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Having mentioned William Stainton Moses last week, I can’t resist sharing with you some thoughts about Imperator, who was the leading spirit to communicate with Moses and the core author of an extraordinary nineteenth-century book called Spirit Teachings.

In general, the century from about 1840 until 1940 was a heyday of frequent, comprehensive, and often highly evidential communications from people who were ostensibly dead but actually were more alive than ever in a greater reality that is more or less exactly where we are. There are reasons why this flood of good communications happened then and didn’t continue past mid-century, some of which reasons relate to the communicators and some to the receivers. But the important thing is that there were brilliant and often skeptical researchers with impeccable backgrounds and little reason to want to fool us involved in many of these communication episodes, and much of their work has been preserved.

Despite the debunker nonsense that you will find on Wikipedia and other websites that are desperate to keep you from knowing the truth, William Stainton Moses was a breathtakingly accurate and honest nineteenth-century medium. A clergyman by profession, he had a special facility with automatic writing, and a group of advanced beings chose to communicate through him during the 1870s. Their book, Spirit Teachings, is astonishing!  What the dead had to say in the 1870s about the greater reality, human nature, the message of Jesus, and life after death is so breathtakingly consistent with the more recent afterlife evidence that I am repeatedly blown away by it. The odds against chance for such detailed agreement are so small as to make coincidence impossible.

For example, Imperator (the nom de plume of Moses’s primary communicator) tells us that:

1)     The message of Jesus is substantially correct, but He and His mission are badly misunderstood because human inventions and distortions have substantially corrupted mainstream Christianity.

2)    God is perfect love, and any teachings that portray God as wrathful, petty, judgmental, or otherwise showing any human failings are in error.

3)    There is plenty of human evil, but there is no personified devil.

4)    Our life is eternal and we can never die, not even if we wish to die.

5)    Earth-life is a school. Beyond death, we have the privilege of making infinite further progress.

… and so on and on, for page after page, saying nothing that is not entirely consistent with the Gospels and with all the later evidence.

Imperator was a “red-letter Christian,” as was Thomas Jefferson. He confirmed for us from a place where it was possible for him to know what is true that the original words of Jesus in the Gospels are truth. Much of the rest of Christian theology is based in the Old Testament and in the well-meant letters of Paul, so it is sadly off-track.

What the spirits share with us in Spirit Teachings is unsurprising to anyone who has studied our nearly two hundred years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead. No surprises. But to have already put the evidence together and then to find it all precisely repeated in the formal prose of a book that was printed nearly a hundred and thirty years ago is incredible to me. And it is beyond wonderful! Imperator insists that the truth of the message of Jesus will soon be widely known. And if it seemed “soon” to him back then, by now it must be immediate.  It cannot happen soon enough!

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