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Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 15, 2023 • 36 Comments
Jesus, The Teachings of Jesus

There was a time in my life
I thought I had to do it all myself
And I didn’t know the grace of God was sufficient
And I didn’t know the love of God was at hand

But now I can say
If you are discouraged
Struggling just to make it through another day
You got to let it go, let it all go
And this is what you have to say

I release and I let go
I let the Spirit run my life
And my heart is open wide
Yes it’s only up to God

No more struggle, no more strife
With my faith I see the light
I am free in the Spirit
Yes it’s only up to God
– Michael Gott, “I Release and I Let Go” (1990)

It seems apparent now that Jesus is preparing to take a more active earthly role. You might say that He is about to “Return.” But Thomas will never ask Jesus any of my questions about what He might be planning to do, because he tells me that mine are not the sorts of questions that Jesus is ever going to answer for people who are in earthly bodies. So other than noticing the revivals on college campuses, the “He Gets Us” ad campaign and the surprisingly successful movies and TV series, I have no idea what Jesus might be doing or about to do. Thomas does say, though, that Jesus never would do anything that could affect the earth by much, even in a positive way.

People have been looking for Jesus’s Second Coming for centuries. But Thomas believes that Jesus has been sufficiently distant from the earth for so long that  the term “Second Coming” is  meaningless to Him. It comes from the the Biblical Book of Revelation, which of course was written after His death. But apparently what Jesus is focused on doing is just what He began to do two thousand earth-years ago. He wants to begin again to teach those now living on earth how to perfect themselves spiritually, so every dear person on the face of the earth can achieve the Godhead level as soon as possible. Now that the religion will soon be out of the way and no longer coming between us and Jesus, Thomas tells me that Jesus wants to get back to doing the love-based teaching that is dear to His heart.

We are used to associating religions with spirituality, but in fact the two are polar opposites. There is no religion that can give us much, or even give us any spiritual help at all, but instead religions are human-made artifacts from an early stage of humankind’s development. Even the concept of religions is a fear-based hangover. When primitive people had no way to comprehend the reality in which they found themselves, which was cold and dark and full of terrors, people self-protectively invented gods that might be able to protect them. Those gods became more and more real to them as the ages passed, ever bigger and more elaborate. And as their human-created gods grew in people’s minds, those gods demanded from the people they were supposed to be protecting ever-fancier rituals and ever-greater sacrifices. But at least they allowed people to feel that they were gaining some illusory sense of control. And the shamans of those early religions were the earliest human manipulators and rulers: if you were someone who could speak for the gods, then you held a lot of power. And every modern religion can be traced back to those first stone-age religions in an unbroken line. They all worked the same way. They all were based in worshiping gods who created the world, and created us, and who made demands of us in return. So then eventually we got Moloch, who demanded the sacrifice of infants into his fiery belly; and then the YHWH of the Hebrews; and then the Christian God. Fear of what was unknowable, and sacrifices that were demanded in exchange for protection, have been at the core of every god to this day.

There can be no creation without a Creator. Something cannot have come from nothing. And although officially materialist science still insists that our reality must have begun in a Big Bang of something arising from nothing, a few scientists with more sense than the rest did discover in the twentieth century that in fact there is indeed a creative force. Max Planck, the father of quantum mechanics, found that Consciousness underlies everything. And it is legitimate for us to capitalize that word now, since our friend Max learned that Consciousness is indeed the base creative force. Max Planck thereby discovered the genuine God. In 1931 he said, “I regard Consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from Consciousness. We cannot get behind Consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates Consciousness.” 

And now, thanks to Dr. Planck’s great insight, we have come to know so very much more! You live inside one great illusion, and you have no memory of ever having lived outside of it. No less a leading scientific light than Albert Einstein told us that this universe is indeed one heck of an illusion, but an illusion is indeed what it is. And it is important that you begin to see this illusion frankly, so then at last you will be able to begin to focus some of your attention on the much greater wonders that lie beyond it. My precious friend, you are so much more than you can possibly imagine!

Consciousness is everything that exists. It is the sculptor, and it is the stone. It is both the dancer and the dance. And since the Consciousness that is all that exists is a form of energy, Consciousness vibrates. It is governed by what we experience as emotion – go figure! – and at its lowest and slowest vibratory rate, Consciousness is highly negative, and it is governed by all the ishy emotions, like fear and rage; while at its highest vibratory rate, Consciousness is gorgeous and positive and it is governed by what we experience as perfect love. This is our objective reality that we are talking about here! It is the same objective reality that scientists busily study with their whiteboards full of mathematical equations.

THIS IS OUR REALITY. This is the ultra-super-solid reality that scientists assume has got to be just chock-full of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Or at least, you know, gluons. Or something. Doesn’t that solid reality even exist? Well, not really. Not so much. What scientists used to believe were solid particles are actually just miniscule vortices of energy. If the nucleus of an atom were the White House, where it is and the size that it is, its closest orbiting electron could be as far away as Denver. They would both be just vortices of energy. And there would be nothing whatsoever between them. Please just sit quietly for a moment and let all of this truly sink in. All of it is energy-like Consciousness. And it is all governed by what you and I experience as emotion.

Jesus said, “Whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted to him. Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted to you” (MK 11:22-24). And now you can understand why Jesus was perfectly right.

Jesus also said, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth” (JN 4:24). And understanding, as you do now, that the genuine God is the highest aspect of Consciousness, and further understanding, as you also do now, that the highest aspect of Consciousness is perfect love, again you can see how, even two thousand years ago, again Jesus was perfectly right.

So at this point, and until it abandons its century-old materialist dogma which never made any sense to begin with, science seems to be in as much of a counterproductive blind alley as are all the human-made religions. We have talked before about the fact that materialist science has turned itself into just another beliefs-based religion. Science will continue to provide us with all our various useful electronic toys for daily living, our personal computers and cars and phones that have been vastly improving our lives over the past century and a quarter. But until mainstream science abandons the fundamental scientific dogma of materialism that it put into place more than a century ago to protect its physicists from ever inadvertently finding God, there will be no more fundamental scientific discoveries about reality forthcoming. So for our purposes, we can simply ignore science, just as we are ignoring religions.

No matter how solid it might look, and no matter how coldly clockwork-driven our reality might seem to us to be, all of this reality is, as Albert Einstein told us that it was, simply one gigantic illusion. And you and I find ourselves on our own with Jesus in this entirely beliefs-free and Consciousness-based illusory reality within a greater reality where we are able to see and understand the truth for what it is. We know that science can be of no help to us here, and all the religions are dying after the end of what has been a very long run of something like two hundred thousand years. We have no more need for any of it now, since at last we have found, and we so completely trust and adore the genuine Consciousness-based God. And we have various spiritual teachers who are able to help us to directly raise our personal spiritual vibrations away from the low and fear-based vibratory Consciousness range and toward the higher, love-based range of Consciousness. For many people willing to put forth a bit of effort, it will not be difficult to go most or even all of the way to the Godhead level in a single lifetime.

There are of course the various Eastern spiritual traditions on offer. They involve meditation, chanting, breathwork, and even altered states of Consciousness, and for Westerners they take some time and effort to learn and to perform; but they generally can work very well indeed. However, for most people who were reared in Christianity, turning to Jesus in an effort to grow spiritually really does feel like coming home. And the teachings of Jesus as they are preserved in the Biblical Gospels are the simplest and most effective method for growing spiritually that ever has been devised. Gratitude, forgiveness, and love, in that order. It is just a literal piece of cake. Oh, Jesus puts a fancier spin on those teachings, He makes it feel like wisdom to follow them, and He offers some tricks to make them easier to learn; but basically, that is all they are. And when you put your mind to it, the teachings of Jesus can begin to transform you spiritually in just a few months’ time.

The greatest wonder about the teachings of Jesus to me is that Jesus knew all of this two thousand years ago. It is quite literally as if a modern man had been transported back in time! But of course, Jesus was born from out of the timeless Godhead. And Jesus is more than God’s emissary. He is the genuine God in human form, come to dwell among the people of that ancient day so He could seek to better understand them and then teach them on their level and on their own terms. God among us, born in that ancient day, and the greatest Teacher who has ever lived.

And now Jesus is coming back to us as our Teacher once again.  Not on a white horse and brandishing a sword, but apparently first of all in the hearts of the very young. He will tell us nothing of His plans, but that only adds to the excitement and the joy of it. And so we wait together now in wonder for that ultimate Christmas morning….

Roberta Grimes
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36 thoughts on “Beliefs-Free Spirituality

  1. oh my, wonderful post Roberta, at the start of my spiritual journey,I looked down every avenue for answers , religion then science and finally spirituality….and that is where I found the truth.. especially when I left my body in my first OBE, your right nothing is solid.!!! I didn’t need my physical eyes to see ,or a body to move or ears to hear, and my mind was intact. I simply became all that is.i feel blessed to know the truth. THANKYOU ROBERTA.

    1. Oh yes, my dear Jo, I think this may be the hardest concept for us to grasp, the fact that what seems to be solid really is not solid. And when you really get that, the freedom of it truly is amazing!

  2. Roberts,
    How I enjoy reading the words from you heart every Sunday morning! This morning especially since the father of my children will soon transition to his true home that he never believed existed and would roll his eyes in disgust the moment I mention “the afterlife”! I pray he heard my voice when I assured him that he’ll soon be encompassed with divine LOVE in a glorious setting.
    Today’s message is a keeper that needs to be read over and over.

    1. Oh my very dear sweet Susan, my heart goes out to you, my darling! I am sending to you and to him the very biggest hugs, my dear one. The father of my own children is turning 83, and when I married him he was sure that he would never see forty because his own father had died of a heart attack right in front of him when he was a toddler and he remembered that very well. But such is life! Your own beloved will indeed discover that all of what went before was just prelude. What we call afterlife is our real life, and it is all far beyond glorious!!

  3. Dear Roberta, This comment works to extend what you explained, but with one twist– and that is about that ultimate Christmas morning. I believe as a disallusioned former materialist scientist that that wonderful morning comes for each of us when we pass back to Heaven after having left the material world behind.

    Professors Planck and Einstein rightly refer to this material world as being a form of illusion, but Heaven provides the eternal reality created by God as our home. As mentioned before to explain why God would have created the material world after having created blissfull Heaven, He realized that our spirit existence in Heaven could not fully appreciate and enjoy its bliss for lack of contrast with pain and suffering (by analogy, a fish who only experiences life in water would have no sense that it lives in the water until it were removed). Furthermore, with no challenges presented by the bliss of Heaven, there were no substantial opportunities for spiritual growth; for example, there is no need for courage or truthfulness in Heaven, but the strife of living in the material world is rich with opportunites.

    As a born citizen of the USA, I became patriotic by having served as a Marine Corp enlisted reservist, and then progressing from ROTC to become a commissioned Army officer; I spent the bulk of my career in R&D for the Army and DoD. And from that perspective, this is how I view our current world situation–which is awful:

    The USA and all of the rest of the Judeao-Christian world are now actively transitioning to the Brave New World as foretold by Huxely:

    1. Russia/China are moving from control over the Eastern Ukraine to total annexation by Russia, with the EU content to watch, as well as the Biden Administration.

    2. The godless CRP is poised to issue an ultimatum to Taiwan to relinquish its independence from the CRP, to be followed by a total naval blockade, and if that fails, by bombardment until Taiwan capitulates.

    3. The international community is continuing to align with the godless CRP, as illustrated by the agreements with Saudia Arabia and Iran under CRP dominion, and France is continuing its historical tradition of aligning with whoever may be dominant.

    4. The CRP is successfully removing the USA dollar as the currency for international trade.

    5. Democrat state and federal party advocates will control election results by use of ballot stuffing and/or internet manipulation of results.

    6. Newspeak, led by the Woke, is successfully controlling communication by governments, state and federal, to include universities, federally funded agencies, and the Woke major corporations (such as Disney and Budweiser).

    7. The USA’s standard of living will be plummeting as the Biden Administration succeeds in banning use of fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine in favor of solar panels, batteries for electric storage, and electric vehicles mainly supplied by the CRP.

    8. Federal control of life will be achieved by total monitoring of all financial transactions after the Fed Reserve Bank succeeds in its initiative for a digital currency (as has been done by the CRP for its population).

    9. Unchallenged international leadership of the CRP is advancing, while the USA succumbs to becoming an inferior economic and military power.

    In other words, life here appears to be going to Hell, but that in itself is no reason for God to end the material realm, as it continues to serve its educational purpose.

    Our individual role in living the material world life remains in developing our love of God and His creation however bad society degenerates with its appeal to Woke ideals, such as pedophilia and transphobias. So, life goes on, day by day, but we may nevertheless continue to learn to love God and each other regardless of the current acceleration of societal degeneration.

    1. Oh my dear beloved Jack, how truly depressing, even for someone who never gets depressed! I tend to think not, though. I understand that silly world domination may be the objective of some of the airheads who would like to control the world, but they are reckoning without some of the scarily independent folks who still inhabit this country. We’ll see what happens….

    2. Dear Jack,
      If we in the West are often called ‘the Allies’ are Russia, China and their hangers on called ‘the Axis’? 😉

      I don’t really want to get political here, but the Russian ‘Tzar’ (aka Putin) was nearly deposed by some of his colleagues not so long ago. And many in the military, the government and also the business oligarchy are just chomping at the bit to get rid of Vladimir-the-Bloody at the first sight of credible opportunity. Hence Putin has real problems, while being quite as unwell as the Russian economy.

      Then there is the Chinese ‘Emperor,’ the President-for-life, who is beset by myriad economic, social and political internal problems resulting in frequently increasing popular unrest. Despite the greatest crackdown on freedom in modern times, under the guise of COVID health measures, Xi is is now more afraid of his people than at any time before. The economy is extremely sluggish and jobs, housing and finance corruption crises plague the nation. The people (over 1.3 billion of them) are decidedly not happy. (That is putting it mildly.)

      Dictatorships always hide the facts and true figures to make themselves seem all but invincible. Yet this strategy inevitably belies the rottenness, dangerous weaknesses and dysfunction within them. We didn’t know how bankrupt and inept the Soviet Union was until it was actually collapsing. All the while the Soviets looked powerful. In the end, the ruse was up and we saw how it really was behind the Iron Curtain.

      I’m in no way convinced that these dictatorships can defeat us. And a lot can happen in even a few years that may well work in our favor. 🙂🙏🏼🕊

      1. Oh my dear beautiful Efrem, I think the leaders are all mere paper tigers. And I have this fantasy now that their people, patient and long-suffering as they may have been, will all rise up now and in their various languages they will all say with a single voice, “No more.” We’ll see.

  4. ” For many people willing to put forth a bit of effort, it will not be difficult to go most or even all of the way to the Godhead level in a single lifetime.”

    Another jaw dropper right there. I need to exercise my jaw before reading your posts, Roberta.

    I expected to need at least 20 more reincarnations before getting closer to the Godhead.

    Though, I would be happy to take more time and grow slower if that meant more of us would make consistent, positive growth.

    The other day, I decided to enjoy the nice spring day and play around in the garage.

    I have some old plywood that has been taking up space. It’s cheap stuff that we purchased to build a temporary ramp for my dad when he was sick. I was hoping to use it on some “workshop” projects instead of scrapping it.

    Anyway, I go out into the garage. Door wide open. I start setting up my workbench. Suddenly two young kids come running over from across the street. They like to play with my electric leaf blower and decided today was a great day to do some yard work.

    I let them play with the blower while I start putting these plywood sheets on the workbench and getting out some drywall mud. I’m testing to see if I can seal the plywood enough to paint it.

    I look over and the kids decided there wasn’t enough leaves to blow so they turned the blower onto each other.

    Then the kids saw I was working on something and immediately ditched the blower to help me with the plywood.

    We turn on some music, get the mud knives out and start slapping mud and scrapping it onto the plywood. Another young kid runs across the street to help.

    So now I have 3 little assistants. All of them need to stand on chairs in order to reach the workbench top. Mud flying everywhere.

    Let me say this got messy. Real messy.

    So finally it’s time to clean up a little. I gave them some paper towels and told them to go to the hose to scrub off the mud. The younger of the two comes back all wet. Apparently the older one sprayed him with the hose. haha

    One of them wanted to go into my house. I tried to explain why they should never go into a strangers house without asking their mother. They said I wasn’t a stranger. So I tried to explain it more without trying to scare them. I don’t think I succeeded. We just went back to playing with the mud and the electric blower.

    This interaction reminded me of Jesus’ teachings about being child like. It made me wonder if we are more like our true selves when we are children. Once we get older, we “learn” more about the material world and move away from who we are.

    Jesus concentrating on children just seems brilliant to me. I’ve been seeing a lot of shootings being committed by teens, in my home town. These kids are learning this stuff and they need help. I sometimes think we are making this world too negative and need more intervention.

    By the way, I just finished season two of the Chosen series about Jesus. It was great. If Jesus had influenced that series, then he did a wonderful job. I enjoyed the levity and joking. Felt more authentic. I could relate to the bewildered looks, of the apostles, when Jesus was trying to teach them.

    1. Oh my dear wonderful Thomas, this really made me smile, especially reading about the sweet children! Yes, Jesus especially loves children. And He really loves to laugh! He always wears that vague little smile, as if He is thinking of something amusing, which astonishes me when you think of all the pain He has seen. And yes, I think Jesus is probably influencing the people working on The Chosen, although they may not know it. One thing I do know is that He is working now to separate Himself in people’s minds from the religion as it is dying.

      And oh yes, my dear, it is not difficult to get fairly close to the Godhead level in just one lifetime! Not to achieve it, mind you. But once you get to near the top of level five, you can stop incarnating on earth, and one really good incarnation should do it. Perhaps we’ll talk about that next week?

  5. Oh Roberta, what a beautiful post.!
    I knew Jesus wasn’t going to enlighten us in one big blast of Love!

    But Roberta, you knew His Tools—gratitude, forgiveness and love.

    Frankly, I am glad I am not seeing Consciousness 24/7!!!
    I would be dizzy all the time!
    But I accept the Truth.

    Instead of signing off love, Erica, I am going to salutate-gfl,erica

    1. Oh my dear sweet beautiful Erica, you always make me smile!

      And I know why Jesus won’t tell me much about what He is up to now. He knows that I will share it here. He told me early on in our relationship that He wanted me to share what He was telling me with the world, but then I think that it began to make Him uncomfortable to see me taking Him at His word because He couldn’t control it. He had been so private for so long! But we love Him here, my darling, infinitely and no matter what.

  6. Stellar blog, as always, and this one particularly hit home for me. I wish that I could share spiritual truths with my mother, who is Jehovah’s Witness (I was raised by just my dad, which was bad enough (LOL) as he is a fundamentalist Christian). My mother is trapped in fear that she will not be pleasing enough to Jehovah in order to make it to the “new world”. She is FIRMLY set in these beliefs, which is even more distressing now that she has been diagnosed with cancer (it came back after 2 years) because she does not seem receptive to any information which contradicts her JW teachings and beliefs. Any ideas on how to introduce beliefs-free spirituality to a person like this?
    My boyfriend who passed 5 months ago was not particularly religious so he would patiently listen to many of my thoughts and views about death (and I did like to ramble on at times!). A few weeks before he passed, I told him that I loved him sooooo very much, that I felt certain he had nothing to fear after death, because God’s love was so manyfold times greater and more perfect than my own love for him and so I was sure he would be ok.
    Jack’s post is also poignant wherein he discusses the current negative path the world (particularly US) seems to be on. JWs – and fundamentalist Christians – believe that God will soon destroy this wicked world. Certainly, the world we live in is CHOCK full of opportunities to practice gratitude, forgiveness and love!
    Much love to everyone here,
    Jennifer (I’ll post as JenniferK from now on to distinguish myself from the other Jennifer)

    1. Oh my dear beautiful JenniferK, it is terrible to see those that we love most trapped in fear so unnecessarily! How can you help her? The problem is, of course, that she likely doesn’t want to be helped. Most such cults teach a perverse arrogance, a kind of we-know-better that puts you on the outside and makes your mother flat unwilling to listen to anything that you might say to her. So all you can do is simply be an example of peaceful and happy certainty around her. If she ever expresses fear, simply be sorry for her. Express your sadness at how unnecessary her fear is. In my experience, cult members won’t listen until they themselves offer an opening. But she will. In time.

      1. Thank you, Roberta, your reply helps me and confirms what I had been inclined to think. For example, when I mentioned to my mother that my boyfriend was not suffering anymore and probably doing some kind of activity that he enjoys, she said, “Oh, no, he’s not. The dead are not conscious of anything.” And every time I would try to say something that contradicts her teachings so as to open her eyes and remove her fears, she would “correct” me, so I just lovingly shut my mouth. (Lol)

  7. Dearest Roberta,
    While reading your excellent post, I came to number of “ponderings” of which one is “And we have various spiritual teachers who are able to help us to directly raise our personal spiritual vibrations away from the low and fear-based vibratory Consciousness range and toward the higher, love-based range of Consciousness.” I can readiy understand that Love is associated, or maybe just plain “is” associated with a higher vibration than fear. That is so obvious that there is no need for measurements, such as frequency as mentioned in Hertz.

    But how are we to evaluate what are more subtle thoughts such as good act #1compared with good act#2? My engineering mind would like to measure these acts numerically, so I can realize that good act #1 is a 60Hz vibration and good act #2 is a 72Hz vibration, so my best course of action is to follow the better act which is act 2.
    But wait! Hz is a measure of the number of act wiggles divided by a standard time, such as a minute, so act 1 measures out at 1 wiggle per minute and act 2 measures out at 1.2 wiggles per minute. Oops, I forgot there is no time, therefore such measurement as wiggles per second.

    Or am I missing something fundamental? I sure hope that I have.

    Thankyou for all you do.


    1. Dear Cookie,
      Your phraseology made me laugh (wiggles per minute!). I love it!
      I’m also interested in the whole concept of vibration because yes it does seem obvious that Love is the highest vibration, but how do we keep our vibration “high” if we are grieving? I can’t fake feeling happy right now due to a recent loss of a loved one. I mean, I’m not miserable 24/7, but I feel the heaviness of grief and so am not sure if that means my overall vibration is low or if my trying to live in a loving manner “trumps” the lower vibration of grief.
      Hope this makes sense.


      1. Shoot – I hit reply too soon.
        Maybe grief is not a low vibration, since the grief is based on the love and deep care I had/have for the deceased loved one? Or is the grief based in feeling the lack of presence of a loved one, so therefore a fear-based emotion? Hmmmmm.

      2. This is a great question, dear JenniferK, and I think your answer given below is right – if you are loving, then that will keep your vibration high.

    2. Oh my dear wonderful Cookie, it is not loving acts, my dear, but it is all internal. I really will need to write about this next week – it has been too long since we have talked about all of this. Heh – wiggles per second. How cute!

  8. Dearest Roberta,
    Is it the concerted doing of Loving acts that will make us more loving in the end?

    Or is it the steady dawn of Love internally that inevitably, quite naturally, expresses in Loving acts aplenty?


    1. Ah, my dear Efrem, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? I think it is the second, but it’s pretty self-reinforcing. And some of the comments this week have made Thomas and me realize that we haven’t written about the process of spiritual growth in awhile, and we probably should do that. But really, the process is pretty simple!

  9. Also my dear, we Down Under have heard of the Christian revival happening currently in the US. It seems to be prevalent among many younger Americans, especially in the South. It sounds like quite an important happening.

    I can already see how Jesus is reaching out to the young. I’m sure the same inspiration will take place here too. (Americans and Australians seem to have a close connection in our group psyches.) Often we feel similar things at similar times; methinks this goes deeper in us than just following prevailing American popular trends.

    For instance there seems to be a natural reaction-aversion to ‘woke’ thinking and the silly, faddish, illogical ideas that spring from it. And Jesus is loved here too by so many people.

    I’m hearing of ardent, church going Christians – both Catholic and Protestant – being avidly devoted to Jesus Himself, while feeling that lackluster church organization and doctrine is no longer quite so relevant. They focus on being closer to Jesus rather than being concerned with long-standing dogma or church figures.

    I hope to see Lord Jesus’ direct influence in this world at this time, as powerfully obvious to us. I hope this happens soon.
    I hope it is something big! 🙏🏼❣️🌅

    1. Oh my dear beautiful Efrem, it is clear that Jesus is moving here in the minds of Christian young people! But I have been hearing from many older Christians, too, for the past ten years at least, and all saying the same thing: they don’t find Christianity to be believable anymore, but they want a whole lot more of Jesus. I think He is doing it to ensure that as the religion dies, He won’t be going down with the ship, and already I am pretty confident that won’t be happening. Already He has a sufficiently separate identity. And, oh yes, won’t it be lovely if your wonderful country can join this movement, my dear!

    2. Hi Efram,

      I lived in Oz for around 4ish years right out of college.

      Absolutely loved it there and felt like home in no time.

      Though I had some moments like jumping into the car and wondering why the steering wheel was on the wrong side. Or wondering why everyone was telling me Bob is my uncle when it was Jim.

      I still to this very day respond to people with “no worries”.

      I need to go back for a visit. I just hate the idea of a 24 hour flight.

      1. Oh my so very dear Thomas and Efrem, if only we were not so far apart spatially! But our hearts are not far apart at all, and that is so very comforting. The internet is such a tremendous blessing!

        1. Hi Roberta, the internet, even with some of its downsides, is a blessing.

          I remember needing to purchase things like books in order to learn something new. Now there is a great many kind people posting helpful information all over the internet. It’s so much easier to learn these days.

          It will be much easier for Jesus to spread his love as well. No more needing to walk from village to village to spread his teachings. He can sit back and blog. haha

          1. Ah, my dear Thomas, it is even easier for Jesus! He can simply speak individually to people’s minds, since Consciousness itself is the most effective internet of them all!

      2. Glad you enjoyed your sojourn in Australia, Thomas. As you seem to have found out, Australia can be a fun place to live. And you are right, Americans adapt very easily to Aussie life. I’ve known so many Americans who become fast friends with Aussies and are easily accepted as part of the family. (This is true for people from other countries too, but it is not always so quick an adaptation.)

        However, there is one major problem that Americans seem to face down under: Up in the tropical north, American tourists seem to get too close to the local crocodiles. These tourists sometimes take a spontaneous swim in the most appealing rivers that, unbeknown to them, have been home to huge crocodiles for aeons. A river, lake or pool may look empty of these canny reptiles, but may actually be home to scores of concealed animals.

        Trouble is, one may not always see the big crocs until they strike. We have lost many a tourist to the big crocs, sadly, over the decades.

        Maybe some people think that they know how to negotiate alligators back home. However crocodiles, being fiercely territorial, are savagely aggressive and can move at lightning speed (from being totally still) in an instant. Their nature is quite different from that of the American alligator.

        I’m sure if you returned to Australia and ventured north, there are more signs and warnings given than there used to be. No doubt you would have an enjoyable and reasonably safe time! 🐊🐊😉😀

  10. My heart ♥ is full of love.I don’t plan it; it just happens!

    am so full, I have some for all of you! Here it comes


    I read all your posts and they were all different but so sincere. I hope your evenings are gentle,nice. gfl, erica

    1. Well, my dear Litsa, we do really try, my beloved Thomas and I. Each blog post feels like our gift from us to you. This feels like our ministry, so it is lovely that you receive it that way!

  11. Jesus, Thomas and You are doing a great job and I am so grateful at in this era I am learning!!!

    I truly wish all people can learn from what your blogs and Jesus’s Website teaches.

    I pray that this helps me grow on my journey!


    1. Oh my dear treasured Litsa, it would be far more accurate to say that Jesus and Thomas are doing a fantastic job, and I try to serve them as some of their hands on earth, as best I can, my sweet friend 🙂

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