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Posted by Roberta Grimes • February 11, 2023 • 28 Comments

“Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse,
And a Branch from his roots will bear fruit.
The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him,
The spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The spirit of counsel and strength,
The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.
And He will delight in the fear of the Lord,
And He will not judge by what His eyes see,
Nor make decisions by what His ears hear;
But with righteousness He will judge the poor,
And decide with fairness for the humble of the earth;
And He will strike the earth with the rod of His mouth,
And with the breath of His lips He will slay the wicked.
Also righteousness will be the belt around His hips,
And faithfulness the belt around His waist.
And the wolf will dwell with the lamb,
And the leopard will lie down with the young goat,
And the calf and the young lion

and the fattened steer will be together;

And a little boy will lead them
(Isa 11:1-6).
– The Prophet Isaiah (740-701 BC)

There are a number of passages in the Old Testament that look to be prophecies of the coming of Jesus, and my favorite is this one, from the Book of Isaiah, that is our frame-verse for today. Please only note that the word “fear” here would mean something more like “reverence and extreme respect.” Jesus answers Isaiah’s prophesy so well! It is as if the great Prophet saw clearly not just who Jesus was going to be when He taught on earth seven hundred years later, but also who He would grow to become two thousand years after His earthly death and resurrection, which would then be even some twenty-seven hundred years after Isaiah spoke these words. And it is only this week that it first occurs to me that you and I might be living not at the end of Isaiah’s prophetic vision, but rather more toward the middle of it. So Isaiah might have been foreseeing some very much more idyllic day that lies yet even much farther along in our joyous shared earthly walk with Jesus.

One of the fruits of living a semi-public life is that I have many friends now that I never have met. I hear from you randomly, and I enjoy knowing you, and sometimes you send me wonderful gifts that can assist us all in our long shared walk. Several days ago one such friend sent me a gift that Jesus could not have given to us now in any other way. It was a few pages from a twenty-year-old book detailing a double-blind remote-viewing visit that was made to Jesus in the nineteen eighties. Omigod, I didn’t even know that remote-viewing in the astral plane is possible! But clearly it is, because the Jesus that I have been visiting and working with since April of last year is amazingly the very same Jesus who was militarily remote-viewed by this author in a double-blind experiment. And that viewer was rather freaked-out by his experience with Jesus. I also am somewhat freaked-out now as well. Truth to tell, I think that until this happened there has been a sense of plausible deniability to this whole project for me. I even have fondly taken to irreverently referring to Thomas and Jesus as “the Boys.” But this remote-viewer was getting a fix on his subject, and his subject turned and looked right at him, and the remote-viewer realized that his subject knew he was there. Which was impossible, because remote-viewing simply involves fixing on a distant target with your mind. And when reality hit this man, that was when it hit me as well.

I am going to share this with you, because you might need this validation as much as I have been needing it. It is important to be able to validate deeply amazing things, and it is frankly close to unbelievable that someone at Jesus’s level of spiritual development has chosen to remain at an accessible level of the astral plane. So in a case like His, some validation long has been needed. Which makes it feel especially wonderful that now you and I can find this validation in a book that is still in print with a 2003 publication date (It is called The Seventh Sense, by Lyn Buchanan). Very little is being done by the military with mental energies at this point, but back in the eighties and nineties there were a number of similar mental studies being conducted. And afterlife researchers consider it to be extremely important to confirm every bit of afterlife evidence with a second source if that is at all possible. So it is more delightful than I ever can tell you to be so unexpectedly given this second source as confirmation for all my astral  meetings with Jesus!

And from Jesus’s perspective, we might just note here that He is working at a considerable disadvantage. This is even despite the fact that Jesus’s mind is so immensely powerful that He could create havoc on the earth with His extraordinary mental powers alone. Would you like to see Armageddon, perhaps? Jesus could give you Armageddon any day of the week that He chose to do it. His mind is that powerful. But wreaking havoc on the earth is not what Jesus is all about at this point in His eternal life, and for the work that He actually wants to do, being disembodied is in some ways a disadvantage. My Thomas will on occasion mutter to me when his own lack of a material body gets in the way of something that he wants me to do, “You are the one with the hands.” But fortunately, Jesus can use His powerful mind to influence people to spend millions of dollars publicizing His name in non-religious ways as part of His plan to now reclaim His independent name and image. And Jesus knows that I have come to take His presence in my life far too much for granted. I have begun to think of Him as my personal familiar, perhaps something like another Thomas, so He influenced my friend to buy that book, and then to send me those pages that have rocked my world. I think He meant it as a bit of a corrective. And He knows by what I am saying here that it was a startling one, true, but still a welcome one!

Let us first set this scene for you. Remote-viewers fix their minds on a distant place and try to see it clearly, and then they will draw it. Some people become quite good at doing this. Craig Hogan is very good at remote-viewing. And decades ago, the military was experimenting with remote-viewing rather extensively, with an eye toward perhaps using it in wartime. In this case, they were also experimenting with focusing on remotely connecting with the minds of distant criminals. Drug lords and such. They could not have found Jesus if He had been where someone with His level of spiritual development should have been by then, at the Godhead level or actually above it. But where Jesus still is, at the entrance level of the astral plane and focused on maintaining His status as a fully differentiated human being, He was mentally accessible to this remote-viewer, just as that level is accessible to us when we are astral-traveling at night. And this author, who was then working for the military, had at that point in his career become so disgusted with reading the minds of despicable criminals that he asked, perhaps in semi-jest, for a mental palate-cleanser of some sort. Might he please read the mind of Mother Teresa, perhaps? Someone like that, for heaven’s sake?

A week later, he got his wish. They called it a “personality profile.” They wanted him to “lightly access” an unspecified target individual while he was sitting in a room on a military base. As the experiment began, he felt a light tingling in His face and hands, as of a slight sunburn with cool air passing over it, and he also began to feel as if he was glowing inside. He says, “The target person was one of the nicest people I had ever met. I really liked him. He was impressive. I could not find a single thing about him that I did not like. I became so intrigued that before I realized it was happening, the PSI experience began setting in.

“I found myself standing beside the man; he faced in one direction, and I faced in the other. I would have been shoulder to shoulder with him, had I not been a few inches taller than he. I looked over at him and saw the side of his face. He did not seem to take notice of my presence. I started to put my hand on his shoulder, to get him to think something, so I could gain better mental access. As my hand touched him, I felt a sudden rush of the most peaceful energetic power I have ever known. He continued to face forward, not taking notice of me, which is normal for the PSI experience. Since you are only accessing what your own subconscious knows about the site, the reality is virtual. No one at the target site ever knows you are there, simply because you are not.

 “As I tried again to gain better contact, I felt something I remember vividly to this day, but which I will never be able to adequately describe to anyone. He turned to look my way, gave a very slight smile, and then turned away again. He knew I was there. But, how?

“I tried to remove my hand from his shoulder, but the feeling that filled my entire being continued flowing. I remained standing there beside him, my hand on his shoulder, soaking up the most wonderful energy I had ever known. And I knew that he did not mind my doing so.

“When the flow seemed to stop, I still stood there, but I was now aware of myself more than of him. I sensed the presence of this powerful and perfect person, and was aware of the contrasts between him and myself. He turned to me again, gave the same slight smile, and I realized that he had just done a personality profile on me, as well. Even more, he had caused me to do a personality profile on myself, a totally honest and accurate one.”

 When this double-blind experiment was over, the envelope containing the identity of the target was opened. It contained a sheet of typewriter paper with a single word typed in the middle of it:


Oh, where to begin? Putting aside the fact that Jesus tells me that He remembers this man and this experience, the remote-viewer’s report also precisely jibes with the Jesus that I know. Jesus chooses to present in an astral body that is shorter than the average man’s body, and His overwhelmingly powerful but gorgeously silken personal energy is the most extraordinary thing about Him.

And I know His little half-smile so well! Jesus smiles that way often, as if you and He are sharing some marvelous secret. Yes indeed, some forty years ago this author met our beautiful friend, Jesus, the Son of the Living God. He met the same Jesus that I first met on April 6, 2022. The Jesus that I have been working with for most of this past year. Now Jesus wants us all to have this independently-published validation.

The first time I read that book excerpt, my skin pricked and my mouth went dry. I don’t think that I really deeply understood until then that my own Jesus is in fact the Jesus. And I love my Jesus in such a fond and doting way. In such a personal way. I am having trouble letting go of that, and giving Him back to the world, which owns Him. I fully realize how stupid that sounds. But my spirit guide’s personal love for Jesus which spans the past six thousand years seems to have rubbed off on me. Jesus is so universally adored! And yet in the most profound sense, He is not really loved. He is worshiped. There is no one more truly alone than is Jesus. I have so much enjoyed working with Him on Just being needed by Him in that little way, even though I admit that some of His Core Teachings have shocked me. “You don’t really mean that, do You?” Then He would give me His little half-smile.

Oh how I love His smile! We have agreed on hair for the website model which is halfway between the hair that He wears normally and the church-Jesus hair that He adopts for welcoming all those Christians home. He seems not to care, since His entire focus now is on beginning all over again right from the start His original movement that Constantine long ago interrupted, so He can at last bring the kingdom of God on earth. Hair is the last thing on His mind. He sees me write this, and again there is that sweet half-smile.

 “Also the cow and the bear will graze,
Their young will lie down together,
And the lion will eat straw like the ox.
 The nursing child will play by the hole of the cobra,
And the weaned child will put his hand on the viper’s den.
They will not hurt or destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea” (Isa 11:7-9).
– The Prophet Isaiah (740-701 BC)

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28 thoughts on “Jesus Confirmed

  1. Dearest Roberta,

    Thank you so much for the mention of the book “Seventh Sense” and the link to Amazon. As soon as I finished your blog and went back to the link clicked it and ordered it.
    Like many, I had assumed that my belief in Jesus and His mission had maxed out so that I did not need any more evidence, but I was wrong about that.
    I should say that some time ago, I obtained Richard Martini’s documentary of Dr. Michael Newton’s career after he focussed on “Life after Life. The video had several past life regressions, including one by a young woman who was just a few feet away from Jesus as he was about to be crucified. She was asked by Dr. Newton what Jesus looked like, and she described his complexion and hair, I think. I gave the video away, so I’m not sure I am 100% accurate on this, but I think I’m close. That would be yet another check on His characteristics. I believe many of us would welcome this.



    1. Oh my dear Cookie, I quoted that whole section above so you wouldn’t need to buy the book, but since you have bought it, you should know that these these three pages begin on page 152. The whole book does look to be interesting, however!

      As to Jesus’s appearance, although He probably has chosen to look as He looked when He was last on earth, the appearance of our astral bodies is really up to us, so His present appearance might not be precisely what His appearance was then. Although I have wondered about that, too!

      1. Thank you, Dearest Roberta.

        And, I bought the book principally for others. My secondary evidence is the Flip-Flop video, but thank you for pointing out the pages to highlight so my “targets” don’t have to skim through the whole book.



        1. Actually, I almost didn’t write about this, although really, this evidence is so flat-out extraordinary. I worried that it might prompt others to try to astral-travel and go looking for Him. But Jesus assured me that He cannot be found by anyone in the astral unless He chooses to be found, and He told me that He wanted me to share this evidence with all of you now. So I did!

      2. He looks unnervingly like my 3rd son, which upon reflection makes perfect sense, as we are, after all, being too of the line of Jesse, cousins! My son is a particularly gentle and sensitive fellow, about 5′ 8″.

        1. Hello my dear! And that might be about Jesus’s height, too. It surprises me, since my Thomas presents in the astral as considerably taller, but really, people there can choose to look however we like!

  2. Dear Roberta,

    As you are well aware, PSI, or paranormal phenonomena, are excluded from “hard” science just as is the idea of consciousness being an immaterial phenomena that need not rely on a normal live brain to operate. There is an excellent text by a statistician, prof Jessica Uttes, who extensively reviewed two decades of government sponsored PSI research to estimate if it demonstrated empirical support as real.
    I’ve copied below the first two paragraphs of her Abstract:

    Research on psychic functioning, conducted over a two decade period, is examined to determine whether or not the phenomenon has been scientifically established. A secondary question is whether or not it is useful for government purposes. The primary work examined
    in this report was government sponsored research conducted at Stanford Research Institute, later known as SRI International, and at Science Applications International Corporation, known as SAIC.

    Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance. Arguments that these results could be due to methodological flaws in the experiments are soundly refuted. Effects of similar magnitude to
    those found in government-sponsored research at SRI and SAIC have been replicated at a number of laboratories across the world. Such consistency cannot be readily explained by claims of flaws or fraud.

    There were in fact some amazing hits by remote viewing. Here is a news report on one of these:

    By Jack Anderson; Jan Moller December 30, 1996

    An important U.S. Army general was kidnapped in Italy by the Red Brigades terrorists. The U.S. government pulled out all the stops, shook up every intelligence source and scanned every photo, but had no luck locating the general.

    The government turned to the ghost-finders — an ultra-secret psychic unit run by the Army under the code name “Project Grill Flame.” Three psychics turned their “remote viewing” vision to find Brig. Gen. James Dozier, being held by the brutal terrorists, in late 1981.

    One remote viewer, Joe McMoneagle, was particularly successful. He zeroed in on the room where Dozier was held, chained to a wall heater. He described it, but couldn’t get the house number. Yet he did get the location, the Italian city of Padua.

    The information was slowly sent up the chain of command, and finally arrived on the right desk. But it didn’t arrive until a day after Dozier was released — in Padua — in early 1982.

    Internal government politics led to termination of the program. One of the senior scientists in it was reeassigned the the Army Training Systems R&D Lab that I directed. One day he casually mentioned reincarnation to me, and I thought that here was a symptom of irrational thinking. I was at the time an unthinking materialist. After a few months in my Lab, I realized he was not soft minded. Years later, I became acquainted with the solid reincarnation research by prof Ian Stevenson, and also Carol Bowman.

    Materialsm is a lost cause.

    1. Oh my dear Jack, thank you for this! Wonderful!! But doesn’t it all make you want to pull your own hair out in frustration at the massive, Luddite stupidity of these materialist fools?

  3. Dear Roberta,
    OMG. Where to start?! I just want to give you a big hug!!! I so understand your sincere love and desire to hold onto “your Jesus”, and yet that deep knowing He belongs to everyone. I don’t know “how” I understand, but in my heart, I feel so deeply that I do.
    Before I forget, I want to share with you that as I read the blog, and drank in the reality of so many people who have earnestly sought Him (and “found” Him!), I had the “thought”-“Second Coming”; not the Biblical Armageddon prophecy thingy, but even the idea of Him “coming on a cloud”-I thought, the “i-cloud”-internet, etc. Does this make any sense to any of you or am I a weirdo? I “see” His half smile, that sweet amusement.
    Do you think our “obsession” with “how He looked” has to do with our child like desperate need to feel/know He’s “one of us”? Because the church pounded into us His Divinity, that He became out of reach (unless we followed church doctrine and dogma) and all vestiges of His humanity were tucked away? I am having little gasps of tears well up within me as I type this. I strangely feel, “I miss Him so much”-don’t know why that comes up. For me, it has become important to understand that others aside from Thomas work with Him. Often, when I reach out whether in reading/study, I feel a large group presence. And I feel their comfort and smiles now.
    Your blog today is chock full of gifts of revelation. We are in “this” together, those seen and unseen. I think about all you’ve written-books and blogs, and all others, who, like you have been assigned as scribes, and I am reminded of a powerful message I was given to pass onto one of those other scribes, that these works are the “new scriptures”. Your work is just as holy as Isaiah’s or John’s or Jame’s. It’s true! And from what we “know” of you, I know you always give your best and most sincere efforts. And Roberta….HE knows it too! Much love to you. Fran

    1. Oh my very dear Fran, I have little doubt now that Jesus is busily engineering His Second Coming, and doing it through a great many people at once. I’m sure I am the least of them! He told me more about His planning last night because He wants me to blog about it for Sunday, and He was as excited as a schoolboy! Usually I get the next week’s blog post topic from Thomas, but this time it was Jesus, and He was practically giddy. Honestly, how can someone who is so old be so young??

  4. Dear Aunt Roberta…
    I will have to READ THIS BLOG…Several Times More…to get the Full Impact of Your CONFIRMATION that JESUS LIVES…even as an ASTRAL ENTITY…when He finds it Appropriate to Converse and Radiate His Presence…to Those Who Cherish and Love His Teachings…as You do. Thank You for Being that Divine Conduit. Many of Us Can Feel His Presence with You.
    Billy in Georgia

    1. Oh my dear Billy, you do make me giggle! Yes, Jesus LIVES, and He is as young and as alive as ever He was. Living as He does on the entrance level of the astral plane, He is as close to us as any neighbor could be.

  5. Oh Roberta,
    You know that you are Jesus’s favorite and so is everyone else!
    I knew right away what you were writing was true. I was
    sure because I didn’t like it. Oh no, it’s the Wheel of
    Fortune and I’ve got a lot more spinning to do!
    The thought of starting all over again as a baby—been there,done that!
    And then I thought, well, if we all go to Heaven, it’s going be
    a pretty crowded cocktail party!

    And I am not your casual friend–do you really think I ‘d say all this stuff to anyone? Love, Erica

    1. Ah my dear Erica, it is far less crowded there than it is here! And if only you fully understood how deeply cherished each one of us is individually, you would never stop grinning. We are each so deeply loved. You are uniquely precious. There is only one of you! I really don’t think that people reared in fear-based Christianity ever fully grasp the wonder of that.

  6. Dearest Roberta,
    What an amazing, validating weekly blog. Jesus’ energy signature, silken and powerful, in the above remote view anecdote, dovetails with your own experience of Our Lord. How affirming! And how timely is the finding thereof!

    It is so like Jesus to be present at the first, beautiful astral level just to receive us!
    Jesus is there for the love of all the tired, life-worn human beings who have their hearts set on Him.

    The portion of Isaiah quoted above happens to have been the favorite part of the OT for my parents and me, since I can remember. It is amazing what resonates in your blog for me and no doubt for each of us in this family.

    I feel that Jesus is showing us something of Himself and teaching us that he is personally accessible. Jesus is not so removed from each of us as religious conditioning would have us believe. There is nothing separating each of us from Him.
    Now is the time to truly see. 🙏🏼❣️🕊

    1. Oh my dear Efrem, Jesus is indeed very close to us now, and trying to make Himself ever more accessible to us. The saints and so many others who where His contemporaries have elected to all rise as far as their vibrations will allow them to go! And still, here Jesus remains, for His pure ardent love of humankind, still clinging ever closer to us.

  7. Dear Roberta,

    Thanks so much for sharing this information. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that this is the second time that Remote Viewing has come up for me in the past week. This is a great Second Witness for your inspirations this past year.

    Like I have mentioned before, you have helped me understand the role of Jesus in the Greater Reality (GR). As my investigation into the Afterlife/GR progressed over the past several years, I wasn’t sure where Jesus fit in. If all us spirits that are incarnating on Earth return to “Heaven,” and there is no sacrifice for sin and forgiveness that is needed, what did Jesus do?

    Well now, thanks to you (with your books and this blog) and other inspiration that I have personally received, I have a pretty good idea of His role. This insight is so fulfilling in me, that I can not help to begin documenting my life’s spiritual journey, a Hero’s Journey, for my loved ones and friends. It will not be a proselytizing tome, just my story. I pray that someone will benefit from it. I’m no spiritual giant, and I have had no “experience of the light,” but I have been a Seeker since my youth and God has been with me through many spiritual adventures and has carried me when my life became dark and messed up. I feel like my Dark Night of the Soul is finally lifting after many years and the Light of the Son is rising in me. Maybe this is my experience of the light! : )

    I don’t know if this is an end-of-life mission for me to complete this. I still feel a new mission to share the Way of Jesus by planting a seed with anyone who the Spirit shows me to approach.

    May the Infinite Creator bless the world and the Universe be friendly.

    David D.

    1. Oh my dear beloved David D., Jesus is and always was and always and forever will remain our Teacher. He is the greatest Teacher who ever lived, and the greatest lover of humankind who ever has lived in any of the universes, and in any reality. He is vibrating at this point even above the level of the Godhead, and yet for pure sacrificial love of humankind He still remains with us. I don’t understand Him. My spirit guide, Thomas, who has sacrificed His own ascension to stay with Him, claims not to really understand Him either, but Jesus loves humanity enough that He will remain with us and teach us until all of humanity has ascended. And that is the role of Jesus in the Greater Reality!

  8. Hello, please forgive me for the way this comment may sound because it is NOT meant to be disrespectful, mean or rude. All this talk about Jesus and everything being so glorious in the afterlife, well it really sounds very unbelievable and “too good to be true”. I mean, I HOPE it’s true, after all I have lost two very close loved ones in the past 2 years, and since we’re all headed in that direction, I hope what awaits us is even half as nice as how you describe it. But, I have a hard time believing that these experiences you have are not just in your head. For example I have very vivid dreams that seem real but I know they are just in my head. Again, my intent is not to insult, patronize or belittle. I just truly wonder how you know that what you are experiencing is not just something that you have created because you want it to be true – I mean, I want it to be true also! But looking around at this world and how truly terrible so many things about this life are, it’s hard to believe that after death everything is just hunky dory.
    With much love,

    1. Oh my dear Heather, you are absolutely right! All of this IS too good to be true! And thank you for coming right out here and saying so – I know how hard it must have been for you to do that. Thank you!

      My sweet friend, I am the biggest skeptic you can imagine, which is why I had to spend so many decades studying the afterlife. I couldn’t just read some wonderful thing a single time. Or twice, from different sources. I had to find it said over and over and over again! It took me two years of obsessive reading of what I now realize is the gold standard of afterlife evidence – all those communications received through deep-trance mediums in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in southern England and the Eastern US – before I shrugged and I finally had to admit that there even is an afterlife. And to this day, I still won’t accept the best details of it without strong independent verification. But, yup, you and I are stuck with having to admit that the far-too-impossibly-wonderful universal afterlife is nevertheless absolutely real. I’ll see you there, my dear, and I’ll give you there the biggest hug!

      And then there is Jesus. The reason I have made such a fuss this week is that after I have spent the past nine months working with the most extraordinary Being, visiting with Him in the astral, talking with Him, basking in His amazing personal energies and in the privilege of coming to know Him well, and still finding this whole experience with Him to be frankly unbelievable, He finally prompted a lovely friend to send me proof that, yes indeed, He is precisely who He claims to be. I feel like a fool for having craved that proof, and Jesus knows that. We three had a good long meeting on Monday night about the website, and He and Thomas teased me about it, but He knew that I needed proof so now I have that proof. My collaborator is the genuine King of Kings, dear Heather. So, no, this amazing stuff is not all in my mind!

      1. Dear Roberta,

        Thank you for heartfelt response (and for not being offended by my blunt question)! I have been “lurking” on your website for a while as it really uplifts my spirit to read everything on here, and I appreciate your honesty. I was raised fundamentalist Christian (!) and so naturally have struggled with a lot of what I was taught because it didn’t sit well with me. I have sort of come around to a view of Universalism because I don’t want ANYBODY to be lost, but when I talk to people about that they say the same thing that I said about the information on your website – that it sounds too good to be true! I will definitely be reading more on your website because for me it is an antidote to the horrors that seem to be unfolding in this world we’re in now. You seem to be sincere and I have no reason to doubt the things that you’re saying, so thank you again for your forthrightness. This gives me hope! I will definitely be anxious about the website because I too feel that Jesus has been severely misrepresented for far too long. Sorry, I know that this repy was all over the place! Thank you again for your kindness.
        With much love,

        1. Oh my dear lovely Heather, no need to apologize! If there is anyone who is all over the place, it is yours truly. Universalism is indeed correct – that is just the way that it is! And you will find that TBJ (that is what we fondly call the upcoming website) has a section devoted to Christian Teachings That Did Not Come From Jesus. And in that section you will find every scary, hateful, awful thing that any Christian denomination ever has taught!

          1. Hi Heather. I’m so glad you have found your way here! Roberta’s specialty is helping Christians transition from guilt and fear. Unlike religions, you don’t have to accept everything that is said. You can take just what resonates with you. In a sense this world is all in our head. The vivid dreams you have are likely a higher reality.
            Best wishes on your quest.

  9. Oh my dear wonderful Ray, thank you so much for welcoming Heather here! We are indeed such a merry band, and there is no reason ever to be afraid. I had been unreasonably dreading this end-stage process of getting Jesus’s website ready to go live, but actually we are having a lot of fun with this! And Jesus is having the most fun of all, prompting college revivals and just plain enjoying Himself. He has been for so long and so patiently just waiting out Christianity that I think that exploring His own possibilities now is really pretty exciting for Him!

    1. Dear Roberta. To think the One who came to teach us about love and Who has loved us has had to wait so long. I’m so happy that he is enjoying Himself.

      1. Oh my dear Ray, I feel as you do, but we must remember that life is eternal and there is no time where He is now. As He sees it, all of what is past probably makes the Now even all the sweeter!

  10. Thank you Roberta, and also Ray, for your replies! It has taken me a lifetime so far to get rid of all the garbage that I was taught as a kid!
    Much love,

    1. Oh sweet Heather, we are delighted to be of help to you. And please know of course that Jesus is eager to help you most of all. It grieves Him very much that so many lies were told to you about Him, dear – please know that He is only love!

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