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I don’t say this often enough, but I love you. I cannot get over how wonderful it is to have you in my life! Just seeing an email from you with a question to answer makes me smile. Reading your personal story that leads to how you found me – and how I was able to help you – lifts my heart! I am long past retirement age, but I feel more energized now than I ever before have felt in my life. I have you to thank for that. So… Thank you!

Seek Reality has passed its five-year mark, and in celebration we are again attempting to do the program for a live audience. Especially when I was still practicing law, I found it hard to keep to a fixed schedule; and since I wasn’t taking calls, going on live didn’t seem to matter. I had learned early on that taking even good questions would interrupt the flow of what my guests and I were trying to teach you, so that was when I began to urge you to email me through this website if you ever had a question. And for years that has worked well! But recently W4CY contacted me, and as I usually do when such things happen, I saw it as another door opened by Spirit and experimentally I went through it. Being on live last week for the first time in years turned out to be a lot of fun! And even though we weren’t taking calls, there was a chat room where people could ask questions. We’ll be posting the answers to their questions from last week in the chat room as our new live Seek Reality episode begins next Tuesday at five eastern time, but I thought you might enjoy seeing these questions and answers now:

Are they one in the same? God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?

The idea of a three-in-one deity was hot in the early part of the first millennium A.D., so it was easy for the early Christians to say, “We’re up to the minute! We’ve got that too!” The Council of Nicaea in 325 seems to have adopted the trinity idea whole-cloth, but the notion of a triune God emphatically DID NOT come from Jesus!

In order for you to understand anything Jesus says in the Gospels, you must never forget that when He was teaching on earth, for Him to have said anything against the prevailing religion would have brought him an immediate death sentence. So He could not come right out and say, “The cranky Jehovah you used to think was God does not exist. Instead, God is loving Spirit!” No, He had to use some clever devices to stay alive and teach for more than three years: 

  • He would teach in parables – little stories with a deeper message – then say something like, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (MT 11:15).
  • He would give some passage from the Law and the Prophets – what first-century Jews called our Old Testament – and then He would add something as a seeming afterthought that changed the meaning of the Old Testament passage and made it actually true.
  • He would give us pieces of a truth over days of time, expecting His followers to put it all together while knowing that the Temple guards would change frequently and therefore they never would figure out what it was that He was actually saying.

He told us repeatedly that God is Spirit! For example, He said:

The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (LK 17:20-21).

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth” (JN 4:24).

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life (JN 6:63).

The genuine God is Spirit – and Spirit alone! – just as Jesus said. There is no Trinity. Instead, all that is real is infinitely loving and infinitely creative eternal Spirit, which is what we all experience (to a limited extent) as human consciousness. You can rest in the peaceful certainty that your mind is inextricably part of the perfect eternal Mind of God!

What are you then?

After 46 years of marriage, my husband is still trying to figure that out!

But I think what you want to know is how I came to know what I know. I began to try to understand reality in childhood, following my first experience of light. I majored in early Christian history in college, and I read the whole Bible from cover to cover repeatedly. Then in the late seventies I began to read hundreds of communications from the dead that were received in the heyday before 1940. I studied quantum-physics-for-dummies, and I read a great deal about consciousness. The wonderful, beyond-amazing fact is that all these different areas of research fit together perfectly! If that were not the case, I could not be teaching the truth to you today.

How much study goes into this?

For me: half a century and still counting. For you: perhaps two or three years.

There are others, too, who have done a lot of the work so you won’t have to spend your life doing it, and I share them with you on Seek Reality. But please do the short-course research on your own, and don’t just rely on what we say! You will not find the perfect peace and joy that is your birthright unless you do the last stages of this research for yourself.

Wait, what did you say? Are you saying there is no God?

I am saying that God is all that exists! But the genuine God is not remotely like the cranky and judgmental guy on a throne with a beard and thunderbolts that Christians are generally taught that God is. Instead, God is infinitely loving and infinitely powerful eternal Spirit, and your mind is inextricably part of the perfect Mind of God that continuously manifests this universe. God is just what Jesus tells us God is! But of course, none of the 40,000-odd denominations of Christianity seems to care much about what Jesus actually says….

Are you and this person married?

I believe you are asking about Dr. R. Craig Hogan. No, we aren’t married! He is an extraordinary researcher who is in my view the greatest living expert on what actually is going on, but ours is just a very supportive friendship. It has been so affirming to find someone else who also has devoted his life to this work, and to discover that what he has learned is exactly what I also have found. Whenever we talk about anything, we repeatedly complete one another’s sentences!

How can nothing be bad news?

For many years I asked myself that same question! It took me decades to put all of this together, and repeatedly I would come across amazing new things that flabbergasted me. I would think, “What? We get everything I have already put together, and now I find out that we get this TOO?” Especially for someone steeped in the fear-based Christianity that governed most of my life, it seemed impossible that there wasn’t a hook buried in this somewhere! But there is no bad news at all beyond the fact that if you refuse to grow spiritually you can end up putting yourself into what Jesus called “the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (MT 8:12). The outer darkness is all too real! But it is we ourselves and not God or Jesus or any other judge who ever puts us there. As Jesus also tells us in the Gospels, the only post-death judge you will face will be the sternest possible judge: yourself.

Please know for certain that you are God’s best-beloved child! If you will try to follow the Gospel teachings on love and forgiveness, and even if you never enter a church or even hear the name of Jesus, then you have nothing whatsoever to fear. For you, it really is all good news!

How does one find the answers?

Spending time with us each week on Seek Reality is one way that you might begin. We feature as guests some of the leading experts in the various broad fields that make up the study of our one reality. My Fun books also might be of help to you, and each of them (except The Fun of Living Together) has a seventy-odd-book annotated bibliography that can help to guide your further reading. Simply reading the few books on each of the Fun books’ short reading lists, then reading further from the larger list if anything still is unclear to you, should help you get to know what I know in just a few years’ time. I have done most of the work for you! And if you ever have questions, you can ask them through the Contact block on this website. I used to be able to say, “If you don’t hear within 24 hours, send flowers,” but now I am getting so many emails that it can take me up to a week to answer them. I still do answer every email personally!

If you would like to listen to Seek Reality live, simply go to at 5:00 eastern time on Tuesdays and click on “Listen Live.” And thank you again for being part of my life! You are giving me so much more in the simple joy of serving you than I ever can give to you in return!

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21 thoughts on “Thank you!!

  1. I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic schools until I rebelled at age 13 and was permitted to go to public school. I was miles ahead in my education as a result of the nuns who often times were cruel but how could one not be believing Mary was a virgin! I always felt there was a huge disconnect between what it meant to be human vs spiritual. Fortunately, I was guided to graduate early from high school, and called to go hitchhiking throughout the Hawaiian islands when I was 17 in 1971. At that time many different religious groups were heading there too and as a wanderer full of wonder I was taken into many folds. In the 70’s the islands were flooded with devotees ready to convert any little “hippie” that crossed their paths. What I got from this experience was not just food, interesting conversations and a dry spot to sleep but I learned one very important lesson as to what it meant to be a spiritual being nurturing the human spirit. It didn’t matter if I was with the Shinto, Hare Krishna’s, (they had the best food!), Baha’i, Children of the Sky, fundamental Christian’s, Buddhist’s, Mormon’s, 7th Day Adventist, or Indigenous cultures, the essence of all of their teachings came down to one thing………..God is LOVE…………PERIOD.
    It wasn’t until I stumbled upon your site Roberta, that I made the connection that Jesus was a damn cool dude but really misinterpreted. So, on this beautiful Caribbean morning (I made my way back to these islands 35 years ago) I must to say THANK YOU for bringing sanity to the discussion of religion vs spirituality, political righteousness vs honest governing, dogma vs the seeking of empirical knowledge back into the/my world. I am so grateful to embrace that which was my ‘gut’ feeling as a child to be true and now articulate it as an old woman still wearing the hat of a wondering, wandering youth. AMEN, AHO, NAMASTE’!!! Mary Blazine

    1. “Jesus was a damn cool dude but really misinterpreted.” – I love that!! Perhaps we should make that the title of a future post?

      Dear Mary, thank you so much for reaching out! I also am “an old woman still wearing the hat of a wondering, wandering youth” so I can relate to your words completely. I don’t think that anyone who was not young in the late sixties and early seventies really can understand how it felt to be there! Those years shaped our generation, and even now I hear from so many people who are about our age in whom this seed was planted long ago, and now as they enter old age it is taking root and flowering. Perhaps after all our wandering, our generation will at last fulfill the charge that we received long ago, to spread peace and love over all the earth?

  2. Thanks for everything you do and share Roberta.
    I first found you years ago as I was traveling for business in northern Alberta Canada, and heard an interview with you on the radio. After hearing that, and reading all your books, I am living with a new (and better understanding) outlook on life, and death.

    1. Thank you for telling us your story here! And it’s true that the real value in finally understanding the truth about reality is not so much that it takes away our fear of dying, so much as that it immerses us in a wonderful new attitude toward living! I don’t think that I ever really was happy until at last I figured all this out. I love knowing it has done that for you as well. Thank you for brightening my day!

  3. Roberta: Just wanted to tell you how much your posts are appreciated and that I think it is a wonderful idea to do this, as it is a great way to keep in touch with your readers. More than a few times I have learned things I didn’t know before i.e. I was not aware that Jesus was kind of vague with some of the things he said due to the fact that he had to “walk on eggshells” due to the times he lived in. That explains why he couldn’t “tell it like it is” as even if he wasn’t killed for it, his teaching days would surely have come to an end. I also like the fact that you personally answer your emails, as that certainly has to be time consuming. I hope you keep these posts coming for as long as possible.

    1. Hello dear Lola! The politics of Jesus’s time largely escapes even educated Christians, when in fact the whole issue is central to our ever understanding what He is trying to say! Christians ignore, too, the shadings of meaning and the outright errors that might have been inserted by two translations (Aramaic to Greek, then later on Greek to English).

      For me, the testimony of those that we used to think were dead is crucial to our ever understanding the Gospels, since of course they tell us what of the Christian teachings is not true (e.g. sacrificial redemption or the need to be a Christian to go to heaven), and they also tell us what IS true!

      And they validate that Jesus is in fact genuine. I had extensively studied more than a century of afterlife communications and had built up a detailed picture of what is going on before I went back one rainy day to read the Gospels – to put Jesus to the test – and I discovered that He had been right about everything, and in amazing detail! Furthermore, a direct translation of His Gospel words from Aramaic into English is NOT accurate in such extreme detail.

      Think about that for a moment. It is only the two-step translation into modern English that precisely agrees with what the dead now tell us! How is that even possible? It seems to me that it can be possible only if that modern translation into English was carefully superintended by upper-level beings! I believe that in a wiser and more spiritually aware day, this fact will be seen as nothing less than a new revelation from God… and meanwhile, it is an especially sweet revelation to us!

  4. Dear Roberta,
    Always great to read your wise words on
    a Sunday morning!
    I am also one of the “old women” who went trough all the Guru stuff of the Flower Power generation!
    After reading hundreds of spiritual books and adventuring into other ” Religions”
    the only thing left is that ” Cool Dude ”
    our beloved Teacher Jesus!
    How come, that so many of our generation
    realize suddenly in our older years….
    That He Is the Real Thing, what he meant
    by saying :”I am the Way… we can fill in the blanks of things he was not able to say , when he was still teaching.
    What I like the most ist , hat he said:” I will
    send you a Helper……The Holy Spirit….
    we can call any time, when the going
    gets tough! What I learned most trough your books is, that it is actually quite
    simple to follow him…no complicated
    rituals….just trying to have a loving and open heart!
    Thank you for your work!

  5. Dear Heidi, indeed you are right. It is beautiful that our generation, the rebels who spawned the Youthquake of the Sixties and ventured very far from tradition, literally seeking light over all the world, is beginning to come back in old age to the Coolest Dude of all, eternity’s greatest Teacher, the One who has been here for us all along but had been obscured by the false religion of Christianity. I’m glad that my books have helped to simplify things for you! Indeed, following the genuine Jesus is extraordinarily simple. He says, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Mt 11:30). And He is right about that!!

  6. You’re welcome, Kaye! And you can see why i am so grateful to be able to do this work, can’t you? What a gift it is to be able to give you that affirmation!!

    1. This is such a love-fest, isn’t it? All of us affirming the glorious truth that we are all one being, and everything is perfectly, eternally well!!

    1. Wow, Gail, many thanks to you! We are all so fortunate to be working together now toward a genuine spiritual awakening, each of us in our different ways. I cannot stop smiling!

  7. Hi Roberta – I have a good question. So God or Jesus or anyone else does not judge us, only we ourselves judge us and can put ourselves in the outer darkness after we transition. This makes perfect sense but how about the other way around – spiritual growth? Who judges us to move up to the next level like if we want to get to say the 6th level? How can it be ourselves? Wouldn’t we automatically say “Yup, I deserve to move up to the 6th level” haha! Supposed we are on the 3rd or 4th level and then we come into body to grow spiritually because we want to move up to the 5th or 6th level. When we transition, we don’t want to go back to the same level again that we were at, right? That would show that we didn’t grow spiritually or at least not enough to move up a level or two. So at that point, who decides whether we get to move up or not? I guess we ourselves get to decide how well we have mastered love and forgiveness?

    1. This really is a good question, Steve. Thank you for asking it! After all, if we could simply judge ourselves to be ready to move up, then even the least loving people of all could cynically crown themselves to be on the sixth level and that would be that!

      But fortunately, things don’t work that way because the consciousness-energy levels are real. The higher we move, the more intense the energy vibration is, and unless we are sufficiently developed spiritually to be vibrating higher too, we find it impossible to remain at that higher level.

      There are accounts in the afterlife literature from dead folks who have tried to move up on their own, and they say that change in energy is unbearable! Think of being in a sound studio where the sound is too intense; or think of grasping two wires so the electrical current passes through your body. You can’t remain in such a high-energy environment for long. I recall that one fellow who wanted badly to move up described setting himself a course of study under the tutelage of a more advanced being. These upper-level folks are eager to help us grow spiritually, especially since our growth enhances theirs, but growing in the post-death realities is so much harder than it is here! This fellow who spoke through a deep-trance medium said that eventually and with lots of help he got to the point where he could be comfortable at the higher level he had sought to attain. He was aware that the vibration was higher – it was right on the edge of what would have been uncomfortable – but now he could bear it.

      We also are able to visit higher levels with the protection of very advanced beings. Apparently they cloak us with their own energies, and they stay with us during the experience. For example, Thomas Jefferson communicated by direct-voice through Leslie Flint in about 1960. He was already at a higher level – probably close to the top of what we call Level Five – but someone took him into Level Six so he could experience it. He said through Leslie Flint that it was more extraordinary than anything he could describe, and even despite the difficulties of communicating that way, you could hear the awe in his voice!

      The most important thing that you can do is to grow spiritually while you are in this body. There are accounts that suggest that someone at the lowest positive level – we call it Level Three – could advance even up to Level Five in one lifetime! It is so much easier here than it is there, and you will want your post-death life to be as wonderful as it can be, so why not give yourself the gift that will keep on giving forevermore?

  8. Maybe you have addressed this on your Seeking Reality show, on the blog or elsewhere. For all that is known about the nature of the cosmos and consciousness, when people aren’t ready to hear it, they really — I mean, really — resist it. My son, who was sent to Catholic school until he was in fifth grade and attended a United Church of Christ congregational church with us until he was in high school, is currently disillusioned with organized religion. But just yesterday, we were talking about “what Catholics believe” (I still think of myself as Catholic — once a Catholic, always a Catholic) and when I tried to respond to his questions with the things I now understand to be true, it became clear that for him, if religious dogma isn’t true, then the only alternative is the complete opposite: no consciousness, no God –nothing in the Gospels is true. I backed off with my responses because he isn’t ready. But it does seem in my experience that his is similar to the understanding of a great many people (my brother is another). They seem to want the case to be that either the God of holy writ is the nature of God, or there is no God; either the Bible is literally true, or it’s entirely fantasy.

    Makes it very problematic to spread the “good news.”

  9. Dear Mike, many people are having this same experience now with friends and loved ones as Christianity continues to die. Their rejection of Jesus into the bargain – and rejection of all religions – seems to be necessary at first so people can assemble sufficient bravery to actually walk away from the fear-based hold that Christianity has had on their minds. They can’t be near any aspect of Christianity if they are to assemble the courage and lessen their fear enough for them to be able to walk away at all! Until they have achieved sufficient time and distance for that fear of the Christian God to lessen, they will continue to see anything that even reminds them of Christianity as frightening. So let them have their space.

    This reaction – this throwing out the Baby that is the greatest Teacher who ever lived with the bathwater of the fake religion that has always ignored Him while it claimed His name – is the reason why Spirit is working so hard now through many people (not just yours truly) to separate out and preserve the Gospel teachings. I used to be afraid that Christianity would take Jesus down with it, but in the past three years I have heard from so many people who resonated with the message of Liberating Jesus and who are eager to learn how to begin to practice a genuine Christianity that follows His teachings.

    How should you and I deal with this? Our job is to learn and live the truth about who and what we are, and to practice the Gospel teachings in our lives, no matter what. Jesus says to us, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven” (MT 5:13-16).

    If we will remain patient and loving, as those we love recover from the traumas of a deeply fear-based religion and gain some peaceful distance, things will happen in their lives that one by one will make them turn to us. And if we will welcome and answer their questions but never try to pressure them, Spirit will begin to call to them. We can let Jesus Himself do His work!

    It takes patience on our part, dear Mike, but the tide already is turning our way. Our role is not to proselytize or try to replace one religion with another, but to be a witness to the world that our minds are eternal, that human life never ends, that love never dies, and that everything really is good news!

  10. Hey Roberta, I just discovered you today on YouTube and came to your website. I know I will have questions yet, but for now I just want to say how very happy I am to have found you. I was on my own journey all my life (now 70), and came to all the same conclusions and knowledge that I heard from you on 2 interviews today re. the levels of the afterlife, etc. I have visited people in the afterlife in bits and pieces for 3 or more decades, and was finally able to put it all together. I was a fundamentalist Christian and God took me to a personal judgment seat to show me the truth about the so-called Christian dogmas. That is just a touch of my journey. The most pressing thing I want to share here today is that I have recently come to believe that the entire Bible, including OT can be interpreted from all levels of consciousness. For example the lowest levels will see the wrath of God and believe that is God, the highest levels will notice David saying – Whither can I flee from God;s presence… if I make my bed in hell thou are there. (notice I make MY bed in hell), and also the verse “we are all gods, every one of us”, and so on. I have been a Bible student all my life, but unlike you I am a slow reader, and now I mostly read the Gospels, Genesis, and Revelation. Mary was a virgin and she has described to me how she got pregnant. Jesus has described to me how he walked on the water, and his own and Lazarus’ near-death experiences. Wow, I have rarely told anyone these experiences of mine, ever. Still surrounded by fundamentalist Christians. This is fun. Thanks for listening. I do have questions. When I think of them is this where I would write them? Love to you, your readers, and all beings.

    1. Hello Marcia, and welcome! If you ever do have questions, it will be best if you send me an email using the green “Get In Touch” block on each page of That will get you a quicker answer!

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