Capital Punishment

Posted by Roberta Grimes • October 28, 2014 • 8 Comments
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One thing about doing afterlife research and better understanding our greater reality is that what you learn helps you to origin_2772052540establish evidence-based opinions on a great many things. At one time, I had little concern about capital punishment. So long as we executed only the guilty, what was the harm? To read of the despicable crimes that some of these criminals had committed made you feel almost as if the government were doing little more than eliminating vermin.

I know better now. Sadly, though, since most of our society remains clueless about how reality works, those responsible for carrying out executions have no way to understand all the harm they are doing! Here are some reasons why executing criminals never is a good idea, no matter how humanely it can be done:

  • It is impossible to kill a human mind. Our minds are eternal, and that includes the minds of the most notorious criminals. Eternal. You can execute their bodies, but their minds go on forever.
  • A mind freed from the body by death may or may not transition to the afterlife. There is considerable evidence that we have the choice of whether to stay or go, and evidence as well that people fearing judgment for things they may have done in life often decide not to make the trip.
  • A mind that stays behind maintains the emotional state that it had at death. We see this problem with men killed in wars. They may jump into a nearby soldier in the heat of battle and possess the mind of that veteran for decades. And they retain the same fighting rage that they had at their moment of death, which seems to be a common cause of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among veterans. Research has shown that sometimes merely coaxing out every possessing dead soldier can cure a veteran of PTSD on the spot.
  • The minds of earthbound entities are readily able to occupy the minds of the living. People in their prime have a natural energetic barrier that limits this possibility, but the very young and the very old and those who are drunk or high on drugs often have energetic protections so deficient that for spirits to possess them is easy.

 So, to recap, execution frees a mind that is inclined toward evil when it is at the height of fear and rage, and then enables it to roam and perhaps possess an innocent’s unsuspecting mind. Boy, talk about pollution! There is no more horrendous pollution than the freeing of a mind that is bent toward evil.

It is important, too, as loving fellow eternal beings to look at capital punishment from the viewpoint of the one being executed. I have a photo taken in the 1930s of a very young African-American man being strapped into an electric origin_8897427649(1)chair. Hovering busily, getting him attached to the mechanism that will end his life, are four middle-aged guys who are dwarfed by the robust health and the sheer charisma of the man who is about to die. What gets you is his face. He looks like your son or mine in the principal’s office, close to tears and gazing off into the distance, pretending to be anywhere else. I want to hug and comfort him. Even if I didn’t know how harmful it is to free criminal minds, that one photo would be enough to turn me adamantly against capital punishment.

Executing criminals is more expensive than incarcerating them. It causes incalculable spiritual harm. And it cheapens what evidence tells us is the most important thing there is: an infinitely precious human life.

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8 thoughts on “Capital Punishment

  1. Hi Roberta, I’m learning so much from your books!! Now, I’m learning from your Posts too!! I had never thought about Capital Punishment in this way. I, too, thought that getting rid of dysfunctional people was good for the public; however, now I realize the individual didn’t have time to learn and evolve into a better person. I so enjoy your point of view. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Roberta, What a powerful post! I’m so grateful that I “found” your radio show & your writings.
    This has been my research & quest for a long time. I also had childhood experiences, a mother
    that did as well & now I have a grand daughter who is having them as well.
    Thank you for all that you do in this regard.

  3. What if the torment was to your child or family member. So a serial killer then shouldn’t be killed so is your idea to lock them up for life.

    1. Dear Dawn, I understand how difficult this whole area can seem when we first begin to think about it seriously. Eye-for-an-eye is easy, which is why it has been the prevailing thought for thousands of years! But consider:

      1) Every human being’s mind is a precious part of eternal mind, and inextricably connected with every other mind.

      2) We are in bodies purely to better learn to love and forgive! Evidence strongly suggests that is the whole purpose of our lives. As Jesus says, “Judge not, that you be not judged. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” These aren’t just words. They are a literal statement of how we are discovering that reality works.

      3) It is both less expensive (because of the cost of legal appeals) and arguably worse for the criminal if we make lifetime incarceration the standard. And it gives us the opportunity to try to elevate even the consciousness of that criminal!

      4) Freeing a mind that is bent on evil so it can roam the world in a state of anger and fear is certain to cause additional harm. Why on earth would it ever make sense to do that deliberately?

      So, yes, lifetime incarceration. And while they are in prison, let’s try to rehabilitate their infinitely precious human minds! Thank you so much for reading and commenting, dear Dawn.

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