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We enter these lifetimes on earth to experience negativity and learn how to rise above it so we can more effectively grow spiritually. Fear is the most negative emotion, so at our stage of development, growing spiritually means raising our personal consciousness vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love. Since the base fear is the fear of death, the most effective thing we can do to improve the lot of humankind is to share with as many people as possible the certainty that human life is eternal. And every one of us is perfectly loved! I can recall when I was very small looking up and envisioning my great-grandparents sitting on the clouds, wearing wings and swinging their feet, looking down, so sad to be out of the action. What I didn’t realize until after I had done decades of research was that the people who have gone ahead of us are happier, busier, and much more alive than anyone on earth is now!

We have learned a great deal about the afterlife to which all of us will soon return. Every open-minded researcher of whom I am aware has reached essentially the same conclusions, and there are not at this point any more significant questions to be answered. Not only do we survive our deaths, but our lives once we have dropped our bodies turn out to be nothing but a glorious playtime! Last week we shared an overall view of what the afterlife is like in terms of physics, geography, and basic details. Now we are going to move into that world where love is the light and the air we breathe, where the weather is perfect and night never falls, where money and scarcity cannot exist, where travel and creation are largely by mind, and where the various kinds of fun to be had are limited just by our own imaginations.

The Fun of Dying by Roberta GrimesAs we said last week, nearly everyone enters the afterlife at Level Three, which is the lowest of the beautiful Summerland levels. Level Three includes the family compounds where most of us reunite with loved ones, and it includes the great public buildings where many of us will have our life-review meetings. Level Three also includes hospitals, some of which look like traditional hospitals but most of which are open-air pavilions, beautiful retreats surrounded by flowers where we can receive whatever help we need to heal whatever damage we may have incurred in our lives just ended.

Those who begin their post-death lives in theses hospital oases of love-based care might have died of a long-term illness, in battle, under torture, or simply in the throes of some negative emotion. They might have been distorted by some cult or hardened by criminality; or for any reason, they might have been especially battered by their recent earth-lives. Whether we will need to do this sort of post-death recuperation and counseling is something our guides will decide for us, and while we are hospitalized this way we won’t be able to communicate with our loved ones on earth. Fortunately, though, outside of time our healing should take a few earth-months at most. And then, when we are fit and ready, we will embark upon the post-death events that those who hadn’t needed such help were able to begin as soon as they arrived.

Four things predictably happen for each of us quite soon after death. Their order might vary, but in general we will:

  • Rejoin our greater minds. By most accounts this happens almost at once, and often even before we re-enter the Summerland. When we chose to enter this earth-life just ended, we stripped down to just a bit of our vast, eternal minds, a remnant designed for rapid spiritual learning. So we return home still living in our same old limited earth-minds and feeling confused about what is going on, being met by people who look familiar but not sure why that might be so. Then in an instant, our minds expand enormously! We are at once inconceivably brilliant, we recognize people we knew in other lives, and we remember where we are and so many details, so many people, just a dazzling mental expansion that puts us right back into this greater life that we had forgotten about altogether.
  • Sleep. Even if we died without particular issues, many of us will fall asleep soon after we arrive. Then we will wake up raring to go, and never need to sleep again.
  • Experience a life-review. Whether it happens in a public building or more intimately in our heavenly home, we will join with our spirit guides and perhaps with some who had shared this lifetime with us, and we will re-experience our whole earth-life just ended primarily from the viewpoint of those we affected. We will get to feel how we made other people feel. Those who have been through a life-review often say that it wasn’t so much the big things they did wrong that upset them to re-experience, since they had remembered and been prepared to face those big things. But rather, most of us undergoing a life-review are stunned to realize how many times we treated other people shabbily, we shamed an overweight classmate or disrespected a dignified older person, acted selfish and grabby, or simply ignored an easy chance to do some little kindness. Even with guides and loved ones to help us analyze the events of our lives just past, a life-review is always tough! Then once we have re-experienced the lifetime just ended from the viewpoint of everyone whose life we touched, we are asked to forgive them all. Believe it or not, that’s the easy part! We know now that none of it was real and everyone is fine, so of course we gladly forgive them all. Family murdered before our eyes? No problem! But then we are asked to forgive ourselves for the harm that we did to all these others, and many people have trouble with that. We find the way that we behaved so disappointing! Forgiving ourselves is essential, though, since otherwise our consciousness vibrations will gradually drop, and we could end up putting ourselves into the Outer Darkness levels. There is lots of counseling and help available, and those that we wronged in life are there hugging us, so fortunately most of us do manage to forgive ourselves. But it’s not easy. When I first understood that, believe me, I really cleaned up my act!
  • Party hearty. Soon after we arrive, we are feted at a gala party. Although we live widely scattered, there is a kind of mental Internet in place, so you will be amazed to find almost everyone you knew in your lifetime showing up. And believe me, the dead know how to party! You’ll expect food and drink, so it is going to be served. You might hope for some of the music you loved, and for me early-Elvis himself will perform. John Lennon will sing “Imagine,” and when he comes to “Imagine there’s no heaven,” everyone will laugh. You will recognize your greatest enemies of this lifetime as actually close eternal friends who had played those negative roles in your life as their gift to help you better grow spiritually. Your party might be held in a public building, or perhaps at your extended family’s compound. I am told that mine is going to be held at my grandfather’s farm overlooking the sea, with all my extended family’s homes nearby.

Now begins an infinity of time in which we can do an infinity of things! What we call the afterlife is a kind of foyer to the gigantic astral planes, and outside of time there is no limit to how long we can spend living based here and venturing into the astral, just happily playing. These are some of the kinds of activities that we have heard about from those who live there:

  • Doing rescue work. When we first arrive, our personal consciousness vibrations are still rising, so we might be invited by an advanced being to venture into the Outer Darkness and try to get the attention of someone there who can’t see our lofty companion, but who probably can see us. We then try to make the connection between them as a first step toward helping to rescue someone who has been deemed to be ready to rise.
  • Satisfying our curiosity. There are great libraries full of human knowledge stored as scrolls, libraries where we can re-experience all our other earth-lives, and opportunities to sit at the feet of humankind’s greatest masters, including Jesus.
  • Learning new skills. We can study music, art, and just about anything else. A hundred years ago, many who were poor in life were eager to learn from Mozart how to play the piano, and happy to learn to draw from Michelangelo and learn to paint from Rembrandt and Rubens. Children born as prodigies probably learned their skills this way, between lives and under the greatest experts!
  • Having earth-like fun. We talked last week about all the weird mind-fueled vehicles some people enjoy, even though all real travel is by mind. Mikey Morgan snowboards to this day! And my mother’s sister, who on earth sewed her own clothes, now teaches sewing on crystal machines that are, of course, powered by their operators’ minds.
  • Building things. Although stick-building things is possible there, almost no one ever does it. If we want to build something, we design it in collaboration with more advanced building teams, and then we watch as those teams simply think our new creation into shimmery existence that then becomes solid before our eyes.
  • Working out earth’s future advances. People with special expertise are given laboratories where they can create, and then they channel in to people on earth the next great advances to be made. For example, it is said that Steve Jobs is now working on a mind-powered iPad.
  • Attending and performing in concerts and plays. We can hear and see all the greats perform, and we even can perform ourselves if we like! All concerts and plays are performed in great open-air coliseums where every attendee is front-and-center in the first row. Our hearing in the afterlife is much enhanced, and when orchestras play, people can actually see the music as glorious colors and shapes appearing above the players. Many recently-dead entertainers perform, especially including John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley (in early, later, and Las Vegas versions).
  • Cultural fun. One recent fad is re-experiencing great cultural moments. For Americans, attending the Continental Congress, visiting a wild-west town, and re-creating the nineteen-fifties are three that have been mentioned.
  • Hanging around with the greatest thinkers. My wonderful spirit guide, Thomas, enjoys observing as people like Plato and Aristotle debate how to fix the modern world’s problems.
  • Lots of traveling! We can go to the ends of the earth, the edge of the universe, and even almost infinite other dimensions, all instantly and entirely by mind. We can visit the Summerlands of the great civilizations, and there we can – for example – watch the pyramids being built.

There are technical advances happening there, too. Some of our greatest dead scientists are working together to create a reliable method of electronic communication between there and here. And one recent advance is a kind of television hanging like a painting on the wall through which our loved ones can look in on all the events of our lives. Having learned that, now I just always assume that my mother and grandmothers are watching me. I try to live in a way that makes them proud!

The more you have grown spiritually on earth, the higher you will be able to go and the more fun you can have in the greater life that you will return to at your death. So, how is your spiritual growth coming along? How would you be able to tell? Let’s talk about that next week….


Thatched cottage photo credit: e r j k . a m e r j k a <a href=”″>England | Stratford-upon-Avon</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>   (9/26/19)
Ancient Palace photo credit: UweBKK (α 77 on ) <a href=”″>Replica of Dusit Maha Prasat Palace in Muang Boran (Ancient City) in Samut Phrakan near Bangkok, Thailand</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Early Elvis photo credit: Yuya Tamai <a href=”″>coca cola elvis presley</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
John Lennon photo credit: PVBroadz <a href=”″>John Lennon</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>
Ancient Siam photo credit: UweBKK (α 77 on ) <a href=”″>Pavilion of the Enlightened in Muang Boran (Ancient Siam) in Samut Prakan province, Thailand</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>

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75 thoughts on “Life in the Afterlife

    1. Dear Mac, I find it depressing that so few people know all of this, when the facts are so far beyond wonderful! Perhaps you might post this on ALF with its predecessor?

      1. I’ll be happy to do that, Roberta. 🙂

        I do wish, though, we could encourage the interesting and articulate contributors here on your blog to also be contributors on your discussion-forum based website, AfterLifeForums. (

        As you know, there they would find additional resources of a spiritual and afterlife nature and they would be in the company of like-minded seekers of understanding.

  1. Roberta always refers to it as her source of knowledge gleaned from her “research”.
    Her writing would be more believable if she would name “it”.

    1. Hmmm… I guess you know more about my work than I do, Brenda? I spent decades reading accounts received from the dead, primarily at the end of the nineteenth and in the first forty years or so of the twentieth century. Everything in the post above – and as I think of it, everything I ever have written about the afterlife – is based on that research. If something is reported only once, I say that it “has been reported.” But to be frank, most of this information has been received repeatedly, and both in the UK and in the US. But you have me really curious now! Since I am scratching my head over what this mysterious “it” might be, perhaps you can tell us what it is?

  2. Roberta
    I believe BRENDA was asking what your sources are. We would love to read and research for ourselves. Always enjoy your weekly messages.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Wayne! Most of my core understanding of the afterlife comes from the heyday of communications received from the dead through physical mediums – primarily deep-trance mediums – at the end of the nineteenth and the start of the twentieth centuries. Today we are receiving nothing like the extent of information that came back then, primarily because mental mediumship is not remotely as effective. If you and Brenda would like to do the research for yourselves, there is a seventy-odd-book annotated bibliography on this website (I think it’s at a tab called Resources). You should be able to figure out in just a few years’ time what it has taken me fifty years to learn, and if anything confuses you just email your questions through the contact block on this website. The research is fun, and what you’ll learn is beyond-wonderful. So, go to it!!

    1. Thank you, dear Millie! I think you’ll love Mikey’s book, and it is absolutely accurate. He claims to be a lower-sixth-level being, but my guide, Thomas, tells me that now he is actually at the upper part of the sixth level, quite near the Godhead. So he knows whereof he speaks! in hundreds of questions that I’ve seen him answer, I never have seen him make a mistake – he is the only person I know who really does know more in this field than I do ;-)!

    1. Oh dear Doug, you make me giggle. I find it beyond wonderful that the work which gives me so much joy is actually able to bring others joy as well!

  3. I have read many of Roberta’s books and even before that I had done much research into this afterlife phenomenon. I can say that in all of my research I have only run across a very few individuals that have researched the topic so thoroughly as has Roberta. I did not have to spend years researching some of the books that she cites in the Appendixes of her books because I had already run across some of them in my research. Hers of course was much more extensive than mine but as she has stated on numerous occasions the evidence is highly consistent in the vast amount of credible documentation on the subject. I must admit though that as a former engineer I was still skeptical until I had my first reading with an evidence based medium (i.e. highly trained, not cheap and hard to get an appointment with). The evidence that came through confirming all that I had read (i.e. our loved ones are still with us always, no judgement exists on the other side, etc.) was enough to change my perspective about the afterlife from a belief to a knowing. Don’t take my word for it though, do the research yourself or better still experience talking to a loved one that has passed and conveys some information through the medium to you that you yourself do not even know but later find out to be true. This happened to myself and my wife. Finding out family secrets that we had no idea of. All information that was delivered was obviously from a place of love and helped both of us tremendously in our spiritual development. Love is what the other side is all about. For me that is not a belief but a knowing. I very much identify with Roberta’s passion to allow everyone to experience this knowing.

      1. Actually, dear Saif, all the problems we have here will carry over with us when we die unless we work out and resolve them beforehand. That is what the life-review and forgiveness process is all about: it enables us to deal with the problems we have brought with us, to confront, analyze, and resolve our issues from the life just ended so we can carry on freely there. True, there is no judgment by God, Jesus, or any other religious figure! But those who have been through a life-review insist to us that the most formidable judge we ever will have to face is ourselves.

          1. Dear Saif, there is indeed negativity at the lowest vibrational levels of the afterlife, what Jesus called “the outer darkness.” It is, as He says, a place of “wailing and gnashing of teeth,” dark and cold and smelly. Disgusting! No religious figure puts us there, but rather by our reluctance to forgive (ourselves, usually), we lower our personal vibration to the point where we end up at the lowest vibratory level.

        1. but aren’t the “problems being carried over” a negative thing? are they at least easier to resolve on that side?

          1. It’s up to you whether your issues are resolved there! Lots of help and counseling is available, but still mustering whole-hearted forgiveness and love is hard for a lot of people. That is why it is EXTREMELY important that everyone learn and become comfortable with an Olympic level of forgiveness and love while here, so we’re ready to face and triumph over what comes after death!

    1. Dear Don, all so beautifully said! I’m glad that you and your wife are finding the journey enjoyable and so fulfilling, which is what it ought to be: I look back now on decades of what felt like such a great treasure-hunt! And since love is what the afterlife is all about, then love needs to become what our lives on earth are all about as well. That indeed is going to be our great challenge….

  4. Thank you Roberta,

    I find it hard to read your articles in their entirety. I get very homesick when I read the words you write and most times have to take two or three attempts to get the entire article read. You helped me realize that what I have been feeling is being “homesick”. Wow…

    1. lRoberta: As you suggested to Wayne, one of the commenters, I went into the “Resources” section and can only tell you that it is astounding. I was especially pleased that you included Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia and Ordered to Return by Dr. George Ritchey. as these two books were the ones that eliminated the majority of my skepticism many years ago. Your choice of reading material is excellent, at least in my opinion. I even wrote down some that I haven’t read yet, but will do so when I get the chance. I recall reading about a young boy, age 9, who was thought to have died, but when he was finally revived, he told his mom that there were “windows” in heaven that you could look at and see things happening here on earth. This sounds a lot like what you described as similar to “a TV hanging on the wall like a painting.”

      1. Oh dear Lola, I’m glad you’re enjoying that bibliography! It’s the same one we include in the back of FOD, FOSIT, and FOGF. I had been recommending and sending it to people who emailed me with questions, so a few months ago we simply gave it a website tab to make it easier to share. I’m still adding to it, too! Not often, but every once in awhile another good book on a subject that needs more coverage will turn up. I am confident that anyone who spends a couple of years earnestly browsing and reading from that list is going to become confident that the dead survive. And what better use of anyone’s time could there be?

    2. Dear Jack, I do understand how you feel! I have lived with this certainty about what comes next for more than half my life, and waiting for it feels like the longest possible pre-Christmas anticipation! When I was writing this week’s post, talking about my party, and I saw that bit about everyone laughing when John Lennon sang “Imagine there’s no heaven,” there were sudden tears in my eyes. Of course that will be a laugh-line! It’s a laugh-line now whenever he sings it, and I know that makes him smile.

      But fortunately, I’m pretty old now. And my guides have handled this well. They remind me when I’m missing home that I will be there, sure as sunshine, and that the more I do here, the more other people will have this special Christmas Eve feeling. The more I do here, the happier I will be when I get there. So, I keep going. I wonder now whether that might help you, too? Are you feeling called to do anything to help others know this glorious truth, that death is really life?

  5. Dear Roberta. Great stuff as usual! My wife asked me a question that kind of stumped me. Since we only judge ourselves, what if an evil person has the review, and it is a shrug of the shoulders – they just don’t care? Did you ever come across a case like that in your research?
    My own question came up about your statement that folks in spirit may volunteer to be someones greatest enemy. I hope you don’t mean we might be asked to come and murder, torture, or otherwise abuse others. I’ve come across statements before that murders and other awful things are all planned in advance. The resulting damage to the spiritual growth of someone playing that kind of evil part seems potentially huge. My own guess is that we might agree to be put in very difficult situations, for the spiritual lesson, where we might do such horrible things due to free will, but passing the test would be to rise above that and take the path of love. Is that your take on it?

    1. Hey 👋 Scott,
      Your question has taken me aback. It’s a most fascinating query actually…

      I too await Roberta’s response with alacrity. You see I’ve heard that in certain soul agreements, one person may arrange to kill another during an Earth lifetime by mutual consent during a specific pre-life soul plan formulation; in certain cases. (The soul plan itself, which is designed for spiritual growth allows for this eventuality.)

      I’ve also been given to understand that, sadly, many people just get lost in negativity while on earth, to be healed upon return to the Afterlife. Many, many crimes are committed on Earth by damaged souls. So heinous actions are of low grade vibration, they hurt people grievously and are off track with respect to spiritual growth.

      I am seeing a dichotomy here, and I’d love to know how this ‘worst enemy’ thing really pans out. I’ve always thought that when one soul agrees to be another’s worst enemy on Earth, that simply pertains to rivalry, personality clashes and being adversaries in opposing sides of a conflict.
      (An apt example would be the battle of wills and weaponry of General Montgomery (Great Britain) and Field Marshall Rommel (Nazi Germany) in North Africa during WW2.)

      Thanks for the ace question, Scott. 👍

    2. Dear Scott, these are two wonderful questions! I had wondered about both of them too, and have found good answers. Briefly:

      1) No matter how we can always in life justify our reasons for doing awful things, when we have our life-review meeting we are back in our greater minds and surrounded by our guides, and we know why we planned this or that event and how we had hoped to react to it. Not only does no one ever shrug and try to justify bad behavior, but on the contrary: we are appalled and horrified – apparently this is universal – so our guides’ task is to help us get over our self-disgust! Think of something dumb and embarrassing that you did when you were eight or ten. That’s how our life-review can make us feel about ourselves, times about a million!

      2) There is pretty strong evidence that the kind of negativity that we agree to give to a close eternal friend is more of the nasty-mother-in-law variety. The self-absorbed ex-husband. To get a life-plan approved that includes something like torture or murder would require more than just our guides’ acquiescence – we also would need to go before a council of elders and justify its necessity. I recall many years ago reading about two friends who had dreamed up the notion that one would murder the other this time around. They were sure it would be a great growth opportunity for them both! Somehow they got it approved, and they lived it out, and it did prove useful to the murdered man and his family. The murderer, though, was so devastated by the experience that he ended up in spiritual intensive care and they were worried that he might never really get over it. We are told that doing so much harm to someone else is virtually never approved, so whenever it happens it should be assumed to be an unplanned event!

  6. Roberta Grimes wrote October 6, 2019

    “Dear Mac, I find it depressing that so few people know all of this, when the facts are so far beyond wonderful! Perhaps you might post this on ALF with its predecessor?”

    mac replied October 6, 2019

    “I’ll be happy to do that, Roberta. “🙂

    “I do wish, though, we could encourage the interesting and articulate contributors here on your blog to also be contributors on your discussion-forum based website, AfterLifeForums. (”

    “As you know, there they would find additional resources of a spiritual and afterlife nature and they would be in the company of like-minded seekers of understanding.”

    1. Oh dear Mac, hope springs eternal! I think, though, that forum discussions are simply a different kind of participation, and they seem to attract different sorts of people. Doesn’t it seem that way to you? We’ll see. We are planning to have this blog and the forums both as part of a larger website project sometime in the first quarter of next year, and then it should be easier to go back and forth. Meanwhile, I am so grateful to you for keeping alive and thriving! If it weren’t for your good efforts, dear friend, I think I would have had to give it up. Thank you!

      1. Roberta and Mac – My two cents: I don’t prefer forums unless I am going there for a very specific problem or question to have answered, and I know the forum is reputed to be expertise on the subject. Now, I don’t doubt that many of the folks on this particular forum know what they are talking about, but the high likelihood of others stopping by to speculate or (God forbid) heckle and flame people’s queries, makes me hesitant — especially because, as I said, I tend to go to forums with specific questions, of which I have none for a forum at this time in my life. However, I do like a blog like this because I am confident that the person who owns the blog has expertise and I generally look forward to each week’s installment (NOW who’s sounding obsequious? 😉 )

        1. Dear Mike, I think we’ve got the whole post-and-comments thing down pat here, at this point! And it works well. There are many who read but don’t comment, too; they just sometime send me an email, which is also very nice. Mac runs a tight ship at ALF – no heckling or flaming, no disrespect – and there are some wonderful regular posters there. I think the main difference is that some people like to be part of a community and come back often to check and to respond to threads, while others kind of like to read something new, share their comments, then wait for next week. It’s all in what people prefer to do!

          1. I guess I had the same hesitancy as Mike about venturing into other forums, knowing how negative things often get in online discussions. I really appreciate the positive and supportive atmoshpere here, such as the nice comments from Efrem above. We feel almost like a little family, and even if I’m wondering if I might make myself look a bit odd or dumb when I hit that post comment button sometimes, I feel more willing to share than I would in other venues. Thanks for that Roberta.

            PS, I’m intrigued by how you may connect the blog and the forum in the future. I also appreciate mac’s professionalism, and perhaps we will end up with a bigger “family,” and mac won’t feel as frustrated looking for new recruits.🙂

  7. Beautiful information! Thank you.
    Can’t wait for next week. Very interested to learn how to make the most of our time on Earth.

    Best to you,

    1. Dear Lynn, thank you – I’m glad you are enjoying this series!

      What is wonderful about the sort of spiritual growth that we come here to learn is the fact that it is actually amazingly quick and simple. It seems to require nothing like the work and sacrifice that we have always thought it did! Heck, if even I can do it…. 😉

  8. Dearest Roberta,
    What a wonderful greater reality awaits us when we transition to the Afterlife. No poetry could do it justice. Are we like the blazing butterfly breaking from the earthbound chrysalis to fly free in Spirit to the Realms Undying?

    For some reason I find myself contemplating an image drawn from the wondrous mythology of your people. As you know, in Norse lore the Bifrost is the bridge between Asgard, the home of the Gods, and Midgard which is the earth.

    Described in the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda, the Bifrost is the ‘shimmering path’ or the ‘fleeting trembling rainbow bridge’ between Heaven and Earth. It is such a profound yet fragile link between two very different worlds. And it is this linkage that makes all the difference to us.

    My feeling Roberta, is that what Thomas and your good self (and all of us) are doing is revealing and strengthening this bridge that links us to the true reality. Maybe how brightly it shimmers or how steady it becomes depends on what happens from now on. Maybe this way between the worlds is to be seen by people here on Earth at last. Perchance then, we human beings will have a Way to tread lightly and surely to the gates of shining Asgard itself. 😉

    1. Oh dear Efrem, you write so beautifully! There is nothing I can add to what you’ve said. The process is not entirely clear to us, but we do know that indeed there is a process, and we know that it is unfolding with the help of all of us under the guidance of the beautiful beings who have undertaken to be our pilots on this journey. Thomas tells me that this great plan to raise the consciousness vibration of our planet is underway now, and it is on schedule. So we keep the vision of the glorious land of perfect love that is to be, and we are glad to let it light our way!

        1. Dear Efrem. It is really intriguing that you mention Norse mythology, as I have just started studying it a bit (as well as the mythological roots of the tarot, which seem to go back to Indian Tantric ideas, but I don’t want to muddy the waters too much.) Those Vikings really got around, all the way down to Byzantium, and there seem to be similarities between their myths and those of the Mediterranean civilizations. Maybe they did a bit of “sampling?” Within all of those traditions, which have many similarities, there is much spiritual and archetypal material encoded into stories that can seem nonsensical on the surface. I think the ancients, and the ancient mysteries, in some ways had a much better uderstanding of the afterlife than they are given credit for. I was a big fan of Joseph Campbell’s work years ago. What is exciting about our time is that we can discuss these things openly and clearly without cloaking them in myths or hiding them in secret societies that only a lucky few can have access to. There is a beauty, though, in how much can be conveyed through symbolism, like in our dreams, if we know how to interpret it. 😉

          1. Well said, dear Scott! And I should add that the word “Summerland” for the beautiful middle levels of the afterlife was originally used by the Vikings. I’ve always loved knowing that! My poor Danish ancestors lived and fought in the freezing northern climes, so of course the idea of perpetual summer seemed like heaven to them ;-). And in the past few decades the term has come into general use in English, which fact delights me. Since it really is always a bright summer day in the middle levels, what better term could there be?

          2. Hey Scott,
            I’m glad you are looking into the Vikings as they are truly fascinating people. Their societies, ideas, sagas, genealogy, mythology and understanding were far more complex and developed than previously understood (in the Angloshere at least).
            You are right when you say that Vikings ranged far and wide. Their reach extended down through the rivers of Russia to the Black Sea, and into north West Europe and deep into the Mediterranean. They sailed to and colonized Iceland, Greenland, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland!
            Vikings were true innovators as their sleek, seagoing longships attest. Excellent military strategists, they perfected the art of surprise warfare. Even Viking women had far more standing and ‘rights in law’ than elsewhere at the time. When men went to sea their wives would run their businesses and estates. Sometimes wives accompanied their husbands on sea ventures too. Did you know that the Iceland Vikings had early parliamentary democracy? The ‘Althing’ was a council of both sexes who made laws and settled disputes without any need for kings.

            Thanks Scott, for your tip about similarities with Mediterranean mythology. I’d like to look into this. Also, I love Roberta’s naming of the first three Afterlife levels as the ‘Summerlands’.As she wisely infers, who would appreciate a clement, green and blooming summer more than folk who are buried in snow during long winters? Endless summer would have been a truly wondrous idea to them! (BTW: I can tell you, this term would not have the same appreciation here in Australia… We refer to high summer using swear words much of the time !! 🙂)
            I hope you enjoy your Nordic discovery immensely. 👍

  9. Hi Roberta— I really love your posts and comments after each —You are doing wonderful work– Have you ever published or written about the process involved when our soul has chosen to come back to earth to do another lifetime of learning here on this plane ? Thank you much in advance!

    1. Dear Jean, I’m so glad these posts are of help to you! And your question is a good one, but it has me scratching my head. I do know that I’ve written about life-planning, but not perhaps as extensively as I should have done. And the process of becoming a fetus is a fascinating one! We really do become a pre-birth human in all respects, so if we are miscarried or aborted or if we die at birth we grow up to young adulthood in the afterlife, but it takes a few years. Hmmm…. Perhaps we ought to talk about all of this the week after next. There is quite a bit to say, and it’s interesting! What do you think?

  10. Roberta hit the nail squarely on the head: “Oh dear Mac, hope springs eternal! I think, though, that forum discussions are simply a different kind of participation, and they seem to attract different sorts of people.”

    quote: “I think the main difference is that some people like to be part of a community and come back often to check and to respond to threads, while others kind of like to read something new, share their comments, then wait for next week. It’s all in what people prefer to do!”

    It’s obvious that contributors here enjoy using Roberta’s blog and prefer this format over that of forums.

    Thank you all for explaining how you feel. 🙂

  11. Hi Roberta,
    You wrote to Efrem above:
    “Thomas tells me that this great plan to raise the consciousness vibration of our planet is underway now, and it is on schedule. So we keep the vision of the glorious land of perfect love that is to be, and we are glad to let it light our way. ”
    That comment from Thomas is so full of promise and optimism! I have many traditional Christians in my social circle and often they talk about a lost world, a world full of despair, a dark future. How awesome to hear and feel evidence that this just isn’t the case.
    I try everyday to overcome negativity in my life. I have a partner who challenges my positive nature everyday, but I am trying to use his presence in my life to build my own spiritual path.

    1. Oh dear Timothy, learning to better overcoming negativity is the reason why we even come to earth at all! And I have to confess that when Thomas first started working openly with me – which is going on four years ago now – he wasn’t nearly so hopeful. He is at heart a realist, and he told me frankly then that the earth was in the balance between being overwhelmed by negativity and becoming a bleak and barren wasteland nearly devoid of people, or on the other hand raising its consciousness vibration sufficiently to bring the kingdom of God on earth. (No pressure!) He seemed to become more optimistic about a year ago, and his confidence seems to continue to build. You can tell your partner than he quite literally cannot even imagine the glories just ahead for all of humankind!

  12. What I’ve learned from being ‘in the spooks’ for a long time – a Modern Spiritualist – is that our friends unseen frequently speak about things to come without providing a time-frame.

    I don’t doubt ‘something is just round the corner’ as it’s what I’ve been getting since my awakening 35 years ago. But it may come about many years, decades or centuries in the future of this earth. And before that eventual dawn the night may be very dark.

    Depressing though that may be all is in wonderfully well and the future will bring what the future is meant to bring. It might not, however, be what we expect it to be. 😉

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Mac. On looking back at history, any change that was a positive one was nearly always preceded by a period of “darkness” and this dark period could last for up to hundreds of years. A positive thinker may consider this dark period to be a learning experience, and I would concur with that.

  13. Hi Roberta!
    Thanks for a beautiful post… as usual.

    A quick question: The states of delight awaiting us in the Afterlife sound similar to some of the descriptions I have read of people who experience time travel, beautiful music and conversations with loved ones and spirit guides during OBEs and Lucid Dreaming.

    As I am trying to train myself to do both of the above, are those experiences the same or similar? Or are they perhaps more like an ‘entree’ to the bliss truly awaiting us when we transition from our earthly bodies to the Afterlife?

    Apologies if you have already answered this somewhere Roberta and am happy for you to direct me to another post.

    With love and gratitude and blessings, K

    1. Dear Kristian, it’s important to keep the astral-realm experiences of people who are living and return to their bodies afterward entirely separate from the post-death experiences of people who have actually died. The dead tell us consistently that death is always a one-way trip, so no one who has returned from an NDE, an OBE, or a lucid dream ever has been to where the dead go!

      It might be good to envision reality as vibrational layers that exist all in the same place. The lowest vibration is this material reality (we think), and it is less than five percent of what we know exists. Nearly all the rest – more than 95% – is the numberless vibrations of the astral! And as a kind of minute slice out of that – extending from material at the lowest end to Source at the highest end – is what we call the afterlife. Those who are there and fully integrated venture into the astral realms frequently as they continue to learn and explore, and they then return to the afterlife. But no one who wants to return to a body ever goes to where the dead go. Does this help?

  14. Another quick comment from me Roberta…

    I have been an avid collector of Afterlife experiences since a relatively young age. I remember reading a book in the library similar to the resource described above about messages from the dead via mediums in the early part of the twentieth century and being both amazed and uplifted.

    What I found truly fascinating, however, was that some Church of England dignitaries decided to step in and examine the research themselves, determined to prove it wasn’t true. What they found was so compelling they purposefully suppressed the research from their ‘flock’ because they were fearful people would realise they didn’t have to go to church or pay tithes or beat themselves up about real or imagined sins. In other words, they were afraid of losing their earthly power over others!

    Thanks for letting me get on my soapbox…

    1. I remember reading in Victor Zammit’s excellent weekly report an article about how the Anglican (Church of England) is now openly accepting and endorsing this evidence.

    2. That report was suppressed for quite some time but even though it eventually was seen publicly it hasn’t siginficantly changed anything.

      The pioneer mediums of the movement that later became Modern Spiritualism provided the bedrock information about life in the so-called afterlife. Essentially there has been nothing much that’s new since then, at least not anything widely regarded as kosher.

    3. Dear Kristian, you make such an excellent point! Christianity is a deeply fear-based religion in all its forty thousand-odd variations, and the last thing the clergy of any of those variants want is for the truth about what happens at and after death to become widely known! Even the fact that the truth is more available than it was, say, fifty years ago has put a sharp dent in people’s affiliations with Christian denominations. Churches have been closing worldwide in the developed world, where information is more widely available. Fear is a powerful motivator! It also is the literal opposite of the love that Jesus came to teach. It is becoming ever clearer now that love really is going to win ;-).

    1. I read this report and became totally confused (likely my fault), as it seems the Church of England does not feel confident since there is no solid proof from a scientific viewpoint. Although I agree with them in that regard, they don’t seem to care that there is no “proof” of their doctrines either, and they freely admit that they are motivated by faith alone. Maybe I missed something, but can anyone tell me what his or her take on this is? Like I said, I am likely at fault, but this is one of the most confusing reports I ever read.

      1. Yep! Dear Lola, Christianity and science have been tag-teaming us for a century. They pretend they are fighting one another, but really each of them has as its single overriding goal the protection of their right not to have to consider the rapidly-growing mass of excellent and very consistent evidence that (a) reality is not material, but rather it is spiritual; and (b) the kind of “spiritual” that reality is presents an utter refutation of everything that every major religion teaches.

        Nice folks, huh?

        We will beat them both in the end, but the only way we can do that is by first shaming scientists into abandoning their materialist dogma and then squashing all the religions under those newly-discovered scientific realities that were in fact discovered for the most part by earnest lay researchers almost a century ago.

  15. Sounds like the report was meant to be confusing. What we need here is a Galileo type who is not afraid to go out on a limb. I think the reason no one does this, although a few physicists came close, is because their livelihoods were threatened. If they only would acknowledge the simple fact that consciousness is not part of the brain, it would get the ball rolling. However, I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen

    1. It’s happening more and more among younger physicists. Cosmologists and biologists maybe not as much. But there are some indications that people are realizing that Newton and Darwin weren’t so much wrong as incomplete in their models of how stuff works.

    2. Dear Lola, Mike, and everyone, there is a brilliant young Dutch scientist named Bernardo Kastrup who was awarded his second Ph.D. last spring, this one on ontology and philosophy of mind: I have just interviewed him for the second time, and he is scheduled to come back on Seek Reality next spring. Bernardo is only in his early forties, he regularly blogs in Scientific American (no less!), and his consciousness theory of everything is absolutely unassailable. He’s my candidate for the inevitable Nobel Prize to be awarded eventually to the scientist who at last solves this fundamental conundrum!

  16. Yes, like Michio Kaku who sees divine order in the universe and is not afraid to say so. Even as far back as the 1930’s, physicist Sir James Jeans said that the more he studied the universe, the more he felt it looked like a great thought rather than a machine. Einstein also gave many statements that indicated he felt that way as well. So maybe in the near future, the materialistic view will have run its course.

    1. Dear Lola, the elite scientist who discovered the primary role of consiousness was Max Planck, who won the 1918 Nobel Prize in physics as the father of quantum mechanics, and very significantly it was quantum mechanics that got him there. In 1931 he said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

  17. Time will tell whether the simple truths of survival et al will eventually reach a mass audience who become persuaded by what they hear.

    I’m pretty sure it ain’t gonna happen in the last few years before I pass over and I doubt it will happen before the passing of everyone younger who might read my words. Maybe it won’t happen for many generations to come, if ever…..

    But perhaps the next thrust in bringing again those simple truths to this ailing world will see a new generation of scientists who view matters very differently and are prepared to face off with would-be detractors to present inspired ideas with total confidence?

    Dream on mac…. 🙁

    1. Dear Mac, I think the dam will break much sooner than we realize, and when it breaks it will be quite sudden. Mainstream science has run out of sauce entirely, and meanwhile there are robust young scientists who are starting to say more and more plainly that the Emperor is in fact buck-nekkid. My guess is it will be big news over a single year sometime before 2050. Let’s see who’s right….

  18. I completely agree with you, Mac. I know for sure it won’t happen any time soon, and that what we need is a new generation of scientists with a different outlook. Sadly, many of the ones living now strongly suspect that there is something going on besides the materialistic explanation, but they know they would have to back it up with tangible evidence, which isn’t possible due to the fact that we are unable to do that at this stage of our development. They are looking more at “dark matter” now and finding some very strange things they weren’t aware of before, but unfortunately, it is too far advanced for my puny mind to comprehend

    1. Most change takes time. Research into dark matter and quantum sciences may lead some future scientist(s) to ‘discover’ (not that it’s hidden! :)) and ‘prove’ the so-called afterlife is as real as our present lives are and survival isn’t just a fairy story put about by nutters and frauds.

      My guess is that our friends unseen have already started the process of getting scientists in place, individuals whose research will pave the way for generations to follow.

      Maybe that way will prove more suited to the increasingly technological world of the future. That rather than another Jesus-like teacher.

  19. Dear Efrem. I’m out of sequence, but there wasn’t a reply icon above. Perhaps you Aussies have a springland? 😁 if you haven’t come across him already, Dr Jackson Crawford has many interesting videos on Youtube about old Norse mythology and language. To stay on topic I just watched the one on the concept of the soul in old Norse. It was very interesting – the body/mind/soul seemed to be more of a connected continuum to them, at least prior to contact with Christianity. It makes me wonder if they had some concept or understaning of things like the etheric or astral bodies.

  20. Dear Scott,
    I’ll certainly watch the Youtube vids by Dr Jackson Crawford. Thanks for the great tip. 👍

    The last time I looked at the Norse understanding of the soul, it was described as complex, having at least four main aspects. Some soul aspects could travel with animals or move from an ancestor to a descendant. Some aspects endured through an individual’s life while others were more fluid. The main aspects were: Hamr (shape), Hugr (thought), Fylgja (follower), Hamingja (potentiality or gifts/skills).

    As some Viking stories involve flying with eagles (the fylgja part of soul), I wonder if the Norse peoples had an astral travel sense. They certainly believed that their ancestors lived in an unseen world and could impart their valor or warrior skills to their living descendants.

    It seems as if the Viking soul was an expansive thing, not purely trapped in a body. It seemed to have a locus, or focal point in the living individual, but it was not restricted to the body or it’s time/place existence. So I had the same feeling of an astral potential and a fluid continuum as you did. I’ll look further into this subject in terms of your links.

    And as to the idea of Australian ‘Springland’ levels of the afterlife, it makes perfect sense! We Aussies would love that, as spring is preferable to summer – looking beaut with blue skies over the green, flowering landscape without the heatwaves, sunburn and flies.🙂 🌅

  21. The world we live in after this one will be the one we’d prefer – at least on a local level but in my view conditions generally are likely to suit the majority. Comfortable temperatures, comfortable brightness levels, day when we want it, twilight or darkness if and when we feel the need. The word ‘Summerland’ was a man-made one, presumably coined by denizens of this northern hemisphere. 😉

    As for mythologies well I expect there will be elements of ‘the truth’ mixed with elements of belief, fantasy, folklore and probably incomplete understanding.

    Not so very different from the way things are right now! 🙂

    1. Dear Mac, “Summerland” is the English translation of the Viking word for heaven, or so I’ve been told. Since my ancestors were Danish, when I first heard the word I was happy to seize upon it! Think of those Viking raiders, having to voyage so far in the freezing northern seas to pillage your homeland (after all, ya gotta make a living), and holding in their hearts the consolation that if they were laid low by one of your countrymen, at least they would end up where it was warm and lush ;-)!

  22. Dear Roberta,

    That sounds so wonderful it made me cry. I have had to deal with the death of
    many loved ones during those last years. All I wish for in this life is to talk to my mother again. Soon after her death I have tried very hard to communicate, but to no avail. I am facing death once again, and really feel not prepared for it. What would you advise me to do to be more ready to meet it? I understand asking for advice like this may be impolite, so I apologize…I just enjoyed reading about your world, and want so much to believe in it…

    1. Oh dear Rossana, this isn’t my world. It’s yours!! Move into it. Make yourself at home! If this is your first exposure to the truth, then you’re going to need to do more reading about it in order to vanquish all your doubts, but you can do that. And what could be more important? There is a list of Resources on the first page of this website, and if you would like a copy of The Fun of Dying to get you started, just send me an email through this website and I will send you the book in PDF. I’m also sending you a hug!

  23. Dear Roberta yet again another fantastic read ,I wish you a Very Happy New Year and I Thank you for your in depth reads ,Cheers …Gary.

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