We’ll Share the Love Again Next Year!

Posted by Roberta Grimes • October 21, 2017 • 13 Comments
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Many people have asked me how AREI’s Symposium went in Scottsdale, Arizona. Simply put, it was a lovefest! So many people came from all over the world that they overwhelmed the hotel where we have been holding these events: we tried to cap attendance at 500, the capacity of the hotel’s ballroom, but even with trying to cap registrations we wound up with attendance well above that number.

Who was there? Many people joined us all the way from Europe and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and Brazil as well as from Canada, Mexico, and all over the United States. And what was most striking about all these people was how happy and warm-spirited they all were! We had some frustrations – the restaurant was too small for such a group, and there wasn’t enough parking – but still, everyone was cheerful and joyous. I never heard even one complaint!

There was a lighthearted atmosphere of love and merriment throughout the hotel that astonished some people. One man blurted to me, “What? Did you clone yourself?” (I thought that was nice!) Another drew me aside and said that he attends lots of events, and even what should be spiritual conferences tend to have issues with factions and drama. But there was none of that here: no egos at all. He wanted to know our secret! I told him that we all are happy living in the joyous love of Spirit, but actually there is a simpler answer. We five members of the AREI Board – including Craig Hogan, Susanne Wilson, and Victor and Wendy Zammit – are so deep into loving and supporting one another that our shared closeness seemed to make everyone there feel as if we all were part of one loving family. It was beautiful!

There were many there who were not now in bodies. People were getting amazing private readings with mediums, and spirit orbs were everywhere! As you may know, the easiest way for people without bodies to be with us is as glowing orbs of light that a few people can see (although most cannot), and that can be photographed with a digital camera. The nearby photo was taken during George Noory’s panel with the experts, who were (left to right) Mark Pitstick (behind George), Sandra Champlain, Craig Hogan, Susanne Wilson, Mark Anthony, and yours truly. You can see next to me two large, bright orbs, their size and brightness indicating that they were very advanced beings indeed. Susanne tells me that the huge one is Master Jesus and the smaller one is my own guide, Thomas, but who’s to know? If you look closely, you can see at least four more orbs in this photo that were beloved family members. They were everywhere!

We are already deep into planning our 2018 AREI Symposium. Since we have clearly outgrown the wonderful Scottsdale Embassy Suites, we are moving next year to the Doubletree Scottsdale Resort, where we can grow to 900 attendees in luxury. What a beautiful place! Our new home can accommodate more demonstrations and dinners in a gigantic and elegant ballroom space; more vendors in a beautiful dedicated lobby; special-interest meetings in smaller nearby rooms; and probably even a physical séance. We are working now to lure some keynote speakers that we hope will knock your socks off!

Those who attended in 2017 can join us in 2018 for just $150 if they register before the middle of next month. Prices will go up after that date, but we are determined to keep them as low as we can because we know that transportation and your hotel room are going to be part of your cost to join us. And speaking of hotel rooms, we have negotiated a steeply discounted room rate for the first few hundred who make their reservations, so don’t wait!

We really hope you will join us next year. Go to and check it out! We know we are going to have to stretch to top what we did last month, and so far 2018 looks as if it will put our 2017 lovefest in the shade. With your lovely spirit added to the joy of all the other attendees, next September’s event is going to be amazing!

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13 thoughts on “We’ll Share the Love Again Next Year!

  1. So glad it turned out so well. I was very interested in the fact that there were so many orbs there. What better place for them to come than a conference about the afterlife? You probably had more non-paying guests there than you know LOL

    1. Heh – I’m sure that’s true! You could feel them, actually, in an atmosphere so dense with love, all these people that we used to think were dead who were frankly thrilled to find that their loved ones still in bodies had come to learn more about where these people are now, and had come to learn how better to communicate with them. It really was beautiful!

      1. It was indeed a love fest! Mamy of us from Helping Parents Heal could feel the presence of our children, and the energy was thru the roof! Thank you, Roberta, and the board members of AREI. I booked my room and got my ticket, and excited to see the line-up for 2018!

        1. Thank you, dear Terri, for being there and for bringing so much love with you! Helping Parents Heal is such an extraordinary group of selfless people who have suffered the greatest loss there is, but still you all reach out beyond yourselves in love to comfort and help the newly bereaved. Such wonderful, beautiful people you are! I look forward happily to the HPH conference in the same wonderful hotel April 13-15 of 2018. I know it’s going to have the same amazing energy!

  2. Sounds like it was a great conference, Roberta. Victor Zammit, in his weekly newsletter, also described it in similar terms. Wish I had been there.

    Thanks for updating us on it, and I’m hoping to be able to attend the AREI Symposium next year. Keep us informed of the guests you are lining up.


    1. Wow, Michael, I really hope that you can join us next year! We are being told by our friends not in bodies that we should expect a much larger attendance, and already the expert participants who are considering joining us or already have confirmed will all by themselves make 2018 wonderful! Yes, as things are firmed up I will of course let everyone here know. The best thing for me about doing these events is sharing love with so many people that I think of as friends and I can at last meet in person!

  3. Oh how I would have loved to have been there. I’d have soaked up the loving atmosphere and wallowed in the vibes – plus, hopefully, meeting Susanne with whom I’ve had a few on-line readings. I met Wendy and Victor in Sydney earlier this year, which was a treat, along with Marcus Lang.

    1. Why don’t you plan to join us, Brian? I would be so happy to finally meet you! And you’ll love the venue. You’ll see the Zammits again, finally meet Susanne Wilson, and get a tremendous hug from me!!

  4. Dear Roberta,
    it was such an honor and a pleasure to meet you at the AREI conference! I had never heard of you before and am so very glad to have met you. Your beautiful loving energy was all around when we first met and even though you had never seen me before you welcomed me with a warm hug…so wonderful. And YES it definitely was a Lovefest. I just booked my hotel for next year…can’t wait!!! Maybe you need to have a second symposium to break up the year;)
    sending lots of LOVE and GRATITUDE

    1. Wow, Angie, you’ve actually made me blush! Thank you so much for being there, and for contributing your own light to the beautiful atmosphere of the event. It really was extraordinary, wasn’t it? I wish it were possible for us to do it more than once annually, but even doing one of these is a lot of work! And Helping Parents Heal is holding its first annual conference April 13-15, 2018, in the same place and with what I think will be much the same vibe. If you live in the Phoenix area, you might think of joining us there? In any event, I will see you in September! And meantime I’m sending you another big hug ;-)!

  5. Hello Roberta, Bent from Norway here. I just wanted to comment on something you and Dr. R. Craig Hogan discussed in the podcast where you discussed the AREI Symposium. But first of all, let me just express that I really wanted to be there. However, economy won’t permit me. But I would gladly have travelled half the world to get there if I could.

    You and RC talk about the level of knowledge lighting from the faces of the attendees. I say, they are all representatives of the rest of us. It is an expression of the knowledge many of us have now. And it is not just something coming from this or that book someone wrote, or something we heard here or there. The new knowledge has come to me … us … through the weekly spiritual refill that we are all offered -free of charge- straight from you and the great teachers you bring on.

    To me personally, I do not always act to every guest, as some’s approximation may not be of my particular interest. But I always, always listen to what they have to say. Some I buy books from, others I watch youtube channels or whatever. Some I subscribe to receive emails from, but here is the clue: The “Me” of today, with this whole new set of knowledge, is a completely different person from “me” only a few years back. I now possess a completely different view on many topics, and if I am anywhere similar to the rest of the listeners I think they are the same. I may not yet be able to really live the knowledge, but the day will come. It is already here.

    This is of course thanks to you. And Sandra. And others. There is a plethora of providers out there, and through you I am led to those I can trust.

    So thank you for what you do, and for your friendship, Roberta. Pat yourself on your shoulder, it is well done.

    Love from Norway,


    PS .. I still love the reminder of me being an eternal being. I crave it ;-).

  6. Roberta, I am a listener, have a few of your books, and also enjoy your blog. Question: have you heard of a psychic medium named Thomas John? I’m reading his book, Never Argue With a Dead Person, and am wondering if he’s the real deal.
    Thanks for your many enlightening books and programs.

    1. Hello Loren! I’m sorry – I’ve never heard of him, but there are many mediums I haven’t heard of so that doesn’t mean anything! Love the title of his book, though ;-). Please just read it open-mindedly, and if what he says resonates with you, then it is likely to be good information.

      The primary problem we have in reading books like his is the simple fact that most of the dead are in the Summerland levels, at what we would call Level 3 or Level 4, and they really don’t know what is above them! But sometimes they will talk as if they do, so we really can’t believe what they say uncritically.

      Please let us know what you think of the book once you have finished it!

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