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If you have been a member of this website for awhile, I hope you know how High Res-Roberta_Grimes-8954-Edit copymuch I appreciate your friendship. If we have recently met on the wonderful George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM, I want to welcome you to our shared adventure! For the first time in human history, we are beginning to understand what humanity is, what God is, and what all of reality is, free from religious and secular dogmas. The day will come when the thought leaders of both mainstream science and mainstream Christianity will be eager to join us in doing this research. For now, though, the joy of discovering these truths is yours and mine!

  • Our work together is about assembling and interpreting evidence-based information. We follow no religious or secular dogmas. When we refer to scientific principles, it is without the mainstream scientific bias toward materialism, since we understand that what we used to think of as “matter” is actually a form of energy. When we refer to the words of Jesus, it is without any reference to Christian beliefs. We see Jesus as an ascended being who walked the earth two thousand years ago knowing things about God, reality, death, and the afterlife that we could not have confirmed until the twentieth century. If you are an adherent of either mainstream science or mainstream Christianity, please know that I respect your beliefs. Our purpose is to add to your knowledge, not to persuade you to change your thinking.
  • You are a powerful eternal being. You never began, and you never will end. The fact that each human mind is part of the Source that continuously brings forth the universe has been established so well that it is only the scientific community’s “fundamental dogma” of atheistic materialism that keeps scientists still searching for a source of our minds inside our brains. The great German physicist Max Planck received a Nobel Prize in 1918 as the father of quantum mechanics, but he should have received it for his greater discovery that human consciousness must predate the universe.
  • We enter lives on earth in an effort to make spiritual progress. The dead have been trumpeting this fact to us for nearly two centuries! The sooner we turn our attention toward making real spiritual progress now, the happier our lives will be, both in this lifetime and forevermore.

My life’s purpose is to help you grow spiritually. So I’m happy to read and answer your emails. I will be eager to meet you when that happens. We are making this journey together!

Now for some housekeeping details:

  • You will be receiving my blog posts and occasional videos. If you feel moved to comment or to email me about something I say, that’s great! If you have questions, I will try to find your answers. Please know that I consider your reading what I write to be a wonderful gift.
  • I podcast weekly, and my guests include some of this field’s primary researchers and scholars. I podcast now on, and my podcast archive is available for free on iTunes.
  • is a companion website where you can join discussions of all these matters. Because the study of the afterlife and the greater reality that we enter at death is a genuine science, there is a great deal to talk about. I started in 2010 as a place where you can meet other seekers and find your own answers. If spending time on our forums feels right for you, I’m happy to welcome you there as well!
  • I co-chair an annual conference on these topics in Scottsdale, Arizona. This year’s conference will be held September 25-27, 2015. Its theme is “Life in the Afterlife,” and it features some fantastic speakers! Scroll down on the website to see who they are. If you come to the conference, I hope that you will find me and say hello.
  • I also write novels. My Letters from Love Series is a multi-generational saga that is based on what I have learned about human nature in studying death and the afterlife. The story that it tells spans half a millennium, and completing it is going to take the rest of my life.  If you enjoy reading fiction, then I am writing it for you.

Again, welcome to our shared study of the glorious reality in which we live! For the first time in human history, an objective truth is available to us, if only we can free ourselves from all prior dogmas and misconceptions. This is such an exciting time to be alive!

Roberta Grimes
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10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello Roberta – Thank you for all your wonderful work in the area of the afterlife. My 12 year old son died when he was struck by a car and absolutely nothing prepared me for the spiritual crisis that I found myself in. For more than 20 years I tried to put that terrible day in my rear view mirror – at least for the rest of the world who didn’t know what to say when I told them about Todd – but I never stopped talking to my son in Spirit. Eventually I started to get feedback from him which I then started to use to help me with decisions in my life but still I told no one that I talked to him. But that all changed in September 2013 when I asked him to take an aura picture with me and I heard him say “Let’s dance Mom” to his favorite song The Dance by Garth Brooks! That is and will remain the most profound experience of my life! Todd tells me the music is so important in the healing process of grief because it stops the pain long enough to allow the healing or message to get through. So now my life has been flipped on its head once again by grief only it’s time for me to share my story with other grieving parents who have carried the burden of grief for far too long and their child is waiting for them to help from the Other Side just as Todd waited for me. Hopefully others can get the memo much quicker than I did though. Thanks again for all that you are doing to shed light on the afterlife! It is so needed in this world! Here’s a link to our dance if you would like to check it out: Much love and many blessings to you! Sherri Sengsouvanna

    1. Oh Sherri, that is inexpressibly beautiful – thank you for sharing it! The evidence is strong that everyone who dies in childhood is a more advanced being who didn’t need the lessons of a longer life, so instead came to live briefly and die as a gift to family and friends. There is nothing more painful than losing a child, but that is why parental bereavement makes for such a powerful life-lesson: you are going places with your life and growing spiritually in ways that would not have been possible without Todd’s gift. He must be so proud of you!

      P.S. The energy pictures in your video are amazing. Others who visit your YouTube should know that we all have protective energy auras, and since our dead loved ones are powerful energy beings, they can interact with our auras in dramatic ways that can sometimes be photographed. What a beautiful dance of eternal love!

    2. Oh, Sherri, you are so beautiful! What an amazing and inspiring and deeply moving dance. And, as always, Roberta, the work you do is utterly blessed and a blessing for us all. Much love, Joan

  2. Sound vibration is itself a miracle! As is the human ear! A doctor from France pioneered a method of listening that impacts brain function. Take a dip into the science of listening here: (a short video with great graphics). I’m not sure that Tomatis Sound Listening System can be used for grief (I know it is used for assisting humans to calm the effects of issues like ADHD), but there may be some potential. Thank you for this post, Roberta. You are doing wonderful work for all of humanity.

  3. My twin 10 year old boys were involved in a car accident on the way to swim team practice. Griffin was killed instantly and Nick air lifted to a trauma center with multiple injuries. Nick survived and together we faced the greatest of losses and a life bleak and barren without Griffy. But something happened. We began a journey to find Griffy again. My quest began a little over three years ago and I began to get signs……not just me but Nick and other friends and family as well. Even teachers. My greatest wish is to have some form of communication with him. It is hard being torn between your desire to be on Earth with one son and in Spirit with the other. I try to keep the knowledge in my heart that we will all be together in our true home, but the pain is so much to bare.

    1. Hello Britt! Thank you for sharing your story here, dear, and please know that everyone who reads it is sending you love and hugs. I am so sorry! Yes, you all will be together again soon. I want you to know, too, that the evidence is very strong that every child who dies is an advanced being who came specifically to live that brief lifetime and leave early as a gift to those who love him. We are told that there are no exceptions to this rule, as difficult as it may be to believe and accept. Surprisingly often, these children are twins or they have a sibling close in age. Not all gifts are enjoyable to receive! But please know that Griffy is growing up happily and surrounded by love, and he will help you and your family to make the most of this very hard lesson in love and forgiveness. He didn’t die in vain; indeed, in every way that matters, he didn’t die at all. I’m glad that you are receiving signs, and there are some good ways to communicate with him when you feel ready for that – you can contact me through this website and I will help you. Big hug, dear Britt, and thank you again for the gift of your presence and your story!

  4. Hi. My name is Karen. I lost my Dog over the weekend. I’m so hurt. I cry so often. I really missed him. I had two of his dogs before. And, are gone, also. My dog was the last dog I had left. I just want him to know I Love him and I missed him so much. Everyday. I wished I could see him again.

    1. Hello Karen! I’m so sorry for your loss, but please understand that your dog is fine! Every animal that we ever have loved is waiting for us there, now young and healthy, and will joyously welcome us home when our turn comes. So indeed you will see him again! And he knows you love him. He wants you to feel better.

      Often when pets or children die people will feel a great deal of guilt, and that guilt can feel like intensified grief and very much complicate the grieving process. The way you describe your feelings makes me think that you may be feeling some guilt now, and for your own sake you’ve got to forgive yourself for whatever you did or didn’t do for your dog! He doesn’t blame you at all. He isn’t even aware of what you think you did wrong. I’m sending you a big hug, Karen, and hoping you will soon feel better!

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