Slavery and Abortion

Posted by Roberta Grimes • August 08, 2016 • 47 Comments
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I must apologize. I have been cowardly about saying this for far too long.Slaves Working Friends have insisted to me that I can’t talk about abortion because I will lose the respect of the very people I want most to help; but this post is just like all the other posts here. There are truths being hidden from you, you have the right to be aware of those truths, and I am wrong if I am tempted to foster your ignorance just because some topics make me squeamish.

I must say, too, that I’m not writing this because a football star has lately shared some facts about Margaret Sanger that should appall us all. I don’t write from a religious perspective, nor even from a political perspective, and I never will attack your right to choose. I write today just as someone who is a student of the afterlife evidence and a student of American history, and who has spotted parallels that make me wish that people three hundred years ago had had enough knowledge to be able to really articulate why slavery was so wrong. Stopping that train before it got started would have spared us so much pain! And perhaps pointing out that out of ignorance we are repeating an eighteenth-century mistake might mean that this time around there can be a gentler and more positive outcome. So, here goes.

large_14014170321-252x300Abortion in modern America is what slavery was before the American Civil War. The analogy isn’t perfect, but it’s close. Here are some of the things that were said about slavery at a time when honorable people of good will could say these things out of plain ignorance:

  • Black people are not really people.
  • Black people cannot take care of themselves.

*     Free men have a right to use their own property without government interference.

*     Slaves are needed to get the work done; there is no practical alternative.

We read these arguments now, and we feel only derision. How can people ever have been so evil? It is easy for us, with our much greater knowledge, to say that skin color is just a trait and that all people are created equal, but I would argue that we should be doing this with humility. Our progeny will be judging us as harshly for our ignorance as we now judge our forefathers, and it won’t take them hundreds of years to get there. In our case, the knowledge necessary to show us toSlave Brother have been benighted and cruel is going to be available within the decade, so our judges will be our own grandchildren.

Here is what intelligent people of good will now say about abortion:

  • Fetuses are not really people. This is the key question, isn’t it? The dead tell us that a fetus is someone who has carefully planned a lifetime of opportunities for spiritual growth with the guidance of spirit guides and in conjunction with others who will share that lifetime. So, is a fetus a person? You tell me.
  • Fetuses cannot take care of themselves. But once they are born, they can be cared for by others, so where the birth-mother is concerned this disability is brief.
  • Women have a right to use their own bodies without government interference. I think our progeny will agree that this is true, but if they decide that fetuses are people they are likely to feel that some balancing of equities in our day should have been in order.Pregnant-Mom
  • Abortion is necessary to keep from burdening women; there is no practical alternative. Here is where our progeny are likely to see the biggest difference between the arguments for slavery and the arguments for abortion. Except in the rare case of a rape that results in conception, there are so many ways in the twenty-first century to prevent starting an unwanted fetus, and so many families desperate for newborns, that the statement that there is no practical alternative to abortion now is simply nonsense.

For those who feel that I am goring their sacred cows, let me say again that I am not taking a position on abortion itself. The evidence indicates that aborted fetuses grow up happily in the afterlife levels, so I even would say that if you’re going to do it, then you ought to do it right away so you can spare your fetus a late-term abortion and put it right into loving hands.

What I am talking about here is not the morality of abortion. Rather, I am Happy Newbornsuggesting from the perspective of history that our easy attitude toward abortion may well be judged harshly by those who come after us. People not now in bodies tell us that in as little as a decade, very good electronic communication between the living and the dead will be available. Then, in so many ways, the world will change! And my concern is that with better communication may come our posterity’s judgment that our current position on abortion is the intellectual and moral equivalent of what once was said by slavery’s apologists.

People in the eighteenth century didn’t have the luxury of knowledge and perspective, but we have it now. There, I’ve finally said it.

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47 thoughts on “Slavery and Abortion

    1. This is a great question, and the answer will comfort a lot of people so thank you so much for asking it!

      There is considerable evidence that people who die in utero from whatever cause are treated precisely the way that those who die in childhood are treated: every one of them grows up in a special children’s home or village under the care of very loving beings. In the case of abortions, miscarriages, or infant deaths, the newly dead child is taken into the arms of what we think is probably an actual angel and is carried to the arms of someone in the afterlife who will act as that child’s surrogate mother. There seems to be a special effort made to eliminate the possibility of any sort of distress, so this taking-up by an angel seems to happen right as the fetus or infant is separating from its body. Then the child grows up at his or her own pace – it seems to take just a few earth-years – into a beautiful young adult who follows with love the events of the rest of the mother’s life and joyously greets her as “Mom” when her turn comes to go home.

      Some people have insisted to me that since we are eternal beings, there should be no need for those who die young to “grow up” in the afterlife. I’m sorry, but I don’t make the rules! There seems to be a process that we go through when we agree to come to earth that involves our taking our awareness down to a limited subset of our eternal minds, and then further limiting our awareness to that of a pre-birth child. It is this subset mind that goes through the gentle process of growing up there, just as it grows up here, until it feels ready to rejoin its greater mind just as we also will rejoin our greater minds very soon after our deaths.

      So, it is all good!!

      1. This is a really interesting topic, and I just had one of those recall
        moments. Abortion changed my life…..
        Back in 1969 I had an abortion in hospital. As a result of this surgery
        the doctor made a mistake and went through my womb into my large intestine. He did not open me up to do a repair and as a result I died many hours later from internal damage. As I was passing and standing outside of my body, a priest came to see a woman opposite my bed. For some reason he was able to see my distress and pushed the alarm button and I followed my body to the operating room and watched as they opened me up. I can still recall the conversations as they argued over what had happened to me. A tunnel appeared with a bright light. I travelled through and into the light and went befoe a garden filled with flowers that were actually millions of Souls every where and then I moved to a different place before a large council of the highest Beings. I was shown every life time going forward and backward. All lifes running at the same time. I was given a choice to stay or to go back which I really did not want to do. It was then I was then shown my contract with my baby son who I had left with friends. They showed me what would happen if I returned, the struggle and all the infection and pain that lay ahead but I was told I would heal. I saw what my sons life would be like if I did not return and despite all that lay ahead, I choose life. So ‘abortion changed my life forever’ and that Soul I gave back through termination gave me the most wonderful gift, at a massive cost to my health. Back then there were no names to call what had happened to me. I was a young 19 year old with a baby alone in the world, my Mother had passed. It was an amazing gift, I was not able to fully understand back then. I was in hospital for 4.5 months and I struggled with infections, blood poisoning and when I was well enough to leave, it was as if I had been born again. I saw a very different World with new eyes guided by my Soul .

        1. Wow, Mary Sandra, what an amazing story – thank you for sharing it! Sometimes what would seem to be the worst times of our lives can turn out to be amazing gifts. And I am very, very glad you chose to come back and live this lifetime!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Roberta. From a personal perspective as the mother of an adopted child who had ectopic pregnancy losses and learned how precious a new life is, and also never really understanding the rationalization of women choosing abortion that timing wise they just couldn’t have the baby. I’ve had many a discussion with a planned parenthood donation caller about the other A word adoption which is not presented as an equal choice. There are so many sides to this issue but your point about a fetus not being a person or a soul and its parallel with slavery is well taken. When I learned in my afterlife research that my unborn babies were growing up and being cared for on the other side, I can’t tell you how it warmed my heart and I look forward to being surrounded by their love when I get there some day.

    1. Wow, Abbie, you have one heck of a family reunion in store!

      As I said to Mary Sandra just above, your understanding is exactly right: those who die before birth are lovingly reared in the afterlife levels and generally seem to grow to young adulthood in just a few earth-years, although the timing on that seems to be up to them.

      And isn’t it wonderful that you have adopted a child – what a gift you’ve given to both of you! Adoption is a miracle of love and joy. My oldest grandson was adopted from outside the United States, a process that was so long and complex that he didn’t arrive until he was already a teenager. But after only two years in my life and in my arms, I cannot believe that he is not my blood grandson! There is no difference in my heart at all between him and his siblings. I literally cannot imagine my life without him!

      1. Thank You Roberta, with Gratitude.
        We share an interest in the Declaration.
        I am a direct decendant of Roger Sherman and Mayflower, family. Its all great fun.
        I Love your work and it’s a blessing to humanity, at this time on Earth.

  2. Abortion is still necessary. Yes. it is the taking of a “life.” But there is no way a girl or woman should give birth to a baby she does not want and cannot care for. Are you suggesting that teenagers, young women on drugs, and mentally ill women give birth? So many unwanted children are born to women who cannot take care of them end up abused or neglected. Way too many men skip out on their responsibilities to be real fathers, both physically and financially. The world is already over-crowded and many millions of children languish, waiting for adoptive parents. Of course, birth control is the best way to avoid abortion, but birth control is not fail-safe and, frankly, the very people who should be using birth control are often the ones who aren’t doing so. This is a separate topic, but please address the very pressing issue of over-population on our planet, Roberta.

    1. Dear Carol, thank you for sharing your views on abortion with us. As I have pointed out above, I am taking no position on abortion and my post was not about abortion at all, but rather it was about the curious similarities between today’s arguments in favor of abortion and yesterday’s arguments in favor of slavery, and about the fact that those we used to think were dead will soon be able to tell the broad world the truth about what a fetus is. I fear that when that happens, today’s advocates of abortion may be judged harshly by their own progeny. That was the entire point of my post!

      And my perspective on “the very pressing issue of over-population on our planet” is quite different from what you might expect, but that is only because I am able to look beyond this moment from the much better perspective of those not now in bodies. Advanced beings that we used to think were dead are telling us now that the biggest crisis of the two centuries just ahead will be increasingly extreme UNDER-population, together with a host of problems that may be related to the sharp drop in human population on earth: widespread poverty, famine, and disease. If your biggest worry is over-population, dear Carol, then I hope it comforts you to know that apparently that will be the least of our problems :-(.

  3. Between life regressions tell us that people come and go from the fetus right up until the point of birth. It also seems that the spirit doesn’t connect with the zygote or embryo until several month into the pregnancy. I don’t believe a person is a person at conception. Medical science doesn’t support it.

    I can’t agree with your parallels between abortion and slavery because as many parallels as you might want to draw there are vast differences. A living, breathing autonomous human being is just not the same as a clump of cells surviving inside of a woman- part of her body.

    As for public policy, I think the best solution is to make abortion safe, legal and hopefully rare. We should promote sex education, provide birth control and offer alternatives, but women have been having abortions since the beginning of mankind and will do so no matter what the law. The question is are they are going to be safe and legal or are they going to be dangerous and illegal?

    Abortion is a deeply personal and difficult decision. Each circumstance is unique. It’s never desirable, but it might be the lesser of the evils we have to choose from.

    1. My dear friend, the afterlife evidence overwhelmingly tells us that the fetus is assigned at the time of life-planning, and usually before conception. That is when attachment to the fetus occurs, but you are right: the fetus does indeed come and go between attachment and some later period, usually three months before birth up to as late even as birth itself (as you also leave and later return to your body nightly). This isn’t a matter of what you or I believe or would like to believe, dear: it is a matter of fact. And the evidence is overwhelmingly clear that fetuses that die in utero have minds attached that will grow up in the afterlife levels. What we might want to do with that information is, as you wisely point out, a complex matter to be sorted out in the public square.

      And of course, you can think what you like about abortion! My post was not about abortion at all, nor was it about slavery, but rather – as I state in the post itself – it was about how posterity judges historical opinions and acts. I am not saying that slavery and abortion are equivalent. Rather, what I am saying is that the arguments by apologists for slavery in the 1800s and for advocates of abortion in 2016 are remarkably similar. And just as we now consider those pro-slavery arguments to be horrendous, and we judge slavery’s advocates harshly, so I fear – based upon what we know from the perspective of the afterlife evidence – that today’s abortion advocates will also be judged harshly. That was the entire point of this post, dear!

      And your reference to what “medical science” supports was, of course, a joke, right ;-)?

      Sending you a hug!

  4. As a completely different Brian, I’d like to distance myself from the views of your previous correspondent. Abortion is, of course, a really emotive subject and I respect the right of each person to hold his/her particular views. Anyway, Bravo Roberta for having the courage to speak out and air your views. I like the analogies wth the slavery issue as seen by our forefathers. Humanity is progressing, albeit slowly, towards an ever greater spiritual awareness, and that should place many philosophical and practical issues in a wider perspective.
    In 1975 my first wife, the mother of my four children, had a fifth pregnancy which she was determined to abort. This caused me great emotional distress as even then I felt that the new child existed as more than a bunch of cells. But, she went through with it. Y’know what? The foetus was non-viable and couldn’t have lived any kind of normal life, if he or she lived at all. I guess my then wife knew – somehow knew.

    1. This is great – I love hearing from my two favorite Brians on the same day! Thank you for commenting, dear. Abortion is indeed an emotional subject, which is why I think it might be helpful to inject into the abortion debate some of what we are learning from those that we used to think were dead. No one wants to return to the days of coat-hanger abortions, but neither – I think – are most people comfortable with the notion that an abortion is just another operation to remove unwanted tissue. Surely there is a loving and compassionate way to approach this topic that leaves politics out of it altogether, and that respects every human life?

  5. Thank you for your response about over-population. I certainly cannot argue with you that one day the earth could be under-populated (apparently that is your belief based on things the rest of us apparently don’t know). But what we do know is that right now our planet is over-populated, causing great environmental damage and loss of plants, trees and wildlife. It is causing global warming and loss of natural resources at an alarming rate. It seems really short-sighted (and cruel) to wait for disease, crime and famine to reduce the population, when we have other more sound ways to do it now. You (and all of us) should promote birth control, education of people in third world countries, and ways to use less of the resources in the U.S. and other developed countries. Predictions are for the earth’s population to continue to increase well into this century and beyond. This is an environmental disaster that is already occurring. If you are truly getting messages from the “other side” these should be their big concerns. Here are more questions: Why are there so many more souls now than in the past? Where are they all coming from? Why do they want to come to the earth? Are there not other planets for them to go to so that overpopulation is not an issue that must be addressed through the dire things we have already mentioned?

    1. Dear Carol, none of what you are worried about seems to be a focus on the highest levels. They see all these things – plus war, terrorism, etc. – as symptoms of a great underlying problem, and they actually tell us that addressing these symptoms without first fixing that core problem is going to make every one of them worse! Here is why:

      1) Reality is entirely consciousness-based. Each of our minds is part of the great overriding Mind which continuously brings forth this universe, and which is the only thing that actually exists (everything else that we think is real is actually a product of that universal Mind).

      2) Mind exists in a range of vibrations, from highest (love) to lowest (fear). Fear’s byproducts include hatred, anger, grief, greed, and every other negative emotion.

      3) Our present world is severely overburdened by negative consciousness energy. We aren’t sure why, but we assume that the events of the past century are part of the problem. But for whatever reason, the Earth is literally in interplanetary intensive care because unless we can raise the consciousness vibration of all humanity, then what you see around you – including all the bad things you mention – will sadly be looked back upon by our descendants in just two hundred years as the last glorious remnant of a lost Eden. That is how bad it is! And that is what is at stake. Advanced beings from throughout the universe have converged to help us, and many people now in bodies are working on this as well. The stakes could not be higher.

      4) Anything we might try to do to address these problems individually will just make them worse. And the reason is simple! Raising fear, anger, or any form of discord in very many of those now on earth is going to lower our consciousness vibration all the more, which will make it so much harder to address the underlying problem; while raising our consciousness vibration over all the earth will make of all of humankind quite literally new beings based in love for whom solving all these problems from a position of love is going to be almost laughably easy.

      5) Those we used to think were dead tell us that if we can raise humankind’s consciousness sufficiently, we will create – quite literally! – a heaven on earth. It will be that, or it will be worse than hell on earth. And it will take us less than 200 years to get there, either way. So I have devoted my life and everything in me to doing what little I can to helping them to help us truly solve all our problems, now and forever!

      1. Roberta,
        I am so moved by the compassion in this view that I have to write a reply. But I don’t know what to say! Just…thank you! It needs to be told over and over and not just by one person, and not just through words.

        1. Thank you for replying, Mike! Our hardest uphill fight is against materialist science, which refuses to investigate any of the evidence that what I said above is precisely right. Science is going to be a work-around until the scientific gatekeepers are shamed into facing reality, and we are told now that will happen. And there are many, many beings not now in bodies who are working hard to help us now, and more and more of us on earth are being recruited to their cause. My beloved primary spirit guide tells us now that they foresee our winning this battle for a better future for all humanity. Just the thought of that has me grinning!

  6. Hi Roberta: I have done a lot of research into the afterlife, and no matter what I read or who I talked to, the abortion issue was always raised. Each person (including authors, metaphysical students. researchers etc.) all claim to get their information from the afterlife in the form of spirit guides, dead people etc), but their information was often contradictory. For example, I had heard that the soul doesn’t go into the fetus until about the 7th month. I also heard that it doesn’t occupy the fetus until just before birth. I also heard it waits until about the third month. Then I heard the same thing that you said in that it is there from the beginning. Since everyone says that their information comes from those in the spirit world, it is understandably confusing because it is clearly contradictory. Are they lying to us over there? I’d hate to think they are, so my theory (and there is no way to prove this) is that maybe Robert Monroe and Bruce Moen who were astral travelers from the Monroe Institute were correct when they said there is a belief plane there (which they called focus 25) where people who were steadfast followers of certain beliefs and religions could continue believing the same things they believed while alive until they finally decided to expand their consciousness and come to other conclusions (this could take many years in our time). That would explain the contradictory information, not only about abortion, but many other issues of the afterlife. What do you think? Since it is a thought controlled world over there, this idea may not be as kooky as it sounds.

    1. Dear Lois, not only is your idea not kooky, but I think it is essentially right. Not only do those in what Bob Monroe himself dubbed the “hollow heavens” – the belief-system areas – not have any clue about what actually is going on, but even your relatives on levels three or four – which is probably most of those with whom you ever will communicate – also have no idea of what is above them in the afterlife levels, and almost no idea of the grand scheme. This is why afterlife researchers don’t take what regular communicators say at face value, but rather they place much greater store in what is said by very advanced communicators (which nearly always are groups of very high-level beings who are communicating with one voice).

      Beyond those advanced communicators (of which Silver Birch is one example), I personally place the greatest store in what is said to me by Mikey Morgan (a sixth-level being) and by my own spirit guide, who is part of a sixth-level team. Remember, too, that when we ask when the spirit is “in” the body we must be precise! The issue is when the spirit attaches to the body, not when it “goes in.” Attachment is that mind’s commitment to that body, it apparently involves a silver cord even in utero, and if the attachment breaks then if there is no one who has agreed to take that fetus then the fetus dies. But we are told that most of those who have attached to a fetus would be bored out of their metaphorical skulls if they spent much time in the body until it was better developed, so they “enter” the fetus at a later date, even if they committed to it before it was conceived. What seems to us to be a simple question gets a fairly complicated answer!

  7. This is Lola (Lois was a typo which is my fault). Thanks for telling me that. It makes perfect sense. You’re right about most spirits not having a clue, as I have done evp’s, and I think I know more than they do, (even though I’m not even there LOL) Just like people down here, they are obsessed with their own issues and sometimes fantasies and cannot be trusted to give out important information. I know about Mikey Morgan – a very interesting case. Again, like down here, it depends on who you are receiving the information from. Do you know any further information on Silver Birch? I don’t find much on the internet about him.

    1. Hello Lola – we stand corrected!

      I don’t know much about Silver Birch, but the group that he represents is important in the Spiritualist movement; my hunch is that you will find some of his saying on their website. Or you might go to and perhaps sign up for their free email newsletter, since it’s terrific anyway and they often quote Silver Birch.

        1. Thank you, Michael! It’s the controversial ones that seem to elicit the most comments, isn’t it ;-)? But I guess it really is on the difficult edges of these complex issues where the greatest truths live, since the easy questions and answers don’t ask us to stretch at all.

          Thank you for commenting, and for helping our friend, Lola!

  8. Roberta, disappointingly, you did not really address any of my questions (certainly not in a way that makes sense to me). I could simply ask them again, but no doubt you would not answer them. I need more than it’s all “consciousness based.” There are real problems in this world that all of us must address in a real way. Individuals, of course, must make choices about making things better in the here and now (including not having so many children). I find your comparison of abortion and slavery ludicrous! They are not the same at all.

    Your view of things (and, frankly, it’s a belief system that requires a leap of faith that all belief systems require) is really not different from most other religious beliefs. You have set yourself up as someone who is an authority about something that cannot be proved (similar to people like Billy Graham). Your vision of the afterlife truly seems too good to be true (and you know the old saying about that: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is). If the afterlife is so wonderful and so perfect, why would anyone want to be born into a physical body? It defies reason and logic!

    Look, I do not mean to demean your fervent beliefs. You are certainly entitled to believe what you want. Of course, your descriptions of the afterlife are very compelling. Of course, I would love to think that it is as you describe. Of course, I cannot really argue with you, can I? Because I do not know for sure. Perhaps you are right! Perhaps not! That’s the thing about believers (who all claim to know and be compelled to share the “truth”). But it is hard to buy what you are selling.

    1. My dear Carol, I am selling nothing. I have spent half a century doing this research, and I began it as a skeptic; but at this point I have achieved a level of certainty about some things that I cannot in a comment to a blog post possibly convince you even to consider, when your world-view is so decidedly materialist. What I share is by definition not a belief-system, since it is based purely in research and with no underlying suppositions. The truth is the truth! And it trumps all personal beliefs. You have asked questions, and I have answered them with truths that it has taken me decades to assemble; but if they don’t ring true to you, dear, then simply go your own way in peace and seek whatever truths you personally hope to find.

      If you would like to continue to interact with me, including asking me to answer your question about slavery and abortion that I have already answered a number of times in this series of comments, then I invite you to email me through this website. There is no need for us to further bore other people whose minds might be more open to views that are different from their own.

    2. Carol, there is a maxim, what you expect/look for is what you find. If we would all be able to consciously expect good and not focus on the obvious problems in the world, I believe conditions would improve. Unfortunately my mind has become bogged down with problems and fears, many years ago I did much better and my life was easier. “Fear not, it only leads to evil”.

      1. This is such a beautiful and insightful comment, Jean! It is absolutely true that the world will become what we expect to see. “We cannot transform the world until we transform ourselves” is the subtitle of my new book. The Fun of Growing Forever. And with very good reason!

  9. Hi Roberta,

    Thank you for this post. This is something that I have been thinking about for a while. It is such a complex topic. I have a question : what about in the case in which the fetus shows some very serious malformations? Nowadays we have tests that can detect such abnormalities that would severely affect quality of life. What is the reason for this? Was it the choice of the soul coming into a new life, or is it that something went wrong? And if the soul will be raised to adulthood in the afterlife, then is it “better” for it to do so there, without severe disabilities? I am asking this in good faith, as these questions are often on my mind.

    1. Hello Angie! Fetal malformations can indeed be the result of choices made in an individual’s life-plan, since a physical or mental handicap can be a great spiritual growth opportunity. My hunch is that it also can be the result of something going wrong in the uterus, perhaps as a result of the mother’s actions (like smoking?), since one of the things we are coming to understand is that human free will is highly respected and those not in bodies will work around our free-will choices but they seem never to overrule them.

      I have heard of at least one instance in which a healthy body was planned but it went wrong in its development, and the person who owned that body then huddled with her guides and the other people who would be important in that lifetime and their guides to determine whether they wanted to have that impaired body die and try again, or whether they wanted to adapt the group’s life plans to accommodate this interesting new challenge. As I recall, they chose the latter. We come into these lives to try to grow spiritually, so having to end that fetal life and grow up over as much as a decade and then figure out another life-situation with new people and plan it and then begin it is a pain in the neck! It seems that when it is possible, we tend to take whatever body we can get, even if it is not ideal. Good question!

  10. Dear Roberta: I have a question for you. How do you explain why a spirit would choose to be born very prematurely, and suffers greatly with multiple health problems which may impact whether the child will live, and if so, whether it will be very disabled. Does a loving spirit intentionally decide to choose that kind of possibly very short and suffering life? Thank you for your thoughts.

    1. Oh, yes indeed! An impaired body and mind are great spiritual growth opportunities. And sometimes these impaired children are advanced beings who don’t really need to learn anything more, but they come into such lives as gifts to those who will love them in that brief and/or impaired lifetime. Since a fetus damaged in utero can easily be miscarried, and there are strong indications that the decision whether or not to continue and have the fetus be born seems to be up to the mind associated with it, I think it’s likely that nearly every case of a damaged fetus being born has been the result of a deliberate decision by that person’s higher self to let it happen. Great question!

  11. Thank you, Roberta. Your answer makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you for tirelessly answering questions that you probably have been asked thousands of times!

    1. I’m sending you a big hug, Angie! I don’t at all mind answering questions like yours – it is my bliss!

      The only thing I don’t like is when people (rarely) will ask me to summarize all my research for them and then try to argue against me and reinforce in their own minds whatever their own positions might be. Believe it or not, I used to try to make the effort, especially if the people involved seemed to be reasonably nice about it; but I have since learned that Victor Zammit is right, and people who begin their questioning this way simply don’t want answers. All they want is to be able to comfort themselves and quiet any troubling thoughts I might have raised in them by finding a way to take down my position just in their own minds. So, now I know better!

      But ask away, dear Angie, and everyone else who has an open mind!

  12. Dear Roberta I love your comparison of abortion and slavery. This subject is not simple, and deserves much thought from people who would make a quick decision. I agree that a fetus possesses a spirit on conception. How would one explain how a soul just occurs during the miracle of biology at some optimum time ! Most of the post are made by women (Justifiably so), but I have first hand experience in the lack of consideration for fathers. It is easy to stray from the subject of the afterlife, and get caught up i politics and religion I love your responses to some of the post, I look forward to your letters!Dave Walden

    1. Wow, Dave, you have made my day! Thank you for so profoundly understanding that the afterlife is just… life. The evidence is overwhelming now that our minds are eternal, and we are always and forever aware somewhere; so from that perspective, it becomes difficult to imagine that someone so carefully planning a new life with the parents of that fetus and even with the being the fetus will one day marry would NOT attach as early as possible! But we are being so badly let down now by scientists stuck with a materialist dogma that requires that they keep looking for a source of consciousness inside the brain… a search which is very much akin to searching for a source of electricity inside your lamp.

      Thank you for commenting!

  13. Hi Roberta. What an enlightening blog! My question is : What about pre-birth agreements? Could an abortion be a PBA between the mother and the fetus to teach either the mother or both a life lesson? I realize this may be a controversial question, however, it is one that I have pondered. Thank you for being ‘brave’. Sending you a big hug and hope to see you in the near future.

    1. Welcome, Linda! I especially love questions like yours, asked by someone with so much knowledge who is thinking along the edges of what we know in order to stretch our boundaries. You are making me think there as well! I actually never have seen anything said about this particular question, perhaps because easy abortion-on-demand has been available only within the past few decades. But I’ve waited a bit before answering your question, and here is where I come down:

      1) Very, very rarely apparently an agreement by one to murder another will be approved. I have seen it only once, but I am told that there are a few instances in the literature. Obviously, this sort of traumatic event should be a great spiritual lesson for all involved! And that it certainly was in the instance that I read about, except that it so traumatized the murderer that even though he was fairly advanced when he entered that lifetime, and theoretically he was doing the murdered man and his loved ones a favor, he ended up in what amounts to spiritual intensive care. From this we learn that killing anyone for any reason is very hard spiritually on the one doing the killing!

      2) Having an abortion is traumatic for the mother. Surprisingly so, actually – some of those who felt they had no other option, and who later married and had other children, still are grieving even decades later.

      3) Getting ready to enter a body is a lot of trouble! We don’t understand the process very well, but we know that a limited subset of our eternal mind that includes our awareness is “shrunk” somehow and reduced to newborn awareness so it can go through the whole life experience, and we know that if the body then dies in sub-adulthood its mind must go through growing up for maybe five to ten earth-years and re-merging with that being’s eternal mind. So being attached to a fetus, even briefly, means making a huge personal commitment!

      4) There probably is no need for a fetus who will be aborted to have an attached mind. In theory at least, the fetal cells could be sustained by the mother’s body even to the birth event (the scenario that abortion apologists assume is the usual case).

      From all of this I deduce that writing a life-plan that would include an abortion would be a pretty big spiritual risk for the mother, with potentially a huge reward but with also the risk of setting oneself back spiritually by a lot. I also deduce that it is very unlikely that the mother would be able to get someone to go through the whole attachment process for what would amount to little or no personal spiritual gain for the fetus, but I also deduce that a mother who really wanted to do this would need just the conception… and while we can’t be certain of this, there is some evidence that conception without someone ready to attach – and therefore a fetus without a mind for a portion of its gestation – does happen.

      So… it’s possible, dear Linda. Thank you for asking such a great and surprisingly complex question!

        1. Thank you, Joshua! As I recall, Rob Schwartz’s book takes information primarily from lower-level beings – hypnotic regression and the newly dead – so his informants won’t have the most definitive answers. But his book is wonderful, and it’s especially helpful for people who want to learn more about pre-birth life-planning!

  14. Ultimately the answer to the abortion issue and all the other issues we face is Love. If Love were the coin of the realm as Eben Alexander has said there would be no abortions because every woman would love her child no matter how it came to be and of course there would never be any rape. If Love were the coin of the realm a father would never walk away from his partner. If Love were the coin of the realm there would always be some one stepping up to care for a child with no parents. If Love were the coin of the realm financial considerations would never be more important then spiritual ones.

    The only way to truly Love is to understand our own being as One Consciousness and to know yourself looking out of every set of eyeballs. Would a rapist do the deed if he truly knew he was raping himself and would experience all the pain in a life review? The more individualized life forms wake up to that true reality the more Love there will be and the more this dream we are creating will change. I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME, WE ARE ONE.

    1. Oh Tom, this is so beautifully said! It’s perfect! It’s the reason why our only option for solving every human problem is the elevation of all human consciousness. Bless you, sir, for saying it more elegantly than I ever could.

      As Jesus says, “In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.” (JN 14:20) It’s the glorious day toward which all of us are working so hard: that day when our planetary consciousness is raised to the point where we all recognize that we are in truth one Being, and that Being is perfect love.

      It will come, dear Tom. I know that you are working, too, to make it happen! My new The Fun of Growing Forever, just out, explains what seems now to be the easiest method by far for transforming the world fairly rapidly, which is literally following the Gospel teachings of Jesus – not as nice suggestions, but as an integrated system that actually can elevate one’s consciousness within months. Thank you for such a beautiful comment!

  15. When I consider a choice, any choice, including things such as abortion I use a differential analysis.

    I consider what the probable future result will be if I make that choice.
    I consider what the probable future result will be if I make a different choice.
    Then I compare the two, not just for the immediate future, but for the forever future.

    In the case of abortion, if I take no action, the most likely result will be the birth of a child, who will grow up, have kids of their own, grand kids, great grand kids, etc. In other words the birth is not just of an individual, but a whole family tree.

    If I do take the action, then that whole family tree disappears from the future time line. That is a grave consequence for such an action, a huge difference in the differential analysis. Such a decision must not be taken lightly.

    And lets be honest, and even more politically incorrect. Abortion is just one form of euthanasia.

    Is euthanasia ever appropriate? I think so, in some special cases, but that is a debate for another day.

    If someone is shooting at me I will grab my rifle and , regrettably, euthanize their whole future family tree.

    If I were to euthanize a future family, though, just to keep a flat tummy and a cute butt, well then I’m not so sure that is appropriate given the dramatic consequences.

    Just my thoughts.


    1. Gary, this is a thought-provoking perspective on the topic of abortion – thank you for sharing it! I think indeed that it is especially important to point out that in making our decisions about anything, our present me-first society tends to couch the choice in narrow, me-only terms, when there are almost no choices that we make that have no consequences beyond ourselves. And if we are ever truly to heal the world, we have got to broaden all our thinking to include the world!

  16. I had a miscarriage and an abortion over 40 years ago. 31 years ago my husband (and the father of both children) died . I have seen mediums over the years in an effort to prove (to myself) that life continues after death. Interestingly, in all instances every medium had advised me that my husband had said both children were with him as was our dog.” This message is consistent even 31 years later. My question is are fetuses in a case like mine actually with the parent? What would their reality be like? It almost sounds like a family unit similar to here on earth. Or, is this information provided more as an evidential? I guess I’m trying to understand what a “soul family” unit would be like in the afterlife. What information do you have about this issue? As an aside, I woke up this morning at 4:00 a.m. and caught the last 1 hour of your interview on Coast to Coast. I loved your perspective. You were just fascinating! Thank you!

    1. Kaye, every aborted or miscarried fetus is lovingly reared in the afterlife levels (it generally takes just a few earth-years) and becomes a young adult who watches over his or her parents and joyously greets them upon their later arrival. The fact that they are all together is wonderful validation! They might even be living together, doing things together and enjoying the extraordinary place where they are now. And when your turn comes, they will greet you together. What a homecoming that will be!

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