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Posted by Roberta Grimes • July 23, 2016 • 22 Comments
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One of the things I love about public speaking is that so often people will Tree Branchesremind me that they find some things hard to understand. I can lose track of how mind-bending some of these concepts are! And no matter how carefully I might write, if people’s minds are catching on something that seems so basic to me that I never mention it, then nothing I write will be very helpful. I have just returned from a trip to California where I met some lovely people and was reminded yet again of some of the basic concepts that I take too much for granted. Today I’m going to mention a big one!

We all become caught up in the notion that our physical bodies are who we are. The fact that mainstream science is so far into the weeds that scientists persist in seeking a source for human consciousness in the brain contributes to our confusion, as does this confounding sense we have that what our sensory organs are telling us is true, that a solid reality exists and that you and I must be these bodies.

But the evidence is overwhelming now that we are not these bodies at all. Instead, our minds are part of the eternal Mind that is all that exists. Please read the previous two sentences again, since unless you understand them you will understand nothing! What is true is that your mind is eternal, and everything that you perceive to be solid is a projection of eternal Mind. It is all a collective illusion.

Fall SceneOf course, something like this would have to be right in order for us to have out-of-body experiences and to so easily survive our deaths. But knowing that intellectually is a far cry from being able to live it! So I’m going to try to make plain to you now the relationship between your physical body and your powerful, eternal mind.

Your body is your avatar. If you saw the 2009 movie by that name, this will make more sense to you. As you’ll recall, Jake Sully sleeps in a pod while his mind is connected with a blue mimic of his body so he can act in an alien world. He feels that he is experiencing everything his avatar’s sensory organs pick up; he operates it as easily as if it were his own body. But it is only his mind that is in touch with the brain of that distant avatar. And his mind is always awake in either one body or the other.

This analogy isn’t perfect, but it’s close. The evidence tells us that when we enter a new earth-lifetime, a subset of our eternal mind will go through a process that connectsSunlight Through Trees it with our new body as it develops in utero. The connection is to the entire body, and not to just the brain: we create what amounts to nested energy-bodies that fit inside our physical bodies as a hand fits inside a glove. Those nested energy bodies have no need to sleep, so throughout our lives while our physical bodies sleep those energy bodies will leave them and move around to consult with spirit guides, visit with dead relatives, take courses, or even travel to the very end of the universe, all while still connected to that sleeping material body by an energy cord that can occasionally be seen. When we reach our chosen exit point from this lifetime, our nested energy bodies leave our physical bodies for the last time. The silver cord that has connected them throughout our lives then frays and disintegrates, and once that happens this sorry avatar of a physical body quickly dies. Meanwhile, our energy bodies rapidly raise their vibratory rates and enter the afterlife levels of reality (usually at Level Three).

Sun Through TreesThe difference, of course, is that your mind is not sleeping in a capsule while all of this is going on. Your mind is part of infinitely powerful and infinitely creative eternal Mind, and it exercises a kind of superconscious oversight while an aspect of it is involved in an earth-lifetime. Soon after your body’s death, your awareness will again merge with your eternal mind, and you will have access to all the powers and memories that you left behind.

I hope this makes things clearer for you! Think of your physical body as something like your old Toyota, just a useful way to get around, but nothing more. You would never confuse your car with yourself! And once you are certain that your mind will survive your death as easily as it survives the junking of your car, you will at last be able to begin to live the rest of your life on an eternal scale.

Considering how best to address some of the questions I heard in California got me thinking about the movie, so I watched it again. I urge you to do the same! It’s a visually beautiful and emotionally intense but uplifting experience, and it highlights where our scientific understanding was a decade ago… and where it remains today.

When I first saw Avatar in 2010, I reveled in the concept of someone sleeping in a capsule while his mind roamed in an alien body. That demonstrated a pretty advanced understanding! When I watched it again the other day, however, what struck me was its fixation on materialism. The planet must be “a neural network” with tree roots that demonstrate “more connections than in the human brain” through which flows “electrochemical communication” that the natives can access by means of an odd neural pigtail that is apparently attached to their brains. There is talk, too, of a “network of energy that flows through all living things,” and of a “goddess made up of all living things.” So near, and yet so far!

The big picture that still eludes mainstream science, and eludes even the Sunrisewriters of such insightful movies, is that the only thing that exists is consciousness. And consciousness is an infinitely powerful, infinitely creative potentiality without size or form, highly emotional and therefore probably self-aware. Every human mind is integrally part of that consciousness. So whether we are talking anywhere on earth, a planet six light-years away, or the very edge of the universe, you are forever alive in all places at once. You might say that nothing else but you exists.


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22 thoughts on “It’s an Avatar

  1. LOVE your thoughts, your blogs, Roberta. They resonate so much with my own way of Seeing/Thinking/Feeling, and I find that to be very supportive. THANK YOU! 🙂

    1. Hello Frances! I’m delighted that you are enjoying these blog posts as much as I enjoy writing them and sharing them! And the fact that you are resonating with these ideas is not surprising at all, since of course you already know the truth; you just have forgotten it. Our job together is simply to help one another to fully remember!

  2. This concept seems self evident to me, more so after my “study” (I put it in quotes because I am a poor student but I try) of mysticism and quantum physics. The part that has troubled me since I was very young is, why. Going through this avatar process/ experience while trying to “rediscover” the nature of reality in the face of absurd materialism seems like a lot of work for little gain. And especially in this very odd “law of attraction” materialistic culture, it is discouraging because that ilk seems to have the higher level of confidence when they publish their papers and do their research. Nationalism and patriotism are somehow related to this too, though I’m not yet sure how to articulate that connection.

    1. Hello Mike! You’ve hit the nail on the head: the question of “why” is the biggest one of all. We know we are here to learn and grow spiritually – coming here is something like going to a spiritual gym – but the question is WHY we need to grow at all, when the evidence indicates that we are all part of eternal Mind and therefore already perfect. I don’t know the answer for certain, and none of the suggestions I have seen seen seems really to be right. I deal with this issue briefly in The Fun of Growing Forever, which will be out on 8/15. I expect that none of us really will know why we go through these earth-lifetimes until after we have transitioned.

      1. I am not a very good mystic, but I do recall one “dream” in which it was made clear that whatever the reason, those who leave “there” to come “here” do so with much ceremony and honor, in groups or maybe teams, and the support and great love of guides who remain behind. I got the feeling that some times one is part of the “away team” and sometimes part of the “remaining guidance team.” Turns are taken? I’m not sure. In any event it is a very loving and holy “departure.” It may have been just a dream but it was vivid.

        1. That is indeed pretty much the way it goes, Mike! We have many accounts of the process from people who have been through it, and all of them describe the same loving and joyous conveyance back home by loved ones we used to think were dead. It is also repeatedly said that while we are here, we have teams of loved ones in spirit helping us to live and to make the most of our lives.

  3. Just think of how more advanced we would be if these concepts were taught in schools instead of some of the useless information that is taught in them now. Children are taught mainly from a materialistic viewpoint, and that is why people have such difficulty wrapping their heads around the subject.

    1. Oh yes! The world would be a much better place if only we stopped teaching schoolchildren materialist lies, and I’ve found that children do grasp these truths easily. We expect the breakthrough to happen early in the second half of this century, when the evidence will reach a critical mass and mainstream science will be shamed into dropping materialism. So your great-great-grandchildren and mine will likely begin to learn the truth as toddlers!

  4. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us Roberta. I
    have just started this journey of seeking truth and understanding. I lost my daughter to suicide three years ago, both of my parents within the next year and our beloved pet last year. So, suffice to say I have had ample motivation to keep searching for understanding and answers. I have been on a quest. I do believe everything you say is true, however, I miss my loved ones so much that I sometimes wonder if I am just looking for some comfort and making myself believe all of this so I can look forward to seeing them again. I would truly love to go from “believing ” to “knowing for sure”. I keep striving daily…thank you for one more reason to

    1. Oh Julie, I’m sorry for your losses! Even knowing how temporary they are doesn’t much ease the pain of them. I understand that. It is possible, though, for you to achieve certainty about what actually is going on, and therefore to very much ease your pain! If you have trouble finding or affording my books, please send me an email through this website and I’ll be happy to send them to you in PDF. Another book that I highly recommend is Victor and Wendy Zammit’s A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife. Let me know how I can help you in your quest for truth and comfort, dear Julie!

      1. The Forever Family Foundation is another wonderful resource for support and knowledge. They were started by a couple who lost their son. They have a website, which you can easily search for, and many local chapter.

        1. Oh yes! Thank you for mentioning them. And Helping Parents Heal (based in Phoenix) is a wonderful resource as well.

    2. Julie, I so understand your pain and quest to find comfort in your loss. I too lost my son 6 years ago . I have never been the same. I so miss him and although it is a bit easier, it is still very difficult. I never have a day go by that at one point or another I break down in tears. I talk to him every day hoping that he hears me. I’m convinced there is an afterlife but even so I miss him and yearn to hold him in my arms again. I will be thinking of you, Julie and hoping you find some comfort.

      1. Oh Judith, of course you will see him again and hold him again – this temporary separation is agonizing, but it is indeed only temporary! If I can be of help to you, please just send me a message through this website. Meanwhile, I’m sending you such a great big hug!

  5. Thank you Roberta. I have not seen the movie but will be sure to do so now.
    We are all so blessed to have you to teach and guide us.
    Much love

    1. You’re so welcome, dear Barb, and much love in return! If you ever have questions, of course please just ask them. I’m spending a good part of each day answering questions now, which is my bliss!

  6. This is a good post, Roberta, and I’m delighted to read in the comments that many folks have benefited from it.

    One thing, though. It could be dangerous to go around thinking and feeling all the time that this physical plane is “all illusion” and become so spaced out that we neglect our responsibilities. Also, one should not think we can jump out a tall building or off a high cliff and by repeating “all is illusion” simply fly off and land safely below. Won’t happen. Some have tried and ended up badly injuring their bodies or bodily death. Wouldn’t you agree?

    This physical plane is “real,” but only in a relative sense. It’s not the only or ultimate reality. You and others have pointed this out using the verified afterlife communication.

    1. Hello Michael! Good point, of course. If we risk our illusory body in this illusory reality, we can experience a very real transition out of both!

      Apparently one of my own lifetimes ended that way. I was a Native American teenager a few hundred years ago who became convinced that I was pure enough to be able to fly, and I tested that theory on a cliff in the American Southwest. It turned out to be a fatally wrong supposition, and it gave me in this present lifetime an increasingly crippling fear of stepping off an edge that set in when I was about sixteen and didn’t end until my regressing myself to that lifetime and that moment abruptly cured it.

      Although I do see the risk, I think that very few people who are aware enough to read this blog have a grip on sanity that is tenuous enough that they will then stop taking the parameters of their present lives seriously. Rather, in my experience, beginning to see the illusion for what it is seems to prompt people to think on a more eternal frame, and that is a very good thing indeed!

  7. Dear Roberta,

    Why do we keep coming back to earth and to new avatars if we are already perfect? This is a good question to ask the ones who have passed on, unless one understands that we are evolving beings and spiritual evolution is at its core.
    Tom Campbell, the Nasa physicist, who has spent decades researching and exploring consciousness is the author of ” My Big Toe ” trilogy. My theory of Everything. There he backs up all of his amazing body of work with scientific evidence. This scientist is already on board with the concept that an afterlife exists, that life on earth is an illusion, or as he calls it a virtual reality, that reincarnation is part of our spiritual growth, and that to learn to become love is central to our spirit evolution. I can’t explain the depth of Tom’s work in a few words, neither do I have the breadth of knowledge to try, but his work is pioneering and mind expanding. I highly recommend it.
    Thanks for your work Roberta.
    All the best,

    1. Hello Armanda! You have just asked what I have come to think is the most important question of all: WHY? If we are already part of the perfect Mind of God, why do we have to go through this whole charade of spiritual growth through difficult lifetimes here on earth? I don’t think that we’ll ever really know the answer until after we return home, but A Course in Miracles gives what might be the best answer: we are rectifying the result of a random thought.

      Think about this for a moment. Since Mind is infinitely creative, the idea is that even a random thought about the possibility of separation could make a separation happen. Why not? And so it did happen at least once, even before the universe was born. Immediately the separation was ended, but within that separated bit of consciousness and in the split-instant before there was no more separation, time and space were created as part of an entire illusory set of universes. So it is within that briefly-existing separated bit of consciousness that the illusion of separation continues, and this whole universe and all the astral realities and you and I believe that we are part of it. Our fight is to remember who and what we actually are!

      (Incidentally, this is the reason why the Gospel teachings work so beautifully in raising us spiritually, as I say in The Fun of Growing Forever, due out on 8/15: in applying those teachings we aren’t learning anything new, but rather we are remembering who and what we already are.)

      And yes, Tom Campbell is a genius. If there were justice in the world, he would get a Nobel Prize in Physics as father of a consciousness theory of everything. Thank you for mentioning him – I don’t do that nearly often enough!

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