Extraterrestrial Protectors

Posted by Roberta Grimes • August 30, 2015 • 11 Comments
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One area about which the afterlife evidence gives us fascinating hints is the Red Flying Saucerwhole field of extraterrestrial life. I haven’t followed up on any of this evidence. To be frank, I haven’t wanted to know! So when I was recently told that one of my dearest friends has Arcturian spirit guides, I was brought up short. Then last week a friend who comments here double-dog-dared me to share what I have learned from the dead about life on other planets. So I guess it’s finally time for us to talk about aliens!

Everything that I know about life on other planets and in other dimensions has come from after-death communicators. For more information, I urge you to check out The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON. As is true of life after death, alien life is an enormous and multi-faceted topic, so if you are drawn to it, you can spend your whole life happily doing research. For starters, here is some of what the dead have been telling us about alien life:

* This universe teems with alien life. But none of it has visited earth. We are told that there are more kinds of life in this universe than we can imagine! Some of it is intelligent to varying degrees, and apparently nearly all of it is benign. But the distances are too immense for anyone to have traveled through material space far enough ever to have visited the Earth. Of course, mainstream scientists, cheerfully unaware that experts are on hand who could answer many of their questions, still are looking for E.T. in all the wrong places.

* All intelligent life is of the same consciousness. Every one of us is part of God. Each individual is evolving spiritually toward its Source, and we do that by reincarnating repeatedly on the same planet while taking one or two lifetimes elsewhere. The primary reason for sticking with one planet is to minimize the difficulties of adjustment from one lifetime to the next. And in fact, if you have a co-worker so weird that everyone says he has to be from another planet, then that might well be the case! We are told that ours is the hardest of all the inhabited planets on which to evolve. It harbors the most negativity, but it also is the planet on which, with effort, the most rapid spiritual progress can be made. So reportedly, we are the Marines of the universe. Whenever you sashay into an interstellar canteen and ease up to the bar, you need only remark that you are from the Earth. Everyone will step aside.

* Assorted beings from other dimensions frequent the Earth. We just can’t see them. We know that there are at least seven nonmaterial dimensions that exist right where we are and function as our afterlife. Each of these dimensions seems to be enormous – perhaps the size of his whole universe – and we are told that there are other dimensions as well! The consciousness-based physics that governs our afterlife seems to be what operates in all the dimensions that lie beyond materiality, and reportedly they also teem with life. Reportedly, too, many inter-dimensional beings visit the earth as curious tourists. They can keep their higher vibratory rate and avoid being seen, or they can lower their vibratory rate and seem from our perspective to pop into and out of existence. I have seen evidence that benevolent alien motherships are in permanent station around the earth, each of them maintaining a higher vibration so it cannot be detected.

* The Earth is vulnerable to low-vibration inter-dimensional nasties. There is Two-Familiesso much negativity among the Earth’s people now that we are helpless. Even though higher-vibration beings easily fight off the much weaker evil entities that exist, as a people we are so spiritually sick that we have little ability to defend ourselves against low-vibration inter-dimensional evil. And this is especially true, of course, when these evil entities generally are invisible, and when modern scientists remain cluelessly materialistic. Modern science as a discipline has reduced itself to about the awareness stage that people were in when we first discovered fire, but we had no clue that air was part of the process. And, sad to say, our inattention to spiritual matters has stripped us of what should be our natural defense against evil, much as HIV can strip its victims of their ability to defend themselves against illness. Fortunately, a massive effort orchestrated at the highest afterlife levels is underway now to raise the consciousness of this entire planet. But until that begins to have some effect, we as a people are sitting ducks.

* Until we are spiritually healthier, the Earth’s people have powerful protectors. I don’t know much about the Arcturians. Until recently, I never had heard the name. But we are told that the most spiritually advanced beings in this galaxy are Arcturians. As a species, they are all perfected: they have no further need to incarnate, and they have no need to appear in bodies. Arcturians are the beings with the greatest power in all of nearby reality, and their current particular care is the protection of this sickly planet from low-vibration inter-dimensional scum that would like to take us over. We are assured that until we have progressed enough spiritually to be able to protect ourselves, these beautiful inter-dimensional beings will hold us in their loving care. I don’t know much about the inter-dimensional scummies. Our Arcturian guardians are keeping them away. But our protectors’ concern does not extend to facilitating development of the soul phone, and we were given a glimpse just this past spring of what has been holding up that process. Apparently a race of intelligent lizard-like non-material nasties at the vibrational level of our afterlife outer darkness has been preventing the soul phone from being developed. Wow. Of course, knowing what is wrong is half of solving the problem, and in this case it is teams of dead researchers who are battling the nasties in our behalf. They tell us that within the year these impediments to direct communication will be gone.

Meanwhile, of course, mainstream scientists blunder on. A few are becoming so desperate to find some shred of evidence of alien life that they have taken to searching for extinct civilizations. And of course, the Vatican doesn’t believe in aliens. They have only lately pardoned Galileo! But at least in the area of seeking other dimensions that might exist beyond this one, some scientists seem to be getting a clue.

What the afterlife evidence tells us is that reality is more complicated than we knew. But no matter what else reality might hold, we are protected by an infinitely Jesus in Contemplationloving God Whose minions are more powerful protectors than we on this tough planet can imagine. We are eternally, profoundly safe. But we also are still spiritual children! The most important thing that any of us can do, quite apart from religious considerations, is to begin today to live our lives strictly by the philosophy that Jesus taught. The dead tell us that the teachings of Jesus are the best way for us to make spiritual progress. And it is past time for us to grow up!

My new book, Liberating Jesus, will be out in October.

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11 thoughts on “Extraterrestrial Protectors

  1. This is a top notch blog, Roberta, I really enjoyed it. As I said previously, I’ve been following the UFology scene for a number of decades. You’re right, it’s a complex, multilayered field.

    I’d never heard of the “Arcturians,’ except maybe a vague mention in the distant past. I checked them out via a web search and there are a number of sites devoted to them. A quick reading of a few confirms pretty much what you said. But, it seems they do have a physical planet near the star Arcturius. This was first predicted by Edgar Cayce. They also exist on the higher transcendent planes. Author Norma Milanovich has a book out titled “We the Arcturians.” Is there any particular web site and literature you’d recommend on them?

    You said that the afterlife communication on aliens says they haven’t visited Earth yet? I don’t have all the answers, of course, but it could be that that source was mistaken. As you and Victor Zammit are fond of saying, a person doesn’t suddenly become “all knowing” once they past over. It could be the spirit or spirits communicating that was just not fully informed in this area yet. Or, they could be right.

    Although, many intelligent people are saying aliens have been here for a very long time, are here now, and the major governments know this, but are keeping it above top secret. Just a few days ago, August 27th, retired Astronaut Edgar Mitchell,who also founded the “Institute for Noetic Sciences to study the paranormal and who has extensive military and intelligence connections, stated in the Huffington Posts that “”I can’t say where they’re from, but evidence of their presence here is pretty overwhelming — if you care to look for it. My only guess as to why there’s this embargo is because of the profit potential that goes along with having the capability and the technology that could go outside of our solar system.” – Of course, in saying “I can’t say where they’re from,” Mitchell is leaving the door open for the inter-dimensional realm.

    Their physics would be so far advanced than ours, that ours would be pre-kindergarten to them, so to travel the millions of light years in space could be relatively easy for them. Probably involving inter-dimensional travel.

    Again, just pointing out some speculations. I don’t know it all, far from it, and continue to keep an open mind.

    I think you’re right, Roberta, on the variety of inter-dimensional beings that are around us, the benign and the negative. You explain all that very well and others should study that. How alien beings fits with the afterlife dimensions is something I’m still exploring.

    From what I’ve read about the Vatican recently, they’re aware of a lot more concerning all of this they let on publicly. They have built up over the centuries a vast network of high level connections in political and intelligence circles, plus they have their own science branch(as the article you linked to points out).

    “What the afterlife evidence tells us is that reality is more complicated than we knew,” you wrote. Great! Here’s another quote from Edgar Mitchell in the same article along the same lines:

    “”[We need to] spread a little bit more truth about the type of universe we live in and the fact that we’re not alone. We’ve got many, many mysteries on our hands and mysteries to solve. We really don’t know the scope of our existence and our picture of the universe is still pretty primitive.”

    And, thanks for wrapping it all up with a short inspiration message to put us all at ease.

    1. Hi Michael! I wrote this post at your behest, so I’m glad that you enjoyed it ;-). I’ll give you what answers I can to a couple of your questions:

      1) It’s my understanding that since the Arcturians are perfected beings, they basically don’t need their physical planet any longer. We use this one only because we are still learning spiritually; but even now, our true home is in what we think of as the afterlife dimensions, beyond materiality. And I really don’t know anything about our Arcturian guardians beyond what the dead tell us. I don’t even know which websites to recommend, since I generally mistrust the UFO writers: I often find it hard to tell where their information is coming from. I am amused by MUFON, though! The number of sightings of UFOs that look as if they might be credible simply boggles the mind. And reading how so many spaceships seem to just appear and then disappear amuses me. Our inter-dimensional tourist friends are messin’ with our minds!

      2) I also have had trouble taking the word of mid-level dead people on whether or not aliens from this universe ever have been here. But I have just assisted Mikey Morgan with his autobiography. He is a sixth-level being, and he is certain that we never have been visited by material aliens. He says that inter-dimensional travelers are abundant here, which fact I now consider to be well-established. I have suspected that very advanced civilizations could travel here in a heartbeat using the non-material dimensions, but I guess the Catch-22 of that theory is that once civilizations are advanced enough to do that they also are sufficiently perfected spiritually to be essentially living in the non-material dimensions, having grown beyond their need to incarnate. We tend to think of this material universe as important, but the whole thing is just one big kindergarten! More sophisticated beings bother with it less and less. The “real” reality is entirely not material.

      Realizing freshly how vulnerable we have made ourselves by espousing this illusory materialism and ignoring our need to grow spiritually, I am freshly determined to do all that I can to assist in the elevation of our planet! Actually signing to publish Liberating Jesus made me swallow hard. I’m glad that I’m already old, and I won’t have much time here to deal with the aftermath! I’m saying that Jesus never meant to start a religion, but He came with the much more important mission of teaching us how to grow spiritually to the point where we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth. He is saying now to Christians something like, “What are you people thinkin’? Are you out of your minds?” I mean, the evidence for what He intended is abundant in the Gospels. But few Christians actually read the Gospels! Having Jesus hit them upside the head is going to be a shock, I think. But I understood freshly as I wrote this post that it is a badly needed one!

  2. Thanks, Roberta, for the excellent reply. What Mikey said about inter-dimensional beings ability to materialize and dematerialize certainly fits in with a prominent school of thought in ufology. Like I said, I keep an open mind on all of this.

    Speaking of other dimensions and such, I know you like to keep up with interesting development in physics. I ran across an article yesterday about the Hadron Collider near Geneva called CERN. It was being warmed up last week after a mandatory rest period and a new “rainbow universe” was created for about 2.6 seconds. Among the implication is the veracity of the “Big Bang” theory, which has been under attack in recent years by a few physicists. Here’s the story. Make of it what you will:

    I was saddened this morning to hear of the passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer this last Saturday. He had been an inspirational figure in my life at some key moments, Also, he was good friends with Anita Moorjani, author of “Dying to Be Me,” her NDE story, and did some seminars with her. She’s appeared at some Afterlife Conferences in the past. Perhaps you’ve heard of her or even met her.

    I’m looking forward to your book “Liberating Jesus.” Sounds like a winner! You’re so right about the fundamentalists Christians.

    I read an article recently written by a progressive Woman Pastor and she pointed out that the Evangelicals are not looking at or quoting from the words of Jesus in the gospels anymore, but from the Book of Acts or St. Pauls letters and I would add the Old Testament. Wish I’d saved the URL to it, you’ve have enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thank you for the article, Michael! Fascinating. And yes, everything that Mikey says about aliens fits with what others say as well. I think now that even includes his insistence that what aliens have come to earth all are inter-dimensional travelers. After all, even if they originated in this dimension, material distances are so great that they would have to use the non-material dimensions in order to come so far.

      One of the things that I love about doing this research is that if you are meticulous about it, you really do find that everything fits with everything else! Afterlife and extra-material studies is a science every bit as much as any materialist science ever could be, and it is far broader and more far-reaching.

      It’s unfortunate – it’s tragic! – but you’re right, dear friend. The most conservative elements of Christianity have made themselves into an ardent “Paulianity,” holding rigorously to the first-century ideas of Saint Paul while ignoring the teachings of Jesus. Perhaps they had to get to this point before they exhausted the Lord’s patience. But clearly they have exhausted it now. As you will see in Liberating Jesus, He is presenting all Christians with a choice: you can follow Christianity, or you can follow Jesus. It is impossible to do both!

      For me, no matter how much I loved Christianity, when I realized that I couldn’t have both, following the Lord alone was an easy choice. And it has been a thrilling and very rewarding one! For others, though, the fun of feeling superior and the smugness of holding onto the idea that Jesus died for our sins is likely to make that decision a lot harder. It will be interesting to see what happens now….

    1. Hello Waller! You’re right, of course, in saying that the broad fields of afterlife research and extraterrestrial investigation are cousins. Each is so enormous and varied and contains so much evidence of so many kinds that it is difficult to imagine someone becoming really expert at both, but they do have light to shed on one another. Thank you for pointing out that fact!

  3. Roberta,
    I am new to your website and don’t quite understand the difference between inter-dimensional beings and aliens. If a being is inter-dimensional, isn’t it also an alien? Or can inter-dimensional beings originate from this earth? In other words, who are these beings and where do they come from? Thank you in advance for providing some clarification.

    1. Welcome, Lori! This is a great question. The conventional view of alien beings has been that they come from distant physical planets in this universe. The physical distances, however, are tremendous: they can be tens or hundreds of thousands of light-years. According to reports from the dead that I consider to be trustworthy, there is no intelligent life on any planet in this physical universe that is near enough to the earth for denizens of it ever to have visited us.

      There are, however, other energy dimensions, and perhaps many of them. Those that we used to think were dead live in non-material, energy-based dimensions that are exactly where we are but at higher vibratory rates. According to our dead, these non-material dimensions are home to intelligent beings of various kinds that are – yes – also aliens, but they are pure energy. They aren’t material. As a result, we can’t see them when they visit the physical earth unless they lower their vibratory rate – or the rate of their ships – to be very near the rate of physical matter. And many of these non-material beings apparently have visited the earth, and continue to visit it. I suspect, too, that some very distant material civilizations may be advanced enough to have mastered the art of entering the non-material dimensions for purposes of travel, since in those dimensions space and time are not encumbrances. Not sure about that!

      I’m sorry this is such a complex topic; it really deserves much more than a blog post. Your important take-away is the certain knowledge that every dominant power in every part of reality of which we are aware is what we think of as God, or God’s minions of various dimensions. We are being very carefully tended and protected until we can progress spiritually to the point where we are able to protect ourselves.

  4. IMO, it’s great stuff and significant. It reminds me of the thing that Emmanuel wrote about in the Emmanuel books by Pat Rodegast – Emmanuel’s channel. I love to see any message that contains either hope or education, so, thanks for this blog. 🙂 jim

    1. Thank you, dear Jim! I do so much enjoy investigating these beyond-amazing aspects of our reality, and then sharing what I am learning with you. We do live in interesting and amazing times!

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