People often ask me to recommend a spiritual medium, so I have asked some experts in this field for their recommendations. I cannot personally vouch for these mediums, and of course whether or not your reading satisfies you will depend as much on you and your loved ones as it does on the medium!


Don’t worry about any medium’s location, since where your loved ones are there is no distance so a reading with a medium located halfway around the world should be as effective as one that you might have when you and the medium are in the same location. If you try any medium named on this page, I would love to hear how your reading worked out for you!



This Australian medium comes highly recommended. She conducts reading by phone or by skype from anywhere in the world. Price: $150 Australia, which is currently US $112. Payments can be made in advance through Paypal or by credit card.


You can visit her website here:


To initiate a consultation, please contact Christine by phone (61 411 036 963), email or you can fill out the form on



Camber is a gifted and delightful young medium who was discovered and now is being mentored by Susanne Wilson. Susanne is enthusiastic about her future! Camber’s website is


You can email her at, or call her in Arizona at (602)769-2979. For now, a 45-60 minute reading with her is $135.



Susanne is the best spiritual medium I have ever encountered, but unfortunately she no longer takes new clients for spiritual mediumship readings. She does, however, offer three other services to the public. For information about any of these services, or to sign up, go to


Services Susanne Offers:




This session is the right choice if you want to have 1 session to learn how you can begin connecting with your guides. She will guide you through a meditation to become acquainted with your master spirit guide and guardian angel. You can ask 2-3 life issue questions. You will learn how your guides are working with you now, on your life challenges and opportunities.


(90 minutes. $300, phone or office.)





Who are you? Why are you here? PLR can help you discover hidden talents and create more healing for yourself and the other people in your life. Susanne is a trained and certified hypnotherapist by an accredited college.


(100 minutes. $220, phone or office.)




This is the right choice if you are serious about developing your intuitive abilities. Be mentored on how to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and your deceased loved ones. After you’ve completed your 1st session, a discount is available on pre-paid packages for more sessions which can then be customized for your development goals.


(90 minutes. $200, phone or office.)



Phone or Skype Audio
You choose the focus. This is a reading for 1 person only, and can address mediumship, life issues, or both. (“Both” is the most popular choice.) Mediumship is messages from guides, angels, and loved ones. Life issues can include your relationships, finances, career, well-being, how to help a loved one, etc.  Sorry, no new clients are being scheduled for medium readings.


50 minutes. $400, office. *PHONE SPECIAL, $330*