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Christopher Columbus once ordered the simultaneous burning alive of a hundred Native American tribal leaders. The historian who mentioned this in a History Channel program awhile back tried to soften the shock of it by noting that “the fifteenth century was a barbaric age.”large_7730558908

There was a time when I would have shuddered and changed channels. Later on, I would have been comforted to know that people dying in pain are soon out of their bodies so their actual suffering is limited. Now, though, I hear about the burning of Native Americans by Christopher Columbus and I wonder whether it might be our fault.

The afterlife evidence tells us that reality is very different from what we perceive. Our senses and our prejudices lie to us, and we comfort ourselves by trusting a modern science that is equally senses-driven and prejudice-prone. In contravention of everything that mainstream science and your lying eyes tell you, here is what the afterlife evidence now tells us:

1)     Time is subjective, and it is not linear. If things are happening at all, then they are happening all at once.

2)    Matter and energy, time and space are holographic, which means that each unit (however you may measure it) contains all the information of every other unit.

3)     Matter and energy, time and space are mind-created. Universal Mind is their foundation, and each of us is an undivided snippet of that universal Mind. Another hologram. So our minds are more powerful than we can imagine.

4)    Mind-energy tremendously affects what we see as reality. Think of a horror movie in which when a hate-crazed actor arrives the castle starts to crumble, the peasants sicken, the grass withers and the skies cloud over. But then our loving hero comes back and that castle crisply reassembles itself, the peasants and grass recover, and the sun shines bright. Try to realize that this is something like the effect that our minds apparently have on our surroundings.

5)    All our lifetimes are happening simultaneously. Something like reincarnation does seem to happen, but it happens outside of time. More advanced beings tell us that as each of us makes or avoids making spiritual progress in this lifetime, we affect for good or ill all our other lives, past and future.

Please read this list again. Then multiply by every person on earth that insight that whatever we do in this lifetime affects every one of our past lives.

Temporarily trapped in this illusion as we are, we cannot really grasp what all of this means. But one thing that it may well mean is that we are not just the product of our history. We also may be the co-creators of it.

This puzzle has been on my mind for years, ever since I first began to wrestle with the time dilemma. The possibility that our modern evils are creating or worsening evils long past is both appalling and hard to grasp. But there seems to be no way out of it. The evidence is abundant, consistent, and incontrovertible to anyone with an open mind.

Imagine how all of this might be working. Stalin and Hitler, racial lynchings, and all the many evils of the twentieth century could have worsened the history that came before, created Biblical stonings and Medieval wars, perhaps turned Christopher Columbus’s capture of a few Native chieftains and sternly lecturing them into his burning one or two at the stake. And then ten.  And then a hundred. We would be none the wiser.

Now imagine that in this new century we begin to practice love and forgiveness within families, house to house, street to street, and then over all the earth. And gradually – imperceptibly at first – the world’s bloody history turns back to peaceful. Every book on every shelf in every library on earth records an ever gentler past, until all that evil never happened at all. 

It has long been thought that as modern humans migrated out of Africa, they conquered and destroyed the Neanderthal peoples that then inhabited what is now Europe. It turns out, though, that what they actually did was to assimilate Neanderthals as they moved north, so now everyone with European ancestry has Neanderthal genetic material.

18r5lc4ubwq1xjpg This wonderful picture was taken at the Neanderthal museum in Germany. It’s from a recent article that suggests that as much as 20% of the Neanderthal genome survives in modern humans.

It turns out that our earliest human ancestors made love, not war.

But somewhere along the way becoming “more civilized” seemed to be a good idea. We began the ongoing distortion of our own essentially loving natures that led erelong to the climactic evils of a cruel and bloody twentieth century. Now contemplate a hundred Native Americans screaming together as they burn, and the notion that their suffering could be the fruit of humankind’s later history. If you don’t want to learn to love and forgive perfectly for your own sake, then think about the possibility that you might be doing it for them.

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