God Is Real

Posted by Roberta Grimes • December 29, 2013 • 2 Comments
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                In decades of studying nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead, I have been able to find no evidence at all for a vengeful Old Testament Jehovah-God.  Instead, that version of God appears to have been a last synthesis of the pantheisms which gave ancient peoples lots of people-like gods:  the real God, of course, is nothing that we created.

Instead, modern afterlife evidence points to consciousness as the only reality.  Which means that everything is God!  When I was small, I learned playfully to give my address beginning with my street and town and county and ending with “… the solar system, the universe, the mind of God.”  That was closer to the truth than we knew.

But just finding out that everything is Consciousness, capitalized – that is, everything is God – is not enough.  Wesmall_4679548147 hunger to understand God, to know God, and there the modern evidence is incomplete. I will tell you here what I think that I begin to understand about Consciousness, with the caveat that we have a lot more to learn once science stops insisting that God does not exist and religions stop insisting they have God in a bottle.

I will here call Consciousness God.  They are the same.  But if you are a diehard atheist and reading the word “God” creeps you out, then simply substitute the word “Consciousness” for “God.”  Copy this post out to Word and do a replace, if you like.

Modern evidence overwhelmingly suggests that:

  • God is the Creator of the Material Universe.  Evidence suggests that God creates the universe to be what we humans would think of as a school for the growth of consciousness itself. I say “creates,” since for God time does not exist; therefore everything about the material universe, including the illusion of time, is a part of God’s creation. We cannot know for sure, of course, but from God’s perspective it likely happens either all at once or perpetually.
  • God is our Source and our Destination.  As best we can puzzle it out from the evidence, each bit of consciousness – each “I,” if you will – is emitted from the Creator and immediately then is striving to return to its Source. Those are human concepts which of course aren’t right, but they are somewhat analogous to what the evidence suggests is what is happening. We are in materiality to learn, and once our learning is perfected we gladly graduate back to God. Of course, since objective time does not exist, both the learning and the return are probably from God’s point of view instantaneous.
  • God is Good.  This school, this universe, and all of reality are more gentle and more profoundly loving than we on this tough planet can imagine. The image of God as Father is the closest that our puny minds can come, but it vastly understates the degree to which each “I” is absolutely loved. The universe exists for our growth, and there is nothing in it that can harm us.
  • God is Light. Beyond the material universe – that is, in most of reality – there are no suns.  Instead, most of the dimensions of reality are lit by God and by God alone, so the lower vibratory dimensions – those farthest from the Source – are dark, while the higher dimensions are brighter and brighter the closer they come to God’s center. Again, of course, these are human conceptions. In reality, the dimensions are not layers and God is everywhere and does not have a center… but this is the closest that I can come to expressing what modern evidence says is right. Beyond materiality, Consciousness is light. Each “I,” each speck of consciousness, also appears beyond materiality to be light, with the more advanced specks of course much brighter… but again, this is saying it in human terms. There is evidence that without the gorgeous Summerland illusion to which we graduate at death, what the afterlife reality would look like to us is a black night starry with pinpoints of light that each are individual beings.
  • God Doesn’t Care About Religion. Here is a piece of irony! I have found no evidence whatsoever that God cares one whit whether you are religious. Religions appear to be man-made systems based upon ancient superstitions and fed by human fears of the unknown and by that age-old human need for community. There is evidence that each earth-religion has an after-death haven for its adherents that is mind-created by co-religionists; but this is not heaven, and sooner or later each adherent must be rescued to reality. In fact, the more you study the evidence and you read the Gospels side by side, the more you suspect that far from meaning to establish a new religion, Jesus came to wean us from the old one. My study of the evidence has made me a more ardent follower of the teachings of Jesus, since the evidence so completely shows Him to be right; but it also has made me confident that you needn’t be a Christian to “get into heaven.”  Indeed, apparently to be a mind-closed follower of one of the more extreme sects of any religion will just buy you an unnecessary after-death stay in an off-track limbo of religionism.
  • God Helps Itself.  Since everything is God, it is erroneous to think of “God” and “Guardian Angels” and “Saints” and “Spirit Guides” and you and me as separate beings. There is overwhelming evidence that each of us on earth is surrounded by non-material helpers:  some of these are Spirit Guides and some are Angels, and each of them is also an “I.”  Each “I,” whether material or nonmaterial, is working toward its own perfection, and a big part of that work is this helping of others. Each of us is not just in God’s hands, but we are God’s hands.  Before I understood that everything is Consciousness, I used to think that this was the only way that God is still working here on earth; but now I realize that of course God can work directly as well as working through us. God is all there is. It seems from the evidence that most of the help that we get comes through God’s invisible helpers, but since each of them also is a part of God, to think of it that way is a distinction without a difference.
  • God Creates Through Us.  It is difficult to see our creative work here, since on earth we seem bound by the laws of physics, although there is evidence that even here the more spiritually advanced of us are able to affect materiality with our minds. But since we are of the same consciousness as God, apparently we are co-creators: beyond materiality, many of us are able to create what appear to be new realities as solid-seeming as the earth but more gorgeous, like earth-perfection greatly magnified. There are wonderful earthlike Summerland levels to which we go immediately after our bodies die, places full of flowers in incredible colors and magnificent buildings of every description, and the evidence suggests that all of this is mind-created over eons by earth-graduates. Husbands lovingly replicate their wives’ favorite earth homes down to the smallest dish, so their wives when they arrived can feel at home; and scientists and doctors and other professionals re-create earthlike places of work where their colleagues can decompress in surroundings that feel familiar. Evidence suggests that since space is infinite, all of this mind-created stuff lasts forever. Long after that loving couple has outgrown their need for the house, it stands through eternity unless another recent earth-graduate wants to change it around and make it his own.
  • God Is All That Exists.  Think about that, really think about it, and you change your life completely. It is easy to say that you yourself and everyone you know and everything you see, whether animate or inanimate, is Consciousness and nothing but Consciousness. The evidence indicates that this is true; say it, and the words roll off your tongue.  But stop and think about what that means!

There is a great deal more to learn about God. But for me at the moment this seems to be enough.

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2 thoughts on “God Is Real

  1. Thanks dear Roberta, for the interesting article. My ears metaphorically pricked up when I read your description of the afterlife reality looking like a ‘black night starry with pinpoints of light.’ When I awake in the night, I ask God to show me the universe, and this is what I see.

    1. Wow, dear Alex, you are ranging pretty far back in my history here! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think I envy you that sense of immediate and joyful response to your query, when for me Thomas is more of a stern (but loving) taskmaster. One day, though, we all will see it for ourselves!

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