Author: Roberta Grimes

We Live in a Matrix

Max Planck BustThe greatest scientist in the history of the world was Max Planck. He won the 1918 Nobel Prize in physics as the father of quantum mechanics, but that was not his greatest achievement. The most important thing Dr. Planck ever did was to demonstrate based on quantum principles that human consciousness is primary and it must predate matter. In 1931 he said, ”I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” He said in 1944, “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

What we call afterlife research has advanced by light-years beyond Rising Deathdemonstrating that the dead survive. I have been in the thick of this for forty years! And it has been thrilling to watch what is in fact the most comprehensive genuine science advance beyond investigating life after death toward figuring out where and how it happens and then toward eventually coming to comprehend what all of this tells us about the nature of reality. With the help of people we used to think were dead (including the immortal Dr. Planck himself), we can now offer compelling evidence that Max Planck was exactly right. Mind is indeed the matrix of all matter!

It turns out that the only thing that objectively exists is an energy-like potentiality without size or form, infinitely powerful and highly emotional and therefore probably self-aware. We experience this potentiality as consciousness. All of our minds are part of that one overriding Mind, and everything else that we experience is an artifact continuously manifested by Mind.

So in point of fact, nearly a century ago Max Planck discovered the genuine God. But by then the scientific gatekeepers – the university departments andlarge_4052593758-300x280 the peer-reviewed journals – were deep in establishing materialism as “the fundamental scientific dogma.” Which means that Dr. Planck’s greatest discovery has been ignored for most of a hundred years.

The sorry result for scientific investigation has been a largely wasted century. To put it plainly:

  • For the past hundred years we could have been exploring the genuine greater reality, instead of emphasizing the search for ever tinier subatomic particles. These “particles” are largely beside the point when they are in fact just vortices of energy, and when all of what we call “matter” is an artifact being continuously manifested by Mind.
  • During most of the past hundred years most of humankind could have known that our lives are eternal, which fact would have made for a vastly different twentieth century! The difference that knowing the truth seems to make in people’s lives was the subject of a recent blog post, but suffice it to say that there is good evidence that if science had open-minded begun to investigate Dr. Planck’s insight in 1931, the First World War could have been our last world war. And probably our last war of any kind. And by now, we all could be living in a literal heaven on earth.

large_6827701945-150x150The waste over the past century in lives destroyed, in misspent scientific careers, and in treasure thrown down the rat-hole of trying to validate the lie of scientific materialism is beyond all human calculation. And the waste continues! As with many big bogus ideas, materialism has many wayward children that become brief fads as people of good will try to follow the lie to its inevitable conclusions. Among the latest of these fads is the notion that technology can somehow make us immortal.

Let’s really get the flavor of this. Scientific materialism insists that our minds are produced by our brains and will die with our brains. But because there are billionaires fondly hoping to make their minds immortal, working scientists will happily take their money and pretend to figure out a way to make what they insist are mere artifacts of matter somehow independently real and eternal! This bogus project has in turn spawned the needless worry that uploaded brains might take over the world.

And now comes a new nonsensical project for billionaires to fund so Wall-Escientists can waste their careers on it. This one is, if possible, even weirder than the thought of preserving forever what scientists keep insisting is just a product of our meat-brains. There has been a recent flurry of interest in the notion that we are living in a matrix that was probably created by a more advanced future civilization. And being trapped in somebody else’s computer game simply is not fair! So the billionaires who pay the bills now want us to break out of this simulation. Amazingly, the possibility that the matrix might in itself be the grounding of reality seems never to occur to them.

Meanwhile, traditional scientific inquiry is becoming ever more worthless. Having failed to find a particle explanation for dark matter, rather than going back to the drawing Sunriseboard and reconsidering their original premise that dark matter has to be only junk, scientists are doubling down on failure. Science is becoming ever more unscientific!

Yes, we do indeed live in a matrix. And nothing that scientists and billionaires can do is ever going to change that fact. Because fortunately, the Matrix is God.

Resisting Enlightenment

gandhiThe reason why all of humankind is not already  certain that our minds are eternal rests on two inconvenient facts:

  • Each of us cultivates a worldview upon which we build a personal identity. So to be asked past the age of maybe forty to take our worldview down to base and accept a different understanding of the truth is the equivalent of being asked at midlife to assume a new identity. It is embarrassing and frightening.
  • We have to make a living. And usually our career choices spring from identities based on our cultivated worldviews. So to adopt any big new idea at midlife can mean losing the ability to provide for our families.

As a result, the leaders in every field will mightily resist new foundational ideas. They cling to old certainties with everything that’s in them.

I have a lot of sympathy for today’s leaders in mainstream science and Hourglassmainstream Christianity. They have built good careers based in erroneous views of reality and of God respectively, but they had no part in creating those views. They received them early in life, and since the truth was not available to them they built their identities and their careers on what amounted to outright lies. They are victims, just as you and I are victims.

Unfortunately, though, in continuing to cling to old fallacious certainties, these scientific and Christian leaders are doing the world incalculable harm. They won’t look at the evidence for a greater reality, and they refuse to wonder about anything beyond the edges of whatever ideas they find comfortable. While this reluctance of theirs to disrupt their long-held assumptions is understandable, it also is the greatest obstacle that you and I face as we attempt to arrest humanity’s slide into barbarism and we struggle to build a more humane world. Let’s look at just two examples of people who are fighting the truth out of a simple fear of venturing beyond their own erroneous understandings.

In the scientific field, Susan Blackmore bills herself as a parapsychologist and a Rising Deathskeptic. She claims to have begun her career as a believer in the paranormal, and then to have conducted experiments that convinced her that all claims of phenomena that might suggest that consciousness can exist apart from the body were only wishful thinking, self-deception, experimental error and, occasionally, fraud. I became a skeptic.” I remember her early career somewhat differently. In the eighties and nineties I was reading debunker literature as part of my research, and Susan Blackmore was a prominent member of that dishonorable clan. If memory serves, she spun people in a centrifuge and found that before they blacked out they might experience a narrowing of vision and spots of light that could be something like the tunnel ending in a light seen by some NDE-ers. She concluded that therefore all NDEs were the product of stressed or dying brains. She didn’t open-mindedly investigate psi phenomena. Instead, she looked for ways to explain some small aspect of each phenomenon so she could declare the whole thing to be bogus. And her claim to be a former believer whose experiments have proven psi phenomena to be false has given her a great career! At this point, questioning her own assumptions is the last thing she is prepared to do. Here is the text of an email that Susan Blackmore wrote to afterlife researcher Michael Roll on September 25, 2016, reprinted with his permission:

“Dear Michael, How many times do I have to tell you that I do not believe Man With Head in Sandthat Crookes and Lodge discovered evidence for life after death. I may be wrong, and I could be proved wrong, but as the evidence stands I am very far from convinced. In addition, everything I have learnt since about the nature of self and everything I have learnt from my 30 years of meditation all lead to the same conclusion – that selves are ephemeral constructions made by brains and when those brains die so does the self. So of course I am not going to try to promote Crookes’ and Lodge’s work. Also I do not think it has ever been suppressed. It is just not good enough to convince scientists and so they ignore it. If they turn out to be wrong and you are right then things will change but I personally doubt this will happen. Sorry – but that’s it as far as I am concerned. with best wishes, Sue”

Now in her sixties, she is not about to turn her skepticism toward her own beliefs!

In the Christian field we face not just erroneous beliefs that feel hallowed after having been passed down for two thousand years, but also a superstitious fear of God that is the antithesis of anything spiritual. If you attempt to point out the flaws of Christianity – they are abundantly explored in other posts on this site – then you are a heretic, un-chosen, and damned. This example is from an email sent by a prominent televangelist, abbreviated for length:

Jesus on the Cross“It is ONLY faith in Jesus Christ that saves you because it was Jesus Christ who God sent to die for your sins! He was God’s perfect sacrifice to give fallen man a way back into everlasting fellowship with Him. So if you accept THAT, then you have to accept the ENTIRE BIBLE as God’s inspired, inerrant Word. It can’t be only part right! The reason is God cannot lie. The Bible is an all or nothing proposition, it is either ALL true, or NONE of it is true… Does this mean your Jewish friend who is a “good person” but never accepts Jesus is going to hell? YES! Does this mean that the family member you love but rejects Christ is going to hell? YES! Does this mean those kind people you work with that embrace Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or some other false religion are going to hell? YES!”

 And Jesus weeps.

If we hope to open the minds of scientists and religionists who resist any Max Planck Bustopen-minded search for the truth, we first must understand why they fight so hard to avoid considering fresh ideas. Their livelihoods, their prestige, and their very sense of self depend on keeping everything new at bay! As Max Planck said almost sixty years ago, “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

A couple of generations of scientists have come and gone since Dr. Planck made that observation. Cracks in the materialist wall that mainstream scientific gatekeepers long ago erected are beginning to appear, but slowly. And where religion is concerned, the fact that attitudes like the one quoted above have emptied churches is beginning to open some minds. The process of enlightenment is agonizingly slow, but it is beginning to accelerate. As Rene Descartes said four hundred years ago, “If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” His advice is more essential now than it ever was!

Faith vs. Transformation

jesus-blessing-someoneBelieving in God in a world that worships mainstream science has become so hard that the latest Pew Research Center survey has found a remarkable surge in people who no longer believe in God. Pew has in recent years found more and more folks who were disenchanted with religions; and now, apparently, Pew is discovering an astonishing surge in outright atheism! For so many people to have become atheists is appalling. For the first time in human history we are able to demonstrate that God is real, but now Pew informs us that our culture is racing headlong in the wrong direction.

I am seeing some troubling stresses among my own correspondents as well. Only this week, someone emailed to me a longer version of the following thoughts:

“(W)hen I probe myself deeply whether I believe the whole “afterlife thing”stained-glass-jesus-praying to be true or not … I find that it isn’t even a question about believing. I know it. So…why don’t I live a life of certainty? Why don’t I live like the most beloved child of God, as you describe in your podcasts that I am? Where is this feeling of security that I so long for?” 

I am coming to see that my friend’s lack of a sense of security is the core human issue. It’s the reason we are ever more dissatisfied with religious practice, and it lies at the center of modern cultures as a black existential despair. No religion offers us anything more than a hope that after death we might be safe, and even that small hope requires that we believe what for most of us is unbelievable. So at last we are giving up on religions, and even giving up on God, and we are finding ourselves to be even worse off. Now hatred, depression, addictions, and all manner of public and private pain are becoming more prevalent over all the earth! I submit to you that all these problems stem from a powerful ancient yearning for a feeling of security in our lives.

stained-glass-handsHaving faith is not a virtue. There is nothing noble about believing things that contradict what we know to be true! Jesus in the Gospels uses a word that has been translated as “faith,” but He isn’t suggesting belief in religious dogmas. When we read His actual words, we see that what He is talking about is having certainty about the power of our minds! And He makes His points to Iron Age primitives by referencing the tiniest object they know. He says:

“Truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.” (MT 17:20-21)

To have even this much certainty about the powers of our minds will enable us to do what Jesus came to earth to teach us how to do, which is to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth:

“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowedstained-glass-jesus-with-lamb in his field; and this is smaller than all other seeds, but when it is full grown, it is larger than the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches” (MT 13:31-32).

So my answer to the alarming increase in atheism in modern life is to agree that the Christian God is bogus, while also sharing abundant evidence that the God of the Gospels is real. I have been teaching the afterlife evidence for a decade, so by now I have seen abundant proof that the emptiness religions leave in our hearts can be satisfactorily filled with truth!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStill, as my correspondent friend suggests, even knowing that God is real and loves us turns out to be insufficient to remove from our lives the negative energy that comes from living in the modern world.  I am realizing now that to achieve the sense of security that is your eternal birthright also requires that you take the steps that Jesus beautifully lays out in the Gospels to elevate your personal vibration away from fear and toward more perfect love.

This makes sense, of course. Your ongoing sense of insecurity even after you are sure about the truth comes from the fact that knowledge alone cannot elevate you out of the sludge of fear that is thick now over all the earth. But the Gospel teachings can do that beautifully, and with amazing speed! Thanks to my primary guide, now we even have Gospel Cliff Notes in The Fun of Growing Forever. The book is available on Amazon, or if finances are tight just send me a contact through this website and I will send you a PDF.

FOGF Front Cover-FinalThe only way for any of us to achieve a sense of security on earth is to raise our spiritual vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love. And if as few as ten percent of us will just take this essential step, Jesus promises us that the kingdom of heaven will overspread the earth the way a mustard tree comes to dominate the garden. The only genuine security comes from our elevating our personal vibrations to the point where we will never again even have a fear-based thought. So achieving security requires more than knowledge. It also requires that we transform ourselves as a first step toward transforming the world.

What if Everyone Knew the Truth?

The fact that our two most trusted institutions still keep us ignorant of the Two Familiesnature of reality and of our own eternal natures is the source of every one of our problems. From poverty and criminality through hatred, oppression, war and greed, all the fear-based evils that plague us stem from this odd alliance between science and Christianity to keep us from understanding what is going on and who you and I actually are! So naturally, afterlife researchers will occasionally speculate over hors d’oeuvres and wine about how the world might change if everyone on earth knew what we few know now.

Let us speculate together. Let’s imagine that tomorrow a phone app is released that allows anyone to talk to dead relatives simply by ringing them up. It is available for free, and within the week it is being used on billions of cell phones all over the earth. What do you think will happen next? Here are my thoughts:

  • Everyone will realize that human life is eternal. This realization will take a little while to sink in, but it will within the week be major news and the trending Poor childrentopic everywhere. There is no area of our lives that will be unaffected by it.
  • Everyone will realize that God is real and God is all that exists. Atheism: you lose! Deism: you also lose. The human-like God worshipped by most religions does not exist, but rather eternal Mind not only continuously creates everything, but it is everything. This is such a radical departure from every human assumption ever made that it is going to take a few years to sink in; but as it does, there will be no aspect of our lives that will remain untouched.
  • All the earth’s religions will be shown to be in error. Oopsie! And I think this happens within months. Some religious leaders will initially try to claim ownership of the genuine God, but very soon it will be clear to everyone that the real God fits no religion’s dogmas. To take just Christianity, within weeks after the app’s release nearly everyone will have learned that Jesus didn’t die for our sins, that there is no judgment by God and no fiery Jesus on the Crosshell, and that Christian traditions from communion through tithing to the Ten Commandments are all irrelevant.

These seen to me to be the first results, beginning within days and disseminated worldwide within no more than a year. And as people become ever more engaged in these new and deeper understandings, there will begin to be ripples of disruption through every aspect of human life. Here are a few of the things that should be well underway within the first few years:

  • People will start to think beyond this one lifetime. I call it “thinking on an eternal scale.” It seems to happen to us gradually, but as we begin to better understand what actually is going on and the fact that we will be living in these minds forever, we take better care of our minds. For me, this has meant lots of small changes, from giving up violent entertainments to making a greater effort to grow spiritually. I stopped caring so much about money or possessions when I realized that once I graduate I will have whatever I want. For free!
  • Mainstream science will be thrown into confusion. Science is a harder nut Mad Scientistto crack than is religion. While giving people an easy way to talk with and learn from their dead relatives is going to be enough to break religion’s perceived hold on people’s minds, for the scientific gatekeepers to give up on materialism is going to take shaming on an epic scale. Expect efforts to debunk what is going on to continue for a year or more, until gradually younger physicists and researchers in every scientific field will have had enough personal experience of communicating with dead folks themselves that they will begin at last to investigate what actually is going on. My guess is that within just a few years’ time the hard and depressing work of sifting through and throwing out a century’s worth of bogus materialist scientific theories will have begun.
  • Religions will teach the truth or they will die. One reason why I am working so hard to spread those precious Gospel teachings is that very soon it will be apparent that all the dogmas of Christianity are wrong. The Pew Research Center has lately found a surge in the number of Americans who no longer believe, and we can expect this trend to accelerate once people are learning from their own dead Stained Glass Jesus With Lambloved ones that Jesus absolutely did not die for our sins. Since the Christian Gospels hold the most important set of teachings ever given to humankind, some churches may abandon two thousand years of error and begin at last to teach the truth; but some will not. And those that hold fast to discredited dogmas will find themselves empty of parishioners.
  • Interest in learning more about reality will explode. Once most people are having regular conversations with dead Aunt Mildred, curiosity about the truth will be a growing hunger that afterlife researchers will be thrilled to feed. Then as scientists, too, begin to drop their false beliefs and open-mindedly seek the truth, we will be delighted to turn over to them this long burden of having to do the investigative work that scientists should have been doing all along.
  • There will be a swelling interest in spiritual growth. As people start to large_2967604762-300x227think on an eternal scale, those who have been complacently assuming that Jesus “saved” them so they don’t have to bother will feel a swelling hunger to grow spiritually. And as more and more former old-dogma churches make teaching the Gospel truths their core purpose, my hope is that we will see a new and genuine Christianity emerge that eschews all dogmas and teaches only God’s truth.

Stop and savor all of this for a moment. We are talking here about a paradigm shift that is without precedent in human history! We would have to go back to the discovery of how to use fire to find anything comparably revolutionary. And the glorious fruit seems inevitably to be the raising over just a decade or two of the consciousness of sufficient people that human consciousness over all the earth will begin a rapid elevation. It will be that broad elevation in consciousness that is going to bring Twin Babieshumankind together as we never before have come together, until all our problems begin to wither away in the light of a brighter dawn.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a twentieth-century French Jesuit priest. He said, “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

It is about to happen now. And it will be glorious!

The Wrong End of the Microscope

ConsciousnessWatching research scientists continue to express their certainty about materialism when they have to know the dogma is wrong would be amusing if it were not so pathetic. They realize their profession is floundering. But it is their profession, after all, and they have families to feed and retirements to fund! So they continue to try to drive a train that is hopelessly off the rails, while at the same time they are beginning to acknowledge that there is a lot that their abbreviated version of science never will explain.

The result is a truly weird period in the annals of scientific investigation. To take a prime example, let’s look at what scientists call “the hard problem,” which is the whole enigma of how to explain consciousness and individual awareness. At one time it was confidently believed that figuring out how the brain works was going to solve the hard problem as a kind of fallout result; but the more brain research has been done, the clearer it has become that the hard problem won’t be giving up so easily.

To graze among recent articles on consciousness in the popular press is an exercise in wincing frustration. We see researchers beginning to get closer to Rising Deaththeories that we know might be productive – we kind of lean forward in our chairs and pull for them – but then their need to reason outward from materialism always does them in. An article about the fact that consciousness can be demonstrated to be present after physical death is one such promising foray with some sense to it, but also much that is nonsense. The authors have so little interest in researching useful aspects of the literature that they refer to out-of-body experiences as “outer-body experiences.” They report at least one verified account of someone who was later able to report what had been going on around him while he was clinically dead, which fact should have been front-page news; but it was barely a footnote. So ignorance marches on!

Now let’s look at a different article that bears a highly promising title:   Neuroscience’s New Consciousness Theory is Spiritual. The title is great, but that “S-word” – “spiritual” – is seen by the authors to be so near science’s imagined border with religion that before anything substantive can be discussed, they first must demonstrate that they are not advocating for a theory even remotely religious. To do that, they make the absurd assertion that science has things pretty much figured out. They assure us that (M)odern science has achieved impeccable performance when it comes to explaining phenomena previously thought to be unexplainable. In this day and age, we have complete scientific descriptions of virtually everything.” Please read that twice, to better savor in print what even the authors must know is nonsense!

Their article then goes on to describe something called Integrated Information Theory (“IIT”), which attempts to describe what is happening Consciousness Robotwhen we have a conscious experience… but it does not even speculate about why it might be happening. As one of IIT’s proponents says, Consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe. Wherever there is integrated information, there is experience. The theory takes its existence as a given and therefore doesn’t have to explain the mechanism behind it.” Good grief. If we can beg all our questions to this extent, then who even needs to practice science at all? Proponents of IIT go on to say that “The entire cosmos is suffused with sentience. We are surrounded and immersed in consciousness; it is in the air we breathe, the soil we tread on, the bacteria that colonize our intestines, and the brain that enables us to think.” Even a stopped clock being right on occasion, these sentences have a kind of rightness to them. But they arise from nonsense, and “garbage in means garbage out” is the most basic scientific premise of them all!

One arresting article suggests that consciousness might be a quantum phenomenon. So near, and yet so far! Even with this insight, all the speculation in this article is reasoned outward from materialism, with the expected confusing results. A former head of the ironically named Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Germany, here posits that “just as a particle ‘writes’ all of its information on its wave function, the brain is the tangible ‘floppy disk’ on which we save our data, and this data is then ‘uploaded’ into the spiritual quantum field… it is actually just the material level that is comprehensible. The beyond is an infinite reality that is much bigger. Which this world is rooted in. In this Man With Head in Sandway, our lives in this plane of existence are encompassed, surrounded, by the afterworld already… The body dies but the spiritual quantum field continues. In this way, I am immortal.” What on earth are we to make of this, beyond acknowledging that from a scientific perspective it is nonsense? To simply assume consciousness without explaining that it is incompatible with materialism and without even attempting to understand it seems to have become the scientific mode du jour, but until that materialist dogma is abolished no research scientist ever can tell us much about what actually is going on.

Max PlanckThe genuine Max Planck felt free enough to ignore materialism and start from consciousness. He said three-quarters of a century ago that “I regard consciousness as fundamental.” He said, “There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” He was exactly right! But then materialism came in, and the scientific lights went out.

Blinkered as he is by materialism, even “the world’s smartest physicist” has become convinced that scientists never will figure out consciousness. And indeed they never will, for so long as the scientific gatekeepers insist on hamstringing scientific researchers with a nonsensical dogma like materialism.

Dr. Planck was right all those years ago. He still will be right all those Boy With Flowersmany years hence, when some young physicist at last will identify consciousness as the source of everything so he can begin an unrestricted investigation of what consciousness actually is. The simple solution to the hard problem has been hiding in plain sight all along!

From My Heart to Yours

The Fun of Dying by Roberta GrimesThe Fun of Growing Forever was released last week, having been delayed because at almost the last minute it gained an extraordinary Foreword from Jack Canfield. I can never properly thank him for such an incomparable gift! Now each of the three Fun books has a Foreword by the greatest living expert in its field.

Together with my dear friend Wendy Zammit, Victor Zammit, Ph.D. is the foremost authority on the afterlife evidence. Their A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife is the indispensable handbook for anyone with an interest in what happens after death. So I am thrilled that he offered to write a terrific Foreword for The Fun of Dying, thereby giving us our first ribbon!

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. of the University of Arizona at Tucson is one of very fewFOSIT_Kindle_011516 scientists engaged in the disciplined study of afterlife communication in a university setting. His The Afterlife Experiments is what convinced me that some mediums are indeed in contact with the dead! Gary has become a dear friend of mine, and when he offered to write a Foreword for a new edition of The Fun of Staying in Touch we again hit the endorsement jackpot.

Success magazine has named Jack Canfield “One of the most influential leaders in personal growth and achievement.” He isn’t just the originator of the much-beloved Chicken Soup for the Soul series, but he also is a prolific author, with more than a hundred million copies of his books in print in 47 languages. His Foreword FOGF Front Cover-Finalfor The Fun of Growing Forever is so amazing that the first time I read it there were tears in my eyes.

Back in April I first announced that The Fun of Growing Forever was coming. I refer you to my April 18th blog post for more information about the book.

In celebration of the release of this last book in the initial Fun trilogy, and as a gift to humankind’s ultimate Teacher, Whose Gospel teachings now are demonstrated to be the easiest and most effective system for achieving rapid spiritual growth, I recorded the following four videos, just posted today. I hope that you’ll enjoy them!


Slavery and Abortion

I must apologize. I have been cowardly about saying this for far too long.Slaves Working Friends have insisted to me that I can’t talk about abortion because I will lose the respect of the very people I want most to help; but this post is just like all the other posts here. There are truths being hidden from you, you have the right to be aware of those truths, and I am wrong if I am tempted to foster your ignorance just because some topics make me squeamish.

I must say, too, that I’m not writing this because a football star has lately shared some facts about Margaret Sanger that should appall us all. I don’t write from a religious perspective, nor even from a political perspective, and I never will attack your right to choose. I write today just as someone who is a student of the afterlife evidence and a student of American history, and who has spotted parallels that make me wish that people three hundred years ago had had enough knowledge to be able to really articulate why slavery was so wrong. Stopping that train before it got started would have spared us so much pain! And perhaps pointing out that out of ignorance we are repeating an eighteenth-century mistake might mean that this time around there can be a gentler and more positive outcome. So, here goes.

large_14014170321-252x300Abortion in modern America is what slavery was before the American Civil War. The analogy isn’t perfect, but it’s close. Here are some of the things that were said about slavery at a time when honorable people of good will could say these things out of plain ignorance:

  • Black people are not really people.
  • Black people cannot take care of themselves.

*     Free men have a right to use their own property without government interference.

*     Slaves are needed to get the work done; there is no practical alternative.

We read these arguments now, and we feel only derision. How can people ever have been so evil? It is easy for us, with our much greater knowledge, to say that skin color is just a trait and that all people are created equal, but I would argue that we should be doing this with humility. Our progeny will be judging us as harshly for our ignorance as we now judge our forefathers, and it won’t take them hundreds of years to get there. In our case, the knowledge necessary to show us toSlave Brother have been benighted and cruel is going to be available within the decade, so our judges will be our own grandchildren.

Here is what intelligent people of good will now say about abortion:

  • Fetuses are not really people. This is the key question, isn’t it? The dead tell us that a fetus is someone who has carefully planned a lifetime of opportunities for spiritual growth with the guidance of spirit guides and in conjunction with others who will share that lifetime. So, is a fetus a person? You tell me.
  • Fetuses cannot take care of themselves. But once they are born, they can be cared for by others, so where the birth-mother is concerned this disability is brief.
  • Women have a right to use their own bodies without government interference. I think our progeny will agree that this is true, but if they decide that fetuses are people they are likely to feel that some balancing of equities in our day should have been in order.Pregnant-Mom
  • Abortion is necessary to keep from burdening women; there is no practical alternative. Here is where our progeny are likely to see the biggest difference between the arguments for slavery and the arguments for abortion. Except in the rare case of a rape that results in conception, there are so many ways in the twenty-first century to prevent starting an unwanted fetus, and so many families desperate for newborns, that the statement that there is no practical alternative to abortion now is simply nonsense.

For those who feel that I am goring their sacred cows, let me say again that I am not taking a position on abortion itself. The evidence indicates that aborted fetuses grow up happily in the afterlife levels, so I even would say that if you’re going to do it, then you ought to do it right away so you can spare your fetus a late-term abortion and put it right into loving hands.

What I am talking about here is not the morality of abortion. Rather, I am Happy Newbornsuggesting from the perspective of history that our easy attitude toward abortion may well be judged harshly by those who come after us. People not now in bodies tell us that in as little as a decade, very good electronic communication between the living and the dead will be available. Then, in so many ways, the world will change! And my concern is that with better communication may come our posterity’s judgment that our current position on abortion is the intellectual and moral equivalent of what once was said by slavery’s apologists.

People in the eighteenth century didn’t have the luxury of knowledge and perspective, but we have it now. There, I’ve finally said it.

It’s an Avatar

One of the things I love about public speaking is that so often people will Tree Branchesremind me that they find some things hard to understand. I can lose track of how mind-bending some of these concepts are! And no matter how carefully I might write, if people’s minds are catching on something that seems so basic to me that I never mention it, then nothing I write will be very helpful. I have just returned from a trip to California where I met some lovely people and was reminded yet again of some of the basic concepts that I take too much for granted. Today I’m going to mention a big one!

We all become caught up in the notion that our physical bodies are who we are. The fact that mainstream science is so far into the weeds that scientists persist in seeking a source for human consciousness in the brain contributes to our confusion, as does this confounding sense we have that what our sensory organs are telling us is true, that a solid reality exists and that you and I must be these bodies.

But the evidence is overwhelming now that we are not these bodies at all. Instead, our minds are part of the eternal Mind that is all that exists. Please read the previous two sentences again, since unless you understand them you will understand nothing! What is true is that your mind is eternal, and everything that you perceive to be solid is a projection of eternal Mind. It is all a collective illusion.

Fall SceneOf course, something like this would have to be right in order for us to have out-of-body experiences and to so easily survive our deaths. But knowing that intellectually is a far cry from being able to live it! So I’m going to try to make plain to you now the relationship between your physical body and your powerful, eternal mind.

Your body is your avatar. If you saw the 2009 movie by that name, this will make more sense to you. As you’ll recall, Jake Sully sleeps in a pod while his mind is connected with a blue mimic of his body so he can act in an alien world. He feels that he is experiencing everything his avatar’s sensory organs pick up; he operates it as easily as if it were his own body. But it is only his mind that is in touch with the brain of that distant avatar. And his mind is always awake in either one body or the other.

This analogy isn’t perfect, but it’s close. The evidence tells us that when we enter a new earth-lifetime, a subset of our eternal mind will go through a process that connectsSunlight Through Trees it with our new body as it develops in utero. The connection is to the entire body, and not to just the brain: we create what amounts to nested energy-bodies that fit inside our physical bodies as a hand fits inside a glove. Those nested energy bodies have no need to sleep, so throughout our lives while our physical bodies sleep those energy bodies will leave them and move around to consult with spirit guides, visit with dead relatives, take courses, or even travel to the very end of the universe, all while still connected to that sleeping material body by an energy cord that can occasionally be seen. When we reach our chosen exit point from this lifetime, our nested energy bodies leave our physical bodies for the last time. The silver cord that has connected them throughout our lives then frays and disintegrates, and once that happens this sorry avatar of a physical body quickly dies. Meanwhile, our energy bodies rapidly raise their vibratory rates and enter the afterlife levels of reality (usually at Level Three).

Sun Through TreesThe difference, of course, is that your mind is not sleeping in a capsule while all of this is going on. Your mind is part of infinitely powerful and infinitely creative eternal Mind, and it exercises a kind of superconscious oversight while an aspect of it is involved in an earth-lifetime. Soon after your body’s death, your awareness will again merge with your eternal mind, and you will have access to all the powers and memories that you left behind.

I hope this makes things clearer for you! Think of your physical body as something like your old Toyota, just a useful way to get around, but nothing more. You would never confuse your car with yourself! And once you are certain that your mind will survive your death as easily as it survives the junking of your car, you will at last be able to begin to live the rest of your life on an eternal scale.

Considering how best to address some of the questions I heard in California got me thinking about the movie, so I watched it again. I urge you to do the same! It’s a visually beautiful and emotionally intense but uplifting experience, and it highlights where our scientific understanding was a decade ago… and where it remains today.

When I first saw Avatar in 2010, I reveled in the concept of someone sleeping in a capsule while his mind roamed in an alien body. That demonstrated a pretty advanced understanding! When I watched it again the other day, however, what struck me was its fixation on materialism. The planet must be “a neural network” with tree roots that demonstrate “more connections than in the human brain” through which flows “electrochemical communication” that the natives can access by means of an odd neural pigtail that is apparently attached to their brains. There is talk, too, of a “network of energy that flows through all living things,” and of a “goddess made up of all living things.” So near, and yet so far!

The big picture that still eludes mainstream science, and eludes even the Sunrisewriters of such insightful movies, is that the only thing that exists is consciousness. And consciousness is an infinitely powerful, infinitely creative potentiality without size or form, highly emotional and therefore probably self-aware. Every human mind is integrally part of that consciousness. So whether we are talking anywhere on earth, a planet six light-years away, or the very edge of the universe, you are forever alive in all places at once. You might say that nothing else but you exists.


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Timeless and Spaceless

As we attempt to make ever better sense of what actually is going on, thelarge_6827701945-300x225 hardest concept for most of us to grasp is the fact that in nearly all of reality there is no objective time or space. I’m more used to it now, and I think I begin to understand the science of it, but still the effects of it can boggle!

Those we used to think were dead find their lack of space and time quite freeing. For decades I was mystified by the way the dead could think themselves to the other side of the world, or even to the planet of a distant star, and they would be there in less than an eye-blink. In the afterlife things look and feel solid, our bodies seem to be in every way real, and there is a perception of visual distance… but still, people tell us they can look at a mountain range across what seems to be fifty miles of distance and make out the veins in every leaf on every tree on every one of its foothills. It was really only when we began to get good quantum-physics-for-dummies books in the first years of this century that it was possible for afterlife researchers to begin to make sense of all of this. It’s simple, really.

EinsteinThe only thing that exists is consciousness energy. Even what we think of as matter is just energy at a lower rate of vibration. As Albert Einstein said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” And Max Planck agreed. He said, “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Reality is composed of consciousness energy in an infinite range of vibratory rates, very much as if your mind were a television set with an infinite range of channels. It is onlyUniverse-150x150 this material-seeming universe – which exists at what we think is the lowest vibratory rate – that is governed by a mathematics-based, clockwork form of physics. In the rest of reality, which is most of reality, the only physics is consciousness-based. So it is only in this material-seeming reality that time and space seem to exist at all! In all the infinite levels of reality beyond this one, the illusory matter is mind-created, all forms of energy are also mind-created, and time and space can exist or not and in whatever way your mind might like.

You will have to internalize these concepts if you hope to make sense of what is going on. Some of the implications are astounding. For example:

  • There is no such thing as size. The universe is simultaneously infinitely large and smaller than a flyspeck. The attribute of “size” simply does not apply to it.
  • The “Big Bang” is something like a thought. The notion that the universe began when something smaller than a pencil-dot exploded in a micro-instant to large_8382317948become this entire universe is easier to comprehend when we think of that explosion not as anything physical at all, but more like what it is: a mind-created fiction of illusory matter, space, and time. The so-called Big Bang is a thought. And without objective time, the Big Bang is a thought in the continuous now.
  • In fact, all that exists is Now. Without time, that conclusion is inescapable! And beyond this material universe – that is, in most of reality – those not in physical bodies tell us that indeed they perceive their reality in just that way.
  • What we think of as the past is apparently changeable. One of the things that some researchers find confusing is the way that things happening in our future lives can affect the lives that we are living now. Without objective time, the past simply isn’t fixed. The implications of this fact are so manifold and profound that they deserve and have received their own blog post here.
  • You are an eternal being. If you are aware now, then you always have been and Sunriseyou always will be aware. You are an eternal being by your very nature.

To claim and own and stand at last upon your status as an eternal being is the very foundation of human joy. And getting yourself past the notion that time and space are objectively real turns out to be its indispensable beginning!

A Lawyer on “Stubborn Skeptics”

GUEST POST: Victor and Wendy Zammit are the world’s leading afterlifeVictor Zammit experts. For decades they have fearlessly battled all who would deny humankind these truths, and they even have posted a million-dollar challenge for anyone who can prove that the afterlife evidence in their wonderful book, A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife, is either misinterpreted or bogus. Their indispensable Friday Afterlife Report is available for free at This article by Victor will help you better understand why so many otherwise intelligent people, both scientists and religionists, are still so unable to accept what is by now incontrovertibly true. Having also long fought this battle against ignorance, I think what Victor has to say is brilliant!


AFTER DECADES of dealing with all kinds of paranormal skeptics, I can relate to you that there are at least nine reasons why closed-minded skeptics tend to remain stubborn about their skeptical beliefs – and why some of them unreasonably attack those who scientifically and empirically investigate evidence for the paranormal. The nine reasons below can apply to any person who inflexibly holds strictly subjective, personal beliefs, whether those beliefs are religious or secular.

Man With Head in SandMy experience with closed-minded skeptics is that they do not investigate the evidence. They completely reject any information that is not consistent with their own cherished beliefs, even if that evidence is scientifically supported. And they lack the skills, competence, and objectivity to perceive new evidence in a scientific and balanced way. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • RATIONALIZATION THROUGH COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. “Cognitive dissonance” is a term used by psychologists to describe the discomfort that arises when people are confronted with information that is fundamentally inconsistent with their own beliefs. When a materialist is confronted with highly persuasive evidence for the paranormal, that evidence will elicit in him extreme anxiety. Denial must follow. The materialist will become angry, hostile, even aggressive. He will feel forced to reduce his anxiety by rationalizing his beliefs and going into extreme denial.
  • CATHEXIS. This is a psychological term for the fact that some people develop a very powerful – and usually unconscious – super-glue connection with an idea or a thing. Some of those who call themselves skeptics are “cathexed” to ideas which are incompatible with the possibility of an afterlife. Because the connection can be powerful and unconscious, sufferers often will attack their source of anxiety, which can be anyone who puts forward evidence that contradicts their beliefs. So these individuals are immune to logic, science, and any kind of repeatable and objective evidence that threatens to reverse their cathexis.
  • NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP). When some skeptics are confronted with information that is fundamentally inconsistent with their own deeply cherished beliefs, the mind of the skeptic will DELETE that information. As with “cognitive dissonance” above, this kind of skeptic will experience unbearable anxiety, a disturbance of his “comfort zone,” and will go into complete DENIAL. The most aggressive skeptics who are affected this way will even cheat, mislead, and lie about the real situation.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMMING. “Environment determines Mahatma Gandhiperception.” It is known that, by and large, the environment you were born in will shape how you will see the world. If a Western skeptic from New York had instead been born in India, more likely than not the skeptic would be a Hindu. If he were born to a radical, extremist Islamic family, the skeptic would be a Moslem. If born to an orthodox Jewish family, the skeptic would be an orthodox Jew. And in secular Western countries, many people today grow up with an atheistic bias. One needs to have skills and considerable resolve to rise above such environmental conditioning and programming.
  • BRAIN-EXPLANATION FOR “CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICISM.” Skepticism can even be biologically based. When we have a rigid belief system, the neurons in the brain fire in a certain defined network. So if information (e.g. afterlife evidence) comes into the brain and contradicts our rigid belief system (which in this case is skepticism), those neural pathways will fire in the same old way and will not decode the new information. This functions just like a filter. It is only when the skeptic has a dramatic experience that a new neural pathway will be established, and then the old one gradually falls into disuse. Our belief systems are fundamental to filtering our perceptions of reality.
  • PRIMARY MOTIVATIONS: MONEY, POWER, STATUS – AND A JOB. Some people choose to be closed-minded skeptics for career advancement and/or to make money, to attain influence, and even for celebrity status. Those who are scientists may want to continue to work in science. Most scientific funding comes from big corporations, and it tends to go only to those scientists and researchers who have the potential to increase their profits. For example, you may get a Wall-Escientist who will reject the paranormal outright because he/she can get funding for taking that position. These scientists-come-skeptics will never listen to logic, to science, or to intelligent reasoning. They can’t move from their positions because they would lose money, power, status, and even their careers. Do you remember those negatively prejudiced scientists and medical doctors we once saw in glossy magazines in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, and also on television, stating as scientists that smoking is good, and even is healthy for you? Or those scientists who once stated that certain pharmaceutical drugs were healthy, when subsequently it was shown that these drugs might have killed hundreds or even thousands of people – a drug like vioxx? To this day there are scientists in Germany who still insist that smoking is safe.
  • THE SMORGASBORD ARGUMENT. Professor Stephen Hawking is most notorious for using this “smorgasbord” approach, picking and using only the information that substantiates his own negative prejudices. This closed-minded skeptical professor does not know that in a courtroom situation his smorgasbord arguments would be torn to shreds. Why? Because he would be cross-examined on the critical, most vital evidence that he ignores because it fundamentally contradicts his deeply entrenched negative prejudices. He makes a huge error in thinking that he is an expert in the use of evidence! A litigation lawyer has exclusive technical knowledge of what is relevant, what is evidentiary, and what is essential admissible as evidence, and won’t let anyone get away with picking and choosing only whatever evidence supports his own position.
  • THE HYPNOTIC EFFECT. Those skeptics who are blatantly irrational, illogical,Consciousness Robot and unreasonable about the paranormal or the afterlife evidence could be suffering from a powerful negative hypnotic effect. Some years ago I sent clear, easily identifiable afterlife evidence in rebuttal to a couple of hard-line skeptics. Their reply was, “where is the evidence?” Yet non-aligned scientists easily identified the evidentiary value in the same evidence when it was sent to them. It is possible that skeptics at some time in their lives experienced a “parallel hypnotic directive” that there is no afterlife or paranormal evidence. This is exactly what happens when we see a hypnotist on stage telling a couple of our hypnotized friends that they will be eating an apple. But the hypnotist then gives them an onion to eat, not an apple, and the hypnotized subjects CANNOT IDENTIFY THE EVIDENCE and refuse to believe they each have eaten an onion! Even after they have been taken out of the hypnotic state, they still insist that “the apple was really delicious.” Hypnotic suggestion can be so powerful that it can be almost impossible for people to overcome it.
  • BEING SPIRITUALLY RETARDED. There is no link between intelligence and Early Scientistsbeing spiritual (you will notice that I said “spiritual,” NOT “religious.”) An atheist could be “spiritual” (or highly ethical) when he/she does voluntary work for the benefit of others without a thought of making some kind of profit for him/herself. But there is a class of closed-minded skeptics who may be highly intelligent but are spiritually retarded, meaning that they have not reached a stage in life where they can perform secular spiritual work for the benefit of others in selfless service. Nor can these spiritually deficient folks objectively identify legitimate afterlife evidence.


Having read Victor’s wisdom, now I better understand how it is possible that in the twenty-first century we still get such nonsense as scientists attempting to preserve the minds of those we love inside computers so we’ll be able to talk with them after they die. The next time I hear from someone who is stuck in close-minded skepticism, I’m just going to send him Victor’s wonderful words!