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Most afterlife researchers are skeptics. We have found tantalizing parts of one gigantic truth, and since we know that the rest of it still must be out there, we won’t settle for less. So I have a confession to make. For decades I was skeptical that most psychic mediums actually were in contact with the dead.

Most of the communications that I first read to formulate my understanding of death and the afterlife came from early-origin_3978676801twentieth-century deep-trance mediums who were able to withdraw from their bodies altogether and allow their dead controls to speak using the medium’s vocal cords. There were some amazing deep-trance mediums working in the early twentieth century, and if the evidence of our survival produced by even one of them – Leonora Piper, perhaps, or Gladys Osborne Leonard – had been objectively studied by contemporary scientists, you would have lived your whole life knowing that it never is going to end. They produced such consistent and extensive proofs of what actually is going on that eventually they convinced even me. But, mediums reading the minds of the dead? Not so much.

           The wonderful Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona conducted double- and triple-blind experiments on a number of psychic mediums, and he detailed the results in his excellent 2003 book, The Afterlife Experiments. Reading his book convinced me that some physic mediums are indeed in contact with the dead. Dr. Schwartz found that some of the mediums he tested under laboratory conditions in which neither the sitter nor the medium knew who was on the other side of the screen, and sometimes the sitter wasn’t allowed to say anything, produced detailed communications with dead loved ones that the sitters graded as more than ninety percent accurate.

One American medium who received among Dr. Schwartz’s highest scores is John Edward. Here, from Victor and Wendy Zammit’s wonderful Friday Letter, is an engaging clip of this gifted and kindly man at work. Scroll down and enjoy!

By the way, if you have not already subscribed to the  Zammit’s Friday Letter, please give yourself that gift! The Zammits are in Australia. Their Friday Letter arrives in Texas on Thursday evening, and I look forward to it as a fount of fresh articles, interesting video clips, and general information about what actually is going on from the viewpoint of a careful attorney who is exploring evidence of the truth and following that evidence wherever it may lead.

So some psychic mediums are indeed able to put you in touch with your dead loved ones. Psychic medium readings are easy to fake, however, so before you hire a medium, be sure to check references. One organization that conducts testing and certifies psychic mediums is The Windbridge Institute in Tucson, Arizona.

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