Is Civilization the Problem?

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When it first occurred to me that civilization might be the problem rather than the solution, I chuckled at my own silliness. It was the 1970s. After having just lived through the turmoil of the sixties, I was feeling that we had gone-off track, and my little thought-experiment in living without the trappings of civilization that eventually became Letter From Freedom was going surprisingly well. But civilization is basic, isn’t it? For a long time, whenever it occurred to me that human nature is debased by civilization and not elevated by it, I slapped that idea away.large_12249032916

But now, more than thirty years later, I am back to writing about Atlantica again in a world that is in many ways even more debasing to humanity than was the world of the sixties.

On just one day a few weeks back, I read about Syrian gangsters playing soccer with fresh human heads; about people in Kalamazoo, Michigan, stepping around but otherwise ignoring a 31-year-old man who had been shot and was dying in the doorway of a store; and about the president of North Korea enjoying watching a political rival being eaten alive by starving dogs (sorry for that mental picture).

That day was my final epiphany. I’m sorry, but it’s time to say it aloud: TEN THOUSAND YEARS OF CIVILIZATION HAS NOT ADVANCED HUMANITY AT ALL.

           I defy you to show us any proof that statement is untrue.

             I have suspected since at least the mid-seventies that civilization had gone serious off-track, and no doubt you have had similar thoughts. It’s bad out there, and it’s getting worse. Still, what choice do we have? Wouldn’t a lack of civilization mean chaos?

I don’t have the answer, but I think it is long past time for us to ask the question.  

What is civilization? I’m going to define it here as the organizing systems of governments and religions. If you have a better definition, please share it in the comments, but for this brief medium_3989138122discussion let’s try out mine. Down through all their history, governments and religions have had certain things in common:

1)    They define human beings as flawed and base. Animalistic. Fallen from grace. Unable to live in natural harmony with one another.

2)    They define themselves as essential in order for human beings to live peacefully together. Both governments and religions see their roles as controlling what are natural human tendencies toward evil and chaos.

3)    They operate by coercion. Whether it’s civil laws or religious rules, the very essence of civilization is restraint.

4)    They require that some people exercise power over others. The only difference between governments, whether civil or religious, is the extent to which they will accept restraints on their own powers. A republic is more pleasant than a dictatorship, but it is a difference in degree and not in kind.

5)    They tend toward ever greater controls and corruption. From the treasure of kings and popes to the bureaucratic cronyism of modern governments, all civil and religious systems tend to aggregate ever more power to themselves, and to confiscate ever more wealth that they had no part in producing.

            Given these universal characteristics of civilization, the only reason to continue to allow governments and religions to operate at all would be if they were essential in order for human beings to live together.large_4689090638

            Do we need them? That’s the real question, isn’t it?

I have spent decades reading nearly two hundred years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead. The amazing fact that many hundreds of such communications are entirely consistent with one another helps to prove to us that the afterlife exists. The further fact that the afterlife they describe is entirely consistent with the core science of quantum physics is of course astounding. There is a world of truth waiting to be investigated as soon as mainstream science stops fighting it.

Of course, the afterlife evidence has a lot to tell us about the afterlife itself. The fact that it also explains a great deal about reality in general is a wonderful bonus. But for me, the best thing about the afterlife evidence is what it has to tell us about human nature. The afterlife evidence tells us with absolute consistency that our minds are part of eternal Mind, which is the only thing that exists. Our minds are part of God, in other words. Therefore, in truth, we are all good. 

Oh. So both governments and religions are making precisely the wrong assumptions medium_2767020490about human nature. In doing so, they are imposing on us laws and restraints that are probably unnecessary, and that distort our true nature in ways that create problems rather than solving problems. I think this is a fact, based upon the evidence. And further proof of its truth is the certainty that after more than ten thousand years of trying, governments and religions have done nothing whatsoever to make people better in any way. Nothing. Nada. Rien.

But if civilization doesn’t work at all in advancing human nature, then what might work? That is the question that the Letters From Love Series is designed to ask, and to begin to answer. Stay tuned!

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