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Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 04, 2023 • 44 Comments
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When morning gilds the skies My heart awaking cries:
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
Alike at work and prayer, To Jesus I repair:
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
Does sadness fill my mind? A solace here I find,
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
Or fades my earthly bliss? My comfort still is this,
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
To God, the Word, on high, The host of angels cry,
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
Let mortals, too, upraise Their voice in shouts of praise,|
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
– Katholisches Gesangbuch (1774-1855), from “When Morning Gilds the Skies” (trans. 1868)

Jesus’s website went live on Monday morning. When He first asked us to create a website for Him last April, He was quite specific. He wanted a website precisely as His website would have been if He had had a website in the year 30 CE. He wanted it to feature His teachings, and He thought it would be a good idea for it to go live nine months after went live. So that would put it in March of this year. I can claim no credit for, but I love it as its doting aunt. All week long I have been wandering around and clicking the links and reading what I channeled with Thomas, and contemplating a few things that I thought were so radical when I first finally understood them that I worried that they could not be right, even given the fact that Jesus had said them. After all, He has been away from the earth for so long! But even radical ideas will wear in over time.

I thought at first that we would never come up with enough material to populate a whole website. Even when we consider all four Biblical Gospels, Jesus’s teachings are simple and basic, and they are not all that extensive. And His instructions were so specific! I mean, a website back then? And if you are asked to do something for Jesus, it isn’t just that it needs to be perfect. It needs to be so flat-out extraordinary that it has to rock the planets in their orbits. I had so much performance anxiety that I was paralyzed and unable to do anything, and meanwhile the whole summer passed while Craig assembled his team and politely waited. And Jesus, for His part, was amused by the prospect of having His own website on earth, which made my anxiety even worse.   I recall that at one point around September, Thomas conceived the idea of Jesus doing a live question-and-answer thing with me on His website. I was already feeling overwhelming pressure. Jesus’s website had not yet been started, designed, nor even envisioned, and March was only six months away. And Thomas wanted to prove to me that his question-and-answer idea could work.

He was at me about asking Jesus a question. “Go ahead! Ask Him! Ask Him anything!”

So I did. I said in my mind, “Jesus, is there a hell?”

I heard clearly in my mind in Jesus’s distinctive voice, “There is no hell. There is only love and light.”

And that was my final straw. I told Thomas emphatically that I would not do a question-and-answer thing with Jesus. Not in a million years. And I somewhat wrecked our relationship for months.

Of course, Jesus understood how freaked-out I was. I have since apologized to Him and offered to do it if He wants to do it, but I doubt that He will want to do it now. However, for Thomas it was a personal betrayal, and the wound may take more time to heal. I cannot imagine that Jesus and I would have been taken seriously, anyway. Roberta Grimes, not even a medium, is suddenly able to channel Jesus? But my strong reaction may have mildly shocked Jesus. He probably has no memory after two thousand years of how people on earth are likely to react in complex interpersonal situations. And, come to think of it, I believe it was right after this experience that Jesus started calling me “Little One.”

Ours is a working relationship, really, like any other working relationship. I would never be in this wonderful position of getting to sort of hang out with and be of personal service to Jesus the Risen Christ if my primary spirit guide were not His very longstanding close friend. I had no right to refuse Jesus anything. I did, however, have the right to tell my spirit guide that I thought his idea was unworkable. And feeling as unbearably stressed as I was feeling back then, with the website not even started and with everything hanging on me, something had to give. I have apologized to Thomas, too, and repeatedly, and again just now. I am pretty sure that He understands. But even though his astral body looks like just some gorgeous young man, he is in fact an extremely venerable Being who should himself long since have ascended; and he would have done so, were it not for his eternal devotion to Jesus. And my Thomas does not suffer fools. In fact, I am working with the two most venerable non-ascended Beings in all the realities. But I try very hard never to think about that.

Not all husbands and wives are actual marital partners. Almost from the day that we met fifteen years ago, Craig Hogan and I have worked together in a perfect dance, with each of us strong where the other is not. In truth, Craig gets me better than my actual husband gets me, and even better than I get me; and so eventually he pried out of me what the contents of needed to be. He kick-started Thomas and me into channeling all the contents for the website, and he prodded us into thinking about the design. When I first saw the result, I hated it for a full thirty seconds because I was sure that nothing could be good enough for Jesus; but then of course I began to love it. How could I not love it? If computers had existed in    30 CE, then Jesus would have had precisely this website. Jesus is happy with it too, because Craig also gets Jesus better than I get Him, since he is not in love with Him. But I literally could not do this work without Craig. He is a genius at all the nitty-gritty details.

Giving you a tour of the website isn’t even necessary, because a website would have been simple and straightforward in the year 30 CE.          I should have realized that when I was feeling so paralyzed with performance anxiety. You’ve got Jesus’s adorable astral face at the top, and His teachings, and then with that comes a list of what didn’t come from Jesus in Christianity, which is all of it; and then also some amazing things about Jesus pointed out. And that is the entire website. Traveling back to before the time of Constantine is amazingly freeing! Before Constantine, there are no fear-based ideas around Jesus to mess us up at all. Back before Constantine, there really is only love. And while that will take a little getting used to for people who have been judgmental and moralistic religion-based Christians, it really does feel like a whole new world.  

Let us take for example the new movie just out, called Jesus Revolution. Apparently it is a box office hit and a wonderful movie; but at the same time, the true-story Jesus figure at the center of that movie was a tormented homosexual who later died of AIDS, and the true-story Christians around him would not accept his sexual identity. In fact, I had long wondered whether Jesus Himself might have been a homosexual, and whether that might have been the reason why He never married, and why John was “the disciple that Jesus loved.” And horrifyingly, Jesus was able to read this unspoken question in my mind when I first met Him personally on April 6th of last year, and it mildly shocked Him. Not, I think, because of the homosexuality angle, but because I was even thinking such a personal question. He came right out and told me that John had been His younger brother in the same ancient lifetime in which my Thomas had been His older brother. I have later learned that it is likely that in His Jesus lifetime Jesus was a slave until He was thirty, which was probably the reason why He didn’t marry, since perhaps by custom slaves didn’t marry; and then once He was emancipated by law at the age of thirty He was right away into His mission for God, so He had no time for marriage. But there clearly are hints in the Gospels, so I am surprised that no scholars have ever publicly suspected that Jesus might have been a homosexual.

Now let’s talk about this sexual-identity issue for a moment, from the pre-Constantine’s-Christianity angle. Would Jesus now judge homosexual behavior to be wrong? Well, from now on what used to be ten Commandments are boiled down to just Jesus’s two Commandments. Jesus said, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the great and foremost commandment.  The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets” (MT 22:37-40). So the answer directly from Jesus seems clearly to be that no loving sexual behavior can be wrong. And what is more, Jesus said, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned” (LK 6:37). Oops! So now it looks as if all those judgmental Christians who used to enjoy applying Old Testament rules to homosexual behavior will have to be silent forevermore in this new post-Constantine’s-Christianity world. In Future Church, homosexual love is normal love, because it is only love that matters.

So to answer those who have been wondering how the new Christianity can be so different, here is one answer. Rather than debating the finer points of scripture or doctrine, we will have only to debate the finer points of love. And, well, I suppose that because of venereal diseases and such issues there are arguments to be made that free love is problematic, and that children do best in monogamous families. By all means, let us make those arguments! But the only applicable standard now is the perfect love that Jesus taught. And if there ever are disagreements about something, in the end we simply will agree to disagree. We won’t ever splinter into sects of this vibrant new Christianity. We are now and forever all one loving family, with now and forever one single rule of love by which we judge all things; and those who might win arguments over this or that application of love will sit side by side in church with those who lose those particular arguments. Do you see how this works? God’s love includes everyone, and love is the only rule that matters. We are together helping one another to learn to ever more perfectly apply God’s perfect rule of love.

So now let us venture to look ahead perhaps fifty years or so. It is the year 2073, and Future Church has spread nationwide in the United States, and to hundreds of cities worldwide. It is online and also in what were once empty church buildings, but mostly it lives in individual homes and it meets at whatever times you might like. There is a booklet available at the door of every public Future Church that lists the meetings that are open to the public, by state and by city and country. Of course, by now “Future Church” seems like a stupid name for this spiritual movement, even if the name did originate with Jesus. A proposal is circulating to change the name, but Future Church is still loosely run by the family of one of its founders. And even though the family has always been willing to change the name, to give up control, and to do whatever else the millions of its members might like, there seems by now to be a kind of superstition that to change anything at all might damage this wonderful, peaceful feeling of love and joy that pervades this whole worldwide community. Well, speaking as one of its founders and a voice from the distant past, just let me say that Jesus expects you to come up with a better name! He called it Future Church back in 2023 just so we would have a way to talk about this future Christianity that is free from both fear and silly human divisions. But after fifty years, for heaven’s sake, Jesus wants you to come up with a better name! Why don’t you call it something like “Jesus’s Way” Or “God’s Garden,” or something like that? Just use your imaginations!

And finally, for those who are still shaky about whether or not you really believe in reincarnation, here is an eight-year-old child conducting a symphony orchestra. My husband and I are classical music geeks, and for years we had season tickets to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, until it got too experimental. So I have attended more than my share of concerts. And to see this little child performing like an expert conductor, well, if I had not believed in reincarnation before, I would for certain believe in it now. Every time I watch this kid’s video, he makes me giggle. If you are not into classical music, you may not realize how difficult this is, but it is literally something like playing all those different kinds of instruments at once. And he has memorized all the instrumental parts, so he doesn’t even need sheet music! 

When sleep her rest denies, My silent spirit sighs,
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
When evil thoughts molest, With this I shield my breast,
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
In Heav’n’s eternal bliss The loveliest strain is this,
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
The powers of darkness fear When this sweet chant they hear:
Let Jesus Christ be praised!
Sing, suns and stars of space, Sing, ye that see His face,
Sing, Jesus Christ be praised!
God’s whole creation o’er, For now and evermore
Shall Jesus Christ be praised!
– Katholisches Gesangbuch (1774-1855), from “When Morning Gilds the Skies” (trans. 1868)


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44 thoughts on “Jesus’s Website

    1. Ah yes, my dear Erica. I stressed so much about getting this as right as it could be! But we all are pretty contented with it, and Jesus especially included. What a relief!

  1. Dearest Roberta,

    This really grabbed my attention: Especially the closing sentence,

    Your logic is impeccable that religion makes spiritual advancement impossible. Well, of course.

    I passed the URL to my unchurched son-in-law to see how intelligible Jesus’s website is to him. I will let you know.


    1. I will be curious too, my dear Cookie! I think that for most people, Jesus=Religion, and that fact really irritates Jesus, but it is so hard for most people to break the connection!

    1. Thank you Fran and Roberta.

      I have a hard time letting go of an idea until I work it out. This one popped in my head and it wasn’t going to leave until I at least made a rough draft of it.

  2. Congratulations Roberta, you did it or should I say, Jesus, yourself and the inspiration from your friend Craig all did it !

    I just started reading it and can’t wait to continue! Thanks for this gift.

    1. My dear David, it is deliberately plain, as things were back then. I had a little trouble at first getting used to Craig’s left-justifying everything, but then it was fine. It needed to be plain and feel quaint. I get that now.

  3. Dear Roberta,
    I visited Teachings by Jesus last week, and dove into all the sections (my husband teases me about being a “nosebox” and sings the tea pot melody!) and find it very simple, to-the-point, and easy to navigate. I am very curious as to what Cookie’s son-in-law will think. Part of me wonders if one of his responses will be “well of course it’s the truth, and why did any of the stupid rituals and laws have to be created around it?”
    Here are some thoughts I had from reading today’s blog:
    1) Thank you for pushing through, even though you had your moments of doubt and worry. Even though some of us have experienced channeling, we still don’t know what each other goes through, only an inkling. Someone might think, “well, it’s from Jesus, get a move on, Roberta!” but they don’t know your history, nor do they have the full experience you have had in meeting Him.
    2) I am cautiously optimistic about the “Jesus Movements and movies”, only because I have grown suspicious of any “smell” of organized religion around them. In reading your work and others who bravely have published their channelings/learnings, and from my own guidance, Divine guidance tends to NOT attach itself to any doctrine or “faith”.
    3)Your mention of Jesus’ sexual orientation is one of many questions so many of us have had. Constantine’s church, of course, stuffed Him into their mythology scheme, which if one is willing to just look at ancient religions over the eons, is a typical pattern of a “special being” sent to battle it out with the bad guys, die and resurrect. Becoming familiar with old “pagan” ceremonies will remove some veils. Just watch a Catholic Mass-the vestments, the altar, the idea of sacrifice, the incense, water, etc. symbol upon symbol. But what so many desire is to KNOW Jesus. We want to KNOW He is “like us”. And He was and is, and yet, we get bogged down in the details. It’s interesting for sure-to consider he might have been a slave, or traveled the world, or had a secret marriage, or belonged to a weird Jewish sect (all “details” in theory that have been proposed over the years), but should any of that matter if we say we love Him and want to follow Him? The publishing of only His words, what we have of them, should be enough, right?
    4) Why does it seem we love to get so complicated about stuff, especially the good stuff? LOL. Is that human nature? I think of books I’ve read over the years, about “awakening” and “connecting”, and so often, there are, once again, rituals and practices, which only lead to more searching. Hopefully, we’ve all had “enough”, and will embrace the pure simplicity. It’s kind of like the funny story of God telling the angels He’ll hide in our hearts because we’ll never think to look THERE! LOL! So true!
    5) Damage, Healers, Counselors. By now, it’s evident that many have been waylaid and hurt by the damage of wrong thinking and teaching of religion. The Master’s movement on the real side, I hope and believe, has quite an array of helpers. But, as humans, the need for tangible help, in touch, conversation, and palpable healing will be necessary. I think back to a “prophecy” of an old Indian woman in a book I was reading, in the early 90’s,and this prophecy spoke of times coming in which “beliefs” were going to be dismantled by Truth, and that some souls could possibly be so traumatized, that they’d just fall over, and die. Those souls would then need help and healing. I’ve since read other material with the same concepts. The new site and your home site to help people with the whole death concept are forms of healing, but I’d like to know if there might be human counselors and healers, aside from mediums that will arise. I’ve had a couple dreams about this over the years; dreams that were VERY REAL, aka “visitations”.
    Other than the two sites, do you have any sense of a miraculous blossoming of this? (After seeing a mention from a friend of a supposed proposed law in one of our southern states to employ the death penalty for abortion-and I don’t know if that news story is true-it seems to me that there will need to be a huge influx of reality energy so prevent further destruction and chaos and trauma.)
    Sorry for the long post, everyone. This “movement” is something I’ve dreamed of (literally), had visions of, and felt inside for a long time(since the 80’s) and have been “chomping at the bit”, like many others.
    Be blessed with a heart opening, joyful week ahead!!!
    <3, Fran

    1. Oh my dear Fran, what a lovely, long comment – it’s almost a blog post on its own!

      What Thomas tells me is that Jesus never traveled in the east, that our slavery guess is close enough to right that we can go with it (indenture is closer to right), and that He didn’t marry during that lifetime.

      For my part, I always assume that what I am writing is being channeled if it flows easily, and Thomas tells me that assumption is right. If it’s nonfiction, it is from him, and we work so well together that when I write he seems to be almost a part of my mind. But I also have a fiction channeling partner named Marvina who has been with me since the seventies. I have long since taken all her books out of print, but they all are nagging me to finish her last book and put the whole series back in print, so since that is what they all seem to want – even Thomas – I guess we’ll do it later this year.

  4. The new website is awesome!

    I just read it and it was simple enough that I could even understand. haha

    I was wondering if anyone has been able to heal people like Jesus did? He talked about having faith in order to do so. Was faith in regards to consciousness?

    There was a gentleman that swore by affirmations. Whenever he wanted to achieve something he would write affirmations as if it had already happened. He did so everyday and it worked for him every time. I’ve been wondering if this was something similar to what Jesus was easily doing.

    1. My dear Thomas, all Jesus’s healing was done by using the power of the mind of the person being healed as well as His own mind combined, and yes, He was talking about consciousness – it amounted to the same thing. Affirmations also amount to the same thing. I never realized that this was what Jesus was doing until perhaps ten years ago, and when I got it, I slapped my head. Of course! He understood and used consciousness two thousand years ago! Imagine that!!

  5. Love love love your courage to share your messages! We so very much need this new version of Jesus! Thank you 😊

    1. Thank you, my dear Sandra! I don’t think of this as courage, but I’m happy that’s the way that it looks to you, my dear! And oh my goodness, yes indeed, the world needs Jesus now even more than it ever did before!

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Mike, and so have we! It has been a real labor of love for Craig and me, and for Thomas and Jesus, and we all are delighted to give it to you 🙂

  6. Feel so special and privileged to be a part of the “Future Church” spiritual evolution/revolution with you!
    Thank you ( plural, you and Company) for all your divine work that will finally change the course of humanity, spirituality and our relationship and understanding of the heavenly, loving afterlife that awaits all of us!
    Eternal Love & Peace to all…Christi Pitliangas

    1. Oh my dear lovely Christi, from your mouth to God’s ears, as they say! Thank you for your beautiful and kindly words!

  7. Dearest Roberta,
    Congratulations from the depths of my heart. I thank Jesus Himself for being here for us human beings when we need Him so desperately. 🙏🏼 I thank Thomas, your good self and Craig Hogan for your work and dedication in bringing this unique website to fruition.

    You know, I am really enjoying being immersed in the Teachings of the Master, as the disciples and early Christians (pre-Nicaea) were enveloped by them. I’ve long loved the idea of being like an early Christian, a Nazarene, in the simple clarity of Jesus’ Way, before everything became overlaid with guilt and fear dogma.

    Even the symbols of the Way were gentle and loving then like the lamb, baby goat and the grape vine. Nature, people and God were as one, underpinned by Love.

    Now we have the delight of beginning again from those first Christians and walking into the future with Jesus. It is as if the first Christians are our own immediate forebears and hence, close family.

    With gratitude and love,
    Efrem ❣️🕊🍇🌿

    1. My sweet Efrem, it is part of the genius of Jesus and Craig in doing that website that it even feels first-century, doesn’t it? I think it’s the colors. I thought there should be videos, and I think we will be adding them, but they didn’t have videos back then.

  8. I was not going to post on the blog, but, I feel I owe it to Roberta and Jesus, to say I have seen the site and I feel it is really good!

    I hope many who have been harmed by the church as I was and developed a religious OCD where I taught perfectionist are comforted to know the truth!

    I guess, I will try to be less perfect, and not be so hard on myself and try the best I can.

    I do really love the picture of Jesus the image alone shows LOVE and LIGHT!

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Litsa, you are so perfectly yourself and loved just as you are! And yes, I love that picture of Jesus, too – what it captures of Him is His love, I think – when He looks at you, there really is no one else in existence but you. My darling, simply bask in the Lord’s perfect love and peace. You are unique, and uniquely loved, in all the greater reality!

  9. Under ‘Jesus’s Core Teachings ‘, l thought it be neat to
    create a small square divided into 10 smaller squares
    beginning with Jesus’s Core Teachings in the 1st block ,and
    then-Love, Forgiveness,God,
    Sin, Outer Darkness, Mind Power
    Kingdom of God,Jesus loves us all, Build on a Rock
    An Overview!

    1. Oh my dear, they still won’t tell me how many Core Teachings there even are! Build on a Rock was only just added, and I believe it may not be the last one. I think, too, that Jesus wants to keep it fluid, and wants people to add their own thoughts – I think He would be happy even if people disagreed with some of these ideas and wanted to discuss them, believe it or not; I think He hated the way the religion tried to close people’s minds, made them memorize things and never question anything.

  10. I think Jesus is much more friendly and approachable than what we were taught in Catholic schools etc, and it is such a relief! This will bring more people to him rather than the old scary approach that Christianity offered

    1. Hi Lola,

      I appreciated that Jesus seemed to lose patience with people. Makes him a lot more relatable.

      Jesus comes here to help us, only to find resistance. I don’t know why, but I laughed a little. We humans tend to think we are much more smarter than we really are.

      1. That is so true, my lovely Thomas! But Jesus has changed and grown since He lived on earth, I think. He seems to be mellower now, more patient, and even more loving, if that is possible.

    2. Oh yes, my dear Lola, Jesus is astonishingly relatable. He genuinely loves people, as individuals, to an amazing degree, and to be in His presence is an unforgettable experience.

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