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Posted by Roberta Grimes • November 27, 2014 • 2 Comments
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There are many glorious fruits to come from finally understanding what we are, but to my mind the greatest benefit is that it frees you from fear altogether. No Fear

Fear is pervasive in the modern world. We fear natural disasters and terrorism, cancer and accidents and nuclear war, alien invasions, our loved ones’ deaths, job loss, ebola, and simultaneously global warming and an overdue ice age. Apparently billionaire Elon Musk even fears the advent of killer robots.

The Armageddon that Mr. Musk fears would be brought on by artificial intelligence run amok. As he is quoted in the Washington Post article linked above:

The leading AI companies have taken great steps to ensure safety. They recognize the danger, but believe that they can shape and control the digital superintelligences and prevent bad ones from escaping into the Internet. That remains to be seen… This is not a case of crying wolf about something I don’t understand. I am not alone in thinking we should be worried.”

It seems that to be human is to be afraid.

I remember fear. I feared the dark to the point where for years I needed a nightlight in order to sleep. I had a crippling fear of heights. I recall what it felt like to fear death as extinction, or – even worse – as a lottery in which to choose the wrong Christian denomination could put you on an escalator down, no matter how well you had lived your life.

So I recall fear. What I don’t recall with precision now is the moment when all my fears disappeared. I simply noticed one day perhaps a decade ago that I was sitting in my darkened office with my computer screen the only source of light, and I didn’t mind it. Not at all! I realized then that it had been awhile since I had felt the need to turn on a light. There was nothing in the darkness that could harm me.

Initially my loss of fear felt amusing. The fear reaction that for all my life had been normal when I had faced any threat – whether something so general as a nuclear war, or something so specific as a medical scare or a close call in a car – simply was not happening anymore. As I meet others who have studied the afterlife, I am coming to realize that this utter absence of fear is a byproduct of learning the truth.

I have been trying to understand why this should be. Here is what I am coming to think:

  • Reality is safe and loving. What used to bother me about the dark was that I had no idea what negative entities might exist, nor what yawning maw of endless horrors might be lurking in the dark. I know now that at the base of all reality is the most intense possible love.
  • Each of us lives our lives in a structure that is carefully planned. Not only do we plan our lives, and especially we plan whatever negative experiences befall us as spiritual lessons, but each of us has guides and angels to assist us though our life experiences. Far from being a Wild West free-for-all, each human life is more like a carefully-structured day in preschool.
  • Fear of death is the base fear. On a primitive level, when you don’t fear death you lose that fear-trigger in your mind No Fear Jumperthat other things can activate. Oddly, this seems to be true even of nonphysical fears, like social embarrassment or the loss of a job.

           Freedom from fear is a joyous thing! The peace of living your daily life without all that garbage of fears in your mind is yet another reason why studying the afterlife evidence until your belief reaches certainty is worth every bit of your time and effort.

When you understand that your life is eternal and you are infinitely loved, it becomes hard to remember even what fear was like. What is the worst that can happen? Well, you might die. School might let you out a little early.


photo credit: <a href=””>Adrian Fallace Design & Photography</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>
photo credit: <a href=””>Adrian Fallace Design & Photography</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

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2 thoughts on “No Fear

  1. Good morning Roberta. An interesting topic this, concerning fear. I have absolutely no fear of death – none at all – but I’ve noticed that I do have two related fears. The fear of the precursor to dying (prolonged serious illness, for example), and the fear that one or more of my pre-deceased loved ones might be in that earthbound state that you’ve written about previously. So, yes, lack of fear of death doesn’t of itself eliminate fear. For me, anyway.

    On a completely different topic I’ve been meaning to ask you if, in your researches, you’ve read the book “Beyond the Horizon”, written by Grace Rosher, detailing her experience(s) with automatic writing. This was the first book I read, in 1971, which set me on the path of my own reading of all I could find on the subject of the afterlife. Anyway, that book ends with a report by a graphologist whose analysis ultimately leads him to conclude that the personality of the deceased writer, Gordon Burdick, was indeed manifesting through the hand of Grace Rosher. So, in order to confirm that this graphologist actually existed I wrote to him, asking if anything had happened since publication of this book to alter his conclusion. Some time later I received a lovely reply (which letter I still have in my possession) not only confirming, but going beyond that, with further analyses with different pairs of communicators. That book and its authentication remain to this day the strongest evidence that I have received directly concerning the afterlife. All else is one step removed from that – but still pretty valid when you take into account the sum total of information out there.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your experiences, thoughts, awareness.



    1. Hello Brian! You’re right in saying that losing the fear of your own death is not quite enough to banish all fear… although it’s a start. What seems to eliminate fear is the deeper awareness that understanding the truth about death can bring: our minds are powerful and eternal, we are infinitely loved, and on the deepest level all of what we think is real on the earth-plane is nothing more than a bad day in school. So no matter what might briefly seem to be happening to anyone we love, in a reality without time it is over immediately and in a reality that is illusory it never happened at all. In truth, everyone is always together and forever safe in everlasting arms.

      And where your comment about automatic writing is concerned, this is a great topic. I’m going to make a note to blog about it when I can find a free week. There are a number of cases – many, in fact – where analysis of the handwriting of someone doing automatic writing has shown it to be indistinguishable from the during-life handwriting of the dead person that it claims to be. Wonderful point, and thank you for sharing it!!

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