Stumbling Toward a Theory of Everything

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 15, 2018 • 20 Comments
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Stephen Hawking’s death yesterday felt especially sad to me. We saw him as trapped in a crippled body, but how much more tragic was the fact that such a great mind was for his entire life forlornly trapped in a crippled science! The simple explanation of his “theory of everything” is a tautology – gravity explains where gravity came from – and his saying that “M-theory is the only possible theory of everything” is a sadly defeatist statement from someone so bright. Sadly, too, like nearly all scientists, he was unnecessarily battling ancient Christian theories about God that are fully as nonsensical and altogether bogus as is the scientists’ century-long obsession with the dogma of materialism.

In fact, there still is no Theory of Everything beyond Stephen Hawking’s dogma-hobbled mind. Honest scientists now admit that the more they learn, the more puzzling mysteries they find! And the most honest ones of all are coming clean to us late in life with the fact that, essentially, modern theoretical physics is a con game. Amit Goswami is one of very few physicists who – like the father of quantum mechanics, Max Planck – now accept the notion that consciousness is primary; so people still battling for materialism may want to challenge him as a serious physicist. But what he says about the dogma-impaired work of physicists today is no less to be believed because he has managed to free himself from it! No one has more authority to speak to us about the utter falsity of any belief-system than someone who once was its devout preacher.I found out a long time ago that everything can be proven with a mathematical equation. Now, I mean everything; from unicorns, fire-breathing dragons, God and even the G-spot. None of it is true. Me and the handful that know the truth have been riding the Quantum Physicist celebrity wave for quite some time now, but it must end – before someone gets hurt” is a late-in-life confession with the resounding ring of a revelation!

Modern mainstream scientists’ obsession with matter continues to lead them into ever greater silliness. Matter is composed of particles, and even though these scientists full well know that every particle is a vortex of energy and in reality nothing is solid, when they want to explain anything new that they find it must always be explained in terms of particles. So when they discover that more than a quarter of what exists is what they call “dark matter,” they are certain dark matter has to be just more particles! Dark matter is called “dark” only because it doesn’t give off or reflect photons of material light, which suggests to those of us who think logically that maybe – you know – it isn’t the usual kind of matter? But scientists are undaunted. If it is not in some way material, then according to the century-old dogma of materialism it cannot affect this material universe.

We have known ever since Max Planck gave us his core insight – the greatest discovery of the twentieth century! – that what we experience as consciousness is primary. It is the source of all matter! He said in 1931, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” And later research by people like Dr. Goswami who have managed to free themselves from the dogma of materialism have proven Dr. Planck’s insight to be exactly right.

Our minds are eternally part of the base creative force that continuously manifests this universe. That is the only Theory of Everything that ever will be proven to be true in fact.

But mainstream scientists still stuck in materialism give the material brain full credit for being the sole source of our minds, which is the equivalent of giving your television full credit for being the sole source of the evening news. So when people with brains that are partially missing are actually able to function normally, scientists are speechless. And this seems to happen more often than we realize, since usually the condition is discovered only when adults have a problem that makes a brain scan necessary. Perhaps most of my skull is filled with liquid, too. Who knows? And more importantly, who cares? Mainstream scientists still have no clue after diligent research as to what human awareness is or where it comes from; but whatever it is, it had better turn out to be material!

We have abundant evidence now that the scientific dogma of  materialism is pure garbage. But still, after more than a century, the university departments and the peer-reviewed journals continue to insist that only research that is based in the dogma of materialism can be done in elite universities and published in approved ways. They enforce a plainly false dogma to this day! And so it is that a brilliant man whose life was so physically impaired that his only possible course was the life of the mind still sadly spouted nonsense to his dying day.

At last, Stephen Hawking knows the truth! He has a young and healthy body now, and a much greater mind than he could have imagined. We won’t say to him something silly like, “Rest in Peace.” Instead we will sing to him now, “Work in Joy forevermore, dear brother Stephen!” Other great scientists who went before you are working hard to create easy electronic communication between where they are now and the material universe you at last have left. And we can’t wait to see what you are going to contribute!


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20 thoughts on “Stumbling Toward a Theory of Everything

  1. I’m so excited I found you! I was watching a YouTube interview of you, and felt like you were speaking to me. My mom passed in December unexpectedly and I’ve been really interested in learning. She has studied many things like The Masters Teachings and was very involved in the past with the Unity Church. I have her copy of A Course in Miracles. Not sure it will be the first class I take, but I will be pursuing more learning experiences. Oh… I’m in San Marcos TX. Again, thank you. Debbi C.

    1. Debbi, I’m excited that you found me, too! And San Marcos is not so very far from Austin, so perhaps we might at some point share a lunch? I am traveling a great deal now (too much!), but if you will send me a contact through let’s see what we can do ;-).

  2. Thank you so much Roberta grimes,yesterday I told someone of the same that Stephen hawkings theories of the universe is entirely wrong and all said was that I was a narrow mind but I didn’t mind since the truth is simple and it can be hard for someone materialistic and willing to find prove of all based on the physical reality which is impossible since this reality is created and the fact that all life begins from the spirit side and for as long as this cannot be understood even for another aeon non of the mysteries of the universe will be known to man
    It’s good to know another great personality like you Roberta speak of the same about physics

    1. I’m not sure how “great” a personality I am, dear Benson, but I will take credit for being persistent! Those that we used to think were dead – including many major scientists – are working hard now to develop good and reliable electronic communication between there and here, and their primary purpose in doing this seems to be so they can bomb living scientists with the truth and get them to shape up much earlier than aeons from now!

  3. Check out Tom Campbell’s “My Big TOE (theory of everything)”. He is a physicist and bridges science with his personal experiences over 30 years or more of communicating with the larger consciousness system after meeting Robert Monroe and working with him learning out of body, remote viewing, etc.

    1. Thank you for mentioning Tom Campbell, Melanie – he is one of my biggest heroes! I actually met him about a decade ago, when he came to the University of Texas and gave a talk about his Theory of Everything. I sat among all those college students, listening, and I felt more and more stunned. Because what he had arrived at from a scientific perspective was basically the same tentative Theory of Everything that I had arrived at from the viewpoint of the afterlife evidence! His My Big TOE is a classic – I recommend it highly. Thank you for mentioning it here!

  4. Read two of your great books, The Fun of Dying and Liberating Jesus.
    Thank you for your great inspirational truths.
    Quite bizarre that Mr. Hawking lived so far beyond the normal ALS lifespans.
    Also, quite strange that he passed on Einstein’s birthday and on Pi Day 3.14
    Anyway, materialists live in an empty unaware consensus trance having been indoctrinated with scientific theoretical dogma by a defunct politically correct academic system run by Mathamagicians or Mythamaticians.
    Many individual theories are still under serious challenges let alone a theory of everything.
    Scuba diving in Egypt (In deNile; in denial), materialists are like an enemy disguised as a political party fighting against every open mind declaring them to be closed minded or narrow minded.
    The English language certainly does not help when declaring the insane to be out of their minds yet declaring the incapable as unable; why are we not all unsane if the crazies are insane?
    Anyway, a theory of everything already exists in the Creator’s awareness in us and in everything. The mysteries beyond the electromagnetic spectrum beyond our senses and our observational and measuring instruments are part of the Creator’s fun for all beyond the fractals, beyond the infinite foreverness of the Creator’s Creations.

    1. It is indeed interesting that Dr. Hawking passed on such a scientifically significant day! But you know, Will, both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed on July 4, 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence: apparently we choose our dates of death, so for some to pick dates that are important to them is not surprising.

      It makes me uneasy to imagine now how ridiculous mainstream science is going to look when it is at last obvious to everyone else that what we experience as human consciousness is the creative force, and is all that exists! They will feel as stupid as a fish might feel who could not grasp the concept of water :-(. The only question remaining is for how long and how hard they are going to fight the truth! That is the nervousness-making part of this. Because only when they give up their stonewalling and begin to open-mindedly examine the truth will it be able to dawn over all the world!

  5. Max Planck is a hero and pioneer as is Dr. Goswami. No mysteries of the universe will ever be solved by science alone, since it totally ignores the bigger picture. This is reminiscent of the days when it took forever for people to realize that the earth wasn’t flat and that the sun didn’t revolve around the earth. People are stubborn and scared to let go of their beliefs no matter how absurd those beliefs may be.

    1. Hello dear Lola! Of course, you’re right. And for mainstream scientists the problem is even worse than mere stubbornness or fear, since the whole scientific discipline has devoted more than a century now to chasing the utterly bogus dogma of materialism. At this point, many scientists have a tremendous need to preserve and protect their life’s work and that of their friends. It’s tragic, really!

    1. Thank you for sharing these links, Mary! Craig Hogan is the greatest living teacher in this field, so it’s wonderful of you to bring his words to our readers here!

  6. So nice to see your post and as always enlightening to those who care to actually look. Your comment about a devout preacher of a dogma being especially qualified to discredit said dogma reminds me of my journey into Christianity and subsequent freedom to live and speak the truth. Human nature seems to be so desperately in need of ultimate answers it latches onto the first attractive dogma. Once time, interest, indoctrination and agreement with other believers becomes becomes ingrained into the psychic and spirit it is very difficult to question and change our dogmatic beliefs. At this point it takes a lot to overcome the fear of letting go and the corresponding fear of being berated by fellow believers, friends, and family. The most clever ploy of most scientist is to claim that only they have the truth proven by intellect. Which most certainly (to them) is not anything like the dogmatic beliefs of religion. As you have often stated, in fact modern science is steeped in ridgid viewpoints that disallow dissenting views. As a former preacher, I know this is exactly what my religion proclaimed. If you question everything and seek with diligence and an open honest mind, you indeed will find. Sorry couldn’t help but get in a little bit of Bible verse that is actually true.

    1. So true, dear Michael! It is laughable that science so ardently battles Christianity, and Christianity so fiercely opposes science, as if together they owned the field; but in reality, both are just old dogma-based belief-systems. Both of them are equally wrong!

      Don’t you love Dr. Goswami’s quote? It is just as I always have suspected: you can prove anything at all mathematically ;-). And you also can find isolated Bible verses that can be taken out of context to “prove” that God takes your own position about almost anything!

      Christians ignore what to my mind are among the most important Biblical words of all: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” (MT 7:7-8)

      You and I have followed that command, dear Michael. And God’s promise that the answers can be found has proven to be more wonderful than our most optimistic imaginings!

  7. I have spent time around academics from various disciplines, and there seems to be a problem with many, if not all of them. Geology: don’t question carbon dating. Climate scientists: don’t question global warming. The poor student coming out of four, six, or eight long years of school soon finds out that if they do not step in line they will be replaced by someone who will. Then there is the money issue. “If you want our money you have to say what we want you to say.” It saddens me to think that it has been this way for so long it will take something “huge” to shine a light on the problem. Until it does we will never move forward.

    1. You are perfectly right! And if the only people this false materialist version of the sciences were harming were the scientists themselves, this problem would be less horrendous. But in fact, their enforcing their false dogma this way is every bit as harmful to all of us as was the Medieval Church’s enforcement of its own false dogmas!

      Humankind has made technological advances in the past century, which obscures for most of us the plain fact that the last major verifiable scientific discovery was quantum mechanics. After that, it has been mainly tiny particles and exotic theories, but nothing concrete. Which is what you would expect of a discipline gone off the rails! Basic science has been the source of tremendous good for humankind. The sooner we get back to it, the better off all of us will be!

  8. Like many, many more Hawking will find he got things wrong.

    Let’s not forget that we will find after our passing that we also got things wrong. And we may find ourselves looking back shame-facedly at how harshly we criticised others for their failings.

    Whatever his human faults he is as eternal as the rest of us. He may even now be regretting what he got wrong and working to try to put them right. I hope so and I hope we can rejoice that he is now free of the body that constrained his movement and free of the ideas that constrained his thinking.

    1. You are perfectly right, Mac! Which is why Dr. Hawking’s passing feels so tragic to me. None of his failings were his fault! He was a brilliant man who should have been able to do fantastic, cutting-edge science that could have benefited all of humankind; but his mind was even more handicapped by the “fundamental scientific dogma of materialism” than his body was handicapped by disease. Tragic. What a waste of an important life!

      The end is going to come, however, and probably soon. When we have the electronic communication system that people like Edison, Einstein, Steve Jobs, and others are working on right now, we all will be able to clearly see that the materialist scientific emperor is in fact buck nekkid. Then at last science will be shamed into returning to its facts-based roots! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Stephen Hawking were able to contribute now to his own vindication?

      1. Hi Roberta,

        Like you, I also have mixed feelings about Hawking’s passing. I always felt as though he might have been on the brink of a realization akin to Max Plank’s and others in the so-called “scientific community,” especially as he looked at M-theory so closely — if ever there is a theory that comes face to face with the fact that everything is energy and all energy in integrated (not to mention the multi-dimensional aspects), string theory, and its various iterations, is it. But apparently, at least when speaking aloud, he did not realize it. To paraphrase the old expression, knowledge advances one funeral at a time. I don’t know if the soul that was Hawking in this plane has the destiny of peeking back in to help with the ITC technology, but reportedly others have, so who knows, he may be part of the team. Which would mean that he was always part of that team, wouldn’t it? But I digress. My real point is that I look forward to the day when people will recognize his contributions but also the tragedy of his myopia.

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