The True Meaning of Easter

Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 28, 2016 • 34 Comments
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No one who enjoyed last Sunday’s celebrations – all pastel flowers and Easterchocolate eggs and carving a ham on the holiday table – can have given any serious thought to what Easter is supposed to mean. Christians refer to Jesus as our “Savior” and “Redeemer.” Those words so gaily trip off the tongue! God proved His perfect love for us when He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins. Pass the raisin sauce.

The Easter story makes no sense. How could a loving and rational God do any of the following?

  • Eternally blame us for whatever Adam might have done in the Garden of Eden;
  • Demand a blood-sacrifice from us in atonement for Adam’s sins and for our own;
  • Refuse to be satisfied by any possible sacrifice that we might provide;
  • Beget a perfect Son on earth specifically to be our sacrifice to Him;
  • Enjoy the horrible murder of His Son enough that at last He can forgive us.

I submit to you that if any human being did even one of these things, we would judge him pretty harshly! Not a single item on this list could possibly be the Jesus on the Crossrational act of a God that was even half as loving as the meanest human misanthrope.

As I prepared to convert to Catholicism long ago, I took lessons from an indulgent priest who gamely tried to answer my questions. I recall once asking him to please explain the Easter story to me. I gave him a version of the above list, then said, “What does Rome say about that, Father?”

His answer was just, “It’s a sacred mystery.”

In the end, he told me that I would have to accept the Easter story on faith or I could never become a Catholic. For my husband’s sake, I accepted it. I felt as Galileo must have felt when he was forced by the Church to recant his belief that the earth revolves around the sun.

The Easter story is not true. I’ve spent decades studying nearly two hundred years of abundant and consistent communications from people we used to think were dead, and I’ve compared notes with other afterlife researchers. I can tell you incontrovertibly that there is not one bit of evidence that God has ever judged a single human being. No evidence that the death of Jesus on the cross has made any afterlife difference. And beyond that, anyone who ever has troubled to study the Gospel words of Jesus can prove that the Easter story is wrong because Jesus tell us that Himself. He says:

“For not even the Father judges anyone, but He has given all judgment to the Son, so all will honor the Son even as they honor the Father” (JN 5:22-23).

Then Jesus assures us that:

If anyone hears My sayings and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world (JN 12:47).

It seems to have been only the notion that Jesus came to save the world that registered Stained Glass Jesus With Lambwith the early Church fathers. Save the world from what? Why, from God, of course! Er… what?

And thus was begun a faulty theology that perverts the meaning and the message of Jesus and makes of the Master’s beautiful gift just a scary and nonsensical mess. What Jesus came to save the world from was the massive spiritual ignorance that still encumbers us to this day.

So, what would the Master Himself tell us is the genuine meaning of Easter?

Jesus was born among Iron Age primitives with the powerful message that God is Spirit, each human mind is part of God, and therefore all our lives are eternal. Try getting people to believe that even now, when we have the evidence to prove it! Back then, there was nothing Jesus could say that would convince His listeners that even when you seem to be dead, you are not dead at all. So He gave them a miracle. He arranged a ghastly public execution so it would be indisputably true that He had become stone-cold, flat dead. Then three days later He reanimated His body.

“Ta-da! I didn’t die, and neither will you!”

The Christian take on Easter is wrong, so our use of an ancient method of execution as a Sunrisesymbol for Jesus is repellent to Him. One elevated being has said in frustration, “The cross is a first-century electric chair! What does that have to do with the Master?” That same communicator has told us that what the Master wants us to use for His symbol is a sunrise. The dead tell us that the symbol of a new day dawning will replace the cross once all of humankind has learned the truth about who and what we are.

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34 thoughts on “The True Meaning of Easter

    1. Thank you, David! At the nexus between the false beliefs of Christianity and the false beliefs of mainstream science we are beginning to find that there are indeed discoverable and verifiable truths about who and what we really are.

    1. You’re welcome, darling Martha! I really did think that this time we might get a cranky word or two from resistant Christians, but it is coming to seem that just about everyone else has reached the same conclusions that we have. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to free the Lord from that morass of awful negativity, and to show Him forth at last as the perfectly loving teacher that He always has been?

  1. Ascension In A Nutshell

    Duality 2D The Cross–two intersecting lines, resistance field at the intersection

    Triality 3D Trinity–Father Figure + Son Figure + Holy Ghost the greater the lesser the mystery: Body/Mind/Spirit

    Quadrality 4D Truth Good Beauty Freedom–Body/Mind/Personality/Spirit (you, your idea of what “God” is, your quanta of energy and your ability to make decisions and choose to act)

    Quintality 5D The Fun Of Living + The Fun Of Dying + The Fun Of Staying In Touch + The Fun Of Going Further + The Fun Of Whatever Is After That

    May the “force” of all you are in frequency and vibration, quantity and quality, dark matter and light matter BE WITH YOU!

  2. Thank you so much for this. It makes total sense and lines up with what we Christians were originally taught, that God is love.

    1. This is such a wonderful point, dear Julie! The Christian version of the Easter story portrays a God so vastly unloving and so judgmental, and yet for centuries people have accepted that story! I found it to be a vast relief when at last we could prove the story wrong. God truly does love us, after all!

  3. The Catholic church is so screwed up. I’m a Catholic, and still have ties to the church as the most quiet and powerful place to meditate in, but I am at odds as most Catholics are with the interpretation of the new testament by the undereducated representatives of that church — the priests. As a troubled teen I had questions not answered at home, so I would seek answers from the next logical authority figure to a Catholic– the church. I would get the same cliché answers many people get. Priests are not trained in psychology, and other spiritual teachings. They don’t know when or where to direct a person who needs more help than they can provide. And, it is also a matter of control. They’re taught that it’s all solvable by quoting the 10 commandments, and in reality it may be, but their interpretation of them and the new testament, is limited to the confines of Catholic teachings and they don’t look beyond that. If they did, what a wonderful world of spiritual possibilities and promises would be known to church followers.

    1. All so sadly true, dear! The Catholic Church – indeed, all churches – ask intelligent people to accept nonsensical things on “faith.” Jesus never did that! He appeals even today to our minds as well as our hearts, and His teachings actually work as a powerful system for producing rapid spiritual growth.. To this day, no Christian denomination has even tried then to see whether or not they work! How tragic it is for all of us that while Jesus is honored by the churches, He also is ignored :-(.

    1. Thank you, dear! So often, I feel that our whole task is to defend and rescue Jesus from benighted Christian theology so He can get back to growing the genuine movement for truth that He tried to start 2000 years ago. And the truth is so obvious now that it is hard to fathom how Christianity could continue to be so resolutely clueless!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dear Britta!

      1. I agree. I so often feel ‘sorry’ for the Jesus I love and admire. I feel he has been held hostage by the ‘slight of hand’ of Christian Theology backed by power, money interests…. an agenda. It’s hard in some ways ‘loving Jesus’ outside the ‘system’. The ‘system’ sees you rather as a heretic because you don’t subscribe to the theology. It becomes a rather ‘free range’ spiritual relationship with Jesus which is great actually, but it does leave one rather isolated. I’ve lost lots of Christian friends when I speak about Jesus in ways that run counter to the ‘foundations of faith’ . They see that as a falling away or ‘back-sliding’. You cease to have any credibility in discussions with them. Sad. My journey has been so rich and I have much to offer in terms of wisdom born from that journey that they will never allow themselves to listen to or to even be open about.

        1. Oh, I do know how you feel! The glorious Jesus of the Gospels is nothing like the sad, sacrificed wraith of Christianity; and the genuine God is infinitely greater than the petty and judgmental anthropomorphic Christian God.

          The problem we have is that Christianity makes things too easy for professed Christians. All they have to do is claim Jesus as their personal sacrifice, and they have a get-out-of-hell-free card. They don’t have to learn or do anything! None of this is true, of course, and none of it has anything to do with either the genuine God or the genuine Jesus, but they are reluctant to give up the ease of it.

          The day will come, dear – and soon – when we will have very good communication with the afterlife levels that anyone can accomplish, without a medium. When that day comes, the truth is going to be universal knowledge, and everyone will learn pretty quickly that Christianity is entirely wrong. Our task then, dear, will be to rescue the Master. We can’t let them throw out that infinitely precious Baby with what is apparently bathwater….

          1. Thank you! I am excited for that day we can have that very good communication sans a medium. We YEARN for that. And yes, when truth is disclosed, the crowds will turn on Him….again a hijack. I agree. We need to be light in that time. Thanks Roberta!

          2. Yes to all of this dear, to the ancient yearning of humankind for good communication, and yes as well to your saying that when we have it in place, many people are going to blame Jesus for the sins of Christianity. That is why it is so urgent that we begin now to separate the Master from the religion! The more people are used to seeing Jesus as their independent Teacher, the more humanity at large will see a value in keeping Him as they throw away the religion that has used His name but has always ignored what He taught. When the ship starts to go down, it will be too late to save Him. The time for us to begin to stand for Jesus is now!

  4. Beautifully put, Roberta. It certainly resonates with me.

    However, I have been watching some really interesting and controversial videos on YouTube about Ralph Ellis and his historical research into Jesus and his background, suggesting that Jesus did not actually die from his crucifixion. How ’bout that? It blew me away to even think about it. Have you watched any of his videos or read any of his books? He has certainly “copped a lot of flak” as they say, but he has stuck to his guns all these years.

    No longer do I have to get up early on Easter Sunday morning for the dawn service to sing with the choir: “Jesus Christ is risen today, Ha-a-a-le-luuu-ya!”

    1. Hello dear Penny! I am aware of Ralph Ellis’s work, but I don’t put much stock in it. He is part of a revisionist movement that I consider to be off-track and nonsensical. It doesn’t matter whether Jesus actually died, since His teachings while He was here are what matters! But He easily could have died and then reanimated His body – no biggie. In fact, evidence on the Shroud of Turin suggests that is exactly what happened (although, again, it doesn’t matter whether the Shroud is genuine, even though there is a lot of evidence that it is). For people like Ellis to focus on this peripheral nonsense rather than on spreading the teachings of the Master seems to me to be a tragic waste of what might otherwise be productive lives. But, to each his own!

      Thank you for commenting, dear!

    1. Hello Rich! Welcome, and thank you for commenting. I enjoy writing these blog posts, and I especially enjoy it when a post unexpectedly resonates with so many!

  5. Wonderful blog, Roberta, beautifully said. I agree with it all!

    One thing I do quibble with is when you said in a reply that “just about everyone has reached the same conclusion.” It looks to me that the vast majority of Christians, of whatever stripe, still believe in the “atonement” in one form or another. It’s going to be a very difficult one to break open, the churches are still quite powerful.

    I agree, the common occurrence of communicating with the so-called “dead,” as you said, in the near future, should be a major turning point.

    Many Blessings

    1. Hello dear Michael! When I say that “everyone has reached the same conclusion,” I am referring to afterlife researchers who have studied these matters. You are certainly right that Christian leaders are not prepared to give up their power and their livelihoods, and the faithful are intractably unwilling to give up what looks like their easy route to heaven!

      It is sad that at the start of the twenty-first century both of our most trusted institutions are precisely in the same position. Mainstream science and mainstream Christianity are demonstrably wrong in their core beliefs, and many of their leaders are beginning to see that; but people have to make a living. No one who is high enough in either institution is willing to put his career on the line and risk blatantly telling the truth!

      So it turns out to be up to you and me, and to the researchers (many of them leading dead scientists) who are working on perfecting the North American communication station. It won’t be long now before average people will find their horizons unexpectedly extended even beyond the farthest eternity! and as humanity grapples with what it all means, it is going to be up to those of us who already get what is going on to be ready to help humankind to shape the beginnings of a much brighter future.

  6. Sacrificial Theology is the heart of the Christian faith. As such it is a fatal flaw that the church as we know it will not and can not survive in its present form. As a retired pastor I know from first hand experience that some clergy may have questions and serious doubts about Jesus as sacrificial atonement, but to acknowledge this is an act of self destruction within the insurmountable edifice of the institution.
    Jesus knew this to be true about the Jewish sacrificial faith he grew up with. He did not come to reform the church but to tear it down and said that in cloaked forms on several occasions. He talked about new wine not being contained in old wine skins or patches sewn on old cloth ripping the cloth apart. He even said he would tear down the temple walls and build them anew in three days. His whole ministry was about worshiping in spirit and truth and not in a temple or at a mountain altar.
    As you said in this blog Roberta, Jesus said that God does not Judge and neither does he. We are the only ones that judge ourselves and others and immediately live with the consequences judgment brings.
    John tells us in many times and ways that God IS Love. Love is a state of being not an act, pledge or emotion. (though those things come from Love).
    My favorite Bible verse comes from a rather strange source the Book of Acts, supposedly written by Paul. It reveals a universal truth at the core awareness. “God is that in which I live and move and have my being. ” The amazing teachings of Jesus and the awareness of others who knew and learned from him, are overwhelmed by a sad and faulty theology that must be torn apart for the light to shine freely.

    1. Hello Mike! I think you’re right abut all of this, and especially when you say that Jesus came to abolish religions and to replace them with God’s law of love. When that is obvious from His actual words in the Gospels – and has been obvious for two thousand years! – perhaps it’s little wonder that Christians are not encouraged to read the Gospels for themselves. They certainly aren’t encouraged to read and interpret the Gospels without modification by the rest of the Bible!

      The frustration at the highest afterlife levels that the essential teachings of the Master have been so corrupted and distorted by Christianity’s dogmas derived from first-century Judaism, and they remain so after two thousand years, really is surprising in view of the fact that the heavenly host has allowed Christianity to suffer a very long and painful adolescence! Their viewpoint is so different from ours. Even conversions at the stake and the Inquisition seem to have been somehow tolerable by them, and it is only as they begin to foresee the adherents of this fake and failed theology approaching the destruction of the world in an effort to bring about Armageddon that they seem to have reached the end of what they will tolerate. People are asking me why Jesus didn’t crack down on Christianity centuries ago, given how wrong it went right at the start. I have answers to suggest to them, but it’s a question that I have trouble answering for myself.

      As He was writing Liberating Jesus, the Master referred to it a number of times as His “New Revelation” in a kind of stream-of-consciousness thinking that sometimes I could hear. Then He wrote those words in the final Appendix. Insofar as I am able to see, His New Revelation is carefully the same as His old revelation, is it not? My primary guide doesn’t tell us much, but we have pieced together from things he has said that the Master decided to write His New Revelation sometime in the eighties, and Thomas nominated me to be His scribe. This seems to have been a kind of impulse on the Lord’s part, in other words! Can that be right? And, why then? One of the things I’m looking forward to when at last I will get to go home is learning what really has been going on!

      All I know for now is that the Gospel teachings of Jesus are the easiest and most effective way to raise the consciousness of humankind and thereby actually to save the world, but they remain buried in Christianity’s false and repellent theology. Within the next decade or two, much better electronic communication with those we used to think were dead is going to broadly reveal to people on earth that Christianity is bogus, and unless we have by then sufficiently separated the Man from the religion, there is a risk that Jesus and His teachings will go down with the Christian ship. It is the work of the rest of our lives, dear Mike, to make certain that is not going to happen!

  7. The Illuminati invented all religions to divide us and control us. The Illuminati have human bodies with a reptilian soul, which is a low soul, because it doesn’t have empathy for others. They bring up their children in a negative way and they stay very evil their whole lives. So I recommend be spiritual not religious.

    1. Wow, what an interesting idea! I can’t vouch for what you say, but as I think about it, I’m not sure how anything would be different if you were wrong about this. Most religions are based in fear (sadly, including all Christian denominations), and that is the lowest-energy emotion of them all. It seems to be a primary reason why humankind is so securely stuck in negativity. Thank you, Gary – you have given me something to think about!

  8. You start out: “Christians refer to Jesus as our “Savior” and “Redeemer.” Those words so gaily trip off the tongue! God proved His perfect love for us when He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins.”

    But couldn’t we liken this, to some extent, to our sending of our sons and daughters to die for the rest of us in wars against evil forces? Doe we think of the parents as evil? Could it not be that God saw us in hopeless slavery to evil, and thus sent his son to defeat evil through his death and resurrction? Not as a ransom, but as a victor over death which was the result of the evil that sesuced and conquered us? This is an explanation I’ve heard that varis from the standard blood atonement theory.

    1. This is a good point, Loren, and in view of Christian theology it makes a theory better than the notion that God needed Jesus as a sacrifice before God could forgive us. But still it sells both God and Jesus so short! I am overjoyed now to be able to assure you that both are vastly more powerful and more perfect than any version of Christian theology ever has said to us.

      Over the past century, God – or eternal Mind – has given us the stupendous gift of new information about what actually is going on. In light of nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent communications from people we used to think are dead and other related evidence, we now can affirm that the following things are true:

      1) God is infinitely powerful and infinitely loving Mind, and our minds all are part of Mind.

      2) Mind is what we experience as consciousness, and it exists in a range from most powerful (what we experience as love) to least powerful (what we experience as fear). In its pure form, Mind – or Source – is perfect and is infinitely powerful.

      3) Because we have free will, we can choose low-energy emotions and actions (fear, hatred, anger, grief, etc.). When enough of us make these negative choices, we get the mess that we have made of human life; but if we could help sufficient people to make positive choices, then we could establish heaven on earth.

      4) It was to teach us to make positive choices – and therefore to stop creating so much evil – that Jesus was born. His Gospel teachings are what matter of His life, and they work beautifully in helping us to grow spiritually! But sadly, none of the forty-thousand-odd Christian denominations will follow them.

      So, based upon what the dead tell us is actually going on, we have utterly misunderstood not only reality, but also God and the meaning and message of Jesus. Now, though, the truth is being revealed!

  9. That’s the best, most reasonable and consistent with a loving God version of the Easter Story I’ve ever seen or heard. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for several months now, and they ease my anxieties and help me sleep. Thank you ever so much. You are a blessing in my life.

    1. Oh my dear, I’m so glad to be able to help you! The truth is so beyond-belief wonderful that being able to share it with you is a joy to me. If I can ever be of help to you, please let me know; and meanwhile, I’m sending you a big hug ;-).

  10. The notion of life after death has evolved as have we. For early humans there was no such thinking.

    The science of today is so much different from that of Christians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians. They used religious beliefs to rationalize lots of unexplainable events. They couldn’t explain how we evolved from basic life forms.

    We today don’t know how life started. We know the building blocks. We know our ancestors were a basic bacteria. I accept life was from a higher form, call it God. What created the BIG BANG? A much higher power than humans. However, there isn’t any proof that God rules over our universe after creation.

    So there is only faith until science unlocks the mystery of how life on earth started and just who or what created the Big Bang. Humans may never know.

    Christianity as do other religions gives us a road map to a meaningful life. They need to include an afterlife rational, threats to include damnation, and call it faith.

    Some things cannot be explained.

    Happy Easter

    1. Happy Easter to you as well, Gary! It’s clear from your comment that you know nothing about what we discuss here, and I apologize but there is not sufficient space here and I lack the time to answer all of what you’ve said in much detail. This post is three years old as I write. If you would like to learn more, I urge you go to perhaps November of 2018 and read that set of blog posts forward and in order as far as Easter of 2019. But very briefly:

      1) Life after death is not a notion – it is fact – and it has always existed. No “notion” needed, and no evolution required: like any other fact, eternal life is a matter of ongoing discovery.

      2) “There isn’t any proof that God rules over our universe after creation” is nonsense. We also know a great deal more about the genuine God and the ongoing process of creation than you seem to realize.

      3) Materialist science will never discover how life began, since its suppositions are wrong. Opem-minded seekers have put together a great deal more than traditional scientists have, and I will be sharing here some of what we have learned in a few weeks.

      4) Christianity in all it 40,000 versions is demonstrably wrong, but Jesus can now be objectively demonstrated to be right. No need to talk about damnation (which does not exist), nor a need to talk about “faith” in God any more than there is a need to talk about “faith” in gravity.

      Dear Gary, God is real and is all that exists, but God is nothing like the Christian God. If you are a seeker, then you are welcome here! You have a whole world of wondrous discoveries ahead of you, and above all you can contemplate genuine freedom from religious fears and a much closer walk with the genuine Lord. Mich more can be explained than you have heretofore imagined, and in fact we are being called to seek those answers: as Jesus said, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened” (MT 7:7-8).

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