God Needs No Religion

Posted by Roberta Grimes • August 27, 2022 • 83 Comments
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With what shall I come to the Lord
And bow myself before the God on high?
Shall I come to Him with burnt offerings,
With yearling calves?
Does the Lord take pleasure in thousands of rams,
In ten thousand rivers of oil?
Shall I give Him my firstborn for my wrongdoings,
The fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?
He has told you, O mortal one, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do just
ice, to love kindness,
And to walk humbly with your God?

– Micah of Moresheth (c.737 BCE – c.696 BCE), from the Old Testament Book of Micah 6-8

When I was in college, God died unexpectedly. It was big news at the time. But I was thoroughly distracted in the sixties, what with finishing college and moving to Manhattan and learning to program an IBM 360 computer the size of a house that had far less power than your current cellphone. And anyway, that God-is-dead thing turned out to be a false alarm. The God that died in the sixties could not have been the genuine God. Because amazingly, things just kept on running, which would not have been the case if the God Who had died had been the Source of all Creation.

Being in contact with your spirit guide who will fairy freely answer your questions feels a bit like being able to secretly cheat on your final exams. My Thomas doesn’t know everything, but he knows considerably more than I do. And over the years, he has wanted me to figure out most things on my own. But now that I have arrived at what seem to him to be some pretty good answers, he has been helping me more along the way.

And we know now for certain that all the ancient religions have been wrong about the genuine God. Thomas has patiently blogged with me as I have been learning more about the Divine, primarily because I have been having such a hard time accepting what I now see is true. All the religions have been made by man, so they have been tainted by man’s worst impulses. Thomas has had a lot of trouble helping me to see these truths. Let’s look at some of the key elements of religions that are human-made:

  • Dogmas are all those rules and statements that each religion lays down as true, and generally tells us are dictated from on high by that religion’s God.
  • Rituals are ceremonies performed according to a prescribed order, and again are dictated or strongly suggested by that religion’s God.
  • Traditions are customs or beliefs passed on from generation to generation, and – you guessed it – often are said to be divinely mandated.
  • Laws are mandates and requirements passed on from generation to generation, and … ditto.
  • Feasts are traditional meals prepared and consumed at certain times and in certain ways, and once again the details of these meals are often said to be divinely mandated.

Thomas and I don’t express opinions about modern religions other than Christianity. But from Jesus’s perspective, it is reasonable to say that every element of Christianity is ranked below the Law of Love. Jesus beautifully summed up that central and only law when He said, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the great and foremost commandment.  The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets” (MT 22:37-40).

And now look at our frame-verse for today! The Hebrew Prophet Micah is considered to be one of the Twelve Minor Prophets because he was a contemporary of the great Isaiah, and Isaiah always gets top billing. But Micah is my favorite prophet. You can read his frustration with the old formal human-designed ways of relating to God in every word! And isn’t “Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God” nothing but “Love God and love your neighbor,” but just said a bit differently? Aren’t Micah and Jesus preaching from the same book held in the Hand of the selfsame God?

Jesus seems pretty clearly to have decided either before He began His public ministry or very soon thereafter to do away with His followers’ attachments to religions altogether. This resolve would of course have been complicated by the fact that He was always under close observation by the Temple guards, and had they even suspected that He had such an idea in His mind, He could have been arrested and tried for what would have been seen as a capital thought-crime. And He would likely have ended His earthly ministry on a cross considerably before that eventually did happen.

He told us quite specifically not to blend His teachings into Judaism, which is exactly what was later done, even despite His specific direction not to do it. He said, “But no one puts a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and a worse tear results.  Nor do people put new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the wineskins burst, and the wine pours out and the wineskins are ruined; but they put new wine into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved” (MT 9:16-17). “Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old” (MT 13:52).

And Jesus famously had little use for clergymen!  The canonical Gospels are full of passages like these: Beware of the scribes who like to walk around in long robes, and like respectful greetings in the market places, and chief seats in the synagogues and places of honor at banquets, who devour widows’ houses, and for appearance’s sake offer long prayers; these will receive greater condemnation” (MK 12:38-40). And, “Woe to you religious lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge; you yourselves did not enter, and you hindered those who were entering” (LK 11:52). He summed up His attitude toward clergymen and their religions pretty well when He said, “Rightly did Isaiah prophesy about you, ‘This people honors Me with their lips, But their heart is far away from Me. And in vain do they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men ” (MK 7:5-7). Jesus really had their number!

A strong case can be made that Jesus was not trying to build a new religion at all, but instead He wanted to abolish all religions, and to establish in their place individual ways for each of us to relate to God. How else are we to hear the following words?

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before men, to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven. So, when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

“When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.  But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you” (MT 6:1-6).

In fact, Jesus tells us in the Gospels that He and His disciples can rightfully and without any guilt break every Sabbath law (see generally MT 12:1-12). It may indeed be reasonable for us to say that Jesus told us two thousand years ago that for Himself and for His followers, He was abolishing the very concept of religions. Please look again at the five human-made traits of religions outlined above, of which the Way of Jesus was gloriously free for those first three hundred years! But then Constantine and his successor Roman emperors massacred in their millions the first free Christians who were following The Way of Jesus. And then the Romans built their fear-based religion as a means of mass control.  So when it is suggested that it might at last be time to separate God from religion, my immediate reaction has to be, “Heck yes!”  My goodness, Jesus would tell us it is long past time!

But just Who or What is God? God is Consciousness, within Whom we live and move and have our being. Consciousness creates reality in each micro-instant, and beyond Consciousness nothing else exists.  Credit for this discovery should long since have gone to Max Planck, who won the 1918 Nobel Prize in Physics as the father of quantum mechanics. But the mainstream scientific community is so terrified of inadvertently finding God that they have resolutely ignored Dr. Planck’s discovery, and instead of building on his breakthrough, they have effectively halted most meaningful investigative scientific progress in its tracks. For more than a century, they have pointlessly wasted billions of dollars trying to find a source of consciousness inside the human brain. Given the demonstrable primacy of Consciousness, and the abundant evidence that Consciousness easily exists apart from the brain and obviously survives the death of the brain, these ever more extreme and ridiculous scientific flounderings have become beyond-pitiful to contemplate. The more time and money scientists waste on this nonsense, the more infamy will attach to them when in fifty years, or in five hundred years, some bright young physicist wins the eventual and inevitable Nobel Prize in Physics for a Consciousness Theory of Everything. And then at last physics will return to being a productive scientific field.

But meanwhile, we who are not afraid of finding God are seeking an ever deeper understanding of Consciousness. And there are some important things to be said here!

First, of course, is a better delineation of the physics of the energy-like potentiality which is Consciousness. Love is the highest, strongest, and most powerful Consciousness vibration, while fear is the lowest and the weakest. Keep these central facts in mind. Franklin Roosevelt, with his “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” wisdom, was quite the visionary scientific philosopher!

Second is the fact that Consciousness is continuous. There is no actual division between you and me. This fact is most obvious when we are in the astral plane, where we can read one another’s energy vibration from feet away. I found this to be most remarkable when I sat beside Jesus there in April with perhaps two feet of space between us, and I was allowed to remember that experience. I was enveloped in His amazingly silken personal energy.

Third is the fact that we enter this material universe in order to attempt to grow spiritually, and the reason why this works so well is simple. Our minds cannot easily mess with matter, as they can with the energies in our astral home. Combine that fact with willing amnesia, life-planning, and the help of a spirit guide. And you have a very useful spiritual school!

Fourth, as we go beyond what I have been able to learn on my own with Thomas’s guidance, he has told me that ours is not the only universe, but it is one of many realities. He will say no more about it now, but he admits that there is no way that we can puzzle out such information on our own. We will have the chance to learn more once we go home.

Fifth, my Thomas feels that the easiest way for us to envision God is to think of Consciousness as something like a pail, with this material reality and all of us who feel that we are separated from one another although we are not really separate at all currently living toward the bottom of it, and in reality there is no top. So materiality is at the lowest level of Consciousness of which we are aware.

Sixth, each of us while we are on earth has a spirit guide who is our spiritual conduit to the higher levels of reality. Your spirit guide is what amounts to God’s ear and hand and heart in your earthly life.

Seventh, as we advance spiritually, we can eventually become spirit guides ourselves. And with further advancement, we can become perfected beings and elect to join the Godhead Collective of many thousands of perfected beings which continuously manifests our reality. Or else we can choose to venture ever higher. There is no limit to our possible spiritual elevation.

And Eighth, Thomas tells me that, yes, above it all there is what he calls an ultimate High God. And that eternal God is happy to wait those foolish scientists out. Human scientists can dither and waste time and money for another thousand years if they like. In the end, they will find no better explanation for the existence of every reality than the Mind of God.

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83 thoughts on “God Needs No Religion

  1. Dear Roberta. A couple of admonishments from Jesus stand out each time I read them. Many clergy and choirs love their robes, as the scribes did. Then there’s praying in private. You wonder if the “ we need prayer in schools “ crowd ever read that.

    1. OMG, my dear Ray, while my Thomas and I slept in just a bit since we were up most of the night polishing this post (although of course Thomas doesn’t sleep), almost a whole week’s worth of comments appeared!

      But to answer you, yes, you make a good point, but I think the issue is that Jesus would say that organized prayer should be neither forbidden nor mandated, at any age.

  2. Hello. I thought I would say hello again, because there are people here who are “plugged in”, so to speak, to spirit guides. I notice my guide (Renfield) has been nudging me to more emphasize a particular practice, the simple mental repetition of “Namu Amitabha Buddha” that I can do while driving, waiting in line, that sort of thing. My higher self is giving agreement, so I will go ahead and do that. But my question is, what do other spirit guides think about this practice, what do they see when they look at it?

    1. Dear Jason,
      I am encouraged to share with you that my own journey, over the past 30 years, involved learning about other religion’s practices, and I found my heart opening each time. I recall always keeping “eastern thought” at bay, but once I opened to it, wow. I remember seeing the red and saffron robes of the Buddhist monks and feeling a love and familiarity, and a deep deep love for the Dalai Lama. I also learned various repetitions, and quite honestly, grew much. There is an American book, The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn, that really blew me open, which taught me “affirmative prayer” rather than the subservient begging I was taught growing up. Right now, I see and feel a sense of camaraderie within the guide/spirit sector in looking at your question. It sounds like you and Renfield have a stable bond, and if he’s never steered you wrong before, what he suggests may be very wise and valuable.

      1. Dear Fran, you were a lot more fortunate than I was! I took some comparative religion courses in college, but that was the extent of my exposure to Buddhism and Hinduism. I think what bothered me most was that it all seemed pointless – its view of reincarnation was an endless “turning on the wheel” – just coming back over and over again. And at that point in my life, my wonderful Protestant upbringing hadn’t yet turned me off on Christianity.

    2. Hello my dear Jason, and I’m happy to see you here again! I have asked Thomas about Renfield’s mantra, and he tells me that it seems to be a religious chant, and a Buddhist chant specifically. And since we are discussing freeing ourselves from all religious practices, perhaps it isn’t something that we would recommend here.

  3. Hello again. Can anyone find the Way of Jesus Roberta Grimes is talking about? I have tried and have found Pauline Christianity, Jewish Christianity, Gnostic Christianity, a multitude of books, only some of which made it into the New Testament, but I’m not sure which of these early Christianities would be considered the Way of Jesus. Can anyone help?

    1. My dear Jason, what Jesus tried to do was to free His followers altogether from religions, and to teach them instead to live by His words but without dogmas or any religions at all. Most of them couldn’t do it in the end, which was why you ended up with those various sects, and others as well. But some could, and they were the ones who were following His Way. All of them, of course, were murdered alike by the Romans.

      1. Hello again.
        Yes, that tiny group who were following His Way, and still were three hundred years later, that’s who I am trying to find, and not having much luck. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

        1. Dear Jason, Thomas and I have been talking about this off and on today. I don’t know why he is still so secretive about it, even two thousand years later! He has finally told me that he took two lifetimes during that period, the first in Judea and the second south of Rome. He tells me that actually there were many who followed The Way, but they had to blend in and pretend to be followers of various religious sects. They recognized one another by secret signs. Even the Romans had no idea how many there were, or so he believes.

  4. “……above it all there is what he calls an ultimate High God. And that eternal God is happy to wait those foolish scientists out. Human scientists can dither and waste time and money for another thousand years if they like.”

    Isn’t it somewhat unkind and condemnatory to pick on scientists in this way? They naturally specialise in the sciences of this material world but few will know anything about those of the spiritual dimensions outside of our own. Why would we expect them to? We who do know a little about the spirit are blessed and privileged.

    Please let’s not expect of our scientists anything more than their often spirit-inspired understanding of the sciences of this world. Embrace them for the ways they try to help and please do’t condemn them for what they could not reasonably be expected to understand.

    The scientists of our world are not “foolish”.

    1. Dear Roberta, I totally agree with everything you have written this week; this really “rings a bell to me.”
      “We will know when we go home” is exactly the sentence I said to a collegue at university who broke his head about all these questions and couldn`t finish his examn because he couldn` t focus on the university “stuff” anymore, but he didn`t really believe my words and got kind of a depression and started taking drugs.
      Maybe due to my deep OBE / STE experience as a child I always “knew” (more in my heart than in my brain) that “scientists will find no better explanation than God”, the source of all. They will look deeper and deeper in the direction of the “small” things and give them names as for example cells, then atoms and parts of the atoms, quarks and so forth and in the end all material form will be energy. And they look in the direction of the “big” and see the universe and wonder about more universes and whether there is an end to it or not.
      Nevertheless I myself thought and thought about all this too and had some hard times as well, but in the end I always managed to “put myself together” again and go on in this strange world where so many people obviously don`t care about all these questions. I couldn`t talk with anyone about my experience. As a child I began reading in the children´s bible and really liked these reports of the life of Jesus and what he had done and said. But I couldn`t agree with what the pastors said in church and haven`t attended any service in a church after my confirmation at the age of 13, which I did not do to confirm to the religion but only to my own beliefs and experiences of / with Jesus and God.
      The pastor said according to the bible: “You should not kill”, but no one could answer my question, why humans kill animals every day and eat them. I started avoiding to eat meat at the age of about 3 or 4 years and was almost completely vegetarian at the age of 8.
      My family always kept diaries, letters and other papers or belongings from everyone and so I came to read a letter of my great-great-grandfather from a year around 1870 in which he wondered about life and death. He wrote, that every human, every animal and every plant is energy and that energy couldn`t be destroyed but only change it`s form and therefore there is an eternal circle of existance, but never a “nothing”. Isn`t that lovely?

      1. Karin,
        Wow! How thrilling that is that you found your great great grandfather’s thoughts, written down! And that they align with yours….beautiful serendipity! What a treasure!

      2. I was 21 when my grandfather passed over and in the years that followed I felt sad that he never got to see all the good stuff our new, technological world with its easy communications, transport and personal freedoms provided us with.

        Later my time came to learn about survival et al and I eventually realised that my grandfather would know all those things and far, far more. Things I have to wait a little longer to become re-acquainted with!

        1. Dear Fran, dear Mac, the connection with the ancestors has always been very fascinating to me. When I looked at their fotos or painted portraits, read their diaries or held a watch in my hand that had laid in a box for 120 years and then went on going when I was winding it up I just had one wish: to enter a time machine and visit all these family members in their life on Earth!
          Now I am sure one day we all will see our ancestors and talk to them and maybe even earlier it might be possible to get in contact with them via a soul phone or a similar technique.

          1. By contrast I have almost no interest in the history of my family although I have absolutely no doubt at all that its members will soon be meeting up again – that’s if we all have the same interest in so doing and I don’t know if that will be the case. 😉

            As for those from further back – distant ancestors – it’s anyone’s guess if they’ll feel any connection with me and/or if they’ll still be around.

            I’m sad to say, though, that I think you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting to use a so-called soul phone. It’s a nice notion but a fanciful one I fear.

        2. Oh my dear Mac, our dear loved ones who have gone on ahead can hardly wait to show US all the REALLY new stuff!! 🙂

      3. Oh my dear Karin, this is simply beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it! And yes, your great-great-grandfather was absolutely right!!

    2. Mac, You are reading into what “scientists” are about by projecting your own honesty and good will on those who claim to be scientists. Take for example noble health minister Fauci who says he personifies science in his being, and when he speaks you hear true science if you listen. Take the intentionally distorted climate models and statistically invalid modeling that claim mankind is making the weather instead of the Sun and God. Take the doctors who were paid well by cigarrette companies to tell the public that smoking cigarrettes was perfectly safe.

      As the good philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn realized and wrote, when any science truth or paradigm becomes accepted, then professors and their students must adhere to it to keep their jobs, publish, and get funding– it’s very difficult for science to shift even when its dogmatically approved theories are shown wrong by new facts. In quantum physics, a philosophcal mistake by Heisenberg and Bohr led to a conclusion that subatomic particles could communicate with each other (in the material world) instantaniously no matter how far apart, even billions of light years apart in a phenomenon termed quantum entanglement; Einstein thought quantum entanglement could not be true, because Special Relativity limits signal speed to light speed, fast, but not instantaneous Furthermore, no mechanism was defined for signal creation and communication, so he derided the idea as instantaneous “spooky action at a distance.” In my own research, I discovered that the positive results from tests for the reality of quantum entanglement were based on a mistaken idea that subatomic particles lack any definite reality, another idea that Einstein had rejected. I have published my finding and gained the private support of two Nobel laureates, but physicists as a body refuse to consider that a possibel error. However, scientists and engineers attempting to employ quantum entanglement to build super computers continue to be frustrated by unreliable computer performance, but keep on wasting billions anyway.

      Real scientists need to earn real wages, and that means generally conforming to those interests that fund them, not denying what’s expected of them. True scientists plod along as a distinct minority.

      1. It’s easy to focus on any scientist(s) for whom we have distaste but scientists are not necessarily all similar to one other…..

        Whatever one’s personal view or opinion of any particular one, my contention is that many or most are not particularly outspoken or dislikeable and they are likely to be doing their best in many cases – E.&O.E.! 😉 And, yes, I do try to approach others with honesty and good will. I wasn’t always that way; advancing years have left me more generous in nature and spirit. Far from perfect but way less imperfect than before I hope! lol 🙂

        Whatever errors scientists may be making with quantum physics et al, another of my contentions is that there’s not a scrap of evidence that physical dimension sciences have any relation anyway to whatever science obtains in the dimensions after – or before – this one in which we’re living. I’m open to be proven wrong and I hope it happens.

        The upshot is then that I continue to ask why we would take any notice of scientists who reject our knowledge – albeit limited knowledge – of the world of the spirit?

    3. Mac,
      When I read what Roberta wrote, I don’t see a condemnatory response. Like all of us, “scientists”(just a label, remember) are humans first. I have a medical doctor, nurse, med tech, two chemists, a psychologist, and two engineers (one being based in physics) in my family. I consider these fields “scientific”. Yet all of them also walk a path of spirituality. Some have not separated those two aspects of their lives, while some feel it best to do so, yet won’t inflict “scientific” admonitions upon those who cling to spirituality. It seems to me, however that the “scientists” who have that louder voice, that access to mainstream media, who sit on boards that can “decide” what’s true and “accepted”, are those she is referring to. There are some who have put their careers on the line by stepping into the spiritual pool of thought-I think of Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and others-who are willing to think outside the box.
      If Roberta was just mouthing off her thoughts, while having done no research, I’d be inclined to think the scientific community is wrongfully maligned. However, she HAS done the research, as well as so many others. Just like the Roman church, there seems to also be a core who decides what will be truth or not, scientifically. I think of Tesla, Planck, and others robbed of their rightful accolades because of this core blocking their discoveries. In most cases, it’s about power and money. Sigh…in any field, just follow the money. It’s something I have been slow to wake to, till my son patiently showed me even “breaking news” about any discovery, etc can be paid for.
      I don’t think scientists are foolish, but I also don’t think they should be revered wholly, as a group, as some authority. Yes, they may be more skilled and educated and “smarter” as some of us who are scientifically challenged would say, but then, I think of what Jesus said, “Those to whom much is given, much will be expected”-it’s not just about wealth, and status, but also about talents, abilities.

      1. The words I quoted were: “….foolish scientists out. Human scientists can dither and waste time and money for another thousand years if they like.” I think that’s kinda condemnatory – it sure ain’t praise! But I didn’t say the response was condemnatory – just the bit I referred to…..

        Please don’t misunderstand my approach. I too was a scientist, albeit one of minor accomplishment or importance. I totally get what scientists are doing and I think I made that clear. As with myself, there’s no need for there to be any separation of sciences and scientists’ understanding of the world of the spirit. There’s certainly no separation for me. 🙂

        And we should avoid attributing undue importance to scientists confirming what we already know.


        1. My dear Mac, the problem that I personally have with scientists is primarily with the gatekeepers, the heads of the university departments and the peer-reviewed journals who are refusing to allow work to be done in what could be potentially very productive fields. As Jesus says above, “Woe to you religious lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge; you yourselves did not enter, and you hindered those who were entering” (LK 11:52).

          1. I get why you’re frustrated by their intransigence but my approach remains that academics are simply not that important in finding the world of the spirit. They certainly don’t feel important to me – not even, or perhaps especially not, heads of departments.

            I suppose I remain unpersuaded that the world of the spirit, and the continuing life of those who have gone before, will one day result in a ‘scientific find’ by researchers using technological tools.

            Maybe your contacts have told you something different?

      2. quote: “I don’t think scientists are foolish, but I also don’t think they should be revered wholly, as a group, as some authority. ” I am totally in agreement – same goes for most other groups.

        I neither dismiss nor revere individuals or groups alike. I embrace what appeals to my reason and put to one side whatever does not. I’m thankful it’s now simple for me. 🙂


      3. Oh my dear Fran, if the scientific gatekeepers, the university departments and the peer-reviewed journals, had engaged with the ground-breaking work of Planck, Einstein, and Tesla in the field of consciousness studies, then no one could fault the scientific community! But instead, the entire community simply shut down that whole field of inquiry. I have been a close observer of this situation for the past thirty-odd years, as have been some others, and I have watched scientists go from an ebullient certainty that they will figure out consciousness any minute now, to the sort of nonsense that you saw in the article that I linked today. And the same situation pertains in the origin-of-life field. Life is clearly a fundamental property of consciousness, so until they get past this nonsense, they are nowhere on that front, either.

    4. Dear Mac, I think there is no doubt, that there are absolutely brilliant scientists, but others who are a bit “narrow-minded” as well. I guess you are completely right that we cant´t always blame them for that. Being a psychologist, I started as a scientist at a university as well. But doing my work there were so many limitations and restrictions that I got really frustrated. Then I even realized that a lot of data had been put in in a wrong way and told this the professor. But no one seemed to be interested in this. It was all about money and position and new ideas were not welcome at all. So I left university and now I have my own practice (and a small company as well) and I am happy, when my patients feel better due to my advice, even though it may be a bit unusual sometimes. And if I ever had told anyone at the university about my OBE / STE experiences or the after-effects, they would immediately have called me crazy or lunatic…..

      1. I see the situation of our needing to be cautious about blaming anyone for the way he or she is. So many factors determine how any of us turn out.

        Whether a scientist be brilliant, narrow-minded or myopic might be down more to personality or upbringing than to any particular discipline.

      2. Oh my dear Karin, you really make me smile! And even giggle a little. Congratulations on your great success in helping others and finding your own wonderful way!!

    5. Oh my dear Mac, I appreciate your wish to be kind, but our kindness must not extend to infinity for those who are willing to sacrifice the good of humankind on the altars of their own little egos!

      Max Planck said in 1931, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness! Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” Then he said in the 1940s, “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” It turns out that Dr. Planck is absolutely right! Albert Einstein is also no slouch as a theoretical physicist, and he said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

      And yet those modern scientific atheistic fools are such egomaniacs that they have to this day refused even to consider the work of Planck and Einstein in establishing Consciousness as primary, simply because validating their discovery would feel too close to finding God?

      1. I am blessed I do not feel such antipathy towards scientists, Roberta. None of them can either prove or disprove what we understand. 🙂

        I honestly doubt they have, or will ever have, any significant influence concerning matters of the spirit. They are irrelevant to the actuality of the world of the spirit.

    6. mac, Your multiple defenses written here in defense of scientists reflects well on your own charcter a I previously noted. But you let “hard” science off too easy when you write:

      ” Embrace them for the ways they try to help and please don’t condemn them for what they could not reasonably be expected to understand.

      The scientists of our world are not “foolish”. ” Although we are dealing in generalities and so miss the exceptions, this phrase of yours captures the problem well– “what they could not reasonably be expected to understand. ” Now, consider the following true evidence (as mortals we may never directly know the truth, just appearances). When I first encountered the reports of folks who had an OBE (many from the NDE, but also from lucid dreams, meditation, and even spontaneously), as a good scientist myself, I imagined that they surely were reporting hallucinations. But then I noticed that two of the very frequent elements were actually self-consistent:
      1. Everything, including their own substance, appears to be a form of light.
      2. Time no longer runs.
      Well, accoring to Special Relativity, photons do not experience time (this is the logical result of his having made the remarkable postulate that light travels at a constant speed regardless of the speed of the platform (frame of reference) from which it is emitted). So I strated to take the reports as possibly true, and began serious study of them.

      I discovered that that there had been documented over a hundred cases in which an individual having an OBE reported on activity away from their body such that their senses could not possibly have witnessed the activity from their biody’s senses, but the researchers upopn checking found the reporting to be highly accurate. THe report ha to be generated in a consciousness that was discarnate, Period! Then there are the many cases of elderly patients with Alzhimers or dimentia whose brains are highly diseased and they lie in coma before death– but a few hours before their death sit up and engage their visitors as if perfectly normal, except for referring to unseen spirits who are there to take then home.

      I have discussed this good evidence for the reality of discarnate consciousness with multiple neurologists and physicists, but with very few exceptions, they refuse to accept that such evidence is worthy of consideration. As materialistic scientists, their dogmatism blocks their ability to engage in such new information.

      In short, Roberta’s disdain (and my own) are justified.

      1. quote:”I have discussed this good evidence for the reality of discarnate consciousness with multiple neurologists and physicists, but with very few exceptions, they refuse to accept that such evidence is worthy of consideration.”

        Does it matter if they’re not persuaded by the arguments? Their time of awakening may come one day and in the meantime WE know the truth of the situation. It would not make a scrap of difference to me if one or more scientists eventually became similarly persuaded – or if it never happened.

        blessings 🙂

      2. Thank you, dear wonderful Jack! It is especially lovely when someone with your degree of intelligence and perception shares what I guess is my level of disdain. And frustration!

  5. Dear Roberta,

    This statement of your conveys the basic description of all of existence:
    ” God is Consciousness, within Whom we live and move and have our being ” This also explains that each of us is a part of God’s consciousness and exist within God much as droplets of water exist in the ocean that is God.

    As to God’s motivation for what He creates, I believe that God is eternally exploring what may be, and we are a part of His journey of exploration.

    A sure sign that any religion is man made is when it imposes its cultural values on what God is like and demands that we please Him as our taskmaster by behaving as obedient slaves, instead of free beings.

  6. Jason, “LIberating Jesus” by Roberta Grimes would be a great place to start. In addition, I’ve read “ The Fun of Growing Forever” which has valuable resources listed, of which, I read some channeled works of Fr Robert Hugh Benson, and a nun, Sr Frances Banks (“Testimony of Light”). To be honest, I’ve read a lot over past 30 years, and Roberta’s books, generously listing resources, are a gold mine. It was through her sharing that I bought a “red letter” Bible-only the words (not narrative) of Jesus are in red. Like you, I’ve been in communication with guides, and they will steer you in the direction that is best for you. They may surprise you at times, so maybe ask Renfield, about book resources? Also-perhaps subscribe to Pretty exciting stuff. Namaste, Jason !

    1. Hello, Fran.
      Yes, I have both of her books. I can see how useful they are in the construction of a new Way of Jesus based on the words of Jesus and the afterlife material. She is doing a good job there.

      My question is more about the history of the early centuries of the Christian Way. I mean, Roberta Grimes became rather specific here.

      “Please look again at the five human-made traits of religion outlined above, of which the Way of Jesus was gloriously free for those first three hundred years! But then Constantine and his successor Roman emperors massacred in their millions the first free Christians who were following The Way of Jesus.”

      There was a group of Christians who were declared heretics at the Nicene council. They were the followers of the Alexandrian priest Arius, and his ideas on the nature of Christ became known as the Arian Heresy. And, when tribes such as the Vandals and the Ostrogoths ended up having the Arian Heresy as their form of Christianity, we had the Arian Wars, where, yes, millions of early Christians were killed. Problem is, the Arian Heresy doesn’t match up with the description given here:

      “It may indeed be reasonable for us to say that Jesus told us two thousand years ago that for Himself and for His followers, he was abolishing the very concepts of religion. Please look again at the five human-made traits of religions outlines above [Dogma, Ritual, Traditions, Laws, Feasts], of which the Way of Jesus was gloriously free for those first three hundred years!”

      Renfield has been helpful in guiding my searches to let me know how intense and how long these Jesus Wars were, but unfortunately was not helpful in finding the Way of Jesus Roberta Grimes was talking about. So, I thought I’d bring it up to the group. Does anyone know which of the early Christianities is the Way of Jesus described by Roberta Grimes?

      Actually, the most surprising thing about Renfield so far is that he took the name Renfield.

      1. Gotcha, Jason
        Thanks for clarification.
        First, 😂😂😂😂😂-“Actually the most surprising thing about Renfield so far is that he took the name Renfield” .
        Your question is a good one! I just saw a documentary on the Ethiopian church, not realizing how old it is, and another on the Coptic Egyptian church, both claiming to be THE oldest “the way” churches founded very shortly (in comparison to others) after Jesus’ ascension. I think the Ethiopian church says the Apostle Mark founded them.
        I digress! To YOUR specific question, I have no answer. Could it be Renfield is silent because there wasn’t/isn’t one?

        1. Hello again.
          Wow, just checked, and both of those groups got in trouble with the main church after the Council of Chalcedon. Both of those churches were accused of being monophysites.
          People could kill each other over these differences; here is a quote of what people could do over these differences.

          Jerusalem was occupied by an army of [Monophysite] monks; in the name of the one incarnate Nature, they pillages, they burnt, they murdered; the sepulcher of Christ was defiled with blood…

          And another quote:

          In the eastern city of Amida, a Chalcedonian bishop dragooned dissidents, to the point of burning them alive. His most diabolical scene involved taking lepers, “hands festering and dripping with blood and pus”, and billeting them on the Monophysite faithful until they saw reason.

          And another quote:

          Even the Eucharist became a vital component of religious terror. Throughout the long religious wars, people were regularly (and frequently) reading others out of the church, declaring formal anathemas, and the sign for this was admitting or not admitting people to communion. In extreme episodes, communion was enforced by physical violence, so that the Eucharist, which is based upon ideas of self-giving and self-sacrifice, became an instrument of oppression. A sixth-century historian records how the forces of Constantinople’s Chalcedonian patriarch struck at Monophysite religious houses in the capital. Furnished with supplies of consecrated bread, the patriarch’s clergy were armed and dangerous. They “dragged and pulled [the nuns] by main force to make them receive the communion at their hands. And they all fled like birds before the hawk, and cowered down in corners, wailing and saying, ‘We cannot communicate with the synod of Chalcedon, which divides Christ our God into two Natures after the union, and teaches a Quaternity instead of the Holy Trinity.’” But their protests were useless. “They were dragged up to communicate; and when they held their hands above their heads, in spite of their screams their hands were seized, and they were dragged along, uttering shrieks of lamentation, and sobs, and loud cries, and struggling to escape. And so the sacrament was thrust by force into the mouths of some, in spite of their screams, while others threw themselves on their faces upon the ground, and cursed every one who required them to communicate by force.” They might take the Eucharist kicking and screaming—literally—but once they had eaten, they were officially in communion with Chalcedon and with the church that preached that doctrine.

          1. Hey! Wow! I did not know that! The docs covered a tiny bit about persecution, but only about Roman Christianity trying to stomp them out. I did not know about council of Chalcedon. Thanks for sharing!

          2. OMG this is total insanity – second only to the inquisition. Where did these monsters come from?

      2. My dear Jason, I have asked my spirit guide, Thomas, your question, since he deliberately lived two lives in the thick of it during the three hundred years after Jesus was crucified and before the Council of Nicaea in 325. The Way of Jesus was apparently a secret society that became increasingly dominant among the poor as time went on. He didn’t even want to tell me about it! But they preserved and followed the teachings of Jesus, and knew one another by secret gestures – the fish sign was one – and they pretended allegiance to the various sects, and even swore allegiance to them and took their sacraments if they had to in order to keep from being discovered. Thomas says they spread very rapidly among the people. If not for the Romans, he believes they would have become the predominant Christian movement.

    2. Oh my dear Fran, thank you so much for saying all of this! And we are about to begin work on a website for Jesus, too, called – I think it is meant to be The Way of Jesus for today, but He is very concerned about avoiding starting yet another religion. We are still awaiting more instructions.

  7. Dear Roberta,
    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve wanted to share a dream I had about 5 years ago, in which I wrote in my journal about how the world had changed in thought, and churches/religions were almost non existent. People had realized the doctrines and dogmas were not necessary, and rather than anarchy reigning, there was a peace, a breath of fresh air, a newness. I was walking with a group of people past a church and there was a small group of people in tears, wanting to get in. They were so fearful and upset by all the change. Some in my group just wanted to keep on walking and had unkind words about them. I found myself, however, filled with compassion, and paused to pray, asking for guidance, if there was any help I could give. I recall hearing, “compassion”, that they needed loving acceptance and understanding. So, I chatted with them and listened to them. I then asked if it be God’s will to let them in their church (the doors were locked) that the doors be open when I took the handle, and if it was not God’s will, they remain locked. I took the handle and it opened. In short order, a man stepped out, who looked like a priest or pastor, but I recognized him as a Higher Being, who lovingly smiled at me and (in my mind) assured me they would be okay and would be guided to new thought. That dream has stayed with me so clearly all this time.
    I realize that in these blog posts, in your work, on our journeys, it appears we are swimming in the waters of religion, but there are waters of other aspects of our lives that will change as well-economy, science, government, etc.
    I had read an article years ago, in which a sociologist, whose name I do not fully recall, but am inclined to think was Peter Berger, predicted society would indeed embark on a new path where spirituality is concerned, without man made religions dictating the path. I can see the picture accompanying the article so clearly in my mind, of people feeling free to commune with God/Spirit, at any time and place. He saw small pockets of religion continuing. I recall reading it and thinking, “how in the world would this ever be possible?” but also feeling an awe, a thrill at the thought of it. In trying to find that article, I saw that others had presented this idea many times before-your Thomas included!
    I laugh at myself from 30+ years ago, who could not “get” the concept of consciousness, and how God is ALL and ALL is God, despite anything any religion says. I am grateful I was so curious and “nosey” and began to look into other schools of thought. I am grateful for the Light Being who appeared to me in 1990, which instilled in me a deeper desire to keep learning and “meet” my guides. I am mostly grateful to Jeshua/Jesus, for loving us so much and putting his Godhead ascendance “on hold” to keep guiding us.

    1. Yes, my dear, such a beautiful vision, and no reason at all to lock the doors! The point should be instead to offer love and wisdom and freedom from fear, and to teach the Lord’s Gospel truths. Thomas tells me that The Way of Jesus thrived as a secret society beneath the various Christian sects for cover – the people even took the sacraments if they had to, not believing that they mattered, because their doing that kept them safe from persecution.

      1. Dear Roberta,
        You mention Thomas revealing the hidden methods of followers of The Way, a couple of times in responses, and as I read your response to me here, I got an eery feeling and grabbed my journal. I try to log dreams, even if I can only remember a color, or word, etc.
        I wrote my dream from Friday going into Saturday morning:
        I was with siblings, coming and going, who were questioning me as to not going to church, and subscribing to our religion (Catholic). They did not understand me and I mused on whether I should attend in order to “keep the peace”, and whether it would be worth my growth to do so. It wasn’t full on argumentative, just that they were trying to keep the unit together as it had been. I didn’t resist their visits, simply went about my day and listened to them.
        I find that serendipitous given what you and Thomas are sharing. In 1991, I really dove into spiritual seeking, and was so open about it, to the alarm of family. Behind my back, they were talking to priests, my Godparents, etc. Fortunately, my Godparents’ daughter is a nun with a big heart, and rather than condemn me, she helped me, listened to me, and even introduced me to a friend-fellow nun who does spiritual counseling. How ironic that I noted Sr Emily’s office had crystals (!), totems, etc. She was a lovely woman who was very wise and open.
        But, years later, after my parents passed, I discovered my parents actually spoke to a priest about exorcism! My heart sank hearing that. I didn’t harm anyone in my search, and I never turned to “dark arts”. It was because I wasn’t subscribing to Catholicism. I met some kind and wonderful people on my journey, non Catholic, some even pagan, who are kinder, more loving and compassionate than many Catholics I know. Back then, I DID go back to church, but also held what I learned and continued to study privately. Today, one of my Guides told me that that period was a “test” run, and an opening of a door, and though it turned uncomfortable for me, it was deemed successful on their end, as the door remained opened in my heart and mind.
        I’m sharing this because I empathize with so many good hearted people who really seek Truth and love God, love Jesus, truly want to help, but have family, community, and colleagues that manipulate their sense of worth, by shoving religion at them.
        I sure hope my dream was more a past memory than a prophecy of future. I’m so tired of having to hide authenticity.

  8. After searching over three decades for spiritual discovery, I am left with the conclusion that there is a very fine distinction between truth and insanity which we as humans are not able to control. Those who claim some contact with spirit guides and those who cliam some baptism in Holy Spirit cannot know if either one is insane or not…and what is insanity anyway. At present it is defined by the diagnostic manual of psychiatry but that changes willy nilly as udates and revisions are issued. So I am given to see that all is the will of Most-High GOD as generator, operator, destroyer – the prime force in the universe…ergo theofatalism. Now just go outside and play.

    1. Lewis,
      yes, “insanity” is a tough one, and I did question myself quite a bit….still do.
      We have storms here today, so I stayed inside and baked bread and blueberry pie.
      I hope you got outside to play!

    2. Sometimes studying too many details results in our being unable to see the wood for the trees……

      I acknowledge that the theme of Roberta’s blog entry for this week is that of religion but the reality of eternal life – and the simple message of survival – are outside any need of religious consideration. It’s always been that way.

      I consider myself blessed to be the simple soul I am for whom the study of details in innumerable texts no longer has any appeal. I hope for you, Lewis, a similar state of emotional release soon comes your way.

      blessings 🙂

  9. Roberta Grime’s Blog and all the comments continually help my traditional belief knots loosen and release me to a freedom that is difficult to describe. It brings me closer to what I think is The Way of Jesus which truly has no end. I thank you all.

    1. Ana,
      You are very kind. I also have some knots but I am more and more willing to ask Jesus for help rather than try to undo them alone. Leading me to teachings like this has really helped. God bless you on your journey.

    2. Oh my dear Ana, we are now working to create a website that will be all about The Way of Jesus! For the first time it will be possible for people to follow Jesus, and Jesus alone. We expect it to go live in the first part of next year as a companion website to So those who want to make this their final lifetime really, realistically can make that happen….

  10. quote: ” Oh my dear Mac, our dear loved ones who have gone on ahead can hardly wait to show US all the REALLY new stuff!!”

    Dear Roberta, we both know you’re preaching to the choir with that theme….. 🙂

    I don’t doubt for one moment that SOME of those loved ones ‘over there’ (as I like to express it) will indeed be busting to get such details out to us but it’s a sad fact that there’s no evidence of any wholesale attempt to reach out in that way. Or at least there’s no evidence of continuing success if it has been tried.

    You’re way better concerning details but I know several organisations have worked in recent decades with discarnates in trying to establish communications meaningful to those without the detailed understanding of the world of the spirit WE have.

    Among your followers here there must be the odd individual who is aware how often we have discussed such topics over on your firstborn discussion website ‘Afterlife Forums’. ( But even with the input of spirit member Mikey Morgan there was still no indication that a personal TDC device was truly practicable. It’s why I wrote as I did in response to Karin. Please believe I would be delighted to be proven wrong!

    I totally accept that our friends unseen in spirit can, and do, interfere with some of our electronic equipments but despite there being uncountable millions of cell phones, computers and tablet devices in our modern world only a vanishingly tiny number of reports of TDC involving them ever come to light.

    I hope readers won’t get me wrong. I’m the first to acknowledge the immense difficulty there must be in trying to communicate from one dimension to another. Have I not routinely said that very thing over many years? And as I’ve just written above, I’d LOVE to be proven wrong but what I’m getting suggests that sadly I’m not.

    1. They do have new thingies, though, my dear, even if communication still lags a bit! The last time I spoke with my mother through a medium, she showed me a sort of flat-screen TV that lets them more easily watch us going about our days. I have the sense that tech in general is taking the place over!

      1. I don’t doubt THEY have them, Roberta and perhaps they are as fascinated by ‘tech’ as we incarnates are.

        The thing now, though, is whether any device in your ma’s dimension could be made to communicate with a device in ours. Ay there’s the rub. 😉 Or whether one in our dimension can be devised that will simply view into hers…..

        I’ll be in there as soon as Google has made one! Time to buy some shares in anticipation? It better happen soon – I shan’t be around that much longer! lol 🙂

      2. Dear Roberta, this week you really have a LOT of work to answer all our comments! I absolutely admire your energy and patience to do all this!
        And thank you for your comment of “smiling and giggling”; I love to make other people giggle or laugh. Laughing sometimes is the best thing to do when one has to “suffer fools” or foolish situations. Sometimes I imagine how people in spirit may tear their hair (if this is possible there!) when they are watching us here on Earth when we don`t understand simple things or behave like little children. I absolutely believe that some kind of technical communication will be possible in a few years, maybe at first just based on a yes/no answer-signal to a question as Gary Schwartz and his team explain it. So many technical inventions we have today like planes, cars, radios, tv, internet or cell phones are completely normal today, but some decades or a century ago almost nobody would have believed that or couldn`t even have imagined it. We fly to the moon and even further and I think the first thing to achieve any new invention is imagination, strong belief and the will to go on trying and to never give up. This is my personal experience with my little achievements too. And I guess some people on the other side will even help us as far as it is possible!

  11. Dear Roberta. In your very thought provoking blog this week about the perils of religiosity you mentioned “individual ways for each of us to relate to God.” It
    reminds me of a quote I heard recently from the Catholic theologian Karl Rahner from Vatican II, which is, “In the days ahead you’ll either be a mystic (one who has experienced God for real) or nothing at all.” That seems pretty open minded coming from someone associated with the Vatican. I wonder, was Jesus ultimaty teaching us to be mystics? To my mind a mystic combines outer knowledge with insights attained through direct inner experience, most likely from our guides as you have been recently discussing. As folks have mentioned above, overemphasis on just the exterior materialist approach or just theological hairsplitting can lead people tragically astray. We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater as far as examining the scientific information and spiritual traditions that have come down to us – Jesus himself used the “Law and the Prophets” for context and as teaching tools. However, when we combine outer and inner forms of learning, each informs and tempers the other, lessening the chance of going too far astray while still giving us the freedom of our unique individual ways to relate to God, and with a proper synthesis these two modes give one a better path forward than either by itself would offer. Do you think that the freedom of that sort of modern day mysticism is where Jesus is so gently trying to guide us?

    1. Scott, bro, this is truly an excellent question! I’ve always felt that my answer was to look within. Moving into the boundless interior, not over the limited, material exterior is the thing.

      And to walk through life as Tolkien’s high elves; both in this world and the next.

      Mysticism, not mentalism, is a simpler and clearer way of being attuned to the Divine methinks. 🙏🏼🕊🌅

      1. Hi Efrem. You must be a Tolkien fan. That interiority you speak of can be so helpful in sorting the wheat from the chaff. As much as I enjoy books or podcasts on spiritual topics, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! One could get lost in that enchanted forest that never seems to end. The nudgings and teachings I get from within are generally quite to the point and often pared down so amazingly concicely, that they help me avoid a lot of wasted time I think. I like your analogy of the Tolkein elves. If we can learn to stay at that fulcrum point balancing between the human world and the soul’s perspective, I think the journey can be much more productive and enjoyable, or fun as Roberta loves to say. This idea of the balance point reminds me of some reading I did recently on Sufi dervishes. The word dervish (or the Persian darvish) has the etymology of dar meaning “door” and vish meaning “to sit” or “to meditate,” so the image evoked is a doorway between two worlds, and a dervish would be one who sits at this doorway. In the essence of it’s meaning, one doesn’t need to be a Sufi to be a dervish – Jesus himself seems to have been at that doorway all the time. My guides have used this doorway symbolism a lot, so when I came across the dervish imagery it really resonated. I think the guides are trying to get it through my thick skull to be something like that, but if I can get to the point Roberta seems to be reaching, where she tunes in to Thomas on the fly, that would be wonderful. I’ve gotten a few glimpses of that, but for now a fairly deep meditation is still generally required.

        1. Thanks Scott for your deep, in depth reply. 🙏🏼 I agree with what you outline here. For me too, meditation is the doorway and I dwell somewhere in that vicinity.
          Especially if meditation is effective at the time. 🕊🌅

      2. I don’t know, my dear Efrem. I have been immersed with Jesus in blogging for this coming week, and He seems to be pretty much turned off as to all religious practices at this point. But I suppose that at His level, we no longer need any of it, do we?

    2. Oh my dear beloved Scott, I think that Jesus was trying to teach us joy. He said that love sums up the whole law and the prophets, and that unless we become as little children we will never enter the kingdom of heaven. The Jesus I have come actually to know is confounding in His simplicity! He makes my head spin. Really. He says, Stop trying to make it hard when it’s easy!

  12. Just wanted to urge every one to listen to the 8/30 interview with Craig Hogan on Seek Reality. It is one of the best ones I’ve heard anywhere (and I’ve heard hundreds) – it’s truly fabulous

  13. Hello Roberta,
    Two commands, just two! The first was easy, the second
    impossible.Then in 2018, I got a liver transplant;I named my
    liver Shay–a gift from God. I grew fond of Shay…I loved Shay.

    “Love your neighbor as yourself”
    Shay was part of me–so loving your neighbor got checked
    off. I am still working on loving myself! Erica

  14. Hi Roberta, your very last paragraph in this week’s blog says” Thomas tells me that yes, above all ( the collective) there is what he calls an ultimate GOD. After following all the blogs for the past 3 years, I was starting to think that the collective was GOD. But you are saying that Thomas says that there really is an ultimate GOD. Is this a recent epiphany to you and if yes, can you probe Thomas for more information!!

    If this has already been talked about this week, I’m sorry I missed it because you have a ton of responses and I could of easily missed a discussion. Thanks, Dave

    1. It’s the biggest shortcoming of the blog format – the difficulty of having an online discussion of any subject. It’s where the forum-based website comes into its own with clear layout, notifications and the ability to edit one’s pieces.

      You’re always welcome to air your views and/or enter into discussion over on ALF, please don’t forget. ( 🙂 blessings

    2. Oh my dear Dave, I was surprised as well! I had come to think that the Godhead Collective was indeed “God,” and after wrestling with that idea for a bit, I was accepting it. So I am every bit as surprised as you are! But happily so. When I said, “Why didn’t you say that sooner?” He said, “You never really asked.” Which I don’t think is true! I think it’s more that he wants us to understand that the high God is not directly involved in our daily lives. He reminds me now as I write this that there are many universes beneath that one ultimate God.

  15. Dear Roberta,
    Jesus kept it simple.
    Don’t show off in my name!
    Don’t feign humility;I see straight through you.
    Love God with all your heart!
    I love God: I hum inside when I feel Him.
    Love your neighbor as yourself. Hard for me.
    Then, in 2018, I had a liver transplant. I named my liver Shay:
    a gift from God. Shay is part of me. I love him as myself.
    I am living a second life on Earth. I am so blessed. Erica

  16. quote: “I think it’s more that he wants us to understand that the high God is not directly involved in our daily lives. ”

    This is an issue that’s cropped up over on ALF, one member especially having great difficulty with the idea. Probably because of the way we’re taught by mainstream religions many individuals still see ‘God’ as an individual, a person of great might who somehow has an individual relationship with each and every one of us – isn’t that what’s implied by mainstream religious teachings after all?

    Such misunderstanding is just one reason I avoid using the word ‘God’ preferring to use ‘source’ although I totally accept many won’t go along with that approach.

    Another inextricably-linked issue is that of the relationship between the individual we know as Jesus and this God entity. Again I’d guess that a huge majority see Jesus the way they’ve been indoctrinated to see him. That’s a separate issue but ties into the idea of God and Jesus as having an individual-to-individual relationship continuing the misunderstanding many have from childhood to grave.

    Such issues hobble the thinking of so many people and going beyond to understand the simple notion of survival is a step too far.

  17. quote: ” He reminds me now as I write this that there are many universes beneath that one ultimate God.”

    And it’s important to remember those universes are not to be found within the physical dimension in which we’re presently living.

  18. It has always been very comforting to me to think that there is an ultimate being/God who actually cares deeply for me and is concerned with the details of my life. When times have been bad, and that is many times in my life , I hung on to that notion. It is hard to leave that behind.

    Roberta, does the person Jesus care for us, is he concerned with our lives and if we pray to him does he listen and respond?

    1. Maggie I’m heartened to hear you’re reassured to feel as you do. 🙂

      My approach is that we should adopt whatever way works best for us to scramble through life – and that’s often what life is, a scramble. We each will make many mistakes but few of us – I’m guessing – have the time or energy to delve into alternative ways of getting through.

      Just as we each think of Heaven in differing ways so we see God differently but the actuality of either situation is likely to be somewhat different from whatever we consciously envision. The situation with the Nazarene Jesus must be similar I think. We each will see him in a way that’s personal to ourselves whether that be as someone who links to us or someone with whom we have no link at all.

      blessings 🙂

    2. oh my dear Maggie, You can have no conception of how much Jesus cares about you individually! I don’t get it. I don’t understand how it’s even possible for Jesus to know about everyone, but I was preparing to draft-post my blog for Sunday, which is essentially on this topic, and basically He pulled me over here to tell you that, yes, He loves you and He is paying attention.

      I really don’t understand! And I have given up trying to understand. I know Jesus personally. Other than His amazingly elevated personal energy, He doesn’t seem to be able to be hearing the prayers of millions of people all at once. God works in each of our lives through our spirit guides. Consciousness energy is continuous, so talking to your guide or to Jesus is a distinction with little difference. But my dear, please know that since I was working with Jesus today, and He could pull me here now to reach you, He did that. He wants you to know that He does indeed love you, dear Maggie, and He hears your prayers.

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