Finding God and the Afterlife?

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As you might surmise from my blog posts of June 28 and August 4, I am fascinated by dark matter and energy, origin_4290962747and struck by the possibility that they might be, respectively, the post-death levels of our reality and the base creative force (Mind, Source, or God – your choice). The 95% of the universe that is composed of dark matter and dark energy is called “dark” because it won’t interact with photon-based light. It is demonstrably not material, but that makes it not one bit less real! And, more and more, we are coming to suspect that dark matter and dark energy might in fact be the afterlife levels and the Source. Consider:

  • The post-death levels have been established by abundant and consistent evidence pulled together over the past nearly 200 years, and they exist precisely where we are. If they were detectable by us at all, we would imagine that they would not react with the photon-based light of this level of reality, but they might interact with gravity. Dark matter fills that bill precisely. It is said now to make up 27% of the universe, while physical matter makes up less than 5%. Given that there are about six afterlife levels beneath the Source level, the proportions here seem to be amazingly right.
  • Consciousness is primary and pre-existing. Quantum physicist Max Planck figured this out more than eighty years ago. He said: I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”
  • The base creative force is continuously creating this universe. As we have come to understand it, Mind exists outside of time as a kind of consciousness grid that continuously creates this material universe as something like a thought. Physicist Sir James Jeans brilliantly observed, “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.” For Mind to be detectable only as dark energy, and for it to make up 68% of the universe and be evenly integrated with it throughout, is about what we would expect.

What has me circling back again to dark matter and dark energy is my beloved Scientific American, which seems to be stumbling toward our point of view at breathtakingly glacial speed. Its most recent issue contains an article entitled “Could Dark Matter Make Invisible, Parallel Universes?” The article’s authors tell us that “Dark matter seems to be a sea of invisible particles that fills space unevenly; dark energy is spread out uniformly and acts as if it is woven into the fabric of space itself.” Yup and yup. Some of the afterlife levels are as solid-seeming as this material level of reality, but they are made of a purer, consciousness-based matter; and the grid of Mind which suspends and continuously creates this universe is indeed woven into its very fabric.

For the past two centuries, mainstream scientists have ignored the afterlife evidence altogether, so even today they mostly have no clue that there is an evidence-based explanation for dark matter and dark energy. Nor are they seeking such an explanation, since everything that they do at this point is safely inside their material box. It is as if they were modern-day explorers setting out to discover a whole new world by peering through beach-based telescopes and squinting very, very hard. Is dark matter made up of WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles)? After all, WIMPs don’t much interact with light. Or no, it might be super-WIMPS!

But this article tells us that at last scientists are beginning to see that “there is no reason… that dark matter should be as boring as astronomers tend to presume.” So they are beginning to speculate that dark matter might indeed be a whole “hidden world” that is identical to our own. Is it possible that there are “hidden physicists and astronomers even now peering through their telescopes and wondering what their dark matter is, when in fact their dark matter is us?”

Sadly, no, the authors reason. There are rules of physics that exclude the notion of hidden people, and anyway dark matter is six times more abundant than visible matter. For reasons so boring to a layperson that we won’t enumerate them here, the authors conjure up a different kind of matter that “may emit and reflect hidden light” that is invisible to us, which is why dark matter remains unseen. Ahem. Apparently actual scientists don’t read magazines like Scientific American, or they would have noticed a recent article that indicated that eighty percent (eighty percent!) of the light in our nearby universe has no apparent source. Dark matter, anyone?

“An equally intriguing possibility is that dark matter interacts with dark energy,” the authors tell us. They even speculate that dark matter “somehow triggered the emergence of dark energy.”

UniverseWell, no. It’s the other way around. Dark energy – which is, please recall, some 68% of the universe! – triggered the emergence of both dark matter and this material universe. Outside of time, it continuously holds it all in perfect suspension. But this simple explanation is something that most scientists cannot even consider because science maintains atheism as a fundamental dogma. No mainstream scientist who values his career will come remotely close to finding God.

As I learn more about dark matter and dark energy, I become ever more confident that indeed these deepest mysteries of science are perfectly explainable. Occam’s Razor, a theory much-beloved among scientists, holds that the simplest explanation generally is the best explanation. And what explanation could be simpler? Dark matter is the six or so levels of afterlife reality below the Source level, each of them roughly the size of the universe and clustered more densely where there are heavenly bodies; And dark energy is the Source level, Mind, the Matrix, the Uncaused Cause, the only thing that independently exists. It will take mainstream scientists awhile longer to get there, but I am betting as of today that eventually they will be forced to conclude (very much against their will) that in finding dark energy, they have inadvertently found God after all.

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