of Jesus (as opposed to the fear-based Christian religion) are significant and far-reaching. I don’t know if this is THE game-changer, but certainly it is A game-changer! We aren’t leading any of this – it is all being engineered far above our pay-grade – which certainly takes away a lot of pressure… but to watch these gigantic truths beginning to dawn is the greatest thrill of my life!

      2. Hi Efrem: I had heard years ago while I was in high school from a Jewish friend of mine that Satan wasn’t the “big bad guy” that Christianity made him out to be. Over the years, and because Christianity became fear-based, he suddenly wanted to steal our souls. What he was going to do with them was unclear. However, I have a problem with trying to figure out how negative entities can survive in a love-based universe, and seem to be hanging around the earth, so since they are attracted to low vibrations brought on by anger, fear and hate, I figured they would have a banquet here and that they might have been created by the very things they feed on. I would love nothing more than to focus on the “good”, but I still think we need to not ignore these things.

        1. Dear Lola, I guess my reticence to study either demonology outright, or the consciousness physics associated with negativity comes from my experience will depression. This period was the most painful, protracted time I’ve ever had. Hence, I am wary of the dark stuff and prefer to admire the Light that eventually came through for me, and ended my dark night of the soul.

          But go for it my dear, I say. If one can learn something that can help people to be free of the clutches of such negative energies then so much the better! 🙂 I too would gladly learn to understand the origins of this evil stuff, if it would help to eradicate it from our human sphere. 👍

          For myself though – I’m always reminded of what happened to Ed and Lorraine Warren. 🌹

          1. Dear Efrem, I heartily echo your concern about not wanting to get close enough to the nasties to be able to really study them. It is VERY easy to come under their influence, even subtly; and the person with the problem is often the last to realize it (if that realization ever does actually dawn). And in fact, as it would be if we were exploring the wilds of the Amazon and we came upon a tribe of gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex critters that had somehow survived, there would be no need for us to study the nasties up close! We can look at their details and effects from a distance and know everything we will need to know in order to beat them for good.

          2. What happened to Ed and Lorraine Warren? The reason I want to find out the origins of these things is so that I can understand the universe better. If only these things hadn’t come into the picture, I would be a much happier person. It is very hard for a “schlep” like me to raise her vibrations high enough to completely repel them. As for the Warrens, Lorraine Warren always had a deep faith in God and was an excellent psychic medium. She was a loving person who kept her vibrations high. With Ed, not so much. He tended to study the dark side a lot, so did something happen to Ed that affected Lorraine? I’d love to hear what you meant by that

          3. Say Lola, you call yourself a ‘shlep’? My dear you are far too switched on for that. I simply cannot see you as a shlep. It’s funny because I refer to myself as a ‘schlepper.’ (Schlepper defn: clueless, bumbling, simpleton. American slang equivalent: ‘lame-ass’ 🤣)

            In answer to your question about Ed & Lorraine Warren: You probably know this married couple’s history of paranormal investigation better than I do. They were truly amazing warrior souls, who got up close and personal with some pretty vile negative entities. However it cost them much pain and vibrational damage. You see they were constantly attacked by the demonic forces that they battled. The Warrens used their Catholic faith as protection and still took serious hits to their safety and their psyche.

            I’ve heard Lorraine Warren speak on various interviews. In one interview she explained that on one occasion, when they returned from a haunting in northern Connecticut, their own dogs instead of running to greet them, walked backwards away from them… The Warrens inadvertently brought negativity home.

            Also, while working on a (now famous) haunting of a farm in Rhode Island Lorraine, being a psychic of extraordinary sensitivity, had a vision so horrifying that she retreated to her room and locked herself in for eight days. Even when pressed years later in an interview to reveal this experience she flat out refused to do so.

            There was a (now infamous) house in New York that was so haunted by demonic entities that the Warrens refused to set foot in it again for the rest of their lives. Lorraine said that they were ‘followed across the country’ by the evil from that house.

            To me (who often falters vibrationally) it is best if I keep away from such negativity, even in terms of studying it. In short, I admire the Warrens and their mission to tell us all that faith in God is the answer to being free of such evil in life. However they did suffer greatly from their investigations in many ways. Thus I learned from the Warrens to keep at a safe distance from dark spirits and demonology. ❣️🌹

    2. Dear Lola, by and large I agree with your conclusions. But we still know much less than I wish we knew about how negative consciousness works! To see a medium I had known to be so careful with the meditations, incantations, bubbles of light, and so on then so easily taken over and used despite all her care was flat-out shocking to me. It really does all come down to consciousness physics, or so it seems. When we are vibrating high enough, we simply can’t become angry, hateful, or fearful anymore. Then apparently we are safe. But not otherwise!

  12. quote: “When we are vibrating high enough, we simply can’t become angry, hateful, or fearful anymore. Then apparently we are safe. But not otherwise!”

    For most practitioners, then, caution must remain the watchword. I doubt many mediums will reach the happy state of vibrating so high that they have nothing to fear from would-be mischief makers…. I would guess most are very ordinary individuals with all the everyday issues faced by ordinary folk like myself. Certainly the ones I’ve known have been.

    Despite everything many continue to do their best for those who seek their help – they can do no more.

    1. Dear Mac, to be frank it has surprised me to see how easily some mediums can be taken over by negative entities. All of us are very much at risk until we can achieve sufficient spiritual growth. This really is an education! Dealing with low-vibration beings not now in bodies turns out to be an extremely serious matter, and nothing that any of us should mess with! In listening to the centuries-long idiocy of science’s obsession with materialism, oh how very much knowledge we have lost.

      We even can better understand now why the Gospel-writers – who knew more about this than we do now – were so impressed by Jesus’s facility in dealing with “demons.” Jesus came from the highest aspect of the Godhead, and He could flip those beasties around like used tissues. They recognized His vibrational level at once, they knew He could defeat them without effort, and they even tried to negotiate with Him – “Send us into those pigs!” – and left their human victims right away. I had always thought this was just superstitious nonsense from a simpler time! But now I see that indeed it was real. And it impresses me, too.

  13. Efrem: Thanks for responding to my inquiry about the Warrens (and for disagreeing with my schlep definition for myself LOL). I had chills thinking about Loraine Warren locking herself away, as she had been dealing with all kinds of negative entities for almost her whole life and was quite used to them. The cases you mentioned in New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut are all pretty well known (the Rhode Island case inspired a popular movie called :The Conjuring.”). In each and every one of these, research into the past events that occurred at these places disclosed horrific acts that people did to others. Obviously, these acts must have attracted an enormous amount of negativity. I can’t blame you for choosing to stay away from it. Despite Ed and Lorraine’s dedication, we are still no further ahead figuring these things out. I disagree with the Warrens about the Catholic faith keeping them safe, as these entities were in existence a long time before Jesus was even born.

    1. Dear Lola,
      To be fair to Lorraine Warren she did say that her Catholic faith kept her safe, but then added that whatever religion it is, deep faith protects you. (She added that Judaism was very, very strong against evil too, as an example of other faiths etc.)

      However Lorraine said that demons and their ilk are absolutely terrified of Jesus. At the mention of His name, they go to pieces.

      As to your desire to get to the bottom of what makes these vile entities tick in order to eradicate them, I admire and respect that. I share your desire for humanity to be free of them; it’s for the good of every child born into this world.

      One day…who knows? I’m reminded of the fear that these things feel when faced with the name of God. If they can fear they can be killed.

      1. They won’t be eradicated, Efrem. They have been here for a very long time. I think Lorraine was exaggerating when she said that the mere mention of the name of Jesus caused them to “go to pieces.” Perhaps if Jesus was actually present, it could be a different story.

  14. “Dear Mac, to be frank it has surprised me to see how easily some mediums can be taken over by negative entities.”

    Dear Roberta

    It’s likely the situation that some, perhaps many, practitioners are unaware or uncaring they are more psychics rather than mediums. 🙁 As such they are vulnerable to interference.

    Add to that the lamentable lack of support, encouragement and guidance from experienced mediums in helping sensitives aspiring to mediumship and we may have an explanation for the present day situation.

    There was a time when things were very different, when mediums gave freely – literally freely, without charge – of their time and effort in the service of the spirit. In so doing their spiritual vibration would have been elevated to the level you’ve spoken about. Now that’s seen far less with fewer practitioners of the spiritual elevation that used to protect their forerunners from the mischief-makers who nowadays can more readily seize the opportunity to make mischief. 🙁

    The days of the evidential mediumship of yesteryear look to be over. 🙁

    1. I agree and think it’s very sad. There are some great ones left but due to their busy schedule and long waiting lists, they are inaccessible. One of these is an American medium who charges a thousand dollars an hour, making him virtually inaccessible.

  15. Given the existence of negative entities or demons, we should not be so critical of religions that lump such realities under the term Satan.

    1. Dear Tom, the problem is that religious belief systems that talk about a Satan always assume their Satan is a powerful negative entity in opposition to God. In fact, the more negative any being is, the weaker it is, so by the basic laws of consciousness physics, it is literally impossible for a powerful Satan to exist! Which is not to say that demonish nasties who group together cannot cause us trouble. They can indeed aggregate their powers and do mischief! But their mischief, like their individual powers, will only work on susceptible people; and even then, it generally doesn’t amount to much.

      I consider any theology that factors in a powerful Satan to be horrendously fear-based and highly damaging to anyone unfortunate enough to be taken in by it.

  16. Roberta, I very much appreciated reading about your experiences with mediums. I still find myself puzzling over the concept that if you “don’t believe” or are skeptical (even in a good way), it somehow “blocks” incoming messages. This concept would seem to be the perfect excuse for a medium to use if a reading goes bad. Just blame the sitter and keep the money. While I understand that cynicism is a low-energy vibration, critical thinking and discernment should be a part of being a sitter, I feel, especially in research situations.

    1. Dear Joshua, we don’t make these rules! We only notice and record their sometimes dramatic effects. What seems to be the fact is that strong skepticism acts as a barrier to communications, quite literally as if it puts up an energy barrier that blocks communications from getting through. I suppose a medium could claim that the sitter was blocking communications so it wasn’t the medium’s fault, but since most people have no idea this is even an issue – and especially since skepticism of this sort is often involuntary, so the sitter himself doesn’t realize he has a problem – I think any medium who tried very often to claim that her failures were the sitters’ fault would likely get a pretty poor reputation!

      1. With skeptics I make a distinction between militant skeptics and open-minded skeptics. The former just like to argue and wage rhetorical warfare. They really are not interested in truth-seeking. The latter are people who in the name of research look for alternative answers or explanations as a way of ultimately getting to the truth. I learned the latter from Dr. Raymond Moody at a talk he gave. Personally I am eager to hear what mediums have to say, but accept that 80% accuracy is considered good, which means that 20% is wrong. Discernment is good.

    1. I’m glad and so grateful as well, my dear! That was the moment when I finally realized that there are indeed genuine evidential mediums 😉

  17. Thank you, dear, for saying such a kind thing! But actually, you know, I am not missed at all… I have always been where I still am now, and I’m busier than ever. I wish you well!

  18. Oh. Hmmm… I’m not sure who Baron is, but you know I am always happy to hear from anyone! Perhaps suggest that Baron reach out to me by email? There is a Contact block on every page of this website. Please tell Baron that I always answer emails.

  19. Good read that some here maybe interested in is the book by John White titled: The Psychic and the Spiritual Whats the difference?
    Well written and gives one food for thought.

    1. Thank you, Steve! Others have also mentioned that book favorably. Wish I had time to read books anymore 😉

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