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Posted by Roberta Grimes • July 15, 2018 • 10 Comments
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Five years ago I began an experiment in radio and podcasting that is central to my life in ways more important than the considerable time that it takes. I am only now becoming aware of the extent to which Seek Reality has shaped my life.

  • I have met so many great experts! Some of the authors and researchers I first met when I invited them to be interview guests have become my dear friends and beloved fellow laborers in the field of establishing what is true.
  • I have many friends, too, that I may never meet. Since I encourage communications from listeners, I hear from people every day. Some have questions, some want to add to what a guest has said or to make points based upon their own research, and some simply want to give me a hug and receive a hug in return.
  • My work has broadened to encompass my broadcast name. When Cameron Steele, the head of, asked me what I wanted to call my program, the right name came to mind at once: “Seek Reality.” “What??” He had thought of me as an afterlife researcher! My answer to him felt automatic: “Studying the afterlife is just one part of what we all should be doing, which is trying to understand what is going on.” I heard myself say it. Then I realized that of course it was true, but frankly until that moment it never had occurred to me that seeking to understand reality was my actual mission.

It is imperative now that humankind better understand what actually is going on. Our ongoing ignorance of the nature of reality and the purpose of human life has begun to put the future of life on earth at risk! And until mainstream scientists stop following what is just one more belief-system and begin again to care about understanding a reality that refuses to conform to their materialist beliefs, we are unfortunately stuck as we seek reality with relying on lay researchers like yours truly. Of course, knowing what happens at death is just the beginning of understanding reality, and in the past five years I have made the title of my radio program and podcast my life’s work.

Fortunately, once you clear away all the religious and materialist cobwebs that have kept us from understanding the truth, consistent evidence of what is going on is abundant. And we are seeing a certain softening of the cultural boundaries now. Where once any thought of life after death was consigned to religious beliefs exclusively, now what open-minded researchers are learning is become part of the cultural mainstream. Near-death experiences have led the way, but now even the prevalence of death-bed visitors is becoming unremarkable.

Of course, a mainstream science obsessed with the false god of materialism in a reality that is consciousness-based continues to lead good researchers astray. The “standard model” has become a tyrant now that inhibits further scientific progress. And since for scientists reality is fundamentally constituted by physical stuff outside and independent of mind… (M)ental states, in turn, should be explainable in terms of the parameters of physical processes in the brain.” What this nonsense means to someone is that Multiple Personality Disorder might be able to explain “Life, the Universe, and Everything.”

Consciousness is the base creative force. Nothing else but consciousness exists! When people like Albert Einstein and Max Planck discovered this to be true close to a hundred years ago, why is science still stuck in 19th-century materialism?

The biggest problem for scientists is that when your core belief is wrong, all the research you might build on it has to be wrong. So more and more, scientific research is giving us less and less. Scientific researchers are too often phoning it in. On the other hand, when lay researchers with no core beliefs or boundaries will objectively study all the evidence with the courage to follow wherever it leads, we can arrive at a perfectly consistent view of reality that answers mankind’s greatest questions. Here are a few:

  • Is there intelligent life in the universe? And if there is, why haven’t we found it? Even lay publications are asking these questions now, in puzzlement and despair, when the answers have long since been known. YES, a universe based in consciousness energy teems with intelligent life. But this planet has become so dangerous for aliens that reportedly their motherships nowadays remain cloaked in other dimensions, and most of their modern explorations are done by organic robots that we call “grays.” Modern aliens are careful to be invisible to us, but that level of caution was not always necessary; as a result, mummified grays and parts of grays will occasionally turn up.
  • Why are we here? It is impossible for scientists whose work is based in materialism to answer this question, and when they even try to ask it they look ridiculous. In the greater reality (which is the only reality) we have abundant evidence that we live many material lives on earth and on other planets as well in what is essentially a spiritual school. Simply put, we come here to grow spiritually, to raise our personal vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love. This is basic stuff!
  • Where did life come from? What is the actual origin of species? This may be the most basic question of all, and because Darwinian evolution via natural selection is a corollary of the scientific dogma of materialism, the answers that scientists are beginning to get are confounding them. Neither religious theories of miraculous creation nor scientific theories that life arose as a fortunate accident and evolved by natural selection are real, nor are they even possible. All happens within consciousness, so scientists are discovering now that complex life must have had a beginning that was guided by intelligence, and that ninety percent of modern species arose simultaneously less than 200,000 years ago. All of this is so contrary to everything that scientists believe that for awhile these wonderful discoveries will go nowhere.
  • Where does consciousness come from? Here is another question that matter-based scientists never will answer. For them, consciousness must arise from matter, which is like insisting that the evening news must arise from your television set. The sad result of the scientific dogma of materialism is that it even distorts the work of wonderful people like those at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Someone there is actually speculating that the brain itself doesn’t generate human consciousness at all, but rather since even one-celled organisms exhibit some level of consciousness, it is more likely that our human consciousness may be an emergent property that is passed upward as a result of fundamental consciousness characteristics of our body’s individual cells themselves.” It is impossible to be more wrong about anything than that! In fact, what we experience as human consciousness is apparently of the same nature as the consciousness that continuously manifests this universe.

The evidence for the primacy of consciousness is so overwhelming now that the scientific obsession with matter and with their old physics models is finally weakening. It does feel peculiar for lay researchers to be able to answer basic question about which materialists will always be clueless! In fact, more scientists are beginning to accept the limitations of their own hobbled discipline. They sadly recognize that there are some areas that materialist science  cannot address, namely the origins of consciousness, the element of free will, and the fundamental nature of God. Of course, my fellow researchers not bound by dogmas have long since worked out preliminary answers to these three questions which will make it easy for scientists who eventually break free of materialism to make progress on them by leaps and bounds. As the great physicist and polymath Nikola Tesla said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

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10 thoughts on “Seek Reality

  1. Lots of interesting points for folk to ponder, Roberta.

    There was just the section about aliens and the ‘grays’ that doesn’t yet appeal to my reason and that will go into the ‘not yet evidenced’ pigeon-hole for a later date.

    1. Dear Mac, I’m assuming that there is at least one topic of this post that will boggle each reader! And I am in the same position. For me, it is the fact that 90% of all species are less than 200,000 years old, and of about the same age as homo sapiens sapiens. HOW ON EARTH COULD THAT BE POSSIBLE?? This is a very recent scientific discovery, made possible only because we are becoming much better at understanding DNA, and of course all the scientists working on it are resisting it mightily. The implications of this discovery upend everything they ever have believed! For me, of course, it’s just a wonderful new tidbit, but it upends some of my assumptions too, and I am trying now to understand how it might fit with what I already know. For example, one possibility – and only one – is that it was the colonists here from the planet Marduk, which we are told by the dead exploded and became the asteroid belt, who created this efflorescence of species in the process of their blending with humanoids and becoming humankind. I don’t know enough about any of this to even suggest that might be what happened, but given how busy non-terrestrial intelligent being are here now, that they were the ones who caused this astonishing flowering of modern species in a very recent geological eye-blink seems possible to me. Also, of course, it could be just that in the development of every planet to the point where it can support eternal beings as a spiritual gym where they can learn and grow spiritually, there always is a long lead as prehistoric animals prepare that planet for intelligent life, followed by a quick setting of the table for us. But, who knows? A lot more information will be needed before we can say anything, even as an evidence-based hypothesis. Do you see why this work is so much fun?

      And where exterrestrials and the grays are concerned, I have tried to ignore all the evidence of them until recently, but I have been getting bits of this information from the very start of my research. It was only after I began to Seek Reality that I started to take it seriously; and the more I opened my mind to it, the more I came to see that in ignoring it I had been committing the same beliefs-based mistake that scientists and religionists have long been committing. Your own work is more focused on death and the afterlife than is mine at this point, so you certainly can ignore all of it! (Although how you can ignore a mummified gray – and also the mummified hand of another gray that I can’t find at the moment but will add whenever I can find it – is something only you would know ;-)!)

      Dear friends, the fact is that Reality is One! It is perfectly fine to focus on just a part of it, and to make the study of that part of it your own life’s work. We all are here with different missions, after all! The sin of scientists and religionists is that they focus on just minimal aspects of reality, yet they claim they have gotten their minds around all of it. As the bias I held for most of my life against learning anything about other intelligences as I tried to understand a greater reality that teems with intelligent life should show you, it is possible for even well-meaning researchers to let their biases lead them astray….

  2. Thank you, Roberta,
    As always you make perfect sense and that eludes the intellectuals who find themselves bound by the teaching and dogmas that they have accepted as the final say on a particular matter! I find this extremely sad as I know such people and they are brilliant at what they do but are also stuck by the limitations they themselves have adopted as the baseline of their particular branch of knowledge and study! If they only could raise their heads above the edge of the box they are in, what they could be capable of, far exceeds the limitations that guide their thinking and learning!

    1. Wow, Jeff, you just have said it better than I ever could have said it! Perhaps at this point I am too impatient with these people who remain willfully stuck in their religious and scientific dogmas when the blinders they wear are so clear to see, and still they will continue to wear them. I need reminders from kindly people like you that the burden they impose on us of ignorance and delayed awareness is also a burden that they themselves bear. Thank you so much for that!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! It delights me to know that I have helped you at all, and if you ever have questions please don’t hesitate to ask them. I love sharing our personal journeys! You know, it has taken me fifty years of study to get to this point, and the best part of my life of learning is the fact that I continue to learn even more! No, that is just the second-best part. Truly, the best part is the fact that I feel as if it is only now that I have learned enough to be able to begin to REALLY learn. It is thrilling when I am old to feel that my life has just begun ;-).

  3. Dear Roberta

    Thank you for your considered response to what I said. The web-log format of this website doesn’t make it easy to reply clearly to what you’ve said but I’ve tried my best! For brevity I’ve ‘pruned’ some of your original text.

    quote: “Dear Mac, I’m assuming that there is at least one topic of this post that will bog………………pends some of my assumptions too, and I am trying now to understand how it might fit with what I already know.
    For example, one possibility – and only one – is that it was the colonists here from the planet Marduk, which ……….teroid belt, who ………………at happened, BUT GIVEN HOW BUSY NON-TERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENT BEING ARE HERE NOW, (mac’s upper-case emphasis) that they were the ones who caused this astonishing flowering of modern species in a very recent geological eye-blink seems possible to me. ”

    I agree most of the above is one possibility but to suggest that “busy,non-terrestrial beings are here now”, without providing evidence, is somewhat mischievous. 😉 ALL of the details in that paragraph must remain notional until they’re shown otherwise.

    quote: “Also, of course, it could be just that in the development of every planet to the point wh……….re that planet for intelligent life, followed by a quick setting of the table for us. But, who knows?”

    I agree….

    quote: “A lot more information will be needed before we can say anything, even as an evidence-based hypothesis. Do you see why this work is so much fun?”

    A lot MORE information? No, just some information – all we presently have is conjecture. I’m glad you find the subject fun but please forgive me if for me it doesn’t have the same appeal for me. 😉

    quote: “And where exterrestrials and the grays are concerned, I have tried to ignore all the evidence of them un…………….istake that scientists and religionists have long been committing.”
    Claims for evidence of the presence of extra-terrestrials and grays are what need to be tested. Only when veracity has been established do they become actual evidence.


    The first point is undoubtedly true but I don’t recall being presented with evidence of mummified remains of any non-human entities that I then ignored! Perhaps I’ve just forgotten. 😉 I shall be interested to hear about the evidence.

    Would you consider posting this topic as a discussion thread on ALF?

  4. No, dear Mac, you’re right: commenting on a blog post is not the same as a back-and-forth discussion on a forum!

    Dear friends, Mac is the Administrator of (fondly known as “ALF” to its friends), where he does a wonderful job and is very articulate ;-). But let’s see how we might work with this:

    1) I don’t mean to be mischievous in suggesting that we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings, but I have discussed them in other posts and this one is already overlong. On 8/13/15, for example, I discussed “Extraterrestrial Protectors.” But you are right: perhaps I should not have alluded to what the evidence makes me confident is going on without first having separately posted about it more recently.

    2) No problem if you don’t enjoy everything that I enjoy! In fact, the whole idea of non-human intelligences was a bridge too far for me until recently.

    3) The picture of the mummified gray is linked in the post, but here is that link again: I know of at least one other instance – a mummified hand. As you can imagine, for scientists to fit these actual remains into human evolution is going to present them with a challenge!

    Dear friends, we are all on different voyages, which is part of the joy for me of doing this work. What interests one will not necessarily interest others, but as we begin to share our discoveries we are going to begin to foster a glorious new world full of nothing but love and light!

  5. So basically what I’m getting from this exchange, is, have an open mind. Read it, consider it, ponder it if you will; and move on. Your next discovery may confirm or deny other thoughts and theories; each step brings us closer to Reality. Never stop wondering.

    1. Yes! Have no core beliefs, no dogmas, nothing that it is off-limits for you to question; and at the same time, question everything new that you discover. Personally, I won’t take something as probably true unless it passes my personal screens (provenance, sniff test, etc.), and it also fits with everything else that I have come to consider based upon established sources to be probably true. Or as someone once said, “Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out ;-).”

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