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An Attitude of Gratitude

Posted by Roberta Grimes • May 18, 2024

I will extol You, O Lord, for You have lifted me up, And have not let my enemies rejoice over me. 2 O Lord my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me. 3 O Lord, You have brought up my soul from Sheol; You have kept me alive, that I would not go… Read More

Living in History

Posted by Roberta Grimes • May 11, 2024

The road is long, with many a winding turn That leads us to who knows where, who knows where. But I’m strong! Strong enough to carry him. He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.  So on we go. His welfare is of my concern. No burden is he to bear. We’ll get there. For I know… Read More


Posted by Roberta Grimes • May 04, 2024

To dream the impossible dream. To fight the unbeatable foe. To bear with unbearable sorrow. To run where the brave dare not go. To right the un-rightable wrong. To love, pure and chaste from afar. To try when your arms are too weary to reach the unreachable star. This is my quest! To follow that… Read More