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Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 08, 2014 • 1 Comment
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One of the best things about my adventures in afterlife research has been the extraordinary people I have met. There is a small group of brilliant folks worldwide who have devoted themselves to trying to understand death, the afterlife, and the nature of reality, and my joy since publishing The Fun of Dying medium_2260513414has been meeting and befriending many of them. Foremost among these wonderful new friends is the ebullient and irrepressible Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., of the University of Arizona, who is one of very few scientists actually researching the afterlife in a university setting. My favorite of his books is The Afterlife Experiments, in which he proves by means of double- and triple-blind testing that some psychic mediums actually are in contact with the dead, but I have read most of his work and it is all wonderful.

When last summer my family more or less demanded that I stop traveling to talk about The Fun of Dying, I began instead to do a weekly internet radio show on the Contact Talk Radio Network that we’ve called Seek Reality because that is what we do: each week I interview a different guest as we chip away at trying to understand what actually is going on. All my past shows are available as free podcasts, so if you’re curious please have a listen.

My guest last Saturday for the third time was my delightful and brilliant friend, Gary Schwartz. I so much enjoy just being with Gary that it took a listener to point out to me the fact that Gary had “unloaded a mini-nuclear bomb” on my program.

Gary was talking about a series of current experiments with detecting photons of light inside a pitch-dark chamber. He had been inviting certain specific nonphysical entities to enter it, including his friend Susy Smith and her friend, Harry, both of whom produced what amounted to their individual light-signatures. But then two others entered the chamber who identified themselves as “Gabriel” and “Sophia” and claimed to be angels. And, sure enough: the light detected in Gary’s experimental chamber when either of the angels was present was vastly greater than what could be produced by any entity who once had been in a body. OMG, as they say. I don’t actually even really believe in angels. Gary, too, had long been a skeptic. But unlike so many who claim to be scientists, he follows his experimental results where they lead, and he told me during our visit that reluctantly he had to admit that, yes, there were very powerful entities who were apparently angels.

Dear friends, we live in exciting times! Gary’s work with light is part of his overall effort to produce what amounts to a telephone that will let us converse freely with our dead loved ones. The work is pretty far along in several laboratories worldwide. And that the Archangels Gabriel and Sophia have chosen now to involve themselves suggests that the time for a soul phone really has come!

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