Healing the World

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 26, 2022 • 43 Comments
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The road is long, with many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where, who knows when.
But I’m strong. Strong enough to carry him.
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.
So on we go. His welfare is of my concern.
No burden is he to bear. We’ll get there.
For I know he would not encumber me.
He ain’t heavy. He’s my brother.
Bob Russell (1914-1970) & Bobby Scott (1937-1990), from “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” (1969)

This planet orbits an ordinary star, just one among hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. And our home galaxy is only one of at least two trillion galaxies, the largest of which is believed to contain more than a hundred trillion stars. That this little rock that we inhabit might be of any importance at all defies belief! And when I tell you that this universe is nothing like what it appears to be; and that far from being trivial, this rock in fact is extremely important, you will assume that I have lost my mind. But the size and scope and boggling complexity of this universe are just pure illusion. It’s one heck of an illusion. I will grant you that! But it’s an illusion, all the same.

If you understand that this universe is in fact an illusion, you can occasionally spot the illusion in action. Repeatedly, I have come across communications from beings not in bodies who have said things like, “This universe is not as big as you think it is.” Or, “Size and solidity are not characteristics of matter.” I recall reading long ago that there were many parts of this universe that were “empty of stars.” And once I read about an astronomer who had pointed a telescope at one of those empty spots, verified that it was empty, and then left his telescope pointed there for a year. When he returned a year later and looked at the same place again, he found that it now contained billions of galaxies. Then there is the curious fact that modern humans and more than ninety percent of modern animals and plants all sprang into being at the same time, about two hundred thousand earth-years ago. There also is the fact that the cosmological constants have to remain constant to vanishingly tiny tolerances, or else the universe will either collapse upon itself or blow apart. And they are not supposed to keep adjusting… but yet they do keep constantly adjusting. And of course, the Big Bang’s something-from-nothing problem makes it an unsatisfactory explanation for how everything began.

This universe is apparently a kind of habitat designed for human beings. It is only about two hundred thousand years old in terms of earth-time, and it is freshly re-created for us in each micro-instant. As we have needed it to seem older, or bigger, or more complex, it has been made to seem that way in its repeated instantaneous iterations in order to keep us from finding an edge.

This human-habitat illusion, which we continue to take seriously because it is such a good illusion and it still appears to us to be all that we’ve got, in fact exists just so we can have a place to experience negativity. And we need that negativity so we can more easily raise our consciousness vibrations away from fear and toward love. Fear, anger, hatred, and all the other negative emotions simply don’t exist in significant amounts in our eternal astral home. And yet we need them so we can push against them in order to grow spiritually. Conceivably, there may be other uses for this universe, but they aren’t obvious to us. When I was young, at the height of the Vietnam War, there was a song whose refrain was, “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” Well, war and all the negativity it produces have been wonderful tools to help to foster our spiritual growth! That system has worked well for millennia, until the repeated worldwide wars of the twentieth century dropped the ambient energies of this planet to such an extent that they put our home-planet into what upper-level beings not in bodies soon were calling interplanetary intensive care. Time not being a factor beyond this material reality, this planet’s guardians began working to raise the vibrations of this planet out of its present red danger zone even before the twentieth century began, and even as those wars were raging. And then, as the United Stated did the unthinkable, and used atomic bombs as weapons of war against Japan in August of 1945, teams of avatars with the help of their guides were rapidly being born on earth with specific life-plans that were meant to assist with this process of raising this planet’s consciousness vibration back toward a normal, negative-toward-neutral zone.

And that was when many of us were born on earth. I came in one year almost to the day after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed. Few of us have had any conscious awareness of the details of our life-plans, but together and apart we have been working toward playing our little roles for our whole lives. Whenever Craig Hogan, for example, has been frustrated, his guides sitting around their astral table have shown him a plan that he couldn’t really make sense of, and they would say, “Just follow the plan!” And for my part, I thought I was supposed to be teaching about the afterlife. But then more and more it looked to be Jesus that I was supposed to be teaching about. And there would be long stretches when there was no special hurry, and no special plan, and then there would be a need to hurry but I still wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing.

This idea for Seek Reality Online, with Craig and me teaching about the afterlife together, didn’t come up until just a few years ago. But it started as just a loosey-goosey thought, kind of an online afterlife conference. And then Covid happened, and soon everything was online. And meanwhile, I felt driven to write The Fun of Loving Jesus. And Craig felt driven to write a whole harvest of amazing books about how the greater reality works! This being avatars for beings not now in bodies who are themselves receiving even higher-level guidance is such a difficult and problematic thing, because those in charge aren’t actually in touch with us directly, nor even indirectly, nor even at all. In fact, Seek Reality Online apparently isn’t actually meant to address just the fear of death specifically, we now realize. (Silly you! Is that what you thought it was about? Well, so did we!) No, apparently Seek Reality Online is a direct weapon against negativity. Or, so we now think. And also, it’s meant to have an aspect that will develop the Lord’s Way for Jesus.

… And this has been more or less our state of play until just this past Saturday morning. Thomas gave me the title of this post a week ago, but I had no idea what it was supposed to be about, so I have been dithering with it for a week.Then I woke up on Saturday with the firm understanding that the purpose of Seek Reality Online is the eradication of fear and its replacement with the kingdom of God on earth. Don’t think about where it might end, Thomas tells me now, because you’ll be watching it happen from the bleacher seats. And don’t worry that the eradication of fear will mean the end of this planet’s usefulness. He tells me just to do my little part. Everything else is above my pay grade.

In short, what appears to be happening is that as humankind continues to evolve, so our planet needs to be evolving as well. And now that evolution has begun. He tells me that the guardians of this planet haven’t minded that for eons of time we were living our whole lives in the fear of death. We had mental mediums and soothsayers and such. If we were especially fearful, we had the means to mostly figure it out. But a new phase in the evolution of humankind began at the start of the twentieth century, and Craig and I and many others are part of that process. We enlisted in it back then, although of course I was not made aware of what we had signed up to do until this sunny Saturday morning. March 26th 2022, to be precise. And this morning Thomas has told me a great deal more.

The Godhead tries very hard not to interfere in human affairs. But seventy-five years ago, when humankind first used atomic weapons in warfare, the decision was made at the very highest level of Beings of which we are aware that humanity never will be allowed to use atomic weapons again. And so, my dear friends, despite the fact that there are some seventeen hundred quadrillion nuclear warheads on earth, and there always have been knuckleheads running the United States, the Soviet Union, China, and many other countries, you will notice that there has been a truly remarkable lack of nuclear warfare. Actually, quite beyond our awareness, we have repeatedly come close. And there are stories. There was a false alarm of an attack under way here or there. And always, in every case, someone was influenced not to push a button. Or there was a missile test that a phantom missile from out of nowhere took out of the sky. But with the world awash in atomic weapons and drenched to the gills in frank craziness, seventy-five years of no atomic warfare must be seen to be a remarkable feat by an infinitely loving Godhead!

How will Seek Reality Online make a difference? What we have learned in our few decades of teaching that human life is eternal is this:

  • Once people understand that they will live forever, they begin to live in an eternal frame.
  • Money and material things cease to matter.
  • What begins to matter deeply is people, love, and kindness.

Thomas tells me now that he and I and also Craig and his own master guide and very many others were enlisted as part of the much larger team that began to do this work at the start of the twentieth century. He tells me to stop fretting that we are about to lose the earth as a place for spiritual growth, because there are more than enough negative millennia laid down here by now that people can come here for many millennia more, and live their lives of spiritual stress within human history as it has already been developed. And meanwhile, the Lord’s Way that we will have begun for Him will be carrying on forever from here. Thomas says that Craig’s master plan and my own has always been to spend most of these earth-lives in preparation, to get the SRO website and the Lord’s Way well begun, and then eventually to turn this work over to others.

All that the Godhead has to do to keep a nuclear war from ever happening on earth is to hold it off for a little while longer. Just until this website has taught sufficient people all over the world that their lives really are eternal! And then, as fear recedes and love prevails, we can at last begin for Jesus the spread of the kingdom of God over all the earth.   


  If I’m laden at all, I’m laden with sadness
That everyone’s heart isn’t filled with the gladness
Of love for one another.
It’s a long, long road from which there is no return.
While we’re on the way to there, why not share?
And the load doesn’t weigh me down at all.
He ain’t heavy! He’s my brother!
Bob Russell (1914-1970), Bobby Scott (1937-1990), from “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” (1969)

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43 thoughts on “Healing the World

  1. Dear Roberta,

    Thius is surely a most bold pronouncement:
    ” This human-habitat illusion, which we continue to take seriously because it is such a good illusion and it still appears to us to be all that we’ve got, in fact exists just so we can have a place to experience negativity. ” And one I regard this statement as perfectly true.

    When I was analyzing the nature of conciousness and why God created the material world we live in with all of its hardships after he created Heaven and placed us in it to exist its bliss with His love, I had to wonder why do that– Heaven is great, so why do create the Earth environment for life? And then it occurred to me that by existing only in Heaven we would be clueless that it was Heavenly. As the epigraph to my chapter about consciousness, I placed this wonderful quote to explain why Heaven could not be end all:

    ” There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, “Morning, boys, how’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, “What the hell is water?””
    —David Foster Wallace, This Is Water

    Without the contrasts provided by Earth life to our exisrtence in Heaven, we could have no appreciation of the value of our Heavenly existence. Without the stresses of Earth life, there would be no opportunity for spiritual growth in such virtues as developing courage, honesty, and love for othyers despite their faults.

    1. Dear Roberta. Hi everyone. Recently I read that Roger Ebert wrote a note to his wife the day before he died. It read “ This is all an elaborate hoax”. Another example of someone realizing the illusion.

      1. My dear Ray, this makes me smile. I know exactly what happened! Our deathbed visitors generally start to show up at about that time, and likely dear Roger didn’t expect that to happen. So he saw Mom appear in an upper corner of the room. He had last seen her at about age 90, all shriveled and frail and gray. And now there she is, looking in at him, lovely and about age 30, dark hair again, smiling, talking to him in his mind, telling him that very soon now she will be taking him home and he will be young and beautiful too. What else is he going to think, but that it all has been just an elaborate hoax? Thank you for sharing!

        1. I think it went deeper than seeing a couple of dead relatives, as when Roger Ebert’s wife asked him to be more specific, he described a vastness that was hard to explain and that he felt this world was an illusion – what he described as a “hoax.” Since he was so prolific on his use of words, I looked up the meaning of the word “hoax”, and it said it was a deliberate attempt to deceive and this disturbs me, as it is hard for me to put any trust in anyone or anything that has a goal to deceive. One would like to think that a loving God would not deceive us,

          1. Oh my dear Lola, I have read your comment a number of times since you posted it this morning. Did you really mean it to be as judgmental of the genuine Godhead as it sounds? My friend, my dear, almost a year ago, someone I loved and trusted completely turned out to be a complete fraud and stole almost a million dollars from my family, and I forgave her before that day was done. I never would have said of her anything that sounded even a fraction as judgmental as what you have said here about God! My beautiful Lola, what can you possibly have been thinking??

            Actually, I wondered if Roger might have seen more. If I had known what he had seen, I would have said more. Yes indeed, it all is quite a wonderful illusion! But it is extremely important to point out to everyone reading here, and to our beloved friend Lola most of all, that every person who incarnates on earth is well aware of every aspect of the “hoax” before incarnating, and everyone fully accepts the complete amnesia that is necessary to make the “hoax” work for us. Above all, my dear beloved friends, we can trust in the Godhead’s perfect love for us above all things. In fact, there is nothing else that is real.

    2. My dear Jack, “What the hell is water?” from a fish really is adorable!

      In fact, a negative environment is a necessity for consciousness-based younglings (a little Star Wars lingo there). We need it to push against, to strengthen our ability to choose love automatically in every instance, until we get to the point where we are entirely love-based, and we no longer need the contrast that negativity provides… which apparently comes somewhere early in what is referred to as level five. We are told that it’s actually more complex than that, but no need to fret – it all will make sense to us when we get home!

      1. Roberta: I would never judge people let alone God. Maybe Roger in his state of illness used the wrong word (hoax), but I just don’t know what he really meant. If he just stuck to the word “illusion,” I would have felt much better about it. It could be that he simply made a poor choice of words (he was, after all, quite ill and dying),

        1. My dear Lola, I would certainly love to think that you would not judge anyone. That has been my experience with you. But not everyone who reads here knows you well, so it generally is best to show always what a kine and loving person you actually are!

          1. This wasn’t an issue of judging anyone. It was an issue of questioning these very deep mysteries that at times I feel quite confused about. I’m sure I am not the only one in the world who feels confused about this complex subject. From our standpoint here on earth, it is likely not possible for anyone to have all the answers, so all I can do is try the best I can.

  2. Dearest Roberta,

    I find it very comforting under present circumstances that on March 16, 1967, at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, observers at ground level saw some UFOs while those deep in the Launch Control Facility noticed that the status of the missiles changed from an operational status to a shutdown. My guess is that this was meant as a message to our command forces that we should not try to deploy our missiles simply because they would not function if we tried to launch them.

    And if we were given a warning like that, it’s almost a certainty that the Soviets would be given a similar message. If so, that assessment would be classified at a
    top-secret compartment so missile production could continue apace without NATO knowing they were useless. So, if World War 3 were declared in the near future, none of us would be blown to smithereens, and this would allow all of us to raise our vibration levels.



    1. Oh my dear Cookie, for the past five decades at least we have been getting stories like this from all over the world! Extremely low-key. None or very few of these stories ever seem to make the news. In some cases, it’s Arcturian ships; in others, it’s angelic beings. But the Godhead clearly is behind it all. And yes, my dear, through all these years, you and I have never needed to take a sleeping pill 🙂

  3. Oh Roberta! This. This! I have been waiting patiently for you to write today’s blog and it has come with perfect timing as I’m sure you realize, this is the number one thing on so many people’s minds today. I thank you for your very sage thoughts and I believe what you and Thomas say is true. In fact I think I’ve always felt this in the back of my mind as well, but still have had many sleepless nights over the past month thinking of the possibilities of the horrors of a nuclear war.

    Thank you again Roberta. You are such an inspiration and I absolutely adore you!


    1. Oh my dear Brigette, please understand that Thomas and I are servants. And serving the Lord, and through Him all of humankind, is our happiness! He and I have just watched another dawn rise together as we thought about how many dawns he and I have seen together in doing this work. I’m the sentimental one while he is the strong one, and although he has more trouble admitting that, this work needs both properties. But there is no greater joy my dear Brigette, then the privilege of doing this work together. He and I. We have relied on one another and on so many others, and there is no joy for us like the joy of this splendid journey that we are making for God! It really is the journey that matters. We’ll get there.


      I wrote the above in the midst of kind of an emotional moment. Thomas and I have been close male friends through seventeen lifetimes, and nearly always serving Jesus in one way or another, but this is his first experience being a spirit guide and knowing his friend as a female, which he found icky and off-putting, and it’s really only now that he and I are kind of re-establishing our old normal relationship. Watching the sunrise. And it felt good to feel normal. I guess I didn’t realize just how off-putting it was for him to see me as female, and I’m sad about that. Next week he is finally going to let me talk about Thomas Jefferson in the third person – not as him, in other words – which will be a relief for both of us!

      1. Oh my dear friends, I have had rather a remarkable day. Thomas won’t let me blog about it, but he says that I can talk about it here, “among friends.” I think it really has been difficult for him to guide a male friend as a female. I kind of knew that, but to see what a relief it has been for him to see me leave off makeup, eyelashes, and so on, and stop caring so much about my hair is really surprising!

        So then this morning we were watching the sun rise over my Texas back yard – we have a lovely big back yard, and a green space beyond – and he asked me if it reminded me of dying on the battlefield. Um, well, no. But apparently dying together on a battlefield is a male bonding thing? Or so I thought at the time. He asked me to try to call it to mind, and so I did.

        I kept giving him guesses throughout the day. Crusades? No. Finally he told me it had been much farther back. Then eventually he told me our first lifetime together had been very early. I hadn’t known Jesus on earth, but my first lifetime with Thomas had been even before First Nicaea, so would I please stop being so awestruck by Jesus! I was making Him uncomfortable (The feeling is mutual. But I will try.) He said in our first lifetime together the Legions were stamping out the Jesus sects, and I was a boy, and he had taken me under his wing. There was a battle, and we both were wounded, and he had tried all night to find me, but the Romans were trying to fine anyone still alive and finish them off. He didn’t find me until it was dawn, which must have been what triggered the memory for him.

        After thinking about it for an hour, this is what I think.

        I think it wasn’t a battle. It was a village. The legion had gone from house to house and pulled the people out and run them through with swords because they were secret Jesus-worshipers. The boy crawled away. the rest of his family died. The father was this big, hairy man with a beard, and he had been away but he searched all night and he found the boy at dawn. He hid them both and they died together. The end.

        Thomas said he wasn’t the boy’s father, but the rest was right. Even the beard!

        And wow, this is all pretty weird.

          1. And my dear Ray, over night I have learned still more. all of this is fascinating! I think that in bringing this up now Thomas wanted to make the point that in our first lifetime together we died together for the Lord’s Way, even before Constantine thought to usurp the name of Jesus and found Roman Christianity. And that was interesting. This was about AD 200, I think. A farming village south of Rome, and the men tried to defend it, but against a trained Roman legion with actual weapons, they didn’t do very well. The leader and the boy were dying. He dragged the boy behind a hay-rick while the legion was murdering the village, and the boy died at sunrise and the leader not long after.

            We talked a little about it overnight, and what struck me is that of the three lifetimes that I know about that Thomas and I have shared – four, counting this one – in the third, I was a medieval monk in France and he was a rebel trying to reform Christianity, hiding out in our monastery, and the Abbott was allowing him to issue pamphlets that I was required to help him to edit; and now in this one, again, he is using me to push the edges of Christianity (he reminds me that I am his avatar past the age of 65 – that is our deal). But in all four of these lifetimes, he is an intellectual rebel. Jefferson included. In all four of them He is a leader. In some of them, his intellectual leadership gets people killed.

            And similarly, in all four of the lifetimes that I know about that we have shared, including this one, I have been his intellectual follower. And gladly! I absolutely love the man! I love his ideas, love listening to him, I would follow him to the ends of the earth. And he knows that. This is fascinating new information for me, how very little our core personalities change from lifetime to lifetime!

  4. Dear Roberta,
    I always look forward to reading your blog and hearing about your guidance!
    Regarding illusion, I think we mimic teaching through illusion in this world, too. Children learn through pretending, and humans watch plays and read books to put themselves in other’s shoes.
    Speaking of books, besides your books –which I have eaten up ravenously–i enjoy another author, Ted Dekker. His book “Play Dead” is based upon the theme of living in a video game type illusion. Accept for yours, I don’t often recommend books; however, this fiction book is both entertaining and eye-opening on the subject of living in a virtual world.

    1. Oh my dear lovely Gee, if you have found books that you enjoy, then I am happy for you! Just please be aware that there are very few people who have studied the afterlife details enough to be able to portray it accurately. Seek Reality Online will be ready, we think, by sometime in June. Then you will be able to judge just how accurate all such portrayals really are!

  5. Hi Roberta,
    I would note that many of these ideas resonate with A Course in Miracles. I am preparing to teach ACIM in Sunday school. I would welcome prayers.
    Thank you for your work in moving consciousness toward universal recognition of our divine nature and common destiny… our need for spiritual growth.
    Over and over I realize how much work I have to do personally to become like Jesus, to replace fear with love, to learn to forgive even before things happen, and to train my thinking to automatically go to peace and love.
    My prayers go with you in your journey launching Seek Reality Online.

    1. Oh my dear Chuck, for me the most critical part of ACIM is forgiveness. I find that is really the first part of the teachings of Jesus, too! Immediate, prevenient forgiveness of everyone and everything is literally basic. It’s essential! In fact, the “miracle” of ACIM is forgiveness. And once you learn to do it well, you are quite literally most of the way there. You have all my good wishes for your work, my dear, and thank you for your good wishes as we begin ours!!

  6. Roberta, your comment about negativity being a tool for spiritual advancement is very interesting. I have discovered that taking a negative situation and mentally converting it to the positive through creative visualization always has a significant impact on the ending result. Taking the same approach with a neutral situation seems less effective, since a much greater output of mental energy is needed to move from a negative to the positive.

    1. My dear Tom, simply forgiving every negative situation does wonders! Try it. Makes a tremendous difference. And the more negative a situation is, the more transformative the forgiveness opportunity can be!

  7. Roberta, I agree that forgiving works just as well. But my comment also includes the search for positive outcomes in situations wherein there is really no one to forgive.

  8. Quote from above: “…the cosmological constants have to remain constant to vanishingly tiny tolerances, or else the universe will either collapse upon itself or blow apart. And they are not supposed to keep adjusting… but yet they do keep constantly adjusting….”

    Hi Roberta, hi everybody. The above passage reminds me of an odd experience I had a couple of years ago, when I was just having a casual conversation with a friend. Suddenly I heard my beloved spirit guide say, “that is because the universe is not a place, it’s a phenomenon!” No sooner was she saying that to me than I found myself saying it aloud to my friend. I was as surprised as my friend was to hear this (at least it was relevant to our conversation, so not utterly baffling)! I have been thinking about my guide’s riddle ever since.

    1. Wow, my dear Mike, that’s an amazing insight! And hardly a riddle at all, but instead she has cut right to the core. Our problem with understanding anything that we see around us is that we imagine that what LOOKS solid must in fact BE solid. but indeed, we know now that nothing is solid. No atom is anything but a miniscule solar system that is entirely illusory. No aspect of matter is solid We learn that in grade school, for heaven’s sake, and then we head on home on the solid-seeming road past solid-seeming trees and we continue to buy into the illusion. I am used by now to the fact that my Thomas has no size. And OMG, he has been playing with my illusions all week! To prove it, he just has gone from kind of behind my shoulder to taller than my house to behind my shoulder again. Our guides are spirit, so of course they have no size. No shape. No solidity. And now that he is happy with finally getting the SRO website that he has wanted all along, he is doing something that frankly I never thought that he was capable of doing. He is being a bit silly. While I am the serious one. Good grief.

      1. He could even be a woman if he wanted to but from what you have written, it does not seem that he would!😉 Arrow has been an owl, a shooting star, the Northern Lights, a rainbow and, once, a playing card (Queen of Clubs, not a joker)! It is true, there is no size or form to the One Mind. I can’t remember who it was, but a while back one of the Nobel Prize winners observed that the universe behaves more like a thought than a physical thing. And then there is the hologram element. Yes, a real phenomenon indeed!

        1. Oh my! I can’t remember that Thomas has ever been anything but the same male presence. Quite distinct. Light, though. Strong, but not heavy. Deep, but light. That chieftain guy was a bruiser! And Jefferson is different too. Thomas is letting me describe him. He’s fussy, somehow. Not as secure in himself as Thomas is now. I think that Jefferson likely does have Asperger’s. He cares what you think of him, while my Thomas is entirely at peace. Very self-secure. Wow, this is fascinating!

        2. Mike – that was Sir James Jeans who said that, and it was back before anyone would dare to say that the universe was anything but physical. The more he studied the universe, the more he was drawn to that conclusion.

          1. “The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter… we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.”

            — James Jeans in The Mysterious Universe, [14]

          2. I’ve use quotes from Sir James Jeans very early, in The Fun of Dying – you’re right, my dear, he is a pretty seminal thinker.

  9. “No, apparently Seek Reality Online is a direct weapon against negativity.”
    – Robert’s Grimes (above)

    Dearest Roberta, It’s interesting that you express the key purpose of SRO this way. It struck me as the ‘vaccine’ to the ‘negativity virus’ that has infected this world, possibly fatally. SRO seems to be a targeted missile to both kill the existing pathogen and shield us against reinfection. Maybe thereafter, some people might get a weakened form of ‘negativity virus’ at times but it will prove far from fatal…It will be just an experience.

    Also, once the word gets out that a vaccine has been developed, people will want it; few at first will have it and more will follow as this new antiviral medication proves effective. Soon, the vaccine will be found in every dispensary, on every corner of the high street. After a point, vaccination spread will become unstoppable, having developed a momentum of its own. Just as the vaccine is known by its results, so SRO will be known by its fruits.

    On another subject, you refer to an atom as a minuscule solar system that is illusory. (Maybe each atom is just energy and space.) Then Mike J-R (above) shared that his esteemed guide Arrow said the universe is not a place, but rather a ‘phenomenon.’ These two statements if taken together, radically alter our conventional view of the universe. It makes one ponder on the nature of existence, does it not? 😉

    You know in my youth I travelled overseas and became familiar with the ideas of Pantheism in India. There people considered every rock, tree or tiger to have God in it, inherently. Even grandma’s old, scratched and pitted, oak dresser has God in it. I used to groove on this idea, but not too long ago I started to perceive things the other way round to Pantheism.

    Roberta, I now see that every rock, mountain or dresser does not really exist; they are not really material things. They vibrate as energy yes, but together the parts and bits of our world are a hologram. Our perceived world exists in the mind of the Divine. The universe is a thought phenomenon; a shared dream of consciousness. So this material world that impresses us so much via our senses, doesn’t exist.

    So, it is not that a little bit of God exists in every material thing. Rather, everything is illusory and only God Consciousness exists.

    Perhaps this whole illusory phenomenon, with all its human dramas and experiences, is only there to convince us that we are all one mind. 🌅

    1. Wow Efrem, you nailed it! The ancient Eastern religions that said everything is an illusion were correct. We who live here tend to think that all we see on the earth plane is entirely “real” and that just isn’t true. I am so glad you wrote this as I have been going through a period of confusion due to some things I have read etc. and couldn’t figure out what the real truth was, so I mentally asked for help, and then I read what you wrote, and it made me feel so much better. I definitely agree with Craig Hogan who says there is nothing but mind and experiences. Therefore, we can create our own realities. Our thoughts are more powerful than we know, so being careful of our thoughts is of the utmost importance, as they will determine what our lives here and in the afterlife will manifest. Again, thanks for your help (even though you had no idea you were helping me when you wrote this).

      1. Dear Lola, I am delighted and honored to be of some help, even if I had no idea that I was doing so. Truly delighted.

        Like your good self I love the whole sharing thing…. And we are growing together, so our spiritual growth is actually shared. You know this well my dear, and that is what the Godhead wants to happen for us. 😉

        Your own reflections here in this blog help people all the time. 🌅

    2. My dear Efrem, who wrote The Holographic Universe, so long ago? What an amazingly seminal book that was! I’m going to have to look back at it, now that you’ve put it in my mind. It came out too early. I think it was even back in the eighties. Great book!

      1. It was Michael Talbot who wrote it, and it was what started me on this quest. He was working on a sequel when he unfortunately died of leukemia at age 39

        1. Michael Talbot! Yes! Such a wonderful, brilliant thinker! I would have thought that his book didn’t even need a sequel, that it was perfect and complete in and of itself. His loss was tragic, though. Everyone, our dear Lola and I recommend Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe as still on the cutting Edge, even today.

      2. Dearest Roberta,
        Thanks to your good self and dear Lola, I now realize ‘The Holographic Universe’ by Michael Talbot is something worth having a look at. (I don’t read much these days, maybe I could do with a bit more of it.)

        Something that I’m increasingly coming to see is the inner shift from the human frame to the eternal frame. This seems to be happening incrementally, even consistently, but with an unbidden, often spontaneous element to it.

        Roberta, there is also a new kind of ‘grounding’ to this view realignment. When I was growing up I was inevitably grounded, basically familiarized for survival, with the necessities and ways of the human world. Of course, I had to learn how to see things in order to live in this world. Now those externals such as study, work, income, career building, establishing a home and key relationship are less believable. At my age most of these things have been done, whether they have been achieved or not. Now a new kind of ‘grounding’ is happening and it is purely on the inside. In short, grounding is no longer about seeing the world, it is about seeing reality.

        As the soul-eternal frame clarifies, the human world with its incessant noise; all the thunder and clash of thought-emotions, the gnat-storm of lies and persuasion becomes unreal. Yes, it is all so full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Main stream, sensationalist society feels unwholesome, temporary and ephemeral like oil scum on water.

        Gradually, love and a sense of the timeless becomes clear, and the ‘now’ of deep relationship is acutely felt and celebrated. And walking quietly by the personality dramas out there becomes second nature. So much doesn’t matter; who slaps who on live television has no meaning.

        It is interesting my dear, how this profound change happens to us somewhere inside that is unseen. Its quite possibly unfathomable, but:

        How does believing tentatively become believing strongly? Then, how does believing strongly transform into knowing?

        So much happens beyond the level of our conscious mind. I’d love to see how it works, but I am unable to do so. Transformation then, to the eternal frame is almost annoyingly beyond the grasp of our human understanding. I know Roberta, that talking or reading widely about the afterlife and the eternity of the soul, does help a person to gradually accept the evidence of what exists. The more you look at it, the more you may be convinced. But the deep inner process that cannot be seen is what I wish to understand.

        However frustrating it may be to not see the unseen process here, there is beauty in it. Happy realization dawns at last – We are so much more than one, limited, earthbound, human personality construct. Something much bigger is going on. 🦋🌅❣️

        1. My dear Efrem, it is that dropping into certainty that we hope to manage with SRO. I have helped some people who were very fearful to do it. For them, it has taken about two years. Curiously, it may be harder for people who aren’t so fearful; but that is something I don’t know, and we are going to have to figure out. You can be a test subject!

  10. Roberta, those are absolutely wonderful accounts of the visions you had with Thomas and the information he gave you. Thanks a million for sharing that with us.

    1. My dear David, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them! Thomas and I have had a great couple of weeks of growth in our relationship. It really is amazing, having a bestie who is invisible, actually kind of inside your body, but the most real person you know. It’s extraordinary, really. I used to think that of course the living person would be the dominant person in this kind of relationship. I mean, it makes sense, right? But it is WAY more complex than that!

      1. Another perspective is that it is this illusory experience that we perceive as incarnation that is a complex, “Rube Goldberg-type” simulation of the true reality which, from the universal eternal eye view, is in fact the “logical” and elegant expression of the One Mind—in which all of “us” play a part.

        1. Hey Mike 👋
          That’s quite a fun reference to Rube Goldberg’s batty, idiosyncratic, hilariously overcomplicated machines. (I had his game ‘Mouse Trap’ as a kid. I just loved it!)

          Love your idea here: So we incarnate into this simulation world that is like an overly complex contraption. That’s why we live among so much absurdity I guess.

          This is a cool comparison Mike. Especially as you contrast this to: ‘the true reality which, from the universal eye view, is in fact the “logical” and elegant expression of the One Mind.’

  11. I love this comparison to a Rube Goldberg machine. It is hilarious but at the same time, it is very true.

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