When Scientists Had Open Minds

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 15, 2014 • 0 Comment
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One of the things that astounds me as I continue to study the afterlife is that there is so much evidence of what is going on, it is so widely available and so consistent, it melds so perfectly with mainstream scientific discoveries, it helps to explain so much… but still nearly all scientists want nothing to do with it. And this odd stonewalling has gone on for more than a century.

The reason why scientists are so obsessively incurious about the evidence that exists for an afterlife large_4052593758and a greater reality seems to be based in the millennia-long war of ideas between science and Christianity. Both sides seem to have decided long ago that reality must have been either created by God in seven days exactly as the Bible suggests, or sprung from nothing as a clockwork automaton that had no spiritual component whatsoever. This is an ancient, epic battle to the death with just one possible victor, despite the fact that there has long been abundant evidence that neither side has it right. The battle continues even today in the debate over whether “intelligent design” can be taught in schools as an alternative to a rigid version of Darwinian evolution lacking any epigenetic complexities that not even most scientists support.

The sad result of this self-imposed scientific blindness is that an open-minded investigation of the implications of quantum physics and what actually is going on has been stalled for more than a hundred years.

But it wasn’t always this way. In the latter part of the nineteenth century there was a glorious period soon after the founding of the British Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in 1882 when the leading lights in the field of afterlife research and some of the world’s greatest scientists were open-mindedly sharing ideas. I have just come across a blog post that includes a wonderful letter from Max Planck that I simply must share.

            Knowledge is nothing to be feared. How is it possible that this nonsense still continues today? Fortunately, the field of afterlife research has acquired some scientific muscle of its own, and I am confident now that within our lifetimes this pointless battling between science and Christianity over positions that were long ago outmoded is going to end in breakthrough discoveries that will be impossible for anyone to ignore. Meanwhile, it is good to know that once there was a time when mainstream scientists had open minds.

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