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“I was in an atmosphere of beauty,
countryside, scenery which was magnificent.
I remember seeing various relations and friends
who all seemed terribly, truly excited to see me,
all crowding around me, welcoming me,
showing me around.”
– Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), from his Leslie Flint interview (1960)

Soon after he ceased incarnating, the being who had been Thomas Jefferson found himself sadly reduced to guiding an oblivious fourteen-year-old girl. The child had been his close male friend through seventeen previous lifetimes, and he had spoken to her in an experience of light when she was eight years old. He would become more openly involved when she was in college, but in 1960 he must have been bored right out of his considerable mind.

In 1960 the world was only fifteen years past the use of atomic bombs in warfare. What had been done to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an effort to end the Second World War had shocked elevated beings at the highest levels. So Thomas’s young charge was one of many who had lately entered bodies as part of an emergency effort to elevate the consciousness vibrations of humankind away from fear and hatred and toward ever more perfect love. The British medium Leslie Flint (1911-1994), undeniably the greatest independent direct voice medium of the twentieth century, was then in his heyday. He was inviting the famous of prior eras to adapt and use the ectoplasm voice box suspended in the air beside his head, and speak again.

Perhaps out of boredom, in 1960 Thomas returned to his Jefferson persona and gave Leslie Flint’s communication process a try. And when he spoke, the voice that was recorded was undeniably that of Thomas Jefferson in old age. I was young back then when he was old, his law clerk and a surrogate son; and that voice put me right back into his cabinet at Monticello, listening to him opine. In 1960 he refused to talk about his Jefferson lifetime. Instead, he made a plea for world peace, and he answered questions about where he had arrived some 134 years before. The two who questioned him were George Woods and Betty Greene, who were Leslie Flint’s usual sitters; and while we don’t have room here to share more than highlights, I’ll try to help you feel the magical wonder of that conversation. At first, he complains about the process itself:

“I am not quite sure if you can hear what I am saying. Very difficult for anyone in my position to manifest in this fashion to talk to people on Earth and at the same time keep one’s equilibrium, if one can use that term and apply to the spirit. Aligning with vibration, tuning in, remembering things that one wishes to say, transmission of thought into sound, words, words, often words which don’t indicate anything clearly at least what one feels, I find extreme difficulty.” (We read this, and we smile. One of the greatest wordsmiths in American history was by then so used to communicating by thought that he is annoyed to be back to having to use words again!)

(He begins with the need to end the Cold War.) “I’m particularly concerned naturally in my own country, or at least that which was my own country. I’m very disturbed indeed, because I feel that unless something is done very soon, the world could so easily be plunged into a third world war which would be more ghastly and more dreadful than anything that one can imagine. There’s still hope. While there’s hope, you must make every effort to try to bring people together. … I think you’ve got to trust Russia, whether you like the idea or not. You can’t get away from the fact that eventually you’ve got to start hugging the big bear. It’s no good going on the way that statesmen have been going on this earth for around ten years. You’ve got to realize that you’ve got to live together, you’ve got to work together, you’ve got to trade together, you’ve got to be friends.”

(He expounds at length on the need for peace and friendship in the world, which apparently was the reason why he had chosen to communicate at all. Then someone says, “Weren’t you in Washington? You’re president, weren’t you?” And he answers that question.)

“One time, a long time ago. … I don’t feel inclined to talk about that.”

(So then someone asks him about his transition.) “Well, my reactions when I passed over here were simply very different to any I could have possibly anticipated. … I found myself in an environment here which was so like material life as I’ve known in the country that it seemed that I was way back in my youth. … It was as if, you might say, that your world that I had known in my youth had been transported into this new world, as if I was being received into an atmosphere which was natural and quite comforting. What amazed me, of course, at first was that everything seemed so natural. I don’t know why what you’d think passing out should be unnatural, because, in a sense, it’s the most natural thing that happens to everyone. But here was a world which was so real, so natural, that it could have been a kind of dream that one might have had thinking back into one’s early years, one’s youth among one’s friends and countryside that was familiar. And in a kind of way I suppose, you might say it was a kind of dream. There were dreams that were very real and I realized now that several times I had dreams when on Earth which were, in fact, realities. I realized that those things I thought were dreams were not so. My spirit had been released from its body, and I traveled over here and met various souls that I had known and been in an environment which was familiar and friendly. So when I died, as you call it, I went into this environment or condition of life which I’d seen often in my dream state.” (We all travel in the astral on many nights and visit earth-like places. We spend time then with deceased love ones, especially as death approaches. We often think these memories are only vivid dreams.)

(He is asked about visiting those on earth.) “I came back quite frequently the first few years. … I felt well, here am I trying to make contact and take an interest in the old life, and no one seems very interested in me, and no one seems conscious of my presence. … I got very tired of that, and for quite a while I stepped away from Earth. But gladly I felt the call to come back and be of some service, and so in consequence I’ve taken an active interest in politics, because I realize, as many do here, that it’s essential for changes to take place in your world. … Man’s got to realize that the only things that matter are the spiritual things. … One should realize that one has got to progress mentally and spiritually, and if you’re blessed with worldly things, to realize their only link is, they’re there for you to use and to share among those less fortunate than yourselves. But to do as the majority do: struggle from birth to grave for money and position and then have to leave it and accomplish nothing in consequence, seems to be a pointless and foolish attitude towards life.”

(Then he is asked about “other spheres.”) “Well, I have been privileged to go to one higher sphere on my own for a great visit. … it’s very difficult because you ask me to tell you something about a sphere which is even removed from myself and far, far removed from Earth, and for me to describe something or in a material language, I could think of no way, no words that could really describe it, except in that it was full of light, and that it had such harmony and such beauty that words couldn’t describe it, and one was ever conscious of beauty in so many ways, one felt so elevated in consequence that one felt that one could rise beyond all that one had ever known, and all that one had ever hoped. Here there was perfection, if ever there was perfection, and in a kind of way, it was so wonderful that one felt like a child that had opened his eyes on something which is so beautiful and so glorious, that you could hardly believe it, except you gasp in surprise, and your heart would thump away and you sort of feel this is too wonderful and would it last? Indeed, there are some things that one cannot describe.” (I believe what he refers to here is a visit from the upper fifth level, which he had achieved, into the lower sixth level, where the vibrations would have been higher but still bearable for him.)

(He is asked about flowers, and he begins a soliloquy.) “Flowers grow here six feet high with magnificent blossoms, and they give off a ringing tone and a musical note and the perfume is wonderful. … We have colors here which we couldn’t describe to you. The hues are varied and many, and the birds, for instance: we have wonderful birds, many of which you’re familiar with of course, but others that you are not. And of course, we have a mental communication. You take the animal kingdom in your world: you have a pet animal, a dog, cat, and you get to know it and it gets to know you, and although it can’t speak, it somehow transmits things to you, and you’re able to transmit things to it, and the same applies here. But here because mind is so dominant, here thought is such a reality that the animal can speak, not only in a vocal sense, but in a mental sense. Here the animal is more sensitive than it is on Earth. Here we are conscious of each other’s thoughts. Here you are known really as you are for the first time. At first it’s a little frightening, but gradually you begin to progress and you lose a lot of the things which at one time were common to your nature, and you expand and grow and those things don’t worry you so much. But I’m afraid that here you cannot put up any facade, because you are known immediately. You know exactly what a person is. I want you to know this: that I in common with every soul on this side are only concerned with the welfare of the human race. We’re only concerned with the spiritual development and progression of the human being.”

Everything Thomas says about the afterlife realities is amply confirmed by others. Still, it’s lovely to have the personal testimony of such a brilliant man! In the soft drawl of a Virginia gentleman who had at last achieved a developmental level past the need for him to incarnate again, we hear with the wonder of joyous children what our own next stage of life will be.

The following decades of this being’s development brought ever-deeper understandings. Amazingly, he considers his present task to be even more important than his having so materially helped to found the United States! His charge now is to assist the Heavenly Host in uplifting and transforming the world. Next week we will consider how all of reality looks to him today….

“Whoever you are or wherever you may be,
working in loving cooperation with the realms of Spirit,
we will help you. We will guide you and uplift you.
Give us the opportunity, open your hearts and your minds to us,
let us come in and we will do our utmost to help you
individually and collectively and in peace and in harmony together. …
Don’t imagine that you are superior, because those who are most humble
are often those who are most progressed. Love opens the door.”
– Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), from his Leslie Flint interview (1960)


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47 thoughts on “Thomas Jefferson After Death

    1. Dear David, although Thomas prompted me to do a lot of research, when it came time to write the Fun series, he led the team that channeled them all. And as they channeled, whenever I wondered whether sometime I had written was right, I would remember having read it somewhere, and usually more than once. But as was true when we wrote My Thomas, I realize now that the research was in part a cover, so I would be convinced that even though I couldn’t put my finger on precisely where I had read something, of course I had read it. Of course it was right.

      I have a hunch that whenever I do get home, I’m going to learn that Thomas was the actual author of everything I ever have been proud to believe that I wrote myself!

  1. This is beautiful, thanks Roberta. It is wonderful that many are coming together now in peace and harmony. One result of covid lockdown is that people from around the world are getting together in groups over Zoom to work in loving cooperation with the realms of spirit.

      1. Dear Mike, thank you for sharing this great promotion of the outreach work of some wonderful people. Sandra Champlain, too, does a Sunday gathering and terrific Zoom events with mediums – go to for more information.

    1. Oh dear Alex, I hope you are right about this! I do see a lot of good coming from this wrenching us out of old ruts and into new pathways that has been the whole Covid lockdown process, but there still is a lot of pent-up nastiness in America’s streets at the moment!

  2. Hi Roberta, hi everybody!
    Regarding the powerful quote from Thomas at the end of this blog entry about allowing spirit into the earthly realm – his entire end note, but especially this, “let us come in and we will do our utmost to help you individually and collectively and in peace and in harmony together” – my own guide, whom I call Arrow as you know (her real name is not as easily pronounceable as Thomas, but it translates into Arrow), is convinced that people can call on their guides to help them understand the larger eternal afterlife questions. This at the same time the relationship is helping to navigate our earthly experience. We are encouraged to get in contact ASAP. The two understandings—understanding how eternal life operates (the Lord does move in mysterious ways), and understanding our long-term work with our guides and their teams—are themselves a tandem enterprise of discovery.
    My relationship with Arrow is as different from Roberta’s with Thomas as the pronounceability of their names. Each guide relationship is unique in structure and context. That may seem obvious, but the uniqueness is related not just to our purpose in the earthly timeline, but to our eternal “timeless now” purpose, which supersedes whatever we may believe our earthly purpose is—or perhaps it’s more correct to say it drives our earthly purpose.
    As Thomas so clearly states, they are already doing the work. They want to be invited into our lives. It’s easier if they are, for both sides, but they will continue to do the work, which is not our work or their work, but the work of the genuine Godhead. Still, as Thomas and my Arrow (and all of our guide teams) so invitingly state: “Whoever you are or wherever you may be, working in loving cooperation with the realms of Spirit, we will help you. We will guide you and uplift you.”

    1. Dear Mike, well said! I was struck by that last passage as well, which was why I featured it so prominently. And it really is obvious that our guides are all highly individual people! The pairing, too, is highly individual, since it’s about two people working together so closely. I don’t see how such a tight pairing is possible unless people know one another extremely well, which means that we are same-soul-group for sure and we likely have shared many lifetimes. So these relationships have shaped us as individuals, not just for this lifetime but even for all time. And the dominant party, in your life and mine and perhaps in the lives of many others, is not the person in a body, but is instead the disembodied guide. I know already that when I die, I will be male again and I will return to my sidekick role. And very happily.

      So I have begun to wonder about other people and their guidance pairings! People who are entirely un-spiritual, people who commit selfish crimes, violent people, tyrants and self-absorbed fools. There are so many people whose words and actions show them to be clearly vibrating at a low level. What are their guides doing to try to change that? I would love to know how those pairings work!

      1. I wondered the same thing. There are so many people vibrating at a low level, and the thought of having a spirit guide never enters their head, so what good does it do to assign a guide to them? In fact, I strongly feel they are influenced by a low level spirit. More research needs to go into this.

  3. Dearest Roberta,

    Simply astounding! I was surprised and amazed when I read “I think you’ve got to trust Russia … you’ve got to be friends.” Consider that this interview took place around the time JFK was running for president. I have read, though I am sorry I can’t give a reference, that Kennedy had apparently taken to heart these words from Thomas and made them part of his policy, and when it became apparent to those truly in power that he was serious about carrying them out, he was assassinated.

    This nexus between Thomas and JFK is a mere supposition on the part of some, but it could show the costs some of us must be prepared to pay on our path to enlightenment.



    1. TJ’s depiction of the afterlife is exactly the same as the one in “Life in the World Unseen” – a book by author Anthony Borgia, which I highly recommend. In other words, Hugh Benson (from Life in the World Unseen”) and Thomas Jefferson both saw the same things. I don’t know how anyone could wipe this away as a coincidence.

      Thank you, Roberta, for posting part of TJ’s interview with Leslie Flint. I have followed Leslie Flint’s website for years and never heard this one before. Thomas’ reluctance to “talk” again makes sense, as once he got used to telepathic communication, it was probably annoying to have to resume “talking” again, especially since, as he said, there are not adequate words in our vocabulary to describe most of the things he has been experiencing.

      1. Dear Lola, indeed people can ignore all the correspondences among post-death reporters. They’ve been doing that for a hundred years! I first convinced myself that the afterlife is real by reading hundreds of messages from the not-really-dead that were received through deep-trance mediums in the first part of the 20th century in southern England and the eastern U.S. I detected no duplication at all, but yet all these communicators were in precisely the same place! The same scenery, the same process, the same pastimes, the same physics, the same everything. It was impossible for there to be such extensive correspondences and with no outliers at all unless the afterlife really was real! But I first made that discovery and accepted it all as fact at the end of the seventies. And from that day to this, mainstream science has advance toward investigating and accepting the truth by literally not one proverbial inch!

    2. Dear Cookie, are you saying there is evidence that JFK was aware of TJ’s communication through Leslie Flint, and he took it to heart? Wow, that is so interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that President Kennedy was even aware of Leslie Flint! And I though Lee Harvey Oswald was a Russia groupie? Why then would he have been the assassin? This is fascinating – thank you for sharing it!

      I was amused to see Thomas refer to our need to hug “the big bear.” That sounds like something a modern living in the sixties would have said, and not the words and worldview of someone who had died more than a hundred years before. Of course, he did manage to squeeze a lifetime in between, and we know nothing about that one except that he was a relatively low-status man named John who lived in Wales, and apparently his son became a priest. I don’t know why, but I think that lifetime started around perhaps 1850 – when he talks here about ceasing his visits to his old life and friends, that extra life was likely what he was up to – and it ended around 1930 perhaps? These are guesses, really. I don’t know, and he has no interest in talking about it. He wants my entire focus now to be on the work at hand. But he is more familiar with twentieth-century concepts than you would expect someone to be who had been out of touch since the early 1800s, and that extra lifetime might be the reason why.

    1. We can always hope, dear Mac! But we have been working at afterlife education for all these decades, and still the truth is being stonewalled. The dam will have to break one day, but we may well not see it from this side!

        1. I think it will happen in the first half of this century, or very soon thereafter. We will get to watch it happen from the bleacher seats!!

  4. “Love opens the door.” – Thomas Jefferson.

    Dearest Roberta and everyone,
    I was rendered speechless after reading these channeled words of Thomas Jefferson. I really was, because a deep sense of wonderment took hold and emotions welled up inside me. Mostly I was struck by how vast Love is; even reaching across to our world from the Unseen in order to help us here on Earth.

    Imagine how difficult it must be to reach out to us from a place where one no longer uses crude words, to give voice to that which is beyond the physical world. Yet Thomas Jefferson has such loving concern for us that, in 1960, he went to such effort to help save us from a global thermonuclear holocaust.

    I can only imagine how much love the Divine has for us, to give us such a beautiful Afterlife, where flowers grow six feet tall and chime, adorned in colors we haven’t even seen on earth. How loving is Spirit, who framed a place where friends and family we’ve lost on earth meet again; finding each other amid the abundant verdure where the trees don’t die.

    So consciousness is the highest thing, beyond energy and so-called matter. And love is the highest form of consciousness.

    What we are seeing here is the bridge between worlds; between the unseen, undying realm of love and this polarized earth of life and death, of joy and sorrow. Is this the rainbow bridge of light, that our Norse brethren called ‘Bifrost’? That bridge between Asgard, the Home of the Gods, and earth I guess, is truly the reaching out of Love.

    Since we each are given our own Guardian Angel and our own Guide in Spirit, we must truly be cherished by God. And I reckon that if Love reaches out to me, I’m going to take hold of that hand. 🌅❣️🌈

    1. Hi Efrem: I too was astonished by what Thomas said about the afterlife. I am convinced that the beauty he saw was because of his high vibration level. Because of his willingness to help guide a whole nation and his spiritual beliefs, he saw the wonderful reality he describes. The people who experience this type of afterlife are selfless, not interested in power and devote a good part of their lives to helping others. It’s not to say they are perfect, but their ego has taken a backseat. If people would only realize how unimportant their trivial concerns are! The people who worship power and control and have hate in their heart would not see what TJ and others have seen. It’s all a matter of selfless love.

      1. Dear Lola, nearly everyone seems to enter the afterlife realities at the third level, so everyone enters a staggering level of beauty upon transitioning. Some are not vibrating high enough to stay there, but every effort is made to help them heal from the negative effects of their earth-lives so they can remain at least that high. And in fact from the third level upward, the higher the vibration in the gigantic astral plane and in the afterlife realities, the more beautiful and light-filled everything is. The fourth level is the lush and gorgeous third level magnified, and the fifth level is absolutely dazzling. Once we achieve the upper part of the fifth level, we no longer feel the need to incarnate, and it is my understanding that Thomas is at that level now. He lives in an atmosphere of love and beauty that we cannot even imagine, and I guess the Catch-22 of being at that level is that your love for all of humanity is so enhanced that you want even more to be of service! You can see that in what he says above. He went home already at a pretty high vibrational level, and now he is much higher still. That apparently he could now bearably enter the even much higher vibration of the sixth level for a visit is quite telling. And yet during one communication he told me that Mikey Morgan is now at the upper sixth level, and as far above him in vibration as the stars are above us in the sky! And Mikey now tells us that there are even higher realms beyond the seventh level. And all of them are based upon ever more perfect love! My goodness, the size of the material universe is nothing beside the infinity that is the spiritual universe!

    2. Dear Efrem, this is beautifully expressed – thank you! The sense of just how very deeply and completely each of us is loved as an individual is a staggering thing to contemplate. On earth, we all feel so unworthy! And a lot of that feeling comes from our religions, and from Christianity in particular. I can recall when I was young and still a Christian feeling sorrowful about loving Jesus so much, loving God so much, and wanting so desperately to have them know that, and have them love me that way, but knowing I was still hopelessly inferior to whatever it was that they expected from me, so I had to try harder and harder. You express here very well the amazement of that first realization that God really does love us perfectly! It is impossible for us even to fathom just how absolutely and completely each of us is loved. It’s nothing we even have to earn! Our whole, entire task is to really know that love, know that it doesn’t have to be earned but it is the very essence of who we are, and simply reflect that love back to the Godhead and to these others here around us who have been given to us to love. Realizing and reflecting the extent of God’s love for us in particular is the key lesson that life on earth is meant to teach.

  5. Hi dear Lola!
    I certainly agree that loving, other-centered and compassionate people grow beautifully and wax in Spirit. There is real inner beauty in those souls who spend a good part of their lives helping others, while setting aside their own egos.

    Was it not Mahatma Gandhi who said (paraphrased here): If you want to find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others.
    Imagine seeing each person as worthy and precious no matter their station, situation or way of seeing the word…

    Also, the ‘beauty part’ (as Americans say😉) is that we all get to experience the splendor of the Afterlife, once the body dies and our soul moves across to the ‘reception gardens’ as Roberta has named them in her excellent book, “The Fun Of Dying.”

    We meet those friends and family who are waiting for us there. And yes the fountains sparkle, the vegetation is abundant and gives out soft music and all is illuminated by a gentle, diffused white light. People breath Spirit in and out and they know that Spirit (God if you like) is everywhere.

    The beauty starts right then and there, as soon as you step across to the Afterlife after the body’s death. I’ve read that even Level Three, which is the first level above earth, is magnificent. I guess Home is a wonderful place, even at its outset. No doubt Thomas Jefferson does experience even higher and more amazing levels than Level Three; yet we all get to experience beauty and breathe love, in whatever level above earth we find ourselves.

    Please excuse me saying that I’ve had an inner experience where I saw the beginning of the reception gardens while talking to my own aged Aunt who is near to crossing over. I saw enough (in my mind’s eye) to get a picture and a feel for the ‘edge’ of it. This was quite an unexpected experience, especially as I was just talking to my aunt at the time. I also saw her (my) relatives gathering and calling out that they were looking forward to seeing her. (I was kind of astonished as I’m not prone to these inner visions.)

    You know Lola, I reckon that God is like Mum and Dad who say, have three children. Each child has their own bedroom. Mum and Dad furnish each child with everything that they need to be comfortable and well in his or her own room, regardless of how old or dutiful they are. Regardless of who is clever, beautiful or caring the loving parents take care of them all equally in terms of their needs.

    I feel God/love is like that. 😉🙃🙂

    1. Wow, Efrem, that was quite an experience. I wonder if your aunt was seeing similar things during the time you were talking to her. If so, it is called a shared death experience, and Dr. Raymond Moody wrote a whole book about that, as he found that many more people have had these than anyone originally thought. These are extremely evidential, as the dying person and his/her visitor have the same experience, which is obviously not a coincidence. The reception garden (or reception center) was also seen by Robert Monroe (the famous American out of body traveler) during his out of body excursions and he mentions it several times in the books that he wrote. Believe it or not, I have heard many times that there were “healing centers” of sorts on the other side for those who have had a traumatic type death or may be psychologically damaged. If true, how wonderful would that be?

    2. Dear Efrem, this is wonderfully said! Except for one detail: the notion that loving parents care for each child equally. It seems to be really more that God loves each of us as if there were only one of us! At the end of each Seek Reality program I try to make this point by saying something like, “You, most of all in the universe, you in particular are infinitely loved.” EACH of us is God’s best-beloved child! I have three children, all now in their early forties, and each very different from the others. And I know how it feels to love each of them the most! It isn’t as if I don’t have a favorite. I do! EACH of them is my favorite child. My life is perfect only because EACH of them is in it. I realize now that parental love is a pale mimic of the way that God loves each one of us as if God had only us as God’s one best-beloved child!

      1. Dearest Roberta,
        The way you describe the love of God where each of us is His best loved child is beyond wonderful! Since the Divine can actually do that, it makes the quality and intimacy of His relationship with each of us perfect – so perfect and enduring that it is beyond my comprehension.

        And true my dear, you do say the above statement as a finisher on the weekly Seek Reality program. It is the most heartening thing you could say. It helps us to really ‘get it’.

        You know I’m loving all of this stuff – so please let me say that the last two Seek Reality programs were superlative. (NB: Prior to this week which I haven’t heard yet.) Somehow they both go so well with the current Thomas Jefferson blog offerings. I’d like to suggest that anyone in our blog family who has not heard them yet, would benefit greatly from listening. There is a great deal to learn from them about the big picture; about the Greater Reality that they expound. 🌅🙏🏼🕊

        That is:
        – Seek Reality; 14/9/20; where Roberta herself explains, The Primacy of Consciousness.
        – Seek Reality; 21/9/20; where Dr Craig Hogan talks of his new book, ‘There is Nothing but Mind and Experiences.’

        1. Dear Efrem, thank you for your kindly words! I always fret when I do a Seek Reality episode alone that I will drone on and be boring, and that one I had almost no time to prepare for since someone cancelled literally on the morning of her interview (which was a first). But I had been planning to do one on consciousness at some point, so I just swallowed hard and put some notes together. I wanted to give Craig’s wonderful new book a better lead-in, and I am delighted to learn that it worked for you!

          And yes, the certainty that God’s love for humanity is not a collective and human-like thing, but rather God loves each of us as perfectly as if there were only one of us is the best revelation ever received in all of human history. At first I felt so unworthy, the more I came to see that it’s really true! But God’s love doesn’t need to be earned or merited, any more than your (much lesser) love for your infant needs to be merited. God’s love is as perfect as God is perfect. And when you freshly realize that a bit more deeply as you wake up each morning, it really does altogether make your day!!

        2. Efrem: I too heard the Craig Hogan interview and ordered his new book as a result. He has the unique capability of talking about science and spirituality in the same sentence, and it winds up making so much sense. I absolutely love Craig Hogan, and I know Roberta thinks highly of him too.

          1. Dear Mac, doing this and then promoting it is very sweet of you! We are coming up on seven and a half years of weekly podcasts at this point, and I am hearing every day now from listeners. It’s quite amazing. And to think, I started doing it just on a whim! But of course, as I know now, all such “whims” are prodding from our guides. And when I was asked what I wanted to call this new podcast about the afterlife, the name that sprung into my mind was, “Seek Reality.” OMG, why such an odd name? Well, soon I learned why. His choice was perfect!

  6. Dearest Roberta,

    It seems I have been displaying some symptoms of my foot-in-mouth disease when I suggested the possibility of a connection between Pres. Kennedy and Leslie Flint and thereby became aware of TJ’s pronouncements about the Cold War. Though it would be fascinating, especially to historians, if there were such a connection, for now, it must remain simply a possibility.

    I will stick my foot in a little further to describe what might turn the possibility into a probability, but again the actual proof is scarce. I had heard some time ago that Pres. Eisenhower had met with an extraterrestrial who wished to give advice on foreign affairs. Eisenhower politely declined, even though he set up the Majestic 12 Committee to deal with the ramifications. So when I heard that this was hardly a unique occurrence, meaning that many presidents had been visited by extraterrestrials who wished to offer advice, but only three actually acted upon the advice proffered, I was surprised that Eisenhower was not on that shortlist.

    The shortlist I heard was Lincoln, Kennedy and Trump. I can imagine an Extraterrestrial saying to Jack Kennedy after a discussion about what to do about the Cold War, said Extraterrestrial saying something like “Jack, would you like to know what some of your predecessors recently said about the Cold War?

    As in my previous post, there is no proof that such a conversation took place. At best it is some wishful thinking.



    1. Dear Cookie, the notion that Lincoln, Kennedy, and Trump took the advice of extraterrestrials is fascinating! We have been told that the current president was selected by elevated beings not now in bodies, and we were told that would happen more than a year before the election so when he actually did win it kind of freaked me out! They said he would serve two terms, so let’s see if that pans out. But given how well he has done at foreign policy especially, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to know that he was getting guidance.

        1. Dear Mac, most people are getting guidance but are unaware of that fact. This is one of the things we’ll be talking about next week….

  7. Dear Roberta, Efrem, Lola and everybody–This comment refers to the discussion above about being God’s “only” best-beloved child, but I didn’t want to run out of room for replies, so I am doing a stand-along comment here in the hopes that others too will have room to ring in if they’d like.

    I once, a number of years ago, did a little thought experiment on my own. Having come from a traditional Roman Catholic background, the saying “Remember that thou art dust” was all too familiar and so, contemplating a piece of dust on the floor in the corner, I imagined God so loving that piece of dust that he would help it no matter what and save it from being destroyed.

    I couldn’t get very far with that thought experiment, as I tried to imagine an all-powerful being falling in love with this cluster of hair, sand and mites just laying on a bare floor. And then it hit me. That cluster was, in its essence, made of all the things that composed the universe — the molecules and particles — it contained not just hair and sand and mites, but all of the energy from the universe that the elemental ingredients of the universe everywhere contain. In fact, it was no longer a cluster of dust at all, but an extension of the base creative force.

    That’s when it hit me. We are not dust. We are the elements of the Universe. And when the Godhead looks upon us, it is not as a separate cluster of cast-off material, but as the same — the very same — essence. The cluster of dust is a human construct. The essence is one with everything else. Until we pull ourselves aside and think of ourselves as separate (and detestable), we are made not BY God, but OF God.

    Where is the Love in that? The Love is intrinsic in that.

    By the way, it took many years after I gave up on that afternoon’s thought experiment for the actual realization and conclusion of it to hit me.

    1. It is a concept that is so foreign to Western religions that it’s hard to grasp, so I’m not surprised it took many years for you to come to that conclusion. Isn’t that what is known as pantheism? When you truly think about it, this makes a lot of sense.

    2. And dear Mike, it actually is even more wonderful than that! We are not of the essence of the universe, but in fact we are of the very essence of the Godhead, and not material at all! Religions, and Christianity included, are generally the product of ancient thinking so they find it difficult to really get away from the material when referring to humankind. But you are no more your body than you are the Toyota in your garage. This material body is only a useful vehicle, and when you are ready to leave it you will do that joyously and without regret.

  8. “By the way, it took many years after I gave up on that afternoon’s thought experiment for the actual realization and conclusion of it to hit me.”

    Sometimes that’s the way it happened for me too…..

  9. Dearest Roberta, Mike, Lola and everyone,
    There is deep and ancient knowledge among earth peoples and religions alike that suggests that we are, as Mike says, made OF God.

    For example in Genesis it is written that we are made in the image of God (actually the word ‘gods’ in Hebrew). This is understood to mean at essence we are spirit that comes from the Spirit Divine. We are each a light of the Great Light.

    Also, in the Hindu tradition even the Gods come out of the ‘Parabrahma’. The Parabrahma is the highest, ultimate reality. It is force/consciousness that manifests creation. And creation is seen as ongoing.
    Here it is interesting that the Creative Force wants to express love and for this reason we and all else are created. Hence, we are created so that the Divine Spirit can love us. Imagine that: to love us, not to judge us..

    As Lola reminded us, there are even healing centers in the Afterlife to nourish souls freshly back from traumatic lives on earth. If that is not love, I don’t know what is!

    I will hold in my heart the knowledge that God loves each of us perfectly as if there were only one of us, as you say Roberta. It is indeed a joy to realize the significance of this one most amazing thing. 🙏🏼🌅🎉

    1. Efrem: I hope the healing centers exist. I had heard about them a few times, and they supposedly look like a cross between a hospital and a 5 star hotel. However, except for Chico Xavier’s famous book “Nosso Lar”, I haven’t heard much about them recently. They could be the product of wishful thinking, but it would make sense for such places to exist, especially for traumatic deaths.

      1. Dear Lola, they do exist, and there are many of them of all kinds. Some are more like hospitals, while others are more like open-air pavilions, and you don’t need to have been much traumatized to be invited to be cared for and loved there as a way to speed your healing. Whatever each of us might need, there are people whose whole joy is to provide it. Amazing. And certainly real!

        1. So glad to hear that. For some reason, this is very important to me, as I feel I am going to need one LOL. Thanks Roberta.

    2. I find that thought quite comforting too! We know our flaws, and so does the Godhead, but in the face of such love those flaws are as nothing. You, in particular, are God’s best-beloved child!

  10. Dear Roberta, hey y’all. I find that our president expresses anger a lot (insulting people, name calling, attacking those who disagree with him). I find this increases my heart rate rather than my vibratory rate.

    1. Dear Ray, there is nothing about the public life of the United States at this point that is going to uplift anyone spiritually. I am less bothered by that one man in particular than I am bothered by all of them together: there is not a single person in public life who is anything but highly negative. And this has been the case through these last three presidential administrations in particular. So… twenty years ago I stopped watching television. And I have never missed it! I get news from a few aggregator sites that I have found over time to be cool and more impartial, but really there is almost no news that is going to matter beyond this week’s news cycle so a lot of it I just ignore. Try it! Taking back control of the atmosphere of your mind truly is a wondrous thing!

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