Life in the Illusion

Posted by Roberta Grimes • February 17, 2024 • 18 Comments
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“Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!” 

He took his vorpal sword in hand;
Long time the manxome foe he sought—
So rested he by the Tumtum tree
And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!
– Lewis Carroll (1832-1898), from “Jabberwocky” (1871)

Our whole world of ideas must in 2024 walk a most peculiar line. Only consider, if you will, the insular space occupied by mainstream science. To be a working scientist in the modern day is to need to know not only the scientists’ history of well-documented discoveries, but scientists also must know the weird additional facts that you and I also know, but that none of us much likes to think about. Such as, for example, the strange-but-true notion that what seems to be solid matter is not in fact solid at all. But rather, every bit of matter, from the stars and the sun in the inaccessible heavens down to the desk before you and the apple that you are about to eat to finish off your lunch are all 99.9999999% empty space. All the surfaces that seem smooth to your finger’s touch are not smooth, either! And my goodness, only five percent of the matter in the universe, as insubstantial as that matter is, turns out to be all the normal matter that there is, because 25% of the universe is “dark matter,” and a full 70% is “dark energy”. Mainstream scientists have known this jaw-dropping set of facts for at least a century, but they still have no clue about what the dark stuff actually is, or who (if anyone at all) might live there. All they know is that it won’t interact with photons of light.

And even with all of these further complications, mainstream scientists also have to contend now with reconciling with the rest of what they know some pretty freakish subatomic quantum effects. And their confusion there continues to grow even vastly more confusing, since they must still adhere to their profession’s nonsensical century-old insistence that matter must be material, no matter how they confront it and no matter what about it they believe that they are attempting to measure with all their subatomic equations and theories. Wow, how frustrating this all feels to us, so we can only imagine how it must seem to them!

Then too, there is the increasingly wavery history of mainstream science’s most important theories. For example, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution for the past century and a half has been considered to be the key explanation for the astounding range and diversity of modern species, while Darwin himself has long been one of mainstream science’s most important longtime unquestioned gods. But, no longer. Time marches on. In the past few decades, with the advent of The Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington,  the investigation of the idea of intelligent design, or ID, as an alternative explanation for the complexity and diversity of life on earth has largely replaced the idea of blind and lumbering natural selection, and with salutary success. Even Darwin himself came to realize that his pet theory had some major flaws, and late in his life he was working on a corrective to his theory of evolution that in the end never was published.

And ultimately, of course, there is mainstream science’s greatest conundrum, which continues to be the whole issue of life itself. Although the scientists at the Discovery Institute, whose minds are much freer to venture into heretofore unexplored pathways, and also are more able to reach for new and possibly amazing ideas than are the minds of conventional mainstream scientists, even they are having trouble defining what life even is. They find themselves still using Darwinian terms as they try to pin life down to a definition, still using terms like “that which is subject to natural selection” and so on. Which feels to me like a step backward. And yet at the same time, those engaged in the study of cellular behavior as they investigate life at the Discovery Institute are coming to suspect that individual cells, and even cells which themselves are part of larger creatures like you and me, may at some level be complex sentient beings. The Discovery Institute scientists have discovered that, for certain, living cells do communicate with one another.  

We might note here just as an aside that we afterlife researchers are by necessity intensive scientific hobbyists, and it was right around the turn of this century that we first began to understand the primary role of Consciousness, and to suspect the boggling fact that nothing else but what we experience as human consciousness actually exists. This astonishing fact doesn’t hit you right away in all its stunning totality, but it feels more like a lot of smaller, inexorable facts each striking you, more or less one right after the other. Materialist scientists can never come close to getting this gigantic picture right because they must be paid for their work, so they must dance to their piper’s tune. And all mainstream scientists are forced by their gatekeepers, their university departments and their peer-reviewed journals, to consider only materialist explanations for each phenomenon that they study. However, one would think that the wonderful scientists at the Discovery Institute, being altogether free of the mainstream scientists’ deadly materialist dogma, should easily have also discovered the obvious primacy of Consciousness. (Note that Craig Hogan’s wonderful book on this topic, There is Nothing But Mind And Experiences, is a great introduction to what turns out to be true.)

But unfortunately, where life is concerned, the Discovery Institute’s scientists are in the end no more independent than are the materialists, it feels sad to say. You cannot follow and trust the work of any scientist in 2024 unless you know who is paying that scientist! And those superlative Discovery Institute scientists are Christians, so they are being paid to assume that the Designer behind Intelligent Design must be the literal Christian God. Therefore, to ask them to stretch their minds enough to imagine that the Designer might be Consciousness itself, and for them then to find life within Consciousness as an inherent property, which turns out to be what is actually true about life, doesn’t seem to be very likely to happen.

All of which feels sad and frustrating. Is there really no physicist, no biologist or chemist working on earth in the year 2024 who is free to do fully open-minded scientific research, and is not limited by human-imposed constraints? Well, theoretically at least, there likely are some such scientists. They might be living on inherited wealth while puttering in their basements. But as a practical matter, they still are going to be self-limited by pre-conceived ideas that were developed as they were being educated. You know how it is! They were taught by mainstream scientists, and now to separate out the truths from the falsehoods in their own educational backgrounds is a yeoman’s task all by itself. And then they might read more broadly, and perhaps they might pick up some new ideas and decide to test them. But like fish who never have experienced the fundamental concept of not-water, for trained scientists to grasp the enormity of Max Planck’s and Nicola Tesla’s gigantic century-old discovery that consciousness is primary would be a truly amazing thing. Almost no working scientist has the intellectual heft to do it alone.

And speaking of doing things alone, we now have many people who love Jesus but don’t really know the first thing about Jesus, and who as Christianity dies are being set loose upon the world. I know personally that Jesus will give us powerful guidance when we ask Him for it and allow Him to give us the precious gift of His guidance. But the problem is that those who love Jesus as an idea, but don’t actually know Jesus and His teachings at all, generally think of Him as being long-dead. And Jesus is emphatically not dead at all! He has just been extremely busy for the past seventeen hundred years as He worked to heal the emotional and spiritual damage that was being done to hundreds of millions of people by the Roman Emperor Constantine’s bastardized Christianity. And now, as Roman Christianity dies, as indeed it was inevitably going to die, Jesus is in the process of  beginning again what came before it during those first three hundred years following His teaching life on earth. His intended legacy is His Way, a simple and beautiful method of living and uplifting humankind that is based upon Jesus’s teachings and rooted in love. It was rapidly overspreading the then-known world, and it had attracted millions of adherents before the Romans ruthlessly stamped it out. In thee year 2024, Jesus is the most famous and beloved person on earth. And He is inspiring so many people to crave to learn more about Him! I know that, because I am hearing from more and more of those people every day. Now at last His time has come!     

But there are very grave dangers in being the most famous and beloved person in the world when so few people really know You, and most people  think of You as being long dead. Sometimes people will feel entitled to conceive their own ideas about You which they personally think are wonderful. Gosh almighty, just wonderful! They will make up a brand-new Jesus for today out of whole cloth who goes around washing people’s feet, and they will show that brand-new Jesus as a Super Bowl ad. Of course, traditional Christians hate and are making a great fuss about this ad that was lately shown on TV because they think Super Bowl Jesus should be shown to be preaching to and judging the sinners whose feet people are shown to be washing. But I feel rather differently about it. I think that if you are going to work with Jesus at all, then you should work with Him. You should do what He wants you to do, and not just what you feel like doing. And Jesus would say that if you want to work with Him, then share His teachings. That one foot-washing scene in the Gospel of John was an intimate and highly symbolic act at the end of Jesus’s earthly life, when He washed the feet of His Disciples as they were about to set out walking to bring Jesus’s teachings to the world following His coming crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus otherwise never in His life is reported to ever have washed other people’s feet! And for the “He Gets Us” folks to even imply that Jesus did that routinely only proves that in truth they don’t “get Him” at all.

The scientific gatekeepers who imposed materialism as a dogma on mainstream science more than a century ago never meant to do their beloved discipline any harm. Indeed, they thought they were protecting mainstream science from harm! But they have done the work of millions of scientists such tremendous harm, and over many generations. When at last materialism is fully discarded, much of the materialism-polluted work of all the past four or five generations of scientists worldwide will have to be patiently checked, and in many cases partially or completely discarded. And to the extent that the evangelizing of well-meaning fools who won’t bother to learn who Jesus actually is before they set out to try to teach about Him might pollute what the world believes that it knows about Jesus, that eventually is going to have to be corrected, too. So it is wonderful to know that Jesus Himself is still fully alive, and He is quite capable of doing the correcting Himself.

There was a recent time when I used to worry. There were people, including the “He Gets Us” campaign, who had spurious and even shockingly wrong ideas based upon too little information about who Jesus is, why He came to earth, and what His followers should be doing now to help Him. And yet those ignorant but well-meaning folks were loudly out there proclaiming their own opinions. Was something like the materialists’ takeover of the scientific world developing with Jesus’s legacy? Omigod, that very thought was horrifying! But after April of 2022, I don’t worry anymore. I have met the living Jesus, and I have personally heard Him speak of His plans for the next stage of His eternal life and work. And I don’t care how much money you might have. Your ideas and your power are no match for His!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
He chortled in his joy.

 ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.
Lewis Carroll (1832-1898), from “Jabberwocky” (1871)


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18 thoughts on “Life in the Illusion

  1. Dear Roberta. Every time you mention Constantine l can’t help but think how people like him get off light in the life reviews. He had his so long ago before his actions caused the inquisition and crusades and still retard spiritual progress in so many.

    1. Re Constantine’s life review: Once outside of time perhaps his review was able to include the consequences that were yet to come.

      1. Oh my dear lovely Mandi, our life reviews are highly personal, and they are not forward-looking in terms of human history. Perhaps it would be better if they were!

    2. My dear Ray, you make an excellent point. I have it on good authority that the same sort of thing happened in other cases of names that would be known to you. Adolf Hitler, for one notable example. And Joseph Stalin for another. Since so many of the horrors that their lives on earth caused were carried out by other people, it was the soldiers and the camp guards who had the worst life-reviews and ended up in the outer darkness, while it is said that Hitler, at least, was able to forgive himself.

      1. Roberta, I wonder about Hitler, the mastermind behind the Holocaust, forgiving himself easily or otherwise. In reading several of your books, I recall that you wrote nobody gets “a pass,” on owning up to the effects of their life decisions + actions. Even due to ignorance or delusion. The Elders present to guide you during your life review will coach you until you come to understand and take responsibility, for your deeds good or bad.

        1. Ah yes, my dear Lisa. And I wondered about this too. A lot! But apparently all the evil that was done on Hitler’s watch was done by other people, and not so much on his orders but rather on his inspiration. And he was able to forgive himself for that inspiration, while those closer to the actual evils were not so readily able to self-forgive.

  2. But Roberta, there is at least one scientist alive now who acknowledges and tells all who would hear that the fabric of this material world (and Heaven too) is consciousness, in fact the consciousness of God. Twice retired and at 85 with cancer, I am of course free to tell the truth.

    In 1972, two eminent paleontologists, Eldrige and Gould, published a theory attempting to cope with the realization that there really was no good evidence supporting Darwinian evolution as the source of species. They attempted to rescue evolutionary theory by proposing that a species would establish a firm stationary status, but every now and then would jump to a new status; they had no evidence for this theory, so it was not adopted.

    One of the interesting consistent features of NDE reports is the perception after leaving the body that everything then perceived, such as water, flowers, blades of grass, trees, mountains, and other creatures, all exuded consciousness. Whatever exists is a form of consciousness cut from or produced by God.

    In 2022, a Nobel Prize was awarded to three researchers who demonstrated experimentally that the prediction of quantum entanglement was true. Einstein had analysed the Schrodinger wave equation employing differential calculus to make a prediction that he was sure had to be wrong. If a particle, such as a photon, were split in half, then each of the pairmates had to maintain a balanced energy state according to the Principle of Conservation of Energy. So, for example, if one of the particles were enegetically observed/measured, then that particle would convert from an indefinite statistically hazy distribution of possible values, say for momentum, and any and all other features of its existence, to a definite, real existence. One of its features is a property termed spin. If the measured particle adopted an Up spin, then the pairmate would have to adopt the balancing Down spin. But Einstein saw two problems. First, the equation required that the second particle, the pairmate, would instantaneously adopt the required spin, so communication between the particles was faster than the speed of light, which his Theory of Special Relativity held was impossible. Second, there was no known or theorized mechanism for the first particle to signal its pairmate what it had become. However, the experiments established that quantum entanglement was real. But physicists are completely clueless to explain how quantum entanglement works, how, for example, one particle could signal its pairmate 14 billion light years away–instantaneously. But there is an explanation consistent with the nature of consciousness.

    One of the consistent reports about existence when consciousness detaches from the body is that time no longer runs; in the immaterial world of consciousness, what is experienced is an eternal NOW. Event happen in the NOW, but take no time, since time does not run. In my own theorizing, it made sense to consider that the material world is a special subset of the world of consciousness, what I call the Universal Field of Consciousness, UFC. Everything here is in a sense a shadow of its existence in the UFC. So, when the first particle of a pair is energetically made to adopt its real feature, its pairmate in the UFC is instantaneously signalled; in a sense, the two particles here are really a single entity in the UFC. The quantum entanglement experimental results serve as evidence for everything here being a shadow of its existence in the UFC.

    Let’s consider the missing dark energy and matter. The missing matter and energy here means they have not had any shadows created from their existence in the UFC to exist in our material world. Our material world is a small subset, about 2%, of the UFC.

    1. Oh wow, my dear wonderful Jack, your intellect absolutely stuns me, dear one! If only there were a scientific laboratory, a place where you could work, and a journal where you could publish!

      I cannot match (or in many cases, even comprehend) your thinking for all of it. In my simple mind, dark matter and energy, intermingled as they are with the little bit that is materiality, likely is the greater reality, which is our eternal home. It simply makes sense that it would be visible to us in some fashion, and the proportions seem right. But, I guess, who really knows?

      1. It sounds like there is no separation in the UFC. In that case, signalling would not be necessary since that would take time to do. If time does not exist there, the two particles would actually be one no matter where they are in relation to each other. Am I reading this correctly?

    2. It sounds like there is no separation, as we know it, in the UFC. Therefore, no “signalling” could be happening because that would take time to do and if there is no time there, signalling wouldn’t be necessary, so I assume that everything is, in a sense, one, Is that true, or did I read this wrong?

  3. Re Constantine’s life review: Once outside of time perhaps his review was able to include the consequences that were yet to come.

    1. Ah no, my dear, I don’t believe that would have happened in his life review per se, which is drawn from his own memories. But it likely would have been something that would have been made clear to him as he was made to watch events that followed on earth soon afterward.

    2. Ah, my dear Mandi, we all would love it if it worked this way! But it seems that if those consequences would not have been reasonably foreseeable by that person when he or she was still on earth, then they aren’t reasonably foreseeable in the life review, either. That is kind of out of bounds, somehow.

  4. Oh Jack I don’t really understand your science without a real scientific background but your theory does make sense and i love reading your pieces. They blow my mind! Thank you. (And I really loved your writings about your beloved Shakey bird and mourned his tragic end. But he’s probably in a better place now!)

  5. Sorry my comment was meant for Jack not for Ray!Silly me!!
    But i do always enjoy everybody’s comments too.

  6. It sounds like there is no separation in the UFC. In that case, signalling would not be necessary since that would take time to do. If time does not exist there, the two particles would actually be one no matter where they are in relation to each other. Am I reading this correctly?

    1. Hello, dear lovely Lola! I’m not really sure what this is about, but it’s just lovely to see you here! 🙂

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