Moving On

Posted by Roberta Grimes • June 18, 2022 • 74 Comments

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.
He has loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword.
His truth is marching on!
Glory, glory Hallelujah! Glory, glory Hallelujah!
Glory, glory Hallelujah! His truth is marching on!
– Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910), from “Battle Hymn of the Republic” (1862)

We really can move on now. As the Roman church continues to crumble, Jesus is planning a return that will be different from what Christians long have expected, based upon the Biblical book of Revelation’s dramatic depiction of a settling of scores. But of course, that makes sense. The Christian Bible was written mostly by men, and men settle scores. Jesus is of the Godhead, and He has instead spent seventeen centuries in the loving healing of all the harm that Christianity long has been doing to so many in His name.

Thomas is even saying now that the whole idea for Seek Reality Online came from Jesus. Silly me. I thought it was my idea, but of course the fact that it has felt so loose and vague for so long was a give-away. When something is your own idea, it dawns on you and then it fleshes out quickly. Our website’s developers worried at first that we were going to be teaching something that very few people would be interested in learning, since we had told the developers that we had no competitors against which they should be positioning us. How then could this be a significant topic? But on second thought, they had to agree that death and the afterlife is something that affects a fairly large swathe of the human population.

Thomas tells me that Jesus has a strategy. He has chosen to attach His website to one that will first teach the world about consciousness as a necessary part of teaching about death, the afterlife, and the greater reality where we spend our eternal lives. So, what SRO will teach will be an important precursor that will prepare people to better understand how Jesus’s Way actually works in raising our consciousness vibrations. And of course, Jesus is exactly right. When He first spent those thirty years studying us two thousand years ago, before He then spent three years teaching us, perhaps He didn’t entirely figure out what consciousness precisely is. But He certainly came to understand how it seems to work in practice! To be frank, His Gospel teachings are genius.

I am so excited for Jesus! Honestly, this feels like watching your dearest friend who has invented something glorious that will absolutely transform the world, and He is for sure going to win a Nobel Prize the minute that His work gets out. And now, at last, after two thousand years, He is finally going to have His chance at fame and fortune! I know how stupid that must sound to you. But that is exactly how this feels! He even has the timing worked out. He, who has lived without time for the past two thousand years, has decided that He wants His website to launch nine months after SRO goes live. I giggle a little as I type these words.

And meanwhile, He has left it to us to bury that old misbegotten religion. I can write no better epitaph for the past seventeen hundred years of Christianity than the Amazon blurb for Helen Ellerbe’s absolutely devastating The Dark Side of Christian History:

The Christian church has left a legacy, a world view, that permeates every aspect of Western society, both secular and religious. It is a legacy that fosters sexism, racism, the intolerance of difference, and the desecration of the natural environment. The Church, throughout much of its history, has demonstrated a disregard for human freedom, dignity, and self-determination. It has attempted to control, contain and confine spirituality, the relationship between an individual and God. As a result, Christianity has helped to create a society in which people are alienated not only from each other but also from the divine. This Christianity – called “orthodox Christianity” – has had a devastating impact upon the whole of mankind, and its study can help enlighten us as to the very core difference between religion and spirituality. When we understand how we have come to be separated from the divine, we can begin to heal not only the scars, but the very alienation itself.

I have read that paragraph repeatedly over the past week. I have tried to argue with it. Having been brought up as I was, in a steepled New England Congregational church that was headed by a pastor I dearly loved, I do have arguments to make! For most of my childhood I refused to go to Sunday school, but instead I attended grown-up church, where I would listen to Reverend Turrell’s gentle sermons about kindness, forgiveness and love while I gazed up from my sixth-row pew at the beautiful stained-glass window beyond him of Jesus with the woman at the well. It was then, as a child, that I fell completely in love with Jesus, with His wise and gentle stained-glass face. Never in that church did I hear hell mentioned. The Roman church never came between us at all.

There are some good things that we take from Roman Christianity! For one thing, Christian schools have taught a thousand generations of impoverished children efficiently and well. Missionaries have likewise helped many people worldwide. And as Thomas has pointed out to me, Jesus is usually first on every list of the most prominent historical figures. Jesus is a household name in nearly every house, which will make it easier for Him to launch His website. (And when my Thomas saw that Thomas Jefferson was tenth on one of those lists, he actually chuckled a bit. He is becoming more relaxed about a connection that until recently always irritated him.) But the core problem with Roman Christianity is that it was ignorant and simply wrong. More specifically, it was:

  • Rooted in Fear and Not in Love. Now that we understand that all of reality is based in consciousness and really nothing else objectively exists, and that consciousness is in turn governed by what we experience as emotion, with fear at the lowest and slowest vibration, we know that in fact Christianity’s fear-based teachings are especially wrong-headed. There is no hell, so Christianity’s use of the fear of hell to control people down through the ages has been inexcusable.
  • Based in Teaching Us an Awful Self-Image. Christianity has taught us that we are “fallen” and therefore unworthy of God’s love as another way to keep the masses controlled. In fact, each of us individually is deeply loved and cherished by God! The chasm that Christianity sets up between our imagined sinful nature and what is actually true is unbridgeable. It is too easy for people to imagine that God must hate us, when in fact God loves each of us individually more than we can imagine. The image that Jesus gives us in the Gospel of Luke of the shepherd who leaves his whole flock to find his one lost sheep because he cannot bear to lose even one is much closer to the truth (LK 15:3-5).
  • Not Built Around the Teachings of Jesus. In none of the more than forty thousand denominations of Christianity that are now extant are the Gospel teachings of Jesus given any kind of prominence. Actually, in no denomination that I ever have found are the teachings of Jesus and how and why they work so well in raising our consciousness vibrations given any seriously attention at all! Don’t you find that amazing, as you think about it? Jesus is the most prominent historical figure by every measure, on every list, and His name is trumpeted by every Christian preacher, but yet what He actually said, and what His words meant to Him as He said them, is nothing that anyone ever has bothered to take seriously?
  • Not Centered on Bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth. Jesus uses the phrase “the kingdom of God” or “the kingdom of heaven” something like eighty times through all four canonical Gospels. And He talks often of bringing the kingdom of God on earth. Clearly it was foremost in His mind! But it was not foremost in the Romans’ minds. Their fear-based religion was useful as a means of controlling the masses, but they had no interest in what Jesus taught, nor in whatever His own priorities might have been.

So, there you have it. Jesus was a mere figurehead in Roman Christianity for the past seventeen hundred years. But He will be the center and soul of His own future website, where He soon will resume the teaching of His Way as if there had been no intervening detour into Roman Christianity at all!

And what heartens me most is seeing that His followers already are rallying to Him. I have seen this happening over the course of the past dozen years or so in the emails that people have sent to me, and in articles posted by other heretical bloggers. Most people are unaware of the fact that in only the past few years, perhaps hastened by the COVID shutdowns, quite literally the religious ground has been shifting dramatically beneath our feet. We are seeing it happening all around us. I recall that when The Fun of Dying first was published, and that was only twelve years ago, here in central Texas there still were many strict Christians who wanted nothing to do with its message. But, not anymore. This seems to be happening everywhere! It has been estimated that half of the American churches that were temporarily closed in 2020 for health reasons will soon be closing permanently.

And the worldwide need for Seek Reality Online is acute! It has lately been estimated that between eighty and ninety percent of the people now living still have very little idea of what actually happens after death. Even worse, there are some near-death experiencers who are convinced that they died and miraculously came back to life. And there is one in particular who is lately terrifying people by saying that light-beings told her during her NDE that everything that Mikey Morgan reports through his mother is illusion, and that in fact there is nothing after death. Or at least, this is what I am hearing from people who are contacting me now in a panic, seeking reassurance that what this woman is saying cannot be right.

Oh, good grief! What we see on earth is in fact the illusion, and Mikey’s after-death reality, while also illusory, is a lot more real than this reality is! Many NDEs happen in the astral plane, which is so love-filled that NDE experiencers can be forgiven for believing that perhaps they have arrived where the dead actually go. But I will say this yet again. Near-death experiences have nothing whatsoever to do with actual death. They are spontaneous out-of-body phenomena with messages for the experiencers themselves and they can sometimes be lovely, but that is all. And even if we had no other reason for sharing the truth with the world at last, just stopping the spread of such foolish nonsense would be reason enough all by itself for us to be giving you this beautiful evidence-based website!

I have seen him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps.
They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps.
I have read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps.
His truth is marching on!
Glory, glory Hallelujah! Glory, glory Hallelujah!
Glory, glory Hallelujah! His truth is marching on!

– Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910), from “Battle Hymn of the Republic” (1862)

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74 thoughts on “Moving On

    1. Oh my dear Mike, it was to be 6/15 but we were still fixing tiny glitches. And we are still doing that! So we have decided to open it to our personal tribes, Craig’s and mine, next weekend, and simply not start to publicize it generally until after we have the last few things resolved. Stupid things, like a video that has three little promo videos behind it and no one seems to be able to remove them for me. But let me tell you, my dear, I have learned the hard way MANY more things about web sites than I ever in my life have wanted to know!

      1. Roberta, you want to send me the video to see if I can remove the promos?

        I’m a software developer and may be able to help with some of the techy stuff.


        1. Oh my dear Thomas, thank you for reaching out! I’ll be meeting with the website folks again tomorrow, and then I’ll see whether you might be able to help!

        2. My dear Thomas, it turned out to be a Vimeo thing. Not a problem, but I’m grateful for your offer. What’s amazing is recalling all those meetings with people like you and trying to make them understand what our vision was… and now clicking on buttons and seeing it happening for real. It looks as if we can go live next week after all!

          1. That is great! Feel free to contact me if any other hiccups happen. 🙂

            I’d be honored to help in any small way.

            I’m excited to be able to witness what happens next and the possibilities of growth that will come from it.

        1. Dear Ali, I have a wonderful son-in-law who is a website SEO and advertising optimization expert. He has just seen the new website, by the way, and he loves it, which from him is high praise. We won’t ask for his help right away, but once we have every kink ironed out, we’ll ask for his expertise in reaching the immediate world!

  1. Dear Roberta,
    Re ” Based in Teaching Us an Awful Self-Image. ” I would appreciate learning more. As I understand Roman Catholic Church doctrine as an outsider, it holds that:

    1) everyone is born as a sinner (thus damning us even though we had not yet exercised free will as newborns to make any decisions about anything in this life),

    2) that Jesus came here so he could suffer a horrible crucifixion to redeem us from God’s damnation as born sinners.

    Did Jesus plan to be crucified, or was it an accident, perhaps inevitable, as he preached that His Father was motivated by love for His creations, and not any petty, vindictive tyrant?

    1. Dear Jack,
      As someone who was raised Catholic and attended regularly, raised by strict Catholics, one of whom’s education was Jesuit from grade school through college, I will tell you that initially, and up until recently, points one and two are a sound observation on your part. However, great strides have been made by those “in the field”-the parish priests and nuns (and especially nuns) in recent years. I began to notice change in the 70’s with some of the younger priests who “trained” in our parish. They focused on Love, Compassion, Trust in Jesus. Unfortunately, those messages came from those people and not the Vatican, which stood unmoved, as the world changed. I’m sure Roberta will answer your question, but I think she’s mentioned before that the overall plan was NOT crucifixion, but in it, Jesus saw a long shot, an opportunity to teach us from our low perspective (crucifixion). A personal note from myself: I was SO grateful for Roberta sharing His TRUE intentions on this because ALL my life, I struggled with accepting the concept of “He HAD to die to save us”. I was very angry about “Good Friday” though I had to go to services. I was very angry with Jesus, in fact, for a looooooong time, that He “chose” this or “let it happen”!

      1. Oh my dear Fran, I’m so glad that it helped you to find peace with Jesus to learn that He simply wanted to show us that life is eternal! And I think that is going to be one of the reasons for His website, too, that He simply wants to clear people’s minds of that awful Christian dogma that somehow God doesn’t love us enough to forgive us without the sacrifice of God’s Son. No, as I think about it, having Jesus simply tell us the simple truth in love and kindness and with no heavy religious overlay could be very healing now!

    2. Oh my dear Jack, it’s even worse and more complicated than that. There is also a Protestant teaching – Calvinism – that holds that since God knows everything, God also knows who will be going to hell, so God created some (most?) people specifically to go to hell. See: Think of what a barbaric teaching that is, when in fact there is no hell! And no, of course Jesus had no part in any aspect of Christianity. All of it – the Roman Catholic ideas, the Protestant ideas, every bit of it – came along many centuries after Jesus lived on earth. He was just stuck with almost two millennia of lovingly receiving and healing all the victims of its fear-based teachings.

  2. Dear Roberta,
    I am curious as to how Jesus will “communicate” His message through His website. As you point out about a person spreading information about their NDE, contradicting what Mikey Morgan’s mother has shared (I am not actually familiar with that), there will be people suffering the anxiety of “what if this is not true?”. There are so many “messages” from “Jesus” from various people, and written works-ACIM,, ACIL, Christ Speaks, Love Without End, The Kingdom series, blogs, and videos, one hardly knows what to believe. I have read many and have found slight contradictions. On top of this are “angel messages”, messages from “beings of Light”, “Higher Beings”, that one’s head begins to spin. Is it because “consciousness” is still so misunderstood, or not understood at all, that we struggle to discern? I confess I ask for and look for “signs”, “messages”, to guide me because I struggle with that. Even when one comes-or seems to come-I still overthink the “message”, so worried about going “astray”. So, being a consummate “seeker”, I tend to be open initially, and then the worry starts. Is it natural, maybe, to go through those periods of “back and forth”? In my heart, I feel that really, Jesus’ Way is actually quite simple. It’s all this worldly extraneous “stuff” that gets in the way.
    When it comes down to it, like many, I long for “personal connection” with Jesus. And maybe, many of these works ARE personal and not meant to be shared. Is that possible?
    I sincerely hope, with all my heart, this is the big breakthrough. I had a dream ,about five years ago, of churches closed. No one, or at least very very few, indulged in the rituals of them anymore. And those few were distraught, because they couldn’t let go. I felt great compassion for them. The dream fascinated me because at that time, I couldn’t begin to comprehend how it could happen-to have old doctrine wiped away.

    1. Oh my dear Fran, EXACTLY RIGHT! I have asked the same question. And all that Thomas will tell me (he is my spirit guide, if you are unclear about that) is that he and Jesus will do the website. They need me to facilitate it, but not to worry about the contents. By way of backstory, in 2015 Thomas tricked me into channeling Jesus to write Liberating Jesus (and that word is apt – I didn’t know about the channeling part beforehand). If you read LJ with a Bible in your hand, you see that Jesus didn’t add anything that is not in the canonical Gospels, and my belief now is that this website will be His actual story as He told it to me on April 6th plus His Gospel teachings. Nothing more than that. If we have heavily promoted SRO, then within a year it could have as many as a hundred thousand members, perhaps? And that many people finding a website simply saying only what He says in the Gospels in a loving and positive way might be just what the doctor ordered. Who knows?

      1. Does Jesus understand and empathize with our human desires? What did he generally say about the Earth-like astral realm and/or afterlife?

        1. Oh my dear Ali, I think Jesus empathizes with us more than you would imagine, given that He has been away from the earth for so long. But He has been welcoming people home and counseling and loving them every day for the past two thousand years. All that He talked to me about was sharing His teaching on earth, but clearly His mind is still very much with us here. Amazing.

  3. Hello Roberta and everyone,
    Before I was 9 or 10 years old, I was fearless. Not the jump off a roof because I thought I could fly fearless, but ride a big bike without training wheels, helmet, or elbow pads fearless. My family wasn’t religious but many of the other adults in my life were and slowly but surely fear started seeping in. It permeates society and, in my opinion, not just from Christianity. I have a vague memory of being happier back then.

    A few days ago, I was on Amazon looking for a book that I couldn’t remember the exact title of. On the list was a book titled Hell: 13 Stories of a Real Place, or something like that. I went down to the comments, and most were of the “yep, it’s a real place. so glad I found this book. all Christians should read this.” type. The churches may be emptying out, but the dogma seems to persist.

    In a way I’m sorry that the churches are empty. They filled a purpose beyond just the teaching of the Bible (right or wrong). They offered a sense of community, interaction with others, and for some, the only outlet they have. Nature abhors a vacuum, and that vacuum will be filled with something, hopefully Jesus.

    Thank You Roberta.
    (Light beings and nothing after death in the same thought?? Um…okay)

    1. Oh my dear AC, I agree with you. Nature abhors a vacuum, and we worry about what that vacuum is going to be so we had better fill it with something positive!

      I have the sense that perhaps some of you might think that perhaps I am glad to see the churches emptying! But having grown up in a truly wonderful church that is one of three white steepled churches around a New England common which were always packed on Sundays, I cannot help but mourn what was. Until recently, I imagined that Christianity could be reformed somehow, and its hideous doctrines could be surgically removed and replaced. Well, why not?

      It is only now that I see that never could have worked.

      These weekly blog articles are actually think-pieces. I’ve been thinking through what is possible, and what is not. And gradually, I have been made to see that it is the very notion of religion itself that is the problem. I can feel a blog post about that percolating, and you likely will see it within the next week or two. Jesus was emphatic in the Gospels about doing away with religious rules, and I think now that this is what He was getting at. We’ll see where it goes….

  4. Ego seems to be what is really going on here! Jesus with a web site? Come on people wake up! I love Roberta´s teachings but this feels like crap! Sorry ! This man Jesus has no clue who I am so why should even bother even looking at a web site!!

    1. Oh my dear Michael, Jesus loves you in particular more than you can possibly imagine! Roberta has no teachings of her own, I am very sorry to have to tell you. She merely has the glorious privilege of sitting at the feet of One who does not at present possess a body. She is happy to be a messenger, but anything she says that you might like comes from Jesus, my dear one. I’m sure you must realize that!

    2. Hi Michael,
      I understand your fear, I vacillate between the emotions of fear and love myself… A good description of Love is found in 1st Corinthians 13:4-13 (Amplified Bible). It mentions rejoicing in the Truth. 1st John 4:18 says there is no fear in love, because fear thinks God will judge and punish us. I have no idea if this helps but I felt I should write this.

      1. Hi Gee: Fear and love cannot co-exist. I am no bible expert but if John 4:18 says there is no fear in love, that is really good news

        1. Oh yes, my dear Lola, fear and love cannot coexist! Energetically, they are oil and water. Darkness and light.

    3. Michael, Not myself experiencing Jesus as a personality, I am sympathetic to your perspective. For example, given His power, why doesn’t He simply tell each of us what we need to know when we think, plan, and make decisions; that would permit free will, but with the benefit of divine guidance.

      However, as a critical (really super-critical) reader, I naturally “test” what Roberta tells us. In particular, I have found it most interesting that Roberta, not trained in physic, cosmology, genetics, math, etc., never makes any mistakes (at least none that I can spot). So, whether or not it’s Jefferson, and/or Christ communicating, the messages are worthwhile in their own right.

      Perhaps I have an advantage here, as nearly 84, and with active prostate cancer, I’ll soon learn the truth.

      1. Oh my dear Jack, you have really put a damper on my day. Please don’t graduate soon, dear beautiful friend – we need you here with us for a good while longer!

        I do have to second, though, your observation that I am utterly without scientific training. And in particular, I am allergic to mathematics. I break out in hives. Known fact.

        1. Ditto on that. I can’t imagine not reading Jack’s comments any more, although I too have issues that may prevent me from staying around much longer. I guess every dog has their day

          1. Dear Lola, not you too! We are going to have to make some kind of rule here. Any of our beloved friends who graduate will have to promise to keep looking in from time to time. Hard to enforce, though, when I know what awaits.

        1. Oh my dear Fran, you make me smile! Actually, my big fear about Jesus’s website now is that they might be planning to do some sort of direct-communication question-and-answer thing. They have demonstrated that I am able to hear Jesus’s voice in my mind. I’m not especially psychic, but He established a connection with me when He channeled Liberating Jesus, and His spoken voice is quite distinctive. But nobody on earth would take that seriously!

          1. Maybe you will be surprised by how many DO take it seriously. I heard or read somewhere that we DO know him, that you can sense/feel inside, regardless of what your eyes see. You wouldn’t be asked if you couldn’t do it.

  5. Dear Roberta. That 9 month “gestation” period between The SRO website and the Jesus website is so cute. I was giggling a bit too at the symbolism. This brings up what has been on my mind a lot lately and bugging me a bit too, like Ray spoke of, this question about discernment amongst all the Jesus related material out there. What seems to be gelling in my mind is that the first thing one needs is enough of the basic spiritual knowledge to have the understanding, spiritual maturity, critical thinking, and discernment to sort things out, to look for the discrepancies and see what stands the test of time, as Jack so clearly pointed out. I’m doing my best to get there. This, to my mind, is what Thomas and Jesus had in mind for SRO. Then the Jesus website takes us the rest of the “Way” towards going into that secret room and connecting with guides, and ultimately hopefully God, a direct inner guidance that doesn’t need chuches or priests as intermediaries. One line in that Amazon blurb about The Dark Side of Christianity jumped out at me – “It has attempted to control, contain, and confine spirituality, the relationship with God.” Yes, we shouldn’t go off willy nilly with every bit of channeled material, or theological mumbo jumbo. The Church rightly warned about that, and at least served the pupose of preserving the teachings of Jesus somewhat intact for us today, but no more than that. There should be consistency with what has already been taught by the saints and sages over the millennia, most importantly by Jesus, and now what science and afterlife research is also confirming. After that, each of us being unique individuals with unique life plans, that inner guidance can be customized and distilled uniquely for our particular needs. My own guidance recently is pointing to the idea of being a “mystic” whatever that means exactly. Is that partly what Jesus came to teach, to balance the external teachings, what he called the Law and The Prophets, with the direct inner teachings about love, without losing our balance? I hope that makes some sense.

    1. My dear, one thing that someone who is corresponding with me has remarked to me about is Jesus’s extraordinary “strength of character.” Her words, and exactly right. Five thousand years (my calculation) after his ascension to the Godhead, they finally bless His having another earth-lifetime and the chance with His brothers to learn and to try His Way of perfecting humanity. And it works! It grows to a movement of millions of people within three hundred years! Then the Romans destroy it. They murder everyone, including later incarnations of His brothers. And Jesus just settles right in and spends the next seventeen hundred years lovingly welcoming and healing every victim of Christianity’s excesses, with never an unkind word about it to anyone. I have been thinking about her term ever since.

    2. My dear Scott, I’m sorry – I wasn’t responsive to your comment at first, but I was so struck by what someone else had just said to me. Yes, I had thought about the gestational thing as well! And wondered whether that was on Jesus’s mind. And Jesus seems pretty firmly to be rejecting all the extraneous things now. There is nothing in Liberating Jesus but the four canonical Gospels, and when I met with Him on April 6th He said that was all that He wanted us to teach on His new website, except for a bit more that Thomas would know about. He wants our teachings to be very simple.

  6. Whoops. I typed Ray above when I meant Fran. I can relate to what you said, Fran. Sometimes I feel like I’m starting to get it a bit, and then the doubt creeps in and I feel like I’m back to just learning my A, B, C ‘s. These blog discussions we all have, with Roberta’s guidance, definitely help me sort my thoughts out on these topics.

  7. Scott
    I agree. Coming here every Sunday is so important to me. I have learned to “consume” spiritual books, blogs, and videos less and less and that has “narrowed” the field to Jesus’ messages. I do think, however, that SOME of the angelic messages and even “Light beings” are members of His Team helping to reach and teach those who either weren’t raised Christian or have no knowledge of Him, or have been so completely turned off due to institutional religion. He’ll find a way to get through to anyone😊

    1. Dear Fran, I have wondered about that too since I have come to know Jesus through Thomas, and so personally. I used to think of Jesus as something more like a CEO, with a lot of minions around Him, angels and light-beings and such! But I only ever have actually seen Him as just my guide’s Brother, watching Thomas tinker with His car or briefly visiting us as we drove in Fall River that day. Or when we visited Him as He was feeding His fish. Never anyone else around except the Christians that He was welcoming home. Thomas tells me that Jesus individually is as powerful at this point as the entire Godhead, and even though He tones it down you are aware of power when you are anywhere near Him, but you are also aware of overwhelming love. In a reality based in Consciousness, power and love are the same, I guess. But what seems oddest of all to me about Jesus I have to say is that He wants to be your equal. Literally. And that’s the word Thomas uses. A case can easily be made that of all the people who ever have lived, He is Numero Uno. But He seems to have this kind of reverse-ego thing about not wanting to be treated as if He is different from anyone else. Perhaps that shouldn’t surprise me as much as it does. But He has done so much for us! Just to think about all that He has done can bring tears to my eyes. I’m sorry, dear Jesus. You have no equal.

  8. Bought my friend Shakespeare from a pet shop in 2005 while he was about 4 months old. In 2010, I had bought our retirement home in Las Vegas while yet working in Albuquerque, and was going to commute back and forth for several months, often taking Shaky bird with me, leaving my wife, Rebbeca, alone. So, we got a Sun Conure bird for her company, a beautiful little bird we named Goldie. Goldie flew from her perch in our living room over to Becky about four months ago, took a tumble from a bad landing an snapped her neck. Horrible. It’s an open wound for us that is not healing yet.

    When Shaky bird decides it’s time for him to return to his cage for his night’s rest in the evening, Shaky announces his desire by telling us, “Night, Night,” just as Becky taught him to do. But on his own, when Becky or I would pick him up from his perch to take him to another room where his cage is, he would then announce to whomever is present his departure. So, he would the say, “Night Night Becky Rose,” and or “Night Night Pappa Jack.” On the infrequent ocassions when my Son Gary was here with his dog Bosley, he would add, “Night Night Gary,” and, “Night Night Bosely Wuff Wuff.” Goldie always being present, he would always say, NIght Night Goldie,” and in fact Goldie was always whom he addressed first.

    After Goldy was gone, for the first few days with Goldie not there, he did not tell her good night, just me and/or Becky. But then he started to address unseen Goldie good night as was usual when she was present, and excluding Becky or me if not present. In the past few days with Bosley here while Gary was on a trip, he added Bosley, but started out addressing Goldie first.

    As you might imagine, Shakey, in common with African Gray Parrots, is intelligent, and makes creative use of language. For example, when I once caught him walking over to nibble on a baseboard, I walked over to him as he was sneaking to do mischief and said, “No bite.” He craned his neck to look at me and said, “Pappa, go poop.” He knows what poop is, and often announces when he is about to, but never said that to me before, so, surpised I asked, “What did you say?” He looked up at me again, and then said, “Pappa, go walk walk.”

    Becky and I are inclined to think that Shaky senses Goldie, and that’s why he addresses her from time to time (not every night). It does provide some comfort to believe that Goldie’s spirit is with us, but it of course still hurts not to be seeing her.

    1. Oh my dear Jack, what a wonderful story! And African Grays are arguably in some ways almost as smart as we are. I’m sure he is seeing her. And to be told off by him that way – you made me laugh out loud!

      1. Shaky is crafty, makes us laugh frequently by his trickery and what he says at times, such a when I’m cooking at the stove, an I do not want him perchng on my shoulder; I will tell him to fly to his perch, or offer him to get off onto a kitchen counter–and he refuses. He not only refuses, but orders me around, e.g., “Pappa, let’s walk walk.” He has been a comfort and a joy for us. I love the dogs we have had, but with Shaky’s ability to talk, he is very special to us.

        1. Oh my dear Jack, this is why we don’t have pets anymore!! When Beau, my beloved horse, had to be put down at almost 30, that was it for me. No more pets! Even though he sent me a wonderful communication dream, I grieved for him as I never have grieved for any human being (prolly because I know for sure where people go and how they fare). At least, Shaky is likely to outlive you, but that presents another problem, of course.

          Thank you though, my dear, for your delightful Shaky stories. African Gray parrots in good families really are nearly human!

    2. He knows that Goldie is no longer there physically, so he only mentions her when he sees her. That’s what I think. Simply amazing

  9. Son Gary will take Shaky. When Gary visited my house with Shaky about 6 months old, Shaky studied him for several minutes. Then he got one of hius favored cashew nuts and bought it over to Gary; they have been friends ever since.

    Becky says what you say, too–no more pets, losing them hurts too bad.

    1. Jack, you write with such knowledge and wisdom that I frequently have a hard time following your thoughts, but I related in a big way to your story about Shakespeare and Goldie. What a dear and wonderful story it is! The only pets my mother would let us have in our house were parakeets and fish, and I’ve been a bird lover ever since (not so much fish). Thank you for sharing Shakespeare and Goldie with all of us.

  10. Hello All,

    I’ve been deconstructing from Christianity and I’m confused about praying. Is it futile to pray?

    Thank you for your input.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      You know I was always brought up to believe the deeply personal relationship between each of us and God is of truly sacred importance. So sacred that no one stands between each of us and God. Life experience including talking to, praying to and meditating on the Divine has shown me how real this inner connection actually is.

      I pray to Our Lord Jesus from my heart to His boundless Heart. It’s real to me now. I finally believe I am loved no matter what may come.

      I hope this helps; He loves you unconditionally and eternally. There is no obstacle to Him. We can speak what is in our heart. 🌅😉🙏🏼❣️

    2. Oh my dear Jackie, praying isn’t futile at all! I think of the top if my head as always open, and I share thoughts with Jesus, and with Spirit. I often say the Lord’s prayer in my mind. I don’t ask for anything, but I often simply offer thanks.

      1. The Lord’s Prayer really is beautiful Roberta. It has stood the test of time, dealing with keeping love and alignment with God’s will above all else. I suspect it got mangled a tiny bit from Jesus’ original words. Would God lead us into temptation? Maybe Jesus said something more like, “And if we are led into temptation, deliver us from evil.” I hope He will comment on this prayer, and prayer in general, on his website, and maybe even give some corrections or context if needed. I send my prayers to Jack and Lola and anyone else reading who may be going through health challenges. What we learn here from your work, Roberta, is so helpful for understanding and getting through life’s challenges. Thank you.

  11. Dear Jack and Lola,
    I’m sad to hear that you are both elders dealing with difficult health issues. After getting to know you both, I wish that we stay and share our light here for many a year yet. Of course, I strongly wish that you both have decent quality of life henceforth. I know many of us here value your reflections and indeed your presence very, very much. 🙏🏼❣️🌅

    1. Dear Efrem, thank you for your sweet presence here! We all feel as you do, that our own Jack and Lola – and others here, too – are lending such richness to our lives. It makes me smile, dear friends, just to think of each one of you! And it motivates me – and Thomas, too! – to get crackin’, come each Thursday morning, to try to come up with something worthy of our wonderful friends here 🙂

      Right now, we are working on two separate posts for this Sunday, because we still aren’t sure if all the changes to the SRO website will be completed in time. But we think they will be. I think you don’t realize, however, dear beautiful friends, how much my dear Thomas and I love and care for each one of you!

      1. Dearest Roberta,
        Love you and Thomas too. You guys are like the mechanics who suddenly pull up to fix my expired, red Cadillac on a nameless, dusty, desert roadside, miles from nowhere.

        Just when you think you’ll die of dehydration, or the plummeting night temperature – you appear out of nowhere and get the old beast started again! 🔧🔌⚡️

        1. Oh my dear lovely Efrem! I love that image, and Thomas and I are eager to help! I believe that his last earth-lifetime ended rather before there were cars, but he seems to be a tinkerer with things by nature. I was just interviewed this morning about SRO, since it is about to go live, and the questions made me realize rather forcefully just how ignorant most people are on the whole topic of life after death. It really is amazing!

  12. Dear Efrem, Thank you for your especially kind sentiments. I do not know the year, much less the day, but realistically between a stage IV level and the advanced age, I just do not expect it’s far.

    1. Oh my beloved friend, then we created SRO just for you! The whole process of transition is such an easy and comfortable passage, as you will find. It is really so lovely! But actually, 84 is not so old. I interviewed the venerable Michael Tymn for my podcast just yesterday, and he is older than you are and he was in fighting form! A very big hug, my dear one!!

  13. Thank you Efrem, Some people tell me I am “too young to die,” but we all know how silly that is. There is no suhch thing. I always love “talking” with you

    1. And we all love talking with you, dear Lola! You always have lovely and on-point things to say. It may be, too, that once SRO goes live, our little family might gain some wider exposure. Who knows? Meanwhile, Thomas and I are sending you a great big hug, dear precious friend!

      1. Thanks Roberta. Being an only child, I look on many of you as the brothers and sisters I never had and thus it has been an enormous help for me.

  14. Greetings Roberta!
    My name is Joy and I’m 26 years old.
    I’m fairly new here, though I have known about Mikey’s book from a friend a few years ago when I lived in Colorado. That’s where I met my husband and now we live in North Carolina. We moved to be closer to my dad. My sweet dad passed from cancer in 2020 during quarantine. I still have my mom here close by. I have so many questions. I am really struggling in life mentally and spiritually and always have I think. I just finished tapering off the antidepressant I’ve been on for 2 years, and the ADHD I’ve had all my life but was suppressed bc of the antidepressants has been messing with me lately. During these two years I’ve been deconstructing from the tightly held, legalistic Christianity I grew up with, and was so emotionally entrenched in and swayed by. When I lost my dad it felt like I lost my anchor. But when I got on the antidepressant it felt like my emotions were suppressed to the point of reason and logic. After a year of marriage turmoil and uncertainty as well, were both now in a similar spot (my husband has severe ADHD as well but Is a beautifully enlightened soul in many ways) where we both feel a bit stuck and aimless. We just started keeping bees and are trying to figure out musical and business goals, we both I think have always wanted the pupu platter of life and that’s what we have now, a jack of all trades kind of life with no careers to speak of. I work part time at a library with women I adore and who understand me. Still feel so rushed in life like we don’t have time for the things we really love to do and are bogged down with house and pet and garden “chores” though we love them so. I feel chained to my mom so to speak, I’m so young and yet my parents had me late in life and I fear losing her or being too far away from her but my husband feels we are so young and should be living our life to the prime extent. It’s hard. My hubby was an avid snowboarder and we’ve both had extreme Highs and lows and misunderstandings with people in our lives. We’re so lucky to have found each other but life’s trials have tried us for sure and I want to become more one together, a power couple. We clash often because of our similar adhd struggles. Again I have left the church as it stands having become so divided politically and we both feel alone in Appalachia. I am searching desperately for spiritual guidance and tools in which to ascend my personal fears and struggles that have always held me back. I have a hard time with people sometimes, they frustrate me to no end and I want to badly to BE love and greatly affect people with that love, spreading positivity. I just have a hard time communicating and speaking naturally. In earnest gratitude and utmost respect, im hoping for a reply from you Roberta 🙏

    1. Dear Joy, while we await Roberta’s insightful response, please accept my meager attempt: from what you have written above, you are aptly named! You already ARE love, it is clear. Yours is the generation that will make this world anew, and it is already evident you are doing so just through your intention.

      1. Thank you Mike! I’ve always tried so hard and always have felt the not-enoughness of it all to the point of burnout, it brings a peace and lightness to be reminded that intention and energy is more powerful than I realize and that it doesn’t all rest on me. Thank you. ✨️

    2. Oh my dear beautiful Joy, to be so wise when you are still so young! You make me smile. You both have so much living still to do; you really have only barely begun! And yet you already have learned so much, dear one. All that you need to learn now is perhaps a bit more patience and kindness for yourselves, for one another, and for a reality that won’t bend quite as you would have it bend, although if you could see it from a more neutral perspective I think perhaps it might be bending more than you realize! Oh my dear, search less desperately. Open more to the peace that is seeking a way within, and know that you have already grown so very much! Allow all that growth, that peace, that wisdom to settle now, to deepen within you and to begin to help you both to find a richer way to become all that you already are, and you can be. Listen to the voice within, and then listen deeper. The answers are already there.

      1. Hello dear Roberta, 🌺
        Thank you so much for your tender and thoughtful reply, it means a lot to me. I cried when I read the part about not searching so desperately. I have always been such a desperate searcher and doer. It was a good release. I haven’t had any truly visible and powerfully healing spiritual guidance in a couple years its felt like though I’m sure it’s happening all around me.
        I will try to listen more deeply and open myself to receive peace and guidance from within and without. I have been told throughout my life that I am wise, and yet on the flip side of my coin I have always felt so naive, slow to develop, innocent, unexperienced. What do you think this means? Am I an old soul or a new soul? I’m curious, about past lives and such.

    3. Joy, I score 100% on the ADHA scale. That restlessness is really energy available to apply to whatever interests you or needs attention;
      it is a BS pschological construct that was used to justify making money for drug companies by subduing your spirits and making you lethargic–and that properly depresses your vitality.

      Jesus thru Roberta here is explaining that religions tend to complicate God’s “requirements” for living a good life, to justify their own existence and prosperity. Living a good, fulfilling life is as simple as working from a loving heart (easy to say, but not to do with all of the strife surrounding us) to be kind rto orthers, to prqactice the Golden Rule. God has no need for you to achieve anything at all, but rejoices as you develop you spirit to be loving. You need not turn your other cheek to get hit; it’s OK to duck or move away, and then try to think why someone is aggitated or jkust disposed to be unkindly or aggressive; chances are they are acting out their own frustrations, taking out their problems on handy targets.

      Enjoying an outpoddors life is generally healthy and good to pursue, but does not itself, by itself, improve spirituality. In my own life reflecting back, I’ve mowed lans and paing porches as akid (we were a dirt poor family), college Summers worked as a garbageman (sea shells and and fish leftovers are very heavy and have a powerful scent (but I actually enjoyed the work), worked in a factory as a floor boy doing odd jobs, such as unloading and loading trucks when I dropped out of HS), worked for AT&T (when it was the real AT&T bwefore a court ordered break up) insalling commo equipment (running 300 pair cable wire into a connections jig and soldering all 300 wires to the lugs on the jig), as an inantry soldier in the Marine Corps, as a CPT in the Army doing the original R&D for the night vision goggles; working as an Assistant Professor, as training and human factors researcher for the Army, as a chief scientist for one of the major Defense firms, working part time as a used car salesman for CARMAX, and doing research about physics and the nature of consciousness from which I discovered, as Roberta says, that conscousness is what God and His world, to include our eternal spirits, are made of.

      Our mortal life in this harsh material world is designed to be as hard as we see it to enable spiritual development here, something we cannot do in stress free Heaven.

      Now having said that the world is at its base the consciousness of God does not tell us how to live, but Jesus has, and what he told us is well summaized by his Golden Rule.

      So you really have only to make those around you better off for your company and good deeds to live a good life. Not complicated, and no special hard deeds to accomplish.

      1. Jack I have snap shotted ( is that a word ?) your reply to Joy as it has helped settle me down (high anx fear of death) …I love your contribution here as does so many other .just wanted to let you know 😘

        1. Thank you Louise (glad you were able to read thru my many typos). Live life to its fullest, but when death comes you will find yourself back in Heaven living in God’s glow again.

          1. Thank you, dear beautiful Jack, for being the fount of genuine wisdom for us all that you are!

        2. Oh my dear Louise, what Jack said just above is one of the most beautiful summaries of the truth that I have ever seen! There is a press release of sorts going out tomorrow for SRO, the first of four in fact over the next few months, and I have had so much trouble helping these sophisticated NYC types really understand the simple, basic truth that our Jack has outlined there for us. Our culture is so completely benighted! It’s unbelievable. No wonder, my dear Louise, that you are afraid of death, when it is nothing more than a simple change of scenery. Our Jack is right, and he says it all so beautifully!

      2. Hi Jack,
        Thank you for your thoughtful and long reply (I love 💛 long replies)
        I believe you’re right about the social and medical constructs of ADHD. In some ways I have come to believe lately that it really is such a vibrant gift from the universe to feel so deeply and be so stimulated by the world around us, being able to hyperfocus and bring so much awareness and attention to some very important things, and to also be able to experience so many things in life, a well roundedness. What you said about the material world being designed to be as hard as we see it to further our spiritual development was so resonant and so wise. That is a hard lesson for so many, but a glistening treasure to those who may come to realize it. Wow. Thanks for your reply. It was encouraging to me. ✨️

  15. Dear Joy, you are of course welcome. You may appreciate how life is an adventure, often difficult, but the very experience of difficulty is essential for providing opportunites for spititual growth. However difficult life gets, your faith that Heaven awaits your return, just as Roberta has passed along, will carry you thru. Hardships provide the best opportunties for creating lessons to be learned.

    As a teen, it had occurred to me that so much of my time was spent in boring, routine activities, and then–bang– some crisis would happen, and it was dealing with each crisis that was especially important. But now in old age, I’ve also realized that those stretches of routine time provide great opprtunities to work the Golden Rule.

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