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Posted by Roberta Grimes • April 26, 2014 • 0 Comment

My mother married my father because she was pregnant. As an adult I thanked her for having gone ahead with the pregnancy and given me life, and she said, “You’re assuming I had a choice?” So I must admit to sharing the core aversion that many people have to abortion, but I am not avidly... Read More

‘My Thomas’ a literary tour de force [a review]

Posted by Roberta Grimes • November 07, 2013 • 0 Comment

Below is a review of my novel, My Thomas, that appeared in The Patriot Ledger: Roberta Grimes’s first major novel is a marvel, a historical novel whose detail, scope and depth seem much greater than the book’s slightly more than 300 pages. My Thomas captures the complicated nature and depth of Thomas Jefferson’s wife, Martha,... Read More

Review by Publishers Weekly

Posted by Roberta Grimes • November 07, 2013 • 0 Comment

The following review of my book My Thomas appeared in Publishers Weekly: Cast in the form of a diary written by Thomas Jefferson’s wife, Martha, Grimes’s first novel chronicles the years from their courtship in 1770 to her death in 1782. Atmospheric and richly detailed, with exact accounts of such contemporary activities as leaching dye... Read More