The Fun of Growing Forever

Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 18, 2016 • 18 Comments
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FOGF Front CoverI apologize for the tardiness of this post, but I’ve been finishing my next book and visiting Santa Barbara to form a new friendship. Jack Canfield needs no introduction! His Chicken Soup for the Soul series has sold many millions of books, and Jack in person is engaging and delightful. Here is a video of our interview.

The Fun of Growing Forever is about to go to its first test-readers. It is scheduled for release in the fall. I have known about this book for six years, but it was only in recent months that I first realized what it was meant to be about. My original title for The Fun of Dying was actually Dying for Idiots, since my first choice – Dying for Dummies – would have been a copyright infringement. But I woke up one morning in the spring of 2010 with three titles in my mind: The Fun of Dying, The Fun of Staying in Touch, and The Fun of Growing Forever. I also woke up knowing that the third book was not supposed to come out until 2017, although I didn’t know why it would be so long delayed. I assumed it was going to be just an update of The Fun of Dying with more afterlife details, since my guides had never shared with me the fact that Liberating Jesus was on the way!

This is what can happen when you give your life to God, as I did a yearPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00067] before I got these titles. Our guides are God’s minions. When we invite God to use our lives, sometimes our guides will do just that! We spend time with them while our bodies sleep, but usually we don’t recall what transpires; my remembering those book-titles was an exception, since The Fun of Dying was about to go to press and they wanted its title to be right.

I understand now that none of what I have done in the past seven years has been my own doing. My guides have co-written all my books, with Thomas leading on the nonfiction side and an intense and highly imaginative guide named Marvina primarily doing my fiction. When people ask me how I can write so many books so fast, I remind them I am just the scribe!

The Fun of Growing Forever lays out the simplest ways to apply the Gospel teachings of Jesus to our daily lives so we can achieve rapid spiritual growth. Christians believe that the death of Jesus has redeemed them from God’s punishment for their sins, so they consider the Gospels to be just aspirational. I have never met a Christian who takes them as seriously as Jesus means them to be taken. And of course, our study of afterlife communications has revealed that God never judges us, that all punishment is by ourselves alone, and that the death of Jesus on the cross has never redeemed anyone from anything. So now we realize that the life of Jesus must have had a different purpose.

Chalice With PriestsIt turns out that Jesus tells us in the Gospels exactly why He came to earth. Jesus was, quite literally, God embodied, come to tell us what really is going on and how to turn what was then a civilization built on fear and pain into a heaven on earth. Part of His lesson was that we don’t die, which was why He went through a public death and resurrection; but then, of course, the fear-filled age that He was attempting to enlighten soon packaged the Gospel teachings in their own ideas. As a result, there are now more than forty thousand Christian denominations, and the civilization that two thousand years ago was a small morass of fear and pain has become a worldwide swamp of suffering. Humankind has made not one iota of progress in Christianity’s entire history. So apparently another attempt is being made now, before it really is too late. Unless we can manage to get a clue this time, they tell us that the earth and its inhabitants are on a path to disaster.

But fortunately, the Gospel teachings that Jesus brought two thousand years ago really work! What a pity it is that so few people in all that time have actually read the Gospels. It turns out that the Gospel teachings that are the true meaning and message of Jesus are an integrated system. When properly applied, they work so well that they seem to be able to help almost anyone to make this his last earth-incarnation. And they work so quickly that we can have success with them at any age!

The Fun of Growing Forever is a course in transformation using only the Jesus in Contemplationevents of our daily lives. These teachings are easy! They are liberating and empowering. And they make you so happy! What more can I say? Only this: if enough of us will at last apply the teachings of Jesus to our lives, within two hundred years our descendants will be born into a literal heaven on earth.

We were given the truth two thousand years ago. Jesus has patiently waited while we have ignored His teachings and tried everything else. Now it’s His turn. This time we will get it right.


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18 thoughts on “The Fun of Growing Forever

  1. Congratulations, Roberta, on your lively, engaging and “oh, so interesting” interview with Jack Canfield! RG at your best!

    And yes, “If we could all be as happy as you”, says Canfield, as I hear you silently shout in your special way, “You can!”

    Thanks for sharing the truth about Jesus, his teachings and the Afterlife. Could you have ever imagined Liberating Jesus in 35 languages? Oh my!

    1. Hello Kathleen! Yes, dear, the multi-language aspect of publishing these books has very much surprised me. And the publisher is saying now that all three Fun books are about to be translated into 33 languages (all but Arabic and Mandarin), which means that we had better get The Fun of Growing Forever finished! Of course, all of this is Thomas’s doing. He chose the publisher, and his choice was perfect; they believe in my books even more than I do, and they are putting a lot of money into them. I feel as if at the age of 70 my life is only now beginning!

    1. I hope you’ll like it, dear! When we discussed the manuscript with Thomas on Saturday – after all, his approval is essential! – he saluted me, which I thought was delightful ;-).

    1. Thank you, dear Pavel! Jack Canfield is really a wonderful professional; I hope that someday I’ll be able to interview people as well as he can!

  2. Roberta,
    You communicated with me shortly after the death of my beloved pet and now I have read your first two “FUN”books. They have brough a perspective on the afterlife and biblical teachings of Jesus that I almost embarrasedly say “How on earth did we miss that”?! It takes an open heart and mind to be able to do more than read words on a page. For me it was sorrow that allowed me to open both my heart and mind. But within 3 days my sorrow was turned to hope, hope transformed to healing, healing to thanksgiving, and thanksgiving to joy! Thank you for allowing God to do his work!

    1. Oh my darling Amie,thank you so much! I am speechless. I feel as if everything that I ever have done in my life is worth this single moment of opening your heart and giving you joy!

  3. Roberta thank you for that lovely interview and all your wonderful books. I met you at the last After Life Conference in Phoenix and was so impressed with your wonderful lecture that I could hardly wait to get my hands on your books and I’m so glad I did. I can hardly wait for your newest book. You bring a lot of joy to the world with your books and your beautiful presence.

    1. Oh my dear Lorna, you cannot imagine how much joy it gives me that I can help you! Thank you for commenting, dear, and always know that if you ever have a question, you can contact me through this website and I will be delighted to help you answer it!

  4. Hi Roberta. I’m thrilled to hear that your new book is coming this fall rather than next year. I can’t wait to read it.

    I have a question: Does your understanding of Jesus being God incarnate jive with what Unity church teaches about Jesus being our perfect way shower, an ascended master fully embodying the Christhood? I’m just trying to figure all this out. My whole life I’ve been interested in what people and different religions believe about Jesus, and what the Bible really said before it was edited. I have a burning desire to want to know the real truth. I may never really find it here on this side, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Dear Renee, At the Unity Church in Austin I was indeed taught that He is our Wayshower and best friend, and I always assumed He was an ascended master. I was curious, so this was one of the first questions I asked of my primary guide, Thomas, when at last we met 14 months ago: just who and what was Jesus? My dear Thomas surprised me very much when he insisted that the Master had been God on earth as no one else ever has been, so elevated that God could “look through His eyes.” I was astonished at the time, but I am accepting that now. Jesus does embody God’s awareness, and while God is energy, Thomas says that Jesus is at the top of the Godhead. The dead call Him the Master – uniquely revered! – and the presence in my mind as He was writing Liberating Jesus was intimidating, to say the least.

      I have since been allowed to remember a minute or two of one meeting with Him, held early this year, and I think I was allowed to recall it because I had begun to think of Him too familiarly. He radiated power! Even seated across a table and with others around it, He altogether commanded the room. He was attending a meeting with my guides, amazingly enough, and speaking to them – just barely glancing at me – because He knew that His being there was freaking me out. Thomas didn’t even let me remember His voice or what He was saying: what He wanted was for me to again feel that presence. Christians tend to think of Jesus as kind of soft and lovey, meek, and perhaps just sad about our human foibles. But in person, Jesus is such immense power that I cannot even describe how it felt to be so near Him! He doesn’t radiate a sweet sort of love, but rather He is so immensely convicted about finally taking charge and saving us from ourselves that I have no doubt now about the outcome.

      1. Thank you Roberta!!! I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my question. I’ve always felt deep down that he was much more than an ascended master, yet I also felt that traditional Christianity didn’t have it right either.

        God Bless you!!!

        1. Being told that Jesus actually had been God on earth surprised me, frankly. But it gives me a handy answer whenever Christians challenge me!

          “So, do you believe that Jesus was the Son of God?”

          “No. Jesus actually WAS God.”

          “Oh. Well, then, okay.”

          It takes the wind right out of their sails!

  5. Response to Renee Chance: as a former Unity minister I never taught Jesus as you described. Nor was I taught that he was an ascended master.

    1. Hello BJ! Don’t you love that about Unity? One of the many wonderful things about the Unity movement is that it isn’t bound by dogmas! I have spoken in perhaps 30 Unity churches, and no two of them were alike, to the point where I learned to be careful about how I said things. A couple of them were very traditionally Christian, while many more were almost Buddhist in their decoration and feel. People who have read Liberating Jesus are asking me now what will come after Christianity, and will there be a new version based on the teachings of Jesus? I tell them that the last thing the Master wants is for us to start yet another religion! But the Unity movement is so close already to what Jesus actually taught that if it doesn’t become the dominant spiritual source for those following the teachings of Jesus, then what arises will be very much like it.

  6. Congrats, Roberta, on your latest book and all the best with it!

    Also, enjoyed your session with Jack Canfield, and Victor Zammit included it in his newsletter that just came out, April 22, 2016. (As you know, but others might not, we get it early here in the West, as Victor is in Australia, a day ahead of us)

    Plus, really liked your latest interview with Dr. Gary Schwartz on your webcast that came out a few days ago. He’s a real delight to listen to and always something new to learn.

    1. Thank you, dear Michael! It’s all quite amazing, isn’t it? I am just beginning to do events based in Liberating Jesus – just did one tonight, in Mountain View, CA – and people are so receptive. You literally would not believe it! Everyone asks whether the Christians are attacking me, and I say, “What’s to attack? I’m saying we should follow the teachings of Jesus. How can they be against that?” Although I know the attacks are likely to come; it’s just that so far, it’s a love-fest!

      I’m glad you enjoyed listening to Gary Schwartz. He is such a delightful man! We’re trying to find time for another interview to talk about his current communication research, just so we can have that as a podcast before I switch to live radio, but he has postponed twice. He has so much going on that it’s hard to pin him down, but we’ll figure it out.

      I’m sending you a hug, dear – it’s nice to hear from you!

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