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Posted by Roberta Grimes • February 02, 2014 • 51 Comments
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Our growing understanding of how reality is structured makes us realize how near the dead are to us. They are right here! We’re told that there are something like eight primary levels of energy-based reality, separated from one another by their rates of vibration, and all of them are exactly where we are. But far from making communication easier, the fact that reality is an energy spectrum all located in a single place makes unaided communication from there to here seem impossible. Think of your Channel Five weatherman and your Channel Seven newsman trying to chat with one another while both are on air, and without a phone. The fact that communication between Knuckles Range - Rusticlevels through mediums has become a well-documented phenomenon is a wonder! But what if we never consult a medium? How else can our loved ones signal their survival?

It seems that over the millennia the dead have wrestled with this problem. They are more aware of us than we are of them, and as they transition and adjust to their new surroundings they are anxious to get word to us that they are still here. We are coming to understand that even long before there were earth-based scientists, there were clever and dedicated teams of dead researchers trying to understand what they were dealing with and puzzling out how to deliver signs to us that they lived on.

It is from this perspective of ancient experimentation that we must look at the kinds of signs that come to us from those we love in the period soon after their deaths. Many are natural objects like feathers and stones, or growing things like flowers or insects; and some involve what seems to be the manipulation of the minds of animals and people. Some of the objects – and even the insects – are likely apports. They are objects materialized from there to here, in a process never studied and not well understood. There are hints that apports may be removed from this material level at some other point in time and deposited back here, often materializing in air, so a decades-old newspaper (for example) could plop onto a table looking fresh from the press.

So, what are some of the physical signs that our dead loved ones can send to us soon after their deaths?

1) Coins. People start finding coins in the same denomination – pennies mostly – or they find clusters of large_8587989414the same set of coins. The coins sent as signs will sometimes bear a significant date, such as a birth or death year or a wedding year.
2) Feathers. Some of the dead have made feathers their specialty. Of course, finding a feather loose beside your feather pillow isn’t going to mean much. But repeatedly finding feathers of all kinds on the ground, in drawers, even in your pocket can mean that someone you love is thinking of you.

3) Dragonflies and Butterflies. Beautiful insects are such a common sign. It may be that bees and ants also are used, but nobody takes much notice of them; however, a big dragonfly that comes to sit on your hand or a butterfly that dances in front of you is hard to miss. One spectacular insect sign happened soon after a teacher’s death. Her replacement reported that on the first school morning after her death, a yellow butterfly flew in through an open window and went up and down the rows, lighting briefly on the head of each wondering child, and then flitted out again.

Common Picturewing4) Electrical Manipulation. You can imagine the joy in heaven when we started electrifying our homes! Since our beloved dead are energy beings, messing with electricity is easy for them, and just within the past century or so they have learned to do it very well. They blink lights, turn televisions on and off, and even sometimes put messages on computer screens. They can extinguish streetlights as we pass beneath them, cause cellphones to ring, and even (rarely) dial us up to have a chat.

5) Scents. Whiffs of cigarette smoke or perfume or perhaps the smell of lilacs or cooking: the dead seem to be surprisingly able to make us experience familiar scents. As someone who has enjoyed this phenomenon – my first scent communication, long ago, was of my grandmother’s perfume – I have wondered whether the scent is out there in the room. Could others standing nearby smell it, too? I have come to think not. I have come to believe that the dead are able to impress the scent directly on our minds, but whether that is true is anyone’s guess.

6) Physical Impressions. This kind of sign seems to be less common, but some of the dead will create phenomena which make it seem as if they are physically present. A surviving spouse might feel and see the other side of the mattress compress, or a spouse or parent might feel a physical hug. Someone who lost a beloved pet might feel and see the indenting of the coverlet by his feet, and then a depression where that pet always slept.

7) Visualizations. Sometimes, near the moment of someone’s death, he or she will appear to a loved one many miles away. Generally these apparitions will look younger and happy, they glow, they don’t speak, and often they are just bust-high or waist-high.

 8) Birds and Small Animals. The most common small-creature signs are birds swooping in front of our windshields. Or sometimes a type of bird will be reported far outside its range, like the Florida crane that graced a Long Island gravesite several days in a row. Freakishly unafraid squirrels that have large_3719756211approached and seemed to know us have been reported, too. There was one summer afternoon a couple of years ago when a huge owl came and perched on a light while a celebration of someone’s life was underway on a patio below it, and it stayed there until the last guest left. Our loved ones might be impressing their own minds onto the minds of these creatures to make them behave this way, although no one knows for sure.

9) Numbers. Seeing on a digital clock or a license plate a series of the same number repeated, or perhaps a date or other number that would be meaningful such as a birth, wedding, or death date, can be a sign from a deal loved one. Just one such instance isn’t meaningful, but if you repeatedly see a number like 11:11 when you randomly glance at a digital clock, your loved one may be reaching out to you.

10) Coincidences. We have had communications from upper-level beings who insist that there are no coincidences, and every seeming coincidence is the work of Spirit. I don’t know about that. But I do know that the chances that some of the stranger coincidences we see could occur at random are less than we suppose, so it is important to pay attention. When my mother died, someone sent me calla lilies, never realizing the importance that particular flower had in my mother’s life; and someone else sent a sympathy card that featured chickadees (Mother’s favorite bird) perched in lilacs (Mother’s favorite flower) oddly out of season. I assume that those were signs from my mother, but I won’t know for sure until I contact a medium.

11) License Plates. To be thinking of a loved one and at the same time see a license plate with his name or with some other significant term on it really brings you up short! Yet it happens. We have no idea how the dead are able to pull this off.

12) Songs. Here is something else in the category of: We have no idea how they do it. But they do. And often. A widow of someone recently dead will turn on a car radio or enter a store, and there will be playing the very song that the couple danced to at their wedding.

Don’t assume that everything that happens is a sign, but pay attention in the months after a loved one’s death. When you spot a possible sign, be sure to thank your loved one, since if the dead think they are being ignored they will generally give up.

How do we know that the dead send these signs? Because they tell us, over and over again. We are told that there are teams which help the newly dead to orient themselves to their new lives, and one of the things they offer to do is to teach new arrivals how to produce signs for their loved ones. Some of the dead become good at it, and a few are still delivering signs decades later. But for most of the dead, signs are given within the first year or two after their deaths, and once they see that we are past the worst of our grief they generally abandon the practice. They know that we’re fine. And they have lots to do!

It’s impossible to know what percentage of the dead will give us signs of their survival, but my research has led me to think that most of them try. They remain the same people after they die, and their love for us is as intense as it ever was. So, keep your eyes and your heart open!

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51 thoughts on “Signs From the Dead

  1. Hi Roberta,

    Thank you for your well researched report on deceased loved ones and signs they reach out to us. I certainly have seen my fair share of feathers on a regular basis, repeating numbers on clocks, receipts, and license plates. I was at the deli counter one time and while waiting for my deli meats I looked down at the packaged breads below and a piece of paper with the number 222 was staring at me. Another time a penny landed on its side and stayed in that position for a few hours before it finally fell down altogether. The day before my grandmother’s funeral mass I was walking home and I saw a license plate with 4 GRANDMA written as a special license plate. I took that as a direct message from Grandma telling me I was going to her funeral and facing my estranged father with whom I have had no communication for over 13 years for her sake. And when we left the cemetery after we took her ashes to the urn wall the song Gloria by Laura Brannigan came on the radio just as we were exiting the front gate. I don’t know if she liked that song but she did name her guardian angel Gloria. She always spoke of her to us. I really believe my Grandma has been showing me signs pretty consistently and I welcome it and hope it continues for however long God will allow her to keep on doing so. Can angel feathers come in all sorts of colors besides white? I see black and white on the ground pretty frequently. Thank you Roberta

    1. What a lovely set of signs, David! And so quickly given! Your grandmother must have had loved ones right there with her who could help her to deliver them. Things like maneuvering a license plate into the right place to be seen by us and playing the right song at the right time are fairly advanced work, so she couldn’t have done them on her own without help. Our loved ones have to learn from the experts how to do this stuff! And yes, feathers can be in all colors. My hunch is that most feathers given to us as signs aren’t white. The most memorable one ever described to me was a blue ostrich plume left on somebody’s car hood, right after a death and in the middle of a day when dozens of feathers were collected.

      The best way to keep your grandmother interested in giving you signs going forward is to thank her profusely every time. Say, “Thank you! I see that! Please do it again!” And say it aloud, since we are told that the positive energy of our thanking them aloud makes each sign given a bit easier to do. I’m so glad for you that your new understanding has given you this wonderful new relationship with people we used to think were dead!

      1. Hi Roberta,

        Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement and approval and confirmation of my grandmother’s close contact with me. 🙂 I have 2 more questions for you.

        1) You said their love for us is just as intense as when they were alive how about if they also disliked a person, is it just as intense?

        2) My mother wanted me to ask you. If our deceased loved one was not very close to a person when they were alive are they now obligated to help them? My mom has arrived at this conclusion. And it sort of makes sense. I feel my grandmother may have had to help my cousin who was not her favorite grandson- she helped him to get a great job. Lo and behold I still have my stressful job. Perhaps my grandma is not allowed to help me in that way? What do you think?

  2. Hello Roberta,
    I’m really confused and worried. This all started in October I started find feathers and pennies, the number 1221 started appearing everywhere, and now when I sleep I awake to my room smelling of lilac. Tonight as I was sleeping I was woken by a touch of rubbing my head and the smelling of lilac. I not sure what my angel is trying to tell me. Please advise. Thank you.

    1. It’s fine to be confused, Joy, but please don’t be worried! Negative entities are very low-energy, and these are not the sorts of things they will do (or even could do), so whoever is contacting you must be beneficial. Have you lost a loved one within the past year? These are the sorts of things that our loved ones will do, feathers and pennies and scents, so it is most likely that someone who has transitioned is trying to comfort you. Since we travel out of body at night and meet with loved ones and guides, my suggestion is that you say aloud before going to sleep that you are grateful for the signs and you would like to know who is sending them; then pay attention to whatever are the first thoughts in your mind when you wake up the next morning.

        1. Hi Roberta, I had a strange thing happen to me today. Here’s a little background info. My Mom passed Jan 3 2016. Her christmas present from me was a kindle. This morning on my way to work something or some one told me to turn the radio on. Well I was expecting a song. Instead a listened to the DJ talking g about how he gave his Mom a kindle for Christmas and that the notification sound bugs him. Then he fished off saying at least he knws where his Mom is and she is in the kitchen, bathroom etc. Do you think she was speakin telepathically through him?

          1. Absolutely! And isn’t that wonderful! Our dear eternal friend, Mikey Morgan, says that giving us signs through DJs this way is very easy for them to do, and it looks as if your mother has aced it ;-).

  3. I have been blessed with receiving nearly a dozen unusual signs since my loved one passed. Computer messages, 2 perfect feathers, a cloud formation in a significant shape, and just today two dragonflies outside the window at work. First there was one, it floated and flew around for many minutes thenwas briefly joined by another before they both flew from sight.
    I have thanked my love with each instance.
    The dragonflies especially I believe were a sign of approval as they appeared after I had placed an order for a special vase for the grave of my loved one.

    1. I’m sorry that you are briefly separated from your love, but very gratified indeed to see that he is giving you such wonderful signs and you are recognizing them as such!

  4. Hi Roberta, I have had many beautiful signs (consistent with much of which you have outlined) from my 22-year old son who took his life on 4 September 2017. Other signs seem to be from God, Our Lady and the saints themselves. In any event, when I ponder their origin and meaning, I often seem to receive a “confirmation” or follow-up sign which serves to dispel any doubt in my mind as to their supernatural origin. Is this a pattern you have discerned?

    1. Hello Catherine! I’m sorry that your son has gone ahead of you, but thrilled that you have been hearing from him! I gather from your comment that you are a practicing Catholic (as was I, for many years); I don’t know what makes you believe that you are hearing directly from God or saints, but it is likely that these signs that you believe are saintly have a simple (and more wonderful) source: you may be hearing directly from your spirit guides. Generally we communicate with them at night, while our bodies sleep; but given this recent trauma in your life, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to be trying to communicate with you more directly. There is no evidence that the Source ever has communicated with anyone directly, but that is a distinction without a difference because all of us are part of the same Source energy so every guide who speaks to you is God as well!

  5. Hello Roberta!
    My sister in law passed Dec 13,
    2017 after a 15 year battle with Cancer. She was a very young 59. Two days after she passed we all gathered at my Mother in law’s home, to go over details of her funeral.
    During this time, my father in law was suffering from 99% blockage of his heart and failing health rapidly.
    The night we made plans for my oldest sister in law’s funeral I arrived home, exhausted and irritable. I shoed everyone from the kitchen and proceeded to clean. After steam cleaning my floor, I removed the mop head and took it to my basement to toss in the washing machine. I returned to the upstairs and to the kitchen. In the middle of my kitchen floor was a beautiful white feather about 6” long! I questioned my daughter who was seated right next to the kitchen at a table; “did you see this feather or where it came from?” She had not.
    Fast forward to Dec 23, 2017 my Father in law passed away-now reunited with his oldest daughter in Heaven. Although he was ill, his feather was unexpectedly quick and forever heartbreaking.
    Again I found myself exhausted two days after his passing. And again in my kitchen, another beautiful white feather!! I chuckled and started to cry, thinking back at when I shown my father in law the first feather I had found after the passing of my sister in law. He said then, “Looks like a pigeon feather!” When I found that second feather, I held it in my hands and said, “Thanks Pops! Tell me, how are those pigeon feathers working for ya?” Hahah
    I knew my father would have gotten a grand chuckle out of that.
    Although they are gone they watch over my family, as well as theirs; my nephew and mom in law, sister in law, great granddaughter etc. I talk to them every day, and of course and on the constant lookout for “pigeon feathers!”

  6. My youngest son died was born and died a year ago. Our son with us is one and we use a elephant to represent his brother in our family. I found wooden blocks with elephant pictures and one with baby feet in my path all weekend. My one year old keeps talking to an imaginary friend too. I think he is trying to tell me he is all right until I get there.

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Miya! These are very usual kinds of signs from a loved one, and they must be so comforting to you!

    1. Well, it depends. If you are one of those people who is so convinced that his religious views are correct that he can imagine no other outcome, then you will see what your mind insists on… but it will not be real. You will be transported to what we call the belief-system realms, the “hollow heavens,” where you will live suspended until you are rescued. But fortunately this sort of getting sidetracked is not common!

      For most of us, the veil gradually thins as we are dying and we begin to see people we used to think were dead. They are now young, healthy, happy, and eager to welcome us! As we leave our bodies, they will lovingly escort us – our vibration gradually will rise – until what has always seemed solid becomes vapory and fades away, and around us is a beautiful and very solid new reality, richly colored and full of flowers. Those that we used to think were dead tell us that THEIRS is the reality, while this world is the illusion… and when we arrive there, we realize they are right!

  7. ​​Hello, My name is Amanda, I actually came across this page literally by accident however I have a strong feeling it “wasn’t accidental” I was actually looking for information about “signs” from loved ones because every time I am outside a dragonfly appears and just hovers around until I go back inside, at first I didn’t think much of it but here recently I began really noticing the pattern and it’s honestly every time I am outside at my home (many times throughout the day) so I decided to Google any information about this or if it has happened to others, maybe not a dragonfly but something similar and this site popped up. So I want to share some of the “Blessings” as I call them with you all, I want to apologize in advance for such a long post but there’s so much I want to share and I’ve learned that it is very helpful for me to talk about my dad and share things with others even people I don’t know. It was April 19, 2005 I was 25 when I lost my Daddy, he was 59, my dad was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when I was 5 he was 39, the ER doctors couldn’t understand how/why my mom was able to walk my dad into the emergency room, his blood sugar was 900 and all the doctors and nurses said he should’ve been in a coma with that high of blood sugar, dad spent 2 weeks in the hospital. It was a 20 year battle with this disease, like a rollercoaster there were so many ups and downs it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to sit and watch as literally attacked every single part of his body, from his kidneys, eyes, bones and limbs. In my eyes my dad was the strongest man I knew and to this day still is, many of you can probably tell by now I was a Daddy’s Girl, he was my world and if you asked anyone I was his. It was April 18, 2005 my dad was still in ICU at the hospital (so some of you know the visiting hours are a lot different) I spent every visitation with my dad that was scheduled for an hour, so on the 18th it was the last visitation for the evening, he was sitting up sideways in his bed, feet dangling over the edge and I told him he looked and must have felt great that evening, he looked at me and his words have stuck in my head still to this day he said “Baby girl, your daddy is going home” my reply was one he probably heard a few times over 20 years, I told him when the doctor tell us you can. At 3:30am (7 hours after seeing him and his words to me) April 19, 2005 the hospital called and said I needed to get there that he was unresponsive. I sit right beside him holding his hand from the moment I got there, it was my mom who looked at me and said “he is fighting for you, you need to tell him it’s okay” I can promise you those 2 words were the hardest 2 words I’ve ever said, it was that very moment he squeezed my hand and opened his big blue eyes as a tear rolled across the bridge of his nose 15 hours after the hospital called I watched as he took his final breath. Many, many months went by after his passing until one night I had a dream that was so real it had my shaking, I called my mom and began telling her, she quickly said I’m on my way, I need to talk to you, so she gets there and we talk. My parents had separated when I was 20, probably 2 years before my dad passed my mom had gotten pregnant and my dad took it extremely hard when he found out, he was angry with me (because I was happy, I always wanted a sibling, I was their only child, my dad had 4 others from a previous marriage but they were a lot older than me) and he said some hurtful things to my mom, sadly my mom miscarried but unknowingly to me until that moment she came to talk my mom told me everything from his hurtful words to the promise he made, my dad had told her after her miscarriage that she would have the son they always wanted but he would’nt be here to see it. It was exactly 2 months after my dad passed my mom found out she was pregnant, soon later she found out it was a boy and a few months later my brother Elijah, was born, (we are 27 years apart and just a little insight my parents were 17 years apart) in my dream it was me and my mom and she told me I needed to tell my dad we were leaving but I couldn’t find him, then he was there and he said “Elijah is here because of me and one day Baby Girl you too will be a mommy”. I think my mom was just as shaken up as I was when I had first called her to tell her about my dream. When Elijah was 2 he was playing and asked me if I knew his friend “Donnie” I thought to myself “Oh Lord, he has imaginary friends” probably about a week to a week and a half later, me and my mom were sitting at my house (of course this big sister had him spoiled, he had his own room and toy room at my house) and Elijah comes running out of his toy room and asked if I knew “Goat” I said yes bub I know what goats are and he said “NO, My Friend Goat, he comes to see me and plays with me, he told me he really loves you and misses you” my heart sank and I busted into tears, so did my mom, you see my dads name was Donald (that’s where the “Donnie” came in) and his nickname was “Goat!!”, my brother never met him, dad passed in ’05 and Elijah was born in ’06. In 2013 I reconnected with my old boyfriend whom I dated when I was 19, we’ve been married for almost 4 years now. My husband to this very day still talks about the time we went to my parents for dinner and my dad told him to have a seat, they needed to talk and dad told me to go help my mom in the kitchen that this was a talk between a father and his daughters boyfriend, my husband will say he was scared to death and he will never forget “that talk”. Now I tell you that this was the very FIRST and LAST time my dad ever sat down a boyfriend and had “that talk” sometimes I wonder if daddy knew something John and I didn’t know many years ago. There’s been many things and different signs in these 13 years since dad has passed that’s happened, I have learned not to blame others for things missing, I use to blame my poor little brother but I’ve realized over the years it wasn’t him or others, my dad was a huge practical joker. My husband and I recently moved back home to West Virginia from Louisiana, we both were born and raised here (WV) we now live in the same town where I was raised. About a month and a half ago I was sitting up stretched out on my couch playing a casino game on my tablet and my husband was in another room doing who knows what (typical man thing) when something caught my eye, I looked up and standing in the dining room stood my dad, I even shook my head as if my eyes were playing tricks on me only to still see him standing there, nothing was said but a feeling came over me, it was as if my dad was saying it’s okay, I’m okay, I’m still here with you (that’s the easiest way I can explain it, like for the first time I felt Peace) So that brings me back to what I was first saying about coming across this site, since moving back each time I’m outside there is 1 dragonfly that shows up out of nowhere hovering around me almost close enough to touch. A little bit ago I told my husband about it, like I said just recently did I start noticing the pattern of this occurrence with the dragonfly. My husband was outside for about 20mins before I went outside, soon after I was out there like the snap of your fingers the dragonfly appeared, my husband looks at me and said “what the” I’ve been out here this whole time and never once seen a dragonfly. My husband doesn’t believe in things like this well I can’t say it’s that he don’t believe I just think he doesn’t want to out of fear as for myself, I smile and say “Hi Daddy, I Know You’re Here and I Love You Too”.

    1. Dear Amanda, I think this must be the world’s longest blog post comment! But I’ve approved it because I think it is a wonderful example of the manifold ways that so many people keep in loving touch during the temporary illusion that is the death of one of them. Yours is a beautiful story – thank you for sharing it!

  8. My son was run over and killed by a hit and run driver (Goodyear police officer), the day after his 18th birthday. I have always believed in the afterlife, however one evening, I was particularly distraught. I was asking the universe, what if I’m wrong? I asked my son to show me something that said “let it go” in any context, so I would know I’m not wrong. The next day at work, I was stocking some nail polish, and found a color in the place that it didn’t belong. I picked it up to put it where it belonged, looked at the name of the color of course, and the color was called “let me go” this is only one of many signs I’ve gotten from him over the last ten years. I will never doubt the signs. He sends me single bees on a regular basis by the way.

    1. That is a neat story, Shay! Some of our loved ones who have gone on ahead of us will come up with really amazing ways to send us messages. Thank you for sharing this!!

  9. Hello Roberta,

    As I commented on another blog entry of yours tonight, my father passed away last night at the age of 85 after a long illness. It was expected as the doctors told us it could be any time.
    In the afternoon before, I fell in a sort of semi sleep and I was pretty calm but all of a sudden I felt someone/something touch my ankle. I jumped up/jerked but no one was there. It reminded me of things I read describing the dreaming/astral projection travel when the jolt occurs because the person’s astral body returns to the physical body. And it hit me that I think my father is going to leave us and it was someone (like one of my grandparents) letting me know – or could it have been my father himself???? I took it as a sign and 12 hours later my father was gone.

    Any thoughts on if this was a sign, someone touching me- someone in my family who has passed – or my father saying good-bye teetering between earth life and spirit life????

    1. Suzye, it really is impossible to know. We do often leave our bodies during sleep – seems to happen at the first part of most or all of our nightly sleeping, and also can happen when we nap – and while we are out of bodies we might meet with dead loved ones (among other things). It is common for us to wake up with kind of a start upon returning to our bodies if we are light sleepers; in fact, that happens to me so routinely that I will split-sleep most nights, waking up at about 2:00 and feeling energized and working on my laptop for a couple of hours, then going back to sleep again for another two hours or so (I am writing this at 2:13 in the morning). My hunch is that this was not a sign per se, and I don’t think it had much to do with your ankle, but you may well have “fallen into” that sleep so you could leave your body and visit with your departing dad and his deathbed visitors. Sounds as if it may have been quite a party!

      1. Thank you for the possible explanation of what occurred. It would be great if not only we leave our bodies during sleep and visit with our deceased loved ones but actually remember the conversations!!!! I am going to treat myself to your book this holiday season as a gift to myself – do any of your books cover this topic of sleep travel and who we meet along the way???? Thanks.

        1. Hello Suzye! I think the basic truth that we leave our bodies when they sleep so we can see loved ones, consult with guides, and generally have fun is scattered in all my books, unfortunately, but you make me thing that perhaps we should talk about it more either here or on Seek Reality. Let’s see what we can do!

  10. Good afternoon Roberta, my adult children’s father passed away 2 days ago. My middle son has always lived with him….he is 39 now. They were best friends and pretty much inseparable…..this was their relationship for the most part from birth. All 3 of my kids are taking this passing (he was 64) very hard. My son is not sure but thinks he received a message from him. He was having a shower and when he got out there was a fresh blood drop (sizeable) on the bathroom floor. He had someone inspect his body to see if he was bleeding anywhere he couldn’t see. He was not. Could this have been a sign from his Dad and if so….what could this mean? I cannot find anything about signs from deceased loves ones that talk about blood drops. Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.

    1. I’m so sorry, April. And he was so young! Please give your children hugs from me and assure them that their dad is fine and happy now.

      Blood is not a commonly-used sign, perhaps because it has negative and alarming connotations for many people. It is possible, though, that it was a sign from your son’s father, if (a) he died in a bloody way or (b) there was something in this son’s relationship with him that would make a blood-spot significant. It is, after all, hard to miss a large spot of fresh blood! I think if I had just lost someone and had this happen to me I would probably suspect that it had been a sign. As for what it meant, all such small signs have the same meaning:”I love you, I made it home safely, and all is well!”

  11. Hello Roberta. October 14, my partner passed away.Friday afternoon getting off the car a butterfly out of no where was flying next to me.Sunday morning my mom took out my daughter to the front yard and a butterfly flew around her and flew away. 2 hours later I would say, a butterfly flew around the yard and flew away. Could that be my partner? That is my daughters dad as well. I miss him so much.Thank you.

    1. Nancy, that series of events certainly seems to have been a set of signs from him! Butterflies and dragonflies are the signs most commonly reported, and when they come in series this way the odds against chance that they are sent by a loved one are pretty strong. These insects are not your loved one, of course! Instead, his mind influences the mind of the insect and causes it to behave that way. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Hello,
    My fiancé passed away 9 days before Christmas. I have been packing all day because his home is going into probate and his grown kids want me out. Well I was standing in the kitchen and my washer went on by itself and I went into the computer room sat down and cried and told him I knew it was him and please don’t stay here come with me to my new place then the ceiling light started flickering. Is it him and will he go with me?

    1. Oh Annette, I am so sorry! It is amazing to me that they are insisting that you move within literal days of his death, but please take comfort from the signs he has given you – and yes, indeed, they are his signs. Please know that:

      1) Electrical signs are especially easy for people not in bodies to give to us, since after death we are essentially energy bodies. So for appliances to turn on or off with no one seemingly near them, and for electric lights to flicker – especially in response to something we say, but often just because we are nearly – are both extremely typical signs!

      2) For someone to be able to give us these signs is an almost certain indication that he made the transition successfully (nearly everyone does). Those who (very rarely) get stuck seldom have sufficient awareness or power to be able to affect their environments this way, and anyway we often need the help of dead experts to give good signs so quickly after we transition.

      So the wonderful news is that not only did he successfully make it to the next level of reality, but he is doing well there! And he is no longer oriented to time or place on this planet – he just is oriented to people – so wherever you are, he will be. Meanwhile, I’m sending you a hug!

  13. Could you comment on walk-ins? The soul of a person recently died wants/needs to return to life quickly and not through reincarnation. These souls are often evolved, wise souls w/ a high vibration, who feel they have a “mission” or healing job to do on earth. The soul of the “walk-in” doesn’t need to spend time in the womb, being a baby, growing up, etc. and so finds an adult body on the verge of death, or an impending suicide, anyone who is ready and happy to cross over. The 2 souls come to an agreement: the walk-in soul can use the on-the-verge of death body as a container or vessel (a new home) for his or her return to earth and the person about to die is agreeable to this, often asking the walk-in soul to tidy up some messes left behind in his life, take care of his family, and such, in addition to working on his/her healing/helping reason to return quickly to the “living.” I hear that walk-in souls are increasingly common these days, perhaps because of humankind’s now bleak and traumatizing existence (wars, climate, hate, greed, etc.) that could end up in destruction and annihilation. I wonder if you are aware of these walk-ins. Are they real? Have you come across any in your work? Do they return mainly to help humanity? Heal us? And finally, do they ever return simply to be able to meet up with a former family member (spouse or child or parent in grief)–in order to help the grieving person heal and get on with life? (Note that I am not writing about ghosts or unwanted possession. There must be mutual agreement between the 2 souls–at least that is what I’ve come to understand. Ruth Montgomery’s Strangers Among Us deals with what she saw as the walk-in phenomena). Any thoughts or experiences with walk-ins will be appreciated.

    1. We know little about walk-ins, Sasha, but we are told that they do happen. Many people think that Benjamin Franklin was a walk-in, since apparently he led a rather feckless life and then in an instant he became the brilliant Founding Father. I believe that someone I know is a walk-in, since he led an aimless life until he was in his fifties, but then he almost instantly became this spiritually brilliant being. Actually, I am beginning to wonder now that you mention it whether another person I know may be a walk-in as well, but it is too early to tell. Whenever someone who has led a mostly purposeless life becomes motivated and energized to help the world, you can suspect it! It is thought that they always are more advanced beings who come in to do a specific set of tasks for the advancement of humankind. I have never heard of a walk-in situation where the only purpose was personal. I have read Strangers Among Us too, but long ago.

  14. Hi Roberta, after my mother passed, I started to get physical signs such as, my hands getting squeezed, arms getting all tingly. I actually was turned round while I lay in bed…definitely my

    1. Wow, Jacqueline, that is lovely! You can hug those signs to your heart, knowing that for certain you will see her again ;-).

  15. Hi Roberta

    My nanna passed on Friday who I was incredibly close to she was my best friend (in fact) before she passed the Saturday before out of no where I received a feather which I though was from grandad her husband. On Tuesday and Thursday before her passing I received 2 more feathers. I seen a robin on the athirsday 2 and 1 magpie. Today I woke up and switched on her radio and Imagine by John Lennon was playing relatively early in the song which she loved. I then looked out of the window as I was sad/overwhelmed and seen 2 magpies. I am wondering could this be my beautiful nanna.

    1. Of course, Colleen! It is amazingly uncommon for people who are not living on a chicken farm to find feathers (I cannot recall the last time I saw a feather that was not attached to a bird), and for significant songs to play on a radio or in the muzak in a store is one of the most common post-death signs. Congratulations! Your beloved nanna is telling you that she is just fine ;-).

  16. Hello Raberta, my sister passed away on July 5th 2019. She died unexpectedly from a heart attack. While she was alive several years ago she would find crosses everywhere she went. She found so many over the coarse of several years that she had to put them into a shoe box that ended up almost filled to the top. She found beautiful crosses with stones, wood in the shape of a cross, rocks that were a perfect cross shape. 2 days after she died I was leaving my house to go to the grocery store and as I walked with my husband to our car parked on the street I looked down and on the ground was a beautiful aqua blue buddies cross. I picked it up and said to my husband “look it’s from Barbara she left it here for me to find. I took inside washed it off later and it is the most beautiful cross I’ve ever seen. 2 days later my husband was leaving for work and as he was locking the front door he turned around and on the ground a few feet from our doorstep he saw a beautiful ivory colored cross it’s about 3 inches tall. He picked it up brought it into the house and left it on the coffee table for me to see when I got up that morning. I cleaned it and I know that my sister left that cross for my husband Chris to find. Today is Aug 10, 2019 and my husband always buys a quick pick lottery ticket on Sat I noticed he hadn’t so I asked him “are you going to get a lottery ticket today” he said oh I forgot I’m going to walk to the corner to get one and he did. When he returned he said “here I have something for you” he reached into his pocket and handed me another beautiful aqua blue cross exactly like the first one I had found 2 days after he death. I have been grieving so badly every day I cry over the loss of my sister and I cried so hard when my husband handed me the cross he found today. I know for a fact that these crosses are from my beautiful sister Barbara. I thanked her for sending me these crosses because it is so comforting to know she sees me and others in our family who are grieving I thank God too for allowing my sister to communicate with from heaven. I just wanted others to read my story because it is true that our family friends and pets are watching over us from above. Thank you Roberta for letting me post and thank you for all the research you have done to provide the information for all of us who appreciate confirmation as to what occurs after we die.

    1. Dear Teresa, thank you for sharing with us such a beautiful story! I just want to affirm that yes, of course, all these crosses are gifts from your sister. And you are so blessed! We probably ought to add that they needn’t have been crosses. Really, anything that we would recognize as having come from our transitioned love one might be a sign! Once someone wrote to tell me that after a loved one’s death she was repeatedly seeing a certain kind of flower out of season, or people write about repeatedly spotting a loved one’s favorite breed of dog or hearing a loved one’s favorite song in store muzak wherever they go. Giving us all these kinds of signs is very easy for our loved ones! The key to completing the circle, of course, is our own noticing and thanking our loved one. When we do that, they are likely to keep providing the signs. Just be aware that by noticing the crosses and making such a fuss over them, you are making your dear sister very happy!

  17. Very interesting stories. Several years ago I wrote a book entitled ” A Distant World Beckons” which explored some of my experiences in this area. It is very encouraging to hear that the lives of so many have been affected by similar events. Spreading this good news benefits all of humanity.

    1. Dear Thomas, you would be amazed to know how many emails I get from people wanting me to validate signs from their transitioned loved ones! And all the signs they report do of course look genuine (and exciting!) to me, so I am glad to affirm them. I have come to believe that everyone who goes home in at least reasonable emotional health will attempt to give loved ones a sign or two, and it is only the fact that so few people know what to watch for that keeps this phenomenon from being universally known!

  18. During a working bee at the building of an Association which I and my deceased husband of 9 years belong, we found a old envelope addressed to him on the kitchen bench. We believe that was a sign from him that he was there amongst us as the terminology of his then office was different but the envelope had the current terminology of his office if he was alive!!

    1. Dear Despina, wow, that is a really neat sign! Thank you for sharing it!! I love the fact that the letter was addressed to him but bore a postmortem version of the address. You can almost see him giggling a bit as he worked that out! Thank you for sharing this, dear Despina, and rejoice in this wonderful cross-dimensional hug!

  19. Dear Roberta, My son passed away in July 2019. I have received many contacts, but there are two that are for a longer duration and I wonder what you make of them.
    I have birds that stay in the yard that never were there before. Some chickadees that have very nice black and white markings. They seem to be there everyday and they are perched on a plant or the roof and yesterday one was on the top branch of a 30 – 40 ft Mesquite tree. I am wondering if it has anything to do with my son who is brilliant, creative, an artist and musician. Being free like a bird would be of interest to him.
    Secondly, at his grave-site coyotes have taken up a presence. We have had two coyotes sitting there for quite awhile a few months ago and last week we went to the cemetery and there was a coyote sleeping on his grave. We don’t know how often they are actually there, but whenever we go it seems they are there.
    Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

    1. Dear Millie, I am so sorry not to have seen this sooner! Yes, this altered behavior on the part of animals and birds could very well be signs from your son, especially happening so soon after his transition. He isn’t in those animals and birds, but rather what happens is that our loved ones ask for permission from living creatures to take control of their minds and bodies, and we are told that their yielding control is pleasurable for them – it’s even pleasurable for butterflies and dragonflies – so they happily do it. Whenever you see anything that might be a sign from your son, say aloud, “I see that! Thank you! Please give me another sign!” You’ll make him happy, and you may very well get a lot more of them!

  20. Hi Roberta, my husband passed away September 2018. We were extremely and abnormally close and we still are. Since his passing he would make it a point to visit me at least twice a month. He changes the TV channels to the shows we would watch together and changes the setting on the dvr, however, he stopped doing it for the past 2 months, I’ve read that signs usually stop after the first year, could you please further explain why they stop. I’m impatiently waiting for him 😔

    1. Dear Suzy, how lovely it is that you and he were able to maintain such a close relationship for all that time! So you know for certain that he has survived, which is the reason why the dead give us signs. Unless their continuing to stay in touch is part of some plan, our transitioned loved ones do indeed mostly move on after a year or two, and here is why:

      1) For him to continue to mess with your TV, give you apported feathers or flowers out of season or whatever else he did, requires that he keep his energy level fairly close to that of the earth, which is tiring and limits what he can do.

      2) Doing the same things over and over again is boring. He knows that you are fine, and he can look in on you whenever he likes, so he doesn’t need signs from you. This is a sacrifice from him that you cannot reciprocate.

      3) He arrived almost a year and a half ago in the most absolutely fabulous place of literally infinite size! It’s like a gigantic Disneyland, a place where his vastly expanded mind can explore the most amazing delights and have more fun than you can possibly imagine! And he can’t have the most exciting kinds of fun when he is still tied fast to the earth.

      Our loved ones want us to go happily on with their lives, and they also want to join in all the fun where they are now. Once they know for certain that we know for certain that they are alive and happy and waiting for us, they try to wean us from those signs so they can enjoy their lives there. Please let him do that! Tell him aloud how much you love him, and how grateful you are for all those signs. Please tell him that you understand that he wants and needs to do more where he is now, and you are glad that he now has the opportunity! Don’t worry – he still loves you. And when you get there, too, he will have a lot of wonderful things to share with you!

  21. Hi Roberta,
    This year has been quite emitonal for me, relationship ending, losing my job and probably my home is next. I early February I found a random penny on my coffee table. I live in Canada, and we discontinued use of pennies in 2013. I can’t help but think it is a sign of hope from my grandfather, though he passed in 2004. The dates on the penny though do not have any importance to me that I can think of. Is it possible it’s him?
    He was an animal lover, birds and squirrels would eat out of his hand. He always fed the squirrels peanuts. In the past year I have found a full peanut in shell on 2 occasions at my mother’s house and once last week. There were four peanuts in there shell in the shape of a square. Do you think he is trying to communicate with my mother and I through the peanuts?

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Melissa, not all coins left as signs have a significant date, and since pennies aren’t common in Canada anymore yours does indeed seem to be a sign! The peanuts seem to be signs as well, if there would be no clear reason why they would be there. When in doubt, always thank your loved one anyway, and ask for more signs. It can become quite an enjoyable game for both of you!

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